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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Herman Cain Responds To Sexual Harassment Allegations By Breaking Into Song [VIDEO]

Until Politico revealed on Sunday night that Herman Cain was accused by two former female employees of sexual harassment while he was the chief D.C. lobbyist for the restaurant industry, the former pizza executive had risen to the top of the polls by playing the role of the folksy outsider. But his bumbling attempts to control the damage and deny the allegations make him look like a run-of-the-mill D.C. insider — albeit an insider who breaks into gospel song in the middle of nationally televised press conferences.

“I’ve never sexually harassed anyone,” Cain said while addressing the National Press Club on Monday, after he and his campaign had repeatedly declined to respond to Politico’s questions when they were reporting the story. “I was falsely accused while I was at the National Restaurant Association, and I say falsely because it turned out after the investigation to be baseless.”

It was a perfectly conventional, wordy denial. And then he broke into song:

Cain’s reaction to a scandal that is threatening to derail his presidential campaign was to stop explaining, and start singing. The only good thing about this song-and-dance strategy is that it represents a drastic improvement from his previous efforts to respond to the story.

On Sunday, Politico reporter Jonathan Martin confronted Cain on the street and asked, “Have you ever been accused, sir, in your life, of harassment by a woman?” According to Politico, Cain responded by playing a game of “I know you are, but what am I?”

He breathed audibly, glared at the reporter and stayed silent for several seconds. After the question was repeated three times, he responded by asking the reporter, “Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment?”

Is this really the best that Cain could come up with as a response to a 15-year-old allegation that was likely to surface as he put himself under the microscope of a national campaign?

Until Cain can learn to face adversity like a real candidate, neither the media nor the Democratic Party will consider him a real challenger for the White House. And if voters start thinking of him as a sleazy lobbyist instead of as a folksy pizza magnate, his Tea Party supporters may soon abandon him as well.

Bonus video: Cain’s inability to deal with the scandal infected the rest of his campaign staff. Here’s Cain spokesman J.D. Gordon flatly refusing to respond to questions on “Geraldo Live” on Sunday night:

Bonus Bonus Video: Here’s Herman Cain singing “Imagine … There’s No Pizza” — a reminder that Cain, try as he might, will never be a normal politician:


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  • dawnowens

    Great. For a church show. How about your foreign policy experience?

  • KenHamilton


  • GreggHarcus

    If this is the best he can handle something like this then he is not competent to be President. He and his staff should have had a solid response to this since anyone running for this office will have something like this vetted. Most of us remember Bill Clinton say on national TV “I have never had a sexual relationship with that woman”

  • john goss

    Drop it. Unless you come with the people involved in the harrassment charge, your credibility remains dubious.

  • Sherron Lankester


  • AJ DAgostino

    The defenders if this unqualified insider who will only give us more of the same, are coming out of the woodwork. Why is it necessary to give the names of the two women? There was a settlement to the charges, as finally admitted by Cain, so these women definitely exist. In an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Cain still gave evasive answers and addressed only one portion of one of the incidents. That was when he said he made a gesture and comment comparing the unknown women’s height to the height of his wife. It would have made more sense if he had put that comment in some kind of context. Are we to believe this comment came out of the blue? He never addressed or mentioned what the other allegations were, and he never even mentioned the second woman. It is understandable that this phony would lie about something many men may consider harmless. The point is, that he is just like all the rest. Should he be excluded from being a serious candidate because of this incident – NO he shouldn’t. But, he should be excluded for his lack of qualifications, his background in finances and the fact that he believes his best qualification is that he was CEO of a large business. This country is not a business and it should not be run as a business. This is how we got into this economic mess. The country was turned over completely to the banks and business people. Obama surrounded himself, as did Bush and Reagan, with Wall Street insiders — look where it got us.

    And, I wouldn’t worry about people still wanting to vote for this imposter. He is never going to get the nomination and he will go down the same path as Ross Perot.

  • govt by the people

    Before the knee jerk “it’s the left wing media” reaction, one should look at who has the most to gain from this- Mitt Romney and the rest of the Republican party.

    It ain’t the Dems- us lefties would LOVE for Cain to be the nominee.

  • No gain with Cain

    Coming to a campaign trail near you, it’s HERMAN CAIN, THE MUSICAL! Tired of the same old boring soundbites, the droning on of candidates, the endless evasion of questions? They’re HISTORY! It’s HERMAN CAIN, THE MUSICAL! Watch as Herman breaks into song about his foreign policy, Sam Cooke’s Wonderful World. See Herman tackle his sex scandals with Love is Blue by Jim Nabors. You’ll never look at candidates the same way again, it’s HERMAN CAIN, THE MUSICAL!

  • awegweiser

    Rescuing a failing pizza chain (which the Nation is so very short of) was very clever, if not brilliant. It certainly is no qualification for a man who has never held an elected office to be nominated for President.
    He made bags of money so he could join the ranks of the million/billionaires who will suffer from his 999 absurdity when they have to pay the tax when buying their yachts and jets.

  • dawnowens

    a dimwit cocaine and alcohol addled ersatz Cowboy, an Elvis Presley/JFK wannabe, a nuclear engineer, an ex-head of the CIA, son of a Nazi party sympathizer possible assassin, and a Harvard educated Roman Catholic millionaire Prohibition whiskey-runner family man for President.

    I didn’t think it could get much worse. I was wrong.

    Ain’t Amurkan Politicks wunnerful!

  • Esther

    It tickles me silly when people fail to see the game the Republicans are playing. Did Cain really think for one moment that he was going to be nominated by his party? They only used him as an excuse to show the world that they are tolerant of all comers. People never learn. The Dems have nothing to do with your woes. Look inward man,you were just a tool to be used and discarded. Besides,you know nothing about being the President a country like the U. S. You’ve served your purpose, go home to your pizza business.

  • Jules Philip Guidry Sr

    No matter who brought it out, Mr. Cain should clear it up. One thing that is clear to me, 999 is not the answer, nor is singing.

  • staleyjames

    Mr. Herman Cain should think of this situation as just Free ads for him, people using his name, it is just less ads for him to buy to share about him. You can tell by looking at Herman that he is a wonderful and kind Christian man and would not ever do this to anyone and the females are making all of the stories up to make him look bad and the females that are doing the lying are the people that are looking bad and they are in the wrong and Not Herman Cain. The Truth will set you free and the truth is that Herman Cain is a wonderful and kind christian man with a good singing voice.

    James Staley
    Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Alogon

    What scandal? He said that the accusations were dismissed as baseless after due investigation. No one here is challenging the authority of that investigation or its findings. I don’t like Cain at all. Any candidate who is not only ignorant but proud of his ignorance is dangerous. Not only has he little knowledge or interest in foreign countries, he doesn’t even know the U.S. Constitution well enough to understand how it is amended. Doesn’t this incompetence give critics quite enough to go on? To keep repeating discredited charges is irresponsible and will only draw sympathy to him as a victim of libel.

  • 2lolo

    I’m sorry but I can’t Believed that Black Walnut ever sexual Harassment, any woman!!!! For 1 Black Walnut is so “UGLY” !!!! What woman in her right mind would ever KISS that “ONE EYE MONKEY’ FACE ???????

  • Willie Bumpass

    Mr. Herman Cain is only being used by the republican party to attract black votes for them because they weren’t able to do it in 2008. Black democrats are not this easily fooled. Remember one thing; republicans are for the “rich” only. If you’re black and not “rich”, it’s best you stick with the democratic party.

    Finally, a 15% flat federal tax across the board is the only fair solution to the tax situation facing us today. This will allow the non-rich to take home a few more dollars each payday to help grow the economy. To the “rich” people, yes you will have to pay more taxes but in the end you will still be “rich” and we will still be poor.

  • lcarrier

    The more I see of Herman Cain the more I’m reminded of an end man in a minstrel show. First it’s smiling and singing in reply to a serious question; soon it will be dancing an old soft shoe. The comparison to Clarence Thomas should be obvious. Should Cain ever achieve any political power you can expect him to react as Thomas has done: just another richly rewarded slave who’ll do anything that his masters expect of him.

  • LAHs

    I cannot imagine a guy like Herman Cain wanting to be the leader of people such as the ones who have commented here. What a bunch of twisted minded, sick, horrible people. Herman Cain seems like a genuine, real, articulate, intelligent man. I wish he was a Democrat, I would vote for him in a heart beat. I hope it is discovered which moron sparked this smear campaign, I am sure the press will not give up until they find out – and that will be the end of that candidate. Republicans, you have shot yourselves in the foot with this one – and Herman Cain emerges the winner.

  • JonathanHughes

    Humans are chronically trying to make one human worse by railing against another human being to give them grief. That is not what Jesus did. We need to behold Jesus to stop the idiocy of trying to lift yourself up by trying to put another human down with accusations.

  • kgot

    I think Herman Cain has found his new niche in life, i.e., a singing apologist. How can you be mad at someone who sings his denials of his peccadiloes. Can you imagine President Cain negociating with the Chinese or the Russians and breaking out into song when the negociations get heated? My kind of guy.

  • ConegoZ

    First, to Ms Dawn Owens, you’re mistaken. Cain’s comments wouldn’t go over any better in church than in politics. Church may be more forgiving, but only in response to repentance, and not to song. Second, to Mr. James Staley, you are dangerously wrong. You cannot tell a good Christian by his looks, for as Christ told us: ‘By their fruits shall Ye know them’. Satan was once the most beautiful of God’s angels, but that didn’t stop his being cast out of Heaven for his sinful pride. Trust neither looks nor words– his faith can only be judged by its fruits.

    And a comment: If the Republican Party encouraged Herman Cain, a Washington, D.C. lobbyist for the restaurant business, to run in the primaries, it was only to try to show minority voters that they were as open to minority candidates as the Democrats, who nominated and elected President Obama. If they were serious about it, they would have chosen someone with experience and Obama’s intelligence. But they were never serious– a minority candidate would alienate too many of their core voters, especially in the South. No, when it comes to the national elections, they’ll have a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant heading their ticket as always– at ‘worst’ a Mormon.

    So, of the sexual harassment cases were leaked to the press, the question to be asked is, “Who benefits?”. Not the Democrats: they’re not running in the Republican primaries. Of the Republicans, the candidate who stands to gain the most is Mitt Romney, although he’s also being targeted by many conservative Republicans, both for his being Mormon and for his support of health care for the poor.

    But Cain has been a strawman candidate from the day he announced– this latest song-and-dance routine simply underscores it.

  • yourdaddy5

    It might very well be time to leave the country. From George W. To Sara Palin to Michelle Bachmann to Herman Cain. What’s even more scary, people taking these people seriously. I believe this country has come to a head. Just recently Anthony Weiner was pressured out of office for sending nude photographs on his phone. Right or wrong, people had moral problems with it. Now something surfaces about this guy, but it’s okay because he is a Republican and deserves forgiveness? Crazy world we live in.

  • RedPhoenix

    It was 15 years ago. I believe what Cain is saying about the fact he compared a co-worker to the height of his wife. This could piss off a business woman. Maybe there is more to what happened. But the fact he SANG his forgiveness, he gets my vote. So he made a mistake…doesn’t mean he won’t be an excellent leader. One we need. I predict he gets the nomination, wins the presidency and becomes a greatly loved president. We need his uniqueness. It is his charisma shining through…I was sexually harrassed years ago…and if that creep sang his forgiveness…I would have forgiven him alot sooner!!! I finally forgave the guy that sexually harassed me! A New Englander!!!

  • najeweh2

    Hog with tits,ya,I feel that way about alot of people…Our gov’t has been run by a Republican whom had issues with substance abuse/chemical dependencies and faulty decision making which incited our current economy, so,yes, he was useless also.Cain on the other hand speaks intelligent and ignorant; schuckie duckie, he stated,useless,also.

  • tr_whitney

    And where are the clowns?
    Quick, send in the clowns.
    Don’t bother – they’re here.

  • Anosike Aloysius

    Not minding the wave of politics, the Democrats has initiated a good race but the Republicans using Bro. Herman as political wage cannot stop the Democrats from returning to the seat again. Americans decide who leads to victory.

  • MaryClare

    Sing along w/Hermie baby…what’s after ‘Amazing Grace’…’Light my Fire’?

  • FranMelton

    drop it and grow up. who gives a ……

  • funnygirl

    This broadcast alias is precious. I haven’t laughed so much since the Bush baby was president.

  • Bungalowbill

    John Lennon would be rolling in his grave right now. I know that satirical derivative songs are immune from copyright regulations. But IMAGINE is a musical icon and for Cain to have the perfidy to take the late song writers masterpiece and trivialize it with his pizza papal posturing is even more repugnant to the working class hero (the 99%)than Mitt Romney’s Bain Finacial photo of him and his cronies with their mouths and pockets stuffed with money (see link):

    Or, for that matter, how about Rick Perry’s pray for rain colossem sham. Afterall, maybe the reason Texas is in a drought is because God is unhappy with all the executions that the state seems to pride itself on.

    Good grief, has more than half the country lost their minds? This would make me laugh too, if it weren’t so pathetic. Monty Python couldn’t come up with a scenario more ridiculous than the current crop of GOP candidates.

    BB in TC

  • Lorelei51h

    I am profoundly disturbed with the “Imagine” and “Amazing Grace” take off by Mr. Cain. If his best effort is plaguarizing two of the greatest songs ever written for his own nefarious purposes, what are his qualifications for President? His vehement denial of the allegations just makes them more believable. He is an insider just like every other lobbyist that now tries to paint himself as a good guy. This has nothing to do with the Tea Party, Republicans or Democrats, it is about one man that has lied to the public straight down the line and has no intention of changing his approach.
    Further more, please add up his 9-9-9 approach to taxes. How can he state that we will pay less taxes? You figure 9% VAT, 9% Income Tax for everyone except Corporations with large tax write-offs, add your State and local taxes and what do you end up with? Certainly not a flat rate of 9%, i.e. you are being had again!

  • Bendelman

    My follows citizen I am very saddest with every comments that we all made is not the points about Mr H. Cain personality which we are trying to Labelled his reputation for tried to bring economic back on tract.We are too much of negative, insulated, accused of person who wants to lead Nation into better sharp and it not important to looks the past action the person made or not , best way is to put past things a side and give him support . Look every person who being elected are accused and they are innocent , there were were the worse people of today killed young tenager were yet arrested murder, assault, drunker does not care about life or job and family then doing nothing. Those people who are running for future Presidental were nice and had a good goals to rebuilding America’s Dream why not support that rather than accused them for reason. Let us looking foward not backward has nothing to do with as we all are human being. I am deaf man and very stroge support who made good points on their debate and i use my judgement who is the best and vote for that person. We all are to blame for the economic NOT only President Obama’s fault as President Obama did his BEST for the Nation but we forgetted that we had 2 War at the same time as we gave out our Military lot of money that hurt thae nation during Bush’s time and all the supported came from GOP Republic for 8 years with Thrillion money gone why President Obama fault for Job and Economic was never recovery ? since President Obama wants to work with both side GOP Republic and Demonratic. Everyday President reveled the true what were going around the nation to all America people to see and Knowledge still accused President Obama poor job. Can any one of us in America to tell us WHOSE President is the BEST in our Nation ? None at all but they done best as they can period.
    Mr Cain wants something different for 2012 then support him as he running for Republic that is great as i m neuture but i will vote when election day is up next week

  • truth

    I belive what the women say, I have to say that Cain should face the truth and stop singing gospel songs to make it look good. How can anyone trust him and have fath in Cain as a PRESIDENT!!! He should just pack up and go back to his home town…

  • point


  • Nivelaultesee

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