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Monday, October 24, 2016

Cruelty, fear, cowardice, xenophobia and disrespect invaded the inner sanctum of the U.S. government this week, bringing embarrassment and dishonor to what was once the greatest deliberative body in the world: the U.S. Senate.

On Dec. 4, former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, an 89- year-old Republican whose right arm was shattered in combat during World War II, was wheeled into the Senate chamber by his wife to rally support for a United Nations treaty that should have been entirely unobjectionable.

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, negotiated under President George W. Bush and signed by more than 150 nations, takes a stand against “discrimination on the basis of disability” and in favor of “respect for inherent dignity.” It’s a largely symbolic document with implementation language that consists mostly of a weak recommendation for “due consideration” of its lofty aims. Even so, with U.S. leadership, it could promote compassion for the disabled in dozens of countries where they are cruelly shunned.

Senator James Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican who long ago discredited himself as a serious person by championing junk science on climate change, said on the Senate floor, “This unelected bureaucratic body would pass recommendations that would be forced upon the United States if we were a signatory.”

That’s completely false. Not a single clause or phrase in the treaty impinges on national sovereignty, unless one believes — as some xenophobic neo-isolationists do — that the UN itself is a threat to the U.S.

Dole’s dramatic appearance was meant to advance the values of compassion and nondiscrimination, not the UN. He was trying to rally the 13 Republican senators needed to reach the two-thirds supermajority necessary for ratification. All Democrats voted in favor. In the end, only eight Republicans voted “aye,” almost all of them senators who have announced plans to retire or are in safe seats.

Sometimes-reasonable Republicans such as Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee were profiles in cowardice and voted no. They fear primary challenges in 2014 from radicals in their party. Thad Cochran of Mississippi, his common sense and conscience succumbing to right-wing nonsense in real time, changed his vote from “aye” to “nay” when he saw the measure would lose.

As the New Hampshire Republican Kelly Ayotte pointed out, the only impact the treaty would have on Americans would be to make it easier for disabled people to live and work in other countries. Democratic senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, referring to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 — which was signed by Republican president George H. W. Bush — said Dole had come to the chamber because “he wants to know that other countries will come to treat the disabled as we do.”

Imagine that: Taking a stand for basic human decency around the world.

Opposition to the treaty was led by two of the party’s ayatollahs: former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum and the talk-show host Glenn Beck. None of their arguments made sense even on their own terms. It was especially disturbing that Santorum brought his daughter Bella, who suffers from a rare genetic disorder, into the debate. He argued, preposterously, that under the treaty the UN could order that she be left to die. Lest we forget, Santorum took a credible shot at the Republican presidential nomination this year and could be a contender for 2016.

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  • elw

    There is no help for the Republican Party until they move more to the center. A move that just does not seem to be happening.

  • elw

    There is no help for the Republican Party until they move more to the center. A move that just does not seem to be happening.

  • The 38 GOPer’s who voted NO need to hear from the voters in their states. Their action, besides being just plain stupid, was a sure sign of cowardice. Inhofe is an idiot and so are the votes who keep putting him into office. The GOP if it wants to re-engage with the American public had better purge itself of the true crazies and return to a reality based communitity. We can certainly hope.

    • SCREW The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban They What To Destroy This Country And It’s People For The Rich Man Let Them Save Their Own Asses!!!

      • onedonewong

        The only reason why Kerry was behind the treaty was to protect the brain dead Dem voters

        • Only Reason You Still Sucking Out Of The GOP/Tea Party Asses Cause You Are Program To!! LOL Suck It Up Your Side Lost Fool!!! And The Only Brains That Are Dead Is Yours And The Rest Of Your Brain Dead Fellow Trolls!! Here’s A Clue Spit Out The Sour Grapes And Move On Or Move The Hell Out Of America Your American Taliban Lost Get Over It!!

          • amarquez647

            Fern If I were your dad I would wash your mouth with soap, but I agree with everything you said.

            Shuuu (an aside) When I am sanctimonious my daughter sticks out her Tung and gives me a raspberry.

          • You Not My Dad Nor My Mom I’m A Grown Working Middle Class Nurse!! If You Can’t Stand The Heat Get The Hell Out Of The Kitchen!!! LOL

        • Ouch. Another sophomoric zinger from “one-and-done” As usual you side step the issue to take cheap shots at democrats. And, as usual your comments are those of a petulant child. I wonder if you are even capable of reading the articles that you insist on trolling about.

          • onedonewong

            Obviously you didn’t read the article, Kerry and all the proponents said that it would have O impact on the US so we should approve the treaty?? WHY???

        • AaronNashuaNH

          What a pitiful thing to write. It should be quite plain who the truly “brain-dead” are. How puerile to always look solely at Dems vs Repubs when a less myopic view of the world is desperately needed.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            You must forgive onedonewrong. This person has been on other threads being a pain in the ass as well.

            It’ll be here no different. Best way to sole “it’s” problems is not to respond to any of his/her comments. Don’t give him/her a platform to spew its crap and it’ll eventually go away.

          • But it is, oh so much fun, wrecking havoc with its empty intellect. Of course, its last post negated its own argument. Takes the potential enjoyment bashing it away.

          • onedonewong

            I pointed out who are the brain dead. Kerry says the treaty would have O impact on the US so again WHY did he want the Senate to approve it???

        • Losing Is Painful Melvin.

        • amarquez647

          Raise the hood that covers your brain and see if it is still there. I seldom try to put down another person and find that those who do “NO TIENEN COJONES “

          • onedonewong

            sploken like a true illegal living off the taxpayers of this country

        • Willnieto57

          I see you here allot, maybe too much. You are one big idiot.

          • onedonewong

            Its the only way to keep the morons and mental midgets in check

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            The ONLY thing you are doing is keeping YOURSELF in check by us seeing how ignorant your comments can really get.

            It just keeps reminding the rest of us to vote more of you guys out of office in 2014.

            Keep up the good work:)

      • Melvin Chatman

        If it weren’t for the KOCH BOYS, the GOP could just go BANKRUPT – Domney was right, but and the wrong alphabets!

  • When republicans and the GOP stop looking at how their next door neighbor feels and start looking at America then they will move to the center but hell will never freeze over will it .

  • We already know these same Republicans (with the exception of Lindsay Graham) are opposed to veterans. Now they just slapped the faces of all the disabled – veteran and non.

    • That’s Just What I Mean They Mean The American People No Good Their In Office For Themselves Cause Most Of Them Are The 2% Wealthy!!

      • amarquez647

        They remind me more of the Know Nothing Party of the 1850. Not much diferent than todays tea party.

  • The GOP needs a lot more than a few elder statesmen to resurrect them. The must reinvent themselves, distance themselves from the radicalism or extremism they exhibited during the last campaign, and move to the center-right or they will stop being a viable alternative to the Democratic party in the not too distant future. The worst part is the distinct possibility of the Tea Party becoming a third party, which would take a large part of the GOP along with them.

    • northroader1775

      I’m predicting 2024 for the wake. I just don’t see any leadship capable of taking the party back from the morons. I don’t even see anyone trying to become that leader.

      Hey Dom Id be interested in hearing your predictions for who wil get the dem nomination in 2016.

      • The obvious front runner is Hillary Clinton. Her education, experience, and stature are so far above anyone else that I can’t imagine anyone challenging her if she decides to run. Other prominent Democrats with national appeal are Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Cuomo, Deval Patrick and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Debbie does not have the experience or name recognition needed for the big job yet, but I would not be surprised if she runs in 2020. Can you imagine a Clinton-Warren ticket? I would love to see Rubio, Cruz, or any of the Earth is flat evangelicals running against them.
        The GOP is getting ready for a female Democratic candidate in 2016 and towards that end they have been parading Sen. Ayotte, an intelligent woman, but she is not ready for prime time yet. Hutchinson is another possibility for them, but she often comes across as a bitter old lady. Who knows, maybe they will resurrect Palin or choose the nuthead from Arizona. One can always wish….

  • latebloomingrandma

    I find it sad that elected officials cast their vote based on their next election. What ever happened to doing the right thing?

    • Riobound

      They seem to more concerned with doing the “Far Right” thing!

  • a80a

    folks as a democrat I have the utmost respect for the Bob Doles and John Kerrys, even John McCain, these guys are combat vets. who served in ww 2 ,korea . and veitnam.this is to the 38 or so senators who voted no on the U N convention for the rights of people with disabilities, you stupid ass holes are here now in the safe haven of the U S A , because of these guys you dare deny these rights ,OWED to them by every living american, including you slime balls, how can you think that the U N could come in and at gun point, cause you to neglet the disabled.maybe next election we will remember you, an cast out you demons.

    • Well said!

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Problem is, is that the American Public has such a short attention span it’s pathetic.

      Another problem, if nearly half the voters of this country supported Romney, who’s the next idiot that is likely going to get their vote next time around.

  • John_Medlin

    Moderate Republicans need to switch parties. Get away from the party of political gain and obstructionist. The DNC needs fiscal conservative and the RNC runs unopposed in a lot of areas. The DNC lets you have a opinion and don’t obstruct your work. Become a blue dog and stop the obstructionism.

  • rpg1408

    Once again the GOP has discredited itself as a serious player in our Democratic system. They are a fulminating group of ideologues and mean-spirited individuals concerned only about the next election and not about the welfare of their fellow citizens (other than the Koch brothers and their ilk) . They remind me of two year old children , throwing tantrums, and holding their breath , saying “I WONT!!! in order to get their way.

  • Maybe this is what the Ancient Mayan’s prediction really meant??? The Republican Party will have run its course and died a natural death, been buried by the end of December, 2012. If so, this is a time to rejoice. These social scourges are finally out of the way. Now, real progress can be made. How stupid does Rick Santorum think we are??? These people, the few who remain, should be committed, for their own good and for the good of society. This kind of anti-social, illogical dogma is illustrative of the kind of think-tank activity cultivated during the 8 years of the Bush Presidency. Two 11+ year Wars, mind-less tax cuts, the collapse of the financial system, 5 years of Depression, and countless trillions of dollars of loss later… They still don’t have a clue. God has given us Americans One More Chance to do the right thing… in the defeat of the Republicans this last election. If we allow the likes of Santorum and his fellow Republican sociopaths to direct our actions, we deserve the consequences.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      I totally 100% agree.

    • Who actually runs the GOP? Can any of them think for themselves. They don’t listen to the public, yet when Grover speaks they fall in line. Now you have Santorum and Beck telling them what to do. The people who voted these people into office should be very disappointed.

      • onedonewong

        The GOP is the only party that represents the Taxpayers something the dem base knows nothing about

        • Try taking your head out of the sand and maybe you’ll see whats really happening around you. All you can spout are silly remarks that make no since. Try checking the facts instead of believing everything you hear on Fox.

          • onedonewong

            The dem base is the 47% who don’t pay any federal taxes. As for FOX they are owned by newsweek and as a corporation they donate to dems 1000 to 1


        • Do you mean they represent the taxpayers by insuring the maximum amount of taxpayers money is stolen?? Because that’s exactly what the GOP is all about: stealing taxpayer’s money!! Yup! The last 3 GOP presidents have stolen about 15 trillion of taxpayers’ money. Reagan, stole about 1.5 trillion, Bush Sr. stole about 2 trillion, and Bush jr. stole 7 trillion by the time he left office but had things set up to steal trillions more while Obama was in office. How did he do that: by following through on what should be Reagan’s illegal practice of keeping pet projects like wars, drug benefit giveaways to the drug industry, unfunded tax cuts and unfunded government mandates to the states like the No Chld Left Behind legislation and more out of his budget. Keeping pet projects out of your budget makes them more difficult to track; so by having two unfunded wars outside your budget, made it easier for George and Dick to channel tax payer dollars to their rich donors via no-bid contracts to companies like Haliburton and a number of other shadowy companies contracted to provide support and security services to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Plus of course to all the companies that build war making equipment and supplies and of course energy companies that supply fuel for planes, tanks, humvees, etc. etc. It also makes it easier if you start enough wars to add 2,000,000 people to the military (which Bush jr. did), because the more troops, the much more of course that is need of everything required to run a war; and therefore the more fingers in the pie and the easier to overcharge taxpayers for everything. What a racket!!! And you realize Onedonewong, that it’s been only GOP presidents starting with Reagan that have applied this ploy. So if you think the GOP represents the taxpayers, you must mean with respect to allowing government to steal as much taxpayer money as possible. Because, it’s only been Clinton and now Obama in the past 30 years that have done anything with regard to stopping/slowing down the bleeding of deficit spending; and actually, it’s only Obama who has actually started bringing deficit spending down; faster than any president since WWII. You’re obviously a misguided taxpayer, which of course is typical of all GOP lovers: BUT SADLY THEY LIKE YOU ARE SO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

          • onedonewong

            Hmmm Barak has managed to steal $10 Trillion in just 4 years and prior to him LBJ and Carter stole $5 trillion. LBJ’s was the War on Poverty that accomplished nothing in 6 years the number of poor stayed the same. Carter once again fell into the LBJ trap and managed to find even more social programs to throw $$ at.
            And now we have barak who has double the number on food stamps to 46 MILLION, 23 million unemployed. But barak took a different tact. rather than just dreaming up new programs like 2 years of unemployment payments he expanded it to illegals so another 20 million were now eligable for free $$$

          • You really are weird!! Just for your info, LBJ and Carter didn’t steal any trillions!! The defict when Carter left office was 800Billion. It was Reagan and the two Bushes t hat stole 15 trillion!!! You need to do some research before you open your mouth and make a total idiot out of yourself!! It’s really not worth arguing with a FOOL!!!

      • I’m afraid not. People vote for these people because they agree with them. That’s the frightening thing. Even now, all around the country many Republicans still think Obama is Muslim! As if freedom of religion only applies to Christians. And now diaabled people shouldn’t have rights.

    • You Got That Right My Friend Let Them Go The Way Of The Whigs!!!

  • The Party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower is long gone. It has devolved into a bunch of religious idiots, gun nuts and oligarchs who wish to force the rest of us to ether live by their standards or bow to their power.
    I don’t see much short term hope for the party as long as this unlikely collation holds sway.
    Maybe sometime in the future saner heads will prevail, but it looks unlikely right now.

    • Ed

      “Religous idiots, gun nuts and ogliarchs” you fogot to mention racist. If Oboma had been white Romney wouldn’t have gotten enough votes to be worth counting.

  • Jaynicia

    Well you know how Saxby Chambliss won his seat, doncha? He ran a smear campaign against Max Cleland, who lost three limbs in Vietnam, so seeing a frail Bob Dole wouldn’t have done anything for his sense of compassion – he abandoned it when he sold his soul to the devil…

  • This is the beginning of the end of the G.O.P.

    This isn’t the first time they have had to decide between an honest reevaluation or catering to extremism. They had the same options after the 2008 election and they chose the latter.

    And even though their decision from 2008 completely blew up in their faces, they still made the exact same decision after the 2012 election.

    What you’re going to see in 2014 are moderates in the party switching to Democrat or running independent while hardline conservatives lose thanks to third-party challenges, followed by a 2016 primary in which the Democratic primary gets 90% of the attention because they will have more than one strong contender while the G.O.P. candidates will all be pathetic again.

    Hell, the G.O.P. is probably dead already, with the G.O.P. leaders being like the two old guys still sitting up in the balcony at the Muppets theater after closing. It just hasn’t been declared dead yet because the media is still beholden to this idea that both sides deserve equal representation no matter how pathetic one of them becomes.

  • howa4x

    Here are the reasons that the GOP will wander in the wilderness for years to come. They suffer from a home grown disease affecting the major groups that make them up the membership.
    -First off is the fear of primaries syndrom(FPS) which affects most GOP moderates. Having been afflicted by this moderates are suddenly gripped by fear every time a vote on something sane or good for the country comes up. Symptoms can cause rambling nonsensical speeches, or senseless post vote interviews.This group also suffers from paraniod dellusions.
    -The tealiban is a group that suffers from the syndrom called simpleism. Being afflicted by this disease , people can’t understand complex issues unless they are distilled down into jingles, or 1 sentence thoughts that they can parrot easily. Group think is a subset of this affliction. This affliction gets worse with Koch support.They can’t understand basic science, and no matter what evidence about climate change they see , they can’t comprehend it unless it’s given to them in jingle form.
    -Pretend Christians are a group afflicted by turn back the clock syndrom. Symptoms include seeing the past as the future, worshiping the wealthy and shunning the down trodden, and having tunnel vision outside of their book. Those really afflicted act out their dellusions like the world being only 6000 yrs old, through the tealiban. They promote creationism over science, and don’t worry about climate change because it’s Gods will.
    -The wealthy suffer from the age old syndrom, obcession with greed. This affliction causes them to see nothing else except the accumulation of wealth, no suffering, no enviornmental damage or worldwide war and death. Common symptoms include union busting, and funding the tealiban as puppets to remove obsticles like regulations to increase their own wealth. Note: this group can be dangerous so approach with caution.
    -Talking heads are a group that suffers from dellusions and have difficuly seperating facts from fantasy. Symptoms include abject lying, shading the truth, and making up fantastic stories. They help keep all the other groups in line with single ideas and play well into the simpleism of the tealiban. They are paid handsomly for their ability to spin tales when confronted with truth.

    So because of these afflictions, the GOP needs an emergency intervention by sane people, who are patient enough , mentally strong, to deal with these dreaded diseases, and can speak in simplistic terms.
    Any voluneers?

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Haven’t you figured out yet the American Public can’t handle complex issues with complex answers. They can only understand 1-liners that water down the actual issues.

      It is at least nearly half of the American Public that has a terminal case of Cebralrectalitis.

      • howa4x

        very true you must be talking about the republican base!!!!!

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          Yes, I should re-phrase that statement.

          It should have been:

          “It is at least nearly half of the American public (Republicans) that has a terminal case of Cebralrectalitis”.

          But, don’t fool yourself. IF the Democrats don’t stay on their toes, they’ll suffer from the same affliction.

          The Democrats might be gloating right now. But, the far right Republican is far from gone. And, the American Public hasn’t fully woken up yet. They can come back in 2014 and 2016 and wipe out whatever gains the Democrats make.

          All it would take for a Republican resurgence is a TV Photogenic Charismatic Politician with a good line of crap and a few hot-button issues (I’m sure the Republicans have a few up their armpits) to grasp the public’s attention span and bowl over the Democrats.

          We have a long way to go before all of us wipe out the Old Republican Guard.

          • howa4x

            I agree completely. The republicans still have Fox and Friends and talking heads like Limbaugh, and beck with trailers of palin and huckabee intact. They will proivide their constant distorted veiw to millions of listeners. The only way that this will go of course if there is intercine civil war in the party between the moderates and the social conservatives. Each blames the other for loosing the election. What brings me hope though is those rising stars like Rubio still had to go to Iowa and say with a straight face that the world is only 6000 yrs old, and as long as he and Ryan have to go there and make such bizare statements like that, there is hope for the democrats

    • Yeah, I can see how Mitt Romney fits into a couple of your categories, especially the last one: The groupd that suffers from delusions and has difficulty separating facts from fantasy; he sure is expert at abstract lying, shading the truth, and making up fantastic stories. He did that so well in the 2nd debate when he came out with that whole story about him asking his staff when he was elected gov. of Mass to create a ‘binder of women’; he created that fantasy on the fly with just a moment’s notice. That was such a whopper I roared for days; here was Mitt who when he was CEO of Bain never allowed a woman to get beyond a secretary in the company claiming in front of the whole nation that he had actually taken an active part in promoting women. You have to pretty delusional to be able to do that with a straight face as he did!!!!!!!

    • dtgraham

      You nailed it howa. Nobody’s topping that. That covers it.

      • howa4x


  • ryueire

    The Party of the Stupid. Aptly named by one of their own. Hopefully, the people who actually vote for candidates such as this imbecilic bunch of no-nuts will either become enlightened one day, or die out the way of the dodo bird.
    This is like a MAD magazine slating political commentary, except its happening in real time; the horror, the horror…..

  • ococoob

    Get rid of Rick SaniTORIUM!

  • Just another low life, poop eating, whineing bunch of old white men, if it was proposed by a Trepublican, it would have passed. Some day, and I hope not, this county will clash into civil war, its already in the process. The teaparty is the whole problem, Boehner is scared to death, he might loss is job, what a YELLOW BELLY COWARD..

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    2014 is going to tell if America has finally woken up.

    If we have, as a nation, all these creeps will be voted out of office.

    But, don’t hold your breath for it to happen.

  • dtgraham

    Jonathan’s idea of reforming the primary process may have something to it. The GOP Party elders need to start having more input into who is eligible to run for nomination and who ultimately wins it. I think at this point that some measure of control has to be taken back from ordinary Republican members. That’s a real shame in my eyes because the American open primary process seems more democratic than the Westminster Parliamentary system for example. In the British Commonwealth system, the Party itself nominates someone to run in a general election. While there’s some input from party members of course, it’s still obviously less democratic than the open primary process. I’m all for power to the people, but when the people have apparently gone nuts, you can no longer trust them and any Republican legislator with a functioning brain seems scared to death of their wackaloons back home. Nuttier and nuttier proposals are being made and voted on.

    Look, I mean when you’re seriously putting up people who talk about chickens for checkups and second amendment remedies, it may be time to rethink the process.

    When you’re actually nominating people who have to go on television to explain to voters why they’re not a witch, there may be a better way.

    When the question is asked on election night….hey! did the rape guy win?—- and the answer is….which one?, it might be time to start thinking about alternatives.

    I’m just sayin’.

  • I think that the one thing we can, ALL, agree on, and that is that Americans will, always, know exactly where the Republicans stand, on issue after issue.

    Simple fact is that, year-after-year, election-afterelection, the Republicans “platform” NEVER changes, one bit.

    It is ALWAYS the same two principles:

    1) STOP ALL taxation, of the super-rich

    2) Abolish ALL services, for the impoverished

    Then, ofcourse, there is the “main-stay”, of the party: Continuing the completely UN-USED corporate welfare, known as tax-breaks, for “job creation”.

    I applaud the Republicans, for standing tall, and defending these goals, which, I guess, they so avidly believe in.

    How many other politicians are willing to stand, in the face of public opposition, and say, time-after-time: “Just give it TIME, and EVENTUALLY, SOMEday, our plans WILL work.”

    I give the Republicans credit where credit is due. Americans will, Always, know where a true Republican stands, on the issues.

    • Sorry, giving Republicans credit for standing tall while defending nothing more than self-serving goals is like giving a mob credit for standing against the cops together after a robbery; the mob had the same self-serving goals as the GOP; I’ll do everything I can to separate taxpayers from their money.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Sorry, but your wrong!

      If less than half of the voting public actually knew what the Republican Party stood for, they would have never backed Romney.

      And, probably, I doubt they would have stayed Republican either.

      A large portion of the American Public is just as Racist, Bigoted AND just as Ignorant as they have always been.

      These three qualities have been hidden and subdued for the most part. It only took a black man, Obama to get elected the first time to bring all that crap up to the surface.

      America just got LUCKY this time around. If America has done any serious soul-searching, it’ll tell in 2014 when some of these Republicans go up for election again.

  • Kiayu Sun

    Idiotic…strange ways of thinking…this Republican minority in power are the religious radicals of a Christian country…any way of making Politicians and Lobbyist to take an Oath tell the truth?
    Too much power given to a bunch of NUTS. Can you believe that this is actually happening here in the U.S.

  • There are many of us vets still alive in this country. Our elected congress does not like us. Let us vote them out and get some responsable officials elected.

    • The GOP answer to cutting the military is to reduce pay by 40%, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!! They are also the first to cut benefits to Vets.

  • Mimi2kool

    Is it insanity or stupidity that is the main problem in the GOP today? Or perhaps a combination of both?

  • Lynda, Gilbert, Dominick Vila and Baron Cormac amen and God bless you all. It seems that the obvious escapes the GOP. They need to “grow up”. However, we know it is very difficult for children to accept that they can no longer have their own way (any more).


    I am totally ashamed of what now passes for the GOP… we used to have a system that cared about the country and its citzenry… but now they all want to genuflect to the Grover Norquists and the rich Koch Bros… when did our system slip away into this abyss? Their actions are heartless, and while making a big ststement that they are standing up for individuals, they are the biggest bunch of patent liarsI have ever seen…. and they are misusing the higest offices in government!

  • John: while I respect your opinion on this matter, the reality is ugly for the Republican Party…
    The GOP faces several problems, the chief of them being their MESSAGE…you see, what you hear the GOP politicians and talking heads saying since the elections is, “we didn’t get our message out” or “we didn’t impart to the moderates the advantages of Conservatism”. The latter one is laughable and ridiculously so. I’ve written several times, including BEFORE the elections, that, although the GOP messengers are almost all complete a$$holes, their MESSAGE is even worse. When your message is, “we only represent fetuses, angry rich old white men and big corporations and everybody else should just do what we say”, that’s a terrible message. Although the GOP are too chickehsh!t to admit it, they consider anyone not a white male to be a “second-class citizen”. And, if you’re a rich white man, you’re on a level above all other white men. That certainly leaves out minorities and women. Sure, the GOP have their “Uncle Toms” (Herman Cain, Allen West) and “Aunt Thomasinas” (Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Kelly Ayotte), but they’re just window dressing…the only reason they’re allowed to speak on behalf of the GOP is because they believe the GOP’s ideological BS. I’ve also written several times that, even if the only three good GOP presidents, Abe Lincoln (LIBERAL because the GOP were Liberals until 1872, when the Conservatives corrupted the party and drove them out), Teddy Roosevelt (Progressive; driven out by the Cons, too) and Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower (Moderate), spouted this same terrible message, they’d have been unpopular, too.

    And, GOP moderates blew their chance to rid themselves of the other two factions of the party, the Cons (Conservative Wrong-Wing Nut Jobs) and the Baggers (Tea Party Militia members; Teabaggers). Starting in early 2011, GOP moderates began complaining about what the GOP had become…they lamented the lack of reasonable and moderate voices, even though they suborned the rise of the Baggers in 2010. As time went on, the Cons and Baggers asserted their terrible message and allegedly turned away moderates. You’d see posts online saying, “the party has left me” and “where are the moderate voices” and, especially, “the Democrats act more like GOP moderates than the GOP do, I’m voting for Democrats”. While the urban GOP moderates kept their word, suburban and rural GOP moderates did not. What they ended up doing was voting against the Baggers but for the Cons. They needed to vote for Democrats so that the Demos could get a majority in the US House and a supermajority in the US Senate (badly needed to quash the GOP’s childish overuse of the filibuster). If they had done what they said they would, they could have handed the Cons and Baggers a humiliating electoral defeat and forced those two groups to start their own parties. Instead, we now have the start of an ugly and bloody GOP “Civil War”, and, despite what the media thinks, the Cons and Baggers are on the SAME SIDE of that war! This means that the Cons and Baggers will take over the GOP, which will eventually force the moderates from the party to become Demos or Independents. Or, perhaps those moderates will infiltrate the only viable third party, the Progressive Party, which has the best chance of becoming the second “major” party.

    The Republican Party cannot be saved from the Cons and Baggers; it’s that simple. As Steve Schmidt (the man who unleashed the beast known as Sarah Palin upon us…thanks, Steve!-smh) said, “when people think of the Republican Party, they think they’re the party of wackos and loons”. Moderates can only blame themselves for that. Even worse is the fact that 2010 was a Census year. You see, what happens after the elections in a Census year is that the majority party in the US House and in the states are able to redraw US House and state House/Senate districts to favor themselves. This is the “gerrymandering” to which the media refer when they say that the GOP “gerrymandered” US House districts to keep the House majority. But, that shouldn’t have mattered; if the moderates had done what they promised they’d do, the GOP would not have the House majority. Even worse is the fact that the next Census year elections are in 2020, so, we have to live with these gerrymandered districts until 2021, when, again, whomever is the majority party in the US House and state Houses/Senates redraw the districts. Elections do have consequences, and the consequences of the 2010 midterms are going to be felt for the next nine years 🙁 ssmdh

  • md3919

    Excellent , thoughtful article. I too keep hoping that we will see some “profiles in courage” in our political system Get very diappointed with Lindsey Graham. He could be a reasonable person but his rhetoric sometimes is so cynical. And his part in the Clinton impeachment still colors my opinion of him.

  • karinursula

    Why is it, that the the Republican Senators never ask themselves what their voters want? Now I’m a registered Democrat, still I can’t believe that only the democratic voters wanted this UN Resolution passed. Why is that men the likes of Santorum and Beck can have such influence? What is a shame that I can image that those nay Sayers are probably just to scared to vote their conscience.

  • Sam

    Pond Scum > Beck, Inhofe, Santorum, Chambliss, Graham & Akexander

  • Bob Williams

    When I saw the tease for this article entitled “Profile In Cowardice”, I assumed that it was another article about Obama. You fooled me!

    • Could you list any examples of the President’s “cowardice”, you fool, you?

  • René Milan

    “Help Republicans Rescue Their Party From Itself” ? Come on, neither you nor i want to help them, we’d rather see them vanish into history where they belong. And it is not becoming to be patronizing. They lost. Now let them go extinct calmly and without unwarranted schadenfreude.

  • one more nail in the neo con coffin

  • The Republicans will never fix them self first they have to get rid of the Tea Party and Quit living in the past and they don’t work for the rich they work for the American Voters

  • Jack Wormer

    The cowardice displayed by the radical elements in the GOP is derived from their close association with backwoods-type “christianity” consisting of the sheep and their ill-educated “Doctors of Divinity”. As I have often written in previous comments on various blogs, the world is finally beginning to see that the three major “religions” ALL reflect the backwards mentality, hypocrisy, and cultural hocus-pocus of the peoples of the Middle East, the perfidious and ever-warring Cradle of those three MAJOR world “Religions”.

    So long as Americans mistake unquestioning acceptance of authority as pious patriotism, we will have to deal with Teabaggers and their likes…

    • Michael Kollmorgen


  • Pamby50

    I wrote to both of my senators today. One just won his election. He had nothing to loose. So sad.

  • This is a free country (so far anyway), and it is difficult to get these sociopaths out of office, but we must be vigilant in trying. If anyone mounts a campaign to get rid of the Republican loonies…they will be regarded as true patriots. Future generations are depending on us to correct this unbelievable behavior instigated by Grover Norquist’s document that all Republicans signed. Take it to the highest court if need be!

    • sternhead

      Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to Grover Norquist’s infantile opinion.

      Edmund Burke, slightly edited, in the spirit

  • onedonewong

    The treaty was a “profile in you can’t fix STUPID” the Senator pushing the bill John Kerry contended that the treaty would have NO effect on any US laws. Sooooo why was their even a vote?? Why was their even a treaty since those countries that don’t embrace ADA aren’t going to change and the UN can’t enforce squat

    • Sand_Cat

      Maybe some day you’ll grow up and understand, but I doubt it.

      • onedonewong

        any 3rd grader who read it knew it was a con

  • Now, the Republicans have decided to attack the disabled. Santorum should be ashamed of himself. What if it was his daughter who was being shunned? We have, always stood for human decency until now. Republicans need to be voted out of office. They have become the scum of the earth.

    • Sand_Cat

      Torquemada Santorum has been beyond shame for many years now. Tends to happen with fanatics, especially religious ones.

  • I quit voting for Republicans when they quit voting for me. Millions of others have done the same and more are waking up. These radical losers don’t deserve their seats and some of them could probably br tried for treason in a time of war for violatng the oath of office.

    • I couldn’t agree more on the treason bit; and two of my key candidates are John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. The two who admitted publicly that they’re number one priority wasn’t working to pass legislation that would benefit America, but rather that their number one priority was just the opposite: doing everything they could to make Obama (and hence the country) fail. How then, is the objective to see that the President of our Country fails, not a treasonable act. One definition of treason is: the betrayal of trust. As voters, when we elect members to congress, I believe that voters expect that the candidates they elect will act to do what’s best for the country, not what’s best for themselves or their party. So how is stating that one’s number one priority is to see that the president fails, which implies that to do so must be doing something that will be detrimental to the country, not a betrayal of trust? and hence a treasonable act?

  • ok GOP ding dongs maybe the disable should get 9mm and make you disable . how evil thy are to not vote for something . Dole put his life on the line and fought for his country and you evil POPS cant ever respect that and give the vote for him and others disabled . well in thy was disabled then im sure thy would see things in a different light . make some ppl say , why should io fight for my country ? give my life fot it and come home and be disrespected by ppl. in the Gov. these ppl. that are cowards that voye to go to war on a drop of a dime but wont fight the wars for them selfs or even fight for the lucky ones that lived and came home . ppl. are not going to want to join the army because if the get hurt when thy do thy will be left on their own . when are the ppl. of the country going to wake all the way up ? and see just what the GOP means to the country nothing the GOP cares about nothing but the greedy bastard 2 % . thy are the dark evil side to thje country . and ppl. untill you get all those EVIL POS out of office then and olny then can the country move forward . the country is moveing foward now but with the GOP idiots its at a very slower move . the GOP IDIOTS are this country,s TALIBAN from with in. we,d prob. be doing better if KING BEN TALIBAN WAS ALIVE STILL AND RUNNING THE GOP,S SIDE

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      I’ve always thought it was stupid to volunteer for any military duty, save for the Coast Guard, and fight for some Fat Cat’s corporate interest and die for it.

  • browninghipower


  • The 2016 race is for Hillary to lose. Her qualifications, experience, and stature are so powerful I can’t imagine anyone defeating her if she decides to run. She is not the only one, however, with a good chance at the nomination. I think Elizabeth Warren has a good shot at it, and so do Andrew Cuomo and Deval Patrick. There are impressive Democrats, like Wasserman Schultz, but they don’t have enough recognition and are still relatively inexperienced for the big job.

  • the gop seems to not like america and americans.

  • how about HILLARY as President and Elizabeth as Vice President.sounds like a winner plus it would run the republicans crazy like having a black President did.

  • can anyone tell me why Republicans don’t back the middle class,poor and aged any more.
    i voted for Reagan and Bush Sr. but i will never vote for a Republican any more unless they
    changed their thinking.

    • Sand_Cat

      Glad to hear you say that, but Bush Sr., and especially Reagan, sowed the seeds for this, and the latter at least probably thought the same things privately, at least to the degree that he could think.

  • The modern G.O.P. is nothing but a FRONT for the BUSHIT artists who wish HITLER had won the war against the rest of us. CORPRATE WELFARE = NAZI IDEALS, REMBER PRESCOTT BUSH ? GUESS WHO RAISED THOESE BOYS ? The worst family to ever gain power in this world, let alone this country.

  • Sand_Cat

    When is someone going to say it publicly: the Republican party has been unalterbly opposed to “basic human decency” for many years now. It’s obviously an outrageous commie plot to undermine…well, basic human indecency, on which the GOP obviously thrives.

  • Simply put, the GOP is quickly devouring itself and I suspect that as a political party in the USA it will be washed up sooner than later. They can’t change what they stand for…for what the Republican Party’s platform spells out. And whether they like it or not, the demographics are quickly changing and in a short time only a permanent minority will buy into their ideology. It will be even worse if Democrats pay attention to state and local elections and pour millions into the off year elections Right now, voter turnout is so low that the old people and religious folk can turn out for
    Repubs and that has been enough. They can only hope that Dems dont get out the vote for state and local elections otherwise they will be thoroughly washed up.

  • To be a coward is a badge of honor to some people. The republican/tea party/KKK wear ignorance and stupidity as a badge of honor there is no shame in their little minds. Yes,there are democrat,republican and independent parties but somewhere in the mess there is a bigger party… is called AMERICA. To do what the republicans done to Bob Dole and all other special people is beyond disgraceful…..but then, the KKK have never done anything honorable. As Americans…we must get these brainless morons out of government.