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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Energized and defiant, Newt Gingrich declared victory Tuesday night after decisively winning the Georgia primary, making the case that he was winning a fight for the soul of the Republican Party, his campaign’s third (and presumably final) surge right around the corner.

While most of the attention on Super Tuesday belonged to Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, the two Republicans battling it out for delegates in 10 states, Gingrich had set a rather low bar for himself: win the state he represented in Congress for two decades, and position himself to do well in the Alabama and Mississippi primaries next week.

Newt’s 20 percentage point blowout in the Peach State may have demonstrated that his fanbase of older, white Americans sympathetic to the Tea Party movement is alive and well, but the candidate’s invectives against big money highlighted the desperate state the former House Speaker finds himself in.

“Wall Street money can be beaten by Main Street work,” Gingrich told a crowd of friends and supporters in Atlanta, referring to Romney, the private equity titan and former Massachusetts governor who is the preferred candidate of the financial sector.

Here’s the video, where Newt lambasts the “elite media” even more than usual:

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2 responses to “With Georgia Victory, Fiery Newt Promises Third Surge”

  1. freethinker says:

    As Newt said, these are the people who know him best. It also means that Romney wasted his money with his vicious attack ads because those people wouldn’t put any stock in them. Here’s a truism: without those endless, untrue attack ads that Romney uses, he wouldn’t even be in the race today. I can hardly wait til the real battle starts. It will be one liar defaming another liar.

  2. DAlnB says:

    I find it unbelievable that any group of people can be so utterly hoodwinked to turn their back on the background of Newt Gingrich. Over a ten year period the man embarrassed us in a continual exploitation and violation of the public trust. His continual lying, manipulation and long string of ethical violations resulted in the party finally forcing him out of office. We repeatedly trusted him and he repeatedly violated that trust.

    He left behind a legacy of being the first and (to date) the only Speaker of the House to be investigated and tried for lying to Congress. He claims he has changed but in an early debate he was again caught lying when he denied having an association with Fanny May and another company drafting a National Health Care plan. His history of extra marital involvements is despicable. An argument that many in the past (in office) have been known to do similar things is unacceptable; there is little doubt they would not have been elected had voters known they would end up with such personal shortfalls. In Gingrich’s place we already know he has a weakness for honesty, truth, family values, ethics and decency and can not be trusted!

    An argument that his past experience prepares him for the highest seat in our government is like saying Manson’s experience has prepared him to hold the highest position in the prison he has served so many years in. He too had the ability to talk people into following his philosophies!

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