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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Should The House of Representatives Impeach Obama?

Should The House of Representatives Impeach Obama?

Should The House of Representatives Impeach Obama?

The National Memo is conducting a poll to survey our readers' views on Republican calls to impeach President Obama. We'll be sharing the results on our site as well as with TV, radio, and Internet opinion leaders.

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  • nana4gj

    Should the House of Representatives Impeach Obama?

    Only if the people can impeach the House of Representatives.

    US House of Representatives who take vows on the night of a new President to obstruct and to sabotage the government, before any policy is known, have broken their Oath of Office, to serve, protect, defend….Any US House of Representatives who takes an Oath to a non elected individual to never, ever, no matter what, raise taxes, is neglecting their Oath of Office, which takes precedence over any other kind of oath that compels them to do the opposite of what the Oath of Office mandates.

    Any US House of Representatives who uses US Courts of Law to accomplish for them what was not accomplished in democratic elections, what they cannot or will not do with their position and authority in Congress, ie, to serve in government, to legislate, should pack up their bags and go home and play with law suits as a private citizen, and figure out how many other ways they can rig elections.

    If the people of this country cannot sue or impeach the House of Representatives, with their 6 year performance and lack of performance on record, then the House of Representatives cannot sue or impeach this President.

    A House of Representatives that threatens to sue or impeach a President, with their record, is a LOSER, in every sense of the word.

    They are not legislators; they are not statesmen; they are amateurs fueled by personal ambition and by an ideology that appeals to a narrow base of the population and the only way they were elected into office is through the gerrymandered districts from whence they came, another reason they should be sued and impeached.

    Since we cannot elect them in a democratic way, and since we cannot trust them, we have no other choice than to sue them in courts of law and/or to impeach them, collectively, for the subversive tactics, the sabotage of the government that they celebrate with great bravado.

    Why on earth would people want to actually elect them to any office in government when they view governance as a weapon with which to destroy?

    • islandtimeonly

      Very well phrased! I am with you on moral grounds, entirely. The only problem: “THE ENTIRE…” It tosses out the good with the bad. Baby with the bathwater. It is too finite. However, as this is not a legal document, I assume you are simply making a point, and are aware that said actions would have to be a little more carefully defined!

      • nana4gj

        Yes, of course, I am emoting and frustrated and angry. I would not mind if a large group of our population would file a class action suit, and someone more knowledgable, more capable than I, would get it going.

        I realize it has never been done before and that, technically, we may not “be able” to sue members of Congress, there is no precedent, but, a lot is going on for which there is no precedent and, since we are paying their salaries, and since we sent a majority vote, the non-performance, and the political antics with which they are consumed, have and are causing a lot of damage, safety risks, to this country, to us, the people.

        Even if it doesn’t get very far in the Courts, it would send a powerful message, you think?

        • islandtimeonly

          I agree wholeheartedly, but then I imagine that this does not surprise you!

  • Each time that will take place for general election of the American president, so the Republican Party is always finding out some of things of Democratic Party in order to fight for supremacy, Republicans House of Representatives should make the American politics chaos in order to throw dust in the Democratic eyes.
    In fact, former President Nixon who did not need some ratification of the Congress of the United States when President Nixon gave an order to sign a peace treaty of the Vietnam War. President Nixon did not trample down International Agreement of the Vietnam War but also betrayed an alliance’s Republic of Vietnam of the United States in order to cut and run the duty and responsibility of Super Americanism.
    For example, not have any Republicans who should find out the mistakes of President Nixon because the United States has betrayed Republic of Vietnam. Our nation has been destroyed Vietnam land for nearby forty years in the past and betrayed the Southern Officers again. Obviously, no have any American Congressmen who may consider to the Southern Soldiers and officers were sent to jail by the Vietnam Communists, the United States did not give them to get any benefits prison Insurance.
    Now, Republican Party self takes off the shirt gives people seeing its back. Therefore, the impeach Obama of Republican party can not take place within two years in the future.

  • Our United States Constitution is distracted the loyalty oath by traitors.