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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Reprinted with permission from MediaMatters.

News outlets are reporting that President Donald Trump has decided to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement. Trump’s reported decision, as well as months of media speculation about whether or not he would remain in the deal, put into stark relief the failure of major TV networks to discuss the climate implications of a Trump presidency during the election campaign.

According to Axios and The New York Times, Trump has decided to exit the Paris agreement, in which all but two of the world’s countries submitted pledges to curb their greenhouse gas emissions in order to combat climate change. Following the news reports, Trump tweeted that he would issue his announcement on the matter “over the next few days.”

Regardless of when Trump makes his announcement, this alarming development serves as a reminder that major news networks failed to discuss how a Trump presidency would affect climate change and the Paris agreement prior to the election.

Media Matters’ latest annual study examining the broadcast networks’ coverage of climate change found that in 2016, evening newscasts and Sunday shows on ABC, CBS, and NBC as well as Fox News Sunday did not air a single segment informing viewers of what to expect on climate change and climate-related policies or issues — including the Paris agreement — under a Trump or Hillary Clinton administration. This failure was made all the more inexplicable by the fact that Trump had pledged to cancel or renegotiate the agreement during his campaign and that polls conducted prior to the election showed that large majorities of Americans supported the Paris accord.

PBS NewsHour was an exception to this trend, airing two segments before the election that provided much-needed discussion about what a Clinton or Trump presidency would mean for the Paris agreement and climate policy broadly. A September 7, 2016, segment featured a discussion with The New York Times’ Coral Davenport and The Washington Post’s Chris Mooney about Trump’s pledge to cancel the Paris accord. And a September 22 segment explored “what the early days of a Trump presidency might look like” and featured Judy Woodruff interviewing Evan Osnos of The New Yorker about whether Trump would renounce the Paris climate agreement.

The major networks did eventually devote a significant amount of coverage to the climate impacts of a Trump presidency in 2016, airing 25 segments on the topic after the election. And TV networks have been covering the Paris agreement this week, just as they covered Trump’s rollback of former President Barack Obama’s main climate policies in March; in both cases, it’s too little much too late.


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272 responses to “How Feckless U.S. Media Enabled Climate Catastrophe”

  1. Independent1 says:

    A lot of what’s covered in this article can probably be attributed to the fact that a major portion of the American media news outlets are owned by right-wing biased zealots who were supporting Trump’s election and would certainly not have aired anything suggesting Trump would greatly exacerbate global warming; and the media’s competition for ratings over them being true of the news; which usually pushes America’s news outlets into concentrating on trying beat each other out in airing essentially the same news items.

    Thereby, making many left-wing biased news outlets hesitant to go off on their own in airing news items, no matter how important they may be, which they are not absolutely sure will attract large segments of America’s news consumers. Fearing that if news items don’t hit the hot buttons of news consumers, many consumers will simply switch the channel or news outlet, so as to get the latest news on what they consider to be the hot news topic of the moment.

  2. I of John says:

    Unfortunately what we don’t know can hurt us. I suppose we just have to learn the hard way. Once Greenland no longer hosts glaciers, there will be no room for denile.

    • FireBaron says:

      Forget Greenland. We can already see it in places like Glacier National Park in the CONUS and Glacier Bay in Alaska. The former only has about 60% of the glaciers it had when it was dedicated. The latter has only about 40% of its original glaciers when first mapped!

      • dpaano says:

        And, what about the 17 mile crack in the ice in the polar cap??? I can imagine what’s going to happen to the ocean when that ice melts….hopefully it’ll melt and cover Mar-a-Lago! Wouldn’t that be a hoot!! Our pitiful president would have NO WHERE to go to play golf, especially since most of his courses are on the ocean, even on the East Coast!

        • sharkbait4711 says:

          Easy now – there are a lot of us Floridians that are educated and believe in climate change and that it’s not a hoax. There are also a lot of us that didn’t vote for the orange ape. If Mar-a-lazy gets wiped off the map – so do a bunch of us that hate him and his failing policies.
          Here’s a thought – if we have to abandon Florida and the coastal states – the midwest better watch out – we’ll be bringing our educated selves to the middle red belt states and have us a grand time teaching peeps the real truth on how to be global citizens over their fake made up scare-tatic crap!

          • dpaano says:

            I agree and apologize. I have friends in Miami, so I can sympathize with many people in Florida who actually DO believe in climate change. As for teaching the people of the Rust Belt anything….that would be a stretch! Many of them are still brainwashed into believing that Trump is going to work miracles!

          • sharkbait4711 says:

            No worries! Just know there are some of us down here trying to fight the good fight! Resist Resist RESIST!
            Good point about teaching the rust belt peeps… just yesterday my Uncle was gloating about the EPA being debunked because as he stated “the EPA cost me my job”.
            I corrected him – the EPA didn’t cost him his job. The EPA tried to save the aquifer from being polluted by you and those that drill without following proper environmental protocols. The EPA tried to ensure that we’d have clean water for decades to come. Ever hear of Flint Michigan??
            Mysteriously he had to immediately go do something “else” and didn’t want to continue to engage with me or my facts.
            That showed me first hand that we have a long way to go in educating the masses…

          • dpaano says:

            I think they’re too brainwashed to be educated! I think of it as Stockholm Syndrome! We can only hope that eventually when they lose their healthcare, their SSI, their food stamps, etc., they’ll see the light, but I seriously doubt it! They took the con they were handed and they just want, in the worse way, to believe he was being truthful! It might take a while for them to figure it out!

          • sharkbait4711 says:

            Sadly I agree with you and we honestly don’t have that kind of time to force-feed the truth down their throats!
            2020 can’t come soon enough!

          • CPANY says:

            Talk about forlorn hope. What do you think is going to happen in 2020? Do you see any effective opposition by the Democratic Party? I don’t. The only thing that I hear is Hillary’s voice. I don’t think that counts for much in the fight against Trump.

          • dpaano says:

            You have NO idea what’s going to happen between now and 2020….there are quite a few good candidates out there that could run for the Democratic party! You might just be surprised! I know that Hillary will not run again, but there’s always Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden (neither of which I think would be much good), but there are also many others in the wings. Much can happen in 3+ years!

          • dpaano says:

            Actually, 2018 can’t come fast enough…..we have to elect some new representatives in the Senate, the House, and the Congress!! I think most of the Republicans are scared shitless because they KNOW that if they tinker with the healthcare plan and pass the proposed budget, things will NOT look good for them! They’re already skating on thin ice!

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          To right wing morons, the water from Texas sized icebergs melting in the North Atlantic just evaporates. Right. That’s why my state is having more floods in the last 10 years than we’ve had in 150 years.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Well, actually, the only melting ice that raises sea level is that on land (Greenland, for instance), but I guess most icebergs start out as pieces breaking off glaciers where they meet the ocean.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            It isn’t the act of melting ice, it is the speed with which it is melting. Most icebergs are not the size of Texas as was reported by a Newfoundland news source and seen by tourists traveling the North Atlantic.

            The reality is even an “icecube” will melt if you hold it over a frying pan.

            When icebergs melt at a far more rapid rate, it stands to reason temperatures above the glaciers have risen higher than normal. The fact that Greenland is now “greener” according to aboriginals who have lived there since the dawn of time, in just the past 2 decades, the hastening of the loss of glaciers is not caused by normal temperatures but by clouds of polluted air that is loaded with heavy metal particles in greater parts per million than nature intended.

            Overheated atmospheric air bulks up with pollutants and becomes a trap for fresh clean air that should be moving freely and according to nature. NOT men.

  3. Dapper Dan says:

    Right now Trump is backslapping himself for credit that should be going to President Obama. He’s now about to tell the world the US is pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. This move should leave no doubt he is genuinely stupid. He and the trumpian wing of the GOP do not realize how much damage he’s not only doing to our world Climate but damage to our credibility as a nation that can lead. We now join just Nicaragua and Syria in rejecting the agreements President Obama made in Paris. We need to fly our flags upside down. We’re a nation in crisis careening towards a full blown Civil War

    • dpaano says:

      It’s interesting that of the two countries, Syria is one of them. They failed to sign the Accord because they are at war. As for Nicaragua, they are too poor to join. The United States has NO excuse for dropping out of the Accord!

      • Dapper Dan says:

        Trump has a great excuse. When French President Macron shook hands it was a very firm grip sending a not so subtle message they won’t be bullied. So now he reciprocates by pulling the US out of the Paris Agreement but of course it won’t happen overnight. Assuming we elect a more rational leader in 2020 the next president can make sure we stay in it

    • CPANY says:

      Actually, most of the damage is being done by China, India and the other countries that refuse to give up coal because the alternative sources of energy are still too expensive.
      I believe that China is the only country that still manufactures coal burning locomotives.

  4. Dominick Vila says:

    Trump’s decision to withdraw the USA from the Paris Climate Accord has more to do with his goal to overturn everything President Obama promoted and/or signed than logic, what is best for the world, or Making America Great Again. The rest of the world has not been laughing at us. They will now. Trump, just managed to remove the USA from its privileged global leadership position, opening the way for China and Germany to fill the void. Calling himself an environmentalist while supporting the oil and coal industries is beyond belief, and the epitome of hypocrisy. His statement regarding the Green Fund, which he insinuated was a redistribution of wealth at the expense of the USA, ignores the fact that all developed countries contribute to that fund, to promote environmentally sound policies and accomplishments in Third World countries that cannot afford such endeavor due to lack of economic resources. Last, but not least, withdrawing the USA from an Accord signed by 147 countries will not promote job creation in the USA, it will achieve the exact opposite. The rest of the world is not going to stop their effort to mitigate the effects of climate change, and towards that end they are unlikely to buy products made in a country that does not abide by the regulations imposed by the Accord. The effect of Trump’s decision, when it comes to jobs, is a reduction in exports, and manufacturing job losses nationwide.

    • dpaano says:

      And, some of the European countries have said they are going to charge us a carbon tax for anything imported into their country! That means MORE jobs will be lost and it will seriously affect our economy!

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Not to worry. Trump’s pandering to Putin and the Saudis, will save his bacon.

        • Dominick Vila says:

          He is going to need a lot more than Saudi tea. GM just announced lay offs as a result of declining sales, and Kellogg did the same. May’s labor statistics were much lower than expected. Selling weapons to the homeland of most terrorists is not going to produce sustainable economic growth. It may result in another 9/11, especially considering the Saudis hands on experience. Don;t worry though, The Donald will dance and laugh, and America will be Great Again.

        • dpaano says:

          He’d better hope so because if he left his “bacon” up to the citizens of this country, he may as well call it a day!

          • CPANY says:

            Unless those who elected Trump realize that he is trying to screw them by reducing Medicaid and other social welfare payments and abandon him in 2018 and 2020, Trump and the Republicans will retain power for a long time to come.

            The Democratic Party is moribund.

      • CPANY says:

        That is really stupid of them. Tariffs just breed retaliatory tariffs. If they charge us a “carbon tax,” we’ll just charge one back. Tit for tat.
        There’s no penalty for committing any of the global warming acts that are prohibited, so how are you going to enforce the accords? It’s all window dressing.

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    So the gist of the article is the media failed because it did not become an advocate for the author’s viewpoint. And you wonder why so few trust the media.

    Also, how could the media report what “impacts” would occur when nobody can accurately predict what those impacts are going to be? That is why the credibility of the AGW supporters is also in question. When you declare a definitive truth and it does not happen you suffer.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      First of all, they’re talking mainly about policy impacts, which were quite predictable.
      Second, despite the denials of many politically-motivated hacks, the effects of global warming are already occurring, including rising sea levels, ice reduction in both the Arctic and Antarctic, and despite your own previous denials, there is plenty of evidence that EXXON and other deniers know damn well the most likely cause and the most likely effects, but choose deny them for short-term profit.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Sand Cat

        I see you still do not grasp our prior discussion on EXXON.

        The criticism of the author is that the media did not scare the American citizenry enough about Trump regarding climate change. It is reflected in the headline. I think my assessment of his purpose is accurate.

        • Sand_Cat says:

          I think I “grasped” your argument on EXXON pretty damned well; I just think it isn’t supported by the facts. It was EXXON scientists, among others, who first discovered the likely effects of burning huge quantities of fossil fuels. You implied – or openly said – that the executives looked at other scientists’ positions, funded “independent” studies of the issue, and weighed the various theories based on scientific merit. I don’t want to get into insulting your intelligence, as I believe you did mine by claiming I didn’t “grasp” (STILL, no less) your argument, but I seriously doubt you could produce anything even remotely approaching convincing evidence to support that argument, whereas mine is based on that of EXXON’s own scientists, EXXON’s past behavior on environmental issues, and an example of the willingness of major corporations to deceive, exploit, sicken, and kill large numbers of people (not to mention myriads of other living beings) for profit. My chosen example was the tobacco industry, but the oil and chemical industries, among many others, could no doubt have provided valid, if not so dramatic examples (we could also talk about the “food industry”).
          It’s clear we’re not going to agree on this, but don’t imply that I’m stupid because I don’t agree with you.

          • dpaano says:

            Actually, EXXON was one of the corporations that was all FOR the Paris Accord….one of the few oil companies that DID agree with it.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Maybe at this point. They have funded deniers and promoted other disinformation on the topic for years, as well as abused the environment in many other ways. Now they deny having done so. I’ve seen zero evidence that Tillerson – who was CEO for much of this – is anything other than a denier.

          • dpaano says:

            But, I understand Tillerson advised the president NOT to back out of the Paris Accord.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            I’m sure you realize there are a variety of reasons other than environmental concern why he might do that. Not trying to be offensive, or argue with you, and I’m happy for anything that helps, but Tillerson’s advice – even if representing a real change of heart that I find unlikely – is akin to a serial killer taking a “pro-life” stand. If you have a dark sense of humor as I do, you might enjoy the Dexter book (Dearly Devoted Dexter, by Jeff Lindsay) about the guy who dismembers people while keeping them conscious, locally anesthetized, and watching the process in a mirror. His transportation? A van with a “Choose Life” Florida license plate.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Sand Cat

            That is not what my argument was with you. It was over their liability for litigation like the Tobacco industry. I pointed out the difference in the two was Congress gave Tobacco the power over research and thus self monitoring. They did not do this with Exxon or anyone else. The Govt. scientists were conducting their own work and politicians, who make the laws, were free to use what ever they wanted.

            The fact that Exxon claimed no problem is thus irrelevant except with regards to their trustworthiness.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            I don’t know who your argument was with, or what it was about, but the argument I had was that EXXON is ABSOLUTELY UNTRUSTWORTHY AND WILLING TO RISK THE LIVES OF MILLIONS AND THE WELL-BEING OF BILLIONS FOR SHORT-TERM PROFIT, and that their “position” on human-caused global warming was dishonest and of absolutely no value as evidence against the scientific consensus, that in fact they spent tens or hundreds of millions of dollars – or more – pushing that position while denying they were doing so indicating very strongly to me that they have a great deal to hide.
            I never emphasized liability, though I do believe there should be penalties for such massive and deliberate fraud: that was not what the discussion was about, and the fact that you have retreated behind some kind of legalistic defence argues that you either never read my position, or that you realize yours is untenable but cannot admit it..

    • Thoughtopsy says:

      Sure… because the alternative explanation (that all climate scientists in the world have formed a giant conspiracy to somehow uniformly lie about the nature of their results, data, research and published papers, and retrospectively ruin their scientific reputations all for …. err… nothing) is so totally believable.

      How about you go be ignorant elsewhere?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Your strawman is meaningless to me. I hope you enjoy playing with it.

        All climate scientists do not agree on the global warming claims. So how could they have formed a unified conspiracy?

        Is the post office effect due to a massive conspiracy or simply a misunderstanding or interpretation of information compounded over time as the number of observers increases?

        • Thoughtopsy says:

          Sorry… 97% of climate scientists agree (I think the latest is actually 99.6%). And don’t bother splitting hairs about them all not agreeing exactly with each other… that’s idiocy.

          97% or more agree that global warming is happening and human activity is the cause.

          If you don’t like my straw man then please explain why we should believe the 0.4-3.0% who do not agree?

          And also don’t bother with “the more people that you have looking at something, the more deluded they all get”…

          Yes that’s exactly the way scientific investigation works.

          The more of it you do, with different scientists and research groups, in different countries, with different agendas and different incentives….. the less understanding you have and the further away you get from reality.

          It’s lucky the religious and the insane are here to save us all.

          Try again, moron.

          Here is the rank idiocy of your argument, starkly spelled out:

          If I, and 97-99% of the scientific professionals who have made it their life’s work to study climate, happen somehow to be wrong…. Then the end result is we have more clean power, less fossil fuels, and a cleaner and healthier environment.

          If you’re wrong… humanity dies.

          Which way would you like to bet, pinhead?
          And with the stakes that high would you really like to make that bet against the overwhelming scientific consensus?

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Sorry, that number is BS and I think you know it.

            Most scientists, including those who do NOT agree with the AGW claims, agree there is warming. So using “warming” alone as a stand in for AGW is dishonest.

            Your hyperbole about the planet and/or humans dying off is NOT SCIENCE nor is it based on SCIENCE. Neither are your continued personal insults illuminating or a rational argument. But they are revealing of who you are, not those you like to attack.

            So tell me how reducing CO2 creates “cleaner air”. Directly.

            If the science in the first assumption is in error then every scientific prediction based on that error is also in error. Depending on the downstream predictions, that error could be compounded. Some of them already attributed to global warming were predicted decades ago, before warming was even being discussed. Like insect epidemics and increased fores fire severity in conifer forests. Now all of a sudden, when these things happen, it is global warming.

    • Still as intellectually dead as ever. Conservatism’s effects on your brain are palpable, and you’re too close to the problem(your brain) to realize the extent of the damage.
      Which is why I’m alerting you to the fallacy of your position and thinking, and warning you of the waning of what little humanity remains in your desiccated heart and mind.
      Your fallacious frame of mind on the topic is a direct result of your failure to embrace and comprehend science, and the obvious lack of mathematical reasoning is evidenced by the specious logic you employ in your posts. Are you so haughty in your attitude to discount what the best minds in science across the globe have decided? What are your scientific credentials which lead you to your conclusions? And FOX doesn’t count, just so you know.

    • Are you getting the picture yet that you’re a relic from the Stone Age, an adulterated science luddite spitting at the sun, thinking you can dim its radiance?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Not at all. But I am more certain my view of your arrogance and bigotry is pretty accurate.

        • Not at all what? Each time you post, you sound more and more like Trump. Never once do you offer an objective opinion starting from a neutral position, but you’re quick to add a hasty retort accusing others of bigotry and arrogance as your usual adjectives. If you don’t know the meanings of the words and when and when not to use them, then why resort to using such?

          Bigotry and arrogance by the way, are better suited in assessing Trump’s behavior. So, I would suggest you try refraining from repeating the same deficient response, stop imitating Trump, and be an independent thinker who doesn’t have to resort to partisan-inspired rhetoric.

          Strive to be objective and intelligent, which you’re capable of, and divorce yourself from hostile emotions and tiresome politically-inspired remarks. Trump is a false god, a selfish creature with serious mental issues, and a dangerous person to support and emulate. Be your own man, “citizen”, don’t be afraid to use your given name, and stop being a toady for Trump. You’ll feel much better, and will start sharing thoughtful insights deriving from reflection, rather than expressing ignoble sentiments deriving from a lower nature seeking to assert its influence over one’s higher nature.

    • Dominick Vila says:

      With a few exceptions, most U.S. media outlets are more interested in sales, profits, and ratings than exercising objective journalism. They focus on the current white nationalist obsession because they know that it pleases a segment of our population, and elicits a response from the rest of the population. The trend is not caused by journalists ignoring or deliberately sugar coating the truth, but by the fact that far right entrepreneurs own most of our largest media outlets, and the choice for the editors is either to comply with their wishes or leave. As for evidence to support global warming, we have to go no further than looking at how rapidly our polar caps and glaciers are melting, rising sea levels, dramatic changes in weather patterns, and droughts to understand that life on Earth is threatened. Whether the changes are attributed in part by a natural phenomena, or are exclusively caused by man-made practices is irrelevant. Plain common sense, and responsibility, require steps to mitigate the effects of global warming. It may be too late to stop the effects of global warming, but that does not mean we should throw in the towel and do nothing to mitigate them.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        If the effects are natural how would you mitigate them except to build higher sea walls?

        In my years of dealing with print media, newspapers, I found that the editors were the primary control and then the journalists themselves. And both these groups lean heavy to the left. The ownership, which is often used to show right leaning bias, rarely interfered with the content. But you are correct that this arrangement was because it sold papers. Most people want to read about conspiracy and malfeasance, death and destrcution, etc..

        In my experience the people who mattered in the media were mostly left leaning and unwilling to really try and understand any other issues that did not agree with them. Right leaning media have now evolved to the same level of bias in the other direction. Bottom line, the media sucks if you want to find out real information. You have to spend hours and dig through many sources to get a small idea of what is actually going on.

        Some of your claims about warming impacts are not exactly true. This is part of the comment I made. Many things are assigned to warming that are really not outside the norm yet. Such as storm patterns and droughts. Remember when it was hurricanes and then they dropped way off? Not saying there are not changes, only that some are being misattributed and the impacts exagerated.

        • Dominick Vila says:

          Global warming may be a combination of a natural cyclical phenomena, aggravated and accelerated by carbon emissions. How would low elevation cities and towns benefit from sea walls? The same way the Netherlands benefit from their magnificent levies.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I did not ask how they would benefit. I asked what “mitigation” other than sea walls could be applied if warming were all natural. Much of what we consider mitigation is involved in reducing theoretical causes, not just mitigating the impacts once they occur.

            So we probably disconnected over use and meaning of words here. Seems we are otherwise on the same page.

  6. Thoughtopsy says:

    Here’s how our media (Non-USA) sees this decision.

    “Trump Just Betrayed the World”

    America can expect almost uniform hate and derision worldwide for this particularly spectacular idiocy. Especially since the USA is currently prosecuting Exxon for knowing about climate change and distributing lies as far back as 1980… AND your own Pentagon has warned multiple times that Climate change is real and will require threat assessment and military contingency plans… but you’re too busy believing that the world is 6,000 years old, angels are real, and the fossil fuel industry is altruistic….

    I also predict this choice will affect trade agreements, diplomacy, and your economy through the way other countries will now view you.

    Congratulations for breaking through the bottom of the Stupid Decisions barrel after merely scraping it for a decade…
    We didn’t think you could do it.
    Apparently there is no bottom now.

    If science denial is so in vogue, why don’t you go for the bonus round, and ban all Vaccinations across the country now, too?
    At least that will only kill people in your country.

    • FireBaron says:

      Somehow, with the former head of Exxon as our new Secretary of State, I don’t believe the Justice Department is going to prosecute the Exxon case with any vigor. Especially as the Cookie Elf has a habit of rolling over for anyone who can offer him a campaign contribution.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        When GWB was president, to prove justg how powerful Exxon is, Exxon was supposed to pay for the Exxon Valdez spill up in Alaska in 1989. As we all recall, that spill was the 1st major oil spill to do millions in damage. So, Exxon was supposed to cough up the cost of the clean and the fine.

        Exxon’s first act in 1990 was to raise the price of gasoline as it publicly stated, “to help pay the costs of the spill clean up and fines.”

        But, as usual, they paid zip until Bush was elected in 2000. In 2008, Bush decided to make US taxpayers pay 50% of the Exxon Valdez spill costs. Do the math. How many increases in the price of Exxon gasoline did they profit from since 1989 until 2008?

    • dpaano says:

      What’s really sad is that other countries think ALL of us feel the way Trump does and that’s so far from the truth! Many, many of us do NOT agree with his actions, and I hope they realize that the entire nation is NOT like him and do NOT agree with him!

  7. Aside from public radio and outlets such as PBS, the media has been too focused on its bottom line in order to ably focus on the climate change “FACT”—a phenomenon due mostly to human interactions in China, India, and the USA. Here in Cork, Ireland, a few people have engaged me in conversation about their concern over the cowardly role of the US on this matter. Trump isn’t favorably viewed by the limited number of people I’ve met, nor in the media here as well.

    • dpaano says:

      And you think that’s strange? I don’t understand how ANY country would view him favorably. He’s done nothing to gain their trust or respect! During his recent trip, he was the epitome of the “ugly American.” The problem is that many now think all of us are the same way, which isn’t true at all! Let them know that we’re as disgusted with him as they are and it’s only a small cadre of stupid voters who are clinging to him like mice on a life raft from a sinking ship! Hopefully, these idiots will see their mistake in voting for him!

      • CPANY says:

        Hopefully, that will start in the midterm elections.

      • Trump did America a grave disservice by behaving like a petulant overgrown child among an array of adults. As well, he reinforced the embarrassing image of “The Ugly American”, which is how so many people in France I met way back thought about many tourists from the US who they had encountered over the years.

  8. Mama Bear says:

    From the agreement:
    “Article 28 of the agreement enables parties to withdraw from the agreement after sending withdrawal notifications to the depositary three years after the agreement goes into force in that country, and the withdrawal is effective one year after the depositary is notified.
    In accordance with Article 28, as the agreement entered into force in the United States on 4 November 2016, withdrawal cannot be effective in the United States until 4 November 2020”.

    • RichFromShowMe says:

      Partly true . . . but since the “accord” has no enforcement mechanism and measurement capabilities it’s a moot point.

      Trump promised to withdraw as the only affect is the USA ponying up Billions of dollars (100?), over a decade, to third world countries, which somehow include China and India, who are, by far, the worst contributors to “climate change” or whatever its called at this click in time.

      There is no reason, other than our dollars, why China and India can’t clean up their pollution, by themselves.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Nice try but the accord didn’t need an “enforcement mechanism.” What a lame ass excuse you righties look for every time you want to pretend your boy Trump is the next best thing to chocolate candy.

        Trump hasn’t the power to force the already 76 cities who intend to flout his actions by refusing to accede to Trump’s jealousy of Obama by overturning the Paris Accord.

        By the way, if you want to know fury over this, check out California’s Governor, he is already putting together all of the US states and other countries who will not allow Trump to drown our families when he and his big oil shitbaggers heat up the atmosphere with their pollution.

        But I do hope yours is one of the next homes that gets a massive flood like Hurricane Sandy so you can bitch and bitch how it’s all Obama’s fault.

        My personal hope is that Trump Tower goes out into the Atlantic with Melania and the rest of the Grifter family in it.

        • sharkbait4711 says:

          I’m in Florida and our hurricane season started yesterday – do you know that that orange baboon hasn’t even filled the hurricane response coordinating positions FEMA NOAA vacated in January?
          God forbid we have an massive storm – Washington won’t be able to help or coordinate squat. Other than the baboon’s golf outings of course…

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            I have a friend who lives in Sarasota and relatives in the Panhandle. If Newfoundland’s projections of the faster melting icebergs the size of Texas are any clue, all of us in coastal states are in for massive flooding. Here in NJ, we are seeing 10 years of the worst flooding due to the rise in coastal ocean levels. I feel sorry for the people in Florida being surrounded by all that water and constant hurricanes that seem to be far more frequent.

            One NJ geologist from Princeton did a study of our state in an aerial view and OMG…I had no idea how much land mass we’d lost in just the past decade from storms. NJ never had tornados. Now, they are a regular occurrence.

          • sharkbait4711 says:

            Exactly – we are loosing land at an alarming rate and to call this a leftist hoax speaks to the ignorance of our nation AND the injustice the media has played in this global disaster in the making.

          • dpaano says:

            It’s not the ignorance of a nation…..many of the people in this nation DO believe in climate control and global warming….it’s just the few uninformed Trumpsters who don’t have a clue!

          • dpaano says:

            I feel for you in Florida…, of all of the states, are having the biggest problems with hurricanes and typhoons, as well as rising seas. I just pray that nothing serious happens that would require FEMA to step in because, as you said, they are non existent in your part of the country. Typical BS from this illegitimate president! Maybe next time, Florida voters will vote for a raesponsible Democrat!

        • dpaano says:

          Actually, I’m waiting for the sea to take out Mar-a-Lago…’s getting very close in Florida! I think they’ll be hit before New York. We can only see, right?

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            The reality is that Trump Tower is a sitting duck. When Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, I have never in my entire life been so scared. NJ rarely ever had hurricanes. When Sandy hit, the subways in NY City were filled with water and seriously damaged. That single hurricane caused over $220 billion in damage.

            When you see Fifth Avenue with two feet of water and the most posh hotels in Manhattan with entire first floors and lobbies underwater, you know this is not going to get better.

          • dpaano says:

            And, from what I understand, Trump has yet to nominate someone to run FEMA. Hopefully, you won’t get hit with another Sandy this year! Trump doesn’t want to spend any money on stuff like FEMA…..not sure WHAT he wants to spend it on except to beef up our already beefed-up military, but it will not be pretty if hurricanes, tornados, and other forces of nature take out any part of the U.S. since FEMA is almost non existent.

        • RichFromShowMe says:

          Sounds like you’re off your meds again . . . . the 76 cities mentioned can pursue their own version of abatement . . . nothing stands in their way, except them funding it, themselves.

          “There is no reason, other than our dollars, why China and India can’t clean up their pollution, by themselves”, sans the America’s participation in the Paris “Accord”.

          America has had, and still has, the best pollution abatement programs in the world.

          There are no enforcement mechanisms in the Paris “Accord”, except for the USA “giving” billions to China and India who “may” start their abatement process in 2030, if so desired.

          China has, under its own initiative and funding, for fear of destroying generations of their citizens, started their own pollution abatement programs which have produced some success.

          India is still continuing its pollution program.

          The Axiom both Left and Right should understand by now, is the more we fund “giveaway programs” the more “giveaway programs” come to our door with their hands out, for more.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Sounds like you need ExLax again. Just why are men like you so obtuse that you do not accept that when Newfoundland reported an iceberg the size of Texas breaking off a glacier and melting into the Atlantic, you think that makes the Atlantic Ocean shallow?

            The world knows there is significant climate change due to massive pollution. You don’t admit that because you skanks lose profit from the industries doing all the polluting. Don’t waste my time with your trash posts.

          • RichFromShowMe says:

            That iceberg had less than one thousands of a trillionths mass of the Atlantic ocean so there was no affect on sea level, other than a temporary one in the fjord where it birthed.

            If all the ice in the world melted it could raise sea levels a couple of hundred feet, according to several scientists, but if all the ice in the world melted it would cool the oceans which would be the reverse of the El Nino effect.

            All the ice in the world has melted 4 or 5 times in the past, thanks to Cave Men running around in their SUV’s, which is why you can find sea shells on a Montana mountain or the deserts of Nevada.

            This process has cycled 4 or 5 times (Ice Ages) in the history of the world and that makes it a normal process taking hundreds of thousands of years to play out, each cycle.


            Caveat: I am not a scientist, but I can read.

    • dpaano says:

      And, hopefully by then, we’ll have a president with some brains!

  9. says:

    the deal im sure the DUMPSTER made with Russia’s DUMPSTER B/F PUTTHEAD was that if he help the CLOWN get the white house that he would get the sanctions lifted for Russia . as it is now the DUMPSTER CLOWN is trying to give the Russian entry back into the county with the 2 places ( estate that thy got thrown out of by Obama ) but now the DUMPSTER CLOWN is in the house (with his B/F PUTTHEADS help ) he is greedy as always and now the greedy dirt bag DUMPSTER want more and one can be sure his new plan is if Russia wants the sanctions lifted the DUMPSTER will say he will get it done BUT NOW AT HIS NEW COST and he will tell his Russian B/F if you fill up an off shore bank account with money for me I will get the sanctions lifted . and weather he is president or not when he fails to do that after he gets the money rest asure the Russia MOB will be coming after the DUMPSTER CLOWN . and who knows thy may not want to go after him right away thy may first go after his brain washed family first . trying to make the heartless clown suffer and going after his children first , but that wont bother him he could care less about them for the DUMPSTER COLWN its GREEDY first then his addiction for attention 2nd then maybe just maybe his kids . the ones he would throw under the bus in a cold heart beat . //Brief and to the point, Obama never mentions Trump by name. Instead, he pointedly refers to the “absence of American leadership,” a jabbing phrase that for many Trump critics extends beyond the climate agreement.

  10. says:

    this Paris climate deal is just another DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW smoke screen to take the attention he seeks so much for his addiction off the Russia BULLSHIfTING . its just another DUMPSTER smoke screen that’s all . he says he want to make America great again ! America is great already . if anything since he has taken the HOUSE he is only making the world see America WORSE . then the DUMPSTER CLOWN says America first . well DONNY DUMP you truly are pushing the USA to the end of the line and are making America LAST IN THE WORLD . a lot of thing can be changed for the better but that can only happen if the DUMPSTER is out of the house .I wonder what the DONNY DUMP brain dead followers think of their CLOWN now ? them being brain dead as thy are im sure thy are also blind and still see the DUMPSTER CLOWN as their hero . BUT one can hope at some time their dead brains get some life and see just how bad he is making the USA and the world .again he is just an addicted junky seeking his fix of attention that’s all this clown wants and seems to need .his cult KLAN staff has gotten (with him as their CLOWNSHOW leader ) them self in deep with the BULLSHIfTING with Russia

  11. says:

    //Brief and to the point, Obama never mentions Trump by name. Instead, he pointedly refers to the “absence of American leadership,” a jabbing phrase that for many Trump critics extends beyond the climate agreement. /// anything like THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW always throwing his insane jabs and kicks to ones stones (because one can be sure the DUMPSTER HAS NONE ) the DUMPSTER is not of sound or sane mind empty head with if he’s lucky has a pea brain . very well might just be pee for brains also no matter what its just a waste !

  12. says:

    the thing with THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW is he feels just because his brain dead followers got him elected that he feels he is the best even at being a President even though he never been into politic before in his fraud ,con &scamming life his whole thing now is to pull his deranged pea brain BULL and just for spite do all the no sense things he can for senseless is his favorite thing to do makes him feel at home in his deranged hateful world

  13. sharkbait4711 says:

    Follow the money. The bottom line is Adolf Trump is doing all this in the name of Russia. His entire family and loyal advisors are being paid by Russia to due Russia’s bidding so Russia can take over Europe and become the ultimate dominant global leader.
    Putin’s and Trumps disdain for President Obama and his policies and with all the good that they did, it’s their goal to dismantle everything to clear the way for an emerging Russian global dictatorship.
    Oh and God forbid a black man actually did something for the greater good and for all of our collective futures.
    I loathe this illegitimate demigod and hate waking up every day to something new and horrific that this idiot has done.
    I also thought that Bush 43 would be the worst president in my life time and wow was I wrong! Impeachment and/or 2020 can’t get here soon enough!
    God Bless the USA or at least what’s left of it!

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      You know that travel host, Anthony Bourdain? There was an episode where he spent time in Russia. He began the episode in Moscow with dinner with a Russian journalist, Boris Nemtsov whom Bourdain, at the end of this episode, reported that Nemtsov had been murdered by poisoning by Putin for being openly dissenting of Putin’s policies.

      But I digress. During his Russian travels, Bourdain took a train to Siberia to visit the coal mining operation there. It was easy to see what the problems were almost immediately: Siberian weather. At one point, the train Bourdain’s was traveling on was stopped due to snow covered tracks. Not the kind of snow you see here in the US. Waist high snow that the railroad crew aboard the train had to remove with shovels.

    • dpaano says:

      ONe good thing, Sharkbait, is that many states in the U.S. have agreed to band together and continue to follow the Paris Accord. Our governor here in California, Governor Brown, is on his way as we speak to China to talk to them about working together. Also, several large corporations like GE, Microsoft, Salesforce, etc. have also said they will be working with climate control scientists to cut back on pollutants, etc. We don’t really need Trump to do what needs to be done here in the U.S. So, despite his selfish idiocy, we will survive! At the rate he’s pissing off his own voter base, he won’t be looking at another 4 years if he makes it through this one!

      • sharkbait4711 says:

        Yes that is a good thing that the states are pulling together – but bad too. The bad part is its just showing more and more that our current “illegitimate” president just sucks.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Wow..When I heard Governor Brown take Trump down so vociferously, I thought, OMG! Finally, someone who isn’t eating out of Trump’s hand.

          • dpaano says:

            And, New York’s DeBlasio didn’t mince words either! He’s in the U.S. Climate Alliance along with California and Washington and 29 other states!

        • dpaano says:

          Well, didn’t we of much intelligence already know that BEFORE he was even elected?

  14. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    “I’m proud to be a coal miner’s daughter…livin in a little house in Butcher Holler.” Trump’s new favorite tune.

    Trump is so in Putin’s hand that he actually thinks he can use the former coal mining states as his excuse to export coal to help Russia’s failed Siberian coal mining operation.

    FACT: Coal isn’t used as a fuel and despite all of Trump’s lies, cannot be made to be “safe” for human exposure. It is now and always will be a carcinogenic by its very nature.

    Even natural gas is going to take the hit to renewable energy sources and already is feeling the pinch. Why? Because as our Native Americans and our ancestors all knew, what you can recycle and renew is a resource you always have access to.

    • sharkbait4711 says:

      Exactly. China is now leading in the production of all things related to solar energy leaving the USA in the dust. That’s the real sorrow in all this – we could be the leaders on new reusable energy but instead our country is being held hostage by these elitist oil baron thugs. Propelling us back into the dark ages without a care about the future beyond their own lives.
      We need to get out and VOTE to get all of these old white elitist thugs out of Washington for the sake of our children’s children and beyond.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Here is NJ, there is NO stopping the solar energy industry. About 2 decades ago, a very small, non-descript company, Trinity Solar, started the solar business in my state that is like a contagious disease. Trinity has over half a million customers in the region.

        The reason for the boom in solar in CA, AZ and NJ is simple. It is renewable. It is 1/3 the cost of electricity and natural gas. And, it is a clean fuel that reduces dust in homes and buildings left behind by natural gas.

        My own housing development was the first to be approved for construction which makes it a historic district. If you were to drive through the “California Capes,” split levels and ranches in this development, you’d see rooftops with solar panels on two out of every five homes.

        There just is no reason not to convert these days. For one thing, solar energy companies offer “choice” of payment. Something the electric and natural gas companies can’t. There are no additional fees and taxes like you see on gas and electric bills constantly increasing.

        • sharkbait4711 says:

          EW – Kudos for NJ! I wasn’t aware of Trinity but will look them up. Thank you for the insight!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            What our governor Fat Mouth hates most? He tried to create jobs but failed and it was ONLY solar energy businesses who held up their end of job creation successfully. Something Fat Mouth is now like all right wingers and numbnuts Republican men, hates to admit.

        • dpaano says:

          I, myself, have 19 solar panels on my roof. I don’t own them….the solar company does. They just use my roof…..I get to keep the electricity I generate, and whatever isn’t used by my home is sold by the company to other electric companies. So, it costs me very little for my solar. I get a very small bill from So. California Edison (mainly taxes, etc.), and a bill from my solar company for the electricity that I used……..much cheaper than when I was with SCE solely. So, you don’t have to put out a bunch of money for solar panels any longer….there are many ways to afford them.

      • dpaano says:

        Sharkbait…..several oil companies were on board with the Paris Accord, so you can’t really blame them. Trump seems to think that the Paris Accord was going to cost us money…..well, it is. Jobs in the solar and wind industry will lose employees, and companies that manufacture these items will probably lose some business so we’ll end up having to export these from other countries. Not sure where his brain is at except up his butt! He wants to make the United States totally isolated from the other nations, and that’s not going to work!

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Just like Trump thought he could collect decades of NATO money from the NATO members. What’s with him and his money obsession? Just what does he and the GOP really plan to do with all the money they say they are going to save us? It has never since the 150 years of the Republican Party EVER helped the middle class. Only the rich.

          What next? Tax free corporations, billions in profits from Trump “deals” that end up adding to the $67 trillion already sitting offshore in tax free accounts earned IN the USA? While we all pay through the nose and get zip in return?

          • dpaano says:

            What Trump didn’t seem to understand (because he’s an idiot) is that the 2% that each country pledged was NOT money that was owed to the United States or its taxpayers… was money that was to be spent on upgrading each individual country’s military, etc. so that they would be ready in case a war broke out. For some reason, he made it sound like they owed the 2% to the U.S. Additionally, each country has until 2024 to get to that 2%! Some have already gotten there; others are still slowly working towards it. He is totally uninformed about the NATO agreement and only seems to think that money is owed to us rather than to be used by each country for their military build-up and repair of infrastructure in case of war! He showed his total lack of intelligence when it comes to things like this, especially with NATO and the Paris Accord.

          • sharkbait4711 says:

            The orange ape is out to destroy President Obama’s legacy and make as much money as possible – legally or not. His tiny little brain can’t stand that a black man achieved more success than he or his family collectively will ever do in a hundred years.
            As for China – its about time they started doing something. I worked there in 2010 in and out of Hangzhou – which at the time was the 3rd largest city but still a t-2 city. In one 50 day stretch I only saw the sun twice because the pollution is so bad.
            I also saw poverty like nothing I’ve ever seen before and over a wide-spread area. 95% of their population doesn’t have clean water to drink let along play in like we have here in the states. Very sad and very scary. It was also very alarming at how much they control with regard to communicating to the masses. You can’t sneeze over there without asking permission. When I finally got back to the states – I was never more Thankful to be here and an American.

          • CPANY says:

            Trump is not an idiot. He has, according to an article I read on the internet, an IQ of 142.
            He is narcissistic, which means that he has no conscience. He doesn’t care if he is regarded as a pariah.
            And, he’s fortunate in that his admirers have no problem with that. What I think they will consider a problem is a reduction in their food stamps and Medicaid benefits.

          • You have the nerve to cite for us a reort on Trump’s IQ based on what you read on the internet?
            I suppose you’ll bite if I told you that you could fly by jumping off a cliff, but please don’t take my word for it. Try small by jumping off your bed and flap your arms.

            No, Trump is mildly psychotic and emotionally disturbed. And nothing you can say will change his severely dysfunctional nature. Mental health professionals don’t dispute his raw intelligence, but that’s all it is—“Raw” intelligence, with a large dosage of raunchiness added. I hope you like your “Trump” burger raw and red.

            And remember, performance on a test isn’t a guarantee you will know how to use it properly. I’m sure Stalin and Hitler had lots of intelligence as well, as did Jack the Ripper and Al Capone.

          • dpaano says:

            Agreed100%…..a high IQ does not mean that you’re overly smart….some so-called geniuses are mentally challenged.

          • dpaano says:

            Just because you have a high IQ does NOT preclude you from being mentally unfit for a job like being president. As a member of Mensa myself, I’ve seen and met many high-IQ individuals who are total idiots! As you said, Trump is a narcissist, he’s paranoid, he’s thin skinned, and he can’t take any criticism about himself without going into a tizzy on his smartphone! This is NOT the kind of person that we should have voted for…..he will have us in a depression and/or a war within a year! We have to fight he and his minions to stop this from happening. If his voters don’t seen that they made a disastrous error in voting for this man, they will soon figure it out when they lose their healthcare, their valued social programs, etc. But, it will be too late unless we all get out and vote in both the midterms in 2018 and the general election in 2020!

          • dpaano says:

            Eleanore, you hit the nail on the head….what has this money ever done for the poor or middle class? It all goes to the rich! Look at his proposed budget…..cutting back on programs that are used mainly by the poor and middle class and gives MORE tax breaks to the 1%. Trump has gold in his eyes at all time…..he zeros in on it like flies on sh…t! It’s so blatant that it’s ridiculous!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Let’s assume the Republicans do what they promised when GWB won that election, have “a permanent Republican majority.”

            Let’s assume the get rid of SS, Medicare, Medicaid, the EPA, the Ethics Board, the FBI and CIA. They cut government to the bone so that the only ones running government are Republican billionaires who pay zero taxes, make all the rules and profits and then stuff their profits into Wall Street.

            What picture of democracy is there in that? First of all, today’s billionaires, with the exception of Gates, Soros, Bloomberg and Kennedys, do not share their wealth. They call having to share with employees, customers and taxpayers “wealth redistribution.” As if that is some mortal sin of finance.

            The reality is total lack of wealth redistibution is the cause of poverty and greed in this country.

            No billionaire has the right to price gouge consumers, rip off their employees with low wages and piggybacked jobs and take money from taxpayers in cuts and subsidies to the taxes they are SUPPOSED to pay in proportion to the wealth they claim to have. Anything less is creating an elite society of greedy wealth heads who don’t give back to those who helped them earn their profits.

          • dpaano says:

            I totally agree…..we can’t allow the billionaires like Trump to take over our country and ruin it!

          • dpaano says:

            Also, Eleanore, Trump seems to think that the NATO nations owe US the money, but the 2% they need to spend is to help their OWN countries beef up their security…..they owe the U.S. taxpayers NOTHING, but apparently Trump doesn’t understand that. They also have until 2024 to come up to their agreed-upon percentage of the NATO cost. They are all working towards that goal. All Trump is doing with his shenanigans is to say he won’t pay what the U.S. agreed to pay as their part to the U.N. to help smaller countries meet their own goals with their own military security.

        • sharkbait4711 says:

          dpanno – true – several are on board w/the Paris accord in theory but what have they collectively done to mitigate their “environmental footprint”?

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            The Chinese are an ancient culture we can learn much from. Today’s Chinese leaders are not the old style power mongers their ancestors were.

            Back in the 70s, China was the world’s No. 1 polluter due to mass industrialization. The Chinese people, scientists and educators included, began to see the link between pollution and lack of regulation. One of the best examples of what can happen to a country is described in “Under the Dome” by Chai Jing. This documentary awakened the Chinese government to the dangers of coal ash and other pollutants.

            Although, China allows coal burning as an energy source, the government soon discovered that coal ash dumped into rivers contaminates soil. During rain events, contaminated soil that contains coal ash leachate has been found in outflows and underground plumes across China.

            Coal ash contains aresenic, lead, mercury and a dozen other toxic heavy metals.

          • dpaano says:

            China has done much to help its country clean up their air and their water pollution problems. I have to applaud them for finally seeing the error of their ways and doing something about it. If Trump has his way, we’ll all be walking around with face masks on due to polluted air! That’s the way it was in China just a few years ago.

          • CPANY says:

            Just a month or so ago I saw a photograph of Shanghai. There was a thick later of smog over the city.
            I don’t think that China is cleaning up its air and I doubt that they’re doing much regarding their water.

          • dpaano says:

            Yes, in the bigger cities, things are happening much slower, but they have improved their air quality significantly the past couple of years. There was an interesting article, I believe, in the LA Times recently about how much good that China has done as far as pollution, etc. They aren’t quite there yet, but they are getting close.

          • dpaano says:

            Well, they’ve started a group called the U.S. Climate Alliance. So far, California, Washington, New York, and 29 other states have shown interest in joining. It may not be much, but every little bit that can be accomplished to stall off global warming will be better than nothing!

    • dpaano says:

      And, Eleanore, the same day that Trump backed out of the Accord, three coal companies shut down….what does that tell you?

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        I am just hoping Comey won’t pull another of his slick tricks when he testifies next week in public. The pattern to Comey’s testimony thus far has been to save his “bombshells” till last when he knows they are most effective.

        As for Coal mining jobs Trump claIms he will create, what’s he going to do? Create coal mining trains to Siberia to help Putin’s failed coal industry?

        • sharkbait4711 says:

          Yes – these new Siberian trains will run right through Palin’s backyard. HA!
          Agree about Comey – he’s slick and has an agenda but I haven’t been able to figure out exactly which side he’s really on…

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            No doubt. But, Palin will then prevail upon Trump to dump more of our tax dollars into her state for subsides. They are already No. 1 among all states feeding at the federal trough.

          • dpaano says:

            Maybe, but their current governor does agree that we have global warming and is environmentally aware. As for the subsidies to Alaska, much of that is paid for by the oil companies, not the government. Each citizen of Alaska gets a yearly check from the oil companies….and it’s pretty big from what I hear, depending on their profits each year.

          • sharkbait4711 says:

            I have a cousin that’s a State Trooper in Alaska – yes – they get a couple of grand every year.
            I was also alarmed to find out that Alaska exports 90% of the oil they obtain from drilling. Why on earth are we exporting 90% at the same time we are importing oil from terrorists?

            Follow the money… it always shows why things are done they way they are…

          • dpaano says:

            Agreed….I’ve been asking that question for a LONG time. Apparently, we send oil to China and Saudi sends oil to us. Does that make ANY sense to you? We drill enough oil here in the U.S. to take care of ourselves, and if Trump wants to “Make America First,” you’d think he’d stop importing oil from other countries and use what we have! Apparently, it has to do with money, of course! Anything that smacks of money seems to attract our president like vultures to carrion!

        • dpaano says:

          From what I hear, Trump thinks he will sign an Executive Order saying that Comey can’t testify. Not sure if he can do that for a private citizen, but it should be interesting! I’m kind of anxious to hear what he has to say myself! Nothing would surprise me!
          As for the coal mining industry, three plants shut down the same day he made his announcement to back out of the Paris Accord. I realize there are new ones being built as we speak, but even the owners of those have said that they are cognizant of environmental actions and will be adhering to them. Also, many of them are not using human workers…..they are using robotics to mine the coal… much for getting Trump’s voters their jobs back! Maybe once they lose their healthcare, their welfare, their SSI, food stamps, etc., they’ll see the light!

  15. says:

    His “legacy” is being undone with a phone and a pen. (one posted this ) then I said what legacy the one he has of fraud ,con & scamming anyone and every one he can . take a lot more then a phone and pen . more like only thing that can help out all the world id an M-16 multi shots to make sure

  16. dpaano says:

    Trumps ultimate goal is to roll back EVERYTHING that President Obama did no matter how much it would help or hinder the nation! It’s pretty sad that his legacy will NEVER overtake President Obama’s legacy, no matter how hard he tries!

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Yes…And all with the encouragement of a very jealous, very greedy, very spiteful Republican Party whose bigotry knows no limits.

      • sharkbait4711 says:

        Agree with you both dpaano and EW!
        The orange ape & GOPers are so blind by their disdain for President Obama that they will destroy everything in their path to dismantle all the GREAT things President Obama achieved. WHICH WAS THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.
        That’s something the orange ape will never have – the “will of the people”.

        • dpaano says:

          He certainly doesn’t have the respect of our European allies…..they’re laughing at him!

          • sharkbait4711 says:

            Sad but true – we are the laughing stock of the world right now…

          • dpaano says:

            Which truly bothers me because the entire nation doesn’t think like our idiot clown president, but apparently we’re all painted with the same brush!

          • dbtheonly says:


            President Macron’s speech yesterday shows that he, and by extension Europe, knows that Trump threaded the needle to win; and that there are millions of Americans that are still reliable.

            Had President Macron run in America though, the TPL would have labeled him a, “Wall Street Whore”.

          • says:

            putting this whole thing in line together is like this > He the DONNY DUMP certainly doesn’t have the respect of our European allies…..they’re laughing at him! // with the rest of the world laughing at him and the USA // Sad but true – we are the laughing stock of the world right now…// Which truly bothers me because the entire nation doesn’t think like our idiot clown president, but apparently we’re all painted with the same brush!// right there was about 3 million more people that voted against him . id bet to take a vote today there very well could be 100’s thousands to many million that even voted for the CLOWN and today would DUMP the DUMPSTER full of BULLSHIfTING . all but the true BRAIN DEAD DUMPSTER followers for them their more like ISIS there is no hope for them ! these are words for just a few here but really ring’s out around the country and the worlds the idiot clown lack sound or sane mind just for starters !

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            It isn’t just the entire nation who cannot possibly respect a low life bum like Trump. It’s the entire world. The only countries that kiss Trump’s Lard Ass are Russia (to whom he now owes billions), Syria and Saudi Arabia.

            Watch that travel ban go down before the SC and watch Trump lose his mind that the SC will not bend and break the U.S. Constitution for him. Watch what he does when he doesn’t get his way. You have yet to see just what a nasty bastard Trump is when he gets too many nettles stuck up his Lard Ass.

          • says:

            with the rest of the world laughing at him and the USA

          • says:

            cant respect any one that has no respect for any one

    • dbtheonly says:


      It’s not as much overtaking as undoing. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan reignited. Wall Street regulations reversed. Pollution

      • sharkbait4711 says:

        db – it’s all important. The climate too cuz we all gotta breathe!
        Only President Obama could take all of those issues on and be successful. Why? Well because he wasn’t an autocratic crazed idiot like the orange ape & putin.

        • dbtheonly says:

          We can certainly disagree on the most important issue. To me it’s Voting Rights, because without the vote; everything else is at risk. Second for me, is corruption; as it colors the entire system with false, misleading, or slanted information.

          Feel free to disagree.

          There’s no “wrong” answer.

      • dpaano says:

        It IS important….but, as you say, it’s just another “clown” moment by our idiot president!

    • prenestino says:

      Yes. In his own way, he is an anarchist, a smasher of everything, which he wants to do just because he can. This was evident before his election (although we didn’t really think he would be this bad) I am still wrestling with what to think of those who voted for him

    • says:

      im sure if the DUMPSTER could he would (and more then likely is and will try ) to set the country back into a depression while he is in the house . he will say he did it so the next president will come in and save the country and he knows it can only be a Democrat to do the joke and fix his or any GOP mess same o story

  17. prenestino says:

    I know from first hand experience that there is nothing whatever you can say to the ‘climate change deniers’ to change their point of view. I taught a course on this subject where students looked at all the evidence (which was overwhelming)) and the arguments which proved, scientifically, the case for ongoing climate change. Afterwards, one of my students said “Mr. P, do you ‘believe’ in global warming?” There is absolutely nothing you can do or say to the Trumpers to dissuade them from endorsing any, ANY, position taken from their Trump God. They “feel” in their hearts that all he says is Gospel once they made their ‘leap of faith’ into this cult religion. They are absolutely sure that global warming is just part of the “liberal, left-wing agenda”. On the Russian scandal, they are absolutely positive that the FBI and CIA are “Deep State Left Wing organizations” committed to persecuting their hero. I don’t think the media could have made any difference, but I do agree they could have done much more. In order to seem objective and non-partisan, they gave equal time to the deniers ‘beliefs’ thus making the general public think the issue is a matter of opinion, and that the subject is not actually settled at the present time. Trump is now hailed as being a savior of U.S. jobs because of the ignorance about this issue and how much jobs are being created through research on how to fight global warming. We are being outpaced by the Chinese and are forfeiting the race (and thus jobs) for dominance in the development of non-fossil fuel exploitation. Strong economies are dependent on environmental health. Trump is virtually illiterate on this subject. His potential for lasting harm to our country, and to the world, is frightening.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Morons never learn until they are the ones who have to pay for their own oil spills, soil remediation and air pollution. For over 4 decades the Republican states have barely met EPA standards which forced the Dem states to pay double to keep our air, water and soil safe.

    • Thoughtopsy says:

      Thank you for your perspective.
      I’ve run into the same thing.It’s nice (but sad) to see it confirmed from the perspective of a teacher who was able to spend considerable time and energy trying to make the case… and still failing with some of them.
      I did have the small hope that given enough concentrated time I could get through… apparently not.

      They seem incredibly unaware of their own inability to think coherently.
      When confronted they display any of the standard avoidance tactics… straw men, slippery slope, diversion, ad hominem…

      It’s depressing.

  18. Richard Prescott says:

    When the base was misled about the underlying basics around climate change, then lied to about all the other stuff he “promised” during the campaign it was unfortunately easy to not press more about the ramifications.
    Leaving the Paris Accord will not bring jobs back to America, it will not invigorate a coal mining industry full of health issues, environmental issues and corruption. It will not magically find more oil.
    And yes, even educated people like my brother (PhD business professor, well respected) can be totally stupid when it comes to climate change. Talking to them about it is about as helpful as hoping that Trump will find common sense and a brain.
    These people will deny climate change even when the water is around their knees and the fish are biting their toes.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Mar-a-Lago has several unpassable streets leading to it during neap tides. Ivanka will be begging to the Palm Beach county commissioners to build a levee around it 20 years from now.

      • dpaano says:

        Why don’t they build it themselves….they have the money supposedly! Why should the taxpayers in Florida pay for something that they can’t even afford to visit!?

    • I too have seen more than my fair share of people who deny the obvious despite being bright. A co-worker of mine was studying in his spare time to enter a medical program, having finished his undergraduate work. He always had his organic chemistry books and biology texts with him at work—and surprisingly had a book alongside the others with a title that indicated the denial of climate change. I didn’t question him on this, but thought it oddly incongruous.

      • InformedVoter says:

        Poor AofP, you just can’t accept that climate change is not real science and is not a proven phenomenon. It’s a wealth redistribution scheme, nothing more.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          That the only word you know asshat? “Poor?” “Poor?” “Poor?” must be a real welfare trough feeder to always be so hung up on calling everyone else “poor” when you are the one totally without any brains, facts or truth.

          Here moron…let me help you with your fetish about the word “poor”…POOR POOR POOR POOR POOR POOR

          Had enough yet? Perhaps if you stopped overdosing on the booze and drugs, boozy boy, you wouldn’t be so POOR POOR POOR POOR POOR…..

          • InformedVoter says:

            Poor Elle, I guess you can’t accept or handle the truth. Go ahead and explain again how obozo passed the obozocare legislation during the first 4 months of his first term.
            I just love reading how you’re squirming over being outed as one of low information sheep who follow the FAKE MSM off the cliff.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Tell us…Did you and your Mommy spend your entire childhood in incest? A mind as warped and unable to cope with reality like yours has a predilection toward “other” deviations.

            President Obama whom you seem unable to find a shred of a reason to respect and being YOU and your warped min are in the minority, was able to pass that healthcare reform legislation when your Trump care Trump Lard Ass couldn’t, was due to the fact that he had to deal with Republican obstruction.

            As the government records indicated, they Republicans refused to go along with healthcare reform, since many of them openly admitted they had dozens of HMO and Big Pharma campaign donors, unless Obama caved to a 3rd tax cut in 2009. Not to mention the Republicans holding the president hostage for the extension of unemployment, YOUR Republicans caused from 2004 to 2008 when 8 million Americans lost jobs thanks to your Republican president Cheney allowing huge tax credits to billionaire businesses who offshored for cheaper labor and less corporate taxes.

            You just hate hate hate hate hate poor poor poor poor poor Lard Ass who can’t subjugate the US Constitution so he can takeover our country.

            He won’t get the SC to agree to his travel ban either. Why? Because he stupidly made the 2nd version of it even more prejudicial against the 1st Amendment right, “Congress shall make NO law respecting establishmet of religion OR prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

            Poor Pissinformed. Can’t seem to get a level of sanity the rest of the world will accept. What you are is a misfit. Your kind like Trump think obstinacy, belligerence and tyranny can be imposed on others. Why do you even bother to post? No one will ever agree with your childishness or your inability to address why you really hate Obama…you are a bigot your KKK mommy and daddy from DogPatch taught your finely honed art of hate. Give it up already. You are boring the hell out of all of us.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Poor Elle, obozo had control of both house and senate for 2 years and used his bully pulpit to push through the extremely flawed obozocare packing that is now dying a quick death.

            Sorry, but the SCOTUS will uphold President Trump’s EO. The courts that have rejected it, have done so using President Trump’s comments, not judging based upon legal issues. That means that it’s just about certain the the SC will be forced to strike down the lower court decisions because they were not based upon law.

            You are right that most of those using these forums, being they’re low information sheep, will agree with you, but that isn’t saying much other than you low information lefties just follow the FAKE MSM like sheep. Just as you did when you believed their polls about HilLAIRy leading.
            I’m still waiting for your gaggle of hens, along with HilLIARY, to come thump on me.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Don’t you ever stop being jealous of Obama? Men like you have such small dicks from you pulling on them all day long. Too bad President Obama actually accomplished nearly all 102 of his campaign promises when your Lard Ass can’t even get a single one passed in the Senate?

            What a laugh! The House passes legislation but then makes like it’s law? Wrong. NOTHING BECOMES LAW UNTIL IT GOES TO THE SENATE. Get over it moron.

            As for you and your right wing dicklickers, we plan on making relics of you and putting all of you into the Great Liars Museum where we can show our kids the kind of low life trash you are.

            Obama never entered office being sued by 150 people. He didn’t marry a Slovenian piece of trash who posed nude in Hustler Magazine and is now carrying on an extramarital affair right under Trump’s nose in Trump Tower.

            Obama NEVER had a money laundering fine levied against him.

            Trump is a liar. When you stop your lying, maybe your posts will have some value. Till then, eat your heart out.

            Trump will NEVER win a Nobel prize, NEVER be a Constitutional Law Professor and NEVER be respected and admired by our allies around the world.

            All Trump is today is Putin’s BJ.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry Elle, but you are truly low information.
            obozo entered office by lying about where he was born. The truth will come out on that lie.
            obozo failed to deliver most of his campaign promises, while President Trump has delivered on many.
            So while you dumb Dems try to keep the fake scandal alive, President Trump will continue to make America great again.
            obozo used the EO route to “pass” legislation, so President Trump is using EOs to strike down just about everything obozo put into place.
            obozo’s Nobel prize was a joke! He’s the laughing stock of the real earners of the the prize.
            And poor Elle, President Trump is recognized that he is the leader of the restored US being the world leader. They don’t have to admire him, but they recognize he’s restored the US to the top of the ladder.
            The foreign press mocked obozo, but the FAKE MSM in the US hid that from the public.
            7 more years of President Trump is on the horizon. Better get used to it.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            I agree with you on one thing. You are sorry. The sorriest excuse for manhood your mother pushed out of her birth canal. The sorriest excuse for humanity that your father’s “seed” could possibly create.

            Your posts are boring the hell out of all of us. You never provide proof of your posts.

            All you do is what Lard Ass does…make up delusions you “hope” (Trump’s new word for “you better!) the rest of us will fall for.

            Tell you what you sorry excuse for human life form, do you and me a favor and stop bothering the world with your BS drivel you can’t prove.

            Obama was THE most successful US president since Clinton. You can’t find a single lawsuit or fine against Obama other than from your Koch rabid dogs of the Tea Party who used Putin’s hackers just like you do. To smear anyone who won’t fall for your BS.

            Keep up the Putin work and maybe, Lard Ass and you will both end up in orange jumpsuits.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Poor Elle, you’re so poorly informed and you demonstrate it with regularity. obozo was among the worst presidents in history. He’s ranked somewhere in the mid 30s, just BELOW GW!
            Comey stated that President Trump NEVER was or is under investigation. That just about takes all the wind out of the sails of Russia interference.
            Comey opened himself up for prosecution for leaking information, even to a friend.
            If obozo was such a great president then why have almost all of his actions been wiped out by President Trump with simple EOs? The only legislation obozo passed was the sinking obozocare, that is dying rapidly.
            obozo was a community organizer, and never worked for a living. When he was a senator, he voted “present” more than 50% of the time. He was too stupid and too lazy to learn about what the vote was for.
            Yup, 7 more years of President Trump to look forward to.

          • says:

            he knows the word so well because he is a poor excuse for any type of a human life (what kind of form will never be known )

    • InformedVoter says:

      It appears your brother is smarter than you for debunking climate change. I have a PhD in a science and have a brother who has a PhD in a different science, and we both agree that climate change has not been proven to exist. It is not a done deal as the uneducated crowd would have you believe.

      • Richard Prescott says:

        Wow, should I say I am “impressed” that you claim a PhD in science along with your brother having one?
        I worked with many PhD’s and MDs in scientific research over many years. Most with PhDs or MDs were not as arrogant as you sound.
        What I will state is that you are a troll.
        I see your other “comments” elsewhere. This attack comeback has been a problem since the late 80s and early 90s. Started in forums and then when social media and the internet spread it became irritatingly more of a nuisance.
        Oh, and I doubt you and your brother have PhDs in any science. What you do have is a PhD in total BS.

        • InformedVoter says:

          You may doubt all you wish. I taught graduate level science at two different universities. My brother taught a different science at a foreign university.

          On the contrary, it’s the left that is arrogant. They claim they are inclusive and diverse. Yet, whey you disagree with their thoughts, they begin name calling and character assassination.
          As to being diverse, then whey don’t they hire staff that does not agree with their way of thinking.

          Yes, even President Trump has stated that he thinks the climate is changing. But guess what, the climate is changing all the time. What happened to the ice age? In the 1920s the fear was that the world would burn up. After the cooling in the 50s, the prediction was a new ice age by 2000! Even Al “I invented the Internet” Gore claimed the ice bergs would be gone by 2015. Gasp!

          The “scientists” have changed the actually recorded data at least 3 times to make their models fit. How scientific is that?

          They used to say global warming, but since the recent temp has gone down, they changed it to climate change. That’s like calling daybreak “sun rise”.

          As to CO2 emissions, every year, the world puts out 159,000 gigatons of CO2. All from natural causes. ALL man made activity, worldwide, puts out 5 gigatons!
          You do the math.

          Here’s a nifty link that shows that many scientists debunk global warming.

          • Richard Prescott says:

            Ludicrous, link is to a “news” reporting site that has some comments in it by Ron Paul and other fringe people.
            I expected something more, like a good scientific article or piece not using marginal data and sketchy thinking.
            And as far as the CO2 outputs, it is easy to try to misuse the data like many misuse statistics. You can play bias your argument with how you try to present only a part of the picture.
            And another hmm, since you claim a science degree, but have as yet to state exactly what science
            If you want a humorous as well as poignant presentation of the climate issue and the Paris Accord facts watch John Oilver from this past Sunday.
            Of course, if you cannot tolerate people not liking Trump, by all means avoid it.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Bingo, you just hit the nail on the head as to why you lefties are so low information. You get the bulk of your “news” and “information” from mediocre comedians and the rest from the FAKE MSM. Why do you think so many of you thought HilLLIARy was leading in the polls?

            Here’s a classic example of lefty proof. And what difference what science I have a PhD in make? With all the cyber snooping tools around, the less published the safer one is from idiots attacking you.
            ENJOY! And lest you forget, this is from MSNBC!

          • Richard Prescott says:

            Aww you poor con, and con is a good word for it. You have as much PhD as Trump has a good education. And you guys always show your true colors when the time comes.
            Also, you assume I am a lefty. HA!
            You know what assumptions do.
            I suggested Oliver because he at least goes beneath the deceptive surface and presents some real facts. Something you neocons seem to want to ignore.
            And why watch Madow, not a fan of hers either. All the cable news are are a different version of reality TV. Ratings game.
            Oh, and have you learned Russian yet?

          • InformedVoter says:

            How can you say that about your goddess of the air? You worship her, admit it!
            I could care less if you believe it or not. After leaving the academic circle and entering the private workforce, my salary is $140k/month. Most likely more than you make in a year.
            The only thing you lefty, low information sheep have is the mediocre comics who are getting rich off you saps.
            Admit it, you believed the FAKE MSM polls. HilLIARy personally paid for a FAKE poll.
            As to real facts, it’s the left that makes up stories and then use the fake stories as “facts”.
            No matter, the pull out is just another President Trump campaign promise kept. How many did obozo keep? It just keeps getting better and better.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Trump is as slick as a baby’s bottom when it comes to lying and distorting to get his way. For Trump, it is ALL about getting HIS way. So, he knew all along the most naive and impressionable are the same base of fanatics he belongs to.

      Trump is not really an intelligent man. How can he be? He was expelled 2 times from 2 military schools, once for punching another student and the other time for refusing to obey school rules.

      He squeaked himself out of the military during Viet Nam because in plain English, he didn’t have the balls to enlist, obey military rules or face an enemy face to face.

      So now the Lard Ass in Chief is using his so called ” base” which isn’t really a “base” so much as his phone connection to Putin. Putin is now and has been his only “base” since he discovered billions of money to be loaned to him. He just stupidly thought he could outwit a KGB operative like Putin.

  19. says:

    THE DONNY DUMP TRUE CLOWN SHOW plans to throw the whole world into his DUMPSTER of his BULLSHIfTING and just plan BULL CRAP !!
    WASHINGTON — President Trump has called for a new global arms race, and the Pentagon is ready. It has a nuclear weapon on the drawing board that the military considers essential but that critics fear could put the United States on the inside lane to Armageddon.
    The new weapon is the planned update of the Air Force’s nuclear cruise missile. Price tag: at least $20 billion. Fear factor for arms-control advocates: maximum.
    Trump’s newly released budget for 2018 contains hundreds of millions of dollars to speed up development of the Long Range Stand Off missile — a jet-propelled nuke designed to be launched from an airborne bomber and stealthily zip to a target virtually anywhere in the world. the pea brain (or more like pee for brains) DUMPSTER would end every thing . some one has to tell the deranged clown if all is gone and no more then the world mill have no one left there or here to know what the DUMPSTER CAUSED no one to remember the CLOWN DUMPSTER the end of his junky addiction of seeking attention will be no more

    • InformedVoter says:

      You’re truly pathetic. You ramble and say absolutely nothing of value. It’s obvious that you are a product of the left’s school system. You misspell words, use incorrect punctuation (if any) and pretty much post comments that demonstrate you really don’t understand what you post about.
      You must think you come across as intelligent or having something of value to say, but the reality is that folks can see your ignorance. I suspect that while reading through these forums, readers immediately skip over you posts rather than waste time trying to figure out what you were trying to say.
      In the meantime, President Trump just keeps rolling along delivering on his campaign promises. He’s accomplished more in his first four months than obozo did in his first four months. And to help prove you lefties are low information. good old Eleanore stated that obozo passed his failed healthcare plan during his first four months in office!

      • says:

        its even more clear you are a product of what comes out of THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW’s mouth and that via his AZZ so be it as it may you are just CHIT and have it for your brains you go back to your English teaching classes making the little boy’s and girls ( more then likely lil boys) thy will catch you then you can teach in jail to your new B/F butch spike and big broo ok UNinformed DUMPSTER CLOWN

        • InformedVoter says:

          The truth is that PresidentTrump accomplished more in his first 4 months than obozo did in his first 4 months. You lefties are so low information that folks like Eleanore clams that obozo passed obozocare during his first 4 months in office. You probably think obozo earned his award after being in office only one month.
          Dumb as dirt is what describes you.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            And the delusion boy is at it again. You bet Trump has accomplished a lot in his first 4 months…2 travels bans BOTH rejected by the 9th District Court and about to be rejected again by the SC.

            President Obama never took office with 150 lawsuits and a fine for money laundering, did him jerk off?

            You are soooo envious of President Obama because a white dick like you can’t hope to EVER accomplish what Obama did even WITH you and your Republican bitchy boys obstructing everything he did.

            So let’s see..Trump fukked up that deal to FORCE Mexico to pay for a wall most Americans don’t want. Trump fukked up his relationship with Australia, the UK, Germany, Canada and France all of whom consider Trump a low life sleazy bum.

            But you bums all stick together to make sure that corroded dung you slather all over gets 10 seconds of fame. That’s how much more time your boy will have when Comey testifies this week.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Poor Elle, the 9th District, you mean the one that has its decisions overturned 80+% of the time?
            President Trump got the first $772 million for the wall, and it wasn’t even his budget, it was obozo’s!

            And it’s only the FAKE MSM that state that our foreign polilcy is not working. Overseas new sources are printing that the world once again views the USA as the leader of the world and see that America is once more great again!

            President Trump scorched obozo’s first 4 month – I know you still claim that obozo passed obozocare during his first 4 months, but then again, you’re the same person who was going to come, with a gaggle of women, and thump on me after HiLIARy won.


          • Jan123456 says:

            President Trump scorched obozo’s first 4 month

            Which sadly is Trump’s Prime Directive. Not to create jobs. Not to provide healthcare to all. Not to overhaul the tax code to make sure the burden is shouldered fairly. Not to save the planet.

            Just to make himself look good by tearing down his predecessor.

            All Trump, all the time.

          • InformedVoter says:

            The 2014 and 2016 were referendums on obozo’s policies. Even obozo understood that and sought out revenge after his huge losses in those elections.
            The healthcare fiasco by the Dems is sinking. Most states will see their premiums go up 25-35% in 2018. The insurance companies have already filed their requests for increases that large. The biased CBO stated that the new plan would cause 23 million to lose their insurance, but that’s a huge lie. Those 23 million don’t have insurance today and still wouldn’t have insurance under obozocare.
            You can wail all you wish, President Trump has saved thousands of jobs and created many thousands more.
            Lest you forget, President Trump campaigned on tossing out obozo’s “legacy” and the voters swept him into office to do just that. You are claiming “foul”, but the reality is that he’s delivering on his campaign promises.
            Yet “news” sources like TNM keep publishing stories that President Trump’s base is leaving him. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is just not true.

          • Jan123456 says:

            The healthcare fiasco by the Dems is sinking. Most states will see
            their premiums go up 25-35% in 2018. The insurance companies have
            already filed their requests for increases that large.

            And that’s due to the sabotage that Trump and his sycophants are imposing on the law. Trump signed an EO (remember how much you guys HATED that when Obama did it) that basically said we’re not going to enforce it. This means the insurance companies could no longer count on the subsidies. That is a big part of the increases. Again, had Trump and his sycophants not put the prime directive ahead of US citizens, this would not have happened.

            You can wail all you wish, President Trump has saved thousands of jobs and created many thousands more.

            By doing what exactly?

            you are claiming “foul”

            Really? Is that just another made right wing talking point? Because I certainly did not say anything even close to that. But that wouldn’t stop you from believing it.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry Jan but you jst keep demonstrating how low information you are.
            obozocare is sinking not because of anything the GOP did. It’s sinking because it was not properly written. Pelosi still doesn’t know what’s in the bill!
            President Trump is using obozo’s own logic in undoing all his EOs. Turnaround is fair play.
            Presdient Trump PERSONALLY helped save thousands of union jobs from going overseas. In his 8 years, obozo didn’t personally save one job! How did he save the jobs? By contacting companies, like Ford Motor, and promised to implement high tariffs if they moved the jobs.

            No you are claiming foul because he’s delivering on his campaign promises. No right wing talking point, you are shouting and yelling that what he’s doing is wrong. But that’s what the voters wanted when they swept him into office.

          • Jan123456 says:

            Pelosi still doesn’t know what’s in the bill!

            And you call me low information. I bet all you have ever heard of that speech is the once sentence taken out of context.

            obozocare is sinking not because of anything the GOP did.

            So you don’t think the EO that Trump signed telling the IRS not to enforce the penalty for those without insurance hurt? You don’t think the uncertainty of the subsidies for individual policies had anything to do with it?

            “But when the time came to pay up for risk reduction in the Obamacare exchanges, Congress reneged and paid only 12% of what was owed to the insurers. So, on top of the fact that the companies had to bear the risk of unknown costs and utilization in the startup years, which turned out to be higher than they expected, insurers had to absorb legislative
            uncertainty of whether the rules would be rewritten”


            And, obviously, you would rather have old folks in nursing homes and children with congenital issues die so the GOP can defund Medicare as much as they can.

            By contacting companies, like Ford Motor, and promised to implement high tariffs if they moved the jobs.

            Then, of course, you haven’t read about Ford AND Carrier moving jobs despite taking government subsidies to keep them here. I understand since Breitbart or WND wouldn’t tell you and you certainly wouldn’t look outside your bubble…you only read from sites that confirm your bias.



            No you are claiming foul

            Once again, that’s something you made up…because I didn’t claim “foul”.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry Jan, but Pelosi really meant it, and it was NOT take out of context. But being a low information sheep, you just believe the lies the FAKE MSM keep dishing out.

            Nope, the EO by President Trump had nothing to do with the 24-36% increases the insurance companies requested last summer (for 2018 rates). Duh, he wasn’t even voted in then!

            And again HOPE. Congress was following the CBO projection (like the CBO really knows what they’re doing) in approving the over spending of the medical costs. So the costs were higher than the CBO estimated, what a surprise there!

            NOPE, Ford and Carrier have moved jobs, but at least they retained the ones that President Trump PERSONALLY negotiated to stay. Can you imagine how many more they would have moved if he hadn’t intervened?

            YUP you’re just pissed that he’s delivering on his campaign promises, exactly opposite of obozo. YUP the FAKE MSM keep claiming that President Trump’s agenda is DOA, but they why are you still crying that he’s doing this and doing that. Things like the travel ban, etc. So you are crying foul and you just can’t handle the truth.

          • Jan123456 says:

            Sorry Jan, but Pelosi really meant it, and it was NOT take out of context.

            Nope. Tell me what she said in the three sentences immediately before and after.

            Nope, the EO by President Trump had nothing to do with the 24-36% increases the insurance companies requested last summer (for 2018 rates). Duh, he wasn’t even voted in then!

            Your statement was that the ACA was not sinking due to any actions of the GOP. I am not positive you are correct on the increases since you make up so much of what you post, but I presented two instances of GOP interference that hurt it. Nice attempt at deflection

            NOPE, Ford and Carrier have moved jobs, but at least they retained the ones that President Trump PERSONALLY negotiated to stay.

            Wrong once again. Ford said the decision to “save” those jobs was made months before Trump was elected. Trump, in his usual narcissistic way, just publicly took credit for something he had nothing to do with.

            “CEO Mark Fields, appearing on CNN Thursday, said “zero” jobs will be lost in the U.S. and that “it is really unfortunate when politics get in the way of the facts.” Even though Ford is expanding in Mexico, it is planning to replace small-car production in its U.S. plant network with higher-profit trucks and SUVs.”


            YUP you’re just pissed that he’s delivering on his campaign promises,

            I do believe he promised not to cut Medicare and Medicaid….this bill he is supporting delivers on that? No.

            He said that we would get much better healthcare for everyone at a fraction of the cost. He is delivering on that? No.

            He has basically decimated the US Dept of State. He is pulling foreign policy out of his a$$. Yeah, that’s a promise he is delivering on because he knows the most about that, believe me.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Poor Jan but it appears you just can’t handle the truth!
            Pelosi still doesn’t know what’s in the bill!
            obozocare was in trouble in 2015 with double digit premium increases and insurance companies pulling out of the exchanges even when they were getting fully reimbursed for cost overruns.
            This was long before any meaningful actions were taken by the GOP.
            Mark Field (former CEO – I’ll get back to that later) was saying the agreement with the UAW would be for every job shipped out, one would be created. What President Trump did was to PERSONALLY save over 1000 UAW jobs, these are in addition to the ones retained. Fields and Bill Ford, were at odds over the jobs issue. Bill Ford personally called President Trump right after the election to inform him that Ford would be SAVING the jobs he claimed credit for. Fields felt slighted and had further problems with Bill Ford. The end of the showdown was that Fields was preparing to release Hinrick and Klavorn (both VPs) because they sided with Bill Ford. The paperwork was started but two days later, it was Fields who was canned and both Hinrick and Klevorn were elevated to executive VP roles.

            obozocare cut $800 billion from Medicare, why isn’t that being discussed? And nope, $800 billion is NOT be cut from Medicaid, the money will come from delays etc. So YES he’s delivering on the promise to not touch either.

            And finally, NOPE I don’t make up anything I post. My accuracy rate is above 95%. Just because, in your low information opinion, that you feel that what I posted is not correct, doesn’t make it incorrect.

          • Jan123456 says:

            My accuracy rate is above 95%.

            In your dreams.

            Once you give me a source, I will believe that you don’t just pull your allegations out of your a$$.

            Until then, that’s where they come from.

            obozocare cut $800 billion from Medicare,

            That,once again, is wrong. See Myth #5 from AARP..


          • InformedVoter says:

            Poor Jan;, so naive! The CBO so badly estimated the costs for obozocare and AARP stood to make millions in selling insurance. Thus, they slanted the number to make it sound like it was going to save $716 instead of cut the $716.
            OK, two can play that game too.
            Here’s a link that makes the $800 cut to Medicaid disappear too.
            Personally, I don’t believe either.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry Jan, but the only possible “oops” is that President Trump said 1100 and it was really 800. The jobs Carrier removed, still left the 800 jobs President Trump PERSONALLY saved intact.

            This is part of the reason why your accuracy rate is probably in the 40-50% range while mine is north of 95%.

          • Jan123456 says:

            You obviously haven’t watched his video or read what’s happening.

            Jobs are NOT going to be increased at that plant and 600 plus are gone by end of 2017.


          • InformedVoter says:

            But the jobs President Trump PERSONALLY saved with still be there! And President Trump got Ford Motor to reverse its decision to invest $700 million in construction in Mexico and instead will spend that $700 million in Michigan and create several hundred jobs along the way. Notice that this was done well after the election and in response to President Trump chiding companies to reverse the movement of jobs outside the USA.

          • Jan123456 says:

            No they are going and gone.

            I showed you independent evidence.

            You have shown me fiction.

          • InformedVoter says:

            So Ford Motor is NOT spending $700 million in plant construction in Michigan and with it creating several hundred new jobs? Ford’s KTP is not keeping those 700 jobs? You should contact Ford Motor and tell them!
            Your so-called independent evident is left biased but you’re so blinded because you’re a low information sheep that you can’t see the FAKE MSM as the source.
            Nice try, but I choose to believe reality.

          • Jan123456 says:

            I never said that Ford was not investing in Michigan. It’s just that Trump had nothing to do with it.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry but it’s in situations like this that your low information status betrays your statements.
            Even the departed Fields, when announcing the change in plans, credited President Trump with being part of the reason.
            So the left-bias FAKE MSM chooses to state the changes in plans as being spontaneous, but those who believe that influence exerted can bring about changes. Mary Barra (GM) commented that it was poor policy to have the President meet t get changes and hinted that better business climate would be more effective. Of course, that’s why the market took off so greatly after President Trump got elected.

          • Jan123456 says:

            Even the departed Fields, when announcing the change in plans, credited President Trump with being part of the reason.

            Just another thing you say with no substantiation.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sure, just ignore the truth. Even the Detroit Free Press, about a liberal as a rag can get, couldn’t deny that President Trump had something to do with Ford Motor changing their mind.

          • Jan123456 says:

            We did this one already.

          • InformedVoter says:

            And it’s just as true today as it was back then.

          • Jan123456 says:

            Exactly as true…totally false.

          • InformedVoter says:

            It’s amazing that you continue to spout lies. Even the Free Press article praised the change in Ford Motor plans, but they glossed over President Trump’s involvement, but anyone could clearly see they were seething.
            Since you believed the FAKE MSM polls that showed that HilLIARy would win the election, it seems odd that you would make the same mistake and continue to deny how many jobs President Trump has PERSONALLY saved.
            No matter, you low information sheep can keep right on believing the lies, meanwhile, the voters are growing weary of all the FAKE “scandals” the left dreams up almost daily. Come the 2018 mid-terms and the Dems will lose some many seats that the party will disappear. Bernie will re-group with his socialists and further sink the party.

          • Jan123456 says:

            And once again, you provide no links to the DFP that shows you know what you’re talking about.

            Are you sure you didn’t read that in Drudge or Breitbart or Infowars?

          • InformedVoter says:

            Your kind will never accept that President Trump is making strides, so go ahead and believe the FAKE MSM polls that show that HilLIARy will win the election. How did that work out for you? I worked out just find for us.

          • Jan123456 says:

            OK, so when you can’t support what you say with evidence, go back to the election.

            No wonder Trump loves the poorly educated.

          • InformedVoter says:

            You claiming the election doesn’t matter demonstrates your low information status.
            Something as important and the presidential election and it doesn’t bother you that the FAKE MSM published lies about the polls and other facts.
            I supported my claims that President Trump actually saved jobs, but you read alternative FAKE MSM stories and say “HilLIARy is leading and will get elected possibly in a landslide”.
            How dumb your comments make you look.
            I could care less if you choose to believe the FAKE MSM – how well did that work out for you in the meaningless election!

          • Jan123456 says:

            You claiming the election doesn’t matter demonstrates your low information status.

            You claiming I actually said that demonstrates you work on fiction.

            Something as important and the presidential election and it doesn’t bother you that the FAKE MSM published lies about the polls and other facts

            Are you saying the MSM didn’t publish poll data accurately? That, for example, Rasmussen said one thing and the MSM published different numbers? Or how else did the MSM lie about polls?

            Lies bother me no matter who makes them.

            I could care less if you choose to believe the FAKE MSM

            That’s not what you said in your second sentence of this post. There it appeared to bother you.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry but you are wrong once more, what a surprise!
            You made the stupid comment that I referred to the election and that was of little concern. Thus you implied it didn’t matter. You must be careful of what your write.
            YUP, the FAKE MSM published FAKE numbers in an attempt to discourage GOP voters from turning out. HilLIARY even paid for a FAKE poll and had the results published. She has since admitted it was a mistake. Duh.
            Since you low information sheep place lots of value on FAKE MSM sources, by practice you demonstrate that the truth matters little.
            If you wish to upset a conservative, tell them a lie (like you lefties do). If you wish to upset a liberal, tell them the truth (like I have been doing).
            Go ahead and stay low information.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Part of the problem low information sheep like you have is that you continue to believe the FAKE MSM, and that includes USA Today and auto news, etc. They are left-biased and waste no chance to slant stories to the left. The latest example is the headlines on the SCOTUS upholding the travel ban.
            “ONLY PART OF TRAVEL BAN ALLOWED” implies that the majority was still struck down. This is just not true. The only caveat the SCOTUS put in was that those who could PROVE they already had a presence in the USA would be allowed to travel, the remainder of the ban took effect. The correct headline should have been “TRAVEL BAN UPHELD”. Quite a difference, but you sheep believe that the ban is still not in effect. What a joke!

          • Jan123456 says:

            I provided you a video of what Trump actually said to the Carrier folks. Not from MSM, but his words coming out of his mouth. He, as usual, lied to them – or just came up with something they wanted to hear without knowing what he was talking about.

            implies that the majority was still struck down

            Yes, it imples that. Now, you CAN read the words from SCOTUS itself to see if what it implies is actually true. Here is a link that includes the actual document.


            With the exception of refugees, (which has an extensive extenxive vetting process) can you imagine people just willy-nilly appearing here without connections? A job (even babysitting) a church sponsorship, a relative, school? My guess is that only a very few people asking for entry have NO connection.

            That being said, Trump is doing is normal overreach by narrowing the interpretation of the court as to a bona fide connection. And you’re probably right you and I will see what we want to see in this interim ruling. And, if his original travel ban was for only 90 days while they figured it out, why hasn’t that been done?

            PROVE they already had a presence in the USA

            No, not a presence, but a connection. Please read the actual ruling page 13.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Nope, the only change to the original ban was allowing connected folks to have a chance to get in. It still excludes extended family like grandparents.
            The rest of the ban goes into affect by the weekend. Yet you still believe the FAKE MSM that tells you the western courts struck it down. The western courts are the most overturned courts. Now, today, the GOP shut down the sanctuary cities. Another President Trump campaign promise kept! Yup, his agenda is DOA. I sure hope he keeps going and you sheep keep claiming he’s doing nothing. Come the 2018 mid-terms and the Dem party will lose so many seats that they’ll drop off the political map. Bernie will start a new party from the ashes and Pelosi will retire.

          • Jan123456 says:

            It’s sinking because it was not properly written.

            You know what…I was thinking and you have a point here. You’re right, it has a lot of holes that need to be fixed. Selling across state lines needs to be incented. Drugs need to be made more accessible. Healthy lifestyles should be incented.

            Please ask the GOP to fix what’s wrong.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry but I disagree with you. Our old healthcare system had some problems to fix, like perhaps a new roof. But the Dem blew up the house and then built an ramshackle house and now are fighting for more nails to keep it from falling down.
            The obozocare plan is so terrible that it’s beyond fixing. It has to be demolished and completely rebuilt.

          • Jan123456 says:

            Of course you disagree.

            Then why do dozens of countries that don’t use the free market spend less money and have better outcomes than the US…at least pre-ACA.


          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry but the real reason our health care is so expensive has to do with liability insurance the medical profession has to purchase. The second reason is the cost to bring drugs to the marketplace.

            I repeat, our pre-obozocare health system needed a new roof, but the Dems demolished the house and built a shack!

          • says:

            the UN-informed cant stop his ranting rambling rage BULLSHIfTING he has the same illness as the DUMPSTER himself 2 pea’s in an empty head !

          • says:

            (President Obama never took office with 150 lawsuits and a fine for money laundering, did him jerk off? ) pres. Obama pulled the country out of the toilet bowl the DIRTY BUSH flushed the country in & as for cleaning up the DIRTY BUSH’S mess even cleaned up the evil 9-11 Bennie LARDASS . BUT THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW dose now have 4 LAW firms that reject him (and that’s just from yesterday ) surly many more to come . some learn from researching the clown that ask them to do work for them . and seen that getting the money would cost more money to get the money . and bright people pass on the DUMPSTER full of garbage .

          • InformedVoter says:

            Poor Elle, now that Comey has vindicated President Trump, you can just keep jumping up and down, but President Trump is now more firmly the White House than before, what will you start shouting now?

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Comey didn’t “vindicate” Trump. Trump vindicated Trump. What Comey testified was what we all heard. Comey gave the dates at which time Trump himself was not under investigation.

            But here is where you morons go wrong. Who was Trump’s campaign ALL about? Hillary?

            If you are tryiung to launder Trump, don’t bother. Bigger legal brains then yours have already stated that when Trump insisted on speaking to Comey alone in the Green Room as Comey Testified UNDER oath, that Trump insisted Comey’s direct superior, AG Jeff Sessions and three others “leave the room.” Why? Because Trump was planning a BJ for Comey and needed no corroborating witnesses?

            As Comey testified, he felt that Sessions and the other 3 all knew it was wrong and a potential obstruction of justice for Trump to DARE to discuss a federal ongoing investigation into Flynn’s collusion with the Russians.

            So..Lard Ass pulled Comey aside and in private said he “hope” Comey would be “loyal” because as CEO Trump always demands from his minions, “loyalty” is important to him.

            Lard Ass was pretending HE is Comey’s employer and therefore is entitled to “loyalty.”

            But, it didn’t end there with Lard Ass did it? Oh no. He went on to ask Comey to squash the Flynn investigation. Why? Because Trump knows that Flynn was the only go between to Putin.

            You can lie and lie and lie and lie just like your Pathological Liar in Chief. Won’t do you any good.

            Nixon went down for less. Trump is seething with rage that he has NO ONE he can use like he did Nunes and Chaffetz to spy on Robert Mueller, the independent counsel.

            Trump is chewing his own cud trying desperately to stop these investigations. So big mouth. Tell us. Why are there 3 investigations?

            Why is Ryan the little weasel now asking Americans to be tolerant of Lard Ass because he is “new” when they used that same “amateur” BS on Obama?

            Nothing will please me more than to watch you have to eat your own words in your totally stupid misinformed posts.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Poor Elle, YES, Comey’s testimony destroyed any doubt regarding collusion. Comey confirmed that he told President Trump he was never under investigation. Unfortunately for Comey, because he refused to tell the public, Comey could be charged with crimes.
            Anyway, the collusion “scandal” is now down the drain, so you lefties are going after the obstruction route, but that will soon fizzle. But you lefties will keep pursuing it into next year and you lefties will pay the price in the mid-term elections. You already lost over 1000 seats since obozo took office and I didn’t even count Kathy. I she one of those gaggle of hens who was coming after me?


          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

   He scum bag. Trump has bragged for over 3 decades about the business interests he has in Russia. His own daughter Iswhorea tried to palm a hotel Trump hoped to build in Azerbahjain that still remains unbuilt.

            You don’t know anything. You are just a scumbag who loves that Trump gets to commite any crime as Trump stated during his midwest campaign, “I could commit murder” in the middle of New York City and get away with it.”

            No. he can’t and neither can you. Stop playing with your dick. It’s rotting your brain or that fat between your ears you call a brain.

            Comey committed no crime and every top US lawyer in the country has confirmed this.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Poor Elle, it’s not illegal to have business interests in Russia. So far, you’ve got nothing but typical lefty gibberish.
            Comey has exposed himself to be charged with criminal actions. He also made himself look very weak and foolish.
            You’re baseless comments about President Trump and his wonderful daughter, are nothing but envy from a lonely, poorly educated, low level clerk, who is full of penis envy and believed the FAKE MSM lies. Duh, guess what? you’re doing it again.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Liar. 44 other presidents had ZERO business interests in Russia while they were in office. You can keep up your condoning and approving of your Lard Ass liar and crook. But, count on it. He is going down. Maybe not in the next month. But, already 2 US judges have filed lawsuits for Trump’s voilations to emoluments laws.

            You are the one who was on Obama’s back for less. Now you want to allow Trump to do what YOU and your liars would never allow Obama to get away with? Who raised you? Vlad Poo Poo?

            Read the Time Magazine article on Trump’s conflict of interest violations regarding his DC hotel in the June 19, 2017 issue. If you have the balls that is. Stop the goddamn lying moron.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Poor Elle, once more you reveal hows poorly informed you are. President Trump’s business interests have already been investigated and were found to have no conflict with being President!
            Oh, yea those two dumb judges will have their lawsuits tossed. They’re just like the loonies out west who have their decision overturned time and again.
            Time Magazine is an extremely left biased rag. If you believe their fake news, it’s no wonder you’re so poorly informed.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            The only two words you know are “poor” and “informed” and so I’m guessing you didn’t get a high school diploma right dipshit?

            The only way any accountant EVER gets to the bottom of any investigation is to research all financial transactions. So keep your lies going fantasy boy.

            Maybe your Mommy will change your overloaded Depends. Time Magazine is one of the US’s oldest magazines. Breitshit is not even a decade old and is full of right wing hateful asses like you.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Poor Elle, still spewing fake information. No one or no agency to date has uncovered one piece of evident that President Trump was involved in a collusion with Russia. Mueller’s investigation has searched and found no collusion.

            So now that your precious Dem candidate got body slammed in GA, what are you going to shout about now? Last week you were joyously shouting that the Dem was ahead by such a large margin that the election would show the world that folks were sorry they voted for President Trump. Wow, doesn’t this look similar to the HilLIARy trouncing!
            Your FAKE MSM “news” sources keep telling you suckers that President Trump’s base is eroding, but I keep telling you that it’s larger today than when he received his MANDATE from the voters.

            It looks like you and your crowed of uninformed sheep will have to create yet another fake “scandal”.
            The voters aren’t blind and they will turn so many Dem seats out in 2018 that your party might just not survive.

            Yup, the Dem leaders told you that Montana would be a sign that President Trump was finished, then they claimed that Montana was too local and that GA would be the big test.
            For the Dems to be leading by such a large margin and then lose. shows that even in large urban areas, folks don’t trust the Dem candidates.

          • Jan123456 says:

            Exactly what has he accomplished?

            ISIS defeated in 90 days – FAIL
            Wall built – FAIL
            ACA repealed and replaced – FAIL
            Muslim Ban – FAIL
            Hillary’s special prosecutor – FAIL
            Tax Reform – FAIL
            Nominate positions in the administration – FAIL (80% + have no nominees)
            Govern by legislation rather than EO- FAIL
            Stop the world from laughing at us – EPIC FAIL

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry to burst your bubble, but the world once more, recognizes the US as the leading country in the world. We were considered second class under obozo’s failed foreign policies.
            The following doesn’t touch on eliminating most of obozo’s EOs, but is still an impressive list of accomplishments. Even with all the negative press by the FAKE MSM claiming President Trump is getting nothing done, many changes for the better have occurred.
            Ask yourself “if President Trump is accomplishing so little, then why are the FAKE MSM squirming so badly at what’s been accomplished”. They would like you to think nothing is getting done, but the reality is that in 5 short months, most of the world thinks and sees America is being made great again.

          • Jan123456 says:

            Gateway Pundit (lmao as a source). But that being said I am not going to do what those on the right do, merely discount information because of the source.

            The DOW daily closing stock market average has risen 14% since the election on November 8th.

            Under Obama the DOW went from 7949 to 19827. For Trump to match this performance, the DOW needs to hit 50K

            We were considered second class under obozo’s failed foreign policies.

            While I agree that Obama’s foreign policy was not optimally effective and the “red line” statement was clearly ill advised, our closest allies had a much better reaction to him than Trump. Trump shoves people to get a better photo-op, criticizes our allies taking their statements out of context, compliments despots. His statements on the “money rolling in” for NATO is absurdly uninformed. Trump has opened a window for China to assume the world leadership role the US has held for 75 years. His withdrawal from the Paris agreement takes him out of one almost universally agreed upon goal, but meets Trump’s goal of dismantling anything and everything Obama. That’s his real GOP Senator George Voinovich said in 2009, “If (Obama) is for it, we have to be against it.” Never MIND what helps the American people. Beating Obama is prime directive.

            The unemployment rate in January 2017 was 4.8% and by April it was down to 4.4%.

            Wait wait…why were these “fake” statistics under Obama but are now accurate under Trump.

            President Trump added a projected 738,000 jobs in his first four months (January through April 2017.) President Obama on the other hand lost more than 3 million jobs in his first four months.

            That’s because Trump inherited a thriving economy from Obama. Same for each of your articles comparing Obama’s first four months to Trump’s.

            You’re not understanding what we’re squirming at. We are squirming at a president who is clearly unfit for the job. One who throws his cabinet and staff under the bus with his tweets. One who lies. One who makes pie crust promises…easily made, easily broken. One who disrespects the republic built over two centuries when it’s inconvenient enough to be an obstacle to all things Trump.

          • InformedVoter says:

            So now you’re going to make the claim that the stock market went to 19827 during obozo’s first 4 months in office? How ignorant does that make you look!
            Yup, foreign countries loved obozo’s pledge to pay billions to them and to reduce the US to a second rate nation. So why wouldn’t they love obozo. Oh, wait, that was their leaders, not their population or press. The foreign press regularly slammed obozo for his inability to actually pass any legislation. That’s what is so great about what President Trump has been able to deliver. He’s just about wiped out obozo’s “legacy” except for the sinking obozocare.
            The cartoon sequence of obozo bowing to the waist in front of the Arab leaders suggested obozo was preparing to unzip the leader’s pants. Oh my, how presidential.
            Here in the states, the FAKE MSM tried to destroy GW and he just put up with it. What has the FAKE MSM in such a bind is that President Trump has no problem striking back. It’s this very trait that the rest of the world now views the US is once more the world leader.
            The US should have told NATO and the UN years ago to shove it. Just look at CA. In defiance to President Trump, they upped their immigration numbers. Then when the rains came, they didn’t have any money to stop the floods and had to ask the Federal government for money. They’re lucky they weren’t told to stuff it.
            Yup, The first 4 months have been great in making America great again.

          • Jan123456 says:

            So now you’re going to make the claim that the stock market went to
            19827 during obozo’s first 4 months in office? How ignorant does that
            make you look!


            The foreign press regularly slammed obozo for his inability to actually pass any legislation.

            That’s because the mantra of the right from January 20, 2009 was “If (Obama) was for it, we had to be against it.” (George Voinovich R-OH) That being said, in his first few months Obama got the Lilly Ledbetter Act passed. Basically the only laws that Trump signed were related to his prime directive, rolling back the Obama legacy.

            So, you think that the foreign press is important in what it says about our POTUS? Shall we go into its stories on Trump? Or do you concede that our allies slam him over pretty much EVERYTHING.

            Oh my, how presidential.

            Yes, a cartoon . Now, why don’t you look at actual images of Trump. Making a little curtsy (after receiving the medal). Shoving aside a PM in order to get a photo location. Telling supporters to beat the opposition up. Using the “F” word in a campaign speech. Don’t you agree that actual behavior represents a man more than a drawing?

            It’s this very trait that the rest of the world now views the US is once more the world leader.

            Only by the 38% of American voters who would still believe in him if he went onto 5th Avenue and shot someone. (btw, another very “presidential” move). Not by France, the UK, Canada…our closet allies for decades. All of whom have negative things to say about Trump.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry Jan, but unfortunately for you, you did state that the market rose to 19827 during obozo’s first 4 months in office.

            Unfortunately for the world, many foreign counties are losing their identity because of immigration. Most of the Scandinavian countries have become overrun with Muslims. You do you think these “allies” will be in favor of a strong President like Trump? However, the non-Muslim populations of these allies are strongly in favor of President Trump and his actions.
            Regarding President Trump’s popularity, if you neutralize the polls, his approval rating is hovering near 80%, almost 10 points higher than obozo’s at the same time in his presidency.

            President Trump still has his base and has converted unions to his side because he actually saved union jobs.

          • Jan123456 says:

            Sorry Jan, but unfortunately for you, you did state that the market rose to 19827 during obozo’s first 4 months in office.

            No, I did not. I never mentioned a timespan for that particular statement. You assumed.

            Regarding President Trump’s popularity, if you neutralize the polls, his
            approval rating is hovering near 80%, almost 10 points higher than
            obozo’s at the same time in his presidency.

            If I what? Neutralize his polls? That being said, everything you typed after the word “if” is imaginary. Even Rasmussen, the most right leaning poll has way more people strongly disapproving of his job performance than strongly approving.

            Most of the Scandinavian countries have become overrun with Muslims.

            That is the sovereign right of those countries to allow in whoever they want. What’s your point?

            President Trump still has his base and has converted unions to his side because he actually saved union jobs.

            You’re right…those who could see him murder a person and not change their minds about him, still support him. Saving jobs? Look at the trendlines and not Trump’s headlines. Let’s look at the two companies that he crowed about.



            But I don’t expect facts to change your mind. You’re evidently one of the ones who could watch him shoot someone.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry but you implied that was accomplished in just 4 months.

            Nope, everything after “if” is imaginary is not correct. There have been several polls done that removed bias. Those polls showed President Trump’s approval rating between 75-80%. Among millennials, his rating was just over 80%!

          • Jan123456 says:

            Sorry but you implied that was accomplished in just 4 months

            Look at my verbs…the Dow needs to hit, not the past tense needed to hit.

            Those polls showed President Trump’s approval rating between 75-80%

            Show me said polls. Here is Rasmussen…a right leaning poll… that says you are wrong.


            Gallup’s are worse, but it is not considered right leaning.


            No comment on the Ford or Carrier jobs he “saved”?

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry, but you implied the market rose that much in the first 4 months of obozo’s first term and you know it.
            OK, I’ll school you a little. I live outside the US almost 6 months a year and have the luxury of seeing the real news from unbiased non-lefty sources. In his 8 years in office, the FAKE MSM kept telling the public that obozo was loved and doing a great job. Meanwhile, the foreign press didn’t treat obozo so kindly. The sequence of obozo bowing to the waist in front of the Arab leaders implied obozo was reaching for their zippers and held captions like “is obozo going to blow another opportunity?”.
            So during the election cycle, the FAKE MSM kept telling the public that HilIARY was leading and could win in a landslide. I kept referred to polls that showed that President Trump was leading. And what did you low information sheep do? Why you made fun of my sources – so how did that work out for you?
            Now those same sources have conducted polls that “neutralized” the bias and found that President Trump’s approval rating is near 80%. Yet you continue to believe the FAKE MSM. No matter, the FAKE MSM keeps saying President Trump is getting nothing done, but they are complaining while he keeps delivering on his campaign promises.
            Now even the unions are shifting to support President Trump because he’s actually saving and creating union jobs. If the unions through their full support behind the GOP, it’ll be lights out for the Dems. And you reelected Pelosi as your leader. Ha, what a joke!

          • Jan123456 says:

            Now even the unions are shifting to support President Trump because he’s actually saving and creating union jobs.

            (btw, before you laugh at my sources, be prepared to find one that disputes the accuracy)

            Which jobs? He took credit for 700 Ford jobs that had been “saved” before Trump was elected.


            Carrier jobs are going away anyway.


            Coal workers are not going back to work.


            Meanwhile, the foreign press didn’t treat obozo so kindly.

            At least they didn’t cancel any of Obama’s state visits as Great Britain just did to Trump.


            Or declare Obama’s election to be the end of the world.


            Now those same sources have conducted polls that “neutralized” the bias
            and found that President Trump’s approval rating is near 80%.

            You have made that assertion multiple times and have yet to show a source. Until you do, that’s your fantasy.

            Regarding the statistics on the market, you and I will just have to agree to disagree on verbs.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Well, the Detroit Free Press, about as liberal as a rag can get, reluctantly wrote that getting Ford Motor to change their minds and invest $700 million in Michigan instead of Mexico will go along way swaying the unions to back GOP candidates. They, like you, didn’t like the number of jobs saved and possibly created, but they expressed extreme worry that the voting public would not believe the jobs numbers were different.
            You are in the same category. You believed the fake polls that showed that HilLIARy would win and possibly in a landslide. I quoted poll numbers and sources that showed otherwise.
            You lefties produced tons of gibberish (like you did above) to “prove” your position. How did your faith in the gibberish sources work out for you then?

            I love this from your goddess of the news, Rachel Madcow, being smug about your lefty news sources.

          • Jan123456 says:

            Well, the Detroit Free Press, about as liberal as a rag can get, reluctantly wrote that getting Ford Motor to change their minds and invest $700 million in Michigan instead of Mexico will go along way swaying the unions to back GOP candidates.

            That does not refute the point that the jobs Trump claimed he “saved” were saved before the election nor does it refute Ford’s decision to eliminate 1200 more jobs.


            I quoted poll numbers and sources that showed otherwise.

            Half correct. You gave numbers but you never (NEVER) showed me the poll that came up with those numbers. Until you do, it’s just your fantasy.

            You lefties produced tons of gibberish (like you did above)

            So give me your opposing sources that dispute what I posted. I won’t hold my breath. My guess it’s only gibberish because you desperately need to believe otherwise and can only dispute points I never made.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry Jan, but your freep link is about salaried jobs. Ford changed their minds and decided to not spend $700 million in Mexico and instead invest in jobs in Michigan. This was after President trump intervened. So, no matter how many jobs disappear, he saved several hundred and you can’t disprove that.

            The numbers and links had to do with the election polls. All you lefties did was mock my sources, but in the end,how did that work out for you? I’m playing it much closer to the vest. If you wish to believe the FAKE MSM and bllndly accept their fake news, I could care less. That’s why I the informed voter.

            Did you enjoy watching the FAKE MSM make fools of themselves? So just keep believing them that President Trump is accomplishing nothing. He got $772 million out of obozo’s budget for the wall and another $6 billion for the military without having to match that with social programs.

            Yup, things are looking pretty good for a President with such a high approval rating – 80%!

          • Jan123456 says:

            Sorry Jan, but your freep link is about salaried jobs.

            And does that mean that American families have not lost their source of income? You’re saying that some people’s jobs matter and others don’t? And it doesn’t mean that Trump didn’t lie when he claimed credit for saving jobs that weren’t leaving.

            I’m playing it much closer to the vest.

            Is that what you call it when you make up numbers from what should be a public poll? I was right, pure fantasy on your part.

            Edit: When you say 80%, are you referring to Priebus’s claim of 80%? If so, that is HIS fantasy that you repeat. If you’re polling only Republicans that may have some merit, but only if.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry Jan, but we were addressing union support of President Trump and thus union jobs. And yes it means that President Trump DID NOT lie when he claimed he saved jobs at Ford and Carrier. All those were done by personal intervention by President Trump. obozo couldn’t come close to making a claim like that!
            I just love watching you lefties squirm. The unbiased poll showed millennial supporting President Trump by a greater margin than the general population.
            The only one living in a fantasy world is you low information lefties who believe the FAKE MSM fake stories and polls.
            Nope, my numbers are fact.

          • Jan123456 says:

            Andyes it means that President Trump DID NOT lie when he claimed he saved jobs at Ford and Carrier.

            Ford announced in Sept. 2016 that no US jobs would be lost. Mark Fields, Ford CEO, said, “”It’s really unfortunate when politics get in the way of the facts,”

            All those were done by personal intervention by President Trump. obozo couldn’t come close to making a claim like that!

            Yes, truth was important to Obama so he would never have lied like that.

            The unbiased poll showed millennial supporting President Trump by a greater margin than the general population.

            If it was unbiased you would show it. Nope, at best your repetition of what Priebus said. Fantasy.

          • InformedVoter says:

            And you wonder why your posts are so easy to destroy! So 3 days after President Trump gets elected, Bill Ford personally calls President Trump and tells him that Ford has CHANGED their mind and will not move several hundred union jobs to Mexico.
            wo months later, Ford Motor changes its mind and decides to spend $700 million in MI and CANCELS plans to invest the $700 million in Mexico. The spending of $700 million means several hundred more union jobs are not going overseas.
            ALL because President Trump PERSONALLY intervened. Thus, no lie by President Trump.
            And obozo still never personally saved even 1 job. Why should obozo try to lie when he did nothing except watch union jobs evaporate.

            No fantasy, but fact. Just like the presidential election polls that I kept preaching that President Trump was ahead.

            No matter, now that Comey has cleared President Trump in the fake Russia collusion “scandal” even old Bernie is saying the Dem party is no longer in existence.

            Yup, making America great again, one step at a time!

          • Jan123456 says:

            The thing is you are known to make things up and not provide a scintilla of evidence. I guess it’s easy for you to convince yourself you’re right when you don’t have to support what you say with facts. I like facts…sorry you don’t.

            “In a September 15 interview with CNN, Fields said Trump is completely wrong when he says that Ford plans to shift its U.S. operations to Mexico, ”


            Bill Ford kissed Trump’s butt. My guess is now he is not so sure that’s a good idea.


          • InformedVoter says:

            You are truly naive! Yup, the Ford Motor and UAW agreement states that if they move union jobs out of the US, they will create the same number of new union jobs in the US. That is what Mark Fields was referring to.
            What President Trump did was to get Ford to NOT relocate those union jobs and so those jobs were saved. In addition, President Trump convinced Ford Motor to still add the jobs, hence a net gain for the union.
            Fields played politics and it cost him his job. Bill Ford was instrumental in getting Fields fired. Fields locked horns with President Trump and ignored what was in the plan for Ford’s best interest.
            You can say Bill Ford kissed President Trump’s butt, but he was acknowledging what direction President Trump forced Ford to go.
            You have to ask yourself what was Fields’ plan. Why would Fields worry about President Trump when he was so far behind in the polls? And why have Bill Ford contact President Trump right after the election? When Ford decided to move the $700 million investment, Fields personally called President Trump to tell him. Fields was accepting that he was outsmarted by President Trump.

          • Jan123456 says:

            No matter, now that Comey has cleared President Trump in the fake Russia
            collusion “scandal” even old Bernie is saying the Dem party is no
            longer in existence.



          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry Jan, but the oops is on you, not me! The FAKE news article “quotes” an unnamed source, and not one shred of proof. The is a classic example of the FAKE msm MAKING UP “NEWS” The majority of legal experts have already commented that there is not much other than extreme bias to think that obstruction could be claimed.
            But it does confirm my statement that the Russia collusion “scandal” is finished without anything of importance.

            And it also confirms that Bernie has read the obit of the Dem party.

            This FAKE story will end up just like the collusion story. It will grow no legs and the Dems will have to move onto their next “scandal”

            Aren’t you tired of looking so foolish? Apparently not, which just solidifies my position that most lefties as so poorly informed it’s no wonder they lose every forum discussion.

          • Jan123456 says:

            How about this one….

            Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

            Jun 16

            I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt

            Good enough source?

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry Jan, but no it doesn’t work. President Trump and Comey were talking about being investigated for collusion with Russia. You comment is about firing Comey. Typical lefty can’t tell the difference.
            Now that information has been released that it was obozo who colluded with the Russians, look for obozo to get investigated.

          • Jan123456 says:

            President Trump and Comey were talking about being investigated for collusion with Russia.

            And you know this….how? Certainly neither Trump nor Comey has said so.

            Now that information has been released that it was obozo who colluded with the Russians, look for obozo to get investigated.

            Don’t hold your breath. On 2nd thought, why don’t you?

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry Jan, but both Comey and President Trump mentioned that they talked about President Trump being investigated during the collusion investigation. Score another for the crazy guy!

            I suspect that there will be mention of the collusion of obozo with the Russians. The real question you have to ask yourself is “since obozo knew the Russians were attempting to influence the election, why didn’t he try to stop them? Did he really want President Trump to defeat HilLIARy?”

          • Jan123456 says:

            Once again, you make statements and have nothing to support it.

            Your fiction is getting tiresome.

          • InformedVoter says:

            How low information are you! President Trump stated that on at least 3 occasions that he was told by Comey that he was not under investigation. Comey, while testifying, verified that he had told President Trump that he was not under investigation.
            So when do you suppose these conversations took place?


          • Jan123456 says:

            Well, depends on who you talk to.

            Comey, under oath, said “It was, again, he was reacting strongly against the unverified material,
            saying I’m tempted to order you to investigate it. In the context of
            that, I said, sir, be careful about it. I might create a narrative we’re
            investigating you personally.”

            Trump, of course, interpreted this differently…


          • InformedVoter says:

            You know, it may help your case if your link actually helped support your comments.
            President Trump made the claim and Comey, under oath, confirmed he told President Trump he was not under investigation. That’s the truth and the facts support President Trump’s comments.

          • says:

            your truly a dope clown the world you talk about . the world is running away from the USA and just because there is THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW in the house . then ok the DUMPSTER did get a judge in but had to one can call it by his childish cheating and changing the rules . UN-informed retardation is your only friend

          • InformedVoter says:

            More misspelled words and rambling. Outside the US, we are now viewed as having returned to the leader of the world.
            Nothing illegal done to put Gorsuch into office. The Dems used it many times under obozo to stuff the courts with activist judges. It was OK then for you. The Dems were dumb for forcing the nuclear option over Gorsuch.

          • says:

            you would have a better conversation with a ROCK then UN-informed he is just a waste of texting . im sure its like his whole life just a plan DONNY DUMP lover waste . and yes the DUMPSTER has more failures so far and going to get much worse . that happens every time he thinks then he talks out his mouth piece moves his head to the side then talks out his AZZ

          • Jan123456 says:

            Oh, I know Ivory. One reason I keep coming back is to find out what’s happening in their world, what’s being said and what their current mantras are. Then I can go to real sources and find out what was REALLY said and done – in context. I believe I learn a lot that way.

          • says:

            nuclear waste as UN-informed is something good seems to come out of that DOPE one learns from him ! first and most important thing one should learn is don’t let this clown show happen to you . he it just on his DUMPSTER lover cloud and fogs his empty head

          • says:

            first off Mr. RICK DEAD wannabe English teacher did you correct my spelling yet ? things didn’t show up here of wrong spelling . is this the way you keep little boys after school ? 2nd you’re truly brain dead as to what you feel the DONNY DUMP has accomplished so far . seems the score board shows all loses . he did put a judge in BUT he and the GOP gang of pinheads had to do a political B/S cheating fraud , con and or scam . all the DUMPSTERS signature life time clown moves . so Mr. RICK HEAD do tell all the thing the DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW accomplished so far . beside getting the country’s around the world to starting to hate the whole USA for the works of a deranged clown not of sound nor sane mind .

          • InformedVoter says:

            Is it RICK or RICH? you can’t make up your mind can you?
            Nope, the confirmation of Gorsuch was per the method the Dems installed and the GOP just used the nuclear option for the good of the country.
            President Trump’s first 4 months absolutely destroyed obozo’s. And that is not counting the elimination of most of obozo’s EOs.


          • says:

            its neither its DICK HEAD

          • InformedVoter says:

            Ramble and say nothing! Good tactic. Makes you look … like a typical lefty.

          • says:

            seems like what you do. rant ramble like a disturbed child minded clown . like your hero DONNY DUMP id have a more intelligent conversation with a board then you . if be it a piece of pine the sap leaking out would be something what comes out of your ears . grow UN-informed

          • InformedVoter says:

            Have you ever thought of taking some schooling in English?
            More misspellings! And still no substance in your ramblings.
            I suspect you’d have a horrible time having any conversation with anyone who speaks English. Your written English is bad enough, I can only imagine how terrible your speaking skills are.

      • says:

        interesting pathetic is just how I see you brain dead clown that following your hero THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW as for useless rambling you fit the bill the best if be it you was or are any type of a product at all you would be spoiled rotten and disabled . you seem to have nothing better to do then stand up for the DUMPSTER full of chit also = you as I could give a rats rear what you think and post for its pretty much human waste you know like DONNY DUMP’S most made product CHIT and you eat it up you fool clown . question AIR HEAD bad of course do you also check any thumbs up I get and then make you brain dead B/S post to them too . so twisted a empty head you have . as for how you feel your hero DUMPSTER seeing how one is brain dead to follower that fool filled with his famous BULLSHIfTING its is you and the rest of your CULT KLAN that the DUMPSTER’S BULL is going to hurt the most you being so stupid not knowing or too blind to see its you and the kind of lack of brain people like you (more so you’re and them are plan brain dead ) its going to be you and your useless kind the DUMPSTER hurts the most believe in the KING OF THE LIE and wouldn’t work with out you airhead believers

        • InformedVoter says:

          Poor ivory, all you do is ramble with broken sentences, misspellings and your infatuation with the best president we’ve had in 8 years.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Poor MISSinformed asshat. You do love to post don’t you? What’s the matter? Mommy let you out of her McMansion basement and now you have to show ass? Grow up stupid. No one cares what you post.

            You are as valuable as cockroach pus.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Sorry poor Elle, but your lack of quality education coupled with your lowly clerical assistant career gives you away. Why did you fell so ashamed of your background that you made up 12 or more different thirty-year careers?

          • says:

            what misspelled words RICH HEAD ?

          • InformedVoter says:

            Hey murderer of the English language. you left many apostrophes off, which means you misspelled the words.
            And that says nothing about your punctuation. You just love to manifest your ignorance! You’re so stupid, I bet you still think HilLIARY is going to wind the election.

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Pot calling the kettle black?
        I love your bald-faced ignorance and dishonesty about “the left’s school system”; it’s pretty clear the right likes – and does much better in elections – when the voters have attended one of the right’s school systems, where they’re starved for funding, teach pseudo-science, and consider critical thinking is “sinful.” Doubtless that’s the source from which most of your “information” comes.

        • InformedVoter says:

          Well now you’ve really shown your low information status. The liberal takeover of the school system resulted in massive rewriting of actual history. If the left’s school system is doing so great, then why is the US falling behind the rest of the world in education? Um, duh, well …
          Your comment that the “right’s schools systems” are inferior is total fabrication. In fact, the studies shows that even with enormous funding, that liberal schools still have a failure rate that exceeds lower funded systems.
          Typical lefty solution. Something is failing so throw more money at it vs. actually fixing the problem. That’s like taking pain medication for knee pain instead of finding the cause of the pain and eliminating it. But so long as the government is involved and can collect taxes for it, then let’s just mask the pain! Dumb as dirt philosophy.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            No one said anything about “failure rate” but you, idiot.
            As someone (Mark Twain? Will Rogers?) said, “It isn’t what you don’t know that hurts you, but what you know that isn’t so.
            I can tell you had the sort of “education” I’m talking about, so it’s unlikely you would get it.
            Informed or not, you really are a nasty little idiot, too.

      • says:


        • InformedVoter says:

          My name is not RICH, and you used the wrong word for “you’re”; you missed the “‘” in “THATS”
          You’re a fine example of the well informed lefties who roam in these forums.

          • says:

            RICH OK RICK THEN AS IN RICK HEAD ALSO =DICK HEAD AS IN YOUR A !YOU ARE A ! and or YOU’RE A RICK HEAD = DICK HEAD AS AN EXAMPLE YES YOU R ONE OF A BRAIN DEAD DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW FOLLOWER ! do your self a favor and stay behind your keyboard where you are your and or you’re safe

          • InformedVoter says:

            Still slaughtering the English language aren’t you! Still, you have not stated anything of value.
            Time for you to go to a safe room and have a good cry.

          • says:

            PS RICK HEAD would that be my name isn’t RICH ? but is RICK HEAD = DICK HEAD

          • InformedVoter says:

            Even your attempts at name calling are typical lefty low information statements.
            You should have quit when you just looked uneducated instead of really stupid.

  20. says:

    latest news a tied into Russian voter software is under investigation now I said this along time ago . and stated then DONY BE SUPRISED WHEN IT COMES OUT RUSSIA GOT SO DEEP INTO THE ELECTION THY GOT RIGHT TO THE HEART (THE VOTES )!!

  21. says:

    Trump had pledged to cancel or renegotiate the agreement during his campaign and that polls conducted prior to the election showed that large majorities of Americans supported the Paris accord // now for the brain dead DONNY DUMP followers how do you like him now ? then again what do the DUMPSTERS followers know thy are all brain dead . think of this the DUMPSTER said he could shoot some one in the middle of NY city and wouldn’t lose no voters . and the funny thing now is how many of his brain dead followr’s would be there in the street in NY would be telling DONNY DUMP to pick then that he can shoot them ?

  22. says:

    the DONNY DUMP cult says ppl. are obsessed with the DUMPSTERS tweets . its the DUMPSTER himself that has the obsession count all of his tweets and times he made a lot of them .in all too many . that in it self should show all of just how deranged and not of sound nor sane mind the clown is in . he has no clue of what’s going on out side his twisted empty head but for the pea brain or pee for brains .his bullying dose not work in the white house or in the real world out side his business’s as for the DUMPSTERS BAN it is what he said it was from the start and he wont change it . might try to reword it but still the same illegal BULLSHIfTING as from the start . and the people that are doing these terror act’s are not the ones just coming into all of the country’s most of them are and have been in the country’s thy do the terror acts for years . these people are the same as the DUMPSTER hateful deranged clowns .why cant every one see the DUMPSTER for what he is (DERANGE ) /and this is all something like a WWE clown show for him getting his much addicted junky fix of ATTENTION . that’s all it is to him a clown show . its him (planed from the start ) of a reality NO ( AN UNREALITY TV SHOW ) he dose not even care what type of attention he gets good or bad its just the attention that is his junkie fix . . the law isn’t going to pass either one of the DUMPSTERS BANS his first illegal one or the watered down illegal one . in facts thy are one in the same and both ILLEGAL bottom line . he being so deranged cant seem to see any type of facts . to blind or too stupid (BOTH IM SURE ) the DUMPSTER hates the media because thy are showing all of his BULLSHIfTING and all his LIES (every time he opens his dumpster mouth you get the lies ) its all a new world with not being able to have the media sign disclosers like he makes the people that he had screwed out of money in his business only the con to keep them quiet from speaking of the DUMPSTER’s frauds and scams . DONNY DUMP is on his way and will burn any and all of his bridges like in his business’s and his life now the ones from the white house . its for the best for the world no bridges for the DUMPSTER to get off his own made island . with him there the country and the world could rest better and safer !

  23. says:

    the DONNY DUMP DUMPSTER is lashing out at the GOP gang of pinheads now ? who’s next his mom & dad for their DNA that made him the bag of garbage his is today . well dumb DONNY you should be thankful that’s there’s only one danger for the world thinking like you so as it is you screw the people of the USA and the world enough all by yourself . to think scary horror story’s now of all people thinking like you then talk about being screwed ONLY A DUMPSTER LOVING RECORD

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