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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New York (AFP) – Evelin’s two daughters — who just arrived in the United States illegally from Central America — are facing deportation and so the concerned mother recently trekked across New York City to seek free legal advice.

Evelin, who is 35 and undocumented herself, joined 200 others, including 100 unaccompanied minors, at an event hosted by the New York Immigration Coalition last weekend.

“I have two girls, 15 and 18, who just got here with their kids. One was sent home to me with a hearing date for August 4. But the other one is still in Texas,” said the young Honduran grandmother, declining to give her full name due to her own illegal status.

The “Immigrant Youth Fair,” which took place in Manhattan July 26 and 27, provided free legal help, as well as information about jobs, schools, health insurance and English-language classes, to children and adults of all ages.

“This is really what we need,” said Evelin, who left Central America well over a decade ago, shortly after her youngest daughter was born.

Camille Mackler, the coalition’s director of legal initiatives, noted that most of the workshops’ attendees came from Honduras.

“The majority were 13 to 18 years old, but we saw five to 10 kids who were 12 and under,” Mackler said.

Honduras has the world’s highest murder rate, with the United Nations recording more than 90 homicides per 100,000 people in 2012.

Evelin’s daughters are two of more than 57,000 unaccompanied minors — most from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras — who have been detained crossing the U.S.-Mexico border since October, the majority fleeing gangs, violence and poverty.

U.S. President Barack Obama — who has called the situation a humanitarian crisis — met with his counterparts from those three Central American countries last month, warning against false hope that unaccompanied children will be allowed to stay in the United States.

But the problem remains unresolved and with political wrangling over how to handle the crisis showing little signs of abating, the focus is on what to do with the thousands of minors in the meantime.

In New York, authorities and community groups said they would work together to help welcome about 3,000 of the children to the state in the near future, and another 7,000 in the coming months.

Legal experts say that many could seek asylum or some other type of protection from the US government.

Yet others find that hard to believe, and hard to act on.

“It’s a mixture of surprise and skepticism, because people are very unsure about their position and they are all afraid that it will not work out for them,” said Samuel Palmer-Simon, staff attorney with the Immigrant Protection Unit of New York Legal Assistance Group.

His boss, Irina Matiychenko, said the group had just taken on the case of a Honduran boy who had to leave home because he witnessed his uncle being killed.

Matiychenko, herself once an asylum recipient, said Washington needed to act quickly to resolve the crisis.

“There has not been a constructive response from the federal government,” she said.

“It’s not the American way if these kids are sent back. They will be victims of violence — or killed.”

In the case of Evelin’s daughters, the reasons why they left their homeland are grim: the youngest got pregnant after being raped, and both sisters were victims of violent crime.

“So many terrible things have happened down there,” Evelin said.

“They traveled together, and that’s all I know about their trip,” she added in reference to how her girls made it into the United States.

“When they got here, they separated them. And I have not been able to talk to the one who is in Texas.”

AFP Photo/Stan Honda

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  • latebloomingrandma

    This is the type of crisis that brings out the best and the worst of Americans. Which side will “win”? How will the eyes of the world look at America after this? Let’s see how many true Christians are really out there. Will anyone take a break from picketing outside of abortion clinics to help these children?

    • CPAinNewYork

      Dear grandma poison:

      I don’t care what the world thinks of America. If you truly care, why don’t you go to one of those wonderful foreign countries and stay there?

      • latebloomingrandma

        How can the USA be the leader of the free world if we’re feared or loathed rather than admired? If the big stick is the only plan, we will surely fall the way of all mighty empires.

        • CPAinNewYork

          Granny, you are terribly naive. Powerful nations, people, whatever are powerful because they inspire fear, not admiration.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Bullshit. Violent nations, like violent people, ALWAYS end up getting their ass kicked. Apparently you know little about world history.

            latebloominggrandma is right on the money, and hands-down smarter than you are.

          • CPAinNewYork

            Dear Whutever:

            Really? I don’t know much about history? Nice guys finish first, huh? Is that what you think?

            If you do think that, how do you explain the success of the Roman Empire, the Mongols, the Vikings, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Charlemagne, the near-extermination of the American indian, et cetera?

            You may have studied history, but you’ve not learned its lessons.

          • WhutHeSaid

            So tell me, Herr Bean-counter – what happened to Rome, Napoleon, Alexander The Great, and uncle Adolf?


          • CPAinNewYork

            Dear Whut?

            You’re missing the point. Of course, ALL great empires eventually fall, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a period of greatness and domination.

            My argument is that all were characterized by harshness. That is how they became great: by domination and frequently by cruelty. I would not characterize the Nazi era as a grat empire: It lasted only twelve years.

            When Alexander the Great died in 323 BC, his empire was divided among his three generals: Seleucid, Ptolemy and Aniochus. They flourished for a long time, until Rome dominated them.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Yeah, Alexander lived until the ripe old age of 32, when he was quite possibly poisoned — a popular fate for those who inspired fear at the time. His chosen successor (Perdiccas) was assassinated within 2 years, and both Alexander IV and Phillip III were murdered during the decades of war that followed. There was no peaceful division of the empire as you seem to claim.

            No doubt another one of your heroes, Saddam Hussein inspired fear and had what you would call a ‘great’ reign for 24 years in Iraq. He was hanged.

            Another of your role models, Muammar Gadaffi, had an even greater (per your definition) reign of fear and violence — 42 years. He was beaten, stabbed repeatedly in the anus, and shot.

            Using violence and fear has a rather poor track record, and examples of the ignominious defeat and death of those who do so are too numerous to recount. It seems that people rather dislike being abused and/or killed, and generally will do everything in their power to return the favor.

          • Allan Richardson

            How do your explain the FALL of the Roman Empire, the Mongols, the Vikings, and of course the Third Reich and the Soviet Union? They had their day, but rather than inspiring the support of their neighbors, they hated their neighbors, mistreated their neighbors and eventually motivated their neighbors to band together and defeat them.

          • We are following in the romans footsteps. We have a nero playing golf and partying while the world burns. Rome fell because it started taking on a liberal/ progressive mindset, and just as that agenda destroyed Rome, it will also destroy our country if we don’t rid opurselves of the liberal commie threat.

    • Independent1

      grandma, here’s the 1st governor to really show some leadership on the immigration crises:

      Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D) announced a proposal on Friday for two military facilities to serve as host sites for some of the thousands of undocumented Central American immigrants who have come into the U.S. in recent months, saying the move falls in line with the country’s tradition of helping children in need.

      “We have rescued Irish children from famine, Russian and Ukrainian children from religious persecution, Cambodian children from genocide, Haitian children from earthquakes, Sudanese children from civil war, and New Orleans children from Hurricane Katrina,” Patrick said. “Once, in 1939, we turned our backs on Jewish children fleeing the Nazis, and it remains a blight on our national reputation. The point is that this good Nation is great when we open our doors and our hearts to needy children, and diminished when we don’t.”

      Patrick specified using Joint Base Cape Cod in Bourne and Westover Air Base in Chicopee, with the operation supervised and funded by the Department of Health and Human Services and children staying there an average of 35 days while they are processed to determine whether they will join family members in this country or be deported.

  • CPAinNewYork

    I wonder how many of these Latin American illegals have the Ebola Virus. All it takes is one to get the scourge started here.

    Now we have a load of their kids to contend with. Let’s protect America and kick all of the illegals out, build electrified walls with Mexico and shoot any that do manage to slither through.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Uh–I think Ebola is in Africa. If you want an electrified fence then it seems to me you are the one who should search for another country or perhaps an island where you can establish a Lord of the Flies government. . This one is free and we don’t do electrified fences except in prisons and for dogs. By the way, if it’s as beautiful day in NY as in PA, you can hang out the sheets. . .

      • CPAinNewYork

        It will soon be here, granny and not just in the Center for Disease Control. It will travel so fast that no country will be able to keep up with it.

        • WhutHeSaid

          It’s assholes like you that we can do without. You should go back to Germany or Italy and sing the praises of uncle Adolf and uncle Benito. You undoubtedly idolize both of them, and if ever immigration laws failed us it was when they let human garbage like you slither past the border.

          • CPAinNewYork

            You are a pathetically ignorand clod.

          • WhutHeSaid

            And you are a walking, talking piece of shit. Better not try putting your criminal wishes into action, or you could become the next botched lethal injection recipient.

          • CPAinNewYork

            From whom?

          • WhutHeSaid

            From society. It seems that most people agree that lining people up and shooting them qualifies one for a date with the noose/firing squad/lethal injection.

          • Overlook WhutHeSaid. He seems to be off his meds again and most likely on another coke binge. He will go off without any provocation.

          • Back into your old habits ? I thought you were going to stay off the coke and stay on your meds? You really seem to be threatened by truth.

      • WhutHeSaid

        Good luck trying to talk to this neo-Nazi, grandma.

    • johninPCFL

      Gingrey is an idiot for starting that crap. There is no ebola in central America. It’s just more teabagger nuttery.

    • Independent1

      You need to get a grip on your unfounded fear over Ebola. Ebola is like HIV – it takes direct contact with body fluids to catch it. But you also need to realize that they’ve found a cure for it that works in monkeys and which they plan on testing in humans next month. Just because African nations which have very poor healthcare systems are having a problem with Ebola spreading, is no indication that it would spread in America like it has there.

  • johninPCFL

    Seems like the system is working per the 2008 law. The girls asked for asylum and were granted a hearing date, just as the law requires.

    • CPAinNewYork

      Will that hearing include medical examinations, to determine if they are infested with any dangerous illnesses, such as the Ebola Virus?

  • James Bowen

    This nation needs to be rendered absolutely inhospitable to these aliens, and then they will return to where they came from.

  • Allan Richardson

    I fear it will be the St. Louis all over again. For those who did not study history, about a thousand Jews were able to board that cruise ship and go from port to port looking for a safe place to escape Hitler, in 1938. Every country in the world, including the one with the welcoming poem on its most famous statue, refused them. They were forced to go back to Germany, where the majority of them perished in the Holocaust.