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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

In our latest video, James and I discuss the very real possibility that Americans will revolt against the Republican Party and deliver the House of Representatives to the Democrats in the 2014 midterm elections.  On each of the biggest issues of the day — from gun reform, to immigration, to the budget — Republicans are alienating key voters. But if Democrats want to take control of Congress, they must return to an issue that has disappeared since election night: the ongoing struggles of the middle class.

9 Responses to How Democrats Can Win Back The House

  1. I love listening to these guys talk, but the quants who have emerged as the preemptive authorities on these matters say there’s no chance. At all. I would love to rub their faces in it, though.

  2. The Maine Governor with his Republican Austerity scamming controlled administration in 2011 quietly passed into law relieving the wealthiest of their tax burdens with a tax shift. Anyone making less than $103,000 now pays the highest tax burden. Never in my entire tax paying history have I paid a higher tax to the state of Maine then I did to the Feds! Most recently the governor has been using his weekly address to promote necessary cuts to valuable and needed elderly programs as well as raising property tax rates. Apparently the governor miscalculated, believing the less fortunate could cover the fortunate in with the loss tax revenue. It is senseless austerity measures like this that will be their downfall. Do you recall Romney talking about immigrants “self deporting”? Well, the Republicans are following that line of thought only “self destructing.”

  3. austerity in the face of a recession is ridiculous. you need to spur the economy and the uptick will immediately take a big bite out of the deficit. krugman has got the picture. then you need to have the guts when things are going well to really cut waste, pork, and special interest bs. oh yeah, and get the very wealthy to pitch in.

  4. To the authors:

    The John Birch Society (Koch) began idea of Democrats (FDR) as Party of “Tax and Spend.” However, US Constitution (changed w/ Amendment 16) set the actual Founders’ parameters:

    TAX Commerce/Capitalism, not Wages/Payroll; and SPEND on Natl Debt, Natl Defense, and Natl Welfare.

    Most Americans are actually libertarians, which I define as fiscally cheap and socially open-minded.

    Rand Paul is NOT a Libertarian because he is NOT pro-Choice — but Nancy Pelosi actually is.The problem is that Pelosi has been labelled a Liberal instead of a Libertarian by the Birchers/Birthers.

    In my opinion, Democrats need to keep driving the message that what they want to tax Commerce, as the Constitution gives Congress the power and responsibility to do (and as the 16th Amendment takes away); and Democrats want to spend tax dollars on the natl debt, natl defense, and natl welfare, as the Constitution also gives them the power and responsibility to do.

    In contrast, the GreedyOnePercent wants to tax Citizens; and spend on outlawing women’s rights, gay rights, and immigration.

  5. I seriously appreciate Democracy Corps no-spin polling analysis. Knowing the “bad news” is every bit as good as knowing the “good news”, and Democracy Corps polling analysis includes information about “don’t say/do this” as well as “do say/do this”.

    Having said that, this discussion fails to respect the difference between nation-wide polling analysis versus district-by-district polling analysis. The GOP has disenfranchised huge numbers of voters through their Gerrymandered districts that the House doesn’t reflect the national attitude. The Democrats do have some Gerrymandering, but the GOP’s Gerrymandering is far more widespread.

    “Blue” states like CA believe in voter empowerment and have enacted laws preventing either party (which means the Democrats in “blue” states) from Gerrymandering. However “red” states like TX have largely left voter disenfranchisement through Gerrymandering in place. When are states like TX going to start demanding free and fair elections through the elimination of Gerrymandering?

  6. Have you heard? The mathematical justification for austerity has been shown to be based upon a FAULTY EXCEL SPREADSHEET PROGRAM. Correcting the formula shows that total debt does NOT make growth impossible; and growing economies push the debt down as a percentage of GDP.

    We must return to KEYNESIAN economics, or we will suffer DICKENSIAN economics. Please Sir, may I have some more gruel?

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