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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Gingrich The 'Historian' Skips Over His Own Past

Every dog has its day. With Rick Perry and now Herman Cain felled by brain freezes, and Mitt Romney unable to close the deal, snarling Newt Gingrich has surged into a statistical dead heat in recent polls.

He has little money and less charm. He’s set new indoor records in hypocrisy. He’s now connected to Freddie Mac, long seen by Republicans as Freddy Krueger. But in this field, don’t count him out.

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12 responses to “Gingrich The 'Historian' Skips Over His Own Past”

  1. CharleneJohnson says:


  2. bobdavies says:

    Where is the evidence supporting the idea that Newt Gringrich is “very bright”?

  3. bobdavies says:

    Where is the evidence supporting the idea that Newt Gingrich is “very bright”?

  4. jim muster says:

    Living in Atanta in the 70″s I recall the female house pages took up a fund to “neuter Newt”. Seems he could have made Herman a piker when it came to unwanted advances to women. This guy is a real sleaz ball.

  5. terango.lf says:

    Newt has always bewitched the meanest and most selfish of the conservative ilk with his witch’s brew of hate and hypocracy all the while aspiring to become the key oligarch to all oligarchs.

  6. in deo veritas says:

    Aside from his sleazy personal life-there is one big thing this consummate fraud annot deny-he joined with Bill Clinton to end the Glass-steagall Act which was the only way to control the banks. Without it the banksters have been free to operate as both commercial banks and investment banks, destroying our economy with reckless speculation, derivitives, and junk mortgages. The only way to stop this is to reinstate the Glass-Steagall immediately. This is HR1489 with a growing number of sponsors not only in Congress but across the country. Obama has not shown any inclination to support it or do anything against the interests of the Wall Street oligarchs. Needless to say this is something Newt Gangrene will claim he had nothing to do with-but his record shows he is an artist at lying.

  7. Precious Young says:

    we do not need and old President In Washington , we need young men with new Ideas and great plans to move this Country farward so eithe re-elect President of get someone young and new. to send to Washington.

  8. BobG says:

    He is shamless ask his wife in hospital bed for divorce. He should pay back fees received to US tresure.


    Someone ought to ask him how much he got from DELTA Airines in 1995, when the Trael Industry tried to get him to help us. The Airlines used tp pay Travel Agencies a commision of 10 percent, then in 1995 they decided to cut it to 5% and eventually to zero percent. So almost half of Travel Agencies went out of business and those who survived had to charge a service charge to make up for the zero commission. Now you can hardly find any brick and mortor agencies as most of us are now what is called Home Based Agents. When ASTA asked hime to help us, he told them “I’ll do anything DELTA tells me to do.” And so almost ended a whole industry. I know this is so because I have been a Travel Agent since May 1971, and now have to work as a home based agent. I would like to know how much he was paid by DELTA for that. Now that it has come out he was taking money as as “consultant” I would just like to know how much he was paid.

  10. PAT F says:

    I refer back to Candace(Newts sister)who told him, come home Newt,you are old hat,they are not buying your#^&% again.

  11. NormaSapp says:

    Newt is the kind of guy that in his early career introduced a bill in Congress to legalize pot. Then when the subject was not politically correct he called for all pot smokers to be lined up and shot.

  12. GrevilleLiburd says:

    I’m convinced from what I’ve seen and heard, that this sleazebag and wanabe statesman is an evil genius, and MUST be kept out of the huighest level of public office at whatever lawful cost.

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