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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

On Thursday, Republicans immediately rejected the president’s opening offer to resolve the so-called “fiscal cliff” issue.

According to Republicans who leaked the bid, President Obama would cut $4 trillion from the deficit, including $400 billion in Medicare savings and $1.6 trillion in revenue from first ending Bush tax breaks on the top earners, capital gains and dividends, and then tax reform. He also called for action to create jobs in payroll tax cuts, unemployment benefit extensions and $50 billion in infrastructure spending and a new mortgage-refinancing program.

Basically the president is asking for exactly what he campaigned on.


Yet according to Talking Points Memo’s Brian Beutler, congressional Republicans dismissed the plan as “outlandish” and “unserious.” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly laughed aloud as Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner read him the plan.

So what’s the GOP’s plan?

On Twitter, House Minority Leader Eric Cantor’s Communications Director Rory Cooper said their plan was a bill that replaced the defense cuts in the sequester with other cuts. The bill was passed in September.

What’s happened since then?

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  • pszymeczek

    Hey, GnOP, elections have consequences. You lost; it’s time to move on and do the People’s work!

    • The Republicans lost the election for the executive branch leader. Not the legislative elections.

      • zeth006

        They shouldn’t have kept their majority in the house. The Democrats by far had a wider margin of the popular vote.

        • JSquercia

          Proves that who controls the state matters . Right now there two extremely close races in Ohio which could tip it to an all Republican State and the guy who is getting to throw out Provisional ballots is the most Partisan EVER Secretary of State .This guy tried to allow Republican Counties to have MORE early Voting times than Democratic ones he made BLACKWELL look like a Liberal .

          These guys can’t win fair and square

      • Euphonious_Munk

        Huh. Be nice if they performed some legislative actions.

        • Don’t you know Republicans don’t believe in Government so naturally they attempt to do as much damage as possible to prevent government from working so they can point out how bad government is at doing things…

      • butcher99

        Did you read the article? They actually won the popular vote in all 3, the house, the senate and the presidential race. Only gerrymandering won the house for them

        TL:DR does not cut it here.

        • JSquercia

          You stole my idea about they actually got fewer votes for the house .I guess McElroy doesn’t consider the SENATE part of the Legislature .

      • Yes you did lose the legislative elections. You didn’t lose the house but you lost seats and you made no inroads into the senate despite obscene super pac funding. Your party is on the wane, and until you get rid of the obstructionist old white guys, who are clueless about the real complexion of this country, you’re losing ground.

      • tdixonjr

        With all the gerrymandering they did, that is not a surprise BUT the vast majority of people voted for the President and absent this manipulation, they’d have lost the House too. The greater point is that a vast majority of the American people – nearly 70% believe that these increases on the substantially well off and the richest Americans ought to be implemented. Let’s quit fiddling while Rome burns. Our economy can’t move; our climate is rapidly changing multiple eco-alerts into disasters; the gap between rich and the rest keeps growing; and our bought and paid for Congress keeps twiddling.

      • James Turner

        Actually, they gerrymandered control of the house. The lost the popular vote there as well.

      • Ed

        However, the Repubs would do well that the remember that the President was the only one who won a NATION WIDE election. Congress person won a specific district, often established by local politicians to produce a certain out come, regardless of who the candidates were.

  • FUCK the Republican political treason machine!

    • Haha, Fuck the moronic masses who can’t think of themselves and elect a president who wants to limit your rights and take and give.Idiots you don’t have any clue how ignorant you all are.

      • Kevin Egelston

        Listen to yourself… “who can’t think of themselves…” what the fuck is that supposed to mean? So having empathy and thinking of others is now somehow a bad thing? I think you have life wrong. You sound more like a monkey with language regurgitating propaganda… no even worse, actually believing the shit you have been told on FOX news.

        • You’re “thinking of others” with other people’s money. Stealing is immoral, even if it is democratically approved stealing called taxation.

          Social programs should go before adding more taxation; because stealing is immoral.

          • eastcoastlib

            So taxes are immoral? Okay, how do you expect to pay for things? Lost in all of this bullshit about morality is the Republican love for military adventures. How do you expect to pay for it? You’re a delusional moron if you think there is anything “moral” about destroying the social safety net to preserve never-ending wars and tax cuts for billionaires.

          • Sand_Cat

            Hey, the best idea is this: send all the repugnants in long red robes on all the military adventures and pay for it with their money; those few who are too old or ill (mental illness doesn’t count) can pay whatever costs are left over after we appropriate the property of the ones who went.

          • I love how you’re talking about the “rules” of ethics and morality while also advocating cutting social programs that exist for ethical and moral reasons.

            Oh the irony, it’s a killer bro.

          • Last time I checked, the Constitution was the Law of the land. I limits the Federal Government to the 18 enumerated powers. I have read the constitution hundreds of times and have yet to find a single power to run a social program. 10th Amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States in the CONSTITUTION, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. The highest level of government that should run social programs are the states.

          • butcher99

            Says you and a handful of others. The courts, you know the branch responsible for interpreting the constitution, does not agree with you. You can have your opinion but it remains just that, an opinion and just yours and a small group of people who do not understand the court system.

          • Asinus

            You are a dimwit. The Constitution doesn’t specifically mention aircraft, either, but somehow the federal government has the audacity to regulate those. It’s almost as if things like social welfare programs fall within the other duties of government. I wonder if you’re intentionally dense or if you really don’t understand.

          • Ed

            The 18 enumerated powers?You are speaking of the amendments. The Preamble is a part of the constitution! It gives the national government the power to “promote the general welfare”. We tried having the states run the country. That is why the founders wrote the constitution establishing a STRONG CENTRAL GOVERNMENT!

          • iowasteve

            I’m confused why this “constitution” defined as you just have only applies to welfare. Why doesn’t the constitution apply then to marriages, individual rights (such as gays)? According to YOUR definition, that is a fact and if it IS a fact, then why do republicans want to impose regulations on not only what constitutes a marriage, but also regulate women’s bodies? Those, if you ARE right then, should have nothing to do with the federal government – and should never have been brought up in a campaign for federal positions and there should be no arguments going on in congress about those issues either. But, when it comes to interpreting the constitution, the republicans are always right and can do whatever they want while everyone else is wrong. Did I understand you post properly, Josh Weeks??? Allow me to understand better if I did not understand your post. And I don’t want any talking points from talk show hosts or FOX News. And yes, I have read the constitution very well, and you did get most of it right. And on that same note, the federal government, then shall have no power over legalized marijuana laws which were recently passed either. I believe you are also saying that as well.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            OK, using your logic, NO federal program should have been started;

            Our Highway System
            Hoover Dam
            Acquaduct Systems in the Southwest

            How many more actions by the FEDS should not have been put into law?

            You Wingnuts only like the FEDs when it’s in your favor.

          • Sand_Cat

            Last time I checked, asshole, it says that laws will be passed by the majority in Congress: no holds, no filibusters, no other bullshit. It also gives the Congress, not Georgie and Dicky, the right to declare war.

            And why don’t you go through all the individual acts and signing statements of the Bush disaster and check them against the document you hold sacred when it’s convenient. Does the Federal Government have the authority to regulate women’s healthcare? Does the executive branch have the authority to ignore federal, state, and international law, including treaty obligations? Does the executive have the right to lie the country into wars with other countries to satisfy the president’s desire to beat daddy?

            Why don’t you go crawl back under your rock!

          • EirDaktu

            If you believe taxation to be theft then you can exclude yourself from traveling on any public roads, avoid the use of emergency services, and hope services that provide regulation that keep glass from our medicine (the recent generic lipitor containing glass particles problem detected by the FDA) can be abolished for companies trusted to be more consumer protection focused , fair enough. I would not be able to do any of that. Good thing it will never happen. Yes, there is the money that is required from me, by right of my citizenship, that goes to help fund programs that I may not agree with, it also does a whole lot of good for programs I support. The situation is not a question of morality or truly about economics, it is a political battle that pins the people of this country between two groups of elected representatives in a business negotiation.

            The defense of social aid programs is not make one’s heart grow larger because a few people were helped out. These programs exist to maintain a standard of living for people who are not entirely capable to maintain it themselves to ensure the success of the nation as a whole. While some tightening on the belt can and should occur, they must exist. Perhaps the best idea is to consider is how individuals can help each other rather than the whole of society. But right there is the problem. Imagine all public funding for students ceased to exist. What would happen when the majority of students attending school would be hit with an average private retail bank loan of 9.1% per loan six months after graduating, especially in this current economic state? And that is just one facet of the country as a whole. What about the same situation involving people who need healthcare, or people on pension that require social security to buffer their monthly income because they are restricted from occupying another occupation once federal pension money is accepted, i.e federal railroad retirement pension program?

            We are left with happenings of the entirety of our history. The fiscal cliff is the next step and hopefully from it we, as a nation, can grow.

          • WhutHeSaid

            You can take your ‘morality’, roll it up into a tight bundle, and stuff it up your ass.

            Poverty in the richest nation on Earth is the real obscenity. If you are a Christian I-can-spout-more-holy-opinions-than-thou zealot, take a read of Matthew 19:23-24. Even Republicans can read — or so I hear.

          • puzzled21

            Go talk to all of those in your family who have benefited from these programs and see how they feel about them.

          • rothgar

            Bull shit!! That’s a completely moronic statement. You agree to the taxation by staying here. In all probablity you and others who work for their money won’t see additional taxation. High marginal tax rates are just that taxes on the next dollar earned over some limit. This is why in fact the president is working for tax cuts for EVERYONE on their first 250,000 of income.

            All those social programs are either paid for by their receiptents in the past or are designed to benefit all of US by avoiding the predations and damage that the desparate (and this includes rich Capitalists) would inflict on us. Before the New Deal the US economy experienced a crash or run or bust of some sort approximately every 20 years. These events trashed people’s substance.

            We ought to enact the closest thing to the Jubilee Year from the Old Testament by RAISING inheritance taxes to 85% or more.

      • Ryan sickles

        Your post was just a cobbled, barely legible version of the uninformed population of this country who talks this way. Please, for the love of all that is good, pick up a newspaper instead of taking in a bunch of sound-bytes from Rush and O’Riley and spewing them out shotgun-style. It’s embarrassing.

      • QQ some more why dont you. Btw if your going to be stupid enough to post such moronic things online you probably shouldn’t show the level of your stupidity by linking your facebook account and picture so anyone who wants can find you and do shall i say “bad things” to you even easier. And dont say some BS like oh i know martial arts or I have a gun, bitch please everyone has a gun so it doesn’t matter especially since you have no idea if the person standing behind you on a random street corner has been stalking you for a while, just saying.

      • Ya, like the republicans actually have the peoples will in mind. The majority of this country wants what Obama intends to do, I say let them do it. History has proven time and again that the democratic party is the better party when it comes to strengthening and repairing our economy.

        The republican party is no longer the party it used to be. It’s not the party for people and business, its now the party for only businesses. And if they don’t get their way, they will throw a tantrum like any 5 year old and hold up the proccess.

        People keep saying that Obama had 2 years of a democratic congress that could do anything they wanted because the could overide any filibuster. However, Obama only had 26 days because of the congresswoman that got shot in the head, she was replaced by a republican and that gave the republicans the ability to stall the government for 4 years.

        It is sad what the party has come to, thats why I’ve switched from Republican to Independent.

        • Ed

          Hmmmm. Could that have been a conspiracy?

      • Justin Hensley is a douche

        • 324516

          hey matt lets not belittle i mean compareing a douche to justin is just in bad taste to the douche

      • zeth006

        Pot, kettle, black.

      • Hey Justin Hensley, you brain dead prick! Its “..who can’t think FOR themselves..” What have you thought of for yourself beside learning how to type up a few curse words? Good job there little junior bitch. You’re talking so much out of your ass you can’t even hear yourself speak.

        What rights is he limiting? Take and give? Are you hearing yourself? It’s your contradiction that make you sound like an ignorant clueless bastard.

        Where is your mother? That bitch.

      • johndurbinn

        What rights has he taken away/restricted?

        Be specific; no spouting off bullshit talking points like you guys love to do.

        • NDAA: Indefinate detention of a citizen

          Renewing the patriot Act: Every Liberal should know what is wrong with Patriot Act.

          CISPA: Government control of the Internet

          Obama Care: If I don’t have the RIGHT to choose whether or not I want to have health care, then a right has been taken away.

          Don’t get me wrong, Bush was just as bad.

          • johndurbinn

            “Bush was just as bad”


            This is why you guys have zero credibility outside of the echo chamber.

          • This is why President Obama should not cave in to GOP pressure or negotiate with them in good faith. The GOP made a big deal about early withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan, closing the Guantanamo prison camp, and ending the Patriots Act. President Obama agreed to extend them in response to GOP concerns and, guess what, he is now blamed for doing what the GOP demanded. The same is going to be true with the Canadian oil pipeline. The GOP is putting tremendous pressure on President Obama to allow that pipeline to be built, and there are signs that he may give in to their demands in exchange for a compromise on the Fiscal Cliff issue. You can bet he will be blamed for any environmental problems or potential increases in gas prices in the Midwest as a result of that pipeline being built.

          • 324516

            dont encourage him maybe he, ll go away

          • Ed

            Well because Ronald Reaan( you know, the republican saint) signed a bill requiring every hospital to provide care for people , regardless of their ability to pay, we the people were saddled with paying the bills of those who couldn’t,or wouldn’t pay. The remedy was to rwequire everyone to have health care. Oboma wanted a plan like Medicare, with a single provider(the Feds) he caved to the repub demands that insurance companies would have to be the beneficieries of the paln.

          • Dave_dido

            So when you exercize your right to not have health insurance then who foots the bill when you wind up in the hospital? It’s just like car insurance- the people who decide not to have car insurance wind up having accidents that everyone else who carries insurance has to pay for. Do you like paying for uninsured motorist coverage on your auto policy? You do understand, don’t you, that you wouldn’t have to pay that premium if everyone did what they’re supposed to and carried car insurance? Well, when you decide to not carry health insurance then I wind up paying for your bills.
            .Anyway, nothing in Obamacare forces you to carry health insurance- you can opt out and pay the penalty. The penalty is going to be around $90/yr at first. This is getting off easy since you plan to make the rest of us pay your bills if you don’t carry health insurance. And don’t tell me that you plan to pay your hospital bills out-of-pocket because, unless you are very wealthy, there’s no way you’d ever pay for an extended hospital stay.

      • Brian Anderson

        Who want to limit your rights? Yes, because republicans have such a great record in civil rights, womens rights, gay rights, etc. etc. the list goes on for days.

        What RIGHTS is Obama taking away?

        • Ed

          Actually the Supreme Court took away many of your rights when the “Citizens United” decision allowed foreign corporations ( or Multi-Nationals if you prefer) to dump millions into our electoral process.

      • Dude, if you don’t have anything productive to say then try not saying anything at all. He was stating an opinion, no one gives a fuck whether you agree or not. Piss-fights are for 12 year olds with poor impulse control, man.

      • butcher99

        Please, you keep saying this. Which rights have or will be limited? Can we have a list?

      • Tle9

        And I guess voting republic (which means elective representatives to THINK and VOTE for you) makes sense for you. Ignorance is best served cold.

      • puzzled21

        One word you used in your post should capture your attention. (Masses) We are the majority, get in where you can fit in or get out. Your choice. Peace.

      • zeldaq

        hey justin,
        if the GOP had won the white house, you would see exactly what a piece of shit you are to them. we are all just pieces of shit to them. the difference between you and the real patriots is, we see the GOP for what they really are. you keep eating the shit they give you, while calling it candy. if the GOP ever does take power in this country, you’ll see what your rights really mean to them. i’m probably
        wasting my time. it sounds like you are addicted to fox news. that makes you a total moron. WAKE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

  • elw

    The President has my support to let the Bush tax cut expire.

    • zeth006

      And mine as well. It’s about damn time we stopped coddling investors.

    • P.J. McLaughlan

      and my axe.

    • E C

      and my house, and my savings, and my 401k, and my liberty, and my kids future, and our economic growth…all because he refused to cut welfare by a penny.

      • elw

        OOh, he is going to cut welfare alright, he is going to cut the billions of dollars in Corporate welfare that have been gladly accepted by the 2% for decades which they have gladly taken and sent to overseas accounts.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          And, by the way.

          And, there is no longer any escape from paying US Taxes by thinking they can shelter it in foreign bank accounts. Switzerland and a lot of other countries are disallowing US citizens to have accounts because they are now being forced to show who has accounts in their banks.

          Switzerland says it’s really not going to change their overall banking though.

          I love it……………..

        • puzzled21

          Thank you.

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        Your house’s value was dragged down by Bush II, then inherited by Obama.

        Your savings and 401s loss were due to unchecked Wall Street Greed.

        Your Liberty hasn’t changed.

        Your Kids Future is totally YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. That is your SOLE DUTY IN LIFE. You brought them into the world. DO YOUR JOB!

        The economy would be doing just fine if it weren’t for our Corporate bought-off Republican Politicians to allow and support this outsourcing of our jobs, our technology and our county’s wealth.

        (Emmm, I thought Republicans consider Communism as our Arch Enemy. Evidently the Republicans don’t)

        Even IF all welfare was cut completely, it wouldn’t make a dent in the national debt whatsoever.

        Try using a better Scapegoat to blame your problems on next time you post.

        • elw

          I would also like to add to this wonderful list that Bush added a total of 12.7 Trillion dollar to the national debt during his presidency if you include the savings that had been projected when Clinton left office. If you do not want to include the savings loss, than the figure is 7 trillion. Obama’s policies have added 1.4 trillion to the national debt, the rest of the 4 trillion dollars that have been added since he has been in office are due to the continuation of the Bush tax cut. Spending has actually gone down during the Obama Administration.

          Source: Congressional Budget Office

          • I don’t even feel Obama is responsible for the 1.4 trillion. He’s cut spending 200 billion/yr each of the past two years and has driven down the deficit faster than any president since WWII. In addition to the lost revenues from Bush’s tax cuts are about 1.5 trillion lost revenues due to the around 12 million workers that the Bush created economic disaster threw out of worker plus the hundreds of companies that went bankrupt which are no longer paying taxes. And don’t discount Romney’s affect on this either, ever since the auto bailout, Romney and his cronies have continued to scarf up floundering companies, stripping them of assets and pension funds and shipping thousands of jobs overseas which has also had a big effect on tax revenues. In fact, during the auto bailout, Romney and his buddies took over the auto industry’s major small parts maker, Delphi, stripped it’s assets and pension monies and shipped 25,000 jobs to china; leaving not only 25,000 morel unemployed but also thousands without pensions. And they even tried to play dirty in the process by threatening GM and Chrysler who were trying to get started building cars again, by refusing to ship them them small parts like steering wheel columns they needed to restart manufacturing. And this guy wanted to be president of the United States!!! He’s a far bigger job destroyer than he ever was a job creator.

          • elw

            I agree with you and so do enough Americans that he won a second term. The deficit is never the fault of one President each President inherit the good and the bad of the ones that preceeded them. To be judged you must subtract what others passed on to him/her. Which you have done.

      • puzzled21

        Please, as best you can, provide your definition of welfare and those you feel are the recepiants of such. Peace

      • What pure garbage. And do you know who’s getting the vast majority of the welfare??? It’s Republicans in states that were so stupid that they cut budgets and services during a recession, throwing hundreds of thousands out of jobs which drove thousands of families over the edge so they need food stamps (Republicans get 70% of them), and sucking welfare like drunken sailors. And it’s these dumb GOP state legislators doing the dumbest thing you can do during a recession which has slowed the economic growth by driving up the unemployment and increasing the deficit to pay for the unemployment payments. Why didn’t the GOP learn from the early 1930s when their disasterous austerity programs drove America and the world into the Big Depression. Don’t these nitwits learn anything!!! Just look what austerity is doing to Europe, it’s in the throes of another recession that is projected to get worse next year. That’s where America would be if McCain had gotten elected and allowed the GOP to cut budgets here!!!

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          I think Europe would have been perfectly safe if after WW2 and after the Marshall Plan, Europe didn’t adopt American-Styled Capitalistic Models, though most of Europe is socialist-leaning.

          Once again though, the US had to stick their noses in the EU, where it didn’t belong.

          Why are they even dealing with us, knowing the sort of problems we have? All we’re doing is transposing our problems on their society.

          And, it shows………………….

          • The Europeans are autonomous grown ups. They chose their economic and political structures. We didn’t force anything on them. Lets not create blame and responsibility where it doesn’t exist. There are enough legitimate instances where we DID do such things to contemplate as it is.

      • Your future and kids future were spent on two failed wars. Now, your 401k and savings depend on your savvy investing to grow.

    • my too.

    • Mine Also!! And Here A Clue Bonehead Obama Did Win!! You Old Orange Drunk Asshole!!

    • jiggymama

      Let’s go over the cliff.

    • onedonewong

      All of them

      • elw

        OK no problem

    • Mine too. But, any article or post that is so dumb and racist that they do not know that “president obama” printed that way is racist. It is actually spelled “President Obama”, and even any third grader knows that. Of course if all other names in the list occur with capitalization, it is obvious that the lack of capitalization for the President’s name is just another disgustingly racist blab.

  • There is this adage in my nativity nation: that only the person with a key opens any door not the weight or status of the person intending to open a locked door’. Can GOP please forget the 2012 elections which had been won by Mr. President and prepare for the next one coming up in another four years time.

  • bcarreiro

    Spkr Boehner just likes play games with Obama and the american people. A balanced/fair budget which includes raising taxes on the wealthiest of americans and corporations like insurance carriers who are making substantial profits should have a tax increase and this wont hurt small business only the republican party can hurt small business like the bush era altogether did. look at bill clintons numbers to bush and you will see what works and what doesnt. boehner you have shut the window to small business and people like you should take the next bus out of d.c.

  • let them keep it up,and in 2014 when they loose their jobs(think Obama should exec order cutting off their benefits claiming they didn’t do their job) and once democrats oust the tea party and has all three houses things will get done

    • Which one is the third house? I assume you might be referring to the White House, or is that the Supreme Court?

      • Enginn

        White House would definitely make more sense, seeing as the Supreme Court isn’t elected, and unless a Justice dies or retires voluntarily there’s no way for them to lose their jobs.

        • BDD1951

          That is why Supreme court justices should be elected by the people.

          • Absolutely, and with term limits!!! None of this lifetime garbage. It’s beyond my comprehension why the founders ever thought that presidents, who are more often than not totally partisan, should be allowed to appoint judges for life. What were they thinking????

  • mk610

    Guys like Boehner, McConnell, and Cantor would help the country so much more if they went back to running the family bar, left politics and participated joined the turtle racing circuit, and became the greeter at daddy-in-laws country club, respectivelly. These do-nothing hacks have no place in an enterprise designed to “do the people’s business.”

  • This is like the Japanese laughing at the surrender terms they were offered after the US nuked Nagasaki and Hiroshima. If they had reacted this way, they would no longer exist. It looks like that is what is going to happen to this broken, irrelevant, backwards political party. I swear it is like these morons stepped out of a time machine from an 1800’s tent-revival.

  • Keep liberal retards in check: MANHOOD101. C O M

  • indyfan2

    The goober party still doesn’t understand what an election is all about. The fact that they are more afraid of Grover Norquist than the electoriate is proof enough.

    • eastcoastlib

      Some, not all, but some Republicans are getting the message. Norquist represents their base. They are coming to realize the base is nuts. They need a new base. One that’s a little less nuts and a little more moderate. There will be a fight within the Republican party. The nuts against the moderates. The nuts have ruled the roost for a couple of decades. Let’s hope there’s enough conservatives who haven’t lost their minds to kick these guys to the curb once and for all.

  • Robert Beck

    The democrats should not be so bold on this. going over the cliff would only really hurt the middle class on down. It may be a bump in the road for the wealthy, but not enough to counter how much it could crush lower income families.

    It is not worth it to play these games. The democrats should be working very hard to find something these small minded republicans will vote into law. The cliff is bad news bears for people who actually have to worry about their money.

    • nation4

      Robert you are sooooooooooo wrong. The repugs are just whining because they’ve been caught trying to hold the middle class hostage so their buddies could hold onto more and more of their money.

      Always remember, Americans don’t like people who don’t pay their fair share of taxes for our country. Otherwise Mitt would have won.

      • Robert Beck

        but you cannot deny that the people who would suffer the most would be the middle and lower class.

        • Justin Napolitano

          Don’t they always? but just like a union that goes on strike the middle class is willing to make a short term sacrifice for longer term gain.

    • zeldaq

      good day robert,
      we would all like to think there is a different way out of this mess, but the repubs. for the last 4 years have purposely completely shut down any progress in the country. and are still trying to. we all understand that we will sacrifice to get on track. the majority voted for MR. OBAMA knowing that the battle is not over. and we are with him all the way.
      every bill the dems. sent to congress was denied. if the GOP flatly refuse to co-operate, the
      only thing left is a stand off. MR. OBAMA is dealing with a pack of spoiled little rich kids, who demand THEIR WAY. we cannot give in to them. we will be far better off to go over
      the cliff now, and sacrifice a little, as opposed to giving in, and letting them walk all over us
      and lose our country to big money. as far as finding something the repubs. will vote for,
      if MR. OBAMA sent a bill to congress proposing a big pay raise just for repubs; they still
      wouldn’t sign it, because it has his name on it. it’ called RACISM. they cannot get past the fact that a white man is not in the white house. it’s sad to say, but this is the only way this is going to get fixed. it’s better to stand up to the bully now, than to keep on taking his crap

  • Lets,fall off the iff do not surrender democrats,the republicans want to turn us into a,third class country

  • Replace defense/military cuts….with other cuts? Wonder where those will come from..

    • JSquercia

      This was THEIR deal it was going to force everyone to compromise . EXCEPT of course , they knew that they would NEVER cut Defense Spending . Just as they knew they would NOT let the Bush Tax Cuts expire .The ten year sunset was just a ploy to hide how much they would increase the National Debt .

      We hear Grover Norquist and his followers urging that once again the Full Faith and Credit of the country be jeprodized by holding the Debt Limit hostage . the last time they did this the Rating agencies downgraded our Credit Rating . Fortunately the world is STILL anxious to buy our Debt and interest rates on it are actually less than inflation .

  • The cliff is not really a cliff it is more like a slope. The GOP are a bunch cry baby sore losers. I for one am tired of this BS. Let taxes for all increase and start from scratch, first by changing federal tax policies, so the wealthiest people in the country can’t get away with sneaky accounting loop holes that allow them to pay less taxes than the rest of us. Also, it time to do away with the loop holes that give huge profitable Corporations big tax breaks. Especially, since the annual average corporate profit rate was 77.9% the first four years of Obama’s administration. Not to mention according to the Wall Street Journal the average corporate effective tax rate for 2011 was 7.2% not the so called 35% tax rate.

    • kokuakaumanua1

      I am wondering why it is that retirement income from serving time in an elected job is so enormous. Why aren’t these obscenely huge benefits considered entitlements? Surely these retired government servants are who are collecting these incomes would be more sympathetic if they were collecting Social Security instead of the pay they have voted for themselves. Why aren’t these incomes considered ‘Entitlements’? A person has earned Social Security from having paid into the system during their years of employment, but these days, it is referred to as an ‘entitlement’…

      • Justin Napolitano

        Retirement income from serving in public office is not any different than yours or mine. Congress pays into Social Security and Medicare and has been doing so since 1983. They do not receive a pension after serving one or even 5 terms unless they are of retirement age. Stop repeating false information.

        • JSquercia

          The pension and health care coverage that they get IS the FIRST place weshould look for savings because this Congress sure as hell isn’t doing their job . Harry Truman ran against the 8oth Congress calling it the “Do Nothing Congress” this congrss has done less than half what that one did .

    • JSquercia

      Yes that 35% Corporate tax rate is nonsense, as you pointed out .Not only is that rate nonsense but some of our largest and most profitable corporations such Exxon and GE actually got refunds even as their CEOs clamor for the slashing of Social programs .

  • eastcoastlib

    If Republicans actually cared about the deficit, they would have made a deal when Obama offered them a deal a year before the election. Obama offered nearly 10-1 in spending cuts to increased revenue. Republicans said no. They had a goal back then and that goal had nothing to do with the deficit. They wanted to make Obama a one term President. Didn’t work. Now they are just posing. They know that if taxes go up in January for 98% of Americans, they will be blamed. Obama isn’t going to fold like a cheap lawn chair. He’s got the mandate to force Republicans to either go off the cliff or come to an agreement on his terms. They’re screwed. They know it, we know it and Obama knows it. All that’s left is the whining.

  • All these attempts to reason with the GOP are for the birds. When it smells, looks and feels like something, it usually is. So, let’s take a look at what we have here. The GOP does the bidding of the moneyed interests. The very same who are rich enough to weather any crisis or cliff. In the end, they expect millions begging for work at any wage and unions ruined. Our only chance is to treat them like the traitors they are, incarcerate, confiscate and shove them aside.

  • When Obama was running for office, it was 600 billion tax increase on 2% of the population. Now it is 1.6 trillion. That is 266% more. Is the extra trillion dollars coming from the same 2% of the population, or are the rest of us supposed to be paying more also. Someone please explain this to me.

  • Financially speaking the best thing for the government to do long term is to go over the fiscal cliff, That will provide the least damage then extending the platform we are on higher and into the future. Our monetary system is based off taking prosperity from the future and using it when its borrowed, well we are near the end of that system, so the only thing borrowing from the future will do for us now is make the recovery harder and longer then it would be if we just started working on fixing the problems that made the cliff in the first place, on of those was taking and removing the gold from backing the dollar ie the gold standard.

  • The President has my permission, as an American, to roll over the Republican obstructionists, by whatever means necessary. To the GOP, “negotiation” is nothing more than a delaying tactic. They have no interest in governing, so we may as well treat them as an entrenched enemy. Also…. nuke the filibuster in the Senate.

    • asdfjklkl

      I guess you missed Reid’s nine hour sermon a few years back, regaling the nation about his book he wrote and the virtues of matches. I just wonder why he did not end them back then?

  • Arbite

    “However, they won fewer total votes than Democratic House candidates across the country, and owe their majority to masterful gerrymandering.”
    Uh usually the republican leaning districts are more sparsely populated so having fewer total votes for them in the house is kinda not that strange. I wouldn’t call that a symptom of gerrymandering.

    • eastcoastlib

      Republicans lost in nearly every house and senate race that was in play. Republicans were defending fewer seats. There’s no way to spin the last election as anything other than a resounding defeat for the Republican brand.

  • carbonated_turtle

    Defense budget? How much defending are the American military doing? The last attack was over a decade ago, and they still couldn’t prevent it. Enough of this national security bullshit. You want a massive army so you can be the world’s bully. Stop denying that.

    • zeldaq

      mornin mr. turtle,
      you are so right about security bullshit. if ass holes like GWB, and the rest of the GOP war mongers, would stop inciting hate on the world news broadcasts. when clinton left office
      he had set in place a nucear arms reduction treaty with north, and south korea. it was almost final. then GWB broadcast that the USA considers north korea an AXIS of EVIL.
      of coarse then th N.K’s pulled out of the agreement. later on a reporter found out why bush did this. he said if the N.K’s give up their nukes, we can’t get more money for our military. the public will ask, WHY DO WE NEED TO ARM OURSELVES AGAINST
      A NATION WITH NO NUKES”. also while romney was campaigning he said, russia is our biggest foe. that kind of behavior creates hate, and suspicion, and keeps the arms race going. the repubs. have reasons for doing this. some companies get filthy rich during, and after war. halburton, dick chaney’s company. also a world wide investment firm named
      the CARLYLE GROUP. they are big contributors to the GOP. small wonder, the GOP starts wars
      and these companies get filthy rich. the GOP doesn’t care about loss of life on either side
      the more the merrier. you would be shocked[i was] to find out who the two BUSH’s are
      pals with, and some of the things in the world they are responsible for. i found a wealth of info; at THIRD WORLD TRAVELER.COM, that will lead to THE IRON TRIANGLE.
      if you get a chance pull it up and take a look, you see the pattern the GOP has followed
      from the 1920’s till now. it puts everything in perspective.
      well have a great day!!!

      • JSquercia

        They don’t CARE about the loss of life because THEY and Theirs NEVER serve

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        Hush Up. You’re telling the truth!

        Republicans HATE that…………………

  • kita123

    I don’t want the president and Majority Leader Reid to give a inch. It’s time we stopped trying to make life easy for the GOP. The Dems have supporters and we expect our leaders to stand up for what we voted for on Nov 6, 2012. If they stiff us now we may as well let the GOP have total control of the country and just live with what they let us have. If Boehner can’t get his cacus to come along let them all be dammed.

    Vote in 2014…

  • Obama’s ideas are outrageous, quit listening to this bullshit propaganda.

    • Justin Napolitano

      Yes they certainly are outrageous for the rich who will have to pay a little more in taxes. I call them the biggest bunch of crybabies in history. They already have it all and that is not enough. They will never be satisfied because greed is endless.
      As an investor I really don’t want us to go over the cliff but I am ready to do so if it gets this country on the right track.
      Pay up rich pricks and quit your crying.

    • zeldaq

      not you again!!!! i thought you had your diaper changed, had your titty feeding, and had gone to sleep. no such luck you little dick head with the big mouth.

  • time to head over to congress, round up all the Teapublicans, heat up the tar and feathers, pour and paste liberally and drum their arrogant asses out of town, for the good of the country

  • The Republicans in the house can either give in a bit and raise tax *rates* on the wealthiest Americans, or they can stall, and raise tax rates on all Americans. Obama can just sit back and wait for them to blink.

  • If you look up electoral landslide, methinks you exaggerate when you call what Obama did in either 2008 or 2012 a landslide. Especially when you consider the popular vote totals going back to like 1980. In 1984, the biggest electoral landslide when it comes to electoral voted (all but Minnesota voted Reagan), the popular vote differed by 18.21%. Obama got 3.42 percent in 2012.

    Elections do have consequences. If Obama is right to propose his solutions for the problem because that’s what he ran on, then the Republicans are right to refuse those solutions because they ran on opposing them.

    • Min you’r missing something. When you lose an election, the elctorate has made a decision of the merits of your proposals. You have some obligation to find solutions that meet the electorates mandate. Obama won by over 3,000,000 votes, that as you might remember is a hell of a lot better than G W Bush, who lost by 500,000 votes and still won the presidency. George W Bush didn’t let that stop him from cutting taxes on the rich, even though a majority of the voters didn’t vote for him. It’s time for the Republicans in congress to get serious about the nations business and stop playing politics. The Reagan election in 84 and the Roosevelt election in 36 were once in a lifetime landslides.

  • Donald Ramsey

    The GOPers are still spinning the election three weeks after the fact, for crying out loud. (See Stevens’ remarks.) They refuse to face reality and admit defeat. I’m not sure what it will take to bring them around, if anything, but it’s getting ridiculous.

  • fran_tor

    Save us from our greed Mr President. Folks we’ve seen the country slide in one direction – smaller middle class, richer upper class, and growing poor class.

  • fudgeBrother311

    I’m starting to think they wanted us to go over the “cliff” all along. That way no one has to take responsibility for raising taxes and they’ll just blame it on Obama.

  • With news article titles such as this one, I think The Onion News Network may be getting a run for their money.

  • Tax receipts are at an all time high…we need more money?

  • here in north korea we are laughing at you americans

    • WhutHeSaid

      Well that makes sense — in your shit-hole of a country, what else is there to smile about?

  • butcher99

    Let them expire, put forth a plan reintroducing them and the rest of the platform and let the repubs die.

  • Yeah, let all the tax cuts expire. So what if I pay 5% more? We can pay down that deficit.

  • butcher99

    The plutocratic party of the US has decreed that they will destroy billion of dollars from the middle class to save trillions for top 2%.

  • Gerry Paneda

    Whatever.. Same Republican stunts – still protecting the top earners..still trying to screw the middle and low income families – what is new

  • Robert North

    To Jason Sattler –
    I think you need to check on your sentence about not having a president elected by such a landslide in more than half a century. I presumed you were talking about the electoral college margin and immediately thought “I seem to remember Reagan blew out Mondale by a much larger margin” Indeed I checked and there were much larger margins of electoral college victory in every election from 1980 – 1996. Since when did the time from 1996 to the present become more than half a century?

  • tdixonjr

    It is time the American people mobilize around this issue with calls and letters to these nincompoops. If they think they’re angry, they should pay attention to the people who have spoken loud and clear that the President’s plan is exactly what they voted for – and the upcoming 2014 elections. Despite all their gerrymandering, there will be consequences. Maybe some of us, who now have time on our hands, ought to bring a large, angry group to their caucus meetings and show them what anger looks like.

    • zeldaq

      count me in

  • 55matt

    Brain Anderson wrote
    “Who want to limit your rights? Yes, because republicans have such a great record in civil rights, womens rights, gay rights, etc. etc. the list goes on for days.”

    Last time I checked it was a republican president that freed the slaves in 1865; which is a decent impact on the rights of a segment of the US population. I’m not saying you’re right or wrong about your recent rights issues, but blanket statements generally have a way of backfiring when having an argument/heated discussion. My input, that’s all…

    • The idealogoy of Democrats and Republicans has flip flopped many times over the century. Not only that, but the values of each party 150 years ago don’t reflect much on today. I think people here are mostly referring to recent past, say, in the last 50-60 years.

    • zeldaq

      hey 55 matt,
      lincoln did a just and noble thing freeing slaves. my problem with the whole thing is,
      AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE. why was slavery ever tolerated here or any where in the world. i’ll tell you why, it’s greed, something the GOP must have to survive. matt, my comments aren’t meant to be heated, i’m just adding my 2 cents.
      have a great day

  • Mitch Charron

    These GOP, SOB”s are feeding their sick ego’s they are not helping the country or the middle class people. They ripped President Obama’s administration for the first four years figuring Romney was going to take the election and they would do what they wanted to do, GOP you lost lost lost, not by a close vote but Romney was buried, now suck it up and do as the people want,not continue this game of stonewalling the president.

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    GOP Furious That Obama Is Acting Like He Won The Election

    DUH, yea, well, sort of you know, Obama did win and he is currently President.

    Live with it!

    Yep, let the Bush Tax Cuts expire. And, double Yep Yep, raise taxes on the $250,000+ Crowd with NO Loopholes.

  • Mitch Charron

    Another one that can’t stand it that the GOP candidate for president lost.Time to do what the people want, because what you are saying is the people aren’t smart enough to know what they want. Get over it you lost now respect the peoples wishes.


    Why can’t he learn to compromise? He may have won the election, but there are tens of millions of people who disagree with his methods and policies. He did not become America’s Mussolini, he still has to forge agreements. That’s what leadership is.

    • DracoSolon

      Seriously? Why does he have to be the one to compromise? He won the election. Plus he has already offered to compromise repeatedly. For instance he offered substantial cuts to social programs in 2011 if only the republicans would raise more revenue. He reportedly offered $10 in cuts for every $1 in revenue and was still rebuffed.

      • LWGII

        He’s part of one branch of government. He’s supposed to propose a budget. His “budget” got ZERO votes. Why should he lord himself over the entire country when he represents only one portion of the government. He’s supposed to do his damn job and stop campaigning. Compromise and get an agreement. Don’t just sit there and whine because you’re not getting your way.

        • Justin Napolitano

          Sorry, congress makes the budget not the President.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Compromise? Obama? Republicans? Are you accusing the GOP of being agreeable?

      Please come back when you are sober.

    • zeldaq

      you are an idiot. did you get your facts sitting on a bar stool, from some other drooling drunk?

      • LWGII

        Sir, I will not sit idly by and let you insult great Americans like Hillary Rodham Clinton. You are a wanker, and a bloody wanker at that.

        “I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration”?

    • JSquercia

      You have got to be KIDDING me . It takes TWO to tango . Need I remind you that in the First Stimulus Bill he compromised and included tax cuts (one of LEAST effective forms of Stimulus) and his reward was NOT a SINGLE Republican Vote .OF course Congressman Ryan had NO problem requesting Stimulus money even going so far as to ADMIT it WOULD create jobs .
      When it came to Health Care he listened to Republican objections and did not even propose Single Payer Health Care . That was NOT enough the Republicans killed the idea of a government option to help control costs . Again his reward was ZERO Republican votes .

  • snoozinglion

    It’s not a dictatorship… Obama is not a king…

    • WhutHeSaid

      He’s the closest thing to a king that America allows. You will just have to face the fact that he is your leader for the next 4 years.

  • foxhoundz

    This is it, ladies and gentlemen. This is your GOP. All the droning about cutting wasteful spending amounts to nothing when they actually have to implement a plan. Every time Obama proposes a plan, they shove it in his face. This is all politics to them. To hell with the deficit. To hell with the country. As long as they make Obama look bad somehow, they’ve accomplished their mission. They did this when they forced public option out of the healthcare reform and now they’re trying to take the country’s economy hostage in order to get what they want. But’s it’s okay. It’s all right. They’re only digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole they’ll never crawl out of. Perhaps when we have three or four Democracts elected into the White House in a row, they’ll sit down and do a little soul searching. Who does the GOP really serve? It sure as hell ain’t the people.

  • Let the bush tax cuts expire, new Congress in January. Why deal with these obstructionists?

  • moneycone

    Budgets, math, science, statistics… devils tools. GOP doesn’t believe.


    Yeah. Let’s spend four million on another vacay. That’s the responsible thing to do!

  • I am already strapped and ready to go over the cliff.

  • asdfjklkl

    Yes, that is what our nations leader should do, sit back and wait….great.

  • asdfjklkl

    Most politicians in both parties are millionaires, and they got that way through dealings with lobbyists, getting sweetheart deals with property, etc. They both are corrupt, I love how people thing the Democrats care about them either. Somehow I would love to see a third party form but that takes billions of dollars.

    Just look at the latest coffer totals for both parties to fight each other in this election, 3 billion and nothing changed in Congress. All this with the worst approval rating ever, both the Senate and the House are guilty of destroying this economy.

  • Tim

    He’s been acting for the past 4 years so why get mad now?

  • E C

    he didn;t win ALL the elections. An important one? Yes. All of them? Not even close. 80% of the geography of America voted against him while 54% of the population voted for him.

    • Enginn

      Geography doesn’t vote. All this shows is that a large portion of the Republican base comes from rural areas, which means nothing except possibly that Mitt relied largely on less educated voters supporting him out of ignorance and bigotry.

    • JSquercia

      PEOPLE vote NOT geography

  • and my cecum. mitch romley led is into debit. wrepubelickings love to wreck murica ubt i wont stand for it .

  • Bringing the revenue and spending reduction issue to the attention of the American people is poison for the GOP. It is hard for them to play the usual game of distortions when the President is telling people face to face where he stands on this issue and what his proposals are. The strategy being used by President Obama puts the GOP on the spot and leaves them no choice but to offer something tangible instead of the usual empty rhetoric that characterize their nebulous proposals and vision.

  • AlfredSonny

    Attention GOPpers, please revive the American tradition by discontinuing the poor loser image and reviving the compromise tradition.

  • Pi_Boson

    The GOP believes what the GOP wants to believe, never mind the facts. Thiss is an open invitation for a Dick Cheney hunting trip for anyone that wants to go. Speaker Boehner?

  • rpg1408

    The President should go on TV nationally and lay out to the public just how the GOP is, once again, trying to hold the rest of the Country hostage to their obsession with tax cuts for the Rich. He should repeat it again and again so that the GOP will see that there will be a political consequence to their actions. They still refuse to accept the election results which indicate that there is widespread support for Obama’s policies and a repudiation of the Romney-Ryan -Norquist approach to our economic problems.

  • William Deutschlander

    The Obama Administration has laid out a proposal to acheive a financial reality for our nation, if the Republican Cartel does not agree with that plan then they have the obligation to offer an alternate plan, that is called COLLECTIVE BARGAINING (negotiation).

    So Boehner, Cantor, McConnell & Kyl it comes down to this simple fact, PUT UP or SHUT UP!

  • The GOPs biggest problem is they cant stand the fact that the President of the U.S. is a black man and the fact that he is, has made them more crazy than they already were. Im am so glad that the President is finally standing up to them and he definately has my support. The GOP doesn’t care about this country or the people in it all they care about is how much more money they can get by any means necessary. They need to do the job they were elected to do and stop being obstructionist if they dont the people should vote as many of them out in 2014 as they can and then maybe something will get done in DC.

  • Ed

    The Republicans hate democracy and will not be happy until we become “Corporate America”!

  • howa4x

    Republicans are waving an empty gun. Obama ran on raising taxes on the rich no matter what Grover Norquist says. If the republicans walk away from the table they will take the heat from the public in the mid terms. Imagine the republicans wanting to keep tax cuts for the rich, leave defense spending alone and cut entitlements? That will go over great with 72 million seniors, a lot of which voted republican.AARP is alrady all over them on this. So the house has few options for looking good. People already don’t buy the crap that the wealthy are job creators, and saw that the 1 trillion they got created no new job growth. It is a hard sell that the rich are the most deserving in the country, and 72% of the public dosen’t buy it. Fox can try to spin this but it didn’t work in the election, since they threw everything from birthers, to commie theories at Obama, and he still won. Obama also knows from experience there is no real negotiation with them anyway. I think we should all slide down the slope(it’s not a cliff) and see what happens.

  • Ed

    When will the American people wake to the fact that “Multinational Corporations” are NOT AMERICAN corporations. The repubs are basically protecting people who are NOT American!

  • i think that the president Obama should let the country go over the cliff, he then will get the taxes hikes the rich deserve , then he could pushed trough congress a new taxes exemptions for the 98 % of working peoples , as he wants which would be refused by the very stupid republicans ,giving the president a fantastic political advantage

  • dellmartin

    How dare this president of ours do what he said he was going to do! It has flummoxed the republican party, who are not accustomed to this bizarre custom!

  • imabrummie

    My message to John Boehner and other likeminded ReTHUGlicans is the same as it is for John Crybaby McCain . . . you lost, so get over it and start acting as if you represent the People and not just the elitists as the top of the income tree!

    • patuxant

      “Boner” is a mess probably because he spends too many hours in a tanning booth and it has affected his brain cells. McPain needs to go back to the lizard life he leads in AZ with his second barbie doll wife.

  • Over we go! It may be the only way to expose the fraud of the “financial cliff” and the true motivations of those who profit from “doom and gloom” forecasting. A political cliff for the right? Absolutely! A fiscal cliff? More like falling off a curb….., with an access ramp!

  • RevRonaldG Cosseboom

    The Republicans are so deep in the pockets of the Religious Right Hypocrites and the Greedy Corporate System that they can’t see the light of day or hear the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE! The Republicans need to get in contact with EVERYONE in America and stop being the puppets of the people and organizations who have bought their souls! If they don’t, the time is coming when they too will be out on the streets looking into the windows of those same people who are now seducing them with their gifts, accolades and their shallow promises that lead only to a dark corner with no escape. Until they acknowledge that the PEOPLE of America are truly the ones they are beholding to, they have no right to be in Washington playing like they are being Statesmen (and women)! They are playing dirty politics and they need to STOP before they destroy not only AMERICA but a way of life that made AMERICA a great Nation! They are doing nothing but undermining the fabric of society to fatten the pockets of the GREEDY RICH CORPORATIONS and perpetuate the drum beating hypocrisy of the RELIGIOUS RIGHT! Yes this includes the Tea Party!

  • rl

    I seem to recall that when GWB was elected and re-elected by a much smaller margin, he stated that he now had political capitor to spend and to do what he wasnted to do to American (and he SURE did do it to America). The gop is trying to make the President ineffective for many different reason. In my opinion number on being that most of them think that they are superior to the rest of us, and somewhere near the to is the fact that a lot of the good old boys from the south and even a few gop from the northern states hate the fact that the White House is not white as they think it should be

    • patuxant

      You are so right, RL. Just galls them that the highest office in the land is held by a man of color. And you and I both know that there are plenty of fools out here who will start yipping and yapping and talk about this as race baiting. But that is exactly what is going on here. You can point to nothing this President has said or done that would result in such hate and obstructionism other than his color. I have had people think when I post that I am such things as muslim, black, gay and whatever. I am none of these, but even if I were, what difference should it make? People better wake up before they find out that the robber barons have cut off their nuts!

  • arch725

    Laugh all you want McConnell, but MY president is in the Oval Office.

  • patuxant

    McUgly is a fool and needs to crawl back under a rock. He looks like a troll and acts a million times worse. I cannot believe people would even vote for him! What are they? Inbreds?

  • The GOP is still proposing the same Ryan budget nonsense that lost them the election. The President must dig in his heals and draw his own line in the sand.
    The Republicans in the house have lost all touch with reality.
    If they want to drag the economy over the so called fiscal cliff, let them, the people will respond accordingly in 2014.

  • Dol5

    I’m with all of you!

  • usabarb4u

    Follow the Fiscal Cliff Road, Follow the Fiscal Cliff Road, it’s off we go.

  • On Thursday, Republicans immediately rejected the president’s opening offer to resolve the so-called “fiscal cliff” issue/// thats ok the next election in 2014 . the GOP ding dong should all be gone . the ppl. will see how worthless and useless thy are and vote them out of office . and if thy dont then thy will be the stupid one,s and only have them self,s to blame .

    • Replying to ivory69690 –

      Unfortunately, there are a LOT of right wingers who managed to jerry-mander the Congressional districts. That along with the right wingers who WILL NOT vote for a Democrat.

      Don’t hold your breath. The right wing is like a Phoenix. It crashes and burns, only to be re-born over and over again.

  • zeldaq

    what are you talking about?
    where in my comment did i say anything about MRS. CLINTON? i admire MRS. CLINTON.
    one of us is very confused, and i don’t think it’s me.


    “The Budget of the United States Government often begins as the President’s proposal to the U.S. Congress which recommends funding levels for the next fiscal year, beginning October 1. “

    • Replying to LWGII –

      You mean like the budget that George the Second handed President Obama as a present on his first day in office?

      The one that started the TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICITS that are now systemic because of the tax cuts and unfunded wars?

      WAKE UP, DUDE!!!!! You lost. Get over it.

      • LWGII

        I will not have you insulting the integrity of great Americans like Hillary Rodham Clinton, who famously said, “”I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration”.

        It’s patriotic to disagree with the administration, and a true Liberal would cherish it.

        And take a look at the CBO charts of the deficit. Zippy promised to cut the deficit in half in his first term. How did that turn out, I forget….

  • zeldaq

    you are right, money has it’s privaleges. but it’s not just repubs. that get out of serving their country. my point was repubs. actually incite war for monetary gain. i don’t know if you saw my previous post this morning. if not you might be interested in what i stumble on to a few days ago.
    i found info on things reguarding our present day politcal problems, dating back to the 1920’s.
    it’s VERY INTERESTING, how the BUSH family has screwed the american people, and still is.
    any way if you are interested, go to THIRD WORLD TRAVELER.COM, you will find links to THE IRON TRIANGLE.
    it’s the most interesting, and informative reading i’ve done in years.
    have a great day, let me know what you think.


  • awww so the sore losers are going to hold their breath until the country does it all their way? and make themselves even more irrelevant than Nov. proved them to be? that is just about the kind of strategy that is to be expected from them.


    You clearly have no idea what leadership is. It’s negotiating for agreement at the time of the vote. The stimulus was a turd sandwich for the American people. If you spread a little mayo on a turd sandwich, it’s a turd sandwich with a little mayo. You think it’s fine dining. The Bribe-u-lus bill was a trillion dollars which went for past, present and future political favors. Tell me how those Green Energy companies are doing? Solyndra got $500 million dollars and closed its doors a year later. It was a disaster then, and it’s a disaster now. Since it’s built into the budget, we’ll pay for that stimulus every year until the economy collapses, which may be as long as five years from now.

    • Fenris2010

      That’s one company out of the dozens of green companies that received stimulus money.

    • Replying to LWGII –

      I suppose it would have been better if it was off the books like the TRILLION DOLLAR WARS that were off the books during the rein of George the Second.

      • LWGII

        The Bribe-U-Lus bills cost more than Bush spent for Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Doesn’t make it right, though. I agree that expenditures should be budgeted. That off the books funding of wars goes back at least to Johnson, if not earlier. And remember, Afghanistan, the war we have lost, was the “war of necessity” while Iraq, the war we won, was the “war of choice.”

  • roll out the tractor on the Bush tax cuts and plow up new land!!!!!

  • Let’s approve the Senate bill and move on to approve the President’s plan. The Bush Tax Cuts and the two unfunded wars have led us to this huge deficit. Obama is ending the wars. Let’s pay for the mess. Then we can look at the future mess of Social Security and Medicare. We can increase the Social Security Payroll Tax to include all income and not cap it on the first $106,000 and can extend the age of Full eligibility in increments to age 70. I’ve been on Medicare for a year and had to pay high premiums because I am not yet on Social Securiy(which pays the premiums). The age of eligibility for Medicare should be the age of Full Benefit from Social Security. Obamacare already increased the Premiums for Part B & D for those in higher income brackets. That could be extended in further incrfements for those earning more than $425,000.


    80% of DOE energy loans went to Zippy’s donors. 19 have gone bankrupt so far. How quaint you can be so dismissive of a half a billion dollars because it was just “one company”.

    • It’s not that half a billion dollars is a small sum. But even Romney said that some of Bain’s companies went belly up after Bain purchased them. (The reality is that A LOT of them went belly up.)

      He also said that sometimes you just can’t save every company.

      I guess that attitude would be okay if Romney were President, but not okay if Obama is President.

      • LWGII

        Written like a true Progunist. The difference, sir, is that Bain was using the money of private investors who had a choice of whether or not to take the risk. If they won, good for them. If they failed, too bad. It was THEIR money they were putting on the line. The Bribe-U-Lus was money that our children will have to pay, one way or another. It was not Zippy’s money to throw around. It was your and my children’s labor that he pledged as bribes for his cronies. Are you really not offended by that?

  • commserver

    Somebody speaks with forked tongue. White man is not going to be believed, especially campaign promises. Romney made many that were often contradictory and unbelievable.

  • Let’s see, If the REPUBLICANS give in to the 1 percenters paying higher taxes while extending tax cuts to the middle class, OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS WIN. If the REPUBLICANS drive us off the fiscal cliff, OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS WIN, yet BOEHNER, MCCONNELL AND THE REPUBLICANS SAY WERE AT A STALEMATE. GO AHEAD AND DRIVE US OFF THE FISCAL CLIFF AND THE RECESSION THAT FOLLOWS WILL HAVE GOP WRITTEN ALL OVER IT AND THE GOP WON’T WIN AN ELECTION FOR THE NEXT FORTY YEARS. Republicans need to get their heads out of the sand.

    • ralphkr

      Our you sure that it is sand where the Republicans have their heads buried. I always thought their heads were buried an a darker, warmer, more odorous, and more personal place.

  • faceshaker

    What’s outlandish and unserious here is that Republicans have signed onto a traitorous pledge from a screaming mee-mee named Norquist.

    When you have important federal programs that need an infusion of money because of the Baby Boom, you RAISE REVENUE, dummies!

    Norquist and his troope of selfish bimbos don’t want to fulfill their obligations to the state that made their fortunes possible in the first place, and besides, who in his or her right mind needs all those pointless mansions and a whopping $223 trillion reputedly stored offshore to keep it away from the taxman?

    Either Boehner and his rich-boy lapdogs and stenographers get off their duffs and do something about this crime against the American people or there is eventually going to be mucho trouble.

  • onedonewong

    Hardly barak has now cut over $1 TRILLION from Medicaid in the past 2 years. Of course the only cuts were to Dr’s reimbursements and has done nothing to eliminate the $500B a year that trial lawyers take from the system. Nor has he attempted to place SS and Medicaid on a solvent basis as he promised by removing illegals and those who haven’t contributed from the roles.The only thing that Barak campaigned on was its all W’s fault wonder who is the new whipping boy for the 2nd term??

  • Jack Wormer

    Boehner, Cantor, and the rest of the GOP clearly are the fading voices of a decaying party just about to surmount the threshold from DENIAL to ACCEPTANCE and RESIGNATION to a

  • First of all, the “Bush Tax Cuts” were never intended to be permanent. Not even George Bush wanted those tax cuts to go on forever. That’s why they were slated to expire in 10 years. George Bush merely wanted to spend the surplus by rewarding his constitutency with a bonus in the form of tax cuts. It was the Clinton era tax rates that produced the vibrant economy that produced the surplus. Bush’s economy tanked, fell right off the edge of the earth and was spiraling down the toilet in one mighty flush… that is, until President Obama came to the rescue. The republicans are so dishonest! They lie, distort, and misrepresent everything all the time. The American people are tired of them. This is why they couldn’t buy the election. President Obama should keep his campaign promises and do what is right for the country. Tax rates, as Mr. Warren Buffett has pointed out over and over again, have absolutely nothing to do with productivity. It is supply and demand in the market place that influence business… not taxes. You could have near 0% taxation, but if there is no demand for your products and/or services, you won’t make a dime! Lowering taxes will not help. Republicans want to keep more in their pockets… that is the reality of their tax argument.

  • “You see this Boner?….it says President!”…..”the GOP are finished!….I see an R I’ll veto the plan they bring to me!”…”so run you cur!…tell all the other curs the people are coming!…you tell ’em I’m coming!…

  • dude your candidate tried that lie…it didn’t work!!..funny how you call the WINNERS….idiots…oh well!..guess we all can’t be losers like you and Mittens.

  • ah to be a moron…you see moron..taxes go to build roads..highways…build schools….to supply the armed forces…to help morons like you in case of a catastrophe…no one is stealing…you think that because you are weak minded and Fux news prey on the weak minded…NOW THAT’S THE CRIME!

  • Uh…Americans rejected the Republicans plan. We elected a President that ran on a plan that he’s proposing and we expect to have a compromise position that is much closer to the President’s plan than the plan that was proposed by the losers, Romney and Ryan. Republicans lost and they don’t get to have their way. Now they have no leverage and they will either lose a little or they will lose bigger by making everyone’s taxes go up so they can protect the billionaires.

  • Get the fuck out of the way GOP, or you’re losing the House in 2014. Book it, DONE.

  • montanabill

    Opening offer? A basic rule of negotiations is that when the other party opens with a totally ludicrous offer, ignore it and walk away. The President may have won the election, but the American people also elected a counter balance. If the President truly wants a compromise, he should propose some real spending cuts and they should be as well defined for us as is his tax increase proposal.


  • S-3

    Fuck Bush – burn him, his family, and their tax cut BS!!!

  • The Americans don’t like the republican plan, the repubs really don’t have a plan, If theyhad a plan all the unemployed would be working today, and our economey would be great.. They had eight years and they got ritcher, and richer, and the poor got nothing.

  • Sand_Cat

    OVER THE CLIFF!!!!!!

  • I believe the rich could be less rich and the poor could be less poor. Let the Bush’s tax cuts expire, and take it from there. Republicans continue and will continue being oppositional, because that is the nature of the beast. They have not changed their mind about the “inappropriate occupation of the White House by Obama”. That is also the nature of the beast. Senator Mitch Mc. Donnel (not sure about spelling), is the archenemy of the American middle class.

  • He did won the election idiots.

  • Recoloniser

    The president can afford to sit this one out. On Jan 1st all tax cuts expire. Then on Jan 2nd the president sends a bill to Congress for tax cuts on income below $250k. Let’s see the Republicans say no to tax cuts!

  • The FUQ? Why don’t they just STOP with the sky-is -falling bullshit. Honestly. Nobody’s buying it.
    Here in the big city, people are BUYING STUFF like it’s their JOB.
    Isn’t that how it’s supposed to go? What’s UP, , elephant -boys? What’s that? STILL NO PLAN?
    Then shut the fuck UP.
    Let yourselves out.

  • seethroughurlies

    I want Obama to hold his ground, get tough with these idiots. So tired of their nonsense. Go off the cliff, who gives a #*#*. Take John Boehner to the bottom of the abyss and leave him there. I am an Independent that now hates Republicans and will never vote for one again, AMEN.

  • embo66

    I almost thought this headline was from The Onion. The GOP gets funnier every day.

  • Hey you folks earning over $200k…the free ride is over. The will of the American people is expressed in President Obama’s re-election. Boner, Bitch McConnell, Eric Can’t and the rest of the Repubican rof raff. Stop F’ing around, pass the Pres. approach to ending the fiscal cliff. and even the playing field!

  • How Silly?
    The Democrats brought in International Election Inspectors and, MANED each and every election site with concerned Citizens. The GOP HATES that. SEE, thieves do not like to be “carefully” watched. Just as the GOP believes NOT that they have LOST and, LOST mightily now, the GOP will still not understand similar results in NOV. 2016, Nov. 2020 and Nov. 2024 respectively. This racist batch of Law makers “is” in the same HELL as Pilate, Herod and Satan AND, will stay there UNTIL!
    God bless America!

  • It’s so true-the Republican Party is in some other universe-acting as if they had won the election-when they lost during a year in which the economy is doing poorly. Wow!

  • BigTurd

    I’m with the president! Let the Bush tax cuts expire! I have two parachutes (folded and packed)and close to 450 yds of bungee cord so I and my family don’t go splat on the rocks below.

  • i know that they r all idiots where have they been certainly not on this planet all those stupid ignorant things need to b sent away they r so jealous of obama they would kill him if they could hire someone they r just so evil and filled with the .devil that old sorry man who is supposed to b in charge he is just plain afraid of all the t part nuts and the repugnant idiots r our president will win in the end as the idiots will not b elected the next time

  • They know he won. They are treating it like,he may have won, but he has no power over the white man. That is the issue. That is the only issue.

  • Pauline Green

    Didn’t the nut jobs Republicans lose the election? The fat cats are playing game with American lifes.

  • BEN

    He did win the election. At least he’s not being arrogant about it. Case in point ‘W’ Bush comment Nov 5, 2004… and now I intend to spend it’ President Bush proclaimed his election as evidence that Americans embrace his plans.

    • RB

      Sometimes the only way you can fight fire is with fire. President Obama won. Now he has the right to get a little cocky and tell them what for. In private or in public whichever way they want it.

  • Nick7485

    Uh, reality check? He did win, you know.

  • Seriously, whoever wrote that headline doesn’t realize that this is a republic not an elective monarchy.

    • Riobound

      This might help you.

      “But he won, Karl, he WON!” as heard on Faux Snooze.

  • The republican plan is alway the same–bigger tax cuts for the rich, lower wages for the poor.

  • RB

    Boehner you lost the election. You make concessions. Didn’t you go to loser school. You would have shoved your agenda down the Dems throat if you would have won. So now do the right thing. Make the concessions and fade from sight licking your wounds. You LOST. Get it.

    • stuart21

      “You LOST. Get it. ”

      Yes, Get LOST!!!

  • YOU LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Deal with it’
    If they keep acting like they won, they’ll lose allot more then the House

  • racist rich old farts that need to retire let the young bloods run this country–put the out dated congress and senators out too pasture move them too texas with bush

  • I’m all for the President’s agenda. The Republicans needs to stop their nonsence and think about the people of the United States. If they would just listen to the President and do as he ask to see if it will work or not. They afraid that he’s right.

  • foot814

    duh..he won or is Mitt the president. don’t use drugs !! or follow GOP leaders/dreamers to closely.

  • And he won the election….the majority of the popular votes twice in history!sinced Roosevelt!

  • Go figure.He did not bet Romney. Romney is the president according to some GOP. Obama is standing in until Romney recover.

  • msrita

    He did win the Election so how is that acting? Republicians are retarted

  • The GOP has been nuts for quite a while, we are just beginning to see how nuts!! I fully support the President.

  • [email protected]

    The Republicans are a danger to this country! The GOP should be dismantled and forced to regroup in to smaller parties under the supervision of competent, intelligent people that have common sense and have the interest of the American People in their hearts.

  • Republicans are crazed lunatics who are caught up in their own self-disillusionment. Despite the reality of the presidential election, they continue to rely on the lies and distortions of Faux News to pacify their need for assurance, no matter how false, that they won and the American people are on their side. They live in this alternate universe where they have already convinced themselves that they don’t need to change their policies only their rhetoric. This is who the Republican party has been and will continue to be. They want to pretend change without really changing and alter reality while living in an alternate reality. The only good Republican party is a dead Republican party!

  • neonnautilus

    I know all this is true, but it sounds just a bit like whining. We know the republicans and what their goals are: 1st, make Obama look bad; 2nd obstruct anything Obama wants to do and 3rd repeat as necessary.

    The democrats should have taken the lead a long 4 years ago, but they have been doing their best to make sure the republicans are happy. It’s not just Obama. Take Harry Reid, e.g. He let the cons use the fake filibuster in spite of all that had gone before. I’ve given up on the party and I’m tired of these liberal pieces telling me all the mean things the republicans are doing. What I want to read is what the democrats are doing about it.

  • carlos gaah

    the GOP leadership is a sick joke.. time for 1960s TAX TABLES TO RETURN