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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

4 Responses to Government Surveillance

  1. Comedian Yakov Smirnoff, once-famous defector from Russia, had a standup routine (What a Country!) comparing America to the USSR. One famous joke was a “boast” that the Soviet Union had the best postal service in the world: when someone sent you a letter, they picked you up and took you to the police station, then read it to you! We have not reached that point yet, although a comedian could well joke about losing his emails off his hard drive and asking the White House to find them and refresh his files.

    Who is to blame for Presidents of both parties violating our privacy? We, the voters of both parties, because WE will not accept the honoring of the Constitutional rights of OTHERS as an excuse for not catching those “bad guys.” Since the Cold War began, Americans have been willing to have our own privacy violated in order to catch whoever the bad guys were at the time. And we EXPECT the President, EVERY President, to prevent attacks (or, formerly, to defeat Communists in places like Vietnam), by ANY means necessary, including violating Constitutional rights.

    On the day that a President does not fear voter criticism for OBEYING the Constitution and therefore “losing” a national security objective MORE than criticism for failure to use unconstitutional means to “win” that objective, that President will truly have a MANDATE to restore our rights; until then every President of either party will have an unwritten mandate to VIOLATE our rights in the name of safety. So look in the mirror. Will you let the President (this one or any future one) “off the hook” for not using illegal search and seizure to prevent a terrorist attack?

  2. Hell, it’s been going on since that cross dresser Hoover, they just don’t give a shit anymore whether you know it or not.. It’s just one more scheme to spread paranoia among the populace.. They tried it with public surveillance cameras and it worked like a charm after the dust settled and John Q allowed them to spread throughout the nation but that’s not enough, now their seeking private surveillance and when the dust settles and John relents and allows them to spread once again, it’ll be on to the next phase.. What could THAT be? (you don’t really wanna know do you?). The real problem with surveillance is (if you haven’t noticed) all the cameras are pointed AWAY from the g’ment.

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