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Friday, October 21, 2016

Adding to the general confusion about exactly what they stand for, the Log Cabin Republicans took out a full-page ad in Thursday’s New York Times, urging President Obama to reconsider his possible selection of Republican Chuck Hagel for the position of Secretary of Defense.

The gay Republican group, which by association and voting behavior accepts the GOP’s default position that (openly) gay people are second-class citizens not deserving of the same civil rights as “normal” human beings, is apparently miffed that Hagel — in time-honored Republican tradition — made a homophobic remark in 1998 about James C. Hormel, President Bill Clinton’s choice for ambassador to Luxembourg, calling him “openly aggressively gay.”

Hagel has since apologized for what he termed the “insensitive” comment, adding that it does “not reflect my views or the totality of my public record, and I apologize to Ambassador Hormel and any LGBT Americans who may question my commitment to their civil rights. I am fully supportive of ‘open service’ and committed to LGBT military families.”

His apology was accepted by the Human Rights Campaign, who referred to him as an “ally.”

But the selectively indignant group doesn’t stop there… it ups the ante by throwing in some foreign policy concerns — “Chuck Hagel: Wrong on gay rights, wrong on Iran, wrong on Israel,” reads the ad. “Tell President Obama that Chuck Hagel is wrong for Defense Secretary. Help us create a stronger and more inclusive Republican Party.”

Conservatives believe Hagel has not pledged sufficient allegiance to Israel, pointing to his assertion that there is a powerful “Jewish lobby” that intimidates legislators. (While few would contend that AIPAC is not a powerful lobby, the preferred term — says the suddenly-all-for-political-correctness crowd — is “pro-Israel” lobby.) “I’m a United States senator.” he reasoned. “I’m not an Israeli senator.”

That, to the extreme right, makes him an anti-Semite.

Then there’s Hagel’s senatorial votes against extending sanctions on Iran and his “diplomacy first” stance, which to some means he wants to deliver nukes to Iran in a pretty gift basket with an engraved invitation to blow up the White House. However, having signed his name to a Washington Post op-ed that read, in part, “War with Iran is not inevitable, but U.S. national security would be seriously threatened by a nuclear-armed Iran” would — to any reasonable person — be enough to dispel that misconception.

The ad’s plea to “Help us create a stronger and more inclusive Republican Party” is puzzling to anyone who might attempt to reconcile the positions of that party with the interests of a group of openly gay Americans. “Who are these people, and why do they continue to champion and vote for a party that hates them?” is a familiar refrain. But, since losing another presidential election in spectacularly convincing fashion, the GOP is in major damage-control mode. Even they have finally realized that they need to repackage themselves, and improve the quality and believability of the lies they tell to the people they hate.

Whether it not this transparently self-serving strategy works remains to be seen, but it’s not likely.

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  • You know, when this many people on all sides of the spectrum are against him, he must be the right choice.

    • Canadiangirl57

      You can say that again!

    • Coyote Prophet

      He is an awful choice.

  • Interesting, the people that lost the election on 11/6 managed to derail the Susan Rice nomination, and they are now after Chuck Hagel, even before his nomination! A large sign showing the electoral college vote – 332 to 207 – should be erected in front of the podium where the Speaker of the House sits as a reminder of what happened on 11/6/12. I realize arithmetic is a challenge for some Republicans, but hopefully some well meaning Democrats will provide remedial help free of charge before they flunk their final test in 2014.

  • Is there, in this entire world, a group more confused than the LCR’s? Maybe they should partner up with Jews for Hitler.

    • Reddiaperbaby

      Or roaches for RAID.

  • Carrabus

    Nebraskan here! Hagel is the man.

    Isn’t it weird that there is a ‘gay republicans’ group? Don’t they have any self-respect?

    • jointerjohn

      It is Carrabus, but then look at the millions of women who are still faithful to the Roman Catholic Church! Like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders. Sadly some people despise themselves enough to pay devotion to their abusers.

  • DOMA should be upheld. Marriage should only be between a man and a woman. The majority of voters passed Yes on Prop 8. Americans are getting tired of the gay agenda.

    • Americans seemed to be pretty sick of the “black agenda” too back in the day. What’s with all these people wanting equal rights, and not just accepting the religious teachings of a religion that everyone believes in!? America…sheesh.

      • Yeah, only the white Americans should be on top of the ring. Blacks, gays, and non-Americans don’t deserve equal rights because we’re obviouslu the superior race!

        • CPANewYork

          You’re an asshole.

          • Wulgus

            Kill yourself

    • Reddiaperbaby

      Speak for yourself, dummy….this American does not see equal civil rights as an “agenda”. From under what rock did you crawl?

    • zitsky

      Look behind you. The majority of younger voters have no problem with gay people. After all, gay people aren’t bothering them so why should they be bothered? The only people bothered about gay rights are narrow minded, bigots who want to avoid acknowledging the rights of the gay community. Gay people are serving in the military, protecting your country every day. Do you have a problem with that?

    • fuck you Diana….. What happened to the USA being a melting pot of different types of people getting along. How does it hurt you if two guys do somthing(that honestly grosses me out but I don’t care) All these people want is to be given the same rights as me or you being straight white people. Does them being happy really make your panties get all in a bunch?

    • Overreacting

      No, Americans are getting tired of your rhetoric. Americans realize whether gay people want to get married or not has no significant bearing on their individual lives. Americans want less government interference in personal lives. Americans voted for the party that was more for gay rights. Americans are tired of the “our way or the highway” approach to policy. Americans are sick of the hateful rhetoric. And America has a liberal bias.

    • A B

      You’re a fag.

      • CPANewYork

        You’re an asshole.

    • A B

      Double post, sorry.

    • Fuck your religion, if it denies anyone rights.

      • CPANewYork

        Fuck you double, Lee.

        • Yes, that’s exactly what Jesus would say. Good job representing the religion of ‘love one another’.

      • zentopia7

        Amen to that 😉

    • Wulgus

      Majority of California voters, Diana. They don’t speak for me and neither do you. Personally, I’m getting tired of the homophobic bullshit people like you are spitting.

      • CPANewYork


        Aw, wassamatter Bunky? You don’t like Diana’s homophobic comments? That’s tough titties. If you’re tired of her posts, then go crawl under a rock or go to some gay bar where all you’ll hear is pro gay talk.

        • grammyjill

          You need to go get a gay friend. You would find out that they can be very nice people and good friends. They can also be as biggoted as you are.

        • Perhaps you should be the one crawling under a rock. You’re losing the battle.

        • Wulgus

          Fuck off retard

    • J D

      Stop trolling.

    • RemySC

      I guess protecting the rights of minority against the tyranny of the majority is a foreign concept to you? Civil rights should never be up for majority vote. Blacks would still be subject to Jim Crow laws if were up to the majority in the 60s. That said, the majority of Americans now support same sex marriage. Get over it, you bigot.

    • CPANewYork

      The gays are getting tiresome. If you watch the costumes in the gay pride parade in New York, you may conclude with some justification that “queer” is an appropriate description.

    • The gay agenda is to have some defense on the books against bigots like you. That’s it, it’s an equality based agenda, and you disagree with the American ethos if you don’t think they should be equal. And as you all like to say, if you don’t like America, than you get geeeeiiiiit out!

    • Burzghash

      Opposition to gay marriage is literally dying off as the last vestiges of that outdated and archaic mentality pass away. It’s why there’s unprecedented support for it, which is only growing, as your opposition to it is crumbling.

      You are not as relevant any more as you believe yourself to be.

    • The_Countess

      “The majority of voters passed Yes on Prop 8”

      the majority of the minority that voted on it.
      and considering the HUGE amount of money religion organisations pumped into that to deny others equal rights the margin of victory was pitiful.
      added to that public opinion is moving in the equal rights direction. hold it today and it probably wouldn’t pass, ask again in 4 or 8 and it would be rejected.

      in 50 years people will know you were on the wrong side of history, just like we now know the church was on the wrong side of history during the civil rights debate, women’s suffrage and slavery.

    • Marriage is not even a truly “religious” ceremony, and it was created to be between a man and another MAN. The marriage ceremony and tradition can be traced back to the dark ages where it served as a ceremony for a knight to commit his loyalty to his Noble family.

      So you can keep the whole marriage should only be between a man and a woman to yourself. This is a matter of human rights, not tradition or religion. The reason it passed so easily is that a large majority of older black and Hispanic voters who are religious voted against granting rights to a minority because their spiritual leaders framed it as a sin. Which was just another example of bible verse selection, what about wearing different cloths? Why isn’t that enforced? Because nobody cares, but because some are offended by OTHER PEOPLE’S decisions on how to live their life then religion “cherry picks” an old testament verse and declares war on a whole group of people.


      That’s why we came to America in the first place. To avoid persecution for our beliefs, and now the entire religious right in the US has completely forgotten both the Christian message and why the US is what it is, a melting pot nation for all colors, creeds, religions, and beliefs. I’m tired of intolerant people hiding behind a bible, you aren’t christian, you’re intolerant and judgmental. IS THAT WHAT JESUS WOULD DO? Deny the rights of others?

      • Adam, This is an outstanding and informative comment. I did not know about a Knight and his loyalty to his Noble family. I now have the incentive to find out more about the institution of marriage. Your comment about cherry picking the Old Testament is spot on. A lot of people believe we should have freedom of religion as long as it’s their religion.
        As to the Log Cabin Republicans, a lot of people don’t know where they get their name. They got it because they believe that Abe Lincoln was gay. Since he was Republican, they think the term fits. The fact is that he shared a bed with a young man in Springfield but it was not in a log cabin. Their time together was only about four years. Furthermore, Abraham Lincoln would roll over in his grave if he knew the type of things so called “Republicans” now profess.
        Chuck Hagel, does not follow the traditional Republican worship of the Israeli government. That to me is a giant recommendation.

    • Pete Hawkins

      Prop 8 would not pass today. Americans are getting tired of the anti-gay agenda.

    • ” The majority of voters passed Yes on Prop 8.”

      Four years ago. And a majority of voters last month voted Yes to same sex marriage in three states, and voted against banning it in one. What does that tell you? That this is a battle you are losing.

    • Andrew Baldock

      Actually, it looks like (332-207) Americans are tired of Republicans, and bigots like you.

    • I am straight but I can see as you call it”the gay agenda” as possibly being a counterweight to the agenda of the extreme radical right wing who do indeed want to take this country down the road to perdition.

    • PondPebble

      Even more Americans ARE tired of your religious opinions being legislated into law.

    • it only took millions of dollars in scare advertisements by the mormon church to get it done!

    • RobertCHastings

      And how is that statement appropriate to the question at hand? Does it have anything to do either with Chuck Hagel or the Log Cabin Republicans? Maybe YOU are tired of the LGBT agenda, but, finaly, more than half the country SUPPORTS same sex marriage, a big step on the way to marriage equality. Marriage, in virtually all states, is a CIVIL contract, not a religious one, and as such need not be constrained by any petty religious constraints on the union of same-sex couples. Prop 8 was NOT on the national ballot, and was thus not a national issue. DOMA has been held by a Federal Appeals court to be unconstitutional, and is well on its way to the same fate in the Supreme Court.

    • You Diana probably be upset also if you had to fear losing your profession, in some places your home, safety on the streets because whom you love or associate with, and be denied visitation of someone you love because of archaic laws or policies and standing still when your fellow citizens who don’t even know you deny privileges they seem to toss about. Perhaps they are getting tired of folks like you who express your written belief systems. Then, even if the state you live in grants same-sex marriage………the feds say ‘nope’ you aren’t and we will tax your assets as if you each never knew each other. Yep, sounds fair and right up your ilk’s alley! Be proud!

    • The Generals and Admirals opened the flood gates–“Don’t Ask” “Don’t Tell”

      What is next? Marriage between animals and people.

      • Please, Jose…marry a horse.

        You need the front half to complete yourself.

    • so, “Diana”, by your reckoning, if the Majority of Voters are in favor of something, it should be passed?

      The latest Polls show that Americans favor equal marriage rights for gay couples by 52%; in the under 35 years of age category, that number is 66%. The last election found all four pro-gay marriage bills being supported by the majority.

      So, dear, it would be best for you to return quietly to your corner and sulk quietly as the rest of the country joins the 21st century.

    • Please, Diana, quote the “Gay Agenda” to which you and the rest of the homophobic world refer.

      I’d like a reliable source, if you don’t mind.

      If you can’t find one, that’s OK…just STFU and all will be well with your little pink-and-orange-polka-dot-sky world.

  • time to get your fucking balls back: MANHOOD101. COM

  • Or the wrong choice! and I can say it again.. WRONG CHOICE!

  • LeslieCz

    Follow the money on LCR’s NY Times ad.

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  • A gay Republican is an oxymoron…A gay person has to be a bloody moron to join the republican party and a traitor to the LGBT community!

  • Burzghash

    It’s quite alright. We know you’re mad. That’s what happens when your views quickly become irrelevant in the span of your own lifetime.

  • Burzghash

    What’s a matter CPA, mad that your outdated and archaic views are fast becoming irrelevant? There there, lashing out and getting mad is a natural result of seeing support for your mentality rapidly dying off while the counter swells in support every year. Pretty soon, you’ll be completely irrelevant, and then we won’t even have to stumble across your comments by accident.

  • Why have an honest discussion about the policies of the Israeli government when you can just label critics as anti-Semites?

  • With this article you are encouraging people to get upset at Mr. Hagel. Upset against a man, who in 1998 made some distasteful remark about the gays and it is brought up in 2012 in order to prevent him from becoming Secretary of Defense? Seriously? Does no one else think that bringing up remarks from *over a decade ago* is worthless?

    Mr. Hagel stated recently he is a Senator for the American people and not for another country. How can that be seen as bad? In fact, we need more of our Senators to come back and focus on the country instead of their myriad of pet projects.

  • R

    I am confused, how can any Thinking Gay person be a Republican? It seems to me it is about as colose as you can get to “Jews for Hitler”!

  • mrsmurple

    Israel gets more “foreign aid” than all of African combined.. enough said. Cut them off.

  • onedonewong

    as least hagel will slow down the feminizing of the US military. squatting to pee will no longer be required of male soldiers

  • Neoconservative gays oppose Chuck Hagel. Anyone surprised? I’m certainly not. Log Cabin Republicans feed off of Islamophobia and try to paint everyone but the U.S. as anti-gay in order to push their ultra-nationalist agenda and get a few tax cuts.

  • Gay Republicans…now that’s an oxymoron that makes your flesh crawl .

  • He is the right man for the job!

    I still believe that all members of Congress should be sent to the War Front!

  • AliceR51

    I totally agree Diana. My opinion.!!!!!!!!

  • markie G

    i still cant get over the concept of “gay republican”—isnt that sort of like “jewish nazi”?–or maybe “african-american ku-klux-klansman”?

  • Moko Fukahori

    Hagel is a 100% genuine fraud that better be canned..That guy was never in the military, he was actually just a Mormon missionary. His story doesn’t make sense , much less add up.. Just look at his story and it’s obvious.
    Hagel is a guy that the Christian Science monitor use to admin their radio stations and satellites that they use to spy on the general public of the USA. His trip to Afghanistan is just a show to add 30,000 drones that will be used to spy and apply chemicals into the atmosphere that will directed by the electromagnetic beams that the satellites put out.Chemtrails are no longer being sprayed by manned aircraft, so now they plan to use drones, that have no pilot refusing to spray whatever the hell they are spraying.If you say I am crazy, you are just a filthy Satanic homosexual trained to say that.
    The Christian Science monitor, Gary Kurtz, Sergey Brin, Robin Williams and several others with LDS,Scientology and the entertainment industry are the ones attempting to destroy the US economy and control the herd of the USA with surveillance and the dirt they collect of people just being human beings.
    The Christian science monitor, Gary Kurtz, Robin Williams, Sergey Brin(Fake CG personality) and all the people mentioned above are people with extreme sexual and voyeuristic disorders that all have something in common, which is gay fornication,prostitution business and a false idea of being better than everybody on Earth! The only thing they do better is Lie, steal, and take large things up the ass!
    Those people are the deviants that believe the NWO will be something other than an abortion. The gays destroyed the Roman empire, HitlerGermany and Napoleonic France, but they had enough sense to poison that little shit head and spared complete disaster. WE have a problem in the USA and we better open our eyes to see what is actually taking place.
    We need to get every single Mormon, Christian Scientist and Scientologist out of every single government agency right now.Those entities need to be declared terrorist organizations before they drain the wealth of the USA into the accounts of Millicent Rogers and Parsons credit union, by government contract scams, like the DHS has with Google’s satanic homosexual no bid contract that amounts to about $500million a month to spy on the general public of the USA! The Mormon criminal network gets all the government contracts and grants by corruption within all levels of government and it’s rampid!