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Sunday, October 23, 2016

GOP Rep. McKeon: Number Of Americans Enrolled In Obamacare ‘In Single Digits’

Representative Buck McKeon (R-CA) told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday that the number of Americans who have signed up for Obamacare since enrollment opened on October 1 is “in the single digits” nationwide.

“I heard that they’ve had over eight million hits — people that have tried to sign up — and so far they have people in the single digits that have signed up,” McKeon said, reiterating that yes, he means fewer than 10 people nationwide.  “Now, obviously there is something very wrong there and these are coming from — these statements are coming from bipartisan people that are concerned about the implementation of a law.”

McKeon is just outright wrong. Although he did not cite any of his sources, Blitzer did; the CNN host relayed official numbers released from Kentucky, Maryland, and Washington finding that over 16,000 people have enrolled in Obamacare.

The New York Post also cited the New York Health Department when they reported that over 40,000 New Yorkers signed up for insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s health care marketplace in the first week alone.

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  • gmccpa

    Outright wrong….or just lying?

    • TZToronto

      Makin’ stuff up.

    • NCSteve

      There’s really not a difference for Republicans anymore. They live inside a bubble of bullshit of their own construction that is impervious to objective reality and the problem is exacerbated by their rejection of the very concepts of empiricism or the idea that expertise confers greater authority to a speaker. Periodically, something big from the world of objective reality comes along and pokes a big hole in the bubble and, for a few hours or days, and provokes an existential crisis. You can tell they’re having one because of the stunned expression and the way thour mouths look like a fish out of water. But then new bullshit oozes in and fills in the hole and they retreat even deeper into its warm, durpy embrace.

      • Commie Dearest

        Good analysis. When your ideology is contrary to empirical evidence, you must decide to either keep your ideology by ignoring all evidence or reject it in favor of reality. It’s clear what choice has been made by the “conservative” movement.

  • docb

    If the HHS does not know this old ugly asshat sure does not…Not more fal;se equivalencies..Put the truth out there…The repubs caused this and they own it!

    No deals with repub childish terrorists.

  • amphiox

    16,000 is, just to remind the Representative, FIVE digits.

    And to make clear to him the difference between one and five, I ask the Representative to take a look at my hand right now.

    • patuxant

      Maybe look at the middle digit?

      • Lets_Think_Again

        Good idea.

    • No according to the new Tea Party math.

      • iamproteus

        Well, 5 is,after all, in the single digits.

  • Lynda Groom

    The man is an idiot. What is just as important is that we are in the very beginnings of six month program. If at the end of that period only 10 folks had signed up that would certainly be a massive failure. I can’t begin to know, neither does this gentleman, just how many have signed up in the Federally run exchanges, but in California a full 28,000 people are not being covered. It is time for folks like this creature to admit that they’ve lost. It is time for them to start with their next distraction.

    • sigrid28

      I’m afraid Republicans will be harping on this theme for a long time. They want to believe that people who receive other government benefits, like food assistance or Social Security Disability–I guess–squander their resources or don’t need them or use them to live the life of Reilly (a Republican, I think). So of course they have no idea about how people who have not been able to afford health insurance will use the ACA marketplace, visiting more than once, carefully budgeting, to see what they can afford. This complaint is of a piece with the idea that the ACA caused insurers to increase the cost of premiums, as if they would not have done so anyway. The ACA is a windfall for them, just as the Medicare supplemental insurance market is. I think when the final numbers finally emerge, like the millions of callers who crashed the ACA website the first day, they will be astounding and an irrefutable confirmation of the success of the program. Until then, we’re going to have our fill of this whining.

      • Yes, we ALL know those 82 year old widows & widowers are spending their money on lottery tickets & Viagra instead of donating their money to the GOP.
        Afterall the economy of the US is based on producing & then destroying WMD over other peoples homes.
        How dare anyone suggest that tax dollars be used for the benefit of tax payers instead of Corporate welfare cheats.

    • lana ward

      Ocare is the biggest tax hike in US history!! Those who have checked on Ocare found they will be paying 3 and more times more in premiums than they are paying now. Ocare will destroy the middle class. It’s a nightmare!!!

      • Lets_Think_Again

        More mindless parroting of Fox lies. Were these people perhaps, tragically, born without a brain?

        • lana ward

          You’re a fool. You’ll soon find out, know nothing “media” parrot

        • iamproteus

          Let’s-Think-Again, I guess Lana told you! I do hope you feel properly chastised. 🙂

      • Lynda Groom

        Back up your comment with facts…if you have any. The key to the success of ObamaCare is the young people. Since a great many of them have zero (0) insurance now just how can it be three times as expensive?

        • lana ward

          Find the facts yourself, I did. Ocare is the biggest tax hike in US history. Young people aren’t going to sign up for it, it’s cheaper to pay the penalty. This God awful law is going to destroy the middle class, raising premiums on them. Ohomo PROMISED he wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class. Can you tell me ONE time this terrorist has told the truth?? You can’t, he hasn’t

          • danajack802

            Obama said you were an idiot, I heard. That would make one time he told the truth for sure.

          • lana ward

            The terrorist bastard hasn’t told the American people the truth once!!!

      • iamproteus

        Whenever I see posts such as Lana’s, a vision flits through my mind: I see a small chicken running in circles, wings flapping wildly, feathers standing out from her head, wide-eyed and yelling, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

        • lana ward

          It’s on YouTube, then write back a smart remark, wit

          • iamproteus

            Oh, well, if it’s on you tube, it MUST be true! My deepest apologies. 🙂

          • lana ward

            You must have gone to public communist schools, my deepest apologies

          • Vinny Gordon

            Yes, I am proud of my public school, my kids are public school. Were you home schooled with the Bible and Sears Catalog like the good old days?

          • lana ward

            The only things public schools teach is sex, abortion and queer lifestyle, and you’re proud of that?? That says a lot about you

          • iamproteus

            Wow, Lana. Your powers of reasoning and deduction leave me in utter amazement! In retrospect, I suppose it DOES make sense: if someone disagrees with you then it only follows that they MUST have gone to public communist schools! What other explanation could there possibly be? Certainly, YOU couldn’t be wrong. OK, Lana, that’s enough. Next, you’ll say something that you consider very clever and follow it up with “Oh, snap!” or maybe even “Neener, neener, neener!”

          • lana ward

            If someone disagrees with you, they’re a liar. If you would watch Fox News you would know what your MSM won’t tell you–WHY do you think Ohitler hates it????—

          • iamproteus

            Gee, Lana, did I call you a liar? I don’t recall that but if I did, please forgive me. I only meant to insinuate that you’re nuts. Oh, and by the way, who is Ohitler and what precisely does he hate and why would he hate it?

          • lana ward

            Why does Ohomo Ohitler hate Fox News??? Could it be they tell the truth about him and he won’t stand for it?? He’s scared to death of Fox, more and more people are watching

          • iamproteus

            You know, Lana, this is getting very tiresome. Trying to converse with you is like trying to have an adult conversation with a contrary 12 year old. (For all I know, you may be one!) Your juvenile name-calling is really quite irritating and tends to bring out a deep-seated impulse to reach out and slap your face to get your attention! Do you and other so-called conservatives have even the slightest idea how ignorant you make yourselves out to be? Do you really believe that these unbelievably stupid accusations, claims and ridiculous innuendos are going to turn anyone (other than like minded idiots) against the President? To insinuate that the President is not only gay but a Nazi as well is just so far out there that no one but Beck or Limbaugh would seriously advance the notion! Lana, this is going to be my last response to you on this thread. While I would like to believe otherwise, I have no doubt that you will respond with even more ignorant drivel. As you do, please understand that I will not read it, let alone respond to it. I pity you and hope that your condition improves to a point where you can again engage in intelligent conversation.

          • Vinny Gordon

            The three most reliable research sources are You Tube, the National Enquirer and Fox News. If it is on all three, then you know it is a solid FACT>

          • lana ward

            You must be a product of the communist public schools. Ocare is going to destroy the middle class, smartness!!!

          • danajack802

            Better a wit than a half or dim wit like you!

        • lana ward

          Obama continues treasonous support of muslim brotherhood, why??

      • Paul Bass

        We’ve been through this before, if you have insurance already you get to keep it. So why would you sign up for insurance that costs more?

        Just keep your current insurance, and don’t buy the more expensive plans. Easy solution with no cost increase.

        • lana ward

          Ohomo Ohitler lied to the whole country!! You DON’T get to keep your insurance and you DON’T get to keep your Dr. He’s played all you fools, until you find out first hand. Then it will be to late. It’s already to late

      • Vinny Gordon

        Currently the poor have Medicaid, the senior citizens have Medicare, the government employees have health care, the military have VA. Now the people who can not afford health care, go to the ER, which is the most expensive care, where with health care, you can go to see a doctor before it becomes an emergency.

        The working poor are the ones who do not have health insurance. they make to much money for Medicaid but can not afford it.

  • CrankyToo

    Hey Buck, are you dumber than a box of ball peens or are you just a lying sack of shit? Of course, given that you’re a Repugnican congressman, it’s entirely possible that you’re both…

    • Mike Maricle

      I’ll take LYING SASK OF SHIT for 500 Alex.

      The Minneapolis Star-Trib says this morning that it’s 10,000 in Minnesota alone.

      • CrankyToo

        Oooooooh. Sorry, Mike. The correct response is “What is both? What is both?”

        Obviously, he’s a lying sack of shit (hey, he’s a member of Congress with an (R) in front of his name, isn’t he?). But he must be dumber than a bag of hammers to say something so inane as to stagger the imagination of even the stupidest Fox Noise devotee. You’d think that if he was going to stretch the limits of believability, he’d say something at least a bit more plausible, wouldn’t you?

        Scumbags like Buck the Schmuck make me ashamed of my Republican roots.

  • jaimie bisbee

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  • midway54

    Hmmmm. Speaking of single digits, I suspect it complements his IQ.

  • clarenceswinney

    The history reveals why we need Universal Health Care which is Affordable Health Care. Total Health Expenditure per Capita
    Japan—- $2581
    New Zealand-$2510
    The solutions can be straight forward for they entail utilizing the same methods of cost containment already so successfully used by the single-payer countries that provide better health care to their citizens.
    I am tired of paying $500 for a $32 hand held breathalyzer–$600 for $10 worth of gauze–$6000 for two tests and on a blood pressure monitor for 8 hours
    Give Affordable Health Care a Fair test over two years. 8.8m tried to register the first day.
    800,000 youths are now covered by parents private insurance policy. Eliminate free care via emergency rooms. Low income consumers will receive tax subsidies to help cover the premiums.

    • CrankyToo

      Sorry, Clarence. Repugnicans won’t allow any of that – it makes too much sense.

    • Or just let everyone enroll in Medicare & the problem is solved isn’t it.

    • Lets_Think_Again

      ..and yet, people in the UK live, on average, 19 months longer than Americans, with much less than half the American level of health spending. Source: CIA World Fact Book (or, if you want to get the information from the original source, look up UN Statistical Yearbook or WHO world health statistics. .

  • ryueire

    GOP really not doing themselves any favors. Idiots galore.

  • He was then heard to say, “Systems have a way of shutting those things down…”..
    Just another grey haired old rich white guy making idiotic statements.
    And you people vote for these morons? Who is the dumb one here eh?

  • Vinny Gordon

    The GOP will come up with their own numbers. Stating that people are giving up health care. So there will be a negative number of people signing up.