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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Governor Christie Comes Down Hard On Fellow Republicans

Governor Christie Comes Down Hard On Fellow Republicans
  • RR3

    is very hard to believe these GOP politicians….one second there here….the next they’re on the opposite shore…..we would like to know who’s the real leader of the conservative pac …..we know who funds them….but…who’s calling the shots and to whom the GOPTeapartyNRA wow to??…..

    • like the leaders of the Liberal politicians like George Soros, LaRaza, Hollywood, ACLU, NAACP, Occupy Wall Street, …………….?

      • Why don’t you provide some facts when you make these statements. That is all you ever do, write a statement without ever providing some proof. Or is it that you only have the attention span to write 1 sentence at a time?

  • Go Get Them Chris! You are speaking my language!

  • Yay for Chris for standing on the high ground. However I think the sub-text is sort of anti-Chris.

  • In light of Governor Christies recent display of integrity in calling his party on its crap,as well he should,I find the cartoon grossly inappropriate.

    • In spite of being a “big” guy myself, I think the cartoon is hilarious. I think the cartoon represents, not the obesity he carries, but rather the great weight he is starting to carry within the Republican party. If more Republicans were like Christie, I would not hate the Republicans as much as I do!!

      • Reddiaperbaby

        He tries to come across as a moderate (extinct in the Repukelican party), but he demonized teachers, cut benefits for public employees, defunded women’s health services, made it easy for developers to destroy open space in the most densely populated state in the country, gave away our desperately needed revenue to encourage a new casino in Atlantic City, sold the Meadowlands track to a private company, which immediately fired all its employees (some of whom have been there for 30 or more years), then told them they could apply for their old jobs with no seniority or parity and most hateful of all, vetoed the bill that passed both houses of the Legislature to legalize same-sex marriage. Just the same old GOP bullshitter as the rest of those scumbags.

  • All looks good for now…Christie “seeing the light”. I hope it turns into a force for good and not a political ploy. I hope he is as much of a humanitarian as it seems after Sandy.

    • Reddiaperbaby

      Humanitarian?? LMFAO!

  • howa4x

    Don’t get all carried away because Christie blasted Boehner. Just prior to the destruction of Sandy he wanted to raid the transportation trust fund to give a tax cut to the richest Jersey residents, and was stopped by the fiscally responsible democrats who said lets not do that untill we have the money. So Christie is still a republican at heart and this is an anomally.