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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Reprinted with permission from Creators.

The chorus of loud demands for Senator Al Franken’s resignation began from the moment that Leeann Tweeden accused him of sexual harassment. Those calls intensified after three more women — two of them anonymous — said the Minnesota Democrat had touched them inappropriately. They haven’t subsided yet.

Although not all the facts are clear, Franken apologized immediately. Since then, he has admitted that his conduct on some occasions had fallen short of the respect for women he has always professed.

“I let a lot of people down,” the former comedian told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune in a contrite interview, vowing to win back the trust of his constituents.

To say that Franken’s friends and associates are shocked is a profound understatement. Here I must disclose that I’ve considered Al and his wife, Franni, to be friends of our family for more than a decade, ever since the days when I appeared regularly on his Air America radio show. And I’m as stunned as anyone else, including his female colleagues at Saturday Night Live, who have signed a letter supporting him. He was funny and profane, but I never saw him behave with anything but impeccable respect for everyone, male and female alike.

Even if we had never become friends, I wouldn’t expect Franken to quit. Anybody who saw him endure his first tough Senate race, or watched him become one of the most effective Democrats in Washington, knows he is no quitter. He has returned to work while the Senate Ethics Committee pursues its investigation of his case.

Of course, he can reconsider resignation, if and when Donald Trump resigns — or at least stops disparaging and lying about the women he assaulted. Or perhaps when Roy Moore, still on his way to the Senate, speaks one honest word about the women who accuse him of luring, molesting and assaulting them when they were still girls.

While we await the truth from Trump and Moore, the Ethics Committee probe of Franken will proceed, as it should, to assess the evidence with his full cooperation. They should also examine the intriguing clues to a right-wing campaign aimed at unseating Franken, which features Trump dirty trickster Roger Stone, Russian bots and various unsavory figures on the so-called alt-right.

They hate Franken for exposing Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ lies about Russia. But the well-earned anger of the Trumpsters is certainly no reason for a Democratic senator to leave office.

Nor is there any reason why a Democrat should be less entitled to due process than a Republican like David Vitter or Bob Packwood, both former senators who were subject to ethics probes over sexual misconduct. Their cases are instructive now.

In 2007 Vitter, a far-right religious fraud from Louisiana, admitted that he had solicited prostitutes. The Ethics Committee eventually dismissed Vitter’s case, not because he didn’t commit a crime but because his conduct occurred before he ran for the Senate, never resulted in criminal charges, and didn’t involve misuse of Senate resources or staff.

Packwood, a moderate Republican from Oregon, was plausibly accused in 1992 of forcing himself on dozens of women, including several who had lobbied him or worked on his staff. Three years later an exhaustive probe by the Ethics Committee — then chaired by Mitch McConnell, who is now the Senate majority leader — resulted in a 10,000-plus page record that included clear evidence of felonies. He resigned before the Senate could vote to expel him (and became a lobbyist).

If that process was deemed correct and proper for a pair of miscreants like Packwood and Vitter, it should be sufficient for Franken, whose offenses are very minor by comparison. In the meantime, he need not depart the Senate unless he no longer feels he can serve his country and his constituents. He was duly elected to a second term, by a wide margin, so the bar to his removal should be high — at least as high as for those whose proven offenses were far worse.

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72 responses to “Why Franken Should Not Resign”

  1. bobnstuff says:

    Franken is a good man who acted stupidly. If you look at the movies he grow up with his actions and worse were the norm and no one ever complained. It’s not like he chased after under age girls or walked in to a dressing room full of teen age girls. By today’s standards he was out of line but not enough to need to leave office. John Wayne did worse in a number of movies and the audience cheered him on.

    • dpaano says:

      I agree….even today, I see commercials for products that are demeaning to women….why doesn’t anyone say anything about these?

    • Marilyn says:

      The photo that was posted was an example of sophomoric humor but it appears that he did not touch her breasts–only appeared about to grab them. Ms. Tweeden certainly did not deserve to be molested, but her career began as a Playboy Bunny with large breasts. The so-called “joke” of the photo would not have been posed and made had she been a small-breasted woman or had she not deliberately worn outfits when she was on-stage in front of the troops that made much of her natural endowments. I am not blaming the victim here as she did not ask anyone to touch her breasts, but I am agreeing with bobnstuff that the atmosphere at the time this incident occurred made pranks of this sort seem more like the norm.

  2. FireBaron says:

    And he has already asked for an investigation into his actions – something both Packwood and Vitter tried to prevent. This tells me, at least, that he has nothing to hide about this.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      The skank Republicans controlling the House and Senate are more invested in ensuring a Gingrichian “permanent Republican majority,” How isn’t that “dictatorship?”

      I’m glad Al Franken is demanding an investigation. He knows that making the GOP come clean as to “WHO” paid Tweeds is a necessity at this juncture.

      Trump and his scumballs are getting away with things the skanky GOP would NEVER have allowed Obama to do. But the price is that the right wing and GOP are going to everything they wished for…Putin Government.

    • Joan says:

      I am not sure that his calls for and cooperation with an ethics probe is clear evidence of innocence. The US Senate in general has a history of a “boys will be boys” mentality. The Senator would be right in thinking that if inappropriate touching and comments resulted in the loss of your seat, the Senate chamber would be nearly empty.

  3. Karen_in_KC says:

    I Agree with this article 100%! Al… stay the course! Do NOT let R legislators (hypocrites and notorious liars) and SOME D legislators (that’s YOU GILDEBRAND) run you out of office!!. I’m not even his constituent but I say NO D should be xpected to resign until after an ethics investIgation and tRUMP resigns or, preferably, goes to jail!

    • InformedVoter says:

      Sorry Karen but your comparison is bogus. President Trump was not in office when the alleged offenses took place. This is the reason you Dems are saying that Franken should stay the course.
      Franken has admitted to his offenses. What about all the other Hollywood incidents that he’s not talking about. He’s just like Harvey W., but because he’s a Dem, it’s OK.
      The validity of the tape on President Trump is in question. All who made FAKE claims against President Trump have recanted and admitted they were paid.

      You lefties are such hypocrites!

      • timmfr30 says:

        thanks for all the intel… are a cesspool of knowledge…thanks again

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          He must be off his meds again. If you post that the sky is a beautiful blue, Deformed says “It’s purple. That blue color is a fake.”

          To Deformed and his hairhatted Lard Ass in Chief, it’s all fake, if it doesn’t agree with their mentally ill ideas.

          Don’t wonder why Lard Ass neds Deformed to preach his gospels of BS.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry POORly informed Elle, but I clued timm into your FAKE information, like your 20 different 30-year careers. You just don’t realize how little credibility you have because of all the lies you post. Do yourself a yuge favor and find that safe room and have that cry.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Bwahahahahahahaaha…Isn’t it odd how so many others who read my posts can find me on my blog site, 2 other sites, including LinkedIn and we can’t find you anywhere?

            Isn’t it odd that anyone who wants to can easily check my background but no one knows YOUR name, the state you live in, or the jobs you’ve held by NAME?

            So dipshit, keep lying. Are you too lazy to bother to find out more about me? Or do you just need a burr in your fat lard ass or life isn’t normal for you?

            I am more informed than YOU will ever be and I use my birth name and on my books, my first, maiden and last name.

            So I am now calling your bluff…and remember, I have access to several ethical hackers who can easily check to see if you are lying, What is your real name? What state do you live in? What jobs have you held and name the companies..and not the Organic Transit dark net BS either.

            Cough it up smart ass.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry POORly informed Elle, but you are not transparent. You’re a common liar. So now you’re claiming yet a 21st 30-year career! Just because dummies like dppano and timm follow your lies doesn’t make you someone who is informed.

            So tell me once more about your access to hackers who told you that NJ was about to arrest President Trump. Or the hackers who told you that the FAKE MSM polls were accurate and that HilLIARy was leading in the polls.

            In today’s sicko world, it’s not wise to publish personal information on the internet.

            And be careful about your “boasting”. You say anyone can find out about you very easily, then that means they can see that you’ve been lying!

            Oh, so you wish to make a challenge and expect me to fall for your lame threats, like you and your gaggle of hens are coming over to stomp my head AFTER HilLIARy wins. OH, I forgot, she DIDN’t win! boo hoo.

            It’s nice to learn that you and your low information dummies support pedophiles, as long as they’re Dems.

          • timmfr30 says:

            thanks for your clues…they make the point against your gibberish….you are very……transparent…hehe

          • InformedVoter says:

            Oh POORly informed timm, the fact that you would even consider Elle a viable source of information means you’ve given into the FAKE MSM. I know you were one of those who believed that HilLIARy was leading in the polls and would win the election, possibly in a landslide. I kept posting that the TRUE polls showed she was behind.
            Low information folks like Elle called “my bluff” and called me all sorts of names. I kept up the avalanche of posts that showed that President Trump was going to win. So how did you’re believing fools like Elle and the FAKE MSM work out for you?

            It’s comforting to learn that you support pedophiles, as long as they’re a Dem.

          • The lucky one says:

            The way you keep going on about pedophiles despite never naming any Dems who have been convicted or even accused indicates you have an unhealthy fascination with child sex. You did try to smear B Clinton by association with a known pedophile and you’re so friggin stupid you don’t even know, or maybe just don’t acknowledge, that trump is an associate of the same man.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Oh POORly informed luck. Billy boy was a regular guest on the airplane and bragged about the great TIMES he had.

            President Trump never road on the pedophile plane.

          • The lucky one says:

            I’ll concede that you are more knowledgeable about pedophilia than I am. I guess many Trump groupies are but what’s that they say about people in glass houses. The pedophile in question here is Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was a regular for several years at Mar-a-Lago. Testimony in a prior court case indicated that, despite your lie posted above, Trump flew at least once on one of Epstein’s planes with him.

            Trump and his reps have said he barely knew Epstein—even though New York media in the ’90s regularly chronicled his comings-and-goings at Epstein’s Upper East Side palace, and even though Epstein had 14 private numbers for Trump and his family in his little black book.

            Despite denying he knew Epstein well he had this to say of him during a 2002 interview with New York magazine “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy, “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

            Attorney Spencer Kuvin, one of dozens of lawyers who successfully sued Epstein on behalf of roughly 30 women who claimed he lured them to his Palm Beach mansion for sexually-charged massages when they were as young as 14, said he always found the comment curious.

            “How would he know that?” he said of Trump’s acknowledgement of Epstein’s penchant for young women. The interview came nearly six years before Epstein’s secret sex life exploded into public view when the money manager pleaded guilty to Florida charges of procuring and soliciting a minor for prostitution. “Why would he make a joke like that?” the West Palm Beach attorney asked.

            Also is it purely coincidental that former South Florida U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta, who signed off on a non-prosecution agreement that kept Epstein from spending years behind bars, was tapped by Trump to be U.S. Labor Secretary? Attorneys and reporters who have reviewed court cases involving Epstein have commented on the unusually high amount of testimony redaction in the case. Who is being protected? We know B Clinton & Trump, but who else? You one of them misinformed voter? We see your fascination with kiddie sex. Nah, I’m sure Trump wouldn’t attend any party that you were a guest at.

            OK, a s s hole. Game, Set & Match. Now go cuddle up with your orange orangutan doll you use as a Trump surrogate and do what perverts like you like to do.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry POORly informed luck, but your serves were way out of bounds – ie. not valid!
            You’ve quoted from unreliable sources and twisted facts to fit your FAKE profiles.
            So of your obvious lies: he visited MANY times yet only once was the true answer.
            You’ve included insinuations regarding Acosta that don’t follow the facts. Typical lefty moves – can’t stand the heat of the truth so you twist and lie to support false conclusions.

            Nice try, but no cigar. Certainly not a win!

            Billy boy and HilLIARy girl were guests at the pedophile ranch numerous times. Thus the rumors of HilIARy being of non-female orientation.

            And it’s been the Dems who have defended pedophilia for years as being a sexual orientation. The way obozo strongly defended ISLAM (and the Dems too) when ISLAM blesses pedophilia and encourages it because their founder openly practiced pedophilia, demonstrates the Dems FULL support of pedophilia. You can’t even begin to deny those facts.

            Thus, as usual, you have been left with holding small pieces of truth scattered among large amounts of lies. What a surprise!

            At this point, you should join Eleanore and find one of the numerous safe rooms on the socialist campuses and go have a good cry. boo hoo – “informed voter destroyed my lies again” can be your starting point!

          • The lucky one says:

            As usual, no as always, you’ve sputtered when shut down by the truth as anyone who bothers to read this exchange can plainly see. Your a classic example of projection. Everything you’ve accused me and others here of is exactly what you do which is basically just lie through your teeth. I will give you the award though since you are WITHOUT DOUBT the least honest. most ignorant and foolish poster I’ve ever seen here. Good job!

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry POORly informed luck, but I’m CERTAINLY not sputtering. You can’t deny that Billy boy was a regular on the pedophile plane while, at best, President Trump was rumored to have gone on the plane ONLY once – not proven or verified.

            And those that read these forums are the typical low information sheep who believe the FAKE MSM. So, yup, they would agree with you, but then both of your are then wrong!

            When you lefties are faced with the stark truth, you do just as you did, you run for the cover of FAKE MSM information. You routinely quote from un-vetted sources and think you’re correct. Seems like you did just that about 13 months ago when you kept claiming I was ignorant and foolish for posting that HilLIARy was behind in the polls. You paraded your same un-vetted news sources as “proof”. So how did your belief in the FAKE MSM lies work out for you then!

            If you wish to upset a conservative, tell them a lie, like you have been doing. If you wish to upset a liberal, tell them the truth, like I’ve been posting.

          • The lucky one says:

            You aren’t a conservative/ You’re a know nothing like your hero who is likewise not a conservative. “President Trump was rumored to have gone on the plane ONLY once – not proven or verified.” yes verified by court testimony and flight logs under penalty of perjury. Again you are projecting. every time evidence pops up contrary to your fairytale vision you claim “fake news”.

            And yes you are ignorant and foolish regardless of what the pre-election polls said.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Oh POORly informed luck, I get it, your hatred of President Trump has clouded your reasoning and ability to sort out fiction from fact. No wonder you adore CNN and MSNBC!
            YUP, ONLY once is all they can verify, despite all your allegations about logs.
            Epstein lent Billy boy his “fully stocked” 727 on DOZENS of occasions – YUP verify too!

            So I provide PROOF and you low information lefties mock me. Turns out that my information was true and correct and that your lies were just that – lies. So I’m the ignorant and foolish one! I’ll take being “ignorant and foolish” and being RIGHT every time over being WRONG all the time like fools like you.

            Conyers will resign, claiming health reasons. Franken will decide not to run for re-election, as he’s now ineffective as a Senator. President Trump won another court victory Tuesday. Every day, President Trump continues to make America great again. Even Warren is getting slammed for her lies about being Native American. You hypocritical lefties will stop at nothing – FAKE news, lies and outright cheating to advance your pathetic causes.

          • The lucky one says:

            Yes one time on the plane for Trump as I clearly stated despite your lack of reading comprehension. One time is more than none as you previously stated erroneously or did you fail math too?

            Clinton’s, Conyers and Franken’s foibles don’t excuse Trump’s. Since I just demonstrated you were wrong on your previous statement about trump we can forget about your silly boast of “being “ignorant and foolish” and being RIGHT every time” though you were right about being ignorant and foolish overtime. Yes you are batting 1000 on that.

            Again you project and accuse “lefties” of all the things the GOP and the dirtbag president do daily. LOL Franken is ineffective as a senator? How much major legislation has Trumpy gotten passed. I’ll help you there, ZILCH, NADA, ZIPPO.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry POORly informed luck, but your are WRONG. You claimed President Trump was on that plane many, many times and flat out said the logs would verify that. I claimed that the statement was made that he was never on the plane. Turns out ONCE was it! Hence, you were WRONG big time, while I was significantly closer to the truth. There’s that word again that you liberals hate to hear – TRUTH!

            So, you are WRONG when you claim I was wrong. It turns out I’m correct – AGAIN.

            If President Trump hasn’t passed anything of significance, then why are you lefties crying so loudly? Duh!
            And the reason he has yet passed anything significant is because the Dems are marching lock-step (like Nazis) against everything he’s tried. Unlike the GOP who backed obozo agenda. Just wait until the 2018 mid-terms and see how the voters reject the “block everything” Dems! Folks are screaming they’re health premiums have gone up an average of 35%+ and are blaming obozocare.

            YUP, obozo claimed he had a pen and phone and “passed” all his “major” legislation that way. Well, with just a pen, President Trump has unraveled just about all of obozo’s “legacy”. And Gorsuch’s influence will remain for some time. I’d call that major.

          • The lucky one says:

            Once again you demonstrate your lack of reading comprehension but I guess it is easier to appear correct in your own eyes when you first distort what your opponent said. No I never claimed that tRump was on Epstein’s plane many times though it’s likely he was. Flight logs are made by the pilots and the kind of bribes tRump is known for could have induced them to remove his name. Nevertheless it has been conclusively proven that he did fly with Epstein at least once. This puts the lie to tRump’s claim to not be acquainted with him, just one more lie in a very long list. REREAD MY PREVIOUS POST WHERE I PROVIDE A NUMBER OF OTHER FACTS THAT BELIE TRUMP’S CLAIMS.

            It’s illustrative of why you believe you have a high % of being right. This is an example where I was clearly correct. tRump did in fact fly on the plane as I said and you were wrong when you said he didn’t. But somehow in your pea brain that gets turned around when, again erroneously you claim I said something different than what I did so magically your incorrect statement, a lie, becomes the truth. It’s a common tactic with both you and your hero.

            OK, prove me wrong. What major legislation has tRump passed? I won’t hold my breath waiting.

            Yes Dems are opposing tRump but since they are a minority that shouldn’t be a problem for a “master negotiator” like your boy.

            “Unlike the GOP who backed obozo agenda.” Wow!!! that’s a doozy even by the very low standards you demonstrate. They fought him on everything even subverting the constitution to delay a SCOTUS appointment.

            I don’t know about you but my HI premiums have risen about the same as they did annually before the ACA.

            Note I didn’t say tRump hasn’t had some major effects. It will take years to undo the negative effects of his gutting of regulatory agencies and placement of incompetent and grifters like he and his family into government offices but no NO MAJOR LEGISLATION PASSED.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry POORly informed luck, but the process used to seat Judge Gorsuch was perfectly legal and first used by the Dems.
            And NOPE, the constitution was only subverted by obozo with his “long gone” EOs.

            YUP you most certainly claimed that President Trump had ridden on Billy’s pedophile plane many, many times and even bragged that the logs would support your multiple riding claims. WRONG again POORly informed luck.
            Hence, you were WRONG – again (this is your normal state of posting) and I was RIGHT – once more, my normal state of posting.

            And NOPE, the entire country has experienced 20%, 35% increases the past two years and that’s for insurance that was worse than what they used to have. You are lying when you post that they have only risen about the same as prior to obozocare. Why do you think the voters are so upset!

            And NOPE, the GOP didn’t fight obozo on everything like the Dems have been doing. Just another of your lies.

            The biggest problem you have is trying to support that obozo actually accomplished anything, except to wreck our healthcare system. You certainly are POORly informed.

          • The lucky one says:

            HI premiums were rising about 7.5%/yr prior to ACA and that rate of increase went up about .5%/yr. from 7.5 in 2009 to 10.1 in 2015. But they will rise dramatically under tRump. Actually voters favor ACA over anything thus far offered by the GOP or the witless tRump.

            “Trump’s decision to halt funding for Obamacare’s cost-sharing subsidies last week will actually raise rates next year. Plus, the move increases what taxpayers will have to shell out to support Obamacare.”

            Yah, I know more “fake news” right? Everything that puts the lie to the BS spread by tRump and toadies like you is always “fake news”.

            I see you follow tRump’s strategy of when caught in a lie just double down and repeat it more emphatically. “YUP you most certainly claimed that President Trump had ridden on Billy’s pedophile plane many, many times and even bragged that the logs would support your multiple riding claims.” Well a-hole I never even mentioned logs until the court evidence was produced showing that tRump did in fact ride on the plane with his pedophile friend Epstein at least once. Produce my alleged statement or admit your are a liar. (I know you won’t since that has been proven here conclusively many times with no retraction ever coming from you). As far as proving tRump was lying when he said he didn’t know Epstein one plane trip together on Epstein’s plane is enough to establish the lie.

            “And NOPE, the GOP didn’t fight obozo on everything” That’s such an obvious lie it needs no refutation. Even ardent Obama-haters, at least those with an IQ in triple digits, know how absurd that statement is.

            I didn’t say Gorsuch’s seating was illegal. What was improper is the GOP delay that enabled them to seat another corporate toady like Gorsuch.

            Another slam dunk but that’s so easy with you I shouldn’t brag. So now you will whine and sputter and tell more lies but no need for me to debunk you anymore. everyone, even rightists, here know you for the imbecile you are.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Oh POORly informed luck, it’s comical watching you try two lie your way out of your lies. You’ve been proven wrong, yet you continue to claim you “proved” your point.
            Premiums went up over 20% in 2017 and are projected to rise 35% in 2018! And, YUP, it’s FAKE news to claim the cost sharing will raise rates. It’ll raise rates for those NOT under obozocare, and that’s a good thing.
            More FAKE stuff is that under the GOP plan than 23 million would lose their insurance, when only 10 million have obozocare to begin with!
            And with the FAKE MSM slamming the GOP at every turn so that the public doesn’t get the truth, it’s obvious the polls would say folks don’t like the new plan. When they see the actual results they’ll say “what took so long to get this?” And I haven’t even touched on the millions who dropped their insurance because the deductibles were too high.
            And NOPE, since Biden used the stalling tactic under GW, there was nothing improper about delaying the decision. HiLIARy played up the SCOTUS selection and the voters responded that they wanted President Trump to make the appointment – not HilIARy.
            And you can deny your FALSE statement about how often President Trump rode on Billy’s pedophile plane, but as you even said, the court documents said ONLY once, not dozens and dozens like you implied.
            And the “rightists here” don’t support your lies, and can see what I post is the truth.
            Slam dunk? hell you didn’t even get your feet off the ground and I blocked your shot back into your face!

        • InformedVoter says:

          Franken and Harvey W traveled the same circles in Hollywood. How many other women are there who were mistreated by Franken? How effectively can he represent this state? What female Senators will support anything he initiates? Ask yourself “is he doing the right thing to stay?” How much is his ego!
          He’s a lame duck as it now stands.

          • timmfr30 says:

            thanks again..I asked myself and yes he should stay..he’s not a pedophile hiding behind the bible…now ask yourself about moore…duh

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry POORly informed timm, but Judge Moore is not a pedophile either! 4 of the 5 accusers have had their accusations debunked. The remaining one will not provide any corroborating information. Now the fine folks in AL will have their say, but Judge Moore is EXTREMELY popular among the voters.
            So if Franken molested and raped Hollywood folks, you’re OK with that! And since Billy boy was a regular on the plane that featured underage girls for pleasure, you’re OK with that too! And since the Dem party defends pedophiles as long as they are Dems, you’re OK with that!
            And you wonder why you’re called hypocrites!

          • timmfr30 says:

            thanks for your info…saying i’m ok with that in caps doesn’t make it so…but helps the things that go on in your head…not sure if your grammar is morphing or you are pretending..alas,i’m done toying with you for now…hope to hear more…it’s great!

          • InformedVoter says:

            The OK in caps is the correct way to “spell” it.
            So you’re OK with pedophiles, as long as they’re Dems!

          • timmfr30 says:


          • InformedVoter says:

            I just loved the way you refuted the fact that the Dems support pedophilia – not!
            I also loved the way you denied supporting the party of the pedophiles.
            You need to join Eleanore in a safe room and have good cry.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Karen, Ignore the Sorry Deformed Russian Troll. He gets orgasmic every time he types the word “Sorry.” Sick minds like his do that.

      Trump is now trying to claim the Vanity Fair interview in the 90s and that video are all faked. So, why then did Trump apologize for it in public?

      Trump is a sick, obnoxious SOB who has been getting away with far too much for far too long.

      The paybacks are already coming…It’s why he went after Senator Warren yesterday at what should have been a honor event for Native Americans.

      Instead that obnoxious SOB Trump just had to get his dibs in at Senator Warren calling her “Pocahontas.”

      Let’s call Melania what SHE is…a Slovenian nude model who sold her body for money. I believe the word for that is “whore.”

      • InformedVoter says:

        Sorry POORly informed Elle, but your jealously of Melania is showing. Warren should have been expelled, and if her lies has been revealed today, instead of when obozo was president, she would be facing removal from the Senate charges.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Your jealousy of me is proven by your stupidity and need to try and best me. As for Melania, I know more about that Russian/Slovenian pig than you ever will.

          Unlike you, I am a master at research which is part of my present writing jobs. You have NO job other than that Dark Net BS job you are paid by Trump to do.

          Now I know WHY you’d be so jealous of me…you are a low life bum who can’t pass a normal bowel movement for the constipation in your brain.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry POORly informed Elle, but why would I be jealous of such a loser as you?
            So you’ve been stalking Melania? Shame on you!

            And now a 22nd 30-year career! OMG!!

            Temper – temper old gal! It’s lovely watching you low information sheep squirm and twist as President Trump undoes all the harm that obozo put into place.

            At least I don’t have to go to a safe room and cry to feel better. I just have to read low information sheep responses from clueless folks like you. It provides tremendous pleasure when I can, so easily, destroy you and your POORly informed sheep.

      • dpaano says:

        I love the way Huckabee-Sanders calls Elizabeth Warren a liar when she (or the president) know NOTHING about the her life and the stories that she grew up with from her family. Whether they are true or not….these were the stories she heard that were passed down from her ancestors. Huckabee-Sanders OR the president have NO right to malign her, especially in front of other native Americans! Why this was even brought up during the ceremony is questionable, but, with Trump, you always KNOW he’s going to screw up every time he has to give a speech! It doesn’t matter what it’s about….he’ll always find a way to stick in something that is totally unrelated or is just another one of his lies!

      • Karen_in_KC says:

        Thanks Eleanor. I do ignore most of them. I realize their motto is ‘that’s the way it is because that’s the way I WANT it to be’. No facts involved.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Misinformed has one serious flaw to all of his posts: He fears transparency most. So when he posts, he is careful not to mention his real name, state or any of his employers.

          He has a whole lot to hide. But, these days legalized ethical hackers are allowed to protect cyber systems from trolls who hide their Dark Net IP addresses.

          Misinformed is linked somehow to a cyber group (only one of them) known as “Organic Transit.” When you Google it, it comes up as “unknown.” It is…on our regular internet. Just not on Dark Net.

          It’s a cute little name for a group that uses “organic” cyber tools to dump viruses and hack into computers and then “transits” them to their Dark Net to try and hack into our emails, email addresses and the sites we visit regularly.

    • InformedVoter says:

      I see that POORly informed Elle supports you. That should tell you that you’re in deep water! Elle has posted so many lies – like the 20 different 30-year careers she has worked.
      Franken and Harvey W traveled the same Hollywood circles, so there are most likely other women out there who were mistreated by Franken. His effectiveness in remaining in office is now in question. What woman Senator will support his endeavors? He is there to represent the folks of his state. How comfortable are they now?

    • dpaano says:

      Oh, but if you deny the allegations….according to Trump….that makes you innocent. But, if you take the blame and apologize, then you are guilty and should be thrown out of office!! These ARE hypocrites!

  4. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Perhaps, the fact that I was a Republican from the tender age of 19 until I got fed up as a younger senior with the horrible antics of the GOP in 2004, that their constant white male games piss me off to no end.

    This isn’t about Al Franken, Bob Menendez or any other Dem. It is the same sneaky, skunk tactics the GOP uses to weaken and destroy anything and everything the Dems try to do.

    This sudden dirt the GOP is digging up on Franken is PURE BS. Did Franken plan to rape or molest that woman? Did Franken plant a media bitch who tried to scam WAPO with a BS story hoping they wouldn’t discover she was a plant? How desperate is Trump and his slimeballs that they have to PAY political prostitutes like Huckabee’s lying daughter and Laura Ingraham to every day spew lies they know can’t ever be proven as fact or truth.

    Wake up people. Look at “who” in the Dem party they are going after: ALL of them are on the House or Senate investigating committees. So the skank GOP figures if they remove enough of them, there won’t be ANY more investigations.

    Right now, Trump has begun to ignore legislation and stretches the intent of any legislation to fit his agenda. What he plans most of all is to put an end to “Free Press.”

    To that fat pig in the White House, allowing the US media to be “free press” means all of his “fake news” is the ONLY news. Anything this fat tub of lard doesn’t want to see or hear is “fake.”

    Franken didn’t try to rape anyone. When the right wing can explain how the hell Dennis Hastert was chosen by the GOP as Speaker of the House knowing full well he was a pedophile for decades, then and ONLY then do they get to try to play their deflect guilt games…and maybe not even then.

    • InformedVoter says:

      Oh POORly informed Elle, You’re such a hypocrite. If it’s a Dem doing the dirty work, it’s OK. So you support pedophilia because it’s just another form of sexual orientation. How low of you!
      The FAKE MSM prints lies on a daily basis and when the lies fail to grow legs, they just make up new lies and publish them.

      So how long have you claimed that pedophilia is OK!

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Dems don’t ignore pigs like you who molest children. Try again. There are pages and pages of front covers with Trump on them and his 14 year old daughter Iskanka with his hands on her boobs.

        Oh gee…Now Iskanka is taking a stand on pedophiles like you, Trump and Moore.

        In a legal court of law, your ideas of deflecting Moore’s pedophilia on Franken would get you a civil lawsuit for slander and defamation of character. So tell us Piled High and Deep, that all you have for today? Get back on your Thorazine psycho.

        • InformedVoter says:

          Soory POORly informed Elle, but you Dems DO support a pedophile, IF they’re a Dem.
          And NOPE, there are not pages of photos, so why do you feel compelled to lie all the time! You make outlandish statements like the NJ AG is minutes from arresting President Trump, and you’re claims of something like 20 different 30-year careers, and claims you know such and such a person. Don’t you realize how stupid you keep making yourself look!

          And your comment about “legal court of law” is totally without merit. Anyone can file a lawsuit for anything, but your comment is laughable at best.
          I know you still think Harvey W is a great person, but given that Franken and Harvey traveled in the same circles implies there are lots more victims of Franken out there.

          Better seek out that safe room and have yourself a good cry. 4 of 5 accusers of Judge Moore have had their stories debunked. Thankfully there are folks around like me who don’t just blindly follow the FAKE MSM (like you do).

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Okay…Calling your bluff again…Name names ass or stop posting mindless, baseless BS.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry POORly informed Elle, name names? How about HilLIARy’s old hubby- Billy boy, who was a regular on the underage girly plane?

            So you continue to support pedophiles as being just another sexual orientation, as long as it’s Dems doing the preying.

            Your pathetic and a hypocrite. Calling your bluff – big time!

    • dpaano says:

      Unfortunately, the RWNJ seem to “forget” their foibles and try to use basically unintentional acts by the left as being totally out of line! What a bunch of total hypocrites…..but, then again, we already knew that! Hang in there, Al, we are on your side. Continue doing your good work for your state and for this nation!

  5. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    In a court of law, in order to try Franken for the same things Moore has done, they have to have witnesses come forward. Thus far, only Tweeds, a paid porn model like Melania Trump has come forward.

    And in a court of law, there must be intent to commit pedophilia or sexual molestation.

    Men have NO right to tell women what we DO or DO NOT consider sexual molestation. That’s the reason pigs like Trump, Hastert, Weinstein and others got away with it for generations. Men were choosing whether or not they were guilty of sexual molestation.

    Look what happened when the females at VA Tech first reported being raped. An all male jury of their “PEERS” decided if the women were telling the truth.

    Women do not have to EVER make any excuses for blowing the whistle on any man when they know he has done something wrong to them whether ethically or morally. Women owe no man that kind of commitment to loyalty. The only women who never tell a man when he is wrong get their palms buttered to keep their silence.

    • dbtheonly says:

      Ms E,

      Mama Bear asserts that Misinformed is paid on the number of responses he gets to his posts. When you reply to him you put money in his pocket.

      CONGRATULATIONS on the hacking. Thank you for wandering those sewers of RWdom so I don’t have to.

      Before anyone is put in peril of fine or imprisonment there needs to be a clearly enunciated line of what behavior is impermissible. We also run up against the presumption of innocence. I view both as vital to a just legal system. How can we reach your goals without violating them?

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        If I thought working around the systems people in data processing back in the 80s was mind boggling, I can tell you standing over the shoulder of a computer geek with ethical hacking skills is like someone speaking a foreign language. rofl.

        He sat at my computer and within a few seconds, he had the Misinformed One’s IP addresses he uses.

        If I didn’t feel like an antique before, I do now. These guys know their way around cyber space almost like they are astronauts on a space station in some far off universe. rofl.

    • dpaano says:

      I don’t believe anything Al Franken did could be considered “intentional.” Sure, he made a grave error with the picture of Tweed that was taken, but Franken was a comedian, and he often was a little indiscriminate in his jokes, but he is NOT a sexual predator! It was stupid, agreed, but it was far from being considered as sexual assault. Apparently, if you “deny” your actions, you’re innocent, but when you come forward, admit your actions, apologize sincerely, and learn from the past to be more careful in your actions, you’re guilty according to the RWNJ in Washington!

  6. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Deformed Voter hides his true identity. So here is what I’ved discovered about this “faker”…First, he uses an IP address that is a layered address. Meaning, he posts from Dark Net.

    He can’t be traced on FB, Twitter or Linked in. Mainly because he hides his identity. So he could in actuality be one of Trump’s scumballs. He is definitely not a bot even though his posts sound robotic and mostly stupid.

    Thanks to this moron, I know more about ethical hacking into hacker’s accounts than I formerly thought I’d be interested in. Course, it does help to have a computer geek among my friends.

    Most of us who read his mentally unbalanced posts know he never provides proof that doesn’t come from one of the Bannon Approved nutboy sites.

  7. stcroixcarp says:

    Don’t bother reading any more comments. The discussion has devolved because of the troll activity.

    • dpaano says:

      What did we expect when the Russian bots and right wing nuts that tend to come on this site in order to cause chaos among those of us who are intelligent and have common sense!

  8. dpaano says:

    I’m not condoning what Al Franken did; however, there is a VAST difference in his actions vs. those of Moore, Trump, and the others who have recently been brought forward in both political and Hollywood circles. He has apologized sincerely and, I believe, is very sorry. He has learned now to be more careful in his actions. In the meantime, he’s an excellent senator for both his state and this nation! I just hope that he gets through this and continues his good work. I know that he will be MUCH more careful in his actions in the future…..intentional or not.

    • FT66 says:

      Agreed. We all still remember the incidence of Stanford former Governor of S. Carolina who abasconded his job, left his family and went to visit his misstress in Argentina. No one knew the whereabout of this man. When he came back he realised his mistake, he called a Press Conference almost shedding tears and people there forgave him and was later sent to DC to represent them. Why not Al Franken who has apologized be forgiven too.

      • plc97477 says:

        Especially since Franken’s only “sin” is a bad joke gone wrong.

        • dpaano says:

          FT66…..the big problem is that Franken is a Democrat and he has gone after their guy, Sessions, in a BIG way. So, in order to neutralize him, they will do whatever is necessary to bring him down! The problem is that Franken is very well liked by his constituents and most of the rest of the nation who is aware of the good things that he’s done for his state and this country! What he did was somewhat wrong, but there was no bad intentions for his actions……totally separate from anything Trump or Moore have done!

    • rhetoric_phobic says:

      Moore without the sexual allegations is a reprehensible human being. He has intentionally broken laws and thinks he’s above the law.
      We all know what trump is and isn’t. (He not the president to anyone not in his small base) I won’t list what he is lest a hold be put on another one of my comments. 🙂

      • dpaano says:

        Tell us how you REALLY feel….we can handle it!

        • rhetoric_phobic says:

          Oh I know. We’re all grownups here but apparently the moderators find some words objectionable. I respect that, it’s their site. I spelled out the slang for CRS in reference to Sessions and had to change it to stuff to get it to post.

    • bernieo says:

      Watch the videos of Tweeden on YouTube before accepting her claims.
      There are several of her doing things like grabbing a against guy’s butt, then grabbing it. She was a big part of the sexual horseplay on that tour. The video of her appearançe on the Howard Stern show gives you a good idea of the real Leeann, a woman who has made her living from being a sex object to titilate men’s sexual fantasies. That is her choice but her pretending to be offended by Franken given her own antics is ridiculous. There is a reason she immediately accepted Franken’s apology and said he should not resign – only after he asked for an investIgation. She knows an examination of her own actions would undercut her credibility. The media should have looked more closely at her and also the fact that she is a frequent Hannity guest and Trumpster who is clearly tied in to smearmeisters Roger Stone who knew in advance of her charges.

  9. rhetoric_phobic says:

    Comedian Al Franken while on a USO tour, acted in a sophomoric manner along with everyone else who was on that tour. If he was not now Al Franken, the senator, who is a huge thorn in the side of the miscreants and the vile little “can’t remember stuff” gremlin, as well as being a huge future threat if he decides to run for higher office, this story and this picture and the subsequent accusers would never have seen the light of day again.

    Yes, I think it’s a set up and an attempt to neutralize Franken.

    His behavior was inappropriate but his former employer didn’t see it as out of the norm for the setting.

    My only question is which rightwing PAC is paying these women off.

    • bernieo says:

      You hit the. Ail on the head – everyone else acted in a sophomoric way with stupid, juvenile sexual banter and actions. The videos of Tweeden’s behavior makes it clear that she was as inappropriate as Franken – grinding her butt against one male performer’s and then grabbing it (or is it OK for her to grab someone else?), kissing Robin Williams and then throwing her leg around him, inviting Howard Stern to look at her butt crack which she bragged was exposed when she sat down in her very low cut pants. The kiss skit is clearly a set up for a soldier to come out of the audience to kiss her – something she enthusiastically did. If she really was angry for ten years about this she has one huge double standard for appropriate behavior.
      As for who paid for this, Roger Stone was told in advance of Tweeden’s accusations. No surprise since Tweeden is a Hannity guest who gladly plays her role in right wing smears like the one against Shirley Sherrod. She did not need to be paid because this is a great career move for her.
      As for the others, they could be getting rewarded by right wingers like Roger Stone just the way Paula Jones was. Back in the nineties a lot of Clinton accusers stood to make money from the National Enquirer. The Troopers eventually admitted they told lies about Clinton because they had been promised money for selling their stories to that smarmy rag which is now owned by a Trump buddy. Or maybe they are telling the truth about a relatively minor infraction. No one seems to be outraged that Poppy Bush has been aggressively grabbing young women’s butts then telling an off color joke about it. Sure he is old, but so is Conyers – and one accuser said this happened quite a few years ago.

      • rhetoric_phobic says:

        Exactly. I think I read Tweeden didn’t get as much attention for her nude shots as she did for accusing Franken. Ouch. 🙂 She needed the career boost.
        Poppy Bush isn’t casting any votes anymore . That’s why they aren’t worried about him. It’s unfortunate his family allows him to continue to behave in this manner. It isn’t cute or funny. Perhaps a reflex action of bending his old fingers back will deter him.

        They already showed their hand when the Kelly creature said, we need Moore’s vote. They couldn’t give a rat’s butt about the abuse of power inflicted upon mostly women. One would think they would at least want to protect children from pedophiles. But not when the pedophile is going to vote their way.
        May they all rot.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      The GOP is in a state of terror. Their loss of so many GOP voters in VA has them passing brick bowel movements.

      So the only thing they have left that won’t set off more American suspicions of Russian hacking the GOP knows they don’t dare try again, is to smear as many Dem governors, senators and House reps to get them removed so they can replace them with GOP cronies.

      Big problem with that? It completely removes voters from the choice of elected representatives.

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