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Saturday, March 23, 2019

How Bill Daley Died A Death Of A Thousand Cuts

The resignation of William M. Daley as President Barack Obama’s White House chief of staff brings to mind the words of David Wilhelm when he left his post as chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 1994: “I’m going back to Chicago where they stab you in the front.”

Obama was reportedly stunned that Daley quit after only a year in the post, but he shouldn’t have been. The affable Chicago banker had already experienced Washington’s classic death of a thousand cuts.

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6 responses to “How Bill Daley Died A Death Of A Thousand Cuts”

  1. JayMagoo says:

    Before all is lost, Obama should appoint Harry Belafonte as Chief of Staff or some other high White House position. The Folk Singer at least knows what the hell’s wrong with the man at the top, Obama.

  2. LogicObserv123 says:

    Not that anybody in Washington DC (including the press and pundits) actually gives a flying crap about what relatively normal people think (defining relatively normal as halfway intelligent, politically observant, not rich and not totally gullible), but I will tell you that Congress is not the only institution that does not have, nor does it merit, the slightest trust or respect from the citizens of this county, regardless of their political leanings. Journalism is as corrupted and/or inept as Congress, and that corruption mirrors the governmental version. Allowing someone to get away with characterizing the hard evidence of Wikileaks documenting the merely embarrassing corporate subversion of foreign policy as “Treason” is a joke. Wikileaks is doing the job that investigative journalists used to do, but no longer do because of corporate corruption and manipulation of the once-honored process. Instead of shining a light on the seamy underbelly of politics, media today just mirrors it. ~~~~~

    Republicans have become more blatantly dishonest, blatantly racist, blatantly pandering to the very worst aspects of human nature, specifically greed in their primary clientele and bigotry in the folks they pander to in order to get more than that 1% of the vote that their primary clientele would give them. Fox news is the journalistic mirror for these characteristics, so much so that watching it for more than five minutes is like torture to anyone who is not totally gullible, or not desperately seeking public validation of the more disgusting and hateful aspects of their nature. ~~~~~~

    In a balanced world, one of both yin and yang, one would anticipate that the Democrats would provide that balance to the Republican point of view, but in point of fact, they only provide the illusion of it, not the reality, which is almost more dishonest than the open Republican stance. How does one know this generalization is true? For one thing, we did not arrive at the sorry national conditions that we currently suffer because of some event that happened in 2010, or 2008 or even 2000. ~~~~~~

    Democrats stopped providing that balance a long damn time ago, when they lost the integrity that the Republicans never possessed in the first place. They were bought, corrupted by their own ambitions, because they needed corporate money to keep those personal ambitions alive. Then they allowed those same corporate interests the freedom to purchase every national TV news outlet, to purchase the journalists in major markets by creating mini-market monopolies of TV, radio and print media, to the extent that journalism became nothing more than a Public Relations tool serving that corporation’s political and commercial agenda. ~~~~~~

    And it is insidious, not because of what is present, but because of what is missing. What is missing is coverage of anything of substance that the “ownership” finds inconvenient, embarrassing or inconsistent with the corporate agenda. If it does have to hit the airwaves, usually because a real reporter uncovered something and broke a story elsewhere, or it is just so big and stinky that it can not be completely ignored, it gets the spin treatment. A vacuous personality dutifully asks the wrong questions, broadcasts non-answers to those questions and never actually points out that the answer did not even address the question, nor do they press for the truth or point out inconsistencies or bald-faced whopping lies, nor mentions that the interveiw-ee has a monumental positional ax to grind. We are treated to the dishonest civility of allowing the “whopping big lie” to be ignored or cast as a mere “difference of opinion” and we are off to the next inconsequential diversion of the day.

    Thus, the average citizen who became accustomed to having their perception of the world shaped by the major media is not presented with a balanced black and white yin -yang symbol, but rather a circle of uniform charcoal color, one which emits a lot of noise, but very little light.

    Instead of focusing on a people’s movement that is large and growing larger by the minute, a people’s movement with numerous but valid and serious life and death issues, but each having a single common corporate enemy as the root cause of every single one of those issues, we are treated to an endless circus of largely inconsequential Presidential hoopla, when the real story and the real cure of our national sickness is in the hands of a Congress that is currently owned heart and soul by that single corporate enemy. But is that the story we are getting and the focus of the paid pundits? No. We are treated 24/7 to a circle jerk of people carefully ignoring the biggest issue of all, while offering NOTHING new or constructive in dealing with that issue. ~~~~~

    So is this story about Daley of consequence? Probably not, except as a footnote in the bigger story of why a Democrat President has continually surrounded himself with numerous corporate Republican hacks in his inner circle while his meager accomplishments have consisted of the Democrat version of pandering on “social issues” while pursuing or protecting the corporate agenda rather successfully. There will be no change, no saving this country from the plutocracy via the current Congress. Most of them, Democrat, Republican, and Tea Partiers, will need to be replaced to effect any change. THAT is the story of the century, and Alter is focusing on the DC version of Trivial Pursuit.

  3. kurt.lorentzen says:

    LogicObserv123, you certainly are able to identify the conflicts of interest in party-corporate affiliations, and those of media-political agenda. FoxNews is one. But your own leanings are also completely obvious. MSNBC is the FoxNews counterpart being a complete apologist for the Obama administration, Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats. From my perspective, Republicans want to rule the world by making us subservient to corporations, and Democrats by making us subservient to the government. Neither is acceptable to me. BTW, many of those “Republican corporate hacks” you refer to are registered Democrats. But in general you’re right, both parties have sold out the American people to the money (and for the money).

  4. Equus says:

    The two parties we have in America, Democrat and Republican have agendas, correctly stated by Kurt.lorentzen and LogicObserv123. What do we the people do to redress our country to the original principles of the founding Fathers.I’am a disillusioned lobbyist that was employed by a well known corporation in DC, I saw the true operation of the Government of people, as long as the corporate body is satisfied and Congress gives the American people pabulum expediently, the status quo prevails. This is the scary part, it does not make a difference who is elected President of the United States.

  5. dpaano says:

    I have to agree with all three of the comments above wholeheartedly. Our government is no longer a democracy…it has become a corpocracy. By voting out the current bunch of idiots…we’d only get stuck with a whole new set of idiots; all bought and paid for by corporations (thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision). And, the biggest problem of all is that a goodly portion of the people in the U.S. believe all this crap and will vote along party lines rather than actually LOOKING at what their nomination will win for them. For example, I recently read that Romeny is big in North (or is it South) Carolina despite the fact that he plans to cut their government entitlements to the bone. It doesn’t matter that this state has the highest number of Medicare users, welfare takers, and senior citizens. They have NO idea what they will get if he’s elected or how much they stand to lose. It’s sad that so few of us, and I’m including myself because I think I’m pretty politically astute, actually take the time to LOOK at the candidates that are running and decide to vote for the ONE that works the best for what WE, the people, want. How anyone can actually and honestly vote for any of the Republican candidates is beyond me….and although I’m not all that happy with some of the things President Obama has done…I AM willing to give him the next 4 years because I think he can do the job if there is a drastic change in the House and the Congress. Not holding my breath however….it remains to be seen if we can get a group of people in each that are actually willing to compromise and NOT pledge their fealty to Grover Norquist!!!

  6. rustacus21 says:

    … then why Daley was ever selected at all? I’ve often speculated that a younger Barack Obama was often tormented by his mixed race heritage & has continually sought to find his place in a world of, if not open hostility (even at home among his own “diverse” kin), subdued acceptance, due to his diverse birthright. As a result & to the ignorance of an America still unfamiliar w/the terrors & hurt of being a person of ANY color in American society, President Obama may in fact, still be searching for the “acceptance” of both “races” of which he’s comprised, sadly. The pick of Daley, among others on his staff, reveals a tendency to make choices on the basis of perceived reputability in a name or individual stature. In this way, his instincts are often betrayed, since his search for acceptance on both sides of the color line have been a long, sometimes painful journey. The “obstruction” by Democrats is a case in point. After the previous 8 year descent into hell for the nation, Democrats, if no 1 else, should have been on a unified agenda. But President Obama, being unfamiliar w/the “true” politics of “Black & White” (due to being isolated from “genuine” African-Americans) America was fully unprepared for the culture of racism that transcended even party and/or mission to save OUR nation. A “fully” Black American could have anticipated this & (more than likely) handled it accordingly. It would have been a much more contentious association, but 1 that would have, w/out a doubt, been much more productive, w/all cards being laid out on the “political” table, at the “demand” of a truly “Black” American President! It’s of very little importance – the Blackness/Whiteness of President Obama, in the same insignificant way it relates to his direct predecessor, but if we can be nothing else, we must be honest that America is still extremely racist in places where it matters most – the economic & political circles, ruled still by White American males, who wield this power w/complete disregard of consequences. Allowing Barack Obama to be President of all – not just some Americans, will go far in “fixing” much of where America is still broken & healing a nation still unaware of its own afflictions & disabilities…

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