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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Proving that Republicans can always manage to find a few tens of millions for their own pet projects, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), with the support of six of his Republican House colleagues, has proposed H.R. 751, a bill that would allocate $30 million a year in federal grants to placing police officers in schools.

Such a plan would clearly satisfy GOP sugar daddy and National Rifle Association president Wayne LaPierre, who after the Newtown school shooting in December, 2012 suggested that armed police should patrol the hallways of every school in the nation.

“According to a recent Gallup poll, 53 percent of Americans believe that increasing police presence at schools would be very effective in preventing future tragedies,” Meadows said. “After speaking to local law enforcement, superintendents and principals in my district, I believe this is the best path forward.”

The Protect America’s Schools Act would ostensibly reactivate the Cops in Schools grant program—which was started by President Bill Clinton in 1998 but has not received funding since 2005—and its cost would reportedly be offset by rescinding unspent funds from the budget of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NOAA, of course, is the agency that, among other things, researches the effects of climate change on weather and the environment, and includes the National Weather Service. It’s not a stretch to say that the planned diversion of funds from an agency devoted to “enriching life through science” to a program that increases proliferation of firearms is no coincidence.

The bill, says Meadows, is “bipartisan” because it dates back to the Clinton administration. However, the original Cops in Schools program — while intended to prevent school shootings — had officers counseling and mentoring kids, not acting as armed security guards. And despite the claimed “bipartisanship,” not a single Democrat has co-sponsored the bill.

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42 Responses to GOP Bill Takes $30 Million From NOAA To Put Armed Police In Schools

  1. Typical Republican Charlatan Garbage.

    Seize on a progressive idea a Democrat created, twist it out of all context, use it as an excuse to try to kill inconvenient facts or prevent their proliferation while pursuing a monstrous agenda directly opposing the Democratic initiative and then show the brazen effrontery to call it “Bipartisan” when not one Democrat had anything to do with the creation of this obscenity.

  2. Wow. A whole $30 million. That would grant something like one thousand dollars per school, or about enough to buy an AR15 and keep it locked in the principal’s office for safe keeping just in case.

  3. I am a Rpublican and an NRA Life member and I think putting police or armed guards in a school is a waste. I say arm volunteer, trained teachers. No one except the adminnistration of the school would know who they were. Police and guards are just targets. Most shootings don’t happen with so called assult rifles. Most are done with hand guns. In China it isn’t guns. They use knives and gasoline to kill school children. You have to protect the children from the crazy people not the method they use.

    • Why yes, a trained teacher would do as well as the well-trained, heavily armed police officers did when Mr. Dorner found them. ( Killed three, wounded one.) I’m sure they would be very accurate and never miss and hit bystanders, the way the armed and trained NY Police did with the shooter at the Empire State Building last year. ( 9 bystanders hit.)

      And a teacher would never, ever be tempted to use a firearm against a student or a colleague. Oh no. Not a chance.

      Leadville, you watch waayyyy too much TV. Adam Lanza used his mom’s AR15 to kill those children and teachers. He only used his pistol to shoot himself. That’s according to the State Police official in charge of the investigation. But hey, what would he know?

      • It seems to me there is way to much sarcasm. It gets in the way of real discussion. First it would seem you don’t like police. Aren’t they the ones you all want to come when the crap hits the fan? Yes Adam used an AR15. That is not the norm. Most attacts happen with hand guns, just look to Virginia Tech. Nothing is perfect, teachers are human too. Uniforms are targets that is why I suggested teachers. If you don’t know who is armed you can’t take them out and they stand a better chance on getting the drop on you. I don’t understand why people think teachers are less capable than police if trained. No one can predict the outcome. If it is police or teacher when you get in a gun fight there is always the chance a bystander could be hit.

        • Replying to leadvillexp –

          Police are TRAINED to respond to those who want to kill and maim and understand that they put their own lives ON THE LINE to protect innocent civilians.

          They accept that risk as part of the job, along with the rigorous and continuous training it entails.

          Teachers are trained to TEACH! They are NOT trained to put their lives on the line to protect children and other civilians.

          They don’t have the luxury of taking several days EVERY MONTH to train for the job of being armed guards. (Even a few days every month will fall short of the amount of training needed to provide adequate response skills.)

          Plus, in case you haven’t been paying attention, Teachers and Teachers Unions have been under attack by the Right Wing politicians as being overpaid, overprotected and underworked.

          And yet, you now want them to take on even more duties, more training, and be willing to put their lives on the line in order to satisfy your belief that they would be as effective as trained police.


        • Yes, and if/when the teacher misses his or her first shot, then the gunman knows who has the gun. Getting the drop on the shooter? Most of the time the shooter is planning on suicide anyway, so firing at the teacher is a good bet, especially if the shooter happens to be armed with an AR15 or similar. Then after the teacher is shot, guess who now has another weapon at his disposal?

          If there are 100,000 schools in the country, and each school has 2 pistol packing professors, that’s 200,000 handguns. How many accidental shootings can we expect? How many stolen handbags, and now a kid has a gun? How many “incidents” that have nothing to do with an active shooter situation?

          Hell, my first year of teaching, I often talked with colleagues who said “You know, if we just wasted one kid on the playground the first day, a lot of our discipline problems would have been solved.” Mostly facetious, but I think you can see the problem.

          Arming teachers isn’t going to help the situation, unless you are a gun dealer. Then it will help your bottom line. Teachers have enough to do without training to be pistoleros.

          • I would rather have a hand gun than crouch in a corner and wait my turn to be shot. While some shootings have happened with AR15 type rifles most shooters use hand guns. As for them being stolen there are many ways to carry them on you or lock them up. Could accidents happen? Yes, police have them also. I don’t believe teachers are any less competent than police. Given that it takes time for the police to respond and assess the situation, the killer has plenty of time to do his dirty work.

    • How can we know that the “chosen ones” will be stable and well-adjusted. The last thing I would want to read one day in the news is how an armed teacher went off the deep end as a result of the daily pressures of dealing with young adults (who can produce a lot of stress under normal circumstances), and decided to solve a class problem in a final and tragic manner.

      • These teachers should be volunteers and screened during training. NO one should be forced to do this job. As for knowing if they will snap, you can never be 100% sure. Just look at all the police that have gone off the deep end.

  4. Armed police officers may appeal to parents worried about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, but it is not going to solve our gun violence problem and it will not prevent more tragedies. The Aurora massacre happened in a movie theater, Phoenix happened in a plaza during a political event, the massacre in Wyoming took place in a Sikh Temple, the massacre in Virginia took place at Virginia Tech, and the list goes on.
    This is a diversion designed to take our attention from the real issue: the widespread availability of lethal weapons. The goal is to preclude gun control, even when the proposed legislation is limited to assault rifles, high capacity magazines, and more effective background checks.

    • Look at the recent Torrance Ca. PD during the beginning of the Dorner Chase! Look at the training these police officer were supposed to have? And I think the security guard at Columbine ran out. Their FEEDING the police something different? NYPD released over 90 rounds into the crowd outside that office building wounding bystanders. Boomberg was seemingly in shock when he aired that. Irresponseable! This is not in the streets of KABUL. What is the doctrine=”Kill’em All let god sort’em out!”

      • Its going to get worse! What do you think will happen when this bad idea made law goes south? I think martial law is next on their agenda. Its all about fear, control and outright stupidity.

  5. Shows how the GOP takes money away from necessary programs and allocates them to suit the needs of their moneyed interests. The NOAA protects all of us, children too, by warning us of dangerous weather. We really need to ban guns that are military weapons, license gun owners, register all guns, have universal background checks for all gun purchases, ban clips that hold over five bullets, and ban armor piercing bullets and hollow points. We have just as much right to public safety as we do to own guns. The Constitution protects all of our rights, and not just some rights at the expense of others. Our Constitution guarantees our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We loose these rights when the right to own and bare arms is abused.

  6. We don’t need no stinking weather reporting service…why back in the 50’s we braved high winds from hell, and blizzards from the Arctic…without even one bit of forewarning…and we faced it all with “exceptionalism”…in one hand and God’s lightning bolt in the other…amen…

  7. Rethuglicans want to steal money from a department they don’t like to appropriate money to put police officers in schools to protect children from people exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights to bear arms. Yet the same people fight tooth and nail against common sense measures that will help keep all of us safe and cost little or nothing.

    I must have fallen down the rabbit hole.

          • You don’t read much or pay attention to what is going on around you do you?

            I’m not going to feed you. Do your own research.

          • There is a difference between cannot and will not.

            I will not play your silly “I’m against anything you say” game.

            Oh and by the way pathetic is as pathetic does and it’s Mr. Skag to you.

          • Let me make this clear, SKAG.

            I have seen DOZENS of proposals put forth by Leftists, none of which I would call ‘common sense’ or that have even the slightest chance of working.

            So I’ll ask again, what “common sense measures” are YOU talking about?

          • What is clear is that you will continue to use a strategy that has been proven time and again to be a failure.

            You may ask until you turn plaid. I will not play your silly game.

          • Fine, SKAG. You make idiotic claims, refuse to stand up for your own words and thoughts.

            Please remember this conversation the next time you even think you have any credibility to speak on this issue!

          • I have made no idiotic claims.

            It is not that I am refusing to stand up for my own words and thoughts. I am refusing to to debate them with someone I consider unable to grasp the fact that there are people who live outside the shrinking bubble of the rethuglican echo chamber and who have thoughts not handed down to them from the psychotic wrong-wingers of the rethuglican party.

            This was not a conversation so much as it was your feeble attempt to goad me into an argument that was doomed to go nowhere from the beginning.

            As for remembering, I remember I have dealt with you before and have found that even when given facts and links to back up my assertions all you do is indulge in repeating debunked wrong-wing talking points and name calling .

            And finally, my credibility is not dependent upon YOUR acceptance.


          • Here is the post I responded to Skag…

            Rethuglicans want to steal money from a department they don’t like to appropriate money to put police officers in schools to protect children from people exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights to bear arms. Yet the same people fight tooth and nail against common sense measures that will help keep all of us safe and cost little or nothing.
            I must have fallen down the rabbit hole.

            —Note the bolded part.

            I asked you what those supposed common sense measures were. I did not threaten or insult you, I simply asked for clarification of your statement.

            And that was when you descended in your pissy little bitch act and refused to answer. I have yet to see any Leftists put forth any gun control solution that I felt was common sense. The fact that you are either unable or unwilling to describe these measures shows that even you do not believe the abject BULLSHIT you posted.

            Your credibility is based on your response to posts in this and other threads. And as in the past, you have once again FAILED! You have posted no facts, no links, NOTHING. So stop with the lectures and the whining, and answer my question. Or remain the little punk that you are!

          • As I said earlier I have dealt with you in the past. Hence my response to your query.

            So if you feel that I am being unresponsive to your queries feel free not to inquire of me in the future and as this will be the last time I make ANY response to any of your future replies or posts have a nice life.

          • Keep whining, little bitch. You shot off your mouth and couldn’t back it up. And now you are exposed for the pussy that you are.

            Come back after you change your wet little panties and we’ll try again.

          • Do you want to take up where Skag failed? Tell me what ‘common sense’ gun control measures the Left has proposed.

  8. You are correct police get more training, but just as with a guard a teacher would only be a stop gap measure to buy time. Police have to protec the community as a whole and can’t be relegated to patrol the school. It could take several minutes after notification for the police to arrive. During that time the teachers and students crouch in corners and wait while the gunman walks around shooting them like ducks. Even if the teacher didn’t hit the gunman being shot back at just might scare him off. No one can predict the outcome but at least they may stand a chance. As for the teacher that might not protect the children, it wouldn’t make a difference either way.

    • The logical thing would be to buy time OUTSIDE the school. There are several ways to make it very, very difficult for an intruder to gain entrance to a school.

      • Yes you are correct but that would be very expensive. Maybe bullet proof glass but then they may drive a car through it. You would have to build walls like a prison or an embassy. I don’t think I would like my children to go to a school like that. Our government has decided mental health is low priority. In New York they cut mental health aid and breast cancer screening funding so they could bring Late Night Show to NYC and a luxury box to a Buffalo stadium.

  9. Of course the republicans don’t believe in science. They don’t believe in climate change. So let’s just take the money from NOAA & give it to our sugar daddy’s. The NRA will be happy. Unfortunately I don’t believe cops in schools is going to change much of anything.

    The sad thing is that friday after the President’s speech, a girl was gunned down. She is the 3rd student this year to be killed by a gun at Clemente HS.

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