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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Tea Party one-upmanship that has defined Georgia’s Republican primary for U.S. Senate reached its logical conclusion on Wednesday, when support for Paul Ryan’s ultra-right-wing budget became the mark of a RINO.

For months, the primary — which is essentially a tossup between U.S. Representatives Paul Broun, Phil Gingrey, and Jack Kingston, former Georgia secretary of state Karen Handel, and former Reebok CEO David Perdue — has taken the shape of a mad dash to the right, with each candidate trying to prove that he or she is the “true” conservative in the race. This has led to some startling moments, and convinced Democrats that their candidate, former Points of Light Foundation leader Michelle Nunn, could steal the seat currently held by retiring Republican senator Saxby Chambliss.

The three candidates who currently serve in Congress will get their latest chance to prove their right-wing bona fides on Thursday, when the House votes on Ryan’s latest “Path to Prosperity.” It appears that all three will take it; The Hill reports that Broun and Gingrey plan to vote “no” on the budget because it does not cut enough from the budget, while Kingston is a “definitely lean no” because the plan does not cut discretionary spending to at least sequester levels.

Broun — who infamously trashed Ryan’s previous budget for “nibbling around the edges” — has already released a web ad trumpeting his opposition to “a budget that spends billions we don’t have,” in typically over-the-top fashion:

That spirited opposition could very well make a difference in the crowded Republican primary. But by insisting that Ryan’s budget does not cut enough, the three congressmen are essentially writing Nunn’s next campaign ad for her. The Ryan plan is genuinely extreme: 69 percent of its $4.8 trillion in non-defense budget cuts would come from programs that benefit Americans with low or moderate incomes, such as Medicaid, food stamps, Pell grants, the Social Services Block Grant, and Supplemental Security Income for the elderly and disabled. It would end Medicare as we know it by converting it to a premium-support voucher. And while the poor are asked to pay through the nose, it would give millionaires an average tax cut of $200,000.

Even in reliably red Georgia, this is well outside of the mainstream. But in the Republican primary, it’s now the liberal position.

Thus far, Nunn has ridden her carefully constructed moderate image to a virtual tie in the polls. If her Republican rivals go through with their austere suicide pact, she could find herself in the lead before long. And Republicans could find themselves wondering why they once again let their right flank ruin a golden chance at a Senate majority.

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  • Lynda Groom

    Hang in there Michelle maybe they will just hand this one to ya. The crazier the opposition becomes the better your chances of cutting throught the nonsense. Lets hope the voters use some common sense and stop voting against their own self-interest.

    • Pete Prez

      “Stop voting against their own self-interest”,
      As long as the Democrats insist on trashing the 2nd amendment, which is the GOP’s ace in the hold card, then the GOP will gain control of the Senate, and there goes ACA. Holder wants funds to work on the Smart weapon technology, Give me a break. That is not his function as Attorney General.

      • One Cool Chick

        It’s “ace in the hole”. Just so you know. Proceed with your delusional rantings about some make believe trashing of the 2nd amendment and your master’s thesis about the functions of the attorney …*yawn*…sorry got bored and dozed off. But carry on.

      • Sand_Cat

        Nice post, except the Dems haven’t even come close to regulating guns, much less “trashing the 2nd Amendment.”

        • Alistair

          If anything, President Obama has actually Expanded the 2nd Amendment by allowing guns in our national parks (as opposed to Reagan, who passed a gun ban when he was governor of California, Palin who dismissed the Alaska militia, etc.)

        • dpaano

          Pete is just another one of those “uninformed” voters who believe everything they hear on the conservative media and don’t take the time to research anything!
          AND, even if the GOP do take control of the Senate, they still won’t be able to repeal ACA since it’s now the law of the land! I’d love to see the backlash if that were ever to actually happen….with so many people now insured that weren’t before….they’re certainly not going to sit still to going back to not having any healthcare at all!!!

          • Do you really think that the GOP really cares about the people. They are bought and paid for by the Insurance Industry.

        • Bloomberg, State of New York, Colorado, At least recall took place.
          And they have not been able to regulate on the Federal level because they have been stopped by the House.

          • Sand_Cat

            Nowhere close to “trashing the Second Amendment.” Are you really saying that any lunatic should be able to buy an arsenal in the name of the Second Amendment, no background check, no questions asked, or are you just suggesting that any regulation at all will cost the Dems? I’m a bit unclear what your point is.

      • idamag

        Do you even know how to read and understand? Just what has any Democrat proposed that would trash the 2nd Amendment? When you fall for nut jobs constant blabber that doesn’t say much for your ability to read and know what you read. What you should start with is the arguments that led up to each amendment.You might understand it better. Next, you should give credible data that proves that anyone is trying to trample on your gun rights. the interpreter who tells you these things is saying that Adam Lanza’s right to carry a gun supersedes 26 people’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    This wouldn’t be a Democrat “stealing” a Republican seat as the author implies. Chamblis “stole” the seat from Max Cleland – a Vietnam Veteran and triple-amputee – by Chamblis (a draft-dodger who never served in the military) painting Cleland (a decorated war veteran) as soft on defense and soft on terrorism. Of course, he had the backing of Karl Rove’s rumor and innuendo machine working for him. Now he doesn’t.

    • TZToronto

      Maybe if Cleland had been a quadruple amputee . . . What is wrong with these people???

  • adp3d

    Kudos to Dr. Broun for assembling a diverse crowd to help him send his message…

  • Richard Piamai

    I am sorry but the republicans just keep walking deeper and deeper into the mud. What people do not realize is that regardless what the republicans say they want and give you what you want to hear, it will never happen. Any changes they say they will make won’t happen. Why? It will cost money and if it does not benefit them in their pockets, it will not happen.
    Vote smart in November. Or you will pay for it in the long run.

  • An article written by a McCain fan, no doubt. Nunn supports Obamacare and the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda in general. And Saxby Chambliss is the arch-typical RINIO, a Democrat who changed stripes when he saw the winds change. Wishful thinking from Atlanta. We in the Mountains ain’t buying what she’s selling.