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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

This week was a wake-up call, but the kind of wake-up call that sits you right up because you weren’t expecting it.

It wasn’t just the polls tightening a bit, as you knew they would when Republicans consolidated around their nominee. It wasn’t just a “Commander-in-Chief Forum” that established just how low the media is setting the bar for Donald Trump. It wasn’t just the GOP nominee for president continuing his cuddly embrace of Vladimir Putin, going as far as arguing that Putin’s journalist-killing, neighbor-annexing, anti-LGBTQ authoritarian ways are comparable to President Obama’s governance.

And it wasn’t just the press going into a full outrage conniption over Hillary Clinton’s truthful comments about Trump’s extremist support, while ignoring Trump’s promise to go to war if an Iranian solider gives us the finger. Or the press caring more about Clinton’s reaction to humidity than her mental health plan.

All of this should jar us, a bit.

But the normalizing of the obscene isn’t too surprising anymore, given that we’ve now come to casually accept that we have a Republican Congress that will politicize the fight against Zika and refuse to even consider the president’s constitutionally-obligated appointment to the Supreme Court.

What should rock us from our sleep and leave us with that groggy feeling that makes you wonder where the hell you are is a chilling realization that comes from the combined weight of all these realizations: All that stands between America and Donald Trump is one human being.

The debate moderators won’t save us. The press won’t save us. Even the repulsion of a society watching a man who wants to be America’s Putin avoid the most basic disclosure we require of a serious presidential candidate won’t be good enough.

So much depends on one person — and then the tens of millions of Americans who will vote for her.

Though the Democratic nominee holds a bigger lead over Donald Trump than President Obama held over Mitt Romney at this point in 2012, there are far more undecided voters. And for the first time in our history, we face a foreign adversary that seems intent at least injecting doubt into our electoral process and at worst committed to actually hacking our election.

We head into the last few weeks of this election with our societal immune system largely failing and the fate of the nation dependent on one person. Luckily for us, that person is Hillary Clinton.

Only one human being has ever defeated Clinton in an election. He’s now in the White House and many of his best operatives are working on Clinton’s campaign.

If you want to get a sense of the kind of president Clinton would be, look at the organization she’s built.

“In Iowa alone, 25,000 volunteers are helping send real-time data on voters back to the campaign’s New York City headquarters, where dozens of analysts model the electorate,” the AP reports. “The campaign says it has about a half-million volunteers in swing states, including 40,000 in North Carolina. In Florida, the largest of those pivotal states, it claims 90,000.”

If you want to get a sense of the kind of president Trump would be, look at the kind of campaign he’s run: nearly substance-less and built almost entirely off of stoking racial anxieties while ignoring actual problems and grifting money into the hands of his business and kids.

It’s a never-ending PR stunt that has elevated the worst instincts of the right.

Conservative instincts have always tended toward oligarchy in order to preserve consolidated power, but Trump is the first true example of the Republican base’s full-blown desire for a strongman, unwilling to cede power should he even be soundly defeated at the polls.

As feminist in the role of a political wife in an era where women’s roles have radically expanded, Hillary Clinton has been badgered, condemned and questioned like she’s a lab experiment run wild.

Now she faces the most ridiculous and contemptible nominee for president in our lifetimes.

Donald Trump’s campaign CEO is the he man who publishes the leading voice of America’s white nationalists. His key debate coach is the political operative who as much as anyone brought us Richard Nixon, the “Willie Horton” ad and Iraq War, only to lose his job running Fox News after documented accusations of serial sexual harassment.

So don’t be surprised when Trump does well in the debates — or, at least, don’t be surprised when the press tells you how well Trump did in the debates.

If he doesn’t hump the podium into submission, Trump will exceed expectations. And you can be sure there are millions and millions of Americans who just feel more assured by the confident bluster of a man than the nuanced considerations of a woman. Plus, he has no allegiance to truth, logic and sense — all impediments to cable-news style battle.

But don’t lose hope. Keep in mind that Clinton’s lifetime of serious consideration of the issues should eventually shine through and remind the America that voted for Barack Obama of the advantages of reimagining and expanding who we see as president of the United States.

Is it fitting that the first woman to be a major party candidate for president is facing a thrice-married man backed by a cadre of thrice-married men who have built their careers exploiting every privilege our society offers to men? Is it fitting that the first candidate “whose signature issue is early childhood” could crush a man who refused to change diapers? Should we take great solace in knowing that the world’s greatest birther will be stopped by the woman who introduced much of America to “the vast-right conspiracy?”

No, this is all terrible. We deserve better.

And if we get it, it will be because of a candidate who has been preparing her whole life to face a man who personifies why we are desperate need of more women leaders.

Photo: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton arrives at the airport following a campaign Voter Registration Rally at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, United States, September 6, 2016. REUTERS/Brian Snyder
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66 responses to “Hillary Clinton Is Going To Have To Save America”

  1. AgLander says:

    Biden better get his running shoes on because she won’t physically make it to November. Pneumonia? Has she had it for the last couple years because she’s been coughing/hacking, stumbling/collapsing over an extended period of time…, this woman is seriously ill and she needs to come clean with the truth. Autoimmune disease? Parkinson’s? Come on Hillary, for once in your life tell us the truth!

    • Godzilla says:

      She can’t even cough the truth out. But her disdain for millions of voters may have been the ONLY time in the last 50 years she has said anything truthful. I do feel bad for those stuck in Hell. When she croaks, she will be taking over and it will be far worse than anything Satan could do…..BWAHAHAHA!

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Your bowel movements prove what you eat every day for breakfast BSboy. Why not just admit your own mother gave up on you at birth?

        • idamag says:

          Don’t sink to their level. Time Magazine did a feature on trolls. Then they profiled them. Trump and hate and more hate is who they are. They are malignancy to Democracy. We have one, on here, who gave his credentials as playing football in high school. When I went to high school we referred to them as animals. They weren’t the brightest kids in school. They had to keep a certain grade to play football. I think it was a C. The system made sure they got that grade. He had is picture on his avatar and there was very little space from his eyebrows to his hairline.

      • AgLander says:

        If she was (God forbid) ever elected, it would be a real life replay of the movie “Weekend At Bernie’s”, with Hillary playing the role of Bernie!

      • Jinmichigan says:

        Interesting you agree with her comments being truthful. Most cons squirm away when the truth hits them hard.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Fortunately, Hillary’s pneumonia’s curable. Trump’s alzheimer’s isn’t.

    • Siegfried Heydrich says:

      I’ve had pneumonia 3 times. In each case, I could kick it with the ease. Get over it yourself.

    • Roseann Duchon says:

      And tell us which medical school you attended? Hhhhmmmm. Thought so.

  2. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Don’t you wish Hillary won’t make it to November. YOu boys have been using that BS excuse that because women menstruate they cannot possibly be as strong as a man. Who the hell brought you through the birth canal? And don’t bother trying to prove you were conceived through some immaculate conception.

    You got here ONLY because a woman strong enough to push a watermelon through a pea hole endured what you pussyass men can’t. Go through labor once and you men would be in a hurry to make sure abortion stays legal and contraception became mandatory.

    Try again pussyboy.

    • Godzilla says:

      It’s a little early to be hitting the bottle E.W.. You should consider some nice tea and crumpets. It may help ease you back into the real world.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Truth causing you JOCK itch pussyboy? Sorry, I am not a boozer. That would be you and your right wing Jack Daniels hicks.

        Time for a reality check. Your lies, distortions and the rest of your Hillary anti-woman hater BS is about to be flushed come November. Bet those raisins in your jeans will dessicate in seconds. Not to worry. We all know men like you are useless Eunochs who long ago lost the ability to get it. Your problem like AGasshat, is you overdose on Viagra hoping some woman you have to pay for, will give you a little slap and tickle. You wouldn’t know what to do with an educated woman if she handed you a book.

    • tbs says:

      But you forget it takes a mans part to even begin the process of a child.
      Whether by artifical insemination or the regular way.
      You must be drinking the kool aide to put the men down as you do.

      • COMALite J says:

        Somehow, I don’t think the man’s part to even begin the process of a child is quite as painful as a woman’s part in bringing the child into the world.

        Besides, do you consider yourself a Christian as many right-wingers do? Isn’t Christianity based on the concept that, at least once in history, a woman conceived and gave birth without a man playing any part in the process?

      • ralphkr says:

        Incorrect, tbs, a male part is not needed to produce a child except to produce a male child. Parthenogenesis in many species can cause a female to become pregnant and have female offspring when no males are available. It is only a matter of time before female humans have that ability and then they shall no longer have any need for males other than to squash spiders.

  3. marysolvel says:

    I tried to share this article in my FB and they blocked me. I was not able.

  4. charleo1 says:

    The one overriding question that I’ve kept turning over, and over in my mind. As I watched Trump spring to the top of the pack, and win the Republican nomination for President. Is, and continues to be, how could they? How could they be who they claim they are, and believe what they claim to believe, and support Donald Trump? Who are these people anyway?
    I am aware of the gerrymander, the propaganda, and a lot of the conspiracy. The decline of the blue collar worker, the fear of terrorism, and angst over demographic changes that may result in less Anglo influence. And yet, nothing quite fully explains in rational terms this slavish devotion, and unfounded trust we are seeing millions of our fellow Americans gleefully handing over to Donald Trump. Such an obvious ignoramus in matters of such import. And a blatant shyster to boot. Are they really that incensed over the election of a Black President? I wonder. Or am I, along with the other half of the Country learning something about the Republican Party, and its faithful adherents we had not previously considered? Perhaps it’s because we don’t all live in the same World anymore, is why nothing those like myself, who are so appalled at the thought of Trump Presidency. Can say anything, nor evidently can Trump himself say anything, to dissuade, or give the least bit of pause, before their marching into the voting booth in a few weeks, and pulling the lever for this demagoguing, bigot of an unprepared, man child to become our President.

    Which is why Hillary Clintons remarks referring to about half of Trump’s supporters as being, “irredeemable,” got my attention. And raised the hackles of not only luny Don, but of a large segment of the press corp. Causing her to take the comment back as an over generalization she shouldn’t have made. But was it really? Or is it a case of the truth hurting, because after all, it is the truth? And so it rings as truth, feels like truth, and like truth often does, holds a mirror up to those things we’d rather not believe, and certainly should never be said to a certain totally non politically correct, tell it like is, group of Trump supporters. Who can shovel it out by the truckloads, but can’t take a tiny speck of this is who you are, “A basket of irredeemables.”

    • Daniel Jones says:

      I’ll explain.

      It’s the grift.

      These grifters in the Republican system honestly feel they can take command of government functions due to Donald J. Trump’s slap-dash infrastructure.

    • idamag says:

      But a lot of trump supporters are irredeemables.

    • itsfun says:

      Haven’t you heard, Trump supporters are deplorable. One has to figure Trump will get at least 60 million votes, so Hillary says 30 million of those voters are deplorable people. More tolerance shown by the left. If you don’t agree with them, you are deplorable. Did she say she won’t try to help those 30 million deplorable people?

      • charleo1 says:

        First I would you remind you, respect is always a two way street. That said, let me ask you this. What is so admirable about tolerating bigotry, stepping aside for those who insist on their Right to legally walk all over others because of their own homophobia, or xenophobia? Ignoring demagoguery, or glorifying ignorance, buying into cynicism, and paralyzing nihilism? And what is their point we should tolerate? Is it their determination to stick a thumb in the eye of those who see such beliefs as ethically wrong? Or simply have a desire to move beyond these petty superficial differences into a new era of equality, and please excuse the corny term, but brotherhood. And especially for those who insist that political correctness is killing the Country, who believe in calling a spade an unvarnished spade. What’s suddenly so wrong about publicly calling an estimated half of Trump’s supporters these unattractive things, offensive as that may be, if that’s a big part of Trump’s appeal to them?

        • itsfun says:

          Don’t disagree with anything you said. But. to accuse approximately 30 million Americans of this is not acceptable to me or millions of others. Hillary was standing in front of a sign telling us to be together at a restaurant you and I will never be able to see the inside of with a bunch of the elite and super rich that look down on the average American. Maybe that is why Trump has thousands at his rallies and Hillary cant’ get 100. She ropes off the press. She won’t hold a press conference. Now she is demanding that she be allowed to sit at the debates. Maybe that is because she won’t have as far to fall when she passes out.

          • charleo1 says:

            Hillary is trying, like a lot of people are, to jar some sense into those supporters who may not have realized what it is that Trump represents, that is so egregious, disrespectful, and wholly unAmerican. In hopes perhaps, that instead of just being insulted, and digging in. They would ask themselves if she is talking about me in such a way? And is that at all warranted? Is what Donald Trump is saying/proposing, deplorable? Am I then deplorable for supporting him? I think it’s a fair question. I also think the RW is clearly in need of some introspection. They would disagree with that too I’m sure.

            But here’s my deal. I believe with every fiber of my being that Trump would be an unmitigated disaster for this Country, and everyone in it. This includes business owners, large, and small, the military, the poor, certainly every minority, and every family from the well off, to the filthy rich, would suffer in one way or another under a radically xenophobic, know nothing, cocksure, Adm. under the tutelage of a what is an obvious lying buffoon already in over his pointy little head.

            So it follows, I don’t care if Hillary Clinton, sits, stands, or receives chemo treatments for liver cancer during the debate. If we want our political class to stop talking to Wall Street Bankers. and billionaires
            and start talking to us more, we should demand limits, and name tags on all contributions. Until then, this monied class will have a tremendous amount of influence and so, may not be ignored. As they will have their effect up and down the ballots from local city halls, to the halls of congress.

          • itsfun says:

            I believe Hillary would be a unmitigated disaster for this country and everybody except the elite and rich. She will want to raise our taxes to support more give a way programs. I believe she is also a Socialist and will do what she can to more our country more toward Marxism. Trumps idea on getting Russia to help in bringing peace is being used by the Obama Administration. I don’t see anything in the Trump stances that is deplorable. Just because he doesn’t agree with you, doesn’t make him or his supporter deplorable. I don’t want the scandal ridden, corrupt Hillary in any public office, much less the Presidency.

          • charleo1 says:

            Make sense my friend. The rich don’t need giveaway programs.
            And neither would so many of the less well off, if the owner class were willing to pay a decent living wage, and support with their taxes the safe, secure Country they used to make their fortunes in. But that evidently makes zero sense to those more concerned about RW Boogiemen like Socialism, or the long dead Karl Marx. As they gleefully cash their Social Security checks, and rely on Medicare to pay for their hip replacements. While angrily demagoguing the debt. It’s is the height of hypocrisy to make that characterization. As to working with Russia, we are, if you’ve noticed. However, Russian concerns in Syria are geo-political, self serving, and in contradiction to our own best interests in the region. Putin would gladly work with the U.S. if we work with his agenda to increase the influence of Assad, Iran, Hezbollah, and other anti-American/anti Israeli factions in the region. Now if Donald Trump has gotten himself in trouble with the Russian Oligarchs and owes them a lot of money, and that is influencing his sweet talk about Vladimir Putin, I think the American People are entitled to know. And he has the obligation to show them by releasing his tax returns. Then we’ll see if and where the real corruption is located.

  5. 788eddie says:

    I am a registered Republican; have been ever since I earned (by coming of age) the right to vote. But ever since the Tea Party and Freedom Caucus or as I call them, “the rabid-right,” has taken over, I find myself dis-enamoured of the GOP. the conservatives have NOT been productive. What has Congress, controlled by the Republicans, been able to do? What issues have they addressed, let alone solved? Crumbling infrastructure? Zika? Mental health issues? Climate change? Support for our Veterans? Nada!!

    Especially this time around. The candidate selected has no background in politics; never held an elected office. We have no track record of public service that we can look at. But he says. “Just trust me!” How many times have we heard that in our collective lifetimes?

    Ms. Clinton, on the other hand has a long record of achievement and public service. Detractors accuse her of lying and doing all sorts of “criminal” things. Well, she’s been examined many (and many more) times, and to my knowledge, has not been convicted of any of these charges. Nor has she been fined or imprisoned. I guess what it boils down to is that the conservatives just don’t like her.

    As I wrote in the beginning, I am a registered Republican. But I guess you know who’ll get my support this time around.

    • charleo1 says:

      Someone changing their mind these days is as rare as hen’s teeth. And it’s good to know there remains thoughtful individuals who value the good of the Country over what can only be described with Donald Trump as mindless partisanship. I’ll tell you this, to my thinking you are the voter that will in the end, save our America. And for that, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you Sir!

      • 788eddie says:

        Appreciate the support, Charlie. There are times when I feel like a target for the rabid-right. (I really hate the term RINO).

        • charleo1 says:

          Pay no attention to the purists. They will never realize their foolish goals in a big diverse utilitarian country like America. I say, if the vote is not an instrument with which to speak our hearts, and our interests. We should dispense entirely with such concepts as liberty, and freedom of expression altogether.

          • dpaano says:

            Which is what might happen despite anything if Trump is elected. The word “Democracy” will just be a memory to many of us!

    • tbs says:

      788eddie, Please tell me what achievements Hillary Clinton has done that makes her so qualified to be President?
      Thank you!

    • Otto T. Goat says:

      She has a long record of failure.

    • itsfun says:

      Exactly just what has she achieved?

    • Insinnergy says:

      I applaud you.
      I hope the GOP get their house in order. There’s no future in their current strategy, but the political landscape still needs a functioning Conservative party.

    • dpaano says:

      It’s not really that conservatives “just don’t like her,” it’s because they’ve been brainwashed to hate ANYTHING democratic in nature! From Day One of President Obama’s administration, the GOP has done everything in their power not to let him do his job (which, by the way, had he been able to do…would have put this country in even better shape than it is already due to his work). Despite their blockages, etc., we are still looking a heck of a lot better than we did when he first took office and inherited all the BS from the previous administration. It would be pitiful if this all were to fall by the wayside if Trump is elected! We have been moving forward little by little under President Obama, and I foresee that we will continue to move ahead with President Clinton! With Trump…..not so much!

  6. Jon says:

    One of Hillary’s biggest problems is that since 1992 Republicans, aided by the media, have engaged in the tried and true strategy of telling lies often enough that people believe them. I am still stunned to hear the lies about Hillary that anti-Hillary people repeat. Even when the media corrected some of the right wing scurrilous allegations made against her, these corrections came after months of nearly daily repetition of the lies and were never a major headline as some of the lies were and instead of reporting the truth nearly daily for months, it was generally mentioned once and then ignored. It’s no wonder so many people have a false impression of her.
    The most frustrating thing about this campaign is that it is still happening. Every stupid, baseless allegation made by Trump and his supporters is taken seriously and the smearing of Hillary is aided daily by the media. Even this last episode of the “basket of deporables” demonstrated the strong anti-Hillary bias of the media. I was lucky enough to see the live version of her statement which began “To just be grossly generalistic” but when the media became outraged and began reporting it, those 1st 5 words were never reported. Instead it was burning indignation that Hillary had called half of Trump’s supporters deplorables. It wasn’t until late in the news cycle that some media outlets included those 1st 5 words in some of their reports but the damage had already been done.
    Meanwhile Trigger Happy Trump is telling us that if he was president and small boats with some rude Iranians in them approached a U.S destroyer and gave those aboard the ship the finger he would have blown them out of the water. This is barely a blip in the news cycle. Today the media is still talking about the delorables but not a single word about Trigger Happy Trump. How can they be so blatantly anti-Hillary and ignore something as serious as a presidential candidate who will risk starting a war because some rude people gave the finger to those aboard a destroyer? Isn’t that newsworthy?
    The media loses more credibility with each passing day. Clearly neither they nor Trump believe in an even playing field. Unbiased fair reporting left town long ago.

  7. Rat Race says:

    Well she’s doing a great job of putting Trump closer towards his goal of being President: Cheating primary, pay-for-play politics galore, decades of scandals and lies, and rampant militarism, It’s funny, Trump’s best asset is Hillary and vice versa.

    • Insinnergy says:

      What’s funny is how Clinton can say, honestly, there’s a substantial group of Trump voters who are “deplorable”… and be lambasted for it.
      While Trump can abuse any group he likes with racial slurs, rapist comments, delusion, hate-speech, incitement to violence and open misogyny … and the media just shrugs.

      Trump is a moral sewer, a racist and a bigot.
      And this race is even close?
      That’s the funny thing.

      • Rat Race says:

        Um, the media doesn’t shrug with his racist comments. That’s been his marketing campaign for the past 8 months. It’s worked quite well for him. They eat it up and give him free press. And here we go again. We have a wall-street backed candidate vs. a fascist. If people would understand the relationships between racism & capitalism perhaps we wouldn’t have a huge group of uneducated people rallying for Trump. But we continue to do the same-old, same-old and we get nowhere.

      • dpaano says:

        My question exactly…..apparently, it’s okay if Trump doesn’t believe in “political correctness” and can say anything he wants, yet he can whine about Hillary’s comment (probably because he didn’t make it first)! He’s a typical hypocrite who can’t take anything but can certain dish it out! Unfortunately, the media still kisses his butt with every word that pops out of his big mouth!

      • InformedVoter says:

        The difference is that Trump is telling the truth and his statements have been vetted and verified as being true. HilLIARy was just foaming at the mouth and out came typical lefty garbage.
        No matter, HilLIARy is so physically ill that she won’t make to the election.

  8. Roseann241 says:

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  9. Jim Samaras says:

    OMG…this article wants to make me puke!

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