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Friday, March 22, 2019

Gingrich: Same-Sex Marriage Is Pagan Behavior [Audio]

Newt Gingrich, who has had three marriages and two marriage-ending affairs, recently told a conference call of Religious Right supporters that same-sex marriage is “pagan behavior” which represents “a fundamental violation of our civilization.”

Audio of Gingrich’s comments is below, courtesy of ThinkProgress:

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2 responses to “Gingrich: Same-Sex Marriage Is Pagan Behavior [Audio]”

  1. Alan Snipes says:

    To quote Paul Lynde “Oh, I hope so”.

  2. JonathanHughes says:

    Gingrich is opening his mouth trying to make one human that dies less than another human that dies. That is an ungodly thing to do from the get go. That means the ungodly one is Gingrich. Why can’t he see that? He should do his sex in his married, and let the gay do their sex in their marriage.When Gingrich does that he will be a peace maker. As it is now Gingrich is a warmonger wanting to excite devils in men to do battle.

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