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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

State attorney general and Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli is slipping further behind Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial race, according to a new poll.

An NBC4/NBC News/Marist poll released late Thursday finds McAuliffe leading Cuccinelli 46 percent to 38 percent. That lead is 3 points wider than the 43 to 38 percent lead that McAuliffe held a month ago, before the government shutdown.

The shutdown put Cuccinelli, a well-known Tea Party ally, at a major disadvantage in a state where hundreds of thousands of federal workers were furloughed — 54 percent of Virginia voters blame Republicans for the crisis, according to the poll.

Of the surveyed voters, 38 percent say the shutdown will have a major impact on their vote, while 21 percent say it will have a “minor” impact. Among voters who said the shutdown will have a major impact, McAuliffe leads Cuccinelli 55 percent to 27 percent. McAuliffe is also favored, by 52 percent to 33 percent, by Virginians who say it will have a minor impact on their vote. Cuccinelli leads those who feel “the government shutdown is not an issue” by 49 percent to 36 percent.

Since the government shutdown, Cuccinelli has tried to distance himself from the Tea Party. But after attending a dinner at which Tea Party hero and shutdown leader Ted Cruz (R-TX) served as keynote speaker, the Republican found it a very difficult task.

McAuliffe criticized Cuccinelli for not using the dinner to “stand up for Virginia jobs, to tell the Texas senator [Cruz] to stop hurting Virginia’s economy.”

The Republican candidate claimed that he “urged” Cruz to back off the shutdown, and said he would not have “handled the federal budget the same way.”

Still, he cannot shake the Tea Party ties that are bringing him down. Cuccinelli is now viewed negatively by 54 percent of voters, up 5 points from a month ago. McAuliffe’s negative rating is also up 7 points from last month, at 43 percent – no surprise in a race defined by nasty and harsh attacks from both sides.

“When you have a majority viewing you negatively, it’s hard to win an election. It’s not that McAuliffe has closed the deal, it’s that he’s the lesser of two evils,” says Barbara Carvalho, who helped conduct the poll.

The poll, conducted from October 13-15, surveyed 1,082 registered voters (with a margin of error +/- 3 percent) and 596 likely voters (with a margin of error +/- 4 percent).

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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  • TZToronto

    You leave the dance with them that brung ya. You can’t claim that you weren’t dancing with your partner when everyone saw you doing it.

    • Lynda Groom


    • howa4x

      True Dat!!

  • WhutHeSaid

    Let that be a lesson to all politicians who court the support of the vile, despicable, lying, cheating, deadbeat redneck Tea-Bigots: Once you are ‘touched’ by the most contemptible and despised political group in modern history, the stink is incredibly difficult to wash off.

  • nana4gj

    Does anyone believe, or expect, that one woman in the state of Virginia would even think of voting for Cuccinelli after what they endured with the total disrespect for their independence and right to make medical decisions for themselves?

    They fought the good fight to no avail when the crooked Grovernor was moralizing on the anatomy and physiology of women in Virginia, along with his sidekick, Cuccinelli. Now, they have the upper hand. This is how it works when your government doesn’t listen to you, doesn’t respect you. You throw them out in elections.

    Godspeed, Ladies!!

    • hardtimz

      Well stated, but there will still be a few woman that will vote for him. Just because they have the same ideology, what we have worry about is him rigging the election!

      • nana4gj

        Yes. I heard that, as Att’y General, he has not recused himself from being the final adjudicator of election results and no one seems to be making much of an issue on that!

        • hardtimz

          Right! The only one that’s been making it an issue has been Rachel Maddow shes been talking about for about a week now…how the hell he’s still getting away with it ,I’ll never know!

    • kmkirb

      Wish I could agree with you, but my whole freaking town is peppered with Cooch signs. I counted 23 right near my home (like right next door, across the street, over on the next road & up one mile). It was the same with Romney signs. Every time I go out & have to see this trash I literally gag knowing I’ve got so many dumb asses living near me. And people wonder why I never want to leave my own home or go out in my own yard.

  • Mark Forsyth

    The Cucc made his bed a good long while ago.Now let him sleep in it.

  • Bill

    Isn’t that how most people vote, the lessor of two evils, the GOP and T-Party have just made it a lot clearer to see.

    • howa4x

      Problem is the tealiban is the face of evil

    • charleo1

      I agree that sometimes people don’t have a very compelling candidate on
      either side. But, I don’t believe most people see politicians, or the government as evil. At least the vast majority doesn’t see their government that way. Because when, or if that were ever to become the general consensus, America becomes essentially, a failed state. Which is an entirely different thing than complaining about taxes, believing the government is too big, or it has borrowed too much money, is corrupted by too much money, or in some people’s opinion, is not representing their best interests. And while a valid case can be made for each of these issues. To say I think the government of my Country is evil, is just not where most Americans are at. And with good reason. It’s not true. The assertions by the ultra-hard right, that the government, or institutions within it, are not following the Constitution, are debunked by their very presence in those government institutions at all levels. To contend, as they do, that government is broken, and then proceed to do all one can to break the government to prove a point, is not cause to conclude that government, or all serving within it, are evil. It would only be evil if that government supplied no remedy, or remedies to deal with those now in positions of power, with whom we don’t agree. Which is not the case.

      • Bill

        Point taken, maybe I should have said people vote for people they feel will do them the least harm. Being part of the poor or middle class, I’m not sure which I qualify for, I feel the GOP will do me more harm. They are for tax breaks for the rich at the expense of the rest of us. Their ideas on how to balance the budget is to place the burden on the poor and middle class in order to protect the rich. When they talk about tax reform, what they mean is the rich are still paying too much even after the Bush tax cuts which mostly benefited the rich and is a big part of the debt we now face. When will people realize trickle down doesn’t work, never has never will. The shutdown cost 24 Billion and set the economy back doing harm to a great number of people. What this country needs is jobs, not the poor paying jobs the GOP has to offer but good paying jobs that a person can survive on. All the GOP does is fight raising the minimum wage, cut programs that benefit the poor and middle class, cut education, fight every jobs program that comes across their desk. If we had more good paying jobs, instead of paying to have jobs sent out of the country, the debt would solve itself. Because of this and all the other things I hear coming out of the GOP, because they are not shy about what they want, it is very easy for me to see who will do the least harm. Just think where we would be if we had defaulted on the debt, like a great number from the GOP wanted to do.

        • charleo1

          All very true. At a time when wages are falling, and the economy has been skewed over the past few decades
          to create one of the widest disparities of wealth between
          the wealthy, and everyone else. The Republicans want
          to build on that. So, even as history tells us this is not a
          desirable state for an economy. And it doesn’t lend itself
          to economic growth, which would be a much more
          preferable, and effective way to reduce government debt,
          The Right continues to claim that, well if wages are low,
          and jobs are being lost to cheap foreign labor. That’s
          simply the free market, and we shouldn’t mess with it.
          That somehow it’s more correct to say to 50 million
          uninsured, that the government can’t afford to address
          that. But, perhaps if we give the top incomes another
          tax break, or subsidize their costs of doing business.
          maybe more employers would offer health insurance.
          And to do any more than that, is just more big government
          interference. I don’t believe most Americans see it that way.
          That they tend to agree more with you, and me.

      • kmkirb

        Thanks charleo1, & while I definitely appreciate where you are coming from, this preview video puts everything into perspective with all that we are facing in these times, especially thanks to Citizens United. Please watch it, share it, & start your own house party if you can.

        We really need things to change. The video will only be up on YouTube until 10/27/13, until after the video is made & then it will be back come January.

        Host Your Own House Party…

        “PREVIEW! Legalize Democracy: An Introduction to Move to Amend”

  • Pamby50

    Here is the problem that is not being reported. They are doing a voter roll purge right now. They are trying to stop the purge but guess who is leading the charge to defend it. You guessed right, The Cuch. He never resigned as attorney general. I hope that even with that going on, enough people turn out to vote to get rid of him.

    • kmkirb

      Yep, they’re trying to purge 57,000 voters from the rolls. They’ve even came right out & said that many are legit voters who have moved here from other states, & have registered to vote in VA, but they’re going after them like they’re out-of-staters. I’ve signed a couple petitions & made several calls to Kaine, Warner, Goodlatte, etc.

  • howa4x

    I think the shutdown highlighted his far right views and showed him to be closer to Ted Cruz’s thinking on Obama care. I think Virginians realized that he would be the kind of governor that would carry on the culture war on women based on religious ideology