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Friday, October 28, 2016

As Republicans continue to reflect on what went wrong on Nov. 6, they should think back on a scene in February, when U.S. House Republicans organized a grandstanding hearing on contraception coverage under Obamacare, in which they proclaimed it an affront to an employer’s religious freedom.

Democrats were allotted only one witness and chose Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, who intended to speak out on the consequences of losing contraceptive coverage. But she was barred from testifying by Rep. Darrell Issa, the Republican committee chairman, because she was “not qualified,” while a panel of men — some in religious collars — were.

That was the moment when America’s women were reminded of what is at stake in American elections in which one major political party enthusiastically embraces the agenda of the Religious Right.

We American women know how recent and tenuous our grip is on our reproductive rights. Anyone watching HBO’s Boardwalk Empire knows the travails of Margaret Thompson, the wife of wealthy Nucky, as she struggles against the Catholic Church, ignorance, fear and the law in the 1920s to bring sex education and contraception to women.

It wasn’t until 1965 that the U. S. Supreme Court affirmed the right of married people to possess contraception in this country, a right that wasn’t extended to unmarried people until 1972 — four years after the Beatles released the “White Album.”

So it’s not such a surprise that this year’s election, according to a Gallup survey, resulted in a 20-point gender gap, the largest in history, with President Obama winning women by 12 percentage points while Mitt Romney won men by 8 points. Obama’s win among unmarried women was a whopping 38 points. Call it the Republicans’ Carrie Bradshaw problem, or for a younger generation, their Selena Gomez problem. Either way, they won’t solve it until they stop using women’s bodily autonomy as a political pawn.

During the election post-mortem, Republicans have blamed their loss on decreased support among Hispanic voters and voters who live in an urban core. Romney even blamed his defeat on Obama’s “gifts” to the moochers. But they’re missing the pink elephant in the room. Women made up 53 percent of the electorate, and most of us won’t support a candidate who promises to transport the country back in time when it comes to our essential right to control our lives.

Romney lost women by swallowing whole the Religious Right agenda, including its attacks on overseas family planning services. He promised to reinstate the Mexico City policy and to defund the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

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  • nobsartist

    republiCONs made the mistake of running on the platform of their biggest mistake.

    The failed “Health Care Bill of 1982” passed by the idiots that made FOR PROFIT health care legal.

    • foolsdance

      and how disastrous has that been? skyrocketed cost, reduced care… BIG FAIL!

      • InsideEye

        Are you going to Cuba for your OBGYN workup????

      • nobsartist

        Quite typical to any law proposed by the republiCON traitors.

        • What is so asinine is the belief that women don’t bring anything to the “table.” This female knowledge is just as important to the cause of prosperity as male knowledge. The sooner this is realized the quicker we will arrive at a solution to our problems.

    • Plus The Fact That Have Declared War On Us And Have The Nerve To Think We Were Going To Vote For Them!!! Bet They Wished They Kept Their Mouth Shut!!! LOL

    • What was health care like before 1982?

      • nobsartist

        Thank you for asking. As you my know, after FDR was elected and ended the depression of 1929, he enacted laws so that their would be some sort of protection for the average citizen from the people that caused the depression to begin with. Funny, but it was the exact same people that caused the depression that we are in right now. Anyway, FDR create many social programs that lifted America out of the depression, created jobs and created assistance for those that simply could not provide for themselves. One of the primary programs that he tried to implement was a National Health Care Plan. When Truman took over the Presidency, one of his goals was to create a National Health Care system but funny enough, he ran into the same opposition from the same people that oppose it today.

        So the same people that caused the depression are the same ones that have tried to overturn every social program created by FDR and are the same that opposed Trumans National Health Care bill in the 50’s and are against President Obama’s plan today.

        Truman was able to pass a bill that made FOR PROFIT health care illegal and ordered all hospitals to be municipally owned. Until 1982,doctors rented space from county owned hospitals and NO health insurance company was allowed to sell its services at a profit. As a result, no health care CEO was paid 1.5 BILLION per year like United Health Care was doing.

        When the senile jackass, reagun got in, one of the first things he did was to pass a health care bill that made FOR PROFIT health care legal AND ordered the sale of all tax payer built and paid for hospitals sold to the FOR PROFIT health care industry.

        He did this because he said “free market competition will keep health care costs down”. The exact same lie republiCONs tell today every time they try to chump voters into screwing themselves.

        Deregulate air travel because “free market competition will keep costs down”.
        Now it costs $100 per piece of luggage and they dont mind making you sit for 8 hours on a grounded flight.

        Deregulate energy because “free market competition will keep prices down”
        Thats why when bush got in, gas was $1.00 per gallon and within a couple of years it went up to $4.00.

        Thats why natural gas used to be regulated but “free market economics will stabilize prices” and now you are charged a pipeline fee for the gas that is under your feet but must be piped to texas and back before you use it.

        republiCONs are cockroaches and every one of their “free market” plans are just another leg of their cockroach bodies.

        Demand a single payer health care system and put the health care insurance business on the unemployment line just like they did with our manufacturing sector.

  • agnessue

    Being a woman I find the republicans stand on removing a woman’s right to be in charge of her body repulsive.

    • nobsartist

      I find republiCONs simply repulsive.

    • This Should Read A Lot Of Married Women Find Them Repulsive Also!!! Ahhhhh The Price Of WAR!!!

    • AMADAL

      I find it repulsive also, and I’m not a woman.

    • Yeah, I guess you single women don’t like the Government telling YOU what to do. Wait till Obamacare tells you what you can & can’t have. Man, you are so concerned with birth control that you let the Federal Government control a lot more than that!

  • The mesages of hatred and intolerance that came out of the GOP, and especially some of its supporters, throughout campaign offended everyone from women, to ethnic minorities, to gays and even the military. The efforts to deny women the right to choose was just a part of a well orchestrated agenda that included trivializing rape, and denigrating women who use contraceptives. Quite frankly, what surprises me is not the fact that so many women rejected the GOP message, but that so many ignored it and voted for Mitt Romney, Akin, West, Smith, Mourdock and the rest of the gang.

    • Canadiangirl57

      One word, STUPID!

    • foolsdance

      Based solely on personal experience, I think there are two big factors that played into the female votes they did get. 1st, obviously, is the pro-life issue. A lot of older women I know are very religious and for them that is the one and only issue. Then there is the ‘wife’ factor – sad to say – pay zero attention to politics but follow hubby to the polls and vote the way he tells her to.

      • I agree. Racism was also a factor for some of them…

      • old_blu

        Not my wife, I’m proud to say she is very smart and can think for herself. Of course we are not backward thinking tea partiers.

        • foolsdance

          Obviously not all wives… and you should be proud.

        • neece00

          I would be very proud to know your wife as well. I am sure she is wonderful. It sounds like she thinks like I do.

      • neece00

        You and Dominick are both correct, the women who did vote on the republican ticket were either following what there husband told them to do, were racist or were against the pro-life issue but the biggest thing is probably the religious aspect.

        • That’s definitely true. But I think it should be remembered that women are more complicated in their choices and that you spread those potential motivators across more than just a couple of possibilities means you see that as well…and I agree with that. I think it’s also instructive to remember that a woman who does not believe in abortion for what ever reasons sees no steak in keeping it legal. A vote against abortion is therefore not understood as a vote against self interest. But the reality of which is undeniably that a vote against one’s ability to freely make choices in the circumstances life presents us with is a vote against the interest of all freedom loving women and men everywhere.

      • Cairndance

        This year I changed my husbands’ vote! I kept him up dated on every stupid statement by the Republican men. Early on he was amused, thinking they were just trying to get the nomination. As the process went on, he started to get angry.

        No one “wants” abortion, but if we don’t support contraception and information, we are idiots! Ryan wrote the original “Life begins at conception, no exceptions” bill. His budget had huge cuts to Welfare! He wanted to “make sure every child was born, but then it’s up to the Mother to provide.

        We are in Afghanistan fighting for democracy while, here at home, Republicans try to make rules taking democracy away from women!

        As a woman, if we don’t have the right to control our own bodies and lives, then nothing else really matters.

        My husband voted as a Democrat for the first time and probably not the last time. He could not believe that so many people would vote against their own best interests to vote Republican!

        • stcroixcarp

          Your husband sounds like a smart and responsible man. The issue of abortion will keep coming up again and again until it is also a men’s issue. Men are responsible for 100% of all pregnancies, planned, unplanned, wanted or unwanted. Until men start taking responsibility for their own sexual choices, there will be unplanned and unwanted and unhealthily caused pregnancies. Therefore abortions. It could be said that men are the cause of all abortions. Remember guys, only you can prevent abortions.!

          • Cairndance

            Very well stated! Thank you for responding.

          • I like to think of abortion as also a man’s issue and not just for pejorative reasons, because that really makes no sense at all, but rather because a child is created equally by both and the responsibility of which should be equally shared; and contraception and pregnancy in a civilized society relates to the sexual freedom and control of men as well as it does to women. Putting those choices in the hands of a government is the ultimate act of control and oppression.

            I would also say that pregnancy that results from consenting relationships is one of the unique circumstances in which both a man and a woman shares 100% of the responsibility for that pregnancy, equally.

          • A vasectomy is a cheap, easy method of birth control. I had one after my one and only child was born.

  • InsideEye

    None of the Women that complain of such things ever have to be worried about getting pregnant, from what I can see. They are certainly 2 baggers.

    • carolknows

      no man has ever had to face the risk of a backalley abortion either..tho they are 50% responsible for it

    • zeldaq

      what is a ”2 bagger?”

      • A two bagger is a woman who is so ugly that putting one bag over her head is just not enough

        • zeldaq

          thanks john, i’ve never heard that one before.
          Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: GOP Defeated By Single Women

  • Jim Lou

    Please remember that not all women think as you do. Obama didn’t win all of the female vote, only a good majority.

  • InsideEye

    Abortion should be mandatory for all in large cities like LA, NY, Chicago, not Boston. There would be less traffic and may the Diety forbid, less welfare.

    • nobsartist

      Abortion should be mandatory in all RED states if you are concerned about people collecting welfare. I will bet you live in one of those states yourself.

      Consider yourself aborted.

      • “InsideEye” is probably wondering why he doesn’t have any “Likes”…some people are just too ignorant to even be considered a member of our species….and, I guarantee he lives in a red state.

    • foolsdance

      what a psycho you are Inside, please take your meds before you hurt someone.

    • zeldaq

      you are either joking, or your an idiot

  • Canadiangirl57

    I don’t believe in abortion, but whatever a woman does is between them and the Judge of all judges GOD. He gives us choices and forces nothing on us, even though only He alone know why He doesn’t. So, my question is what is the difference between killing people in fake wars or any war and aborting it before it’s developed? just asking!

    • jarheadgene

      I try to tell people as well, Just because I am pro-choice…does not mean I am pro-abortion. There is a difference. The REAL GOD is a God of CHOICE. I may do my darndest to convince you to believe in the same GOD, but you will always have the choice. After 2004 I was so done with the GOP…..there is no winning this Hispanic back.

    • SnapsBacula

      No difference. Both are forms of population control.

  • What we needed on November 6th was a person whose vision, policies and character would help us move forward…thankfully the majority of Americans understood that we would get that with Barack Obama. The alternative was unthinkable, and I, too, am amazed that the Romney/Ryan ticket garnered ANY votes from women in this country…Astonishing really. If they listened to the hatred that spewed from their collective mouths, how and why they voted for that ticket will forever remain a mystery to me.

    • july860

      I work for a social services agency. There is a woman where I work who sported a Romney sticker on her car. Could never figur that out.

  • Lovefacts

    Laws “against” women — be they about abortion or birth control — are based upon the lawmakers religion. There is nothing wrong with religious doctrine dictating one’s behavior. But, there is something “very” wrong when a specific religion’s creed is forced upon another. In truth, this is a First Amendment issue under the Establishment Clause.

    If this continues, where reproductive rights are concerned, we women will be living in the 19th Century not the 21st.

    • Ed

      That is the republicans fondest wish!

      • neece00

        Keep their women barefoot and pregnant!

    • SnapsBacula

      I seriously doubt that any religious belief or creed has been -forced- upon you in today’s America, unless of course you are muslim.

      • Lovefacts

        Really? I guess all those antiabortion laws including the ones the Republicans are trying to pass stating if there’s a fetal heartbeat not abortion is allowed isn’t forcing a religious belief on me. I guess that should the Republicans succeed in passing a law that states if there’s a fetus heartbeat no abortion is granted even if it means the woman’s life isn’t a person forcing their religious beliefs on me.

        News flash, my religion doesn’t forbid abortions. My religion never puts the fetus ahead of the mother’s life. So, when such laws are passed based upon another person’s religious creed it is a violation of the Establishment Clause.

        I suggest you read that clause and the rulings based thereon. Because as these laws as they become harsher and more restrictive, their supporters/zealots remind me of the Taliban. We don’t need the Muslims to pass Shira law. We have our own home grown religious fanatics passing their laws.

      • Lovefacts

        Really? I guess all those antiabortion laws including the ones the Republicans are trying to pass stating if there’s a fetal heartbeat not abortion is allowed isn’t forcing a religious belief on me. I guess that should the Republicans succeed in passing a law that states if there’s a fetus heartbeat no abortion is granted even if it means the woman’s life isn’t a person forcing their religious beliefs on me.

        News flash, my religion doesn’t forbid abortions. My religion never puts the fetus ahead of the mother’s life. So, when such laws are passed based upon another person’s religious creed it is a violation of the Establishment Clause.

        I suggest you read that clause and the rulings based thereon. Because these laws as they become harsher and more restrictive, these zealots remind me of the Taliban. We don’t need the Muslims to pass Shira law. We have our own home grown religious fanatics passing their laws.

        • neece00

          What about the companies (Hobbie Lobby for one) that do not want to provide birth control in there insurance plan because it is “against their religion”.

          • SibyllasStuff

            Hobby Lobby hmmmm Is that the place with a lot of foreign made “stuff” where some is always marked 25 – 50% off and then unless you tell them at the register – they charge the full price? I guess that is part of their religion too? or is just their business practice.

          • Lovefacts

            Hobby Lobby isn’t a religious organization, no matter how it tries to claim it is. Thankfully, a Federal judge said no way. Here’s part of his ruling: “Plaintiffs have not cited, and the court has not found, any case concluding that secular, for-profit corporations such as Hobby Lobby and Mardel have a constitutional right to the free exercise of religion.”

      • Cairndance

        Really? So what about the “forced vaginal ultrasound” REQUIRED prior to an abortion, in some states? You did notice the word “FORCED” didn’t you?
        Of course women were told that they didn’t have to actually “LOOK” at the screen, but they did have to Pay for this test, out of pocket!
        1200 bills put forward in the past 3 years aimed at limiting contraception, abortion and a womans right to control her own body, and you don’t believe that religious beliefs are behind this?
        We are not talking about muslim women, we are talking about American Women!


  • What some men (mostly republicans) don’t understand is if it weren’t for women men wouldn’t be here.

    • InsideEye

      What most men (always Democrats) do not understand is that (republicans) know that women are the best thing to come from a man’s body -biblically speaking …and we all love them for being here…that is why some …not all… do not like abortion. A woman is a perfect mate for man….nothing beats that …nothing!!!! ….Every man (republican) knows this and every woman. I am a Darwinist actually and hypocritical christian.

    • darkagesbegin

      I wonder if some of the men who are so concerned about abortion are manifesting insecurity. Maybe some of them are wondering if their mothers had control of their own bodies, if these men might not be here today? Just wondering…

  • InsideEye

    No religious creed is forced upon another, except for Islam, We all can accept it or move on. If you are a Catholic , it is the accepted practice as in most religions, Life is regarded above all else as we all try to preserve our own and already- born loved ones. Mothers have this innate gusrdianship for children, even I had a close call and said ” Is she really pregnant” …in my youth. I was guilty in a sense, of saying if she decides for abortion , Ok …I am was as traumatized. and alternately I would have taken care to provide also. Abortion is not a contraceptive technique to used for better judgement, BEFORE HAND, UPFRONT thinking….play on words. WE have to think it is both male and female responsibility, no sex…. no babies. Can not blame men on this. A respectful male will honor, honor. if not then, is it a males fault ???
    I am a hypocrite like all, but honorable

    • old_blu

      That’s real easy to say when you’re getting some, remember when we where all 16 there was no-way I wasn’t looking 24-7. (in other words you are not stopping people from having sex)

      I can make this real simple If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one.

      If you don’t believe in gay marriage, don’t have one of those either.

      • InsideEye

        Seems like everyone is getting some, or trying … at any cost, contraception should not be an issue, these days, or previously. we are all here complaining about it though. As someone said Pills were around since 1980’s and prescribed easily and cheap….no need for government grants to get it, cheaper than a pak of cigarettes at the time ….a better investment. If our parents aborted where would we be……a nation left of Christian radicals, that pillage and cut peoples heads off… maybe .

  • InsideEye

    Live in NJ actually…true Blue

  • JohnRNC

    WOW! This is awesome. I’m totally voting for Romney next time!

    So, if a “gift” is NOT taking something away from somebody else then my Christmas shopping is DONE! I’m giving my son the car that he bought 2 years ago. I’m giving my wife her grandmother’s diamond ring. And while I’m at it, I’ll give my neighbor their house.

    OH Rapture!! And the Joy of Giving!

    P.S. Contraceptive medication has been part of most health insurance plans [that pay for prescriptions] since the 80s.

    • SnapsBacula

      But…. but…. but….. da white man said he dinn want wimminz to be fwee to make dey own minds up abouts babies and stuff!

      • neece00

        I am convinced that you need to find another blog to whine on. You have so much hate in your soul that we do not want to share it.

        • july860

          ignore him, he’ll go away

  • The republicans ran on being stupid to what America wants and that stupidity brought in the lost as we expected. We must hold true to what we know they are all about. Because in two years for the whole congress and 1/3 of the senate. They will be back with some twisted lie to try and sell to us again. Just remember what they are really about. Telling everyone else what to do. But doesn’t want anyone to tell them anything. We never needs to relearn the lessons of Bush the drunk over again.

  • It took 42 years for the 19th Amendment to the Constitution to be ratified. It was officially added to the constitution, August 18, 1920. At that point, there were 48 States. It takes 3/4 of the states to ratify an amendment before it can be added to the Constitution.

    The 19th Amendment;
    “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation”.
    It grants women the right to vote

    Mississippi didn’t ratify it until March 22, 1984. That’s 106 years from when it was officially proposed to Congress.

    “Abridge” is old English for “limit” that’s why it’s in the Constitution so often

    • Ed

      Thank you for explaining that to the cretins!

  • 1bythebrooks2

    When men can have babies; that’s when I’ll listen to them about a woman’s right(or non-right) to be in charge of her body!!

    • SnapsBacula

      Did some white guy tell you that you were no longer entitled to purchase your own contraception or get an abortion when said contraception didn’t do the trick? Didn’t think so.

      • Cairndance

        I worked the CHAMPUS (Military Health) contract back when Viagra came on the market. It became an immediate benefit, with prescription, for men. At this same time mammograms were not a benefit and birth control only when medically neccessary, was a benefit!

        Obviously men were in control of the Military Health program!

        Oh, and another benefit for men was the “PENILE IMPLANT”!

        Penile Implants and Viagra – paid for (Men needed these things).
        Mammograms and contraception – not really important for Women!

        It might not have been “some white guy”, but it was definately a group of men!

      • 1bythebrooks2

        No! Now why don’t you go get your Viagra refill!

  • howa4x

    The GOP had a choice. They could have softened their resistance to abortion/contraception by saying it’s settled law, and at best tried to shift the entire question to the states, or they could have given in to the religious right and dug in. They chose the later and tried to appeal to a narrow part of the base and ignore the women’s vote. The calculation was that the religious right would mobilize , and the women were a diffuse lot with no core, so there for could not mobilize the same way. Now they are trapped because they made so much of the issue painting as a moral issue between good and evil, that they left no escape hatch. The religious right was fooled again by thinking everyone agreed with them, and should have leared their lesson from Bush II. He ran on opposition to abortion and had both houses of congress solidly republican, yet made no move to repeal Roe. Why? As one county level republican mayor told me”if we did that the women would drive us from office”. He didn’t know that no one listened to his wisdom. The other issue for the republicans for years to come is that the right owns the nomination process and will use opposition to abortion as a litmus test for any future canidate, and will drive the moderates out. It is always a two edge sword getting in bed with the religious right. One edge is support that is solid, and the other is alienation of everyone else. This situation reminds me of what Oliver Hardy used to say to Stan Laurel ” well this a another fine mess you’ve gotten me into”
    The women have to become missionaries and get to the red state women and convert them, at least the young ones. Also they have to keep organizing for the mid trems. The right is not dead yet, just wounded.

  • Comment removed because posted from wrong Twitter Account.

  • My daughter works in a poor, rural, almost entirely African-American high school in Mississippi. A significant number of her students are pregnant or have children. They have miniscule Medicaid coverage and no nearby access to medical care or counseling or birth control. It is not just women in the developing world who lack access to reliable family planning. The same forces are at work right here in our backyard.

    • SnapsBacula

      What a stark resemblance to…….. Africa!

  • InsideEye

    Why do people need abortions, ask why at each point. it was meant as a pointed , satirical ?? remark.

  • The GOP better realize that 51% of the voters in this country are women. As long as middle aged white men try to tell us what we “have” to do by their actions, they will continue to lose Darrell Issa, you should be very afraid.

    • SnapsBacula

      Go ahead and motivate your army to march, but keep in mind that white men have most of the guns.

  • InsideEye

    Counselling should have been provided long before the events, we all know the life that follows from this type of behavior. WE have to listen to advice and pass it on. we all know what happens and how hard it is to make it in these situations. Come on and be hard-love honest to ourselves and children.

  • SaneJane

    We can’t go back. When I entered the workforce in 1960 the only jobs for women were secretary, waitress and Avon Lady. The pay was pathetic and male coworkers were free to tell lewd jokes, pat your ass, rub against you and make unwanted passes. Women had their path laid out for them. Finish high school (few went to college), get a job, get married, work until pregnant and quit before you started to show. When I started taking birth control pills I didn’t know anyone else who took them and since it was frowned upon no one knew except my husband and me. Women died from illegal abortions and were ostracized if they bore a child out of wedlock. Men were seldom punished for abusing their female partners as this was their due as man of the house. No opportunities, no freedom, no protection. Hell no, we won’t go back.

    • SnapsBacula

      And no one has asked you to go back, so why be a mouthpiece for a movement that has no opposition?

      • neece00

        The republican party would like us to go back.

      • aeryn2632

        Really? So all of the Republican-introduced legislation aimed squarely @ women’s reproductive rights was just a figment of the media’s overheated imagination?

        • Sand_Cat

          No, it’s an evil conspiracy by the media with the “far left” elite.

  • If the religious right want to impart their viewpoints to the masses, do it through the pulpit, not the law.

    Women, no matter what their country, have the right to make their own choices. If they do not want to use contraception due to their beliefs, god bless them, let them.

    To impress such an agenda on others through law is wrong. Do hospitals, universities, churches USE contraception? No. Can they try to influence their employees to embrace their point of view? Well they do work in that environment so they can be brought into such conversations. But Corporations are not people, and neither are the businesses that are owned by churches or right wing enthusiests. Contraception is a choice a person makes based on their beliefs. Government needs to stay out of it as do all employers as this is a choice a person makes.

    • SnapsBacula

      Exactly. Government should not be forcing any employer to provide free stuff just because lots of people want it. Consumption of any medicine is the choice of the individual, not the responsibility of their employers or their elected officials.

      • aeryn2632

        Once again- it’s not “providing free stuff”. It’s insurance coverage, which isn’t free. Employees pay into that, it isn’t free. You can keep hollering all you want about “free stuff” but that doesn’t make what you are saying any more accurate than the first time you said it. Insurance coverage isn’t a giveaway, we pay for that.

    • foolsdance

      Did you miss Citizens United? Supreme Court decided corporations ARE people, which allowed them to waste all that money on Romney 😉

  • Back in 1999 I read a book written by Naomi Wolf called ‘Fire with Fire’. She spoke then about how women need to use their numbers to either vote for p0liticians that support policies that they support or run for office themselves. Women out-number men by 52% to 48%. It felt so great this election to vote against a party and candidate that don’t believe in the power of women. Also to see the number of women in the senate increase!!!! Great book!!!…..very empowering!

  • so true…..These old white guys need to just retire and go to their nursing homes and watch old black and white movies.

    • SnapsBacula

      Dat beez waciss! Here we have the impetus for this entire web page…. Blind hatred fuh YT

      • Aren’t you the jerk who directed racial slurs at Elizabeth Warren on this forum? Talk about hate! You’re a bigot who’s been trolling on here all day with your hateful rhetoric. Get over it, chump. You lost the election! Stop spreading your hate on this forum like a disease.

  • jcurtis595

    It is beyond obvious that Romney and his Republican Mullahs want women barefoot and pregnant cleaning the house, cooking and raising children, not having an opinion and never disagreeing with the lord and master of the house. Had they won their war on women, next to go would be to take away the vote of women, reverse suffragettes hard won battle early in the 20th century. Think not? Hard to imagine? It was hard for me to imagine that rape and incest would not be an exception to their “no abortion” stance, but it was. We can see where their thinking was leading by just looking at Saudi Arabia, the Taliban in Afghanistan, etc. When the demagogs have the power all real freedom disappears, and there really and truly is no difference in making our laws conform to their strict dogmatic fundamentalist rules and the rules of Sharia law of the Taliban.

    Ironic isn’t it? The same legislators that enacted “vaginal ultrasound” requirements to dissuade women from having abortions are the ones who pass legislation prohibiting Sharia law in their states, when, in fact, their notion of legislating morality fits perfectly with the laws of a pure Islamic republic, i.e., women are chattels like cows and sheep to be sold by their fathers and owned by their husbands, having no rights and having to hide every part of their skin and bodies lest some man be tempted to sin by looking at them.

    How the Republicans got even one vote of a woman is beyond me, but I am glad enough women were awake, alert and willing to defend freedom.

    Jay Curtis (author of THE CODE)

  • elw

    This nail hits it right on the nail head, it no fault but their own that The Republicans and slowly and steadily losing ground as a National Party. Although they continue to blame it on the famous 47%, their candidate, and each other, they have failed (again) to even consider that they are out of step with the majority of Americans and the simple fact that the poor, people of color, women and young adults as just as valid American as any white conservative. It is your policy nothing else that has turned off America; take that “Responsibility” for yourself that you kept saying other have to do. You have nothing to lose but your standing as a viable National Party. But don’t worry; I am sure there are smart people out their forming plans for taking the Republican Party’s place on the National scene. It will be fun to watch who wins it.

  • dianrib

    I am older widow and I also have grown to hate Bagger led GOP congress Not because of birth control Its because they disrespect womens rights and our privacy and make ignorant hateful comments about our bodies. Akins & Mourdoch LOST Warren WON ! Great start

    • SnapsBacula

      Feauxcahontas? The law practising non-lawyer? Excellent choice!

      • Sand_Cat


      • I smell a bigot – oh wait … it’s you!

  • SnapsBacula

    What’s wrong with expecting people to assume responsibility for themselves & pay for their own medical needs?

    • Sand_Cat

      What’s wrong with asking you – and the politicians you support – to assume responsibility for yourselves and the mercilessly selfish and nasty policies you espouse without trying to claim the voters who rejected those policies are a bunch of homeless moochers?

      How can women pay for their own medical needs when idiots like you make the needed treatments illegal?

      You still haven’t figured out that most of the opposition is not from people trying to get something for nothing who need baths and adult supervision. In fact, that probably describes more of the deadheads who voted your way.

    • InsideEye

      It is too hard, sex is easier and contraceptives are cheap, Where are my rights to have free vasectomies, Where is a woman political figure on my needs as a man, I demand to have my health care paid for these promiscuitites that women make me lust for. I am tired of women telling me my rights. Booo hooo.

      • Cairndance

        Vasectomies are covered in most health insurance.
        I hope you’ve had yours!

        • InsideEye

          I like the natural approach and excercise , responsibility.

    • Many medical procedures are unaffordable! Do you know how much it costs to see a doctor thesse days, not to mention the cost of medicines. Not everyone is fortunate. I’ll bet you call yourself a christian. Hypocrite!

    • aeryn2632

      You keep responding as if the issue were one of women asking for others to pay for their birth control. This isn’t the case. The issue is one of insurance coverge, not handouts. And I’d say making sure you don’t get pregnant by using birth control is being pretty responsible. Besides, if you want to take the “I don’t want to pay for your birth control” line (even though this isn’t what the situation actually is) then why should I pay for Viagra for some guy who can’t get it up any more? Viagra is covered, birth control frequently isn’t. Why the double standard?

  • kokuakaumanua1

    Stupid people shouldn’t breed…Why is no one suggesting tube tying as a viable means of birth control? Why is no one suggesting giving away vasectomies, or perhaps rewarding a man who gets one as well as getting the procedure performed compliments of the government? Birth control pills, condoms, none of the birth control methods available are as reliable as getting sterilized. India used to give transistor radios as an incentive for men to get sterilized…perhaps there is some reward, like a cell phone with a GPS built in so Big Brother can keep an eye on the crazies, and the radiation from using the phone will do them in, in a few years.

    • SnapsBacula

      More free stuff, eh? Hysterical.

      • LOL! The “free stuff” whining is very old and tired now. It has no effect. Hysterical!

  • Progressive Patriot

    I have a daughter and am lucky enough to have found a wonderful woman to share my life with. Do I want them to have access to their full rights and respect as equal people? Damn right I do!

  • Sand_Cat

    I think Romney lost because he made a lot of idiotic statements on a lot of subjects, and – I hope – because he lied even more flagrantly than is the usual Republican practice about just about everything.

    Not to disparage anything else the writer said, I certainly hope the GOP lost because a lot of people – including a lot of those single women – thought GOP policies on just about everything were bad for the country, not just because of their obvious contempt for women and those women’s reaction to it. Note that even at best, there was only a 38-point gap, which means a lot of women voted for these morons.

    I still say the country is in big, big trouble: only the most flagrantly evil positions by the GOP resulted in significant gaps in approval, and then usually only among those likely to be personally affected.

    What about the bone-headed 48% of voters who pulled the lever for the insanely irrational and spiteful cult the GOP has become in spite of their positions on practically every issue, including those likely to directly affect those voters in question?

  • More babies are killed by elective abortion every day in the US then died in the attacks on 9-11. So in affect, if you are un-born, every day is 9-11. Can we talk about using abortion as a contraceptive? Aparantly not. Just saying.

    • Not sure if your comment makes any sense, but whatever. Just don’t tell me what I can and can’t do with my own body! I could care less about your opinion, your morals or your values and you shouldn’t care about mine. Just live your life the way you see fit and I’ll live mine the way I see fit.

    • aeryn2632

      How about we just properly use contraception in the first place, then we reduce or eliminate the need for abortion at all? You did see how many of the same individuals who want to make abortion illegal also want to make contraception illegal, not simply take away a “freebe” (which it never was to begin with). Exactly how is abortion going to be eliminated if people have no access to contraception? And before you answer that you might want to research what is happening in the Philippines with regards to contraception, birth, and grinding poverty.

    • Sand_Cat

      Good idea. So why are you and your friends opposed to the obvious solution: birth control and family planning? I’m sure most people would much prefer taking pills or using condoms to running the gauntlet through a mob of screaming “Christians” to have invasive surgery.

      And embryos are not “babies.” Just saying.

  • That is why our founders were wise in keeping the State and Church separate. There are no worse people than religious people with political power. Religious people with political power are virulent in their attempt to impose their views on the rest of people who might not agree with their beliefs. It is okay if the right religious-fanatics have their beliefs, but trying to impose their beliefs on the rest of the population is wrong. You know, it is very contradictory that the conservatives who claim to be pro-life are also pro-death penalty… a life is a life…

    • Sand_Cat

      Not just pro death-penalty: pro-war, pro-starvation of “born” babies whose parents can’t feed them, pro-personal nuclear arsenal as “guaranteed” by the second amendment, pro cop-killer bullets, anti-education, anti-religious freedom, anti-science, anti-freedom, just plain anti-LIFE!

  • amarquez647

    And God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”
    I believe that we have met and surpassed his mandate.
    When I was born, (1947), there were 2.5billion people worldwide, when my youngest grandson was born in 2011, the world population was over 7.5 billion. In 1950, the U S had 151million people and today we are over 300 million strong. In our haste to gain dominion over the earth we have over fished our ocean, polluted the air for creatures big and small, and crowded the fauna and flora that we were charged with into extinction.
    I am a man and men wrote the bible. I am enraged that men, who hide behind god, have raped the planet for the lust for profits. That these men fear woman to such an extent that they want them to be chattel. Men that cannot even see the facts staring them in the face, want with their false moral, tell my daughter and granddaughters how to manage their own bodies.
    I believe that the Amerindians are right. It is not our father in haven but mother earth that takes care of us. Gives us our sustenance.

  • johnygo

    Now is the time to change the date of our election. Please tell congress, to move the date from November first Tuesday, to Columbus Day . This was a holiday and the weather was good. Unlike November the weather are cold and rainy. Please start a movement, so that everybody are able to vote

  • lana ward

    All these SLUT , baby murderers using abortion as a means of birth control. What about the babies rights?? GOD IS WATCHING!!!

    • aeryn2632

      Sluts, huh? What about the the “sluts” said sluts are sleeping with? Why does she get sole responsibility for an act that takes 2 people? Why isn’t he responsible for keeping his junk in his pants?

      • lana ward

        You’re right, the guys are sluts too. Use protection when you ****, so innocent babies aren’t murdered being ripped apart or sissors stuck in the back of their necks!!

    • Sand_Cat

      You mean YOU’RE watching?

      Conveniently, your god is very flexible: he hates everybody you do, and forgives your every sin (I know you have none, but he stands ready, just in case).

  • InsideEye

    Africa has a tradition, family cohesiveness, division of labor and culture, and no Bronx. How did Obama or Colin Powell or Eric hiolder, or Condy Rice or even the story- teller Susan Rice ever get out of the muck …….. and find a way to stardom ????? did they have Medicaid to help them get contraceptives ? they had parents that cared and did not abort them as bad as some of them turned out. Variety is beautiful. Not all of us can be perfect even if we are born of love. or lust as NOW and NAG would say.

  • InsideEye

    You are too good in your logic, Snaps…love it

  • InsideEye

    Thank you John, I was tooo embarrassed too define it

  • InsideEye

    Oh Stop already, you can have all of the abortions you like and you know it.

    • Sand_Cat

      Talking to yourself? Figures. You’re probably the only one who thinks what you say isn’t stupid.

      • InsideEye

        Tell me where in the USA you can not get an abortion, even in Brooklyn you can get one.

  • aeryn2632

    What do you mean “can’t blame men on this”? If he engages in sex then he is 50% responsible for the consequenses.

  • july860

    How about the story about how some repubs want to say an unfertilized egg is a “human” in the mid point of a woman’s cycle? Because she has the chance (and I mean CHANCE) to get pregnant at that time because she is “fertile”.

  • It’s shocking to oppose abortion and yet eliminate programs that lead to more abortion and infant mortality rates. It’s clear that imposing a social order of prescription against sexual freedom and control is more important than the desire to protect the sanctity of life. Unbelievable. Republicans had better kick evangelicals out of their party or this country will be a one voice, one party nation. Ever since the ascendancy of Ronald Reagan, evangelicals have been given an open door policy by that party. But of course, that comes as little surprise given that the US is among the most religious countries in the industrialized world.

    • Replying to sarahg –

      You wouldn’t know that the United States is “among the most religious countries in the industrialized world” by reading the hatred and bigotry that is written on this blog. And this is only one small portion of the written comments floating around between Conservatives and Progressives.

      The part I do not get is the Holier Than Thou attitude of the extreme Right regarding the “crime” of abortion. I understand the idealogical stance against abortion.

      What I do not get is the intrusion into the lives of those who favor abortion rights.

      I also do not understand the ideal behind apposing abortion, and also apposing Planned Parenthood, an organization that may provide abortions on occasions, but also supports the means to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place.

      And to force a woman to bear an unwanted child, then not provide the means to support that child after it is born strikes me as quite an un-Christian attitude.

      Furthermore, there is absolutely no possibility that all of those who oppose abortion have NEVER had unprotected sex outside of marriage.

  • mkzp

    I’m not a single woman (married) but I too hate Romney and his whole ignorant, religion-spewing, narrow-minded GOP cohorts.

  • Simpleisbetter2

    Curious… why is it if I put a comment on this site that is anti Obama, or in disagreement with others who visit this site that misteriously it never sees the light of day? My guess is my comments are being sensored, and if they don’t agree with this group they are “lost”. Guess the Orwell 1984 has come to pass and it involves Obama and his cronies….

  • onedonewong

    The fact that old sandy can even show her face in public shows that she has no shame. A number of fraternities have fluke pins that say “I tapped the Fluke” she the schools punch card…How embarrassing for her family

  • Mulligatonney

    More tolerance and love in action from the open-minded liberals.

    If the government uses our tax money for abortions and it is against my religious beliefs to contribute to the killing of unborn humans, it it not my right to raise my voice against it?

    If I am a Catholic nurse who has been told suddenly that I must now assist in abortions now that OBamaCare is being deployed, is this not imposing upon my religious freedom?

    Why not pay for your own abortions? Start an abortion fund on PBS. I Am sure you will find ample contributors… Why are you liberals always so creative when it comes to using other people’s money and thinking you know best what to do with it and we do not?

    Nobody is telling you that you don’t have the right to your own body – Many are asking not to be made complicit in your personal decision to murder your child.

    Does it make you feel less guilty when we all have to contribute to that murder by virtue of the taxes foisted upon everyone? Is that why you feel that tax money should be used to pay for it?

    You can water down the morality of it all you want. You can call killing your child the “right to choose” or a “reproductive right” if you wish, or if it makes the doing of the deed more justifiable or palatable to you. In the final analysis, that is between you and God. Or yourself.

    Just do it with your own money.

    Another problem with Big Government. Soon it encompasses every issue.

  • johnsearch

    The Republican war against women threatens the freedom of all Americans who are protected by the Constitution against the strictures of arbitrary religious views. The agenda of the religious right imposes a set of beliefs which is at odds with free thinkers of many faiths. One of the tenets of this reactionary group is to be judgmental on all other faiths. They don’t admit questions to their dogma. They forget the admonition to not judge lest they themselves be judged.

  • I am so fed up with republicans. When will all end?

  • quasm

    Ms. Blumner;

    A masterful job of demagoging the issue. If a woman’s right to contraception and abortion means the taxpayers must fund it then my right to own a gun means you and your sisters have to pay for it and the ammunition.

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

  • joceandre

    If Mitt romney became president , we would need pills to digest the next four years. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Katstiles

    Republicans will never, ever get my vote as long as they continue to try to interfere with women’s reproductive decisions. It is none of their business! Never has been and never will be!

  • bpai99

    The Party of White Christian Men will need to come up with new ways to suppress women’s votes to have any hope of winning elections in the near future. Simply making it harder for minorities to vote won’t be sufficient by itself.

  • When the ONE WOMAN who knew the situation was REFUSED to speak, the repugs showed their hatefulness. A panel of MEN sat there all puffed up about THEIR ideas, and not once did they listen to a real person who actually knew what she was talking about. Their disgusting hatefulness is beyond comment. No words strong enough to describe them.