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Monday, March 25, 2019

Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head by a crazed assassin in Tucson on January 8, and while much of the media attention has been directed at the pace her recovery, there’s always been a undercurrent of buzz about her political future — as early as February, when she still had barely re-awakened from a coma, officials from both political parties were openly discussing the possibility that she’d run for Senate next year.

Nine months and one public appearance (she appeared on the congressional floor to vote on August’s debt ceiling bill) later, Giffords still hasn’t announced a decision. But with news of an upcoming media blitz next month revolving around her upcoming memoir and audiobook that will feature her voice for the first time since she was hospitalized, it’s looking more and more likely that her political career is not over.

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11 responses to “Is Gabby Giffords Running For Re-Election?”

  1. Reid says:

    Ms. Giffords,
    From a Demorcrat. You have the Republicans “freightened”…..wait as long as possible….keep preparing a campaign…….you have done wonderful things for the Women of the United States, as well as everyone else !

  2. omgamike says:

    I am not one of your constituents, nor even any longer a democrat (independent). But my thoughts and prayers have been with you during your long and difficult journey back to full health. I am confident your health will return to you in full measure and that you will once again be a beacon to guide other members of your caucus, as well as your constituents, down the road of true democratic principles. I have complete faith that you will run, and run successfully, for re-election, in your district. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.

  3. Connie Malone says:

    Dear Congresswoman, while my husband and I were in an airport once, your colleague—-and dear friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz walked by. We stopped her to say, “Hello,” and she said that she was on her way to Washington for a vote. I remembered her from tv shows. my husband and I are political active and staunch Democrats. She really loves you, as you already know. We could tell, even over miles of pixels and we support you with all of our hearts. I actually believe that you’ll easily win and I hope that your constituents realize that they must get out the vote. Hopefully, the Democratic Party will support you and reelect you as you deserve it so much. We need you in Congress. Warmest regards, Connie Malone

  4. aowensacc says:

    I hope that she has fully recovered. Also, I believe that popular support will carry her to victory should she run. But I am concerned that the horrific injury she suffered will impair her abilities to a point that she can’t perform–and the last thing we need is less talent in Congress. I mean it’s a pretty low threshold to begin with and to make it lower–wow.

  5. lecycliste says:

    Regardless of her energy level, Gabrielle Giffords cares enough about making the federal government actually work for a change that she’ll be a great improvement over other incumbents, in either the Senate or the House.

    Congress already can’t perform as it is.

    I also suspect that if she feels herself unable to perform as a representative or senator, she’ll mimic Steve Jobs’ resignation from Apple and won’t run.

  6. misskaren says:

    We have a senator recovering from a serious brain hemorrage some years ago and doing fine on the Senate floor. He speaks more slowly than others but he speaks quite well with all that. If Giffords can receive and communicate complex ideas, there is no reason inthe world why she should not serve.

  7. rumpunch says:

    What about her husband running for Senator? It worked for that other astronaut John Glynn. Arizona needs to bring itself into the 21st century and who better to do that than a politically (probably) and scientifically (definitely) rocketman? He’d get my vote.

  8. StephenBarlow says:

    But I am beginning to think that if we arbrtrarily vote ALL incumbents out of office, the old power grid will fail and the new blood and new ideas will break the Republican NOVoters lock on progress and recovery.

  9. CasperC.Bosveld says:

    Don’t satisfy your enemies. Keep going!

  10. PamCashman says:

    As a constituent of Tim Johnson’s the recovering senator mentioned in one of the posts previously. I agree that with the strong determination that Gabby has, I see no reason why she can’t go for it and win BIG.

  11. Jonas Weil says:

    We/she are most fortunate that she survived her horrendus wounds. She seems to be making remarkable progress. Even
    so, we don’t know much about her ability to perform in the capacity of a House Representative. As to Capt. Mark Kelly,
    I am not sure we know much about his politics (though no one doubts his patriotism). Most importantly, we don’t know
    Gabby’s intentions. The Giffords/Kelly team could be formidable in the Congress. Both AZ Senatorial and House seats will be available in 2012. A lot can happen in the next year. A lot can happen in a six year senatorial term. The country has been
    held hostage by the Republicans for almost two years. What is needed is a balanced approach to legislation. In the case of the AZ Senatorial “race”, this seat in Congress (and in all 2012 elections), we need a balanced approach to both the problems and opportunities facing the country. In this particular case, it is too early for judgment calls and the Giffords/Kelly team have
    to make the first decisions. Best to Gabby for continued recovery!
    facing our country

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