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Thursday, October 27, 2016

WATCH: GOP Leader Admits That Voter ID Will Help Romney Win Pennsylvania

As Michael Kinsley famously said, “a gaffe is when a politician tells the truth — some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say.” By Kinsley’s definition, Mike Turzai — the Republican House Majority Leader of Pennsylvania — has made a gaffe of epic proportions.

This past weekend, Turzai took the stage at the Republican State Committee meeting and confirmed what Democrats have consistently asserted: that the GOP is pushing voter ID laws for purely political reasons, in an effort to suppress Democratic voters. As Kelly Cernetich of reported, Turzai said in a speech highlighting recent conservative achievements: “Pro-Second Amendment? The Castle Doctrine, it’s done. First pro-life legislation – abortion facility regulations – in 22 years, done. Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done.”

Video of his admission is below:

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  • Turzai is a scumbag anyway, those with sense don’t listen to him!!!!

  • sandyswalker

    Great!!! I had to show drivers license to buy a can of spray paint at Home Depot… I also have to show a drivers license to board a plane, train, get a passport, enter a museum in Washington D.C. It only makes sense to show a drivers license or a FREE form of ID provided by the state of Pennsylvania to vote to validate the election results. We don’t want any cheaters do we???

    • jerrimyers

      More important, we don’t want any one denied their right to vote by this Republican witch hunt.

      • sandyswalker

        I don’t get why people do not get this simple concept…just show a form of government issued photo ID. You have to show ID to check into a hospital or just about anything you do these days. Why is it such a problem to show ID to vote? I voted for Obama and I WAS a solid democrat and donated to the democratic party my whole life (now 61 years old) and I will never vote for another democratic again. The lies and destruction that Obama has caused this country and economy, I would never trust to the Democrats again. That lying Obama and Eric Holder are obstructing justice to get illegal votes to get Obama reelected. What a shame. I am so embarrassed that I voted for Obama!!! Wake up democratic voters!!!

        • I doubt very much that you are an actual Obama in 2008 voter. You sound much more like a Republican troll trying to dupe the readers.

          • Your right Gerald sound like Sandyswalker is trying Mohammed Ail rope a dope attacked on American people.
            Because we all know Obama haven’t caused this country and economy any down fall. And did she say illegal votes to get Obama re-elected. Did she not read what we are comments about. The Head line read

            GOP Leader Admits That Voter ID Will Help Romney Win Pennsylvania.

            So who is doing illegal things when it come to voting.
            Please go back and read the Head line Ms Sandyswalker because U miss a lot

        • blueinMS

          Hey sandyswalker, I get your point. You don’t get the other side’s point. So you are making a decision only understanding 1/2 the issue. Fortunately you have no say so in this matter. I just wish our elected officials would look at things from both sides of the fence and make good common decisions. I too have been voting since the Johnson Administration. Lyndon, not Andrew. I also am 61 years old. I have voted my heart over the years. Democratic, Republican and Independent.
          To say you will never again do something shows your ignorance. Hasn’t anyone ever told you to never use the words never and always. I too voted for Obama. He has my vote again. Why? Because he is the best candadate for middle class America. I cannot count on a fellow like Romney. At least Obama speaks his mind. He may piss me off now and again but I know where he stands. And there is Romney’s problem. He stands w/the crowd to which he preaches. He is not consistant. One day he is for something the next day against, Obama is consistant. He has saved this country from a second great depression, I know you will disagree but that is where we agree only. That is to disagree. Good luck to you and your Failed Ideoplogical ways (according to Alan Greenspan your own Republican Guru). Maybe that ideology will work in another country…not in America. This is not the wild, wild west anymore. We are governed by laws and regulations. Deregulation is what caused our present problems, according to your beloved Alan Greenspan. Republicans were at the helm of this train wreck. Let us see what Democrats can do over time. It took the Republicans 40 years of deregulations to get us here. It will take the Democrats more than just 3 years to straighten your mess out. So stop whining and hang on Sandy!

          • Well said blueinMS….

        • the village called, they want their idiot back, better get going.

        • PickerandChoser

          Checking into a hospital, flying on a plane, driving a car are not rights afforded by the constitution. If states want photo ID they should give them free when you register to vote. I have not heard of one state offering this or any other free service to acquire an ID. Some one should not have to pay to vote. Republicans don’t want a mandate to by health insurance why have one to for permission to vote.

        • Sandyswalker, you the most dommiest and block head person I have ever seen in life, how can you forget the problems that Bush caused for 8 whole year, and blame Obama for bush’s failures and lies, and how can you expect Obama to change everything within 3trs, he is not God, If you want to vote for the outsourcer-in-chief , the greatest lier of the year, and the worst presidential candiate, you go on and do it, we know you never voted for Obama and you will never vote for Obama, but I assure you you all will loose com this November.

        • yeah next thing you know some attorney general will decide a state like florida oh an that was a bush appointee too.not to mention the polling places in ohio,more republican b.s.

        • Stop lying, you didn’t name one thing that Obama did to the economy you are either stupid, insane or both you know what shape the economy was in when Bush left office. You don’t remember the past but you are predicting the future that the Prez and Holder are trying get illegals to vote. less then 55% of the eligible voters go to the pole at elections time. You would think they would try to get those people to vote. Illegals are much better, even though you can’t get them fill out census forms or no other government forms. The same dixie-crats now dixie-can that kept my parents from voting most of there lives are running this so call voter fraud scam. You’re right you are better suited to be in the party of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, David Duke and others of that ilk. Let me remind you of the republican nominee Mr Romney who belong to the Mormon church that believe until 1978 blacks couldn’t go to their special Haven that should make you feel all worm and fuzzy inside. I live in Ca the largest state no made up voters fraud and NO ID to vote.

        • sandy you mean the Republican are the one who is lying, As he said that voter Id will get Romney elected president from the state of Pennsylvania. That prove what the democratic been saying they will do anything either legal or illegal to get Romney elected.

        • prouddemocrat61

          You sandyswalker must have sand on your brain!! YOU listen to the STUPID PEOPLE like fox news what a bunch of racist group of people. Obama has done nothing but good for our poor and middle class. YOU took the stimulis that Obama sent out and you cashed the check and you spent the money. If you think Obama was so bad why did you cash the check and spend the money? So if you think Obama was so bad for this country then SEND BACK THE MONEY TO OBAMA AND TELL HIM THAT YOU DON’T NEED THE MONEY!!!! Don’t tell me that you were owed that money cause that is bullshit in the worse form!!
          You must have money just like that MORON mittens. He just wrote off over $77,000 on his taxes for a horse that was suppose to be a medical expense for his wife because she has ms but took it as a business expense because he couldn’t use it as a medical write off because he makes to much money. If that is not a lie then what is it? He can’t relate to you or me or any other American. When has he ever had to make a decision do I pay the bills or buy groceries for the family, or do I need to buy my medicine to stay alive. Has he ever had to wonder how he will get to work because the car broke down and has no money to pay for the repairs, or pay for the insurance on the car and health insurance to stay alive. Has he ever seen his family member who has breast cancer and kidney cancer that can’t go to work so therefore their health insurance is cancelled because they can’t work the hours that they need to keep their insurance. Then try and get help so their life can be spared. Hell no to that answer. How much money do you (if you have kids) put in their bank accounts like a $100 Million dollars so they never have to worry about their families. How many of his sons went to the Iraq war and the Afganistan war to fight for this country? NONE!!!!!!!!! Where was mittens when the war was going on in VietNam in FRANCE where his daddy sent him to keep him out of harms way.
          This voter registration is a bunch of BULLSHIT!!! It’s to keep the poor and the elderly from voting for the DEMOCRATS. When you go to register to vote you have to show ID. Then they send you a voter register card in the mail to show you where your polling place is. When you go there they ask you your name and your address then they look it up in a book that has the registered voters then you have to sign your name. So if you are a registered voter take your card with you and show that. Most people can’t afford a state ID. Here in Nebraska it’s $25.00, for that state ID. So NO IT IS NOT FREE!!
          So tell me what lies that Obama has told. Don’t tell me it’s about his birth certificate because that is bullshit. He showed his birth certificate but the REPUGS don’t want to believe that it is real. Well I don’t believe that mittens is real so how is that!! mittens father was born in Mexico, so how do we know that mittens moron was born in the UNITED STATES? So now tell me what destruction that Obama has done to this country and to the economy? He went into office with a debt from the ignorant bush that was $10.5 TRILLION DOLLARS. Talking about Eric Holder well if you are blaming that mess on Holder then you all NEED TO JAIL GEORGE W BUSH FOR HE IS THE REASON ALL THAT CRAP THAT CAME DOWN BUT YOU DON’T WANT TO HOLD THAT IDIOT ACCOUNTABLE FOR NOTHING AND JUST BLAME IT ON THE BLACK MEN!!! Yeah well I can see where you are at for listening to the racist station. I WOULD NEVER EVER VOTE REPUBLICAN FOR THE REPUBLICANS HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING FOR THE POOR OR THE MIDDLE CLASS. Maybe with all of your MILLIONS YOU ARE IN THE SAME CLASS AS THE MORON. Maybe you want to have mittens in so you if your are a man this way you can have more then one wife. Then I same SHAME ON YOU!!!! Yet you believe all the LIES THAT THIS IDIOT TELLS YOU. Where are his tax returns his father turned over 12 years of his returns and he has only turned over just 1 year. SO WHAT IS HE HIDING AND WHY IS HIS MONEY IN OTHER COUNTRIES WHEN HE WANTS TO BE THE PRESIDENT OF OUR COUNTRY AND HE CAN’T KEEP HIS MONEY IN THIS COUNTRY AND SUPPORT OUR COUNTRY AND PAY HIS TAXES I DON’T WANT A THIEF FOR A PRESIDENT. IF HE IS STEALING FROM US NOW WHAT DO YOU THINK HE WILL DO WHEN HE IS PRESIDENT. IF THIS WAS OBAMA YOU PEOPLE WOULD CRUCIFY HIM. YOU THNK THAT IS FAIR. I AM A PROUD DEMOCRAT AND WILL TILL THE DAY I DIE AND WILL SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT IN ANY WAY I CAN SO YOU GO AHEAD AND VOTE FOR THE REPUGS BUT DON’T BLAME OBAMA WHEN YOU HAVE NO SOCIAL SECURITY AND NO MEDICARE AND IF YOUR PARENTS ARE STILL ALIVE AND YOU HAVE TO PICK UP ALL OF THEIR MEDICAL BILLS AND NURSING HOME EXPENSES AND IF YOU HAVE A PREEXISTING CONDITION LIKE MY SISTER THEN YOU WILL RETHINK BUT THEN IT’S TO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You’re right – we don’t want anybody – legal or illegal – to be denied their God-given right to vote. The right to vote is God-given, isn’t it?

        Well, anyway, we don’t want anybody denied their right to buy cigs and booze, either, so if a store clerk asks you for that pesky ID thing, just grab what you want and run. That’s the Progressive way to do things.

        Driver’s license? I don’t need no steenkin’ driver’s license. I’m just going home from the bar, and I’m too drunk to walk.

        And don’t you believe that Right-wing propaganda where they say that folks who carry no ID probably have a reason to carry no ID. You don’t need ID. Your word should be good enough – even in Spanish.

    • johninPCFL

      Which state issued IDs can be used? In Texas you can use your in-state university ID card for drinking, to get a driver’s license, to turn on and off the power and phone, and most anything else a person might want to do.

      Except to vote. A state-issued university ID card is not legitimate proof that you’re a state resident for the purpose of voting. You need a different state-issued ID for that.

    • Voter fraud is a myth perpetuated by the Republicans to justify their voter suppression laws. Like in Florida where they removed several hundred thousand legitimate voters from the rolls because about 50 non-citizens had voted in a past election. The goal is not to prevent cheating it is to prevent thousands of Democratic leaning voters from voting, hence the admission by Turzai.

    • You already have to show your id to vote. and you can still only vote in the district you are registered in.

    • And you can thank the USA PATRIOT Act for that.

    • sand12

      And you dont think these SOBs are not cheaters. We the people. Want all citizens to vote. There has been no voter fraud. It is a durty scheam you heard him, its for politacal reasons. Thats the proublum so many dont listen to the truth. MSMBC where intelligence and truth lives.

    • I bet you can’t find a cheater, because there are very few. Who would vote knowing there is a penalty for it? It’s just not done.

    • Voting is a right, people died for that right!

    • No one has to show a drivers license to enter a museum in Washington DC. That is a fact. I spent a week there visiting many museums just recently. Never once did I Have to show an I.D. There was however, a metal detector to go through and a quick bag check. NO I.D. Many poor people that do not drive have no official I.D. Many elderly and people with disabilities in Nursing facilities have no official I.D. They are not illegal people.

  • The ‘99% Movement’ and many other groups are working very hard to help many of our citizens acquire the necessary ‘Voter ID’. They (the Republicans) think we’re all a bunch of illiterate idiots….come November we will prove them so wrong! They will have insulted what few followers they have left and fade into the sunset! The Super Pacs don’t scare me…I just don’t watch TV anymore! Their Voter ID threats don’t scare me…..I’m prepared to vote come election day and I’m helping others prepare as well! Corporate America doesn’t scare me….I’ve taken my money elsewhere and stopped doing business with them! They may think they are winning but we are planning too and slowly but surely the ‘Weak shall inherit’!

    A Very Hard Working Middle Class American

    • What part of “illegal immigrant” don’t you understand? These people, for the most part, are a drain on our society. If someone is providing a service then extend a VISA to them. If not get rid of the liability. Pretty simple. Bottom line even productive “illegal immigrants” are breaking our laws. Let them come in under temporary worker status. There’s no way they should be collecting welfare and food stamps.

      • what part of Corp Greed / Citizens United / Corps are People & Huge corp tax cuts – loopholes do YOU not understand ? Reagan gave total amnesty in 86 w wide open borders so they came in droves Now Obama has a plan to help innocent kids who were brought here IF they are a
        HS grad NO criminal record and work and pay taxes
        Ask Wh y does GOP say a GUN ID is fine but student IS is not
        Election fraud is tiny about.0005 % THis is another diversionary tactic for a gullible public who are easily distracted
        GOP word smiths Union workers are NOW Union thugs
        Thats how GOP plays their dirty little game

        • What part of Corporations split their donations and support people from both party’s don]t you understand ? Are you that deluded that you cant see that Corproations tend to give money to any candidate they feel can help their cause ? Do you see that in Public Unions who donate over 93% of OUR TAX DOLLARS back to the Dems ? …Your stats like the ones most Libs use are Lies based in Liberal Fantasy and not fact …If Election fraud is tiny ( about .0005% ) what are you worried about ? By the way the number of Illegals that FLA has already purged show the fallacy of your stats …You do know that right ? In the future please use facts and logic lest you make yourself as well as all Liberaldumb look stupid

          • Can GOP supporters ever post comments without throwing in insulting names ?

          • That would be to much like right @Tony…

          • mike you are truly stupid I live in fla after they rechecked there was not many our gov is acrook voter fraud is alie get youa fact right oh thats right people like you don’t listen to facts

          • Peoples425

            Voter fraud has been negligible, but the worry is not with the people that will that “try” to fraud the election, but the fact that actual citizens, both naturalized and domestic born, will have problems voting simply because of party alignment. It has already proven in Florida that the purging of “suspected” frauds rejected 99% of citizens, not illegals so it goes to show the inaccuracy of this purge and tactics similar are just a strategy in order to get democratic supporters away from the polls. I’d advise you to come with better arguments before you step up with such inaccurate points.

            I’d counter more of your points, but it’s futile speaking with someone with such an obvious bias. Have a nice day… I have more important things to deal with.

          • Justin Napolitano

            Really, Michael then please explain how Governor Scott Walker, of Wisconsin, received 7 times the amount of money from private business than what his opponent received from the unions and private citizens

      • Have you ever been hungry? Hope you never experience a hopeless situation.

      • what part of voter suppression dont you get this isnt about illegals it is about keeping people away to vote

        • What part of ILLEGAL ALIENS are not legally able to vote dont you understand …Or why dont we let everyone in the world vote for who should be OUR President …You are silly

          • The Dixie- Can have no proof of voter fraud, yet they are asking people in their 80s and 90s to come with matching birth certificate and SS card to get a state ID my aunt was born in La don’t live there any more never had a birth certificate she married so her SS wouldn’t match anyhow. college student can’t use their student state issued ID but a gun permit card is OK. The same right winger in same state and other state that they control’ all at the same time found voter frauds by illegal that they encourage to come here for cheap labor to help bust union. The same dogs that kept my fore parents from voting are now asking my ageing aunt to prove her citizenship. She has voted since 1966 when the voting rights act was pass against the wishes of these same lying bastards. This is a law for a crime that don’t exist.

        • onedonewong

          Its takes 10 minutes to get a valid ID if you don’t have one and they are FREE

          • You idiots just don’t get it, do you? Their not going to be ‘selective’ if they get the law passed, it will include everybody both illegal AND legal. You say it only takes a few minutes to get a valid ID.. I say how can old people get this when they rely on others just to deliver food to their door? Their kids? Hell, most of them are looking out for number one and I’m sure a few are Pubs (why else would they be looking out for number one?).. Not everybody has access to vehicles or even public transportation.. Oldsters (and regular adults) in hospital. Then you have young people (over 18) these types say to hell with it if they have to go out of their way and in response will not vote but then, that’s the GOP’s intention now isn’t it..

          • onedonewong

            How did the “old people” survive without a valid ID?? They never drove? Never opened a bank account pleeeease this is just more liberal PAP.
            You can’t get into a hospital without a valid ID. As for young adults they all have ID’s they can’t buy a beer pack of cigs or get a library card without one.
            Time to bring yourself into the 20 th century

          • Walk a mile in their shoes….Would you have an ID if you never drove? Would you have an ID if you hadn’t gone to school? Would you have a valid ID if you had been retired from the workforce for the past 15 years? Consider yourself lucky if you have an ID for all of the above….many unlucky Americans aren’t so fortunate.

          • onedonewong

            Yea your right there are 5 people who fall into that category

          • you’ve saved me some ink. the gop is countng on the frustration factor (turn a way 100 eligible voters apx 15%will give up and wouldn’t jump thru the hoops to prove they are eligible).but they’ve forgoten the pure distrust and envy of the hungry 99%. yes we envy the rich not having to worry about eletric bills/the price of gas/ whechoice of vacation spots/schools/doctors. we are many and we hunger.

          • abbyedabbyedo


          • jerder

            Amen to that. And there many small and rural areas, and small communities that do not have bus service or taxi services, so if you do not have family or friends that can transport you, as well as pay for the cost of the ID, you are not going to be able to go vote which is a constitutional violation of the voting act. And some communities in states that are primarily rural can be up to one hundred miles to the nearest DMV.

          • PJD219

            Boo Hoo Hoo!!!

          • god i would hate for them to have to go out of their way now.. I wouldn’t want them to have to run all the way to the county sheriffs office, to submit paperwork for a background check, then have to travel all the way to the other side of the county, to get classes on the proper way to vote, on top of that have to pay $50 for the background check, and $100 for the class.. O wait we have to do that now, to be able practice our 2nd amendment.. sorry wrong right..
            I know, we wouldn’t want them to have to go to the local court, and have to fill paperwork, for a permit. then have to pay $1000’s of dollars, depending on where they vote, and the voter turn out.. o wait, sorry i’m wrong again, you only have to do all of that, in order to be able to protest in America now..
            You know what is funny, how you need SOME form of state ID, in order to receive medicare, medicaid, social security, welfare, food stamps, housing assistance. but this law disenfranchises the elderly, the poor, and the minorities.. go figure.. how do they all seem to either get to work, or get their government assistance without no ID?? one has to wounder.

          • tcraig22

            I do not think that you heard what the majority leader said he stated that VOTER ID WHICH WILL HELP GOVERNOR ROMNEY WIN THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA DONE. It is like you did not read the article or listen to the video.

          • onedonewong

            That’s because PA has a huge illegal immigrant problem and they vote

          • Kay Bright

            That isn’t the problem. Some people need to get the backup verification like their birth certificate which might cost upwards of $50.00. If they no longer live in the state where they were born, then they have to hunt down the address of where/how to get their birth certificate which might involve travel expenses. Don’t be so insensitive! It’s NOT about voter fraud and illegals voting! THAT IS A LIE!

          • onedonewong

            Its not??? We have a sitting US Senator from Minnesota Al Frankin that was placed in office by illegal absentee voters. The new voter bills will clean the rolls of all the nonsense that ACORN and Rainbow coalition and NAACP created

          • jerder

            I don’t know where you are from, but they are certainly not free in Kansas and many other states.

          • onedonewong

            i’ve never seen a state charge for a state ID card

          • jerder

            Kansas charges for a state picture ID. When my son’s DL was suspended 2 years ago for speeding, when he was 18, he had to go to the DMV and pay the same price for his Kansas picture ID that he paid for his DL. Kansas does, however, have very stringent requirements regarding what they will accept as proof of citizenship to get a DL and ID, though. You have to have a birth certificate, social security card, a bill or letter showing your current address, etc. You have to have 4 items.

          • onedonewong

            Your son was a criminal why would they give him a deal

          • jerder

            My SON was a teenager and only had ONE TRAFFIC TICKET, forgot his court date, was picked up for failure to appear and had his license suspended for a year. The charge: driving with expired liability vehicle insurance. Not exactly a CRIMINAL, considering tens of thousands of teens get traffic tickets every year in this country. He has never gotten another traffic ticket since then (2) years, and purchased and rode a bicycle during those 2 years. He paid his own fines, as well, as I do not believe in condoning not following traffic laws and would never pay my children’s fines. At the end of the year he paid his $100 re-in statement fee and had to get another DL which costs the same as a state ID. And you would be surprised to find out how many adults in this country drive without insurance. For my son, as a teen, it was more about not keeping track of when his insurance premium was due.

          • onedonewong

            Sounds like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree

          • jerder

            Pardon me. I have never been arrested, never committed a crime, never had a ticket, worked hard for 25 years until my husband passed away and I had two teens to finish raising so I could no longer be out of state one or two weeks at a time. I now make my living as an online author for websites related to education, child development, families, early childhood education, etc. This will be my last reply. I cannot believe I sank so low as to respond to your rude and nasty comments in the first place. You definitely are not worth my lowering myself to your level.

          • catball

            I have lived in Kansas all my life, and you are right, we have lost our freedom. /we now have a t-bag governor. He has taken 82 million out of our schools, closed all the clinics, has taken all the arts and the list goes on. We now have the highest sales tax in the U.S. This mans name is brownback and believe me he is a pig.

          • jerder

            Ahhh, a fellow Kansan. Hard to find a Kansan, especially here in Hutchinson, who is not a social and religious conservative. I am a Methodist, attend church most Sundays, etc. but I am finding that around here, if you are not Catholic, right wing, or an evangelical, your faith doesn’t count. And to think our illustrious governor has managed to erase income taxes completely for over 40, 000 Ks. business, and is working on getting rid of the food sales tax for people like my mom and the child care tax credit which is what makes it possible for my oldest daughter and her soon to be second husband to keep their combined five children in child care after school. Alexis, 15, has cerebral palsy, and although she is developmentally delayed (15 going on 8) and in a wheel chair she has to be diapered, etc. and child care for children like Alexis costs double what regular child care costs. Kansas raised the income level for child care subsidies high enough they do not qualify, a respite care is virtually non existent in the area. And with Brownback it is only going to get worse. I am an independent but I do always vote for Jerry Moran who has helped me get help with a couple of tax issues. Otherwise, I vote for the democratic candidates, although they rarely win at the federal level, or even run. Glad to find at least one other Kansan who knows how I feel and why

          • LadyDeb

            Wrong. Not free. And for the Elderly not easy at all.

          • onedonewong

            You can’t have a bank account, buy six pack of beer, drive a car or even go to the hospital without an ID. Your argument is utter nonsense

        • Who told you that? It is absolutely everything about people who are not legal US citizens voting in and possibly deciding our elections. Everybody should have to show ID of who they are when voting and you need to be a legal US citizen.

          US citizens who are felons aren’t allowed to vote, so why should it be okay for illegals to vote? Do you actually want people who are not here legally voting in our elections. I sure don’t!

      • I live in a densely Hispanic area. The one thing illegal immigrants don’t do is try to register to vote. They’re not that dumb.

      • Wonder why the native American didn’t have that mind set. I still looking for the visa that George Washington family use to come here, OH WELL.l

      • Sounds like you’ve been watching too much FOX News Gary. Not sure how you transitioned from voting rights to collecting food stamps. I don’t think illegal immigrants are lining up to vote. The truth is that there has NOT been voter fraud. Our current ID-less system has worked wonderfully up to this point. By requiring an ID you omit a small percentage of the voting population that conveniently happens to be in the Democrat demographic. Again don’t be mislead….those that don’t have IDs and are legally able to vote are being assisted in obtaining the required IDs. The GOP’s tactics won’t work. (Illegal immigration is a totally separate ‘can of election worms’.)

      • ounds like you’ve been watching too much FOX News Gary. Not sure how you transitioned from voting rights to collecting food stamps. I don’t think illegal immigrants are lining up to vote. The truth is that there has NOT been voter fraud. Our current ID-less system has worked wonderfully up to this point. By requiring an ID you omit a small percentage of the voting population that conveniently happens to be in the Democrat demographic. Again don’t be mislead….those that don’t have IDs and are legally able to vote are being assisted in obtaining the required IDs. The GOP’s tactics won’t work. (Illegal immigration is a totally separate ‘can of election worms’.)

      • Easy to turn ‘illegal’ into legal. Just use some common sense and revamp the laws; not like we don’t do it every day when it benefits the power stucture (ever heard of corporate humans?). No studies support your claim of a ‘drain on our society’ but don’t worry too much about facts. Want to ensure good wages, payment of taxes, etc? Tell your obstructionists law makers to stop protecting the big money folks, pay living wages, and acknowledge that we have to have young people immigrate to the U.S. Even your grand master Reagan approved of changes to our immigration policies, then Bush tried to be progressive in this area as well but was rebuffed by the power structure who wants the cheap labor without all the hassle of having to do things the legal way. Want to totally close the border and deport all these folks? Just approve the increase in government size and pony up the money for the tens of thousands of personnel necessary, who will all be out of work as soon as we can announce ‘mission accomplished, but hey, no big deal. Don’t want to do that? Didn’t think so. Just keep spouting ignorance.

      • Ed

        Any one want to tell me what an “Illegal immigrant” is?

      • lokicat3

        that’s a myth and a lie. Read “Illegal People” about How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants by David bacon. And while you’re at it read The Death of Josseline: Immigration Stories from the Arizona Borderlands. They are not illegal. They are not criminals. The only thing ‘criminal’ is your kind of thinking.

      • I guess you didn’t read the article or watch the video. A high Republican official basically acknowledges that the point of voter ID laws is to elect Republicans!

      • drthelly1

        Gary, where are your facts? It’s already been proven again and again by nonpartisan analysts and scholars that REPUBLICANS ARE LYING ABOUT ILLEGALS VOTING! You and I have a much greater chance of getting hit by a lightning bolt than for illegal immigrants to be out there voting as the GOP says. Read up on statistics, and search for the truth online by googling “voter fraud statistics on illegals.” You’ll be shocked. The real reason for the voter ID laws is what this Pennsylvania politician said: TO STEAL THE ELECTION.

      • Spoken like a true totalitarian who thinks the world is yours–it’s not!

      • Kissimmee First


    • Robin EVERY State that has a Voter ID law will give you an ID for free if you need one..We dont need uninformed Fecal Producing Occupiers to do that . Also , the very fact that Dems Libs Socialists and Progressives believe this will disenfranchise people of color is RACIST and disrespectful . If I were black I would feel insulted to know the people I blindly support think of me as an Idiot who is less capable then others of attaining a free ID . We Conservatives would never assume such a thing .

    • onedonewong

      The 99% don’t represent anyone they are nothing more than anarchists

    • sandyswalker

      Who do you work for? How do you get a paycheck? The democrats are wrong on all issues these days. Like I said, I was a democrat and voted democratic in every election until now. Democratic voters’ ignorance astounds me. I am embarrassed that I was a democrat for so many years. I am not a union member or a government employee. The 99% are wrong. I know people who own their own businesses and they are a different kind of person than alot of the 99%. They are busy working 14 hours a day to keep their business going. The Obama administration is trying to take their money through increased taxes to give to those who do not shoulder any or very little responsibility. I am not a democrat anymore as they are an embarrasssment to dignified people. The behavior of the 99% at rallys is really shameful. I do not want to be associated with them or the White House with all the distortions and lies they deliver on a daily basis. If you all would pay attention and get the real news, you would wake up.

      • Justin Napolitano

        Sandy, taxes are the lowest they have been in 80 years. That is right, 80 years.
        And business is paying the lowest amount of taxes in 80 years. Business used to pay about 6% of the taxes collected by the Federal Government but now it is only 2%. Business takes advantage of all of the things that the 99% provide like schooling, roads, bridges, police, fire department, military, rail roads, shipping ports and other things but is loath to help pay for them. Greed has never been so pronounced in the United States as it is now. Keep screwing with working people and you will see who runs this country. As for Obama taking anyone’s money did you forget that he lowered taxes for working people by 2%

    • drthelly1

      Robin, we need to clone you! America needs millions more folks like you. I’m with you, but we each need to spread the word. We can’t give up, because these voter suppressors are vicious and don’t give a hoot about our American rights. They’re just clawing for power. Shame on them, but we each need to fight back with truth and integrity…two things they don’t have a clue about.

  • 1standlastword

    Isn’t it true that the requirement doesn’t discriminate against Democrats, meaning if it’s legal and executed fairly it must apply to Republican voters as well?

    I have no sympathy for Republicans…especially this new class of so called conservatives.

    I can understand the suspicion they are under given their objective which is to become a permanent majority.

    That said, everyone who wants voting should be responsible enough to provide identification. Let’ not enable irresponsible behavior by labeling it “Democrat” and pull sympathy to excuse responsibility for being poor and a member of a minority class.

    People SHOULD be held accountable for representing themselves to be the person they claim to be.

    I sure as hell wouldn’t call it cheating if my banker asked the crook who claimed to be me to show some ID…would you?

    • johninPCFL

      All of that’s fine right up to where the ID was not necessary until days before THIS election. Why not set the ID requirement last spring? Why not last summer? Why not this past spring? Why RIGHT-FRICKIN’-NOW?

      Because those whose ID relies on out-of-state paperwork (like a copy of a birth certificate) can’t react in time. Who is most likely to have that problem? The poor and the students. Who do they most often vote for? Answered by Turzai, above.

      FL was decided by less than 1000 votes. Gov Scott just tried to disenfranchise 180,000 voters (not a typo – one hundred eighty thousand), got caught, and dropped the number to around 2500. Among those Scott tried to bump off the rolls were a decorated WWII vet whose name just happens to sound Hispanic.

      • 1standlastword

        I agree, there is the con plot to suppress the vote in the service of the scheme to make the GOP a permanent majority. However, voter ID if applied without prejudice it can backfire on the schemers. Their gambling it won’t

        Voting should be much easier than it is and there are many ways to make it easier

        Purging the voter role is a horse of a different color and as we know there are law suits in the pipeline.

        I’m more concerned about the corrosive effects of trillions of dollars on the vote

      • so true i read that artical..How is a WWII vet who was born and raised in BKLYN NY lives in FL provided HIS LETTER FROM SERVING THIS GREAT NATION be asked to proof that he is a citizen..And was told that wasn’t good enough…WTF who does that….I’ll give you one guess who does..

  • riders4

    Folks, the point of this video is not whether people should have to show ID in order to vote. The point of this video is that the Republican party leader identified it as an accomplishment that will help Governor Romney to win the popular vote in Pennsylvania. People who comment that we do not want fraud, and people who comment that IDs can be obtained for free, are missing the point: the point is, the Republican party leader cites the Republican accomplishment of voter ID legislation in Pennsylvania as the thing which will help Romney to win the Presidential vote there in November. You may respond that it is perfectly acceptable to add constraints on voting that will favor the Republican Romney; you may respond that the voice on the video has been dubbed, the image photoshopped, the recorded comment is grossly out of context – any of those will be responsive to the video. Arguing that voter ID will protect against fraud, and arguing that voter ID will not reduce lawful voting, are both non-responsive to the video. The Republican leader in the video is stating that the new constraint will help Romney to win. If you want to comment on this video, then please comment on THIS VIDEO!

  • By Romney Being One Of The American Taliban Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells Operating In Plain Sight Terrorizing People Is What They Do Best!!!

  • They say it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. Turzai has removed all doubt.

  • sand12

    This is nothing short of domestic terrorisum. These greedy heartless pigs must be stopped. Or this countrys freedom is over.

  • ralphkr

    Voter ID is all very well but it does nothing at all to address the true driver of voter fraud, the precinct officials. The reports I have seen all agree that individual voters commit from 4 to 8 per cent of all fraud while 92 to 96 per cent of fraudulent votes are cast by precinct workers. I think the best example of that was the precinct that had barely 3K registered voters that turned in over 5K votes for their TEA Party candidate for Congress. Now that is true efficiency and good return for the buck spent on buying votes.

  • the problem is not showing the voter ID card, it will be getting the voter ID card…

  • cat daddy

    what Bs clip was that ? more Democratic garbage, we all know Holder, Obama are attacking states over voter ID.

  • sand12

    Thats not the point. The point is the GOP wants to make it impossible for the old and people that dont have drivers licences any longer DEMOCRATS Not to be able to vote. Its all about getting Romney and his crooked advisers elected. You must be a well paid republican creep that would sell us all out to the filthy right wing. Im imbaressed you got to vote at all. You dont belong in this country. Your far to gulible. If you think The Democrats are the ones that caused this mess, your a Rush Limbauh fan. Bet you live in the south huh?Where do you get your information? The cartoon Channel!

    • cat daddy

      Your full of s..t if you believe that nonsense, ask the attorney gen. of Sc ,FL whos attacking their states voter ID laws and their right to purge voter rolls, stop drinking that kool-aid that you demonic rats drink!

      • What makes it nonsense i’m just not understanding maybe it’s just me….NOT…….when you have a Republican clearly state on video what is and what it isn’t what part of that are you all not understanding thats what you should be upset about WHAT HE CLEARLY STATED…I guess the old saying is correct The truth hurts….Dueces*** IJS

  • swb338

    They’re bragging about it now because they feel they’ve already gotten away with it.

  • The only way republicans win is by lying, cheating and stealing! And their brainwashed sheeple!

  • i think we pennsylvanians need to vote corbet and this idiot out of office or somehow call for there resignation

  • bigspender7

    Once in a while a republican does tell the truth. It doesn’t occur often but it can be very revealing when it happens.

  • montanabill

    No one ever doubted validating voter ID’s would help Romney. Hardly ever do dead people or illegal aliens vote Republican.

  • Of course this is a No Brainer . Voter ID would ensure a fair and legal election and of course that would favor Romney . This article points out the obvious . That is that Democrats know they have a better chance of stealing the election if they can cheat , and that they want to cheat . That’s how unconfident Liberals and Dems are that they feel they have to protect the Black Panthers so they can do Voter Intimidation . T voter ID so ACORN can work their magic and get the dead and Illegal vote out . Look if you want a fair legal election you should be for Voter ID

  • onedonewong

    Every election where illegals, x felons and the dead can’t vote makes the GOP a shoe in. Dem’s can’t win an honest vote based on their ideas. Even Cuba’s elections are more fair than the ones the Dem’s want to run

    • Sam

      Uh, you misspelled “shoo-in”, moron. It’s always more persuasive when your case can be couched in proper grammatical style.

      • onedonewong

        No its spelled correctly its just the reader is unable to discern the correct usage but hey your a lib that says plenty

  • It’s time to put a stop to this Voter ID mess. It’s wrong, unlawful, and injust.

  • Why do the GOP feel that they have to cheat in order to win the election?
    They know that their front man Mitt Romney don’t stand a chance against President Obama.

    • ExPAVIC


      They are learning that they are a dying breed and they are trying to hang on as long as possible.

  • gargray

    We should take away their voting rights and fire them, like Romney, he likes to fire people to.

  • Romney Win Pennsylvania who cares what a joke Republicans are sick lol

    • ExPAVIC

      Just make damn sure you and your Democrat friends vote on November 6 even if you have to carry them to the polls.

  • William Deutschlander

    The GOP, Republican Syndicate will pull every quasi legal action they possibly can to disenfranchise legal voters right to vote!

    In rural Pennsylvania the GOP Syndicate has a 2 to 1 voter registration advantage, yet rural Penna exists in poverty and decay because the GOP Syndicate does not give a damn about those people!

  • YOU’RE the idiot!! If the Unions and the rest of the Nation are giving all their money to Obama then who’s passing more millions than the Dems can rake up? A few Billionaires can squash ten million donators of three bucks a piece and these

    people won’t demand Obama give THEM special privilege and tax breaks.

  • It goes to show that Republicans are not just a bunch of childish, selfish. and greedy pigs, it shows how low they would stoop to continue to ruin the very country they are pledged to represent. They are the reason that America is in the shape it is in, and they are drooling at the mouth to finish the destruction that the Bush/Cheney Administration started in 2001. Americans my ass! They are traitors to their own country!


    The American Taliban Republicans

    Acting just like the Nazis did in pre-war Germany. And they get angry when someone calls them Nazis.

  • why don’t the Republicans just put their energy in getting the Poll Tax back? I see this as a thinly veiled Poll Tax!

  • If photo ID is to be required for voting, the ID should be available at no charge to the voter. Otherwise the ID requirement becomes a poll tax, which is illegal.

  • I think the right wing tea party types are more anarchistic.

  • braelzb

    Why is there a problem with proving you are legally qualified to vote. You have to be screened to get on an airplane(which is way more invasive). You can be stopped and forced to show an id card, just because you are not at home, you are merely driving a car down a road that has a roadblock set up. If you go to a bank location where you are not known, they may ask for an id, and refuse service if you do not have one. You need one to buy alcohol, if you appear to be under the age of thirty. Apparently, it’s not nearly as important to pick a person to lead a country, an army, or to have launch codes for a nuclear arsenal.

  • I took “early” retirement last May… and guess who’s working… yep, it just isn’t enough to live on, but is more than I was making a year, so there you go! I’m pushing EVERYONE to do whatever they have to do to keep Romney from running this country with all his money and all the financially secure people he will be HELPING instead of the Poor Class. I don’t think there is a “Middle Class” anymore. You are either poor or rich and you know what they say… “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer!” Under Romney this will most certainly be the case. Let’s give Obama another term to continue what he has started!!! Most important of all VOTE! And help anyone that needs help to vote too!!!!

  • forrest57

    the republican montra “If we cant buy them out we will make up lies and laws to remove them from the voting roles to take away their voting abillity”. this way we can insurre that OBAMA is a one tern pres.

  • abbyedabbyedo

    It’s an old saying. When you throw one brick make sure it don’t boomerang and hit you the head and knock you out of the race. Watch your heart and your motives. The democrates will be victorious.

  • SGLieb

    The gaffe that has been made is that the purpose of voter ID is not to benefit specific candidates, but to ensure a legitimate election. To state that your candidate will win an election in a particular state is to misrepresent the real purpose and demonstrates the degree of polarization of our political parties. It’s time for politicians to figure out how to work together rather than spending their time working to raise enough money to secure their next election. I am sure I am coming across as naive.

  • After two shady elections by “W” it amazes me that NOW republicans are concerned about voter ID… I am far more concerned with the electronic ballots that tipped the scale to Bush in Ohio…. Why are we allowing votes to be cast this way when it is so damned easy to hack into ? Neither party has our backs and it is high time people woke up to that fact and ran them all out of power

  • Well, let’s hope that we challenge this and all get a chance tovote regardless of their political preference. We already had one election that was stolen and that was enough.

  • I had a feeling about this from the get-go! The rebublicans always have ways to get away wih this sort of thing! I think The Supreme court should jump in and stop it now! No one should have the right to stop voter’s from voting, and suppressing their will! I don’t think the Supreme court will help tho, I feel like they had their hand in helping Bush win, against Gore, a few years back too!….

  • Maxaron

    What are so many people lacking in understanding the full depth of Republican distaste for the American Democracy that most of us cherish? They are not misguided…it is a palpable hatred and distrust of what this country is all about. They know full well, as the aforesaid article shows, that the these people are the terrorists in our midst who would deny Americans their rights and liberties which the constitution grants all citizens. Shame on these people!

  • At least this man is honest

  • JJ

    what he forgot to add is “”Jim Crow” revived; Apartheid in Pennsylvania 2012..DONE!!

  • JJ

    Does anyone remember the horrific murders of the 3 {three} men who were working merely to help folks to register because of the many years of racist tactics to keep blacks and other minorities from voting. ?

    And to think this nation has matured to the point that we could show the world that we could elect a black President and ..,yet there are some who would take us “back to the good ole days” f civil rights marches and protest for what is a constutional right !!

    The answer , of course, is to Strike down the punitive measures that
    are created merely to block certain segments of society from voting.

  • Some people cannot get there during the hours of operation because 1) they have to work 2) they were born at a time when home births were common and they do not have birth certificates 3) relative who might drive them they have to work 4) live in rural area and is too far.

    There is no voter fraud running rampart. If this was a legitimate issue it would be bi-partisan, however, it is happening only in states where there is a Republican Governor and a Republican controlled legislation.

    President Bush did A 5 year investigation into voter fraud and at the end they found a total of 86 cases. Once the Prosecution and others began investigating them they found most were because of human error. NO VOTER FRAUD

    Voting is a Constitutional right and the argument that you need a Photo ID to drive a car – opening a bank account – board a plane; these are privileges not Constitutional Rights. Do you not find it odd that the only people that are being disenfranchised are groups that have historically voted Democratic?

    The only recent conviction of Voter Fraud was Republican Secretary of State in Indiana, Charlie White.

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck – It is a Voter Supression Duck.

  • What a slime bucket! The only way they can win is to take away voting rights, pretty pathetic!

  • Like my 11 year old daughter would say : thats disgusting . I think the all people Republican and Democrat would be repulsed . Imagine your Grandparents , Aunt ,Uncle being told at the voting booth they can’t vote and need to jump around to to do it… This is a obvious ply/obstacle being used to further the devilution of America , When are people gonna get fed up with manipulative BS? I think I’m angry.


      use your daughterfor political gain, thats obama

  • jerder

    How sad that politics in this country has become so much about getting elected, no matter what the cost, including undermining the constitution. This issue of voting rights and rules is one example that is supported by the republican party, and even the tea party, which talks to eloquently about the constitution, but does not seem to care that it is being abused over the ‘right to vote’. The G.O.P. is perfectly aware that tens of thousands of low income persons, especially African Americans and the elderly, may not have transportation, or the monies to go and get a picture ID at a local or area DMV office. This undermines the constitutional right to vote, and harkens back to the fifties and early sixties when many states and even the federal government went out of their way to prevent African American citizens from registering to vote, and voting.
    And how sad that is mainly the republican party and the G.O.P. and tea party congressional reps that is pushing for this. We are supposed to be a democracy where everyone is treated equally. The current republican party, with its right wing radical leanings, are even undermining our Democracy and the two party system. This is not the republican party of Ronald Regan. I cannot accept or vote for any party that would use the vote against this countries citizens

  • jerder

    If states want to prevent illegal immigrants from voting, then make those persons who appear to be hispanic and latino, show picture ID’s or green cards to PROVE they are eligible to vote, but do not punish all Americans.

  • lokicat3

    that’s a myth and a lie. Read “Illegal People” about How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants by David bacon. And while you’re at it read The Death of Josseline: Immigration Stories from the Arizona Borderlands. They are not illegal. They are not criminals. The only thing ‘criminal’ is your kind of thinking.

  • There would need to be a very aggressive attempt to reach out to everyone to get their ID, and also get them to the polling place. That probably will not happen. That is what Romney is hoping for .



  • Then there’s this: the “March of Dimes effect” – namely, when an organization reaches its goals, then it has no clear direction anymore – it must define new goals, or quit altogether.

  • Check this out: when the Persian Empire was as far-flung and decadent as ours is now, the Iranians had already “illegally” emigrated there from the steppes of Russia. The Persians looked down upon them as mere “campesinos” and did not regard them seriously; and, of course they had no voice in government. By now, though, none of the original inhabitants of the Middle East exist anywhere. Everyone there now is the result of repeated invasions and immigrations from Asia. Just sayin’.

  • cat daddy

    That video is doctored……

  • jerder

    It is truly a tragic and sad day for democracy when one political party, the republican party and the G.O.P. holding state and federal office hold Americans, especially low income African Americans and the elderly, hostage in order to get elected. It would make more sense for those persons who look like they are of Latino or Hispanic descent to have to show a green card or picture ID in order to vote, instead of every American, especially in light of the fact that many elderly and true American citizens may not have the monies or the transportation to go to a local or regional DMV to get a picture ID. And I know for a fact that most states do not set aside funds to help our citizens get their picture ID, which further undermines the democratic process and constitutional right to vote. It also undermines the foundation of our democracy when political candidates use the public to further their own political agenda and push their own party into power. That is not the American way. We rale against the manipulation of politics by candidates and ruling parties in other countries, and the use of religion and culture, to further the political goals in other countries, yet in this instance the G.O.P. and republican party is no better. Ronald Regan, a true republican, is probably turning over in his grave, that his beloved party should come to this.


      grow up liberal,if i dont show id when i am stoped driving, i go down town, but you want illegals to go on their way, grow up i am an american i want the same right illegals get.or is that beyond your liberal mind

  • This isn’t 2000 or 2004! America learned it’s lesson after letting Bush II finish the job Bush I started.

  • strakus

    You have all heard Pennsylvania’s House Majority Speakers Mike Turzai speech about their plan to suppress Democratic votes in favor of Willard Romney so how do we stop them?

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  • ObozoMustGo

    The Obozo Presidential Library has already been built!!!………. And it’s full of everything he knows already.

    [click photo to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

  • LadyDeb

    Sometimes you can’t beat City Hall. My 86 year old Mother who was born in America was denied a photo ID. 3 trips to penn dot, hours of waiting, she was refused every time. My Mother cried, as she had voted in every election. Her Brother, her Husband, fought in the second world war. My Brother was in Viet Nam war. My Mother wanted to know what else she could have done for this Country to be able to vote. Our local newspaper helped us. She finally got her photo ID.

  • LadyDeb

    My Mother never drove as she was blind in her 20s and 30s. Post 911 you really didn’t need a photo Id. She is 86, She had her orginial SS card before she was married, her SS card in her married name. Wake up

  • LadyDeb

    My mother who is 86, never drove as she was blind. Post 911 you didn’t need photo Id for a bank account, or to go to the hospital. She never worked.

  • I’ve just about had it with Willard Mitt Romney’s lies and denials about Voter I.D., Bain outsourcing. Come clean also about your taxes and the offshore bank accounts!!! You are a fraud and soon to be a felon if I had anything to do with it!!! Go slink back to the rock you crawled out from under. Ron Paul is going to get the nomination now anyway but he will lose just like you would have… a landslide!!! President Obama!!! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!

  • I am glad that people like Robin O’Brien are helping people with this. In some states, it requires a birth certificate, a lease or rent receipt, a utility bill, etc. Also, fees can go up to$25. Retired people may not have a lot of extra cash or transportation.

    Another problem about voting that needs to be addressed is the electronic voting machines. The state of Ohio was investigating voter fraud in the 2004 presidential election. A vote and computer guru for Karl Rove was subpoinaed to testify. He was Mike Connell. He had it rigged so the votes went through Tennessee. His lawyer filed a brief with the court saying he feared Karl Rove. Sure enough, his plane mysteriously blew and crashed killing him.

    Voting machines should have a paper trail. You get a receipt at the store don’t you? This receipt, with its own special number and your vote could be printed and placed in a secure locked box as the paper ballots used to be collected. Then if there is any question or a recount is needed, there is something to be counted. Experts have shown how easy it is to alter the results on the electronic machines such as Diebold.

  • Bad stuff wins because it is strong. Democracy is fragile and undefended. Kiss your freedom good-bye.

  • Polygamyman

    Romneys entitlemnent comes from his religious roots. Mormonism was founded on delusion Mormons and satanic deception. They believed they had the right to do what they wanted..marrying underage children and practicing polygamy. They controlled their destiny by controlling the local government for nearly 90 years. There assertion that they are the only true church excludes every major religion worldwide,including right wing evangelicals. There dismissal and castigation of every minority persisted for 150 years..african americans were stereotyped as sub human to man and to God (he wouldnt listen to them). They have marginalized woman for 182 years without any conscience. Today a man can not go to his Temple with his wife becasue mormonism sees her as an inferior person without any eternal value. Only when a woman gets married has she any ability to go to heaven..single woman get relegated to the lowest of mormons three heavens (where infidels go). She is not allowed to express her opinions because she has nothing eternal to say, All mormon government excludes woman as unfit. They practice a teleological ethic..’the end justifies the means”. This is why Romney combines his natural sociopathic nature (no conscience) with his dogmatic cultlike faith to be insensitive and uncaring. It is impossible to be any different..put the dog on the roof of the car,assault a held down student with a pair of scissors.saying i like to fire people to make money, i dont need to defend my country (draft dodger), I am above disclosing my tax information because i am superior to the people I seek to govern, I will lie,cheat and steal to put this upstart african american in his historical place.
    The greatest tragedy is that folk who claimed to have been enlightened (evangelicals) are endorsing and following this dangerous anti christ pied piper to destruction.

  • ChowT

    GOPers = Crooks.