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Sunday, October 23, 2016

A summer vacation at the Romney’s $8 million haven at Lake Winnipesaukee is more of a display of exorbitant wealth than it is a good ol’ fashioned family vacation. The only recognizable item we saw was a cooler. With the astronomical cost of boat owning and summer-home upkeep, a vacation with the Romney’s makes John Kerry’s windsurfing adventure look like chopped liver. The mandatory chores should represent middle class values, but the perennial use of a “chore wheel” likens everyday clean-up to a kitschy TV game. Inside the $630,000 boat house are some high-octane toys with unattainable price tags for most Americans. The volleyball and tennis courts are more panache than they are practical. And the horse stable, with guest apartments above it, probably costs more than the average middle class home.

Here’s a look at the cost of a vacation with the Romney’s:

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    Mitt RoMoney is so rich that he pays the equivalent of your annual income for his monthly real estate tax.

    If you think he relates to you or your needs, you have been completely fooled.

    Anyone who votes for this American Taliban Republican Plutocrat needs serious psychological attention from a healthcare professional.

    Read the current Vanity Fair Magazine for an accurate description of his personal wealth and annual income. It would help if he showed us his current tax return, but he is being a sneaky Taliban warlord.

    • tedthetruther

      His vacation is not nearly as expensive as the Obama vacations. The major difference between the two though is that Romney uses his own money while the Obama’s use our money and our Air Force and our Navy, etc.

      By the way, he has shown his current tax returns and is much more transparent than the O’s are about the circumstances of their lives.

      • Ed

        Well if he is elected he won’t be using his own money. More likely to salt away more overseas. Mitt Doesn’t like betting on America.

      • 1AmericanHoney27

        Ted, President Obama is not the first nor the last President to take a vacation where the people pick up much of the cost. As with all presidents certain precautions are necessary for his protection as well as his family. The use of the Presidential plane has more often than not been the safest means of travel so why be hating on President Obama for following the footsteps of previous presidents. As for Dumbney it is irrelevant as to how much he spends on anything as he is not officially a part of government… He’s just a flip-flopping Republi-prick idiot with a dream that will never materialize & is like that blow hard Trump just another a$$ that has made most of his $$$$$$$ at the perils of the hard working tax payers… It would be nice if the Republi-pricks would take the saddle off President Obama not stop riding his back as if he’s a horse…. He’s Damned if he does n Damned if he don’t….

      • ExPAVIC


        Vote for RoMoney and watch your Social Security go down the tubes.

    • At least he pays his taxes, unlike Geitner. I view this payment as a large contribution to a depleted American economy that gives (to other nations) more than it should and has to give. Call me crazy, but I think America needs a President who understands and has been successful in business, rather than political community organization. I would actually appreciate a President who can generate wealth instead of destroy it. To say that Romney is Taliban is ignorant and uneducated, as unlike some politicians, not mentioning any Onames, he has never been of the Muslim faith, the first prerequisite. How long into his term did Obama, the transparent, wait to release “a birth certificate”, his scholastic records, an explanation regarding his Connecticut Social Security number, etc., etc. Obama has spent more in one term than any other president in our history, in one or two terms, and it was largely our money for other countries. Our unemployment is worse than when he came into office, even with his new creative method of calculation, and after having spent $5 trillion, no one in my family has a job, how does that relate to our needs?

      • 1AmericanHoney27

        Kathy, spoken like a true dumb Republi-dummy…. Printing half trueths and unrestearched info… They say a fool is borned everyday so I guess all that’s left to say is Happy Birthday.. In the future research before you speak for it is better to be thought stupid instead of opening ones moth removing all doubt.

        • You’re the one that sounds dumb…Kathy made a lot of sense with her comments. Look at yours, I mean REALLY?

          • Dave, you can’t see the forest for the trees. Quit listening to Limbaugh and do your research.

          • Maybe you should do your research!! Dave appears to be the only person who can think!!

          • DurdyDawg

            What’s the difference in sounding dumb and being dumb? The posted names.

          • Possibly, and yours is Durdy Dawg, how appropriate! Additionally, I have a B.S. (that is a bachelor of science degree) from Indiana University, a M.B.A. (master of business administration degree) from DePaul University, I am a C.P.M. (Certified Purchasing Manager), when tested, I had the I.Q. of a genius, and I didn’t vote for Obama.

          • DurdyDawg

            I see.. Very impressive. So, whatta you doing trolling around with the common folk..?

        • Let me start by asking to what half “trueths” and “unrestearched info” you are referring. Maybe you want to put your money where your mouth is, and place a bet on any other U.S. president who spent more of taxpayers’ hard earned money than Obama has so far, in only his first term. Seriously, did you really write that “a fool is borned everyday”? I guess you proved that by opening your “moth” and removing all doubt. Your writing also demonstrates how a lot of today’s Democrats take advantage of mentally challenged and obviously undereducated people such as yourself. Really, not only do you spell on the third grade level, you also want to accuse a Mormon of being in the Taliban. I would bet that if I asked for your elementary school diploma you couldn’t come up with it, or it would be sealed along with Obama’s (or is his in Indonesia – didn’t he just love studying that muslim book!). Maybe you shouldn’t open your “moth” until you learn how to read and spell. I find that the work I did to achieve my M.B.A. really helps me think better. You should try it!!!!

          • And all your degrees only prove that you can read and memorize text. Doesn’t do anything for good old common sense. I don’t have any college degrees, but lookee here,….. I can spell. DUH!!!

          • I liked your comment because of you believe that a piece of paper makes you think better.

        • Freemanmd

          As Socrates said: “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

      • Mike Tierney

        I think we all thought the Bush administration was stocked with successful businessmen like Cheney and Rumsfeld. I hope you would agree that did not turn out so well. Mitt was an heir and a privileged person all his life. His business was based on buying something in trouble, maxing out the debt, distributing that revenue to the partners then hoping the business could survive with the staggering debt load. It wasn’t about altruistic issues such as employment or communities.
        But being wealthy doesn’t preclude being empathetic. It seems to me that I liked him better when he was okay with choice, gays and universal health care. And for all we know he still is. Having to compete with Bachmann, Perry, Newt, Santorum, etc would drive anyone to the far edge of sanity and sensibility.
        But his business experience doesn’t qualify him any more than Obama’s lack of experience disqualified him. Congress’ partisan politics based on their desire for a long career is the heart of our problems. If they didn’t want the convoluted tax codes we have, they would change them. The same applies to the exorbitant spending bills and the control special interests exert. In fact, all the President can do is propose a budget, Congress has to enact the plan. Boehner, Pelosi and their caucus are a mess. Elected office needs to become a service again, not a career.

      • Kathy, thanks for your response to these idiots, especially ExPavic’s. He’s obviously missing a few marbles by complaining about Romney paying taxes, and calling him a Taliban. I look forward to reading these comments each day kind like the way I used to look forward reading the comic section in the newspapers.

        • 1AmericanHoney27

          Dave are you the PID to Kathy’s. STU… In case you need help that’s STUPID… Being jealous of ExPavic seems to be a full time job for YOU. What a shame you can’t be on ExPavic’s high level of insight n intelligence… Try harder for tomorrow’s another day.

          • I’ll bet the one like you have is from ExPavic. Just a wild guess. However I am very proud of you, as you must have figured out how to turn on spell check. Oh, if only they had a brain check also, then I wouldn’t have to worry so much about you and ExPavic, who actually brags about his ultimate source of knowledge being Vanity Fair Magazine.

        • Idiots ? I think not !! I would rather read a comic then listen to Romney telling his lies! Niether Kathy nor you have any idea what is really going on. Idiot, if the shoe fits , wear it. It doesn’t fit me or anyone else that can see thru Romney’s lies !!

          • We are so glad that you really know what is going on. Did you graduate from the University of Vanity Fair Magazine also? Maybe 1AmericanHoney should show you how to turn on spell check. You lose a lot of credibility when you can’t spell, and instead of making factual, substantive and intelligent statements, you simply mutter, from your “moth”, irrelevant cliches.

        • Yes, I am trying to think of the late night comedian who took the silliest, most misspelled street names, phrases, etc., and flashed them on the screen during a segment of his show. I thought that they were ridiculously
          funny, but this 1AmericanHoney27 takes the cake or “kak” as she/he/it would write when she/he/it opens its “moth”!

        • ObozoMustGo

          Dave… you have this site figured out well.. I come here to drop depth charges and plant mines in this sea of leftist insanity. You should see the vitriol I get back. It’s so funny! Pavlov was dead on with that dog experiment. Stimulus – reaction.

          Keep fighting the good fight. Someone with a little bit of sanity will read your posts and perhaps you’ll affect 1 person. The rest on here are mostly, with some exceptions, pieces of sheet.

          Have a great day!

      • ExPAVIC


        This guy doesn’t care one bit about you. You may argue for him but the bottom line is the American Taliban Republicans want to put you in their pockets so they can allow the elite to become even more so, and richer too.

        Taliban has nothing, nothing to do with religion, it is a mental attitude that places them against everything that is beneficial to everyone else. They are the anti-everything party and are overly vociferous in stating so. Plus there are their genitalia police who wants to look into everyone’s shorts.

      • DurdyDawg

        He might pay, but the question is.. Is he paying his fair share? Don’t answer that question and he won’t either. As far as the 5t.. If H. Clinton had gotten in, it would have been just as much.. If McCain had gotten in, it would have been the same.. And if Romney get’s in, the only difference is he will also use his quota for more wars.

      • There are plenty of jobs for people who want to work. You might have to retrain or do something different for a while till you get something you like. or go to the programs Obama started for training to work. I hired an office manager from on of his back to work programs.

      • excavatoreddie

        You are absolutely right, Kathy. The U.S. needs a leader who will run the country like a business and increase it’s wealth. Romney has nothing to be ashamed of by spending his own money, thus stimulating the economy. It’s better than Obama sending his family on the many multi-million dollar vacations that are enjoyed at the taxpayers expense!

      • ObozoMustGo

        Kathy… you are much too sensible and rational for this site. This place is a leftist sea of insanity. It takes a strong constitution to put up with all of these useful idiots and their slurs and misconceptions and name calling and out right bold faced lies for any amount of time. Look at the replies to you as proof. These people are actually stupid. There is no other way to describe them. Just plain old stupid. Most of them cannot read plain English for what it means.

        Keep fighting the good fight. And you dont have to be nice to them, either. It does no good, except with a very few of them.

        And ExPavic… ignore him. He’s nothing but a racist bigot and piece of sheet.

        Have a great day!


    I don’t understand why, if a person has that much money, he doesn’t just enjoy his life. Why put yourself through the process of trying to become President? A few notes: That 29′ boat is not all that extravagant, it is not a “bow rider” and it won’t accommodate 15 people.

    • BDD1951

      It’s a Status Symbol. A hey look at me. I’m president!!!!

  • ARepublicanNorthlandGrad

    Wouldn’t vote for the man, but is this story really a story?

  • I agree with ExPAVIC on this one, because at a time when Americans are so broke that a town called Scranton, Massachusetts, has to cut the pay of its police and fireman to minimum wage, and here is Mr. Romney enjoying his wealth while screaming no tax cuts for the rich! This is an abomination! I don’t believe Mr. Romney is at all in touch with the average American citizen, and I truly believe if this man is to become our next president, GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!

    • Why do you think Scranton is broke? Who runs Scranton, and who is the President (I know, do you?). Why was the country’s financial rating cut for the first time in our history?
      Answer: Out of control spending Who is doing the spending? Answer:

      • highpckts

        Excuse me but it should be “who DID the spending??? ” The Republicans were giving money away right and left without a thought to the consequences since it was Bushes last term in office!

      • karinursula

        Only Congress can spend money. I’m so sick and tired of reading that this is
        all the Presidents fault. Congress is suppose to work for us, rich or poor. For the last 3 years they only worked to unseat the President. If they have worked like they should have, than maybe we would have a jobs bill. If these
        people would work for a company they already would have been fired. 190.000 $ a year and all the other perks for how many days or weeks they work a year.

    • highpckts


    • pattijo2

      Scranton is in Pennsylvania.

  • Money should not be allowed to buy an election which is happening. I am sick of politics and especially the Republicans.

    • How do you think Obama got elected? Special interest money, community organizers like Acorn, for which he worked, voter intimidation by special interest groups like the Black Panthers, etc, etc.

      • highpckts

        I have a beach front property in Arizona for ya!! Cheap!! I swear people scare me!! Use your your God given common sense!!

  • Jerpell

    That’s his business, he uses his personal money….How about Obama, he uses tax payers money when he vacations…..Obama has made being successful a four letter word….
    Are we all to be on government assistants?

  • anncats

    This is not a good tactic… it comes across as the Dems being jealous brats and that the writer wishes he/she had that kind of money. Remember guys, for every swipe you take at a candidate for being successful, you show that you are jealous of the success and that’s NOT a good selling point. The question immediately comes to mind about how YOU would react if you earned that kind of money and people wanted to take it away from you because you only earned it and you have no right to actually spend it.

  • highpckts

    It’s called EGO!!!

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    Nothing can match the extravagance & wasteful spending of millions of dollars by Obama & family when they went to Europe last year with many DOZENS of friends, staff, etc. But of course “money is of no concern” to them, as it’s OUR money (US taxpayers) and not theirs that they are spending. Was it 70 friends MIchelle took along???

  • highpckts

    Again, I say, what was he supposed to do?? He inherited such a freakin mess from Bush. The Republicans are only good at procastination! They know what’s wrong but are so concerned with their “party” image they get nothing done!

  • anncats

    Is that anything like those dummy moths that were borned in your brain?

  • anncats

    1AmericanHoney is that like the dummy moths that were borned in your brain when you started restearching and looking at half trueths?

  • Rmney explains his finances in an open letter to the American people…

    Dear American Person:

    As many of you know, in recent days my opponent has spread the rumors that 1.) I have refused to make my tax returns public and 2.) I have hidden my money in bank accounts in Switzerland and the Caymans. These two rumors, while true, have made me look very bad. So I thought I would take this opportunity to explain my finances in terms even a poor person could understand.

    Let’s say you met the love of your life, and you wrote her a series of passionate love letters. In these letters, you told her how you intended to protect her, cherish her, and always keep her safe. And then let’s say somebody went and told you that you had to make those love letters available for the world to see. If you’re even half the man I am, you’d say, “Heck no.”

    Well, in my case, the love of my life is my money. (If you don’t believe me, ask Ann.) And my tax returns are like my love letters to my money, detailing the lengths to which I’ll go to keep my precious money from being taken away from me. If you think I should make those love letters public, then I’m sorry, my friend, but you don’t believe in love.

    Now, let’s say you asked the love of your life to marry you, and you’re fortunate enough that she said “yes.” Should someone be able to force you to spend your honeymoon in a ratty room at some Motel 6, where God knows what crackheads and whores slept before you? Or should you be allowed to take your bride to a five-star Swiss chateau, perhaps, or an exclusive beach on Grand Cayman? I think you can see where I’m going with this.

    In conclusion: if refusing to release my tax returns and having foreign bank accounts is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I did it all for love. And as your President, I promise I will never, ever come between you and the thing you love. Unless you’re gay. (Laughing Out Loud.)

    Vote for Me,

    Mitt Romney

    • BDD1951

      LOVE IT!!!!

  • BDD1951

    How much would it Cost? If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

  • Sam

    You think she adopted and provided a spot in the stable for a homeless (abused) horse at the same time she forked out 100k for ‘Super Hit’ ?

  • at least he didn’t expect the taxpayers to chip in…earned and spent…his choice!

    • It is called Bain Capital !

  • Sam

    Poor Ann, she can’t help it. She is sworn to a fibber’s ‘ foot-in-mouth ‘ !

  • karinursula

    I really don’t care how much money Romney spends an his vacation. What bothers me is the fact, that he does not understand where the middle class and the poor are coming from.
    He does not understand that I have to think long and hard before I can spend money, that I have to buy groceries on sale and some I cannot afford. Still I’m better off than so many people and children. I want a President who has not grown up rich. I don’t want a President who puts his money in foreign banks, and than says he has no idea about these accounts because they in trust, but he knows of course that there is nothing illegal going on. Bullsh….t. I don’t want a President who has to pay back favors to his rich donors, who thinks that the rich should not pay taxes.

  • onedonewong

    It doesn’t cost the taxpayers 1 dime unlike the $100M we are spending a year on Obama vacations

    • ExPAVIC

      Same old

      Another number pulled out of the American Taliban Republican Plutocratic dark, warm, moist places.

  • turnipgreens

    The problem that I have with some of the comments is that some of you seem to think Mitt Romney is actually creating jobs with his wealth. Take a good look and think about it. If he is making $100 million, or if he gets $25 million in tax cuts, how much of it will ever hit the streets where you and I live? He might create one job with it by hiring another farm hand. On the other hand, if we…us lowly common folk got $25,000, we’d spend it all, all one thousand of us would put that $25 million back into the economy so fast it would probably create a period of inflation! Rich folks don’t give a damn about keeping working folk working. They only want to keep their money protected. Get real.

    • ctruskey

      Right and how many lotto winners, actors, athletes or entertainers go broke and go bankrupt after winning millions? How many lose their jobs when an actor or athlete goes bankrupt. Yep they spent their money but would have done more good to learn how to invest it and grow it so it could be used to hire more folks. You need to educate yourself about how money/investments work. The poor don’t create jobs, period.

  • Travco58

    The vacation piece here is not going to sway voters because all Americans from most all economic groups love their recreational toys. I know a lot of middle class people including my self that have boats and sea doos. Tennis courts and lavish vacation homes not so much , but alot of middle class country folk have and love to ride their horses. Kyle Roerink comes across like a deprived
    winer. That being said Mitt Romney is on the wrong side of most issues these days and has “Gone to the dark side” His father would not be proud. He goes along with any fringe beliefs he thinks will get him elected. He is like a broken record of broken ideas that have been tried and failed for America over and over again. I am a life long Democrat that loves his Sea Ray and supports the President. Go Obama 2012



    As the POTUS he has the privilege of those services. Look at George W. Bush who did nothing but screw up the country, conduct two unnecessary wars, and allow the bankers to run wild while he got the same treatment.

    How can you or anyone else relate to his $250 million or more net worth. You may also try to figure out the real tax bill for the $42.5 million he “earned” in 2011. BTW he paid a measly $6 million in taxes at about a 15% rate. You and I can’t do that, only the privileged like RoMoney.

    • ctruskey

      President Obama says that the war in Afghanistan was the just war the just war. Do you know the difference in taxes and why different incomes are taxed different. If you did you wouldn’t asked about the 15% and yes you can pay that rate too if you pay it on the correct earned income.

  • Forget John Kerry’s windsurfer, his sailboat (at 8 million) cost more than Romney’s home. Only problem is Kerry kept it out of state because the in state fees were more money. Is that a tax dodge? Besides, his wife bought it for him.

  • Speaking of John Kerry, who has more common sense, the man who worked for his home on the lake which has appreciated or the man (or wife) spent an equal amount on a boat that will depreciate. In true democratic form when you’re spending someone else’s (the wife or the government) money you don’t have the same respect.

  • Kathy , how do you know if Romney pays taxes on ALL the money he has? Romney, not Obama, has Swiss Bank Accounts and money in the Caymen Islands. The reason is to hide his worth and NOT pay taxes on it. Obama is not a Muslim and it has been proven. No other President was questioned about where he was born and proof of his birth certificate. Why ? Because he is the first black president and it IS a racial thing. Romney is a Mormon and they still wear their crazy undergarments. The Mormon Church is all about being secret of what goes on in their church. Do you think he will generate your wealth. Heck no. Unless you are one of the 2% , he doesn’t and will not care about you. Romney stated that he likes to fire people. He took control of the Bain Company , closed it down, left people without a job, health insurance and pensions, while making millions for himself. Open your eyes and do the research not what Fox is telling you or the Tea Baggers. Obama released his birth certificate from the begining. Check your facts !! Obama also released his tax records , unlike Romney. I hate to burst your bubble, Reagan was the President who spent the most money and number 2 was Bush. Supporting a war on tax payer’s money. Bush spent the surplus that Clinton left and still put us in debt by the tune of trillions of dollars. He also took 150 billion from the Social Security Fund to help pay to hide the recession, he already started, and to fund his war games. Every President has sent money over seas !! So would Romney but then of course he doesn’t have a chance of wining. 18% of Americans will NOT vote for a Mormon. Voters don’t like the fact that he hides money, what else will he hide? He has lost many, many women votes, gay votes, Latino votes, elderly votes, legal immigrants votes and religion groups. Bush had 8 years to lower the unemployment . He damn near destroyed this country. Obama had a tough time from the start. He is a people President , honest, sincere, intelligent and yes, even transparent. Which all Presidents should be. Maybe if you get off your butt, you would find a job instead of waiting till one comes to you. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is our economy. Romney is a liar and a sneak and has nothing in common with the average American nor does he care to !!! He is in the same league as Limbaugh.

    • ctruskey

      After almost 4 years it’s time to stop blaming Bush. I took over some pretty disfunctional units in the Army and the last thing I did was blame the guy before me for screwing things up. I knew how long I had to fix things and new that after even a year if things weren’t fixed it was my fault. Good leaders lead and take blame and don’t blame others. That’s what leadership is all about and that is what President Obama lacks…leadership.

  • pjeh

    I am in support of people making money. It is How they make it and What they do with it that defines character. Bain paid RomOney $20,000+ for each person he replaced (after that employee had to train foreigners) and more $ for outsourcing/off-shoring entire manufacturing companies. Many highly trained to the lowest trained lost their jobs, lost their homes, lost their health insurance. Families suffered, greatly. He donates his “earnings” to his favorite charities: PACs. He should be rounded up for tax evasion for laundering his earnings into untraceable foreign accounts. He won’t release 10 years of taxes as Barack did. He wrote off $77,000 in taxes for his wife’s prancing ponies (although she could easily receive hippotherapy for a few dollars while support a nearby hippo therapy business). RomOney is UnAmerican. UnPatriotic. UnChristian. Unethical. Unelectable because Americans see through him. We were told the super-rich and corporations (sitting on trillions in mostly untaxed earnings) would give Americans jobs. Ha. mOney….remains the root of all evil.

  • ctruskey

    Really I don’t care that Romney has money. My parents had seven kids, 5 boys and 2 girls. We grew up in Tamaqua PA, coal country in NE PA. Near where Biden grew up. My dad never went past 7 grade, working class his whole life, union member, voted and supported Democrats until Carter. My Mother grew up in Philly and did go to college in the 1940s, when most girls didn’t attend college. But she moved to Tamaqua when she married my day and started working after having her third kid. She worked in the payroll department of Morgan Knitting Mills till she was 73 years old, why because she liked the work, she said it stimulated her mind. She also voted Democrat until Carter. Why all this background because I wanted all the readers to know we didn’t grow up rich but poor. However, three of my brothers worked hard and are millionaires and I don’t begrudge them their do. The rest of us are doing well. I’m retired military (enlisted) and now own a small business and times are tough but I’m hanging in there. I don’t cry to my brothers about how tough I have it and how they should be doing more for me. So get off the rich thing. I don’t judge a person by the amount of money they have and I don’t vote for someone or against someone because they are rich. I vote for someone because I believe they are the best person to be in that office. I have voted for Democrats and Republicans based on who I thought believed the same I did and would do a better job in office. Remember “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”.

  • montanabill

    Mitt pays for his own vacation. Now compare his vacation costs with the Vacationer-in-Chief who has his fun at our expense.

  • For someone supposedly with an MBA (and I know what it means).. you sure spend a lot of time reacting.

  • Mitt Romney is a very rich man, as both the Kennedy’s and Rockefeller family. Difference is they worked to help the country survive so they could stay rich. Mitt does not understand the rest of the people that work keep him rich. He is just out of touch with the rest of the people and their needs.

  • We will be paying for Bush’s war stupidity for the next 50 years. The money Obama spent kept us out of a depression and kept unemployment from getting worse. He didn’t start the wars or create the housing collapse. I have seen more infrastructure repair and replacement in the past 4 years than there has been in a long time. Wealthy business people generally get that way at the expense of others. They take their million dollar salaries while paying their employees a pittance. No thanks. I’d prefer my tax dollars didn’t go toward padding the pockets of Romney and all his rich friends. That’s exactly what will happen if he’s elected.






  • ObozoMustGo

    Who cares what Mitt spends HIS money on? What friggin business is it of yours you stupid nosey busybodies?

    So let me get this straight… we are supposed to be more concerned with what Mitt Romney spends his OWN hard earned dollars on, and ignore how Obozo is spending OUR hard earned dollars on? Is that accurate? Please advise.

    Have a nice day!

  • dljones

    This is what America is built on. You work hard, think positive, resist fatigue, persevere your ambition, and accept the risk. Achieve, and receive your rewards. It isn’t all milk and honey. Of the business start ups, 50% succeed and the remaining fail in the first year. Many homes, nest eggs, and marriages are lost leaving families in desperation.

    Mitt is a rare exception. He didn’t take a salary while governor. He did the will of the people. He was passionate about his job. The ideology demonstrated as governor was exemplary of his personal achievements.

    How does this compare with today’s administration on the hill? The President understands a democracy. It’s offensive! Unfortunately, three and one half years ago he choose to covet his ideology as a Marxist. Obviously, a government in perpetuity, encroaching each day on your freedom from cradle to grave.

  • Freemanmd

    All I can say is that Mitt Romney is not using tax payers money for his vacations or campaign travel.