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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hey, Big Spender: Which Outside Groups Were Winners On Election Day?

Hey, Big Spender: Which Outside Groups Were Winners On Election Day?

Outside groups spent more than $1.3 billion attempting to influence the 2012 elections, and we now know which ones got their money’s worth.

The Sunlight Foundation — a watchdog group that works towards greater transparency in politics — has put together a comprehensive list of outside spending groups’ returns on investment, by calculating the percentage of their spending that went to supporting candidates who won or opposing candidates who lost on election night. For many of the highest-profile outside groups — most of which supported conservative candidates and causes — the results were abysmal.

American Crossroads, the Karl Rove-led Super PAC, had an awful won-lost record in 2012. Only 1.29 percent of the $103,559,672 that that group spent resulted in American Crossroads’ expected outcome, and the group did not support a single winning candidate.

Rove’s “dark money” group, Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies, didn’t fare much better. It had a 14.4 percent batting average — but also didn’t support any election-night winners.

Rove’s terrible return on his donors’ investments may come back to haunt him. As one Republican operative told The Huffington Post’s Jon Ward, “There is some holy hell to pay. Karl Rove has a lot of explaining to do… I don’t know how you tell your donors that we spent $390 million and got nothing.”

Charles and David Koch didn’t fare much better than Rove. The Koch brothers-linked Center to Protect Patient Rights backed several outside spending groups, few of which found much success in the election results. The American Future fund spent only 5.57 percent of its $23,613,532 successfully, opposing three losing candidates and supporting zero winners. Americans for Responsible Leadership was even worse, getting the desired result on only 1.96 percent of its $5,022,762 spent.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, another of the most prominent outside groups on the right, also found very little success — 6.9 percent of its spending ended with the intended result; the Chamber supported just four winning candidates, and opposed three election-night losers.

The Ending Spending Action Fund — a Super PAC backed by conservative billionaire Joe Ricketts, which memorably considered an ad campaign that would have painted President Barack Obama as a “metrosexual, black Abe Lincoln” — had a relatively low 15.34 percent ROI on its $13,238,296 of spending.

No outside spending group fared worse than the National Rifle Association. The National Rifle Association Of America Political Victory Fund spent $11,787,523 in 2012, only 0.81 percent of which delivered the group’s preferred electoral outcome.

Adding insult to injury for these Republican spendthrifts, many of the most successful outside spending groups were backed by the very constituency that the right-wingers were trying to crush: the labor movement.

Workers’ Voice got its desired result with 76.14 percent of the $5,733,122 it spent in the 2012 elections, supporting 14 winners and opposing 15 losers. The Service Employees International Union fared even better, with an 84.65 percent success rate on its $15,202,306 spent. The American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees got its hoped-for result with 44.6 percent of its $12,694,301 spent.

The other big winner on the left was Planned Parenthood. An astounding 97.82 percent of The Planned Parenthood Action Fund Inc.’s $6,886,468 spent ended in the group’s favor.

Of course, percentage-wise, the most successful outside spending group was the Obama-supporting group Priorities USA Action — 100 percent of the group’s $66,482,084 spent achieved the intended outcome: the re-election of President Barack Obama.

Click here to see the Sunlight Foundation’s full list.

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101 responses to “Hey, Big Spender: Which Outside Groups Were Winners On Election Day?”

  1. Canistercook says:

    Guess it depends on whose vote one is buying. Obama bought a lot of votes with promises of goodies.

    • old_blu says:

      Yeah sometimes money just can’t do it, you have to promise what they need instead. If you want to send me your address I’ll send you directions to Canada.

      • Canistercook says:

        Don’t need your ticket but will move my money there.

        • old_blu says:

          Cuz you are such a good and patriotic American huh?

        • BarbaraMI says:

          Canada is SO far left of President Obama, you won’t be happy there either.

        • 113121 says:

          lol Please move your money there your taxes will pay for so many lovely *goodies*.

        • Walk_The_Talk says:

          Spoken like a true Patriot! You are a part of that group that believes only they are true Patriots and are virtuous with morals and ethics, right?
          pun intended

        • Hillbilly says:

          Typical, people like you are the main reason that this country isn’t healing as fast as it could. You didn’t get your rich spoiled duo into the White House so now you are going to hide your money so you don’t have to pay taxes like the two of them and will still expect to have military protection, good roads, safe bridges, and other things like police and fire protection, teachers, ect. Canada by the way will report to the IRS when you do send your money there, they don’t like tax cheats either.

      • 113121 says:

        I love the word *goodies*. Who sent that down the pipes to the lowly keyboard warriors wasting the day typing ?I’m thinking salted caramels key chains and cheese and cracker baskets. Yes sir, that is why we all voted for Obama.

    • Our President GOT a lot of votes…in fact enough to defeat the dumb duo opposition by a landslide because he is honest and working hard to pull our nation out of the mess created by the last batch of GOP dumbos. That would be Bush Cheney who I am sure you supported as well as they demolished our country. Stop whining and get behind Obama and hope that the big mouthed Republican fat cats will stop trying to destroy our nation and support our President so he can get things done.

      • ExPAVIC says:

        Well Said

        Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        The old, old, used up, dead GOP is due for burial some time soon. It is beginning to stink up the place already.

    • hellowoman says:

      What kind of goodies are you talking about? I voted for him. I make $135K. If you think I get any handouts, your ignorant like all the rest. The GOP trickle down economics doesn’t work. If it did, where were the jobs during the Bush era? Bush has a dismal record when it comes to job creation. He has one of the worst records in history! Why would anyone want to go back to those policies? There are more jobs created in the last 4 years than in the prior 8 years. History has shown that jobs are not created based on lower taxes on the wealthiest Americans. In fact take a look at the chart. Click on it to enlarge it.

    • JohnRetiredSenior says:

      Obama’s promise to keep Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid helped get my vote. The other big promise for me was to continue to make the transition away from fossil fuels by helping the development of renewable energy production.

      • Canistercook says:

        John: No one suggested that they wanted to take away SS or Medicare. They wanted to find a way to keep it going for my and your grandchildren without breaking the country like Greece. Don’t know if you watched program on renewable energy but it is doubtful if it can replace fossil fuels in my children’s lifetime but both sides want to use them but not award millions to ‘buddies’ to produce for example solar panels that cannot be sold because they cost too much. As a grandfather I am sure Romney is just as interested as you are in his grandchildren’s future and he is worried as I am about the debt they will inherit.

        • I don’t think there is much worrying there, his grandchildren are covered for life, whether they work or not.

        • hellowoman says:

          I just want to make clear that the debt that exists is mostly Bush era spending. $1.3T PER YEAR is added to the national debt from Bush era policies that were put into place before Obama stepped into office(Tax cuts to the wealthy, 2 wars, prescription drug bill, ect.). That added around $5T debt during the last 4 years without Obama spending an extra dime. Add that to the the already existing debt that he inherited of $10T. The same would have existed if McCain was in office. It was already set in place. Obama’s policies added around $1T in 4 years. He walked into a mess….the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and the debt increased at one of the slowest rates ever.

        • JAYROSE says:

          why didn’t old Bush worry about the debt ?he got us into 2 wars killed our young men and women and give the rich big tax breaks he has not paid his debt yet . old Bush left his debt for pres. Obama to pay.
          ask mitt why he did not show his income tax back for 8 years .????

        • Justin Napolitano says:

          Transistors were deemed to expensive when they were first developed. Computer chips and microprocessors were very expensive when first developed.
          TV’s were very expensive until the last fifteen years as were computers.
          It should be noted that solar panels are much less expensive than they were just a few years ago. China has control of the solar panel market because they produce the cheapest not the best. US manufactures have tried to make the best and most efficient panels and if allowed to continue will succeed. Sometimes we learn more by our short term failures than we do with our successes.

        • JohnRetiredSenior says:

          Canistercook: Republicans want to privatize SS, change Medicare to a voucher, and change Medicaid to block grants to states. These are popular programs that keep many people out of poverty. It is possible to increase revenue for those programs with adjustments like those made near the end of the Reagan administration. We have to cut spending and raise revenue to attack the deficit. I say raise taxes on the rich and cut military spending. We must accelerate the transition to renewable energy because the cost of climate change will be too great if we don’t act now.

        • Cairndance says:

          Maybe you should contact the people in Denmark and germany to see if they feel solar and wind power are never going to work. Both countries have encouraged solar and wind and they are better off because of it. Germany says that the amount of solar energy being prodeuced right now has eliminated the need for atlease 2 nuclear facilities! It may be expensive to start but how much do the oil companies spend drilling new wells?
          Talk to those who forced the electric car out of business years ago.
          If Reagan hadn’t removed the solar panels from the white house when he took over, we would have a huge solar industry by now.
          Don’t be an idiot!

        • Hillbilly says:

          Ryan has been trying to do away with Social Security and medicare since Bush 2 and Romney joined him in that fight. Romney doesn’t worry about anyone but Romney and that includes his family. You tell that by the way he talked about things, he is the only one important to him.

    • Shel_In_GA says:

      The bigger promise was Romney’s. He promised huge goodies – keeping the Bush tax cuts and cutting taxes to the tune of at least $2 trillion with more to come. Don’t you think that was a big reason such huge money flowed to get Romney elected?

    • Hillbilly says:

      There was no promise of goodies, you lost and are still lying. Grow up the Republicans lost because they were trying to buy the White House and we the voters weren’t going to let them do it.

  2. StephenN says:

    None of that will discourage the right-wing corporate Owners of America.
    That is all pocket change to them.
    Do you feel badly when you put a quarter into a parking meter…and it does not work?
    No. You do not.
    It’s only a quarter.
    Do you give up and look for another parking space?
    No. You do not.
    They are not going anywhere.
    They are staying in their parking space.
    Get ready for double, triple, quadruple the expense in the next round.
    This will not end until the People demand Election Reform.
    And please Republicans…don’t preach to me about ‘freedom of speech’.
    You lost your credibility on that one decades ago.
    Press for Real Election Reform:
    1. Elimination of the Electoral College.
    2. Fair proportional representation in the US Senate (based on population; just like the House).
    3. Public Finance of campaign media.
    4. Limitation of Campaign Season (like in Europe – suggest 4-months max; not 4-years).
    Demand it.
    We can get it.

    • Jack Wormer says:

      Your steps 1 and 2, Stephne, have been debated ad nauseam back in 1776 – why reopen an old debate that ended in a compromis among the representatives of a few million people. Nowadays, our re[resentatives speak on behalf of 301-millio people – making a compromis well nigh IMPOSSIBLE!

      Your steps 3 and 4 will be taken care of by the economy.

    • Walk_The_Talk says:

      May I add that Citizens United belongs at the top of the list?

  3. latebloomingrandma says:

    In the end, a millionaire has only one vote just like the rest of us poorer schmucks. We’re all created equal after all. America said no to the plutocracy.

    • Smeagel4T says:

      Yes. Except that your “free speech” amounts to your being able to stand on a soap box and yell as loud as you can. Their “free speech” amounts to broadcasting their message on radio, TV, and other mass media. You don’t really have “free speech” because their “free speech” can drown out your “free speech”.

      • Michael Martin says:

        Plus, we must remember that they’re not done yet. They’re going to hit back hard in mid-term elections and democratic voter turnout is often low in mid-term elections. However, Republicans are still going to be pissed about losing and will likely show up in full force. Remember, Democrats, you NEED to show up this coming mid-term election!

      • pnllsprkf says:

        their ‘free’ speech cost them a fortune and it failed

      • adriancrutch says:

        It seems people cut through some of the bullshit to the true!

        • We Cut Through All The Lies Cause All Romney Campaign Was Built On A Foundation Of Obama Bashing And LIES!!!

          • northroader1775 says:

            Yes Fran…A real campaign beat the tar out of a pile of cynacism and lies…it was a victory for USA and a victory for real people everywhere. Now we really need to keep up the activism and get rid of the tea baggers at mid-term.

      • If i’m not mistaken you just nullified your own comment.

      • Sundancer says:

        Smeagal You know you were an ugly little troll in those movies. Slithered and crawled. You even made me squirm.

      • Of course the Republicans outspent the Democrats, only to lose. Maybe the issues have somjething to do with it, not just the money. Maybe some voters really do think things through.

      • Ibsyboy says:

        Their free speech, is all noise making, a noise that has dulled the hearing and interest of the American people.

        Free speech best serves someone with a valid message, one in desperate need of being heard, one that is protected by the brilliance of the Constitution.

        Louder is not always of any value, it’s just noise, and in time the noise loses all its impact. Example; the extensive number of loses suffered by the Noise Makers.

        4 years of the Noise Makers creating their own Obama, has lead to a citizenry who do not recognize the Noise Makers Obama, compared with the real Obama. And, it became clear to many Americans that the noise makers Obama did not really exist.

    • All That Money Was Wasted None Of Those Rat Bastards Won!! LOL Maybe Two Of Them The Rest Lost!!

    • paulyz says:

      Sort of like George Soros you mean?

  4. Hey zombies you spent and lost a lot of money on losing policy. Are you still in denial? Are you going to blame Romney or the dirty campaign and make a thousand excuses? Take some anti depressants and take all your Citizens United money and crazy tea party candidates and by yourselves an enema…..Poor things, it’s hard isn’t it?

  5. diannelee says:

    Looks like we’ve finally found a way to get the 1%ers to put some of that money back into the economy. At least the broadcast media, and the folks who make campaign posters etc are having a record income year. Hope they all buy new cars and lots of stuff and give the economy the boost that it needs.

  6. stcroixcarp says:

    Wow! This is unexpected good news!

  7. Smeagel4T says:

    Republicans are going to have to realize money in politics was what decided their candidate for the general election. Karl Rove was hired by the US Chamber of Commerce to make sure their hand picked candidate, Romney, won in the primary and in the general. Rove pulled it off in the primary. Every time anyone started to rise up and challenge Romney, Karl Rove went to work and hammered the challenger back down using CoC money. If you’re a Republican and you think a different candidate would have been a better candidate for the Republican Party, then you need to realize you were out-voted by money.

    Money is NOT just a Democratic versus Republican issue in the general election. It is VERY MUCH a Republican-internal AND a Democratic-internal issue during the primaries. (Were you a Democrat who would have rather had Clinton as a candidate? Somebody else?) Which two candidates America ends up getting to vote between are pre-selected during the primaries by money. Tired of voting for “the lesser of two evils”? Maybe stopping money from deciding which candidates you get to choose between would be a good start.

    • Walk_The_Talk says:

      You’ve hit the nail on the head. The Chamber of Commerce here in Myrtle Beach, SC is/was under joint IRS/FBI investigation. They’ve (the $$$ behind them) controlled the elections here in blatant violation of Federal Election Laws (prior to Citizens United) and Banking Laws. They just bought their water boy a Congressional seat and seeing how 2 of the 3 general managers at local stations sit on the board of directors of the Chamber, it was a breeze. To add insult to injury the Chamber sponsored a debate between the 2 candidates and the newsmen from those same 2 stations were the “moderators”.

  8. The Bear says:

    I think the big spenders should ask for a refund.

  9. Marcus says:

    A prayer to the man upstairs would be aplicable now for keeping Prince John and the Sheriff of knottinham out!!!Thanks again evryone

  10. pnllsprkf says:

    makes me feel soooo good to know that my money was stronger than the 1%ers for a change

  11. Grunge45 says:

    When they repeal the Corporations are People mantra, the rich guys will save money, and get a higher percentage of their candidates to be elected.

  12. The Republicans in Congress are billionaires’ puppets, including the Tea Party Taliban whose “grassroots” campaigns were started and paid for by Citizens United scum enabled by their corrupt Supreme Court. All they have left in their base are the few remaining “Trickle-down” Big Lie suckers, their Taliban, and, of course, their racists, the new minority. Their “small government” blather is code for “let business run wild”. Their “states rights” blather is code for “corruption is easier on local and state levels”. They will finally be cleaned out of the House in 2014, if the liberals don’t betray Medicare and can avoid their trademark overreach, such as reverse discrimination and fostering dependency.

    • jarheadgene says:

      WE the PEOPLE are their worst nightmare….ONE Person, ONE Vote. ONE Person, ONE Vote. Rick Scott of FLA still can’t get over it….He tried his hardest to suppress the Vote, (Piglet in a Suit)Rove is saying the DEMs suppressed the VOTE. WE the PEOPLE have figured out that Swiftboat Douchebag. ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE. The Plutocrats FEAR that above ALL ELSE. Redistricting or a lot of REDKNECKS gave BOEHNER another chance…….Don’t BLOW IT BOEHNER, or your days are numbered….2 years….and OUT.

  13. Yeah, we all have one vote, but those billionaires money gets them a lot of access. What worries me is that they didn’t get to be so wealthy by being dummies. They might wise up next time and leave the hubris where we can’t see it.

  14. Jackmack says:

    all of the Republicans SuperPacs could not buy the Election to bad they spend that money we could of used it for someting good

  15. Nancy says:

    yes to the american people the poor and middle class the leaches as ole romney called us now soon i hope will fade away they all those rich people thought we were all stupid ignorant and idiots we just arent we all have common sense that is what it takes we all were snookerd like some were we didnt believe all his lies all his money really didnt matter to us they put all kinds of road blocks but that didnt matter we r all stubborn and hard headed no person not even a bunch of rich crooks could make us change us we won and we won big

  16. ExPAVIC says:

    GOP Dumb Asses

    For a group of people who is supposed to reflect the higher education standards of this country, the Old, Old, used up GOP sure got the crappy end of the stick.

    For example, 89% of the RoMoney vote was cast by white folks while only 59% of the Obama vote was cast by whitey. This means that the very people it pissed off, turned around and bit the GOP in the ass. Those being women, hispanics, and young people.

    So the more Mittens stuck his feet in his mouth, the smaller was his voting base. Not real bright was he?

    Karl Rove didn’t do diddly squat because he couldn’t add or subtract the demographic realities. Another GOP dumb ass.

  17. msrita says:

    Well send me my Money back. Since I donated 500 because they kept saying we are losing to the right wing. So it was all BS.

  18. dianrib says:

    Rove American Crossroads KOchs Dick Armey Trump Power brokers
    spent billions and still LOST It warms my heart to see them FAIL
    Warren Sherrod & Mnay Dems won
    women haters Akins & Mourdoch -LOST
    Both Mitt & Ryan LOST their home states
    There is a strong message there Bagger run far right GOP
    Heed it or die off.

  19. Sam Davis says:

    Always glad to see the NRA on the losing end.

  20. dianrib says:

    Dumb NO Greedy devious YES Being rich is great Just do it honestly fairly and do not step on people Thats all we peons aka 47 % takers ask How dare MITT dismiss 1/2 of America Trouble with super rich is..they only talk to other wealthy snobby elites

  21. dianrib says:

    Something must be done with Medicare but NOT GUT it We paid SS taxes so we earned it. Wall St AIG Goldman got the Corp welfare NOT us

  22. dianrib says:

    It Warms the cockles of my heart as well

    • Sand_Cat says:

      I wish it would warm the seat of the pants of a lot of people in Washington, especially those that won, but I doubt that it will.

  23. Oh, for mister Ryan, I have a follow-up on his divisive comment; Laborers are the people that make products and money and business.

    Neocons are the ones taking and trying to keep all the money.

    Make of that what you will, but since he says it’s about Makers and Takers and this guy’s about privatising everything possible and most of what isn’t, I think Paul needs to change his last name to Gecko.

  24. ayayaboy says:

    Money cannot buy America’s conscience … Threats by corporations to fire people if they vote Obama turned the tide against romney and republicans. Americans are exceptionally resilent and strongest at tough times. God bless America.

  25. Sundancer says:

    Take a minute to Thank God. I am Grateful that Obama won this election. Fair and Square.

  26. Sundancer says:


    • Sand_Cat says:

      Remember it was George W. Bush who “won” in 2000 with a fraud that would have been in vain without the Electoral College. How different would things be now if he hadn’t?

  27. ridemybroom says:

    isnt it time we come together as americans and do a sit in on washington til the sobs resigns…then and only then will something get done…these cracker jack politicans keeps on hating and saying anything racist remark they like about Obama…isnt it time we put an end to them !

  28. Samuel says:

    Very, very bad investment. Imagine what would have happened if they had won the White House. Can you say worse investment on a bigger scale since they would’ve had access to much more money? These are the same people who blame Obama for making bad investment on the economy. Think about this fact. When you invest, you expect to get your money back at some return? Had Romney won the White House, was there a plan for handing these investors returns on their investments? Just a thought.

  29. msrita says:

    Bye Bye Robme and Lying Ryan

  30. joseph says:

    It’s interesting that joe ricketts, owner of the Cubs can find13.2 million dollars to spend on getting rid of president Obama, but needs to harass the State of Illinois to spend millions of dollars to update his ball park. It’s time chicagoans especially Cub fans boycott games at Wrigley Field to honor his civic mindedness.

  31. lambypie says:

    When all is said and done wouldn’t it have been nice if that money went to help the country instead of hurting it. We could have probably balanced the budget with all that moola.

  32. jarheadgene says:

    I think PAUL RYAN needs to GO AWAY now….our Country has NO USE FOR YOU!

  33. jarheadgene says:

    Yeah ….WHERE in the world is MY Obamaphone? , he said VERY Sarcastically.

  34. northroader1775 says:

    Still stuck in the bubble cookie?? Maybe just as an experiment you could poke your head out and take in some actual facts…the lies you fell for have lost all their attractiveness…and the landslide you and your troll posse predicted for mittens fell through…do you think maybe it’s time to check out the facts that the rest of us use to make decisions?

  35. northroader1775 says:

    Excellent point …and one that has been made over and over again, but is still as relevant as ever. Obama’s admin increased spending by an agregate of 1.4% the lowest in history. But inside the bubble he is a wild ass liberal. The government is smaller now than at any time in the last 25 years, but inside the bubble he is a big government disaster, Wars are winding down and of all the countries in the world only Isreal and Pakistan wanted Obama out, but inside the bubble he is a forign poicy liability. We need to shut down the bubble.

  36. northroader1775 says:

    Also I want to put in 2 cents about Solyndra…it was great tech…it was a great set up and a great business plan what they didn’t count on was the ease with which the Chinese stole the tech the ease with which they were allowed to flood the market with their version and the ease with which they caused us to shut down our production. It’s the same with everything else…we are soooo concerned with whats cheap we don’t see the cost of buying forign crap and continuing to shut down and defund american inginuity. Solor and Wind and tidal and hydrogen and hybrid tech is the wave of the future and if we aren’t leading that wave we will become irrevelant both economically and politically.

  37. robert says:

    $$$$ can’t buy the White House.

  38. diannelee says:

    They did manage to beat my candidate. They spent 5mill on a congressional seat in Illinois, and barely won. The ads they won stated that the candidate believed exactly the opposite of his stated positions- opposed medicare when he supported it, wanted to end SS, when he was for it, etc.

    The dishonesty in the ads was blatant,and they were on pretty much every time you turned on the TV. I don’t think the issue is so much how much money they are spending. The issue is that there has to be some sort of honesty involved here.

  39. 11charles11 says:

    It just go to show you that these billionairs for there grass roots and where they came from. There is NO self made Millionairs or bollionairs. It took all of us, including the low and middle class people. These people nedd to invest in the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA.

  40. msrita says:

    Rich White Men you buy the US Citizen and you soon be the minority so here is Goodbye to being not in charge of USA. It will Blacks, Hispanics and Asian People. You kids will have to be hired by another Race Good Luck with that. Probably in 2050

  41. Peter Gatliff says:

    Ever get the feeling Rove the Flim Flam Man Flim Flamed the the Flim Flammer’s.

  42. rockwoman says:


  43. Why doesn’t the Nevada senate race count? Didn’t Crossroads support that and win?

  44. Ibsyboy says:

    The signal here to the Right Wing is as follows: Negativity, Pessimism, Contemptuousness,
    unsubstantiated claims, paranoid notions and hatred is dulling the ears of Americans.

    The once clarion call of disappointment among American voters has lost its resonance.
    The Teahadist Party’s popular call to arms, using the founding fathers, a not so clear understanding of the Constitution and the obstructionist tactics, have been exposed as counter productive to the goals of many Americans.

    My opinion is; The Teahadist Party would have served their cause, much better, if they had remained outside as an agitator, then joining their enemy, “Big Government” by entering the Congress with ill chosen candidates. The moment the Teahadists decided to take their fight to the inside, they were shown to be an inadequate force for reform of Congress. They spent 4 years in congress focused on undermining Obama, rather than getting something done for America’s struggling work force. It showed the world what the instigation of their initial outrage was based on; The election of a Negro as President of the United States of America.

    And it has not decreased in it’s intensity. The saddest thing is, they dragged many decent Americans down with them.

    Good bye Jim DeMint, Allen West and Dick Armey. Next is the heave-ho of Eric Cantor, Michelle Bachmann, Rand Paul and the other perpetrators of fraudulent outrage infesting our Government. The, ‘I have an idea; let’s have no idea at all, how about that for a plan.’

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