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Sunday, February 17, 2019

House Republicans are now busily working to repeal the Affordable Care Act in secret.

Even when the GOP plan is done and made public, the secrecy will continue. The potential impact will still be hidden from the public, as it’s likely to not have any score from the Congressional Budget Office before the House votes on it. This means members of the House will not have any real idea of how many people they’re voting to uninsure, how much this plan will increase the deficit, and just how big a giveaway it will be to the rich.

Why is Paul Ryan is hiding his plan?

He knows that Republicans cannot afford an honest debate about the GOP’s repeal plans, especially their true intentions for Medicaid and Medicare.

Several reports suggest an early draft of the House GOP’s bill was scored by the CBO and — and then pulled before it could become public because the numbers were atrocious, uninsuring nearly all of the Americans who gained coverage thanks to the ACA, and driving up costs for most Americans, especially those closest to retirement who are most likely to have a pre-existing condition.

Topher Spiro and Harry Stein of the Center for American Progress analyzed the House GOP’s outline and found the results weren’t exactly something they’d want to shout about.

“The repeal bill will transfer money from low-income and middle-class Americans to millionaires,” the conclusion states. “Because the math dictates massive cuts to Medicaid and much lower tax credits, millions of people will lose their coverage or have their coverage downgraded.”

Why wouldn’t they want to hide that?

And there’s more. For instance, the argument that Bill Gates needs a $7 million annual tax break while police officers and nurses need to pay higher taxes is a particularly tough sell for a “populist.”

But the real dirty secret that the GOP will likely refuse ever to admit is that its plan to eliminate the ACA is also a stealth plan to gut one of the most popular things the government has ever done that didn’t involve killing Osama bin Laden — Medicaid — while laying the ground work to gut another — Medicare.

Nobody — at least nobody in the Republican Party — seems to understand that Americans love their public health insurance  better than Donald Trump.

During the GOP primary Trump insisted that Mike Huckabee “copied” his promise of “no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid.” He went on to make contradictory promises about health reform, always promising “something terrific” to replace Obamacare, even while veering towards Paul Ryan’s brutal plans on Medicaid, which are huge cuts disguised blandly as “block grants.”

Republicans feel very safe talking about repealing Obamacare, which has only recently become popular. But they don’t want to admit that they’re planning to uninsure people who qualified for public health insurance even before the ACA took effect.

Republicans can’t simply admit this because they know that once Americans get health insurance with government help, they tend to like it. They really, really like it.

Certainly that is true of Medicare. Some 75 percent of those on the government’s single-payer program for retirees said it worked well for most seniors in a 2015 Kaiser Health Tracking Poll. It’s true for Medicaid. About 9 out of 10 beneficiaries told Morning Consult that they were satisfied with the coverage and benefits last year. And it’s even true of the Affordable Care Act: A recent poll from the Commonwealth Fund found “82 percent of Medicaid and [ACA] marketplace enrollees say they are ‘very satisfied’ or ‘somewhat satisfied'” with the plan,” Vox reports.

In a nation where Congress struggles to get 20 percent approval, both parties languish below 40 percent, and the president crests at 40 percent only on a good day, there is a pretty amazing consensus that Americans like health care when it’s provided by the public. In fact, they like it even better than they like insurance they buy themselves, or get from their employer, which is still quite popular and also subsidized by taxpayers. (Yes, we spend around three-times more subsidizing employer-provided health insurance than we do on the ACA.)

The ACA added more than 10 million Americans to the Medicaid rolls through expansion and better outreach. To block grant Medicaid, even under the “more friendly” plans being negotiated by GOP governors, would threaten coverage and tens of millions more.

Why would they want to hide this? Well, only 12 percent of Americans support cutting Medicaid.

And then there is Medicare, once a sacred cow in American politics, until the GOP embraced Paul Ryan’s fantasy of turning the program’s guarantee into a “premium support” system that massively shifts the costs of coverage to seniors.

The ACA has strengthened Medicare while adding free preventive care for all seniors. Straight-up repeal would likely increase Medicare spending by $800 billion over the next decade while eliminating that new benefit.

Yep, Ryan’s dream is to make repeal his Trojan horse for finishing off the Medicare guarantee. Purposely weakening the program will provide him with more momentum to gut Medicare through the bones, the way ACA repeal is gutting Medicaid.

Have no doubt: Even without projecting nefarious future intentions, repealing the ACA as Paul Ryan wants to do it will break Trump’s promise not to cut Medicaid or Medicare. And it will be a nightmare for the millions of poor Medicare beneficiaries who depend on Medicaid for support, including nursing home coverage.

Ryan thinks he can get away with this because the GOP — with the help of its donors outspending ACA defenders 6-to-1 — has gotten away with accusing the ACA of harming Medicare, when it did the opposite, and denying millions of the hardest-working Americans any Medicaid expansion.

But you don’t need a fact checker to tell you that you’ve lost your insurance or been kicked out of a nursing home. The math will eventually catch up with the GOP.

The Kaiser Health tracking poll recently found that 74 percent of Trump backers aren’t worried about repeal causing them to lose coverage, yet the same survey found that Medicaid is at least somewhat important to 44 percent of Republican families. Eventually they may have to figure this out the hardest way possible — through tragic experience.

The GOP is proposing to repeal the ACA but has no intention of replacing it. Instead Republicans are using this opportunity to do what they’ve always dreamed of doing — ending Medicaid and Medicare as we know them.




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56 responses to “In Secret, The GOP Is Also Planning To Gut Medicaid And Medicare”

  1. FireBaron says:

    Secret, Hell! Paul Ryan has never made this a secret. The problem is we have been so inundated with tweets from the unstable man-child placed in the oval office by a bunch of ignorant racists who cannot believe that an alleged billionaire really does NOT have their best interests at heart. Therefore, everything Ryan has been preaching in his Ayn Randian philosophy have gone unnoticed! The SOB even wrote a book about how he plans on demolishing the social safety net constructed by FDR and LBJ by nickle-and-diming it to death!

    • dbtheonly says:

      Doesn’t this tie in to LOLGOP’s earlier article that we need a quick and simple way to remind everyone of the GOP rip off? Even ignorant racists won’t like the idea of getting hosed.

      • stcroixcarp says:

        Ignorant racists, the trump base, cannot think of themselves as ever being dependent on someone else. I don’t think they can project themselves into old age or ever being sick. because these are signs of weakness. They imagine themselves going out in a blaze of glory fighting for their rights as white people, saving white women from degradation, and killing the liberals and people of color.

        • Jennieeevans says:

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        • dpaano says:

          I just read an article in the LA Times this morning that stated that the sickest people were in the Rust Belt…..many were suffering from diabetes, obesity, heart problems, etc., and would be significantly hurt if the GOP Health Care Plan, as it now stands, is put in place. So much for 45’s promise to them to get better healthcare for less money…..the plan calls for the exact opposite. The poor, the elderly, the disabled, etc., will be charged MORE for their healthcare because, as insurance companies say, they cost more money to take care of; the rich, on the other hand, will be charged less. Don’t they see the illogical aspects of this? If the poor, elderly, etc., were given proper health care, they might not end up being as unhealthy as they currently are, and they would end up NOT costing the insurance companies more money!! I just can’t understand why our politicians can’t see the logic in this! I guess their greed has eaten their brains! You can guarantee that if Jesus were around today, he’s set the Congress on fire for their greedy ways much like he threw out the money collectors in the marketplace!

    • idamag says:

      He used the old ragged scare tactics that have been around for awhile. The Democrat is going to take your guns away. And those rubes hear that and grab their rods and vote Republican.

  2. The GOP as a political concept and flesh and blood entity presents an interesting and absorbing study on the influence of greed and materialism and their influence on the human mind. Time again, down through the ages, the Messengers of God have alluded to, and in some places warned in perspicuous terms the latent danger in assigning too much importance to acquiring wealth. All of us still have the potential of being ensnared by inordinate urges to crave money or spend lots of time day-dreaming about getting more money or expending huge sums of money just for a chance to win money—we’ve been wired as humans to have this urge, and since the Messengers have continued to warn against the allure, it stands to reason that this is because this tendency is a way of testing the resolve of a person in counteracting this attraction. Not that the admonitions require us to be paupers and devoid of material and monetary means—how else can society progress and get things done, but to be obsessed is the other extreme.

    And the GOP being extremist in its basic philosophy and outlook on life—an outlook as a result of a combination of ignoring Religion while admitting to be religious, and an gradual evolution of a mind-set centered around money and how it should be apportioned according to one’s position in society. If you are wealthy, the the GOP logic is that you should be allowed to increase that wealth, but if you are middle-class of poor, then the GOP logic says that it’s OK for you to remain poor and that the poor should be content with being constrained to remain poor and in dire straits.

    The GOP has a name for this logic and world-view, namely, the charming and seemingly disarming euphemism called “Fiscal Responsibility”. Adam Smith and other “illustrious” and eminent minds wished to “regulate” the flow of money and its apportionment according to status and perceived importance of individuals in society. Family lineage and their position/class must have influenced Adam Smith and his peers on how a monetary system should be established, and ever since the importation of his philosophy from western Europe to the US, and forms the bedrock of Capitalism in western society.

    Capitalism may have started out as a grand idea, but without accounting for the potential for inordinate greed on the part of everyday citizens, and a propensity for greed inherent in us as well, and without the restraints provided by an ethical character imbued with sentiments of empathy and moderation, capitalism becomes a difficult monster corrupting and deranging human society. Socialism and communism cause similar instabilities, but from the point of view of exalting the State, lauding the benefits of poverty and deprivation, while making sure the elite few in communist societies are allowed to acquire massive wealth—-all under the ruse of a “Power to the Proletariat” outer facade.

    Western Capitalism and Socialist/Communist systems, each devoid of spiritual principles and moral constraints are equally damaging to the individual and to society as a whole. The GOP, China/Russia, Nigeria, European nations, Saudi Arabia are prime examples of this yawning disparity between the wealthy and the impoverished.

  3. I of John says:

    No big secret here. Ryan has been gunning for Gov Meds the moment he set up shop in DC.

  4. FT66 says:

    Republicans are about to touch the grenade and it will rip them off. You never touch or take anything from people that is all about their survival. You don’t change anything without letting people know in advance what are those changes and whether they are acceptable or not. ACA won’t go alone it will carry along with republicans who will vote to repeal it.They can’t say Trump campaigned to repeal ACA and he is fulfilling his promise. Clever people don’t do anything without thinking first about the benefits and consequences as well. Take for example, Pres. Obama campaigned heavily on closing GITMO. A lot of people voted for him because of that. He tried very hard to close it but at the same time looking at the situation whether allowed him to do so. Unfortunately it didn’t. He didn’t dump the detainees at GITMO in deep water, so he can fulfill his promise of closing it. This applies to Trump as well. He can’t let people die by taking away ACA for the sake of fulfilling his promise.

    • itsfun says:

      Didn’t Obamacare change things without letting people know in advance? President Trump DID campaign on repealing and replacing Obamacare. The left always leaves out the replace. So you are saying if President Trump can’t fulfill all of his campaign promises, its not his fault because situations wouldn’t allow him to.
      How many of the detainees at GITMO return to terrorism after Obama let them out?

      • The lucky one says:

        Detainees currently held at Guantánamo: 41.1
         Total number of detainees ever incarcerated at Guantánamo: 780.2
         Detainees released under President Bush: Over 500
         Detainees at start of Obama Presidency: 242
         Detainees transferred, repatriated or resettled under Obama: 197
         Detainees transferred to U.S. for prosecution: 2
         Detainees who died in custody since January 2009: 5
         Number of current detainees imprisoned for more than 10 years: 37 (90 percent of total population
        As best I can determine 6 prisoners have been convicted and about the same will face trial. The vast majority have never been convicted, most have not been charged despite years of detention and are thus extrajudicially incarcerated.

        • itsfun says:

          Do you have data on how many returned to terrorism after being released?

          • tbs says:

            doubt he wants to give you the figure.

          • The lucky one says:

            Difficult to ascertain because each institution releasing that data has an agenda. Estimates range form 9%-30% in what I could find with the lower numbers during the Obama presidency. There is an unexamined assumption in your question. “how many returned to terrorism after being released?” implies that they were engaged in terrorism prior to imprisonment but since few have been convicted or charged there is no evidence that they were in fact terrorists prior to being inhumanely incarcerated.
            Would you agree that being unjustly imprisoned could induce someone who was not already one to become a terrorist?

          • itsfun says:

            Inhumanely incarcerated. They had soccer fields, meals according to what they wanted to eat. They were given religious rights. If you believe the prisoners are just a bunch of nice guys being wrongly treated and accused you are living in a fantasy world. I don’t agree with any of your assumptions. They were prisoners of war until bleeding heart libs felt sorry for those murderers.

          • The lucky one says:

            Seems you are the one with the assumptions. Do you think everyone who is arrested is guilty of the crime? In many cases they were never even charged. I never said all of the prisoners were “nice guys” or implied that in any way that all are innocent so you can drop that diversion tactic. A POW is taken on the field of battle and some were abducted outside of any warzone. There was evidence of torture documented on some who were released from Gitmo, again in some cases on prisoners who were never charged.
            Was Bush a bleeding heart lib? He released more prisoners than Obama did.

          • dpaano says:

            It would certainly piss me off!

        • dpaano says:

          And another reason why President Obama didn’t get a chance to close Gitmo is because the Republican congress refused to allow the prisoners to come to the U.S. and be tried in military courts!

      • tbs says:

        about all of them.

      • cheeriogirl says:

        What will the right replace Obamacare with? Nothing close to the coverage we now have because of Obamacare, so it’s disengenuous at best to call it a replacement plan. Most six year olds would call it out as a lie,

        • itsfun says:

          You have no idea of what is in the new proposed health care bill. If you call giving American citizens the right to pick what kind of coverage they want disingenuous then you have a strange idea of freedom of choice. Obamacare is failing. Many places only have one choice of a insurance provider. Rates are more than doubling. The insurance market is collapsing. The CEO of Athena said Obamacare is in a death spiral. If nothing is done to replace it, then eventually no one currently on Obamacare will have any insurance as the companies are pulling out of the exchanges. I have always felt that Obamacare was designed to fail, so the government could take over all healthcare for every citizen. The goal was a single payer system.

    • dpaano says:

      Apparently, he and his buddy, Ryan, don’t realize this.

  5. itsfun says:

    How much money has Obamacare taken from Medicare?

    • Obamacare did not take any money from Medicare (like Clinton did not have ‘sexual relations with that woman, Ms Lewinksy,’ and Obama did not ‘order’ the wiretapping of Trump).

      What Obamacare did was forbid Medicare to spend $800 billion (over a certain 10 year period; the number is now $1 Trillion because the 10-year period has changed) that Medicare otherwise would have been spent under the former Medicare law. As a result hospital service declined, home health care service declined, skilled nursing facility service declined, and the 35% of us signing up for Part C Medicare — the Medicare premium support option — paid more per month the last five years than we otherwise would have.

    • tbs says:

      lots…but they have taken more from Social Security and never replaced it. That is why SS is low.

    • ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ says:

      None. Next stupid leading question cribbed from the Koch brothers.

  6. Ryan and the rest of the crooks playing second fiddle to Trump are a bunch of deplorables in the cesspool in Washington trying to eliminate all programs that help people. We are paying these crooks to take us down, “WAKE UP AMERICA'”

    • dpaano says:

      Once 45’s followers realize that the GOP is going to gut their health care and leave many of them totally uninsured because they can’t afford the rise in cost for fewer benefits…..they may see the light at last!

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    So the criteria for deciding whether govt. programs are Constitutional and affordable is if they are “popular”??

    Well then lets give every American $50,000 per year. That should eliminate all the other programs. And most IMPORTANTLY I am sure it will be popular.

  8. ray says:

    Looks like the death panels are back. The GOP version.

    • dpaano says:

      I think Spicer is also on the downside of being fired, and maybe Comey for bucking the so-called “wiretapping of Trump Tower” BS that our illustrious mentally deranged president came up with lately!

  9. TheGorf says:

    Make America Great Again — Impeach Trump

    • idamag says:

      Unfortunately the two next people in line are Pence and Ryan.

    • dpaano says:

      I have a great tee-shirt….it says: Can we just admit we may have taken the “anyone can grow up to be president” thing just a bit too far? It’s so apropos!

  10. idamag says:

    In order to find money for promised tax cuts to the uber wealthy, they need to cut something.

    • dpaano says:

      I know, that’s the problem……45 doesn’t have a single idea where he’s going to find the money for his so-called GOP Health Care Plan. It’s got to come from somewhere, and I can guarantee you, it won’t be from the wealthy!!!

  11. Godzilla says:

    Nothing has been released on the Bill yet. In other words LOLGOP is full of Donkey Droppings

    • ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ says:

      And when this turns out to be accurate, you’ll contort yourself into a pretzel defending it.

      You spineless worm. You craven lickspittle.

      • dpaano says:

        Actually, Godzilla apparently hasn’t read the papers lately….it came out this morning! The plan calls for more money for less benefits, especially for the poor and lower-income citizens as well as the elderly. They are also going to take away the deal about pre-existing conditions and are leaving this up to the individual health insurance companies. This is how we got into this mess in the first place…..leaving everything up to the insurance companies! We need to get them totally OUT of the picture!

  12. Charles Winter says:

    Fortunately, even most Republicans know that voting to end Medicare would effectively end their political careers.

    • ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ says:

      Right, which is why they’ll just deliberately break it then steal all the money out of it instead.

      • InformedVoter says:

        Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of lies and earner of the title “usually inaccurate”: don’t forget it was LBJ and the Dems who started raiding Social Security and Medicare funds!
        Thus, if anyone raided the funds, it was the Dems themselves.

      • dpaano says:

        Much like they’ve stolen money from the Social Security fund and filled the pot with IOU’s that they have yet to pay! As I said earlier, what is going to happen to ALL the money that citizens have paid into Medicare through their paychecks? Who’s going to get that……all I know is that I want mine BACK!!!

    • dpaano says:

      I agree….I think that Ryan and his gang will have a VERY hard time getting his plan through to fruition. Even Republicans can see that this would be their downfall!

  13. Jmz Nesky says:

    I can’t understand why these people (republicans) are our enemies.. It seems to me that if you want to change or revise something you do it for the better.. Any fool should know this yet on a daily basis their opponents, experts and even polls show that their only reason is to benefit their people (the elite) not America’s people. Okay, believe that the Democrats are corrupt but to go so far as to hop out of the frying pan into the fire, realize that politics in itself is corrupt and those who lead us are affected by this corruption. We need people we can depend on, people who are willing to work on both sides.. People who have proven integrity according to their credentials and past obligations.. Non-Career politicians who are elected for one term, do their best then return to their former life to give new thinkers a chance to better this nation;. We must rid ourselves of self-serving politicians who’s interests focuses on those elites who will pay them the best bucks for their cooperation while spending half their term trying to be re-elected. This hiding behind closed doors to ass laws that shouldn’t be hidden is the lowest a politician can get and should be immediately ousted.

    • dpaano says:

      We need to get rid of lobbyists or quit allowing them to fund PACS for various candidates! We also need to get rid of Citizen United, which was the stupidest thing that the Supreme Court has EVER done when they approved it! It has caused us nothing but problems! We can’t expect to get candidates that actually CARE about their constituents when they are being paid millions under the table by corporations!
      As for the so-called GOP Healthcare Plan….it will end up costing the elderly, the poor, and the lower income citizens of this nation MORE money for fewer benefits, which is the exact opposite of what 45 promised his followers. I read somewhere that the Rust Belt has the highest concentrate of people with diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and heat problems than anywhere else….so, who do you think will be the most affected? Do you think they will FINALLY realize that they were conned?

  14. dpaano says:

    If the GOP does away with Medicare, I want ALL the money that was taken out of my paycheck for Medicare for the past 50+ years that I’ve been working! Since I’m currently working full time and have a GREAT plan through my employer, I don’t need to worry about filing for Medicare yet even tho’ I’m 70, I may find myself without it if 45 and Ryan have their way! There will be a revolution if they take this away from the retired! It should be interesting to watch!

    • InformedVoter says:

      Hello racist and bigot, for using racial slurs to describe well-educated black GOP males:
      Lest you forget, it was LBJ and the Dems that started the raiding of Social Security.
      Cutting Medicaid would not be so unpopular and would help the GOP in elections. The GOP NEVER said anything about cutting Medicare; it was the FAKE MSM who have foisted that idea on the public. Just as they labelled President Trump a racist, bigot, sexist, etc ALL WITHOUT one shred of evidence.
      They are trying it again with the Russia influence, but now that President Trump has opened up “wiretap-gate” it’s the obozo team that is in damage control mode.

  15. dpaano says:

    According to today’s LA Times, “Other Republican lawmaker, though, said the GOP plan would require Americans to budget their money more wisely rather than rely on government for help.” That’s interesting…..I wonder how many poor and low-income people actually HAVE enough money to “budget.” The struggle just to put food on the table and a roof over their heads!
    There was another comment by Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah): “Americans have got to make a choice, and so maybe instead of getting that new IPhone….they should invest in their own healthcare.” Apparently, Chaffetz doesn’t realize that the people that buy IPhones are actually young adults and college students. You don’t see too many homeless people, poor people, or low-income people spending money on IPhones!
    This just proves how totally out of touch our Republican representatives are when it comes to the poor, lower-income people and how they spend their pittance each month. They seem to think that their plan will “expand opportunities for Americans to sock more of their own money away into health savings accounts that can be used to pay for healthcare costs.” What money? If you’re poor, you don’t have any “extra” money to sock away for ANYTHING!
    It’s amazing how the GOP representatives’ minds work (or DON’T work)! This GOP Plan will NOT do what 45 promised his followers that he would do for them. His promise to give them better healthcare for less money is a bunch of BS! They were conned!
    Additionally, there’s a faction in the Congress that are bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers who want the ENTIRE healthcare plan abolished totally! These people don’t seem to care if their constituents die from lack of proper healthcare……I can’t, for the life of me, understand where their mind are at! Do they NOT care about the citizens of this country? It’s ludicrous!

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