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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

WASHINGTON — “Lead from behind” may be a sound bite the Obama administration regrets, but debating from behind is clearly something President Obama is very good at. He got the first debate’s wakeup call while Mitt Romney let the encounter in Denver mislead him into confusing petulance with strength.

For Obama’s supporters, the fact that the president played offense, had a strategy and seemed happy in his work was reason enough for elation. But the most electorally significant performance was Romney’s. Under pressure this time, the former Massachusetts governor displayed his least attractive sides. He engaged in pointless onstage litigation of the debate rules. He repeatedly demonstrated his disrespect for both the president and Candy Crowley, the moderator. And Romney was just plain querulous when anyone dared question him about the gaping holes in his tax and budget plans.

Any high school debate coach would tell a student that declaring “believe me because I said so” is not an argument. Yet Romney confused biography with specificity and boasting with answering a straightforward inquiry. “Well of course they add up,” Romney insisted of his budget numbers. “I — I was — I was someone who ran businesses for 25 years, and balanced the budget. I ran the Olympics and balanced the budget.” Romney was saying: “Trust me because I’m an important guy who has done important stuff.” He gave his listeners no basis on which to verify the trust he demanded.

Romney’s stonewalling was so obvious that it opened the way for one of Obama’s most effective lines of the evening: “If somebody came to you, Governor, with a plan that said, here, I want to spend $7 or $8 trillion, and then we’re going to pay for it, but we can’t tell you until maybe after the election how we’re going to do it, you wouldn’t have taken such a sketchy deal. And neither should you, the American people, because the math doesn’t add up.” Obama sought to make that point in the last debate. This time he had a metaphor and a story to go with the arithmetic.

Romney also covertly disclosed that he, like George W. Bush before him, has every intention of cutting taxes on the rich. Like Bush, he used stealthy language to try to achieve a great fiscal cover-up.

Here was Romney on Tuesday: “I will not under any circumstances reduce the share that’s being paid by the highest-income taxpayers.” Here was Bush in 2000: “The facts are, after my plan, the wealthiest of Americans pay more taxes of the percentage of the whole than they do today.”

This really matters: Romney intends, as Bush did, to push for steep tax cuts for the wealthy. His only pledge is that he’ll keep the share of the total tax take paid by the wealthy unchanged, presumably by reducing other taxes too. And this is supposed to lead to lower deficits? How?

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  1. from flip to flop.

    when is willard going to make his tax returns public?

    What is he hiding?

    Mccain knows, thats why he picked an idiot like palin.

      • Lana are you really so consumed with hatred that you really believe that University of Chicago Law School employed Obama as a Senior Lecturer for a decade and did not know his performance in school? Seriously…the man who was elected by his peers to be President of the Harvard Law Review may have been a C student? Please tell me that you are just kidding and not that ignorant. BTW, why should be believe that you are capable to understand what a REAL birth certificate would look like? looks like the one released. Keep in real.

        • Why won’t Obama release his records and transcripts. He’s a show off, thinks he’s perfect, he should show them off. He can’t be to proud of them , or he would. The birth certificate he showed is a proven fraud. Why won’t he show us the real one?

          • ‘proven fraud’ birth certificate??? what planet do you live on lana??? lynda is right re: prez position as law review president and prof at Uof C…she questions your ‘hatred’ of prez,,i’ll just say it: your statements show a person sooo spewed with hatred against him it’s psychipathically scary.

          • Obama’s so smart, why won’t he show off his transcripts. Why has he spent two million or more to keep them sealed??? Where did he get that kind of money to keep them sealed??? And yes, his birth certificate is a proven fraud!!

          • If you hope you are not one of “them,” then you are on the right path. We all make mistakes sometimes, but it’s only when we don’t see it in ourselves, and don’t WANT to look at ourselves that we are “hopeless.”

          • lana, you are a typcal lying Republican. Why do you spew all these lies that everyone knows are false? Makes you look like a fool. Just because your hero Romney does it, doesn’t mean you have to lower yourself to his level.

          • Next thing you know you’ll be saying :
            Abraham Lincoln = Karl Marx …..Loy Mauch – GOP
            Forcible Rape causes women to secrete a protection against pregnancy….. Tod Aiken – GOP
            Even Forcible Rape is not a reason for abortion…. Paul Ryon – GOP
            Social Security is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme…. Rick Perry – GOP
            Slavery is a blessing in disguise …. Loy Mauch – GOP
            I paid 13% taxes annually for the last 10 years…. WILLARD Mitt Romney – GOP
            On Sept. 12 President Obama did not call the attack on Benghazi a terrorist act – WMR – GOP…… Quit the LIES…..The GOP IS filled with racist moronic B.S. Con artists.

          • Why won’t Mitt release all his tax returns? He is a greedy plutocrat who probably cheated on his taxes, hid money in overseas accounts, invested in Chinese slave labor and used every loophole in the book.

          • He won’t release his tax returns because he wants to hide his business dealings while at Bain Capital. That’s the time span when he was buying up companys, borrowing money against them that he put in his own pocket. Then put them into backruptcy. Got the loans forgiven so he didn’t have to pay them back, bailed on all their employee retirements, health insurance and put them on the streets. All the while putting millions in his pocket. I wouldn’t be suprised if some of his dealings were illegal but we will never know because he’s not going to open them for people to see. You hide things for a reason.

          • So your saying the govenor of Hawaii is a lier then? Your birther theories have been depunked over and over. Also, his transcripts are not of public record, so they are not sealed. In order to seal records, the records have to be public. All college transcripts are not public record, so they cannot be sealed. He had scholorships and student loans. Wow, what a conspiracy is that?

          • The Gov of Hawaii has been paid for the scheme. The birther theory is alive and well. Obama has spent MILLIONS to keep his records sealed. What’s he hiding?

          • That is so laughable. No Prior President has even had to disclose any of this. You probably don’t have a college degree. If you did, you would know that nobody’s college transcripts is of public record. The courts cannot seal records that are NOT public. Face it, the facts are not on your side. Fact checkers have debunked your theories. It’s old news….move on. So tell me what Romney is hiding by not disclosing his tax returns?

          • Did you know, EVERY election Obama has won is by snooping through opponente taxes and distorting them? That’s why he wants them so bad!! Romney won’t release them and Obama is furious!! He’s released 2 years, that’s ALL that’s required

          • He is hiding something and that is why he won’t release them….plain and simple. It has become a tradition and is now expected from every POTUS and every POTUS nominee.

          • Lana
            Why won’t Mitt release his tax returns for the last ten years if he’s so proud of his business experience unless he has something to hide. He constantly touts his business experience but refuses to let voters see how he made his fortune.

          • Snooping through taxes and distorting whats in them, is how Obama has won EVERY election. Why do you think he wants them SO BAD!! Romney is not falling for it and Obama is furious

          • Obama is not the one demanding Romney release his tax returns. The voters have a right to know what kind of person they are being asked to vote for and if he made his money illegally and how much money he is hiding in order to avoid paying taxes.

          • He released 10 years to John McCain and afterwards McCain picked Sara Palin as his running mate costing him the election. What did McCain find that caused him to reject Romney. We the voters deserve to know what kind of man Romney is and what he’s hiding.

          • You keep trying to deflect the question…..why is Romney refusing to release his tax records if he has nothing to hide?

      • The same day Romney and every Republican president before Obama make their college transcripts and birth certificates available to the public.
        Barack Obama graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Harvard Law School, what does that tell you? He made his birth certificate, and a long form of his birth certificate, available to the public. Where were you when Sen. McCain, a man born in Panama, ran for President? Where were you when Mitt’s Daddy, a man born in Mexico, ran?
        I realize white supremacists like you want to send all African Americans back to Africa, all Hispanics to Mexico, Asian Americans to Asia and keep Native Americans in their reservations, to restore the Norman Rockwell society you long for and want to take America back to; trust me, those days are over.

        • Dominick, I think the McCain situation is not what you allude it to be. If I understand correctly, McCain was born in a military hospital or at least at a hospital contracted to deliver medical care to service members and their families. Under your thinking anyone born to american parents while assigned overseas in the military or while on diplomatic duty would be ineligble for citizenship or office. In this you are wrong. They are citizens. Now Mitt’s dad, there you are correct from what I understand.

          • Dom is wasting his time. But I have heard this comment several times now here and it (McCain) is not a good example and discredits american born overseas.

          • Actually not all do, just the really dumb ones. As I pointed out above in a reply to BDD, making the same comparison to McCain is irresponsible (something Dom does not normally appear to be) and cast a pall on foreign born americans. And I have heard this comparison made several times. Dumb is not exclusion to republicians. Both the Obama and McCain “Birther” statements should be put to rest.

        • Obama got his money from the Saudi Prince to go to college. Destroying and turning America into an Islamic State is the agreement for Obama’a payment back. The Saudi Prince has given Obama MILLIONS of dollars. I would vote for Herman Cain, Alan West, J.C. Watts, Thomas Sowell for President. Does that make me a white supremacist? Jerk!

          • Lana:

            Like Mittens, you invent “facts” out of whole cloth.

            Give up. You cannot defend Mittens on any logical basis.

          • Get out of your liberal bubble and look things up. Never mind. Your head is to far up Obama’s a– to see anything

          • Facts don’t support your beliefs lana. Your sources of information are clearly biased and biggeted. It is sad that you can’t see how rediculous you sound with your conspiracy theory posted all over the right wing hemispere. I’m certain your watching Fox news too. You know there are studies out there proving how the viewers of Fox news are more uninformed than people that don’t watch any news at all. I think because Fox focuses a lot on promoting hate and untrue stories. How can they have time for actual news. Who is living in a bubble? Clearly you are.

          • Fox News ratings are higher than ALL other channels combined, so there must be an awful lot of uninformed viewers out here

          • Exactly! And it is unfortunate. The channel that panders to the right wing and misleads many Americans. May I add, the hatred that comes from these viewers is very unhealthy for America. The most recent study I’m aware of is May 2012, Fairleigh Dickinson University. The questions were the same for each group of people and the correct/incorrect answers were tallied. Fox viewers didn’t rate so good. Sorry!

          • You talk about hate. Apparently you have not seen MSNBC! No wonder their ratings are in the toilet!!

          • Yes, I talk about hate because that is what you do on every post. Apparently I’m correct on that.

          • Lana ,
            you cannot think clearly while picking your nose..Facts are facts, Face it, The man in the White House is way smarter than people like you and me. He used his youth to educate himself and you and I well…………that’s another story…

          • No, but it would mean you had wasted your vote. Herman Cain is a Buffoon, he was literally a pawn of the right. He served his purpose and then they got rid of him. Alan West is not competent enough to run his own home let alone the country. JC Watts left the party because he finally saw the light, he is, in my opinion, an honorable man. Thomas Sowell again a wasted vote. Yes I am proud as a black man that this country has come this far to elect a black President. However, I don’t vote for him because of race, I honestly feel that he is the best person to lead at this time because I believe that he genuinely cares for the little guy. It’s not all the bottom line for him $$$$. The office requires compassion for those less fortunate, I don’t see that with Mitt and his crew. Can you provide that documentation to verify those accusations about the Saudi Prince.

      • This is as shallow and transparent as “Trust me. I was someone who ran businesses for 25 years and balanced the budget.”

          • You mean “Restore America TO THE RICH.” Your comment is a slogan, not any kind of intelligent argument, but that’s about all the Reichtwing can produce.

        • Ran A Lot Of Those Businesses In The Ground By Loading Them With Debt!!! Romney Walks Away Like The Bandit He Is, It Was All For Romney And His Rich Investors Not The American People Big Different!! Same Way He Will Try If Elected Run America For Him And His Rich Investors Remember They Have Invested Lot Of Dark Money In This Lying Sociopath!!!

          • And he will run America into the ground if given the chance. Unfortunately, though, I have to say that he wouldn’t be the first lying psychopath in the White House.

          • Yes! That’s just the folks I would name, too! Cheney, too. And Rumsfeld, and Negroponte were out in the wings helping.

      • Obama has released all of them. Unfortunately, as long as you and others only get your news from Fox and right-wing blogs, you’ll remain in a news loop that reinforces these beliefs. Umm, could that be why Romney raced into a trap of his own making by claiming Obama hadn’t mentioned terrorist/terrorism in his Rose Garden speech, even though he could’ve watched it on tape?

        • Obama mentioned terror, but Not in the context of Banghazi. Watch clips from his UN speech, when he was on the view, and on Letterman. Obama said the attack was because of that movie, NOT terrorism

          • I specified the Rose Garden speech, which he gave the morning after Benghazi. If you’re going to debate what I said, then debate the specifics. To take another speech to make your point is disingenuous at best and duplicitous at worst. Apples to apples, not apples to oranges.

            President Obama was talking about his Rose Garden speech. At least Romney confirmed it was the Rose Garden speech two times before his attack.

            Lana, when your rejoinders have nothing to do with the statement, it tells me and others that you can’t rebut the facts.

          • Watch Obama’s UN speech. Watch him on the view. Watch him on Letterman. No mention of Benghazi being a terrorist attack. He repeated over and over it was spontainious over that movie!!

          • Lana, clearly you are so blinded from all of the lies that have been told to you, that you refuse to acknowledge the tuth. Sixty millions viewers watched the “FLIPFLOPPER”, come unravelled and drive himself off the cliff ; when he thought he had the “POTUS” cornered.

          • Romney did have Obama cornered, that’s why Crowley stuck her fat face in it. She has since retracted-has said Romney was right!! It’ll be brought up in the last debate. Romney will have his chance again

          • I can’t wait either because I want to the “Fliplopper”, drive his lying ass off the cliff again!! And stopped blaming Crowley for his own embarassment! So it’s a date-right?!

          • He wasn’t right in that his premise was that the President did not use the word terrorist until 14 days after the attack. If you are in the water you will get wet, some things can’t be logically denied.

          • Since you mentioned the word terror, let’s look a little deeper. The definition of the word terrorist according to my Random House College Dictionary is as follows. A person who uses or favors terrorizing methods. What would you call Mitt and the boy’s methods for raiding companies and acquiring them with the help of their banking buddies, closing them down and shipping all of those American jobs overseas? It also defines a terrorist as a member of a political group in Russia aiming at the demoralization of the government by terror. This isn’t Russia but the tactics fit. So the next time you think of a terrorist, Mitt and the boys should come to mind. I don’t think that you are a practicing racist, just misinformed and deluded.

          • Was the Benghazi attack a spontaneous attack because of a movie as Obama said, or, a terrorist attack as Obama said

          • Would you please go to the site–WND–and tell me what you think of Obama making a deal with Iran?

        • why are we making Lana feel sooo important this morning???? we can take an ignorant person to the fountain of knowledge but you can not force he /her to………….

      • I think that you made the wrong turn—-estupidos to the right and reasonable people to the left.It seems to me that the republicans do not consider the State of Hawaii a real state.Perhaps we should give it back to the Hawaiians since we stold it from them,,,,,I’m not saying…I’m just saying…..

      • How on God’s green earth does that matter. We have had presidents who didn’t even have a college degree. If you want to be part of the conversation you will have to come up with some new material.

      • Lana, Lana, Lana…. Here’s the thing you tin-foil-hat-teapublicans don’t seem to understand. It only takes your opponents a very short time to learn your tactics, (childish as they are) and copy them. Progressives simply substituted “Tax Return” for “Birth Certificate”, and they’ll pound that drum as long as needed. Willtard won’t release the returns (even though he demanded ten years worth from Ryan) because he can’t (unless he wants to loose). And even if he did, we’d just say they’re fake, and continue to pound the drum so no one hears anything else.

        Do you like that approach? Find it helpful? Do you think it advances the discussion of our country’s future and direction?

        Well get used to it. If your guy wins, (which he won’t, by the way, but let’s just pretend) then get ready for more record setting filibustering. It’ll just be from Democrats this time who will make it their “biggest legislative agenda” to make Mittens a one termer. You see, the rules work the same for everybody. I think your little leather book says it quite well, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

        Have a nice day!

          • I was only being hypothetical. I, of course could never support Romney, or any candidate, for that matter, who openly runs on a pro-incompetence, pro-corruption platform. The striking thing is that the RNC repeatedly adopts this platform in races at all levels of Government, and folks like Lana just fall into line.

            I was only trying to point out to Lana that preschool tantrum governance and 9th grade debate club style arguments aren’t her exclusive property. But I’m sure it won’t sink in.

      • Hey, lana, did you ever wonder why someone who has access to people who make foreign passports and currency that pass the scrutiny of said foreign governments was unable to generate a believable birth certificate? By the way, I hope you did not buy into the big lie that Obama spent millions hiding his college transcripts. I would like to point out that even my transcripts (as well as everyone else) are not accessible to anyone without written written permission so IF Obama did spend money to hide his transcripts then that alone makes him too stupid to be President.

    • Why is this issue being ignored these days? All they will prove is that “Moderate Mitt” did not create jobs with his tax savings, that he was in charge and in control of Bain though 2002, and that he may have availed himself of tax forgiveness in his over seas earned income and off shore accounts.

      Romney is not a job creator. His tax returns will most likely prove it, along with several other facts Romney does not want the public to know.

      • Today Bruce Springteen Vow To Campaign For Our President Obama !!! I Bet That’s Not Going To Be Good News To Krispy Kreem Governor Of New Jersey A Large Springteen Fan!!! LOL The Boss Touring For Obama Cause Obama Was BORN IN THE USA!!!!! LOL

    • Don’t Forget Morphing Into Other Version Of Himself!! The Great Shape Shifter Romney Will Say And Do Anything To Close The Deal!! America Is Not A Business It’s A Country Where People Live!!! Romney Was 47 place In Jobs Creation And We Have Only 50 States And He Left Office With Over A Billion Dollars In Debt !! How What Do That Tell You????

  2. Conjunction, junction what is this guys major malfunction. Hey Oscar says have a ROTTEN DAY and at least his pal Count Dracula knows his numbers.

  3. willard lost last thursday night with his punk nazi and then lost again last night with his sissy walk.

    willard is cornered like a rat.

    what is willard hiding in his tax returns?

    mccain knows, thats why he picked an idiot like palin over the Cranbrook/Harvard educated willard.

    by the way willard, where are your college transcripts?

    I will bet like all spoiled children, willard and ryan cheated their way thru high school and college. Daddy paid to make sure they graduated.

    sort of like the bush idiot graduating from yale.

      • Where is the outrage of over $5 for gas in some states? Bush was screamed at EVERYDAY when gas prices were high. Under Obama- NOT A PEEP! Fu—– hypocrites!

        • Gas prices:

          But while the notion that the government could somehow control gasoline prices is appealing, the reality is that the price you pay is set daily, sometimes hourly, by market forces around the world.

          That was the opinion of a group of economists polled by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business earlier this year. Asked if changes in U.S. gasoline prices over the past 10 years have predominantly been due to market factors rather than U.S. federal economic or energy policies, not a single respondent disagreed.

        • Lana! Where is the outrage for our service men and women, who lost their lives,and for the ones who are physically, mentally, and financially wounded because of the lies that Bush and Cheney told! Where is the outrage for that! STUPID BITCH!!

          • I whether be an outraged jerk over lost lives of our service men and women,than a STUPID BITCH being outraged over gas prices! I’m presuming your party is PRO-GAS now!! You silly trick!!

          • Bush did what was right. If we didn’t go overseas to face the terrorists after them killing 3000 of us here, there would be alot more of them in America than there is right now. YOU STUPID BITCH!! Alot less of our men and women would be dead right now, if the “human rights groups” would let them do their job!! About gas, everyone screamed when prices went up under Bush. Under Obama- NOT A PEEP. YOU STUPID BITCH!!

          • WOW! Do you really believeve Bush was right for sending our men and women to war, on the pretense to find and bring terrorists to justice! Bush went to war for one agenda; to take control over a country with a huge supply of oil, and supply jobs and contracts for the Puppet Master- Chenney,crooked cronies! Not only are you a STUPID BITCH, but a DUMB BITCH as well!!

          • Check out the “Down Low Club” at Rev. Wright’s church. Obama belonged to this club. Interesting—Retarted Bitch

        • That doesn’t mean that he’s responsible for everything every president before him did. The crash that caused everything to be worth less happened under the Bush administration. You cannot hold Obama responsible for Bush’s bad policies. We are not worse off than we were 4 years ago but we are certainly worse off than we were 8 years ago. For example: In 2000 the unemployment rate was at an alltime low of 4.0; Bush took office that year and by the time he left office unemployment had nearly doubled to 7.8. Why don’t you talk about this before you start blaming Obama for everything.

          • You Right But Also Remember It’s Was Clinton The Democrat Who Gave Bush A Country Without Debt Pus A Surplus!!! The GOP Tried To Stop Him Also!!!! This Is A Clear patten On How These Low Life Bastards Works Never Will I Ever Vote For None Of These Lying Bastards Ever In Life!!!!!!

  4. Those who are still undecided or impressed with Romney’s vision, which is limited to his famous 5-point jobs creation plan should take a close look at what he is proposing.
    1. Energy independence – This worthy goal has been a priority since the first energy crisis in the Carter era, and towards that end President Obama has promoted the development of alternative energy sources, with special focus on wind and solar, clean coal, and natural gas. It is also important to note that domestic oil production, especially in the Bakken and Three Forks oil fields in North Dakota is at record highs, and our dependence on foreign oil is at its lowest level in decades. With the exception of the Canadian Keystone pipeline, which would only create a couple of thousand jobs while the oleo ducts are being built – destroy our environment – and only a couple of hundred jobs after it becomes operational for inspection and repairs, his job creation proposal is just a chimera. To make matters worse, extending the pipeline to the Gulf of Mexico to export Canadian oil overseas would have a negative impact on supplies in the Midwest and will likely cause the price of gas to increase in that part of the USA. What he is proposing has either been done already or it is counterproductive.
    2. Trade – This worthy goal has been one of President Obama’s greatest priorities and the source of constant criticism by the GOP who characterize his efforts to promote American exports as “vacations paid by taxpayers”. Although oil imports are down, our trade deficits, which are caused by our insatiable appetite for cheap foreign products and electronic gadgets made overseas, is actually a sign of a robust economy, growth and wealth, and let’s not forget that some U.S. companies are making more money selling their products overseas than in the USA. Contrary to what Mitt Romney insinuates, President Obama has confronted China on currency manipulation and theft of intellectual property – only to be told by Rep Ryan that confronting China was not good for the USA! Once again, Romney discovered something that has been a priority for decades. As for Romney’s claim that China is stealing American jobs, he should know better. He was one of the Grand Ayatollahs involved in the outsourcing of American jobs to China and other countries…and made millions doing it, His latter day conversion smacks of hypocrisy on a grand scale. Most of the jobs that have been lost during the past several decades are the result of outsourcing by companies focused on maximizing profits by taking advantage of low labor costs, lack of environmental and safety regulations, and a focus on getting market share in expanding markets. Let’s not forget that President Obama proposed legislation a few months ago to punish companies that outsource jobs and reward those that invest and create jobs in the USA, and the GOP blocked that proposal because their donors are making a fortune from outsourcings and overseas investments.
    3. Education – Pretending to support public education while proposing to shut down the Department of Education, and replacing public schools with charter schools and home schooling is the epitome of hypocrisy. President Obama has championed better education, increased the number of Pell grants, reduced student loan interest and extended loan repayments periods to ease the burden on graduates. The Labor Department already has a robust and highly effective retraining program in all states. Once again, Mitt Romney is not proposing anything new.
    4. Cut the deficit, reduce the size of government, and get the debt under control – Wow, he sure has a peculiar way to achieve this. Proposing this while promising seniors that he will restore the $716B in MEDICARE savings, promising VMI cadets that he will restore the DoD spending reductions made by the Obama administration with the support of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and suggesting reductions in the size of government at a time when the civil servant population has been reduced by almost one million jobs is something that only the uninformed can accept.
    5. Champion small business – Interesting proposal considering his business record. President Obama has given tax breaks to small businesses 18 times since he became president. Interest rates are so low we are almost giving money away, and credit is once again available for anyone willing to start a new business or expand an existing one. One of Romney’s proposals on this topic involves deregulation, ignoring the fact that President Obama suspended EPA regulations over a year ago, and that the ones that remain in place are designed to prevent a sequel to the Wall Street, ENRON and Bernie Madoff debacles that contributed to the mess we are in, and protect consumers. In summary, his touted 5-point plan is not worth the cost of the paper it is printed on. It is a rehash of what previous presidents have proposed and done, and a con job that only the gullible can buy. However, it is good to know he finally realized where his loyalty should have been all along…

    • If Only Romney Was Telling The Truth But Romney Is A Sociopath You Can’t Believe Nothing That They Say Cause Like All Sociopaths They Are Only Looking Out For Themselves!!! They Are Known To Do And Say Anything They Thinks Will Help Them!!!

      • Ah, Fren, it’s great seeing another person thinks Romney’s a sociopath. The man is a pathological liar. He says whatever the group wants to hear. Too bad he can’t remind all his lies, but then they are lies to him at the time he says it. Which really does make him a sociopath. He cares about only one thing–himself.

        Romney’s been trying to better his father from the beginning. He’s made more money than Daddy. He was a governor like Daddy. And now, he wants the one thing Daddy couldn’t be, President of the United States.

        Willlard Mitt Romney is the bully on the playground. God help us if he wins. We’ll return to the old west–no rules, regulations, or protection from the users/makers.

        • That’s Just What He(Romney) Is Most Of These Rich Greedy GOP/Tea Party Share The Same Mental Health Issues Of Being Sociopaths !! It’s Not That They Are out Of Touch It’s The Fact That They Really Don’t Give A Damn!!!! All They Care About Is What In It For Them!!! And The Fact Is These Are The Same Kind Of People (Sociopaths) Who Would Put Life Insurance On Their Family Members Then Either Have Them Killed Or Kill Them Themselves!!! Sociopaths Are Very Dangerous People!!!

          • Fern your 100% right, however, their supporters are out of touch. They are willing to see their party drive this nation off a cliff over some twisted ideology and false hope that someday they will be wealthy as well.

          • You Got That Right My friend The Ones Supporting These Thugs Are The Ones Out Of Touch!! What You Said Yes Or Maybe They Think This Time They Will Trickle Down Something On Them !!LOL More Like Tinkle Down Something!! I Hope They Are Into Golden Showers!!! LOL Cause That’s All That Will Be Coming From The Down!!! Here’s The Clue STOP SHIPPING OUR JOBS OVERSEAS FOR PROFITS!! ROMNEY And The 2% So Called Businessmen!!!!

          • If you ever doubted Romney was a Sociopath, look at his lies. He lies even when the truth would be better. Let’s take his most recent one, the “Binders.” Truth: a nonpartisan group gave both Romney and his Democratic challenger resumes of women for their consideration. And yes, the resumes were in binders.

        • Ann Romney Is Right Now On The View Lying Her Ass Off No Surprise Here Cause Her Chicken Shit Draft Dodging Husband Is To Scare To Face Real , Independent Strong Women Like Myself!! Hiding Behind His Wife Coat Tails!!! LOL

          • Women frighten Romney. He’s also clueless. That’s why he thought telling us what a good boss he was when he let his aide go home and fix dinner for her children. That’s why he blamed violence due automatic weapons on unwed women.

            As for Anne, she’s a barracuda. And then there’s the Romney son who wanted to jump out of his and take a swing at him (Obama) during the debate. Then he added, but there were too many Secret Service and it’s against the law and he guessed it was the nature of debates. What a numbnut

          • He was also invited to go on the view with her and said yes then changed his mind, he just don’t like being spanked, and you know that’s what they were going to do.

            I guess one spanking a week is enough. LOL

          • If he can’t handle criticism from three women(Elisabeth Hasselbeck is republican, Barbara Walters is a coward and a kiss ass) then how is he going to handle criticism as Commander-In-Chief ? He is thinned skinned and a hot head. During the townhall debates Romney charged at Obama so fast a couple of times that I thought it was going to get physical. He just isn’t used to being challenged because he has always been the boss.

          • Like Most Spoiled Rich People Do!!! People Kissing Their Asses Daily But When In The Real World When They Don’t Get Their Way They Go To Whining, Bitching And Throwing Tantrums All Over The Place!!!LOL Just Like We Have Witness To The GOP/Tea Party Meltdowns!!!LOL

          • FredAppell- your absolutley right. Obama has had to take plenty of criticism and worse. Romney would never be able to take the insults and just normal questions. He seems to think no one should question anything he says.


    • Hmm you are very good at listing President Obama’s and the Democratic talking points. Now don’t you think the other side can do the same thing. Bottom line look at results and what the President promised in 2008.

      • Well “totenkatz” if you looked at the record and considered the obsturctionism to job creation by the Republican party then considerd how much better off we are today than when Bush bankrupted us with wars and tax cuts on the wealthiest then maybe youd be a little bit happier.

        • President Bush isn’t in the White House and hasn’t been for the last almost four years. President Obama has bankrupted the country or don’t you know how much he has increased the national debt and that he has run over a trillion dollar deficits each year he has been in office and hasn’t produced a budget even the Senate will pass. Besides I am happy and smile everyday because I’m proud to be an American that has survive tours in three war/hostile fire zones.

          • totenkats, if you are a young man I understand, but if you were old enough and continue to ignore what President Bush said in 2008 when he conceded the U.S. economy was on the verge of collapse and proposed – and signed – the Troubled Assets Recovery Plan (TARP) to prevent the total meltdown of capitalism, you are in serious trouble. President Obama spent the last 3.5 years trying to fix the economic and fiscal mess he inherited, and not only did he manage to turn the economy around, he kept our country safe, created 4.5 million jobs, gave tax breaks to individuals and small businesses, passed legislation to protect consumers from predatory banking practices, passed legislation to prevent another financial meltdown, repealed DADT, signed equal pay for women legislation, strengthened the social programs many senior citizens depend on, and the list goes on.
            Would you care to enumerate the reasons you believe President Obama’s policies contributed to the increases in the national debt other than the $1T stimulus package?

          • Don’t Forget They Impeached Clinton !! Not Cause Clinton Got A Blow Job It’s Cause Clinton Got Rid Of Their Trickle Down Bullshit Which Balance The Budget And He Left office With A Surplus Of Money, AND THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY REALLY WANT!!! So They Got Another Greedy Sock Puppet Namely Bush To UNCHAIN The Laws And Put Back The Trickle Down Bullshit Plus Started 2 Wars!!! Now You Tell Me That The GOP/Tea Party Cares For This Country And People Well Being I Say To You, You Have To Be The Biggest Damn Fool Here On Earth!!!

          • Fern, I really like your comments. Romney reminds me of used car sales man attempting to to sell you a broken down car, that he knows will not run for long. But doesn’t care just wants to make the sale. As a country we must not buy into Romney’s unworkable “fit it plan”. Other wise we will be stuck with that broken down car for at least 4 years, that is not counting any other fall out. Look how long it is taking to reverse the damage done by George Bush!!!! Obama is on the correct path but it will take longer.

          • You Got That Right Romney The The Great Snake Oil Salesman His Venom Will Fix All That Ail You Don’t Fall For The Hype It’s Snake Oil And It Will Kill You!!! LOL Romney Really Thinks He’s Slick He Will Say And Do Anything To Close The Deal!!! We Are Some Of The Smart People Out Here In America We Will Not Buy Into His Con Job!!! Romney Just A Lying Con Artist!!!

          • Dominick it is obvious that you are a wise man who has strong beliefs and I respect that. However, I refuse to blame other for my failures and I have had a few. That was my philosophy for 20 years in the military when I could have blamed others for the mess I inherited and I did inherit some pretty big messes. However, I got down to business and worked to fix the mess and when my superiors drilled me for why things weren’t fix I didn’t blame others I took the blame. However, my superiors wouldn’t have accepted the excuse that it isn’t my fault it’s the other guys and I sure as hell wouldn’t accept that excuse from my subordinates. It’s called leadership. I don’t agree with everything President Bush did, he also spent like a drunken sailor and TARP is a perfect example. I believe TARP wasn’t well thought out or well implemented. As far as the rest goes that is your opinion and you are entitled to them. I own a small business so I know how the President’s policies have affected me. I won’t argue DADT with you but didn’t agree with repealing it. And please don’t call me a homophobe. My sister is a lesbian and some of my employees are gay. I didn’t ask since I can’t under law my employees just decided one day to tell me while I was meeting with them on the job site. My highest paid employee is a female. The government lumps all workers on all jobs together and then looks at salaries and states women makes less. Well as you can guess that isn’t the way to do this. You have to look at each employee and each employer and each job that is being performed and compare Apples to Apples, job to job. The GAO says President Obama has added a trillion dollars to the deficit every year he has been in office.

          • BOTH!! With The GOP/Tea Party Blessing!!! Cause They all Got Richer From It!! And That’s The Very Reason Why They Are Fighting So Hard And Spending So Much Of Their Own Wealth To Get Romney In The White House Cause It Will be Another BIG PAYDAY FOR THE 2% Wealthy Donors!!!

          • Okay your opinion and you are entitled to it. I assume you mean President Bush. I don’t believe there was ever a Dubya Bush elected president.

          • The buget deficit is in large part a result of the Bush era spending. Do the math. $1.3 T a year come from Bush policies (The largest tax cut to the top 1%, 2 wars, prescription drug bill, etc.). All of this was not paid for. By the way, if trickle down economic works, where were the jobs when Bush was in office? His job creation proves to be one of the worst on record. Now you expect us to dig ourselves out 110% immediately after the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression? Really??? Even Romeny said he needs 8 years. What standards are you applying? The trend is showing things are turning around. I think any reasonable person realizes that it does take time.

          • Oh come on blaming Bush. If President Obama wins reelection is he still going to blame Bush when the economy collapses?

          • I’m simply stating a fact. You want to blame Obama for the huge deficit, correct? $1.3 T is added to the deficit each year from Bush policies. Obama came into office with a $10 T deficit and with another $5T already set into place (4 years), I say to you come on! Yes, we can blame Bush on this in response to people like you who are puting the blame on Obama.

          • Wow blaming President Bush for adding $5t to the deficit during President Obama’s term. Now that’s a stretch. When we are standing in a food line, unemployed and homeless at least we can blame President Bush. Because it won’t be President Obama’s fault how could it be and besides great leaders always blame the other guy, right. The buck stops with President Bush even 4 years from now.

          • It is true that Bush’s policies have continued to add to the deficit. The facts are the the facts. Sorry if it doens’t support your theory. You can try to push it onto this President all you want, but I’m spelling it out clearly that it wasn’t Obama’s policies that contributed to a majority of the debt.

          • Spoken like someone who is willing to let President Obama blame everything that happens while he is President on President Bush. Some time President Obama is just going to have to man up.

          • It stuns me that the party that says you should be responsible for your actions, thinks that Obama is the one at fault for Bush era spending that continues to add to our deficits. In fact Romeny want to continue the very same things that put us in the hole in the first place. Very ironic to me, but if it continues to float your boat, then have at it.

          • $1 T is what Obama contributed to the Deficit in 4 years. You may think that is bad, but coming out of the biggest Financial Disaster since the Great Depression, I think it is to be expected.

          • As I have said previously, you must respond with intelligent factual comments. Your personal biased and actually racist responses lack any substance and can only be considered garbage . In your next response can you accompany it with actual facts/documentation that is valid and verifiable. Something that both sides of the isle will accept because it is the truth.

          • What I said is true no lies or misleading facts; you just refuse to accept them. And I take offence to being called a racist, you don’t know me and you surely don’t know my background. Okay you want me to buy what others in this blog are selling based on what they wrote even if what they wrote plays fast and easy with the truth/facts. And you talk about a court room what do you know about a court room? Lawyers play fast and loose with the facts to best defend their side of an argument. Like I have said before statistics can be used to support almost anyone’s point of view. Plus you never stated what was wrong about what I stated. No I’m not part of the 47/51% that don’t pay income tax. I pay income tax every year and still give well over a thousand dollars a year to charities. I’m not rich but I have enough to live comfortably and give back to others with my time as well as my money. Oh and you talk about not investigating for myself, you should look in the mirror. I’m on this blog to see what others are saying, some I agree with but I will point out what I don’t agree with especially when unwarranted name calling is included. You will notice I never call anyone a racist, liar or any other name or use derogatory remarks. I try to keep this conversation civil and non-condescending.

          • You are right, I owe you an apology, consider it given. I don’t know you personally but I do know you. I know you through your correspondence. I know of your humble but stable beginnings, I can surmise the type of values that were instilled in you . I know of your military service , I know you have managed by whatever means to build a business that is large enough to require employees. I know that you do believe in giving back. I also know that you like myself are very committed to what you believe. Most importantly of all, you present to be someone who although you hold very strong positions, understands the necessity of compromise to create movement and progress. One of the helps that I received was the opportunity to go to college on the GI Bill, it lead to me receiving my Masters Degree. We both want the same thing we just have some, because not all, of our methods/ideas are different.

          • Like you, I am also a veteran who survived. Not just me but my son and a total of 26 family members who have been put in harms way for this country. Some have been decorated. The last fact I read and I know you will research it, said the President had actually decreased that number by $200 million. As far as passing a budget, we have to revisit your statement about growing up in both camps.

        • CPANY, I don’t know why Mittens did not get a second term for Gov, but I am thinking it only took the people of Mass a year to figure out they had made a huge mistake and certainly did not want to make it again.

          • Romney Wasn’t A Good Governor He’s Lying Shouldn’t Be A Surprise The Man Is A Known LIAR!!! 47 In Jobs Creation When There Only 50 States Left Office With Over One Billion Dollars In Debt!!! That’s Not A Good Governor Maybe In Romney Warp Mind!!

          • Mitt had no interest in being Govenor, he did it as a road to the White House! They say that by the end of his 4 years he had already quit working and was actively running for the Presidency.

          • You said it he can’t even carry his own state. The people there no he’s lying when he says their school system was number one in the country, it was 47th. He’s lying when he talks about job creation there he actually lost jobs., he’s lying when he talks about saving the Olympics, he doesn’t the money came from the federal government. Just like Ryan was called out on writing not once but three times to acquire money from the stimulus for his state with the commentary of how it would create jobs in his district . This is the same guy who constantly ridicules the President for the stimulus. Real honest people those Republicans. We know that they are the party that promotes family values that is why Romney’s son made the statement he wanted to punch the President of the United States, a blatant act of disrespect showing a lack of character which he learned at his father’s knee. Maybe he was lightheaded due to being placed in a CEO position in one of Daddy’s rip off companies.Teach him how to steal from our country and siphon it off over seas.

      • “The President has kept all of the promises he intended to keep.”
        – Clinton aide George Stephanopolous speaking on Larry King Live

        See….it still works!

      • Are youo suggesting Democrats should make a case for Republicans because they are too dumb to speak for themselves? Yes, I remember what Obama promised in 2008, I applaud his ability to accomplish as much as he has in spite o continuous opposition to everything he proposes, and I am convinced that if he has four more years and a more patriotic Congress our country will remains a bastion of freedom, democracy and opportunity for all for many years to come. We must not go back, we must press forward.

        • You are silly, of course not. I’m saying the Republicans can make their own case against the Democrats and they do. President Obama passed Health Care reform and lost control of the House in big numbers because the American People hated the legislation. Even if President Obama wins and the House stays in Republican hands do you think things will get easier for him or will he finally have to learn to be Presidential and work with the Republicans in Congress like so many other Presidents have had to do; like President Clinton did when the Republicans controlled the Congress or like President Reagan when the Democrats controlled Congress. Oh what am I’m thinking President Obama is too busy playing golf to actually run the country.

          • President Obama has tried to work with Republicans to no avail. He tried it during the national debt ceiling crisis, he tried when he proposed the infrastructure/Jobs Act, he tried when he proposed a Veterans Jobs Act, and he tried it when he proposed legislation to punish companies that outsource jobs and reward those that invest and create jobs at home. His proposals have been either ignored or blocked by the Republican controlled House to achieve the goal so eloquently stated by Mitch McConnell: to ensure Barack Obama is a on-term president.
            What will happen if President Obama is re-elected and the GOP keeps control of the House depends more on how the GOP reacts to a loss of seats in the House and their inability to defeat Obama than what the president does.

          • Please They Was Plotting Against Him From Day One, First Of All They Just Thought He Would Never Win, Then When It Was Close They When Into Couture Shock, Then When Into Battle Mode And In A Close Door Meeting Day One Of When Obama Took Office Swore That They Was Not Going To Help Obama In Anyway Turn This Recession Around!! How That For Selling Out The American People!!! Shameful!!!

          • I disagree and we will never agree on this. I believe both sides need to get their heads out of the sand and work together but they won’t. I believe both sides are wrong but that’s what leadership is all about and leadership is not President Obama’s strong suit.

          • When you say work with the republicans, you must mean allow them to bully him into adding a lot of riders to positive bills to satisfy their side of the isle. I don’t think so.

          • Okay fine but that’s not what I meant and you know it. I bet you have had to negotiate with someone over something in your personal or professional life. You had to give something to get something. If the President wins and the Republicans keep what they have or even gain seats in the House or take over the Senate both side are going to claim victory and a mandate. Unless both sides learn to give and take nothing will get done. Its call being a grown up and both sides have to learn to be grownups.

          • I agree and you are right I spent 18 years of my life as a Vice President of a Local, so I understand compromise. However, you and I both know that if when you sit down at the table you have no intention of moving off of your position, then compromise is not possible. How do I compromise with someone who is for something and when I say okay, now they are against it. Right again both sides do need to grow up, but as long as we , you and I and all of what I consider the concerned citizens, spend our time confronting each other and not those people who are supposed to be working for us, we will continue in this situation. By the way, have you ever considered what their retirement package is and why. After all is said and done we are all in the same situation we just want the opportunity to build a better life for those we leave behind and enjoy a few of the creature comforts while we are here.

          • The only reason the American people hated it as you claim and we really don’t, is that your side of the isle, because they didn’t want it, flooded the public with half truths and out right lies, and of course most of them didn’t take the time to read the fine print.

      • How can anyone in Washington keep a promise if Congress obstructs everything the President wants. If I’m wrong correct me please, but is it not Congress who spends the money? Can the President spend any money without the approval from Congress? What I’m really afraid of is, that Romney talks the big talk and if he was elected, God forbid, the does the opposite and hurt the middle class and poor people. He knew exactly what he was saying when he referred to the 47%. He just didn’t realize that someone would have the gall to tape him. That is his arrogance.

          • Have You Been Living In A Cave And Just Now Came To The National Memo?????? My Post My Way!!!!!!!!!! I Dare To Be Different!!!! I Live By My Own Tune I Like Being Different, It What Makes Me Me!!! You Do You And Let Me Do Me!!! How About That!!! Ebonic And All LOL Pink Floyd Said If I Don’t Stand My Own Ground How Can I Find My Way Out Of This Maze!!!!

          • Too bad about your caps lock key. You’ll have to either hold down the shift key or type in lower case. Did you know that typing in all upper case is equivalent to shouting?

          • How About Mind Your Bee Wax And Not Worrying Yourself Silly About My Cap Keys!!! Really Do You Really Hear Shouting??? LOL You Might Need To Have That Checked Out !!!! I’m Quite Sure I Gave You My Answer Already!! Keep It Moving, Just Keep It Moving!!!

        • Amazing that Ronald Reagan could with a Democratically controlled House and Senate. Beside Congress passes the budget and/or funding bills and the President signs them into law. Then the President as head of the Executive Branch can spend a lot of that money as he wishes, Congress doesn’t normally get down in the weeds how the money will be spent. Take the State Department, Congress passes a funding bill that the President signs into law but the State Department as part of the Executive Branch decides how to spend the funds Congress has given it. This is the same for Defense, EPA, etc. Sometimes Congress does pass a spending bill that directs the President to spend funds a certain way and the President signs that bill but then decides to spend the funds another way. This is when the Congress and President can get into a fight but normally the President wins. Look at what President Obama did with ICE. As far as the 47% goes, it’s really more like 51% that don’t pay income tax now and that means the other 49% pay for all the defense, police, teachers, free phones and everything else the President wants to fund. You must understand nothing is free, just because you might not pay for something and it’s free to you the government collected income taxes from someone to pay for it. Unfortunately President Obama has spent too much and now me my kids, who do make enough money to pay income tax, will have to pay for it.

    • Agred 100%!

      What has been exposed in Romney’s double talk and flip flops is that a Romney Administration would be an exact duplicate of the G W Bush Administration, with another RECESSION, more debt and more world scorn. Seventeen of Romney’s advisers are former G W Bush cabinet advisors and several of Romney’s surogates are some of the most IGNORANT, INTOLERANT, MORONS on this earth.

      I Thank the Obama Administration, each and every day, The Obama Administration literaly STOPPED a REPUBLICAN CAUSED FINANCIAL COLLAPSE that could have decimated the United States of America and the World.

      The Obama Administration saved our economy and placed the U S A on a path of FINANCIAL RECOVERY, while the Republicans in Congress Obstructed and Resisted seeking to hold the economy back and causing more hardship for the very constituents they were elected to represent.

      Knowing what truly transpired with the Republican Great Recession of 2008 only a moron or a bigot would vote at this time for a Republican Candidate. A vote for a Republican Candidate is a vote for self destruction!

      • Yes, but think of the possibilities. If Romney does get elected, and proceeds with his economic policies (i.e. program cuts, tax cuts, increased defense spending), and our country goes deeper in debt, he has a ready-to-go excuse; the “huge deficits” caused by the Obama administration. Once again, the wealthy get wealthier, and the poor (who were the recipients of social support programs) are blamed for the mess. A genius move for people like the Koch Brothers.
        The only downside is that our country may tank. But is this a small price to pay for supporting the “job creators?”

          • No, because it isn’t. The economy is improving as we lift out of the recession. It would have happened more quickly if Obama had been able to pass the jobs act but the House GOP blocked that and anything that would have improved the situation prior to the election. I wish Obama had said, “How am i supposed to work cooperatively with a party who’s Senate leader declares that the main priority should be limiting me to one term?”

          • I find it amazing that so many liberals forget the Democrats controlled the Congress, with super majorities, during the first two years of this administration until the special election in Massachusetts. They could have passed any bill President Obama wanted but he wasted his time on health care instead of jobs and now liberals are crying because the House won’t pass the President’s jobs bill? A President is suppose to find a way to work with the other side. You don’t think Tip O’Neil wanted President Reagan to be a one term president or Harry Reed wanted Bush to be a one term president. They may not have said it out loud, but they wanted it.

          • And they did, they passed ACA, Lilly Ledbetter and most of the legislative accomplishments achieved during President Obama’s tenure. Everything came to a halt after the 2010 midterm election when the do nothing House only knew how to block every proposal submitted by the president.

          • Who voted in 2010 to give control of the House to the Republicans and give most State Governments to Republicans, and why do you think the American people did that? I believe they did that because they realized there needed to be a check and balance in the government. Even President Obama said he got the message from the American People but he didn’t and refused to work with the Republicans. Or in your view the Republicans refused to work with him. But don’t forget President Obama said elections matter so he should have made a better effort to work with the Republicans because election matter and in 2010 the Dems had their shirts handed to them. Oh in 2010 I voted for some Republicans and some Democrats. I vote for the person not the party.

          • Amazing reply you call me a bigot because I disagree with the President or what another person wrote here. You call me super rich as if that was a crime or something to be ashamed of. No I’m not super rich or even rich based on President Obama’s definition of rich. Point to one time I have called anyone a name or been condescending. I don’t believe anyone should be called a liar since that word can cut both ways depending on your view of any subject. We are at War and will be for many generations. Before it was the Cold War not it is the War against Radical Islam.

          • I’d call “I find it amazing that so many liberals forget the Democrats controlled the Congress…” pretty condescending.

            But as to your “facts”: Obama should have tried to work with the Republicans more? WHAT, SHOULD HE HAVE SHINED THEIR SHOES AND HANDED THEM TOWELS IN THE MEN’S ROOM? Just what is your definition of trying to work “with” someone? Licking the soles of their shoes? No president in my lifetime, nor any I recall reading of in history has ever tried harder to work with the opposing party, even long after it became plain they would never work with him. The result: you whine about how he accomplished nothing, and to the extent that he should and could have done more had he played hard-ball politics and made them pay for their obstruction, you’re right that he accomplished much less than he should have.
            The attempted insults directed against you were certainly clumsy and impolite, but so are your arrogance and bogus arguments, and your obvious intent to offend and annoy on this site. How many other “liberal” sites do you troll?

          • Saying “I find it amazing that so many liberals forget the Democrats controlled the Congress” isn’t condescending in anyway. However, if you find it so then I apologize for it. I’ll give you three presidents that worked harder then President Obama to get things done; Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

          • O’Neil and Reed surely wanted Reagan to be a one-term president, but as you observed, they didn’t say it. To say it would have been inappropriate.

            John Boehner’s open assertion that the Republican Party’s main priority is to limit Barack Obama’s presidency to one term is evidence that he’s a small minded politician with little appreciation of the demands of his exalted office.

            In that respect, he may be an appropriate leader of the present day Republican Party.

          • With due respect, I think it was Mitch McConnell, minority leader of the Senate who made the remark that his one priority was to make Obama a one term president. Boehner may have made the statement also. Anyway I think it is a ,ripoff to pay either one over $175K for the work he was hired to do.

          • I agree it shouldn’t have been said by the Senate Minority Leader, but I don’t recall the Speaker of the House saying the Republican Party’s main priority is to limit President Obama to one term. He might have said it and I missed it so I will have to research it. Again I agree with you it should never have been said.

          • The statement simply isn’t true.

            President Obama had a Filibuster-proof Majority for 72 Days

            How did so many people get this so wrong?

            I’m guessing that after the election, the media made such a big deal of the fact that Democrats had captured the majority in the Senate (obviously referring to a 51+ majority), I think people became confused. Just as many things changed once Barack Obama became elected, the “new filibuster-proof majority” totaled 60 and somehow, the fact Democrats only captured 59 seats got lost in all the excitement.

            Everyone also apparently forgot that Ted Kennedy Collapsed At The Obama Inaugural Luncheon and returned to his home in Massachusetts to recuperate. While, the Minnesota seat remained outstanding, because the election results were contested.

            When Arlen Spector switched parties, in April, 2009 the media announced that the switch gave “Democrats a filibuster-proof majority”. The statement was only technically true; it was an assessment that assigned the still-contested Minnesota seat (between Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken) to Democrats. Perhaps the media did so because Republicans openly admitted contesting the election was a stalling tactic.

            Even the swearing-in of Al Franken did not seal the majority of sitting senators because Senator Kennedy was still at home ill, but paid a surprise visit to the Senate to cast a healthcare vote on June 29. Senator Byrd was hospitalized in Mid-May and did not return to the Senate until July 21.

          • Now if all of you guys on the other side of the isle would present your arguments in this precise factual manner it would be refreshing.

          • I have been waiting for someone to spell this all out1 I am so tired of hearing that Obama had the majority for 2 years. If he did he wouldn’t have had to water down the health care bill!
            Thank You!

          • Let’s not forget that the Democrats never possessed a SUPER MAJORITY in either house. The Republicans used CLOTURE 306 to block President Obama’s and America’s vision of a country needed help with finance, education, judicial appointments, regulation and jobs bills.

          • Again, I invite you to read the ACA document. I suppose you think that it is okay that children in this country die from common things such an abscessed tooth for lack of dental care, woman should not have the ability to receive contraceptive health information/treatment, mammograms, certain female oriented test to secure good health. When is the last time you visited an emergency room?

          • The Affordable Care Act is a long document that most Senators and members of Congress didn’t read before they passed it. I will admit I have look through the document but haven’t read it all, but then again I bet neither have you. I don’t go to emergency rooms unless it is an emergency so it’s been about seven years since I’ve been to one. I’m self employed and pay for my own health and dental insureance. I grew up in a household of seven children, both parents and my grandmother living under one roof. We went without a lot of things others had but my parents worked hard to ensure we had health and dental insurance as best they could, enough said on that. I’m not sure about the point you are trying to make about women.

          • Your response gave me the last piece I needed to complete the puzzle where your position is concerned. The core issue with those in your camp is you think that you are the only ones who had to struggle to get ahead. You also feel that now that you have accomplished something someone wants to take it from you, and that is what Romney and his camp is pushing . We work hard and they want to take it . If you are able to talk to your Parents and Grandparents now they will probably tell you that there was someone, some program, friend, church that gave them a boost along the way. I have drank my share of sugar water and eaten plenty mayonnaise sandwiches in my day and it was worse for my Parents and Grandparents. However, knowing that it should create a certain amount of compassion so that when you are blessed you should want to bless others. Like you I have insurance but there are those who don’t through no fault of their own, shouldn’t we help. Since you have it then you have to be aware of the cost. I celebrate you having your own business and being independent, I believe everyone aspires to be, some just need some help. If no one gave you any assistance along the way and you made it totally on your own I salute you. If nothing else you received your formal education in a public school. Also because I have four daughters and seven granddaughters and a wife, I have an obligation to equip myself with all information that is beneficial to them, including the ACA , tedious as it may be. You are right when you say that the Senators and the Congressman didn’t read it, they don’t read any of them. The point about women is ,that there are quite a few things in this document that is beneficial to them that Romney and his camp will do away with..

          • Quick response. Yes other did help my grandparents and parents but it wasn’t the government, especially the federal government. Hands outs was something they refused. Now my Uncle took every handout from the government he could get and poor that just pissed off my father who told him you were raised better then that. I’ll leave it there. Oh and I do my part for those less fortunate.

          • In the first two years everything that went to congress was subject to filabuster. Can’t get anything passed if some idiot won’t stop talking!

          • The President had a super majority of Democrats in the Senate who could cut off debate at any time except some Dems couldn’t even support the President and sided with the Republicans and that is why they couldn’t end the filibuster.

          • From Hellowoman in this very thread:

            The statement simply isn’t true.

            President Obama had a Filibuster-proof Majority for 72 Days

            How did so many people get this so wrong?

            I’m guessing that after the election, the media made such a big deal of the fact that Democrats had captured the majority in the Senate (obviously referring to a 51+ majority), I think people became confused. Just as many things changed once Barack Obama became elected, the “new filibuster-proof majority” totaled 60 and somehow, the fact Democrats only captured 59 seats got lost in all the excitement.
            Everyone also apparently forgot that Ted Kennedy Collapsed At The Obama Inaugural Luncheon and returned to his home in Massachusetts to recuperate. While, the Minnesota seat remained outstanding, because the election results were contested.

            When Arlen Spector switched parties, in April, 2009 the media announced that the switch gave “Democrats a filibuster-proof majority”. The statement was only technically true; it was an assessment that assigned the still-contested Minnesota seat (between Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken) to Democrats. Perhaps the media did so because Republicans openly admitted contesting the election was a stalling tactic.
            Even the swearing-in of Al Franken did not seal the majority of sitting senators because Senator Kennedy was still at home ill, but paid a surprise visit to the Senate to cast a healthcare vote on June 29. Senator Byrd was hospitalized in Mid-May and did not return to the Senate until July 21.

          • The present day Republican Party is not endowed with deep thinkers. Boehner’s past crying jags in Congress make me think that he’s emotionally unstable and therefore given to making unacceptable statements asserting that the party’s main priority is to limit Obama to one term.

          • He DID manage to slip in one reference to the recalcitrant GOP in Congress. Too bad he couldn’t make that point clearer and more often for those who have not been paying attention over the past four years.

          • Surely you aren’t naive enough to think McConnell was the first and only Speaker from an opposing party that didn’t have that goal?
            Oh, and since you haven’t heard, the economy is worse this year than last. And last year was worse than the year before. It appears the President is lifting in the wrong direction.
            The ‘Jobs Bill’. Another spending money borrowed from China bill that would have funded more boondoogle projects and, at best, would have created a few temporary jobs.

          • There should be a rule if you are going to respond, the response has to be an intelligent one. Have you spent One hour doing honest research to support your position? Based on your comment it doesn’t appear so. You are just spouting the same crap that has been warmed over and refuted multiple times in the past. I guess you are also a member of the Birther camp, the Muslim camp and now the closet gay camp.

          • So tell me exactly how I was wrong. Which Speaker wanted the President of the opposite party to win the next election? If the ‘Jobs Bill’ money wasn’t coming from China, then where? Can you itemize what it would have been spent for? Just what was refuted?

          • Please provide your documentation that verifies the state of the economy is as you have presented it. Of course it goes without saying that the party who is out wants to regain the White House, no argument there. However, deliberate stonewalling at the detriment of the whole country to satisfy their personal agenda, should be called into question. Also provide verifiable documentation as to the Jobs bill money coming from China. By the way when President Obama attempted to get a new WPA bill passed that would put returning veterans to work immediately and provide a safety net to trnsition them back into the work force, your camp blocked it, but they have compassion for us veterans.

          • I thought about it. I could either put pages of documentation here, or refer you to innumerable government websites. But you can find those on your own and would have a better chance of believing them.

            Let’s say you and your wife went on a spending spree. You buy a new house with a big mortgage, finance a new car, buy lots of stuff on several credit cards and discover that your salary not really enough to make all the payments. Then suddenly, you lose your job. But your wife likes nice stuff and she wants to keep buying. Do you go along with letting her charge more stuff figuring it won’t really matter, or do you hide the checkbook and credit cards? If you hide the checkbook and credit cards, she says you are stonewalling.

            Read up on the WPA bill and why it was opposed.

          • The jobs bill included money to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure! Well over 50% of all the bridges and roads in this country are in need of repair or replacement. Maybe you don’t travel over any of those roads or bridges? Maybe we should wait until they crumble and kill a few people in the process?
            Roads and Bridges = “Boondoole Projects,” Are you an idiot?

          • I travel extensively. Most, in fact the majority, of road and bridges in need of repair are state responsibilities, not part of the interstate or federal highway system. As you might recall, the first stimulus was supposed to be used for those ‘shovel ready’ infrastructure repairs. How did that work out?

          • It worked out fine until the neocons in the state legislatures desided to use the money to pay for the tax breaks that they gave the royal rich. Just like they are using the millions the banks were fined for cheating home owners.

          • Just one question for you, sir, are you aware HOW road funding is done in the States? You are aware that a large portion of the federal gasoline tax is then returned to the states for road funding?

            As far as I’m aware, at least in the State of Missouri, there are at least 3 stimulus projects on my drive to work that have been funded and finished.

          • Are you aware of the total dollars collected by both Federal and state gasoline taxes and the amount of road use taxes paid by truckers? Each state collects differently, but their individual collection totals are available on-line. Of course, as cars get more fuel efficient, the revenues will tend to come down. The totals, however, are not insignificant.

            All the ‘stimulus’ jobs were short term, including those that went into building the tennis courts in Bozeman. We need long term jobs. The WSJ’s article, “Why the Stimulus Failed” could be informative to you.

          • First of all BILL , McConnell is NOT speaker John Boehner is , Mitch is the Minority Leader of Senate Republicans . Who created a record number of Filibusters including a bill to make Hedge Fund Billionaires treat their Compensation as Wages rather than Capital Gains
            Funny about that stimulus bill Paul Ryan wanted some that for HIS district saying that the money would “create job”.
            Our infrastructure is falling apart and needs to be fixed before MORE bridges Collapse KILLING people . We can borrow money at such low rates that when factor in inflation the rate is less than zero .

          • You are correct that I missed titled McConnell.
            If the government is going to spend money, of course Ryan should request some. After all, his constituents aren’t going to be exempt from having to pay it back just because they didn’t get any. That is a silly argument against Ryan.
            Perhaps you would like to tell me which bridges are falling apart? The amount of money collected from fuel and road use taxes is huge. We should be able prioritize its spending.
            So you think it is a good idea to have inflation so that we can pay back loans with cheaper dollars? And do you think the countries we are borrowing money from haven’t thought of that?

          • The point is Ryan admitted that the stimulus DOES create JOB .S . All I know is I remember that bridge in Minnesota part of major traffic route collapsed .

            The American Society of Civil Engineers has rated our Infrastructure as D .

            Frankly you missed the point concerning interest rates . The rest of the world is STILL willing to buy our Treasuries at rates that when inflation is considered is a NEGATIVE return . So it will never be CHEAPER to finance the much needed rebuilding . I was never suggesting inflation should be used . In point of fact the
            Fed is committed to keeping rates low for the foreseeable Future

          • I don’t think there was ever an argument about the stimulus creating jobs. The problems were that each job cost well over $100,000 to create and they were temporary.
            While bridge collapses are few and far between, mostly caused extreme weather or something running into them, a lot of other infrastructure is in need of maintenance. The estimated cost for that is $1.6 trillion. $1 trillion has already been allocated. If the stimulus has been directed to that function, we would have a $200 billion excess. but the stimulus was largely spend on local political favoritism instead of targeted requirements.
            It is never ‘cheaper’ to borrow money.
            Right now, banks are getting money from the Fed at close to 0% and loaning that money back to them at 3%. How smart is that?
            Other than banks, people and institutions with money will not make long term loans simply because there is no profit in it. They will not risk money for no return, hence, our economy sits in doldrums.

          • you must have been/or are a Federal Employee if you think “Big Government” has ever helped any one but “Cronies” look at who got OUR Money. This is what happens when you take “Incentive” out of the equation

          • dipstiks once again forget that O had a D majority in one house and a Supermajority in the other for his first 2 years. he could have done whatever he wanted. get it right. God help us and deliver US from Obama

          • HE did do what we, as a country, have needed….HE got the Affordable Health Care Act passed…then the GOP took it to the Supreme Court….which finally passed it. Plus the Lily Leadbetter act. Plus a stimulus package…voted on with a Yea from Paul Ryan. Who, then said it was wrong after it….So he was FOR it …when part of it went to his RYAN Construction Company back home…..BEFORE he was AGAINST it, when it was to go to anyone else…..JUST LIKE he used Social Security survivor benefits to go to college but he wants to cut that for every one else.

          • They might have had a Super Majority on Paper but there were UNFORTUNATELY a cadre of Blue Dog Democrats who did NOT vote with the Party on many issues. Sadly Democrats don’t vote in lockstep like Republicans. Getting Democrats together has been compared to herding cats

            As for God help deliver us from Obama , all I can say if you are a woman you stand to lose Freedom of Choice in Reproductive matters .
            Mitt has said he would DEFUND Planned Parenthood , overturn Roe V Wade by appointing Judges who feel it was WRONGLY decided and is in favor of a Personhood Amendment which end most forms of Birth Control and In Vitro Fertilization

          • No. Here are the statistics and I will ask you to be fair to Obama, you might hate him, you might dislike him, but be fair to him. 1) Stock Market: it was at about 6,500 points and with Obama in the present is 13,557 points; 2) unemployment: Bush 43 left it at 10+%; under Obama is down to 7.8% without getting any help from the Republicans; 3) Housing was down under Bush,it is up with Obama. Finally, if you are unemployed vote Democrat: why? here are the numbers: Republicans have run this country 28 yars and created 24 million jobs; The Democrats have run the country 24 years and created 42 million jobs. Under Obama the private sector has created 5.2 million in less than four years while Bush 43 created 1.95 (not even 2 million jobs, in 8 years.) Just google: “jobs created” and a list since 1960 will appear on your screeen, you will notice that even Carter created more jobs than Bush 43 and many other Republican Presidents. If you are rich and small or big investor: vote Democrat, look at the above stock market and job growth. The info is there, all you have to do is google it. Make your own decision, be informed and vote for the one who would run this country better. May God Bless You.

          • Another factual, informative, non refutable, set of facts. Unfortunately facts don’t seem to matter to those on the other side. A s has been stated several times by others in regards to them, their goal is and has been to make President Obama a one term President, regardless of how it affects the rest of the country because they and their loved ones are insulated.

          • 10% unemployment rates were under President Reagan and President Obama. Both President Bush’s was 7.8%. Yes stock market has come back and that’s good, but some will argue it wasn’t because of anything President Obama has done. When you have high unemployment more jobs can be created, when you have near full employment you can’t create as many jobs. You can also check that out. Again you can pick and choice your facts and statistics can be bent and used to support almost any position. I don’t hate President Obama. I had high hopes for him and wanted him to do well after he won in 2008. I just don’t believe he has deliveried or has put enough time or effort into running the country. Besides you fail to mention that request for unemployment benefits just went up.

          • Whoah whoah, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t say “everything is the President’s fault” and then say “well, the stock market recovered, but it wasn’t the President’s doing”. The stock market is about confidence.

          • I guess all you’ve been listening to are FOX and Limbaugh! Read your newspaper, listen to something else on the radio or TV. Consumer confidence is rising, new house building permits are rising, the job market is expanding, even WITHOUT any help from the republicans. If you seriously expect any help for the middle class or poor under a Romney/Ryan administratiion, you are either naive or you just haven’t been listening. For the past ten months Romney has been telling us what his plans are, even though it is impossible to pin him down to details. Get transcripts or newspaper reportsof his speeches and you can figure out what he has in store. He doesn’t speak in code – it’s all very clear! And it ain’t very pretty and it ain’t gonna be very nice!

          • The Republican mouthpieces have an answer for every bit of good news. It’s a leftist conspiracy!! Of course, Obama, controls the Bureau of Labor Statistics and tells the the civil servants there–many of them undoubtedly Republicans since they don’t lose their jobs when administrations change– how to calculate the unemployment rate. He also controls Reuters and the University of Michigan and tells them how to calculate consumer confidence. Housing numbers? Yup. Obama again. Odd, though, how he was completely unable to influence the numbers when things were really, really bad. Fox wasn’t questioning things then, but I can’t figure out why.

          • I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh or Hannity. I can’t stand them. They are blow hards even when they may be correct. Most newspapers and magazines are just too bias now and lean left and you really can’t trust you will get an honest assessment from the writers and editors. I still read the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post though. Yes I do watch Fox, Discovery Channel, History Channel, etc and Fox News as well as ABC and CNN and even listen to some PBS radio. So I feel I’m pretty well informed and can form my own opinions as you have. Who do you read, watch and listen to. Plus I’m on this blog :-).

          • Based on what verifiable factual documentation. Have you taken and honest unbiased look at the economic indicators, unemployment down, new claims for unemployment down, 36 months of positive job growth, enough, NO, but it is consistent positive growth, New housing starts up almost 12% last month, GNP up. Is there anything in Dominick Vila’s statement that is not factual? Ask those employees of Senshata (may be misspelled), how they feel about November 5,2012 as being their last day of employment because Romney and his friends are sending all of those jobs to China. Romney is CEO and has 51% of the stock, he will make millions. Why is it no matter how many times this person blatantly lies to the country there all those who still want him as opposed to President Obama?

          • You Are Totally Right!! Our Sen. From Illinois Also With Most of The Anchors From MSNBC Will Be There At That Company This Thursday And Friday To Help In Get Some Answers For These American Workers Who Was Also Force To Train The Workers From China How To Do Their Jobs!!!!! How That’s For Putting Salt In A Open Wound!!!

          • Yea and big brother Romney and the fellows are going to pay those Chinese workers 97 cents an hour as opposed to paying the American workers who trained them $17.00 an hour. So much for Romney’s compassion for the American middle class. He is a blatant bald face LIER.

          • I asked a simple question. Yes or no answer would suffice. I watch the steal industry collaspe and now the coal industry is under attack. Solar companies that got millions in tax payer money are bankrupt and out of business. Did Romney use tax payers money? What company is Romney CEO of now? Not Bain.

            Sensata Technologies, an Attleboro, Massachusetts-based sensor manufacturer, is mostly owned by Bain Capital.

            Bain Capital completes purchase of Sensata Technologies from Texas Instruments.
            Sale creates standalone global leader in sensors and controls

            ATTLEBORO, Massachusetts (April 27, 2006) – Sensata Technologies, Inc., formerly the Sensors & Controls business of Texas Instruments Incorporated, today announced that Bain Capital, LLC, a leading global private investment firm, has completed its purchase of the company. The total value of the transaction, which was announced on January 9, 2006, is $3.0 billion.

            The sale creates a standalone company that is the global leader in the sensors and controls business. Headquartered in Attleboro, Massachusetts and with additional manufacturing and technology development centers located in Brazil, China, Holland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Mexico, the company also has sales offices around the world. Sensata Technologies employs 5,400 people, including 3,750 in the Americas, 1,350 in Asia, and 300 in Europe.

            “The completion of the sale is a significant milestone in our company’s history. We enter this new phase of our growth and development with a new name – Sensata Technologies – and a renewed commitment to excellence, innovation and customer service,” said Thomas Wroe, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Sensata Technologies. “Our day–to–day operations will remain the same, including our management team, staff and locations, and so will our dedication to providing customers with solutions that enable them to win in their marketplaces. We will invest in our growth as a standalone company for the benefit of our customers and employees.”

            “Sensata Technologies is the preeminent supplier of sensors and controls across a broad array of geographies and applications, and enjoys long–standing customer relationships,” said Steve Zide, a Managing Director at Bain Capital. “We are enthusiastic about the company’s long–term potential and look forward to supporting the management team’s strategies for worldwide growth.”

            Bain Capital has a strong track record of purchasing non–core divisions of large, multinational companies and partnering with the management team and employees to build significant value.

            Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America provided financial advisory services to Bain Capital, and JPMorgan Chase provided merger and acquisition advice.

          • Yes the steel industry did collapse in this country, all my relatives who live in those areas where the vacuum has been created who are watching their communities die constantly remind me of this fact. We know this was an indirect result of outsourcing of jobs to create larger profits for stockholders. I am glad the coal industry is now under attack, it should have happened long ago. My family has supplied many lives to this industry through cave ins due to unsafe working conditions and the dreaded black lung disease. If you ever lived in a coal mining town then you know what the sound of that blaring blast from the tower means, cave in, and the sinking feeling that it brings. This is an industry that has misused it employees for decades and not been held accountable. Have you ever visited an area after the strip mining has been completed? The President is actually trying to do something about this. It has been well documented that the accusation about the solar companies just isn’t true. Some did go under but not to the magnitude that your side of the isle continues to perpetrate. No Romney didn’t use taxpayers money he just refused to pay his fair share while taking advantage of the great system that allowed him to prosper in the first place. Romney holds 51% of Sensata, a company that is to be closed on Nov. 5, 2012 and all of those jobs sent to China. Romney and his stockholders will profit in the billions. He also, as you pointed out in your article, has interest in businesses in Mexico, Asia, Korea, Brazil, Japan. If he is so concerned about reinvigorating this countries economy then why is taking all of the jobs out of the country? Romney and his banker buddies continue to practice business as usual and if he gets in and he can kill the regulations they can go back to raping the country for their personal gain. Is that the JP Morgan Chase that just had to settle a large law suit that forced them to return Millions of dollars to Mortgage holders like myself? Your article speaks for itself as far as the history of Bain is concerned, and I quote ” Bain Capital has a strong track record of purchasing non-core divisions of large multinational companies and partnering with the management team and employees to build significant value” What they don’t say is a lot of the money to do this is loans from their banking buddies which indirectly or directly is tied to government funds. Not to mention all of the American workers that have lost their jobs when they close the places down as what will happen on Nov. 5, 2012 to Sensata. I realize that no matter what I present you will find fault and a reason to doubt, understood. We both look at the picture and have a different view. This is America we still have that right, thank God.

          • You do know that Sensata is outsourcing the majority of jobs that were in the US to China, yes?

          • Where were all the deficit hawks when W turned a surplus into the massive defivits we faced? Reagan promised a balanced budget too, only to explode the deficit, after his tax cuts. Clinton’s policies clearly worked the best-23 million jobs. W had what-4 million in 8 years, with our country headed for financial ruin. The stock market has doubled since W let it tank at 6500. Why are rich folks whining, when they are clearly making money? Romney said let Detroit go bankrupt-The Chapter 7 kind, where it is liquidated. No one could loan this money except the US Government. Romney will say anything to get elected. He wants to repeal Obama Care, based on Romney’s own plan! Obama’s biggest problem has been the do nothing Congress. I can’t believe he’s not 30 points ahead! Obama in a second term will do great things, particularly on ur energy policy, so vitally important to the economy and National Security. Obama has proven he has the temperment to be Commander in Chief. Romney is clueless, saying we are weak. We will lose a lot of respect around the world if Romney wins.

          • Seems to me that the only time things worked well, in your opinion, is when there was a Democratic President and a Republican Congress. Hey you won’t get an argument from me that the Republicans forgot all about being deficit hawks under President Bush but please don’t forget that the last two years of President Bush’s term the Democrats controlled Congress and that was when things really started going south in the economy. And please don’t give a pass to Congressman Franks and his work to create the housing bubble that caused a lot of the economic downturn when that bubble burst. Enough blame to go around on both sides during the Bush years. But that’s not the issue now. If you feel President Obama has the right formula to fix the economy than vote for him. I just don’t believe that after the last four years.

          • Oh no you don’t, you don’t get to have it both ways.

            The GOP has been blaming Clinton (!) for the woes of Bush 43 for years, and continue to do so. The majority of sub-prime loans were NOT originated by Fannie/Freddie: that’s a lie that has been debunked a number of times.

            The major contributor to the debt has been unfunded wars, the 01/03 tax cuts and Medicare Prescription drug plans. Don’t forget that: that is the legacy that 43 has given the current President.

          • We’ve been inching out of Bush’s recession bit by bit since Obama took office. The GDP was way worse than Bush’s people originally told Obama. “let the foreclosure process work itself out” and “Let Detroit go bankrupt” is a pretty poor prescription for our troubles. and why doesn’st Romney keep his wealth in the U.S.?

          • Unfortunately there are many voters who don’t even think about what they are saying. They just listen to Limbaugh or Beck or Fox and NEVER do any research or study of the issues. For instance tax rates for corporations are as low as they have been since 1955. Some of the largest don’t pay a penny in tax. That’s billions in tax savings. According to Romney making the corporations wealthier will create millions of jobs. That’s his plan, as it was with GOP Presidents back to 1980. Do you see millions of jobs being created through the corporate tax savings? Despite that, under Obama we have seen steady increase of jobs due to his investment in the middle class. The GOP congress has blocked every piece of legislation(like the Jobs Act) that would have helped put people to work.

        • Who was in charge of Congress during Bush’s first six years? Who passed the irresponsible tax cuts that wiped out budget surpluses and replaced fiscal responsibility with deficit spending and accumulation of debt? Who ignored the daily warnings given to the President about an imminent terrorist attack? Who lied to justify the invaion of Iraq? Who declared Saudi Arabia, the homeland of most of the 9/11 terrorists, the AQ leadership and the Wahhabist princes that financed 9/11 a Most Favored Nation for trade purposes in exchange for lucrative contracts? Whose deregulation contribute to the ENRON, AIG, Bernie Madoff fiascos and the near meltdown of the financial sector? Who was in office for 8 years and only created one million jobs? Republican policies and actions caused the Great Recession we are finally leaving behind, the last thing we need is a sequel.

          • It is Sooooo Amazing To Me These Tea Bagging Fools Must Think We Were Blind , Cripple And Crazy When All This Destruction Was Going On, Right Before Our Very Eyes That The GOP/Tea Party Was And Is Doing To This Country!!! Maybe They Was Living Under A Rock Or A Cave In The Woods But We Are The Witness To All The Bullshit They Have Been Pulling For Years Now!!!!

          • Like I said before I didn’t agree with everything President Bush did, but I don’t blame him because others sleaze balls broke the law or ruined their companies. President Bush had better employment figures for most of his administration. Some say near full employment so he couldn’t have created more jobs. President Obama had and still has high unemployment and so could create more jobs; simple mathematics. Beside I don’t believe a president no matter who creates jobs directly unless they hire someone to work for their administration. There polices create or inhibit job growth and for the most part President Obama’s policies have inhibited job growth.

          • It’s hard to create jobs when the mechanism that funds it (Congress) has stated that they will not work with you.

            Cites please, on “inhibiting job growth policies”. Everything I’ve read has indicated that it’s actually the lack of money being spent because of job losses, foreclosures and high gas prices that have driven the economic woes, not government policy. It’s hard for a demand-driven economy to thrive when people don’t have money.

        • You know what is amazing tater tot…the FACT that every time you bring your sorry underinformed ass on here you get it handed back to you on a platter of facts with a side of grow up punk….but you still haven’t taken the time to learn how to use your google machine…every thing you claim to know is only two clicks from debunked…check some actual facts it’s not hard…..twit

          • I don’t need to use name calling or be condescending to make my points. You didn’t point out where I was wrong just reverted to name calling. I won’t do that it lessens the conversation. Sometimes I do get the facts wrong, as do others on this blog, and I’m happy to admit that when it is pointed out to me in an adult and meaningful way. But if someone is just stating their opinion and I don’t agree with them then I will state mine. Again you didn’t point out where you believe I was wrong.

      • Dear William, I have no difficulty agreeing with MOSTof what you have to say. However, Romney’s plans would not lead to another recession, the would lead to a full-blown Depression, with 25% unemployment(or worse), terrifying and dizzying inflation, total collapse of safety nets, world-wide economic collapse, etc. What Romeny fails to take into account is that the US does not live in a vacuum. We are in a truly global economy, and, while we have not yet recovered from the 2007 debacle, neither has Europe or Asia.

      • for all the dipsticks who blame the economy on the Republicans, it was Bush’s 2nd term with a democrat majority in both houses that forced Bush’s hands. while he should have vetoed Pelosi and Reid’s bs, I admit, but D’s held congress control. They are the ones who forced banks into subprime mortgages, etc. get it right.

        • I hate to break it to you, but you’re wrong. Dead wrong.

          1) 01/03 tax cuts, Iraq/Afghanistan, and Medicare Prescription drug benefts funding are the reasons behind the explosions in the debt. Take a look at the CBPP writing on this.

          2) Subprime mortgages was a direct result of a lack of regulation on derivatives and driven by Wall Street, not Fannie/Freddie. This BS that subprime mortgages were anything other than a creation of the banks is just that: BS.

      • The right wing fascists called Republicans and/or Teaparty had its propaganda mastermind, Karl Rove, its billionaire friends like the Koch Brothers, and the media outlets of Fox”news,”, Limbaugh, Beck, and a dozen others to shove down the collective throat of American their intentional lies, distortions and bizarre theories about Obama.
        This “playbook” by Rove and others is nothing new. Fascists need to create imaginary enemies. They play off the 6th grade education and racism of their fanatic followers who are conveniently in a depression era economy created by Bush and Wall Street/big bank greed.

        Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels (like Foxnes, Limbaugh, beck and Rove believe) said it best:
        “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

        or as Adolph Hitler stated:
        “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

        The 1930’s had the Brown Shirts.
The 1950’s had Joseph McCarthy
The 1980’s had Ronald Reagan
The late 1990’s had George Bush JR…
Today we have The Teaparty and the “red shirts.”
The American Right invented it’s imaginary Obama to try and get us to by into their fascism.
It didn’t work.
Obama is going to win.

        Electoral College alone will assure that.

    • Sensata’s American workers recently set record profits. I guess it wasn’t enough because Bain chose to move the companyt to China. While the workers at Sensata begged to speak to Romney, he’s refused.

      In his blind trust, Romney personally held 51% of the Sensata stock until his recent transfer of $701,703 worth of Sensata stock to Tyler Charitable Foundation a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit controlled by Romney. A trust HE controls, not his blind trust.

      Romney hides behind his blind trust. Problem: the administrator of the trust is his personal attorney. He can talk to his attorney about investments under client/attorney privilege. Some blind trust. Moving Sensata to China says more about Romney than any of his speeches.

      According to Daily Kos, all comments in parentheses are mine.
      Romney makes $450,000 per week from his blind trust.
      Bain is closing a factory and shipping equipment and jobs to China
      The US government has paid $780,000 retraining fired Sensata workers.
      Bain can deduct the expense of moving to China from US taxes. (Because Republicans blocked passage of a bill that stripped companies of this deduction and gave it to companies returning jobs to America)
      US workers at the Sensata factory have to train their Chinese replacements.
      These are high-tech, well paid jobs performed by skilled American workers.
      Workers in the Sensata factory in China make 99 cents an hour.
      Chinese laborers work 12 hour shifts, 7 days per week.
      Chinese workers are housed 2 to 3 to a room in barracks. (The workers have to pay for this housing. It reminds me of how coal miners were treated prior to unions and legislation. The miners were paid in scrip, not money. They were forced to rent houses from the mine owner and shop at his grocery store because those places accepted the mine’s scrip. They were always in the hole re money owned the store. If they wanted to leave, they had to pay the arrearages in US dollars, not scrip, but all they had was scrip.)

      • willard is hiding his tax returns because he is in business with the RED CHINESE ARMY. In China, the ARMY owns ALL manufacturing. When you open a manufacturing company in China, you are a minority partner with the RED CHINESE ARMY.

        willard is moving American manufacturing jobs to China because his partners are making him richer for doing so.

        willard is also hiding a lot of money in the Bank of China. They will not respond to the IRS requests for information.

        mccain knows, thats why he picked an idiot like palin.

        • on another note, in China, all employers must supply a free hot lunch and if workers work past 6 pm, free hot dinner. workers really only work 8 hours, not 12.

          if you are a male, you retire at 55, females at 50, you cannot be terminated from your job for any reason after 10 years.

          they also serve liquor at lunch if you are in management. they also supply transportation to and from work and Chinese workers screw around on the job even more than Americans.

          one more thing, when you retire, the government subsidizes your food and housing.

          plus, cops dont carry guns and you can walk around anytime of the day or night without fear in all cities.

          there is no drinking age, you can be drunk in public and they have traffic stops to catch drunk drivers. if you are caught, it is not good.

          willard is helping to lower our standard of living to that of the Chinese.

          • CHINA….wow…what a great place to live! *sarcasm* China, where unwatched children can get run over by vehicles as pedestrians walk on by not caring enough to stop traffic or render aide…..China, FOXCONN…where workers are paid $1.78 per hour to make all those great APPLE products (I REFUSE to buy) that you are charged a small fortune for. Where the stress level is so severe they have catching nets on the 1st floors, of the worker’s barracks, to catch the suicidal jumpers. It is not there to save the lives of the jumpers; rather, to protect the workers walking on sidewalks below. How considerate.

          • Same Here My Friend Nothing Steve Jobs Had Anything To Do With, Jobs Was A Crook And A Thief Himself, Heard Of The Pirates Of Silicone Valley They Stole The Computer From Another Man’s Garage!! Jobs To Was Pounding The One Term Drums For Obama When He Should Have Been Taking Better Care Of His Health And Trying To Use Voo Doo Home Remedies Instead Of Taking His Ass To The Doctors!!! Now He ‘s Dead And He Will Not Be Here On Earth To See If Obama Make Another Term!!!

      • I got a feeling you are an Apple user. Where does Apple make most of its products? What coal field did you or your family work?

        • I don’t know about Lovefacts. But I lived in a “Mill Village” and much of her description was factual. There was the MILL – behind the Mill was row upon row of Mill Block housing for workers. These were four room cold water flats along caliche streets. Beside the Mill was a Company Store. My family was not paid in Mill Script but sometime, to make ends meet one was forced to “charge” something at the company Store and that amount was deducted from the weekly paycheck. Salaries were low and benefits were unheard of. There was one holiday. This Mill closed for one week at Christmas – that was the employee’s vacation – without pay.

          My Grandmother went to work in the Mill at the age of 12 as did her siblings at 12. Not because they were slothful or lazy but because their money was needed to help the family survive. My Grandmother died at age 25 from “lung fever” from breathing the lint filled air in the spinning room.

          I was somewhat better when my Father worked there but this was due Chiefly to the UNION that fought for better wages and working conditions and the 40 hour work week plus overtime.

          We lived in the Mill Village and were often referred to as “lint heads”-very good for self esteem for little children.

          Everyone should have to experience something like this at least once in their life.

          • I don’t see any evidence that the GOP isn’t trying to restore America back to those very conditions. They want to kill departments that keep these very things from happening. Hell, they all but destroyed most unions and managed to convince most of their base (including the poorest of them) that the unions destroyed all the jobs.

          • Very good posting. History is history and it clearly shows that industrial employers have been and are a bunch of pricks. It’s because they have been and are a bunch of pricks that unions were formed and prospered.

            Unfortunately, the unions got mobbed up and grew to be unreasonable in their demands. That unreasonableness led to their industries becoming noncompetitve and subjected their jobs to being exported to Asia.

            So, that’s where we stand now. Through stupidity and cupidity, we’ve surrendered our competitive advantage and have experienced the demise of the unions. Combine that with unrealistic foreign policies that have led to economically disastrous wars and alliances with second rate nations and we are in a prime position to becoming a shell of our former glory.

            What do we do about it? Anybody have any ideas? Submit your proposals, with explanations of how your proposal will help the United States. Don’t bother about how they’ll help any foreign countries. We shouldn’t be concerned about them. We have our own problems.

          • Oldtack thank you for your input you have my respect. I grew up in Tamaqua PA which is or was a coal mining town. My uncle died of black lung and I worked in the mines in the summers starting at 13, not underground but on the breaker. I didn’t go underground until I was 16. We were called Coal Crackers. The union was in place by then and of course so was better government regulations. Oh and the Molly Maguires were before my time as well. I agree it was a learning experience:-)

      • Did you catch that tater tot…..that’s what a few google searchs can do for you…see how much more athoritative and informed it sounds….you just spout faux noise BS and expect people like Lovefacts to thank you for it like it’s a gift..

    • Well written my friend. You need to add that President Obama has reduced the deficit in the sum of 200billion; that of the 28 companies that got green energy funds, 3 companies failed which represents 10.17% of the 28 companies and about 5% of the funds assigned. You do not see any comments in this column written in this essay form by anyone who sounds Republican. Do you know why? because a great percentage of the Republican base have little education and dedicate themselves to one-liners and repeating what they hear from conservative-right wing radio/tv including Fox News, etc. Congrats.

    • Thank you. You put it to bed. Now we see Tagg Romney threat to take a swing at President Obama as a indicator of the fathers true character!!! The apple does not fall far from the tree.

    • You hit it in the bud. Romney also claimed that Companies do not get tax breaks for shipping Jobs overseas, I can say he is wrong, the Co. I aorked for for 19 years closed our factory and shipped 700 jobs overseas, we were told that the Co will receive $25 million in tax breaks for this move. The second, his plan is supported bt 6 non-partisan studies, all of them were Op-ed pieces of garbage. The only real study said that it will increase the Debt to $1.2Trillion
      Romney rehearsed his debate answered and said exactly what he said in the first debate. He does not have any decent proposal than his 5 point plan of garbage, that we lived through before and we know very well that it does not work and her flip flops.
      Please guys have some sense and keep the current recovery going. Re-elect Obama.

    • Dominick, I always look forward to your postings! Always clearly written and filled with facts!
      I simply do not understand why so many people willingly vote against their own best interests?

    • Well presented Dominick! But a couple of issues with some of the content. Liberals hate big business, right? Well they start leaving or outsourcing, and you cry,” where you going”
      They cant win with you guys. Democrats lobbied for the highest corporate tax rate in the world, then cannot understand why business reacts. Then you want them punished for reacting. How about bucking the liberal establishment, and start preaching much lower corporate rates to encourage them.
      The oil drilling permits in N. Dakota were approved under Bush. Yeah, you can blame him for that too. Obama has done very little to take credit for in the oil industry. He does get credit for the alternative energy investments. Although thru his total lack of business experience, many, many billions of those dollar were wasted because any of those options will need to be profitable. Obama has never had any experience creating profit. And never ran a business for profit. So how could he possible know how to spend the money to create the best results.
      The Republicans are not against education, and you know that. You can admit it, no one is looking. We as conservatives are all for shutting down the Dept. of Education. Its because we want better education for our kids. The dept has created, and managed to give us a system we are discussed with. With a few exceptions around the country, public education continues to produce an increasingly less educated young person. Private schools should be available to all income class not just the rich democrats. Why do you guys buck that idea so hard? Oh yeah… teacher unions. Ok I get your motive. You know the teachers would get paid better in a private system. Private schools have always, and continue to educate students better and for far less expense. School vouchers should available to all income classes, and all citizens. Private schools could greatly improve the quality of education, inprove teachers pay, and save this nation and the states hundreds of billions of dollars. The teachers would be able to teach with more creativity and less red tape, probably reducing their work hours. Hey, but good job on the expansion of the Pell Grant system.
      The civil servant reduction issue, is a little slanted. The county and state civil servant reductions should not be confused with the expansion of the federal government employees. The state were going broke and responded. The federal government is already broke, and they added 150,000 new employees in the last 3 1/2 years at an average of $80.000 per year salary, plus the cost of the departments they work for. Do a little math on the salaries alone.

      Dominick please excuse my lack of proper sentence structure, spelling and typing, but I am a product of the American educational system.

  5. republiCONs accomplish nothing. they are unable to achieve anything on their own.
    willard has accomplished nothing in his miserable life without it being handed to him.

    republiCONs are desperate to win because President Obama has fixed the damage created by 8 years of the AWOL coke head so our best days are ahead.

    willard wants to take credit for something that someone else has done, just like a good, useless republiCON.

  6. If I were Canadian or Mexican I would take offense at how Romney just consficated my oil reserves in his statement, “we will have North American oil independence”. Even if this were true in that we wouldn’t be sponsoring Arab violence, we would either have stolen their goods outright or be beholding to the Mexican government (which has its drug cartel influences) and those rabble-rousing Canadians, who may ask us to lighten up on our gun laws, which is how they will take revenge for the 1812 War, when we invaded them.

  7. Romney/Ryan 5 point plan is the same 5 point plan that the GOP has had for 30 years. GOP is the DO NOTHING PARTY. They are good at lies, wars, more unwanted pregnancies, raising the suicide rate, loosing jobs, cutting taxes to the wealthy, damaging the environment, and destroying the middle class. What I don’t understand is why does a person who is blue collar, union man/woman vote against their own special interests to vote for such cowards and destroyers of the middle class? Look at what the GOP HAS NOT done in the last 30 years. ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH!

      • If you think you have witnessed prejudice and ignorance, wait till President Obama is reelected and the WASP old boy network figures out the rising star of the Democratic party is and Hispanic brother who will be primed to run in 2016. They are staying up at night losing sleep already working on how to keep it from happening , because they feel it is their White House and their country the rest of us are here to serve them. We are the You People, the trash, undeserving folk who have the audacity to feel like we are entitled to food, shelter, clothing and medical care. If we don’t get we feel victimized. What great compassion, I am overwhelmed.

  8. Both of them have no manners because they would interrupt, when the other one was speaking. They need to understand they have to wait for their turn otherwise we will think they have no common sense. They are educated men, so make yourself look educated and then we will know who to Vote for.

    • You already said who you were going to vote for.

      Cant take it when the sissy willard gets spanked for being stupid, just like anyone who would vote for the fool.

  9. We need President Obama who will work for the all the people of America for the next 4 years. We do not need a CEO who does not listen to his people and will only work for his own bottomline and the bottomline of his “Investors”. I do not believe that Romney cares about the deficit, based on his 1 point plan. Remember Governor, the American People can fire you!

    • To me ( Obama ) only works for the illegals, so the Americans have to get to the end of the Line. Don’t forget to ( Vote No ) to the sales tax increase in Bexar County and also ( Vote No ) to Obama.

      • You live in San Antonio where I believe the population is 90% Hispanic. If you believe that the President works only for illegals than you have lived in a another world this past 4 years.

      • Excuse me if I sound hostile or brash. However your name might indicate that your roots in this country are shallow. We are all immigrants, some of our roots are deeper depending on when our ancestors arrived on these shores. If I am correct then you would be profiting from the benefits of living in this country which is probably why your family/you came here in the first place. This is still the land of opportunity although there is a faction who are working hard to change that. Why do you feel that the opportunity for a better life is exclusive only to you. Not to mention the fact that President Obama tried to put the pressure where it belonged which was on those businesses who employ undocumented workers out of their greed for larger profits. Your friends waylayed that plan as they have everything else that they felt would be a positive for the President.

  10. Romney sure did tell a big LIE abo0ut the binder mess. Read ABC news version of what Abby Phillip’s wrote. saying that the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus gave both Romney and his democratic opponent a binder ( before he was elected ). Not after he asked for one like he LIED about. MassGap ,Which is non-partisan, issued a statement saying the administration started with women comprising 42 % , then in 2006, that number had dropped to 25%. The man just can not tell the truth on any subject.

  11. I am growing weary of those who refuse to give this president a chance to prove his plans are working. We are starting to see the evidence of such now. What was set in motion in the previous 8 years of GOP rule will not be overcome in a space of 4 years when much of the first year of Obama’s presidency was still in freefall. We have just experienced the worst recession since the Great Depression and the president is expected to “fix it” overnight? Without any congressional help?

    I live in a very poor area with quite high unemployment. Now, I see the beginnings of many new construction sites, independent retailers are grumbling less these days, three new business have cropped up in our little downtown in the last month.

    We are becoming a nation of idiots, refusing to do even the briefest of due diligence in order to make intelligent decisions as to who will lead our country. And…Fox News, Glenn Beck, Rush and others are not the sources for that information. When will we understand that it’s all about ratings, that ratings equate to $$ and being obnoxious, outrageous, and putting forth suppositions and half truths wins over the truth. It seems that greed trumps being a good patriot.
    I fear greatly that we are giving our right to think for ourselves over to others.

    My vote will go to Mr. Obama. I haven’t always agreed with him about everything but he still has his eye on what’s important for our families and our country. Mr. Romney doesn’t have the ability to tell the truth and is willing to change his story to suit the crowd. He is not presidential material.

    • Bonnie:

      Very good posting. Well thought out. I disagree with only one thing that you said.

      In your third paragraph you said “We are becoming a nation of idiots, refusing to do even the briefest of due diligence in order to make intelligent decisions as to who will lead our country.” You’re wrong: We’re not “becoming.” We’ve always been that way. Another thing: It’s my experience that other countries have the same characteristic, but because the United States is so powerful, it gets noticed and criticized.

  12. I think someone should say the Olympics were bailed out by government money ( big bucks ). It was corrupt before the government bailout, and Romney’s Olympics records were destroyed before he left the Olympics board, no records of what he did or did not do, just his word.

    • He probably covered up for the crooks who ran the election before he took over. These may well have been wealthy Mormons.

      Destroying records is a tacit admission of guilt.

      Let’s face facts. Mittens took over the Olympics because the Mormons were embarassed by the coming failure and probably, just probably, by some stealing by the Mormons who ran the event before Mittens took over.

      • He also bought alot of the products he needed from China because it was cheaper, when there were local companies that sold the same thing, so alot of that money went over seas.

    • Mormons

      His rich Mormon buddies tapped the till for $1.3 billion and couldn’t complete projects until infusion of fed feds through Mittens. Read Provo, Utah, September Morning Herald for details.

  13. For the undecided that want to choose to be educated about your choice for President, all you have to do is talk to people that worked for Governor Romney in Massachusets and I am pretty sure you will see what his true colors are. What does it say to you when the former governor who is now running for president is trailing in his home state, the state he ran for 4 years, by such a large margin? It tells me one of 2 things either Mitt Romney is so out of touch with the real people of his own state and he really has no clue about what he is doing or what he plans to do if elected President, Or the vast majority of people from Mass. don’t know what they are talking about and have no clue! My bet is on the former, Romeny is a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing trying to get those that choose not to educate themselves about this all too important election to follow him down the road to destruction for this country. The worst part yet is in this grand nightmare should Romney get elected where would the country go if something happened to him and the even more clueless wishy washy Paul Ryan have to take over? That is such a scary thought I think Steven King could make a good thriller movie out of. I think there may only be 1 person more clueless and care less about the middle class than Mitt Romney and that would be Paul Ryan!
    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!

    • Good posting. Before I go to Google, can you tell me why Mittens served only one term in Massachusetts? Was he defeated for re-election or did he decide to not seek re-election?

    • Don’t forget who is 3rd in line to be president. Even as we speak, John Boehner is in line for the presidency. Ironically I haven”t seen him cry since his party took the house majority.

    • How come Romney had only one term as Massachusetts’ governor? Did he run for a second term and lose or did he just decide that he didn’t want the job any more?

      • Can’t say for sure but believe the people of Mass. got smart about him and his say one thing here and do another there, and they got rid of him. But that is just speculation, all I know for sure is that he served as Gov for 4 years and he is now getting pounded in the polls in Mass by President Obama.

        • He was already running for the Presidency during the last of his 4 year term! He never planned on staying for 2 terms. We should remember too that when he left he bought all of the computer harddrives so there would be no evidence of what he did during those 4 years!

  14. The main thing Romney showed us is just how bossy and arrogant he is. He can’t provide any facts, and can’t answer simple questions, such as would he support the Lily Ledbetter law. This man is so dangerous to this country is blows my mind that he’s the nominee. And Ryan is even worse. Lies, lies, lies. Nothing but lies. I thank God every day we have a president who not only is highly intelligent, but can handle things calmly and earns the respect of countries everywhere. I guess the simplest question is: Do you want an Arrogant Boss, or a President who THINKS before he acts? And by the way, women’s groups Approached Romney, HE DID NOT SEEK THEM OUT.

  15. Be very aware!
    We got some NUTS in Texas, starting with Slick Rick, who absolutely HATE the President!
    Rick’s SLICK and a Scam Artist, but the NUTS are very DANGEROUS and live by everything that comes out of that HUGE Mouth of RUSH.
    THEY are CAPABLE of ANYTHING – trust me, I live around them and they are beyond PROZAC!

    • Believe me, I don’t think anyone old enough to have been around at the time, will ever forget the relationship between Texas and presidents.

  16. The left has only one vision. Barrack “The Messiah” Obama can do no wrong. This excrement who was elected by an uninformed electorate has done nothing but attempt to destroy this nation. The Obamaphiles who adore this thug only show their contempt for this great nation. The cockroaches, the looters and freeloaders exist only for their monthly handouts. This nation must go back to a point where each individul is responsible for him and his family. The left has led the destruction of the family unit. If this nation is to survive this must be stopped.

    • Please let me know when I’ll get my check since you think we all are not responsible for ourselves? I am very informed and educated. You have no clue and do not represent a lot of the American families out there. Your rediculous statment shows you are not so well informed.

  17. I must be the only person who watched “Big Love” or someone would have mentioned the Joy Book, another “Binder full of women”.

  18. Oh Gawd! Another Birther idiot…Just this time for you Repukelicans that think there’s an ongoing conspiricy to ‘slip’ one past you….
    The State Department, FBI, ad infinitum are REQUIRED to do a background report on ANYONE that files to run for the Presidency. Those departments were being run by the Bush Administration during the application process. But if you insist on believing other morons like Donald Trump then keep it up so there is no question about your asinine beliefs.

  19. With the the anemic Obama economic agenda we will not have to worry about whether we get a solid recovery, the question is are we heading for the “California Syndrome”. Complete economic demise. Income Tax reductions have always led to increases in total revenue collected where increase have led to economic slow down. These are the facts and they are undisputed.

    The income of those living in red states has climbed 4.6% since the recession began in December 2007, a USA TODAY analysis of total increases found. The average income of those living in blue states and swing states saw a much slower increase. The personal income of blue states has increased 0.5%, while in the swing states, income increased 1.4%.

    Lessons learned from the States.

  20. Good thing peteserb wasn’t around during the Depression making comments like that …oh wait, the oppressed and needy only came about when Obama got elected. Everything was ‘Utopian’ when the Bushmaster was the hand puppet of Dick Cheney.

  21. If that can be substantiated than it just might put the final nail in the coffin for Romney’s presidential bid. It may also embarrass the hell out of the GOP considering all the lies they spread against President Obama being a Communist.

  22. I LOVED YOUR ARTICLE, AND THE RFERENCE TO THE ” potemkin village”is all what they are about, with Kaarl Rove at the drums and baton, orchestrating the script and malarkey as he did for George Bush and Chaney in “04′ WHAT IS ORCHESTRATED is a fake village, FOR ALL OF US TO BELIEVE IN , and an insulkt to the voter. As I have been saying, Romney, ( HIS REAL NAME IS :Willard, “MITT” a knick name, Mr. Cool rich boy,,,,,,, the faker, the liar,,,, and Ryan, “Tthe clean pot washer” and both of their noses are getting longer,AND THEY want us to believe their lies and jibberish, and if, if they ever got into office, vouchers, Wars, and debt to us 47%. A vote for the good Guys, the TRUTH TELLERS, OBAMA AND BIDEN IS A MUST.

  23. Ryan and Romney share one thing in common, they are pathological liars. Lying to them is like breathing, they can do it without thinking and mostly they do not think when they lie. They think no one will notice the lies. They feel their lies are justified. They only think about themselves. People like that get mad when they are caught in a lie, not ashamed, guilty, or embarrassed; mad. They make up other lies to cover up the lie that was questioned and almost always claim that their accuser is lying. They commonly ask for your trust because they have no problem letting you down. The prisons are full of them. Some of them are more annoying than harmful. Everyone has knows someone like that. But Romney and Ryan are far from harmless; they will hurt this Country by putting in policies in place that have failed time and time again, that hurt the middle class and are not good for women, minorities or most families.

    Romney was so angry by the end of the debate he couldn’t even smile or talk with the undecided voters; he left 30 minutes before the President did. My greatest hope is that Obama/Biden will keep pointing out the misstatements/lies and keep Romney/Ryan on the defensive. No more nice guys. Obama/Biden 2012. Vote and make sure everyone you know votes as well.

  24. Romney was saying: “Trust me because I’m an important guy who has done important stuff.” He gave his listeners no basis on which to verify the trust he demanded.

    Obama was saying: “Trust me because I haven’t done anything except destroy the economy and drive the country off of the cliff. But I will do better if you re-elect me. Honest!” He gave his listeners no basis on which to verify the trust he demanded.

  25. This has been the most despicable Presidential campaign I can remember. I’m almost 80 and have lived through 20 of them, Roosevelt & Dewey, Eisenhower, Truman, Kennedy, Bushes 1 & 2, Clinton , Obama, and their various challengers, and have watched some dirty campaigns, “mudslinging,” but I’ve never seen such a perversion of our democratic way of life as this current attempt to elect a functioning president. Romney has managed to change the campaign to his advantage by making it about money, making money, spending money, raising more money. That’s Mitty’s forte, making money. Now he has forced Obama to try to beat him at making money, not at governing, or doing what’s right for humanity, but who can raise the most money to buy the most commercials to LIE about Obama’s accomplishments and abilities and vilify him. The election should be an examination of Obama’s job in office and of Romney’s qualifications to do a better job. Instead it has become a kind of pissing contest. Now the daily headlines read: ROMNEY RAISES MORE MONEY THAN OBAMA! Duh!!!
    Then Romney uses all those billions to promote lies, outright lies, forcing Obama to answer those lies instead of defending his administration.
    Romney and Ryan are embarrassments to the country they want to govern. They are a step backward from Cheney & his puppet “UU”! if we elect them, then we truly deserve what we will get: a loss of women’s rights and gay rights and seniors’ rights. The unborn will be protected until they become women or Gay or old. We will also deserve those hordes of Mormon Missionaries, boys of 18 who genuinely believe themselves “Elders,” who will be knocking on our doors to save our souls and 10% of our earnings. Depend on it if Mitt gets elected.
    Obama has done all that could be done to reverse “UU’”s damage–against an obstructionist Republican congress; give him a democratic congress and 4 more years, and judge him then.

    • Dirk… in case you have not noticed, the last thing Obozo wants to talk about is his record. It’s why we have this phony “war on women”, war on [fill in the blanks], wild accusations that Romney killed some guy’s wife, that he’s a felon…. ANYTHING to distract away from Obozo record of failure. Witness:

      Lets take a look at some of Obozo’s other “successes and accomplishments”…….

      1) Obozo comes into office $10T in debt. 3.5 years later, $16T in debt
      1A) Obozo is first President in American history to be so fiscally irresponsible that he and his DemocRAT Congress caused US Credit Rating to be cut. Nice accomplishment Mr. Obozo!!! This has now happened twice. America’s credit rating has been downgraded again. Very nice accomplishment Mr. Obozo.
      1C) Median income in America has fallen from $54K to $50K in the 4 years Obozo has been in office.
      2) 2 years complete control of the government. NO budget as required by the Constitution. Still has no budget. The one budget he presented that was actually voted on by the Senate went down to defeat by a vote of 97 to 0. Nice work Mr. Obozo!!! THAT IS an accomplishment!
      3) A new bankrupting entitlement program called Obozocare jammed through congress against the vast majority of Americans who were against it (and still are) and with the blessings of the idiot Nancy Piglosi who said “we have to pass the bill before we know what is in it”. Nice work, Mr. Obozo!
      4) Persistent unemployment that has been the worst since the Great Depression, especially among blacks and young people. His administration keeps claiming unemployment is going down, but in reality, they manipulate the formula by reducing the # of jobs available. And then they claim that over 8% unemployment is good! Quite an accomplishment in propaganda, but not economics, Mr. Obozo.
      5) Promises to close Gitmo…. instead, he spends $750K on a soccer field for terrorists. Don’t get me wrong, Gitmo should stay open. This is an example of how stupid and naive Obozo really is. Nice accomplishment, Mr. Obozo!
      6) Gas prices are up 100%++ across the nation. And Obozo is so dumb he actually believes that increasing supply has no effect on prices… what an idiot! Blocking EVERY permit that has come before his administration and blocking pipelines that increase supplies does HAVE consequences, Mr. Obozo. Gas prices are through the roof! Nice going Mr. Obozo!
      7) Real inflation rates are close to 8% or higher. Who measures inflation without food and fuel??????? Obozo does! Another strong achievement in propaganda, Mr. President!

      [the following items 8 – 11 are about Obozo’s failed PUBLIC EQUITY business]
      8) SOLYNDRA!!!!!!!! need I say more? Nice job paying off your rich buddies who bundle campaign cash for you, Mr. Obozo! You can probably count on some of those dollars coming back to you. wink, wink!!
      9) SOLAR TRUST… another BILLION DOLLAR boondoggle in your attempt to play venture capitalist with taxpayer money that actually goes to your FAT CAT financier friends who are big donors. Nice money laundering accomplishment, Mr. Obozo! Should I say more? OK.. I will…
      10) ECOTALITY – Another “green” Obozo investment disaster. Obozo gave them $115 MILLION. The SEC investigates fraud at the company. While that’s going on, Obozo gives them another $26 MILLION…. What an idiot! Nice accomplishment Mr. Obozo!
      11) Fisker Automotive – yeah, that company that you gave $200MILLION to so they can build cars overseas, right? Great job creating jobs overseas, Mr. Obozo, you friggin clown!
      12) Fast and Furious!!!!! If this was a Republican Admin, all of you nutjobs that write on this web site would be going justifiably ballistic!! It would be the lead story on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSLSD, CNN, etc. etc.
      13) Same with the crook Jon Corzine. He steals $2B in client money, much of it farmers money, to cover his own bad bets. Then he gets to continue on raising money for Obozo like nothing ever happened. Where is Eric The Incompetent Holder? ……… crickets………. crickets……….. crickets………. Thought so!
      14) 88% of Americans say they are spending way more on groceries now than we were 4 years ago.
      15) 50% of Americans have had to give money to a relative at least once to help them get buy in the past 4 years.
      16) 47 MILLION Americans are on Food Stamps, and that number is growing quickly. In fact, Obozo has created more dependency than any other US President in history. Nice accomplishment, Mr. Obozo!
      17) Obozo was caught bribing Joe Sestak to NOT run against Specter. A clear felony. What is Eric “The Incompetent” Holder doing about it? Crickets….. crickets….. crickets……
      18) It has now come out that the Obozo had close ties with the New Black Panther Party and even marched with them at Selma in 2007. A few NBP thugs intimidate voters and the DoJ, after hearing from Obozo, decides to drop an open and shut, slam dunk case of voter intimidation which was CAUGHT ON TAPE!!! Hmmmm… why was that case dropped? Anyone care to venture a guess? Corruption from the thug-in-chief yet again.
      19) The “anti-war president” took troops in Afghanistan from 30K to 110K. The anti-war president that promised we’d be out of Afghanistan by July 2010. The anti-war president that took a war where only 400 Americans died in 8 years under Bush, and now 1700 have died under Obozo’s “leadership” in 3.5 years but which the media stays silent on that one. What happen to the nightly body counts on the news under Bush that seemed to have disappeared under Obozo? Body count goes up, media goes silent. Hmmmm… Nooooooo… they’re not in the tank! No way! You leftist freaks are hypocrites of the worst degree.
      20) Obozo Regime WAGES WAR ON US MILITARY AND THEIR VOTING RIGHTS. What a piece of shit this guy Barak Hussein Obozo guy is. How is it possible that a sitting president would sick his thugs at DoJ on our own military? Obozo is a despicable piece of human garbage and he should be thrown out just like scraps from the table.
      21) Obozo Regime f#%ks 20,000 employees and retirees of Delphi by stripping them of their pensions so that they can pay off the union thugs. Documents obtained now show that Turbo Tax Cheat Geithner personally was involve is this screwing of middle class workers at the direction of the messiah Obozo. How can anyone support Obozo the loser unless they are the most committed leftist freak?
      22) Benghazi: Obozo and Hillary are warned 2 days before our embassies are attacked, and do nothing. In fact, the security alert at the embassies was at the lowest level in muzzy countries on 9/11. What the hell are these incompetent idiots doing? I’ll tell you… appeasing radicals who will never like America and want us dead. How naïve and ignorant Obozo is. He is a disaster for America.

      I’ll continue to refocus the discussion on what is important and not these foolish smokescreens the left throws up to obfuscate Obozo’s true failure as a socialist in the White House.

      Have a nice day!

      “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

      • you no doubt voted for the AWOL coke head that lied us into 2 wars, was convicted of war crimes and tried to bankrupt our country, twice.

        you are just plain stupid and a racist.

        • Now I know I’ve smacked you down good… the race card comes flying out. Nothing left to say, you moron?

          Don’t you have an Occupy encampment you go to so you can do drugs and get bombed, rape women, crap on cop cars, burn business, and do twinkle fingers?

          Take a shower for once you bum, and go get a job…. if anyone is dumb enough to hire your lazy but.

          Have a nice day!

          “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” – Mark Twain

          • plenty to say but not to half wits that vote for mitt.

            i thought those activities were all performed by people stupid enough to vote republiCON.

            By the way, do you like the fact that your party is run and financed by the racist John Birch Society?

            how do you like supporting willard the draft dodging tax cheat?

            believe me, he will not be supporting a welfare baby like you if by some remote chance, he gets elected.

  26. I’d like to see some discussion about the “lessons” of Wisconsin. Also, how is lowering the taxes on interest received by our bank accounts going to help the working classes… that seems seriously sketchy… After the stock market crash, and the housing bubble, Who has savings?

  27. Let’s talk about the most important point of the debate: the Benghazi cover up.

    Obozo was lying during the debate and the fat chick, Candy Crowley, covered for his lies. His speech in the rose garden said nothing about the planned and coordinated terror attack in Benghazi, but merely remarked about terror in general. He lied. It is now known that we had a predator drone over the consulate recording and beaming back the incident as it occurred to the White House situation room. They knew immediately, as it happened, that it was a planned, military-style, terror attack. How do we know he was not talking about Benghazi? Because for 4 weeks follwing 9/11 he and his useful idiot tools, like Rice, were going on TV and giving interviews and making speeches claiming the incident was from a spontaneous protest over a stupid movie trailer on YouTube. NEVER ONCE has Obozo ever admitted that the incident was a planned and coordinated radical Islamic terrorist attack. He lied and covered this up for a month. He is now doing the rope-a-dope by claiming an investigation must be done before they know what happened when they watched it.

    The question is why? I know why. Because the lie is less costly than that truth. What is the truth? Here it is.

    The Ambassador was a North African CIA operative, definitely former, maybe current as well. He brokered the deals to get US weapons in the hands of the rebels (Al Qaeda terrorists) to take over Kaddafi. The 2 ex-Navy SEALS were CIA operatives. They were in Benghazi without military protection because they were trying to track down the weapons cache that we gave to the terrorists. How do we know the SEALS were CIA operatives? Because one of them was interviewed by ABC 1 week prior where he said that part of his mission in Libya is to find weapons stashes. Embassy guards DO NOT go looking for weapons stashes as a part of their duty. That’s also why the drone was flying above. It was helping to find the weapons.

    The reason Obozo is lying about this whole thing is that he does not want it to come out before the election that he has been supplying radical Islamic terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda with high tech US weapons. He is now doing the same exact thing in Syria. This should be the lead story on every newspaper and every TV news show, but they are in the tank for Obozo. Just like the fat chick Candy demonstrated very clearly during the debate.

    The truth will come out at some point. God willing, it will be before the election and Obozo will be revealed as the lying empty suit that he really is.

    Have a nice day!

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” – Joseph Goebbels

    • how are those drugs working or you?

      soon, you will have no mind left at all.

      “god willing”?

      willard doesnt believe in god.

    • Can’t you ever critique an article without demonizing somebody, insulting someone’s intelligence, or personal appearence? The fat chick? how juvenile is that? And for the love of God, can’t you find another quote to use? You’ve just about beaten that one to death. Grow up.

      • strac… I don’t demonize any leftist freaks… they’re already demons… by definition. I just point it out. Don’t kill the messenger… sheesh!

        Here’s a new quote for you. I hope you like it. And a new picture for you. I know you’ll like it.

        Have a nice day!

        “Democracy extends the sphere of individual freedom, socialism restricts it. Democracy attaches all possible value to each man; socialism makes each man a mere agent, a mere number. Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

    • Oh!oh! He’s back, the biggest “TURD”, in the septic tank! I believe “Joseph Goebbels”, had Lying Romney in mind when he made that statement. Thanks for summoning the truth about the”FLIPFOPPER”, with the quote. I truly appreciate it! Have a nice day!

    • When you are so arrogant and disrespectful to almost everyone; why should anyone take your comments seriously? They don’t; now, why don’t you head on over to one of those Redneck Sites; and, let some of these fine people express their views?

      When you, “Stoop to Conquer;” a message is sent that you are out of, AMMO! And, my friend, you have been, “out,” for a long time!

      • donny… when you can’t dispute the facts, criticize the messenger… isn’t that what Saul Alinsky taught you leftist freaks?

        Have a nice day!

        “Democracy extends the sphere of individual freedom, socialism restricts it. Democracy attaches all possible value to each man; socialism makes each man a mere agent, a mere number. Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

  28. Another website shows a photograph of Tagg Romney with a story that he claimed on a television interview that he wanted to attack Obama when Obama called Romney a liar on the debate floor.

    Aside from the asinine statement, one has to notice that Tagg Romney doesn’t look right, especially around the eyes. They have a somewhat manaical look about them. When matched with his immature and violent statement and his father’s abuse of a long-haired fellow student at his posh private school, it is possible that we’re dealing with a family that harbors an insanity streak.

    • “tagg” and his brothers are all cowards like their useless, lying, draft dodging, tax evading father.

      if I ever run into any of the punks on the street, they will be eating thru a straw for a month.

      accidentally of course.

  29. Just keep buying into Obama and Axelrod’s phoney caricature of Romney, E.J. Just keep pushing it rather than spending the time and money telling America how good things are going to be, someday, soon maybe, if Obama just had a little more time. Every recovery since WW II has taken no more than 16 months Now we have found something Obama is really good at, thwarting a recovery. You want sketchy? What are the specifics of Obama’s plan for the next four years? He, too, has a five point plan. 1. Tax the rich. 2. Tax the rich. 3. Tax the rich. 4. Tax the rich. 5. Keep Sandra Fluke from having to pay for her own birth control.

    • No recovery has been sabotaged by congress.

      the republiCONs in congress that conspired to make President Obama a “one term President”, and we know who all of them are, should be executed for treason

      paul ryan should be the first.

    • Obama presented a jobs bill which is still dead by the republican house of representatives. These tea party ecentrics will say or do anythng to defeat Obaman including but not limited to economical harm to america. This type of phylosophy has no place in politcs much less in Washington. As for tax the rich., now, sir, where do you think the money to the rich is coming from., right, the middle class by way of exorbant tax credits and loop holes and in some case down right theft as in the case of the banking fiasco which created this depression and defits in the first place. Lastly, look to big businesses to see who profited from two illegal wars created by GW Bush and he paid for these wars on the credit card from China. If Obama has a house ruled by democrats, b elieve me, he will get this country rollin on recovery and then some.

      • I know he called it a ‘jobs bill’, but it most certainly was not a jobs bill. It was another stimulus bill that would have used more money borrowed from China. It would not have created any long term jobs.

        There is no harm in working to defeat a man who has absolutely no training or experience for the job he holds. He didn’t even bother to staff with competent people who could cover his deficiencies. This man is the one doing economical harm and it needs to be stopped.

        Obviously you are not rich because you don’t know how the rich get rich. It is not from government or ‘big tax breaks’ or cheating people. Unfortunately, you don’t know how looney those ‘exorbant tax credits and loop holes and…theft charges are. Sure, a few unscrupulous people gamed the system, but in a population of 2 million, that’s like saying that if that same number of people in Los Angeles murder someone, then all citizens of Los Angeles are murderers.

        I know those of you on the left like to refer to ‘illegal wars’, but they were approved by a bi-partisan Congress. Maybe you think they were illegal just because you didn’t approve of them.

        Obama had a Congress ruled by Democrats for two years. All he got us was a monstrous health care bill that a a majority of the country want to see repealed. Instead of recovery, he put us dangerously much deeper into debt, further killed the economy, increased dependency on government handouts, and has a net job loss over four years.

  30. That’s all OK because jobs in China make huge profits for outsourcers in America (and Canada, too). . . . And there are always replacements for the ones who miss the nets.

  31. I yearn to be led by a draft dodging tax cheat that grew up in Bloomfield Hills in a house with a swimming pool fed by a waterfall in the living room.

  32. Obama was the winner of that debate on Tuesday. He has to win.
    Romney is so sneaky, and even though he is supposed to be “smart” is so lame in his descriptions of what he will do, once he is president. Can’t every viewer of the debate see that, even if they are just looking at the faces and body language and not listening at the content?

  33. Romney is to closly tied to past big spenders while the democrats are known as tax and spend, tax and spend while the republicans are spend and spend and spend,spend,spend ; let the next ten generations pay for it . Ask your computer where the deficits have come from and it will tell you 12 trillion came from the republican presidents and 3.4trillion came from Clinton and Obama mostly for interest on the republican President’s debts. The American voters have gotten a wake-up call, the tea party came to Washington only to defeat Obama but to keep any sensible legislation from being past thus holding the economy hostage. Under G.W.Bush that would have been unpatroitic. We the people of this fine country must hold our congress accountable.

  34. May be Romney wants to follow G W Bush footstepsdoes anyone know why G W Bush can not leave the US, not even to Canada.
    Romney if elected will drage us to another war, and attrocties that led GW Bush to be labeled as war criminal. Romney has all the Idiots Neo-Cons of the Bush era as his advisors.That is beside asthe first and second wars of Bush, this third war will not paid for too.
    Also, Mr. Job creator, his MA tenure as Gov, left the state as #47 in Job creation, and @ 30% approval rate. His claim that there is 23 million unemployed does not addup, the total work force is only 145 million, if this is true then the jobless rate should be 16% not 8%. He also claimed that Jobless should be 5.4% only and difference between 7.8 and 5.4%s is that of 23 millions?
    Romney will keep the 15% tax rate for the Hedge fund managers, and Wall street bigwigs.
    Remember, Dems had 54 million jobs created in 24 years, his GOP had 38 million jobs in 32 years.

  35. Mitt was clearly upset and was yielding under the pressure. he was disrespectful he had a woman and the President of these United States ( a blackman telling him he was wrong). That woould be a problem for any whiteman that has aways be in procession of power. he all but told the President shutup.

  36. The GOP from day one has to get Omaba out of he whiteHouse, ‘by any means necseeeary’.They said NO to every thing Omaba tried to do, even if they agreeded, Now their doing all they can to change voting laws so would be voter for Omaba will not be allowed to vote. Omaba will get four more years, God gave him the first four. He is about his father work.

  37. Just to elaborate on Dominick Vila’s comments about the pipe line from Canada. He is absolutely right, oil prices will probably increase, but a more dangerous problem is environmental tragedies. This oil from Canada is crude oil, and already there was crude oil spill a few months ago and no one really knows how to clean up crude oil. You can never completely clean up a crude oil mess. Look at how damage that occured from the BP spill which was a different type of oil. The pipe line can cause a lot of damage and is far too long for nothing to ever happen to the pipeline and the damage may be great and the cost prohibitive.

  38. I can not believe any of this crap. Do you really believe anything that Obama has done the past 4 years has helped any one but his “Cronies”?
    Come one wake up and at least Mitt has run a business and Obama has never ever run anything, except things in the ground.

    • Yes I give him credit for that but at what cost, investing in business and keep putting more money into it and when they can’t pay for it, he closed it down, laid off employees and pocket the money. Employees loose there pension, their life, house, medical coverage because of a money hogger. Sorry he is not a man tor the President.

  39. Finally a Reporter nailed it! Bush used this little stealthy maneuver as well. So, Romney is going to keep the Percentage of taxes paid by the Rich; at the current (same), Level, or percentage rate; while, cutting Taxes for the Middle Class . . . is that how it goes? I don’t think so! If the Middle Class pays less in total taxes; and, actually get’s a reduction in their Tax Bills; doesn’t the percentage rate, or share, that the M.C. pays, go down also? YES! UNLESS the Rich also pay LESS TAXES as well. How else can the Percentages remain the same for the Fat Cats? Get my Drift? If the M.C slice, or share, of the Revenue Pie just got smaller; the Rich would also have to receive a Tax Cut in order to keep the Percentage Gap between the M.C., and the Rich – – the SAME! If the Rich paid the same Dollar Amount as the year before, the percentage that the Rich would pay would go up! and not neutral, or down!. That’s NOT what Romney is saying! If the Percentage of Taxes paid by the Rich was going to remain the same; while taxes are lowered on the Middle Class; then the Rich are going to get a Tax Cut as well. (Keep in mind, there is a difference here between percentages, and, Dollars actually paid.) Under Romney’s Stealthy Plan (which I don’t think he even, quite understands); the Rich would have to pay less in Tax Dollars, for the Percentages to remain the same. Kinda Sneaky — don’t you think? No! It is down right disrespectful of the American Voter; and, they will be. “pissed,” when they finally find out!



    Romney’s Plan is, what it has always been: To Follow in Bush II’s footsteps, and, Cut Taxes, once again, for the Rich; and, in so doing, make the less fortunate, pay more. His utter contempt for the 47%; ought to have been a Clue to all of us. So, by cutting taxes for most; how does that move the Country toward a Balanced FY Budget? Cutting Taxes, and taking on new spending initiatives; at the same time, will hardly reduce the Deficit. In fact, if everything else stays the same, the Budget Deficit will actually Balloon Upward! Do you see now why so many people are saying that Romney’s Math on Tax Cuts does not Compute?! OR DOES IT? ONE CAN MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE BY CUTTING THE S . . . OUT OF THE FISCAL YEAR OPERATING BUDGET; AND I SUSPECT THAT HE AND THE KID FROM WISCONSIN, HAVE BEEN PLANNING THAT, ALL ALONG. IT IS LIKELY THAT ALL SOCIAL PROGRAMS – – ANY PROGRAM FOR THE COMMON, OR PUBIC GOOD, WILL BE ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK. THOUSANDS OF JOBS COULD BE LOST; WITH MORE PEOPLE FILLING THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINES. THIS IS THE SECOND, DIRTY LITTLE SECRET OF THE CAMPAIGN! The Guy has to be Stupid, if he thinks he can get away with Stunts like this! It is the most blatant act of deception and disrespect toward the American People that I have ever witnessed. To borrow a phrase from Bush I: “This is, ” Voo-doo, Economics!” I fear for the Country; it’s Working Stiffs; and my Grand Children! He either comes clean with his Numbers, or be branded, a, “Bold Face Liar!

  40. Obama wants and Etch a Sketch to erase his horrible record, but if he’s reelected it will be much worse. He won’t have to worry about a 3rd term and can push his socialism full stream FORWARD!

  41. Hey Romney boy….i called your daddy a liar too…come take a swing at me…i wish you would…..what an idiot you are …..a disrespectful piece of garbage…i see daddy taught you well….you friggin mindless bat….you talk to your daddy this way as well…come on big boy take a swing at me…would love to see you take swing at OB…he would colcock your behind so fast you wouldnt know what hit you….hed probably whip your lying daddy and you at the same time…you racist piece of trash !

  42. I read an interview that the 2 oil Koch Brothers gave about 2 weeks ago and in it they say they started plotting against President Obama as soon as he was declared winner of the election, they didn’t exactly put in those words but that was what they meant.That goes to show that not only has President Obama been targeted to be a one term President by the Republicans but also by their backers like the Koch brothers which has made his job twice as hard to do. In this same interview the Koch brothers said that they didn’t particularly like Romney and Ryan but were backing them for what they could do for them. Now the Koch brothers along with several other millionaire business owners have sent letters to their employees saying if the right people(Romney& Ryan) aren’t elected there would layoffs and plant closing. I guess to make sure that they couldn’t be charged with voter inmadation(not spelled right) they said they were just making suggestions for the people that the workers needed to vote for, their list also included “suggestions” who the employees should vote for in local, state, and national elections. This is another reason why Romney and Ryan need to be defeated because their backers are making threats to their employees about losing their jobs in order to get these two elected and that is how countries end up with dictators. The Koch brothers and all other employers that sent letters to their employees threatening their jobs if the right people weren’t elected should be charged with interfering with the Constitutional right of their employees and sent to prison.
    This also shows how low the Republican party will go to get Romney and Ryan elected.

  43. He repeatedly demonstrated his disrespect for both the president and Candy Crowley, the moderator. And Romney was just plain querulous when anyone dared question him about the gaping holes in his tax and budget plans./// the anti-christ romney was thinking he was at a bain,s ceo meeting hes a POS

  44. “I — I was — I was someone who ran businesses for 25 years, and balanced the budget. /// what you did anti-christ romney was ran companys into the ground and striped ever bit of then bleeding them dry then picked their bones of anything that might been left and mad $millions for urself and ur greedy bastard freinds . as far as balanceing the budget in MA. well you did a great balance here you left by balanceing MASS. into over a billion $ bucks thy owe to others . great job just the jog one gets from a anti-christ greedy bastard . and as far as jobs to did take the state from 50th in jobs to 47th . and that the besty thing you did you EVIL POS

  45. Here was Romney on Tuesday: “I will not under any circumstances reduce the share that’s being paid by the highest-income taxpayers/// THATS IF THE DIRTY BUSH TAX CUTS STAY IN IF THY DONT THEN ILL MAKE NEW ONMES AND TELL YOU ABOUT THEM AFTER I GET IN OFFIES IM SURE PPL WILL LOVE IT . YA RIGHT THE 2% GREEDY BASTARD RICH WOULD LOVE IT

  46. YEEAHHHAWWWW Bill …check the facts…they set RECORDS for filibusters. THIS CONGRESS has been the BIGGEST WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY……only legislation from the GOP was about vaginas…..GIVE ME A BREAK !!!!

  47. Romney is a boss, a CEO, his likeability isn’t important. Since when is boss likaeble, and why does he need to be ? Doesn’t. But we’re not electing a boss, we’re electing a PRESIDENT. Define that in your mind and then decide.

  48. Totenkatz, you are a brainwashed automaton of the extreme right-wing party of the RethugLIARcons. You can say what you want to try and counteract this because propaganda by Limbaugh trolls like you is all your brain is equipped to spew out. Limbaugh calls you a ditto head. That means that he does the thinking for you. You are simply a drone in his army spewing out asinine and insane arguments that have no basis in fact. You stated that you don’t engage in name-calling but you support Lying Romney and Ryan who has consistently and persistently called President Obama every dirty name in the book. Congressional RethugLIARcons and many other RethugLIArcons and Teabaggers have called the president every insulting word including the “n” word. You are who you associate with and support. Since you identify with and support the RethugLIARcon party, that makes you as much of a liar and insulter as they are. Evil communications corrupt good morals.

  49. Halloween is the perfect holiday for Mitt. He just keeps changing costumes depending on where he is. At the debates he’s “moderate” Mitt. Then when he’s stumping to the Tea Party he’s “radical right” Mitt. When Mitt Romney looks in the mirror to shave can he even find his face? The sad part is that there are those voters who don’t even remember what he says from one minute to the next. These are the voters the GOP is counting on. Yea Mitt…your not Obama…yea!

  50. Many times Ive thought Journalists don’t ask the right question: for instance:”Mr. Romney, if two navies were at battle on the ocean, One Navy being The U.S. Navy 2012 and the other The U.S. Navy, 1917, which Navy would win?

  51. Etc-a-sketch defined: fascisism.

    Dionne stated it best:
    “In the second debate, the disguise fell. Romney revealed more of himself than he wanted to and asked voters to endorse a radical tax-cutting program without providing them the details that matter. “Sketchy” is one word for this. “Deceptive” is another.”

    The right wing fascists called Republicans and/or Teaparty had its propaganda mastermind, Karl Rove, its billionaire friends like the Kch Brothers, and the media outlets of Fox”news,”, Limbaugh, Beck, and a dozen others to shove down the collective throat of American their intentional lies, distortions and bizarre theories about Obama.
    This “playbook” by Rove and others is nothing new. Fascists need to create imaginary enemies. They play off the 6th grade education and racism of their fanatic followers who are conveniently in a depression era economy created by Bush and Wall Street/big bank greed.

    Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels (like Foxnews, Limbaugh, beck and Rove believe) said it best:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    or as Adolph Hitler stated:

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

The 1930’s had the Brown Shirts.
The 1950’s had Joseph McCarthy
The 1980’s had Ronald Reagan…
The late 1990’s had George Bush JR…

    Today we have The Teaparty and the “red shirts.”
The American Right invented it’s imaginary Obama to try and get us to by into their fascism.
It didn’t work.
Obama is going to win.

    Electoral College alone will assure that.

    It trumps the “etch-a sketch” candidate.

  52. There is huge irony in Romney’s thesis about not taxing the rich. Most of the rich are Democrats, by a pretty wide margin. It is estimated that Democrats earn about $10,000 per capita more than Republicans. States like California,Ilinois, New York and Pennsylvania pay far more in taxes than the Red states. In fact it is the Blue states that provide the taxes to the Red states so they can survive. States like Miss., Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Nebraska, have very low earning per capita, and don’t have enough in state taxes to survive. Guess who foots the bill? The very people who are willing to pay a little more in taxes to create jobs. So when you hear Mitt Romney say that we shouldn’t tax the wealthy, he means the Republican wealthy, who are very rich, but aren’t as wealthy as the wealthiest Democrats.Now you understand the selfish Romney vision.

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