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Friday, October 21, 2016

Politically, Paul Ryan is a proving to be a worse choice as a vice-presidential nominee than even Sarah Palin.

Sure, Ryan may be able to name the newspapers he reads, mark up an Appropriations bill and charm reporters. But where Sarah Palin added energy to John McCain’s ticket — briefly skyrocketing the 2008 GOP nominee past candidate Obama in the polls — any boost Ryan offered was marginal and quickly faded away.

Conservatives have already started the second-guessing of the Ryan choice, suggesting that Ohio’s Senator Rob Portman would be a huge asset in the Buckeye state, where Romney seems to be getting trounced. Medicare was a huge advantage for Republicans in 2010 and suddenly — thanks to Ryan’s signature budget that majorly revamps the program — the president is more trusted to preserve the program in swing states.

And what has Ryan added to the ticket?

Perhaps he’s prevented a complete revolt by the right-wing base when Romney does things like praising his health care plan, which inspired Obamacare? But if Romney is still worried about his base, he might as well save his anonymous donors a few million and pack it in.

Putting Paul Ryan on the ticket was just one of Mitt Romney’s terrible mistakes. But this mistake may be the best thing that has happened to our broken political process in years.

Let me explain.

From the moment Mitt Romney announced Ryan as his running mate, the congressman has been running from specifics of his famed Ryan Budgets, which had made him the darling of the conservative movement. This was to be expected… and a bit ironic, as Romney had adopted nearly all of Ryan’s ideas when his campaign was crumbling in the primary.

Ryan’s downfall began when his harmless fib about his marathon time was closely followed by a widely panned convention speech where his disregard for the truth came off as deliberate and invidious. This immediately cut into his image as someone who told “hard truths.” Instead he used half-truths and flat-out lies in order to make an unprincipled case against the president.

Was Ryan really arguing that the president hadn’t intervened in the private sector enough to keep one GM plant open, though he’d saved hundreds? No, the veep hopeful was trying to score cheap points.

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  • MsJoanne

    “If Romney and Ryan are roundly rejected, the notions of turning Medicare into a voucher system and gutting a trillion dollars from Medicaid to pay for more tax breaks should go down with them.”

    It will never die. Republican’s are still trying to end Social Security more than 80 years later.

    And they’re never happy. CUT TAXES!! has turned into 47% don’t pay taxes, those shiftless, do nothings! I thought that was their goal…to drown the government in a bathtub a la ol’ Grover. Great until you get what you want…then you want something else. Like kids with severe ADHD.

    Republican’s will never be happy until old and poor people are soylent green, where they can watch them taking their last breaths while cheering on a painful death…before eating them. “Conservatives” are nothing but psychopaths in sociopath’s clothing.

    • And nothing is ever OVER, not with these folks. They want to repeal the Minimum Wage, Civil Rights,Row v Wade, heck, they want to revisit the Civil War. 333 times they have tried to overturn the Affordable Health Care Act, and have done nothing else. To them, there is no such thing as a lost cause. Don’t Crash The Ambulance! Obama-Biden 2012!

      • Nothing is over until we get the able bodied among the 47% working again and be a part of the path to prosperity and economic freedom as outlined by Romney and Paul Ryan.You see Obama wants to spend money that other people make to get himself in office for life.Wat good is your minimum wage law if there are no jobs around because of excessive tax regulation and unrealistic health care protection for everybody regardless of their lifestyle.
        Obama is into his legacy.He does not care if this country burn like the US embassies in the Middle east.

        • EXCEPT: your own taxes will increase by $2000 to $6000 under the Romney Ryan tax cut. Even Republicans are saying so now. The tax cut is only for Romney, the rest of the country will pay more taxes because they’ll pay his as well. And so will you.

          • And Obama is lying to you!

          • :::squeak:::


        • elizh

          All those darn retirees and working poor.

          I haven’t done the numbers, but, what if working at minimum wage puts you in the 47%?

        • silverback929

          fed up…
          Does that include the 35,000 who made over 200,000 a year, only to pay no taxes because of the loopholes?
          With all of the tax breaks, subsidies, and loopholes available to the wealthy and corporations, the lines appear rather vague when trying to determine just who the takers are, don’t you think?

        • Jim Johnson

          You should drop some of your paranoid delusions, look around at some facts and realities and realize that Romney/Ryan are up to no good.

          We must end the “redistribution” of wealth that George Bush engineered with his tax cuts for the wealthy. They do not need these tax cuts.

          • John in NL

            By redistribution of wealth, I take it you mean from the poor to the rich, right?

          • lol but you need yours. the tax cut were across the board poor, middle class, rich. everyone earned their class of their own accord.take that to the bank. i say flat tax everyone including the poor. if they make a wage they pay taxes simple. no loop holes for anyone including child earned income credit.

          • What? . . . . reducing the taxes on the money people earn is “redistribution of wealth” ??? . . . this makes no sense since it was their money in the first place !! No wonder we have problems having intelligent conversations on these topics when people can’t see reality clearly !!

          • Rhoado

            yes … 47% as in the elderly who have already paid taxes all their life… yeah, we should really get them back to work,.,.,., lol

          • Ultima64

            There is no doubt that this was a significant gaff by Romney. Many people have used the 47% figure when they express their distaste for more taxes. Whoever is responsible for putting this figure in the public domain made a huge mistake. We all need to see the breakdown of this number into the various categories. The Obama campaign has pointed out that these people pay other kinds of taxes. That is only partly true because all those who are retired would not be paying any form of payroll tax, no Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment or Workers’ Compensation taxes. This issue could be resolved if every paid an income tax even if it is only $1. People could then say, “I helping to pay for the things the Constitution requires.”

            No one should receive through the income tax system a refund or payment of any kind that they have not first paid out in income taxes. If they need and deserve any welfare payment, it should mnot be disguised in the income tax system.i It’s welfare and we ought to begin calling it that.

            Obviously, many of the retired workers pay income tax, especially if their retirement plans were 401k, 403bs, etc. that gets taxed only when the funds are paid out or withdrawn. Even Social Security payments are taxed under some circumstances.

            If one has ever been in a tax preparer office in tax season, he or she would quicklly note the peole showing up to get their annual welfare check via the income tax system.

            Obviously, there are many deserving needly people who should have access to welfare from a single pot of appropriationswith strict rules for eligibility and managegd at the loccal level in office adjoining employment offices.

          • Ultima64

            They may not need the money but they earned it and deserve the right to spend most of it in any way they see fit. It is called freedom. One has to wonder what kind of a tax code Johnson would like to see and what bracket he is in. Some can’t avoid the litany of “soak the rich” but few are willing to state what percentage of the national budget should be paid for by the rich who already pay a huge part of that budget.

            If Jim Johnson was Paul Ryan and faced with a 16 trillion dollar deficit, perennial budget deficits,and the huge amounts already being spent on Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, what would his plan look like?

            No one knows what tax rate the rich should pay or what rate would be fair to all concerned.

            There are ways to do this without induging in confiscatory taxation. Why not begin by removing the ceiling on taxable income for Social Security purposes so that the rich pay the same percentage of their income as the less rich. Then if we freeze the maximum benefit at the present level as adjusted annualy for inflation, the rich will pay for benefits others will receive.

            I also like the idea of turning Medicaid over to the states so that it can be better managed. Otherwise the cost of this necessary program will eat us alive while China laughs all the way to the bank.

            Finally, let’s put all the bits and piece of welfare together in one place and have a separate application process mana
            ged at the local level. Include all of the income tax refunds people get who have paid no taxes, food stamps, public housing, free school lunches, aid to dependent children, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security in excess of employer and employee contributions plus interest, etc.

            This would give all of us a better idea of the total cost of welfare and enable us to decide whether or not we have created a society of takers who are disincentivised by the significant amouts they can get without doing a hour of work.

          • Are you Blind? you want to talk about “redistribution” look at what Obama and the dems have done. Did you even listen to what Romney had to say or are you so closed minded that you can not see America going over the cliff with this administration? Obama’s biggest gift is to Same sex mariage,opening the border to whomEver want to cross,And getting our military people killed because he doesn’t want to call his friends The Muslim Brotherhood an enemy of the U.S.A. If this is great with you then keep him in office.But don’t expect anything to get better!

          • hilandar1000

            There is certainly a good bit of blindness, but it is NOT among the Obama-Biden supporters. Yes, we did, indeed, listen to what Romney had to say in the debate — it was exactly OPPOSITE to everything he said during the rest of his campaign. Who knows what he truly believes? As to “opening the border to whomever”, there have been twice as many deportations in this administration than during the Bush years, and border patrol has doubled during this administration. As the president stated, we cannot consider the elected Egyptian leadership to be either our friends or our enemies. We don’t have enough information at this point to make that determination. We cannot consider all Muslims to be terrorists any more than we can consider all Christians to be terrorists, even though heinous acts of terrorism have been committed by radical extremists in both religions. You, Karen, and people like you must learn to live in a world where everyone does not look like you and share your beliefs and preferences. Since you mentioned the blindness of others who do not agree with you, I must tell you, Karen it is YOU who must remove the blinders and the automatic hatred from yourselves. We are not as isolated as we once were and must learn a way of living peacefully with others in this country and in this world.

          • joanc

            Karen doesn’t need to take off the blinders for she is very aware of Obama’s intentions. It is you who have closed your eyes and if Obama gets back in, you, I and all others living in this great country will find it transformed into a global socialistic society. Hilander, have you ever heard of the Civil war where A Republican President freed the slaves against the wishes of the democrats? It was a slow process, but the intregaion into American society,was finally happening, until Obama started his class warfare, and what was his intention? Was it to drive a wedge to isolate people who lived, worked and got along with each other? America has always been a melting pot, with many legal immigrants from many different backgrounds. I can’t see why you felt the need to tel karen to accept others, as an American she already does. You spoke of Religion and I question why and for what reason,for America has always been tolerant of everyones religion and their right to worship their God, as long as everyone respected anothers choice and did not try to convert others by force.

          • hilandar1000

            Joanc, It doesn’t appear that you have read or comprehended anything of what either Karen or I have stated. Where do you get your notion that Obama will turn this into a global socialistic society? It seems to me that the GOP started shouting “socialist” from the moment he was was elected, and predicting as you have, that we would not survive as a society with his leadership. He’s been in office for almost 4 years now. Where is your proof?
            Do you know what you are objecting to? Or are you just repeating baseless GOP talking points that you heard someplace? For your information, I am quite aware that the slaves were freed by a great American leader. Did you realize that the great American president you spoke of was one of the first to propose a socialist program when he brought forth the need for pensions for wounded Civil War veterans and widows and children of veterans? Are you aware that Republican presidents have signed bills for “socialist” programs — like the interstate highway system and food stamps?
            The only mention made of religion was in response to Karen’s assumption that the Muslim Brotherhood was automatically to be considered as an enemy of the USA AND an ally of our President. I merely pointed out to Karen that we don’t have the facts at this point to assume that, because a group calls themselves Muslim, it should be automatically assumed that they are enemies. They seem to have taken over control of Egypt at this point, and Obama has said that he does not consider them to be either friend or enemy. Since that government is in a state of transition, we do not have enough information at this point to make that determination. Perhaps you should do more searching and learn the facts before voicing ridiculous conclusions you have reached because you have bought into GOP propaganda. The known facts do NOT support your ill-conceived conclusions.

          • Obama is a socialist, by fefinition.

          • hilandar1000

            Oh — so you look up all your “fefinitions” in the “fictionary” — now I understand.

          • knackattack187

            Jack got burned.

          • truthhunter13

            Hey Jack Plant, you didn’t mean to hit the “f” key, right?. Or maybe you did. Anyway, I think you just want us to believe that an “f” is the same as a “D”. Sounds like Romney to me.

          • Obama has done more to seperate people than anyone with the exception of Hitler

          • hilandar1000

            How in the world could you make such a totally unsupported and ridiculous statement? Which people has Obama tried to separate from the society? It is undeniably evident that the Democratic Party is far more inclusive than the Republican Party. Maybe you should try to get some facts straight here. Hitler didn’t try to separate people. He killed the ones he didn’t want around and called it “ethnic cleansing”. Is that what you are accusing our president of doing? — or are you trying to say that you agree with the leader of Iran when he says that the Holocaust didn’t really happen?

          • SandyMM

            I have to add the “redistribution” means I work, you collect for not working as hard or at all….oh…thats right…they tried that in socialism….doesn’t work….lets not forget that the millionaires are not taxed on accumulated wealth…you have to have “earned” income to be taxed so must of the tax the rich people nonsense is just that….they won’t pay any more unless capital gains is killed and even then you have to do more than just sit on the investment.

          • hilandar1000

            Just because you are not at all knowledgeable about the governmental systems of other countries does not mean that their systems of governments do not work. As a matter of fact, there are a number of countries which have a government of democratic socialism — and the people who live in those countries are more pleased with their government than any others in the world. Please check it out — your lack of knowledge in that area is obscenely exposed.

          • SandyMM

            Yes, they are blind and deaf. Redistributing the wealth is what socialism was supposed to do…see how well thats worked.

          • I love to tout “Fairness”, our marxist basic foil…it is how we have reduced half of humanity to misery and slavery…I’m gonna be in the White House for the next 50 years and I will keep my boot on these libertarians throats until they all croak!

          • someone here is a whole lot crazy

          • Yes, but it isn’t Karen

          • Karen
            The fact that Bush was happy to go from war to war and Obama is not yep that must be a Bad thing y talk too people lets just keep invading othet countries and go broke from the costs involved my guess is that you listen to fox news a litle too much.
            Obama has a hot line to the Muslim brotherhood lol your so funny

          • ellen_h

            America is going over the cliff because companies like Sensata Tech are closing down plants and outsourcing the jobs to China. This company is 50% owned by Romneys’ brain child, BAIN. This is happening now! Wake up!

          • Cherry122

            AMEN, Karen, Jim and ‘Fed up’. Thinking has become very unpopular b/c of this admin. Saul Alinsky tactics are in overdrive.

          • hilandar1000

            Tell me your objections to Saul Alinsky. It’s pretty obvious that you know nothing whatsoever about him. He helped improve the lives of many people and was NOT a socialist. In fact he is acclaimed as the father of congregational community based improvements. Better yet, tell me what you have done to rival Saul Alinsky’s record in making this world a better place.

          • CarolO

            That must be why Romney keeps saying Russia is our big problem? And let’s not forget that awful China he so often talks about. Right this minute in Illinois is another factory sold to Bain and jobs being moved to China. Who is still a big investor in Bain? Romney, of course. And who will line his pockets on the backs of those now losing those jobs? HIM.

            He hide in France so he wouldn’t have to serve his country. Kept his 5 healthy sons from having to serve. Hides his tax returns, hides his money and hides the fact Bain is still making him millions. Every man in my family served this country including my two sons. And not one minute was served from the entire Romney family.

          • sarah_hines

            Romney does nothing but argue and argue with Obama. He trash talks him.He rather do that then answer an undecided voters question at the last presidental devate. If Ryan and Romney go into office American will be so much different the founding fathers of this country will be disappointed in the choice! He doesn’t give a crap about anybody but upper class. I have NO idea how he so close to Obama. He wants to take a lot of things away that are important to americans. Like Medicare, Social Security and the womens right to chose to have an abortion or not.

          • Another sick person. get medical help fast if you think romney is for america. romney is for romney and nothing else.


          • Trudy62

            Karen, I absolutely agree with you. It is like the Dems. have blinders on. Maybe the Dems. haven’t gone and watched the youTube videos where Obama has a record of being a shady guy. Talk about liars, Obama, Biden and Clinton have told major lies to the American people, and yes, to the same people that voted him into office. I listen to both sides, it’s too bad that during this campaign that everyone would forget Obama is the pres. and listen to him as a person, like Romney is being listened to. Obama has continually blamed someone else for his mis-managing of things. I have a relative that is in and out of the middle east and know for fact that Obama is not liked there, so much for his lie about diplomacy.. This is the same man/pres. that stood and announced on TV to all of us that he felt that since that the military was a volunteer org., that then they should have to pay for their own insurance when injured.. now during the campaign, he and his wife love the military.. this is a farce!! Shoving Obamacare down our throats was the final straw for me, we as Americans should have been able to vote for it! Since he has been in office, our liberties, one by one have been stripped away.. Oh, now there is talk of the United Nations come in and monitoring some of the polling places while we vote!! What is that? Who is asking them to do this? This is absurd!! Our National Guard could do this just as well and at least they are all Americans. I could go on and on.. I just ask that all of us, Dems and Rep. please look at both sides, not just one.. research and watch videos, don’t just buy the lies.. Then vote from a more informed position.

          • truthhunter13

            Are you serious?. Listen to what Romney had to say?. I actually did listen to him in debates 2 and 3. All I heard and saw were gaffes and outright lies. If President Obama gets re-elected things WILL get better, trust me. There’s no need to get confrontational and testy to get the truth out, right?.

          • wipe that foam off your mouth

          • joanc

            Please take you head out of your a####le to research what you wrote. If you are watching MSNBC or reading the NY Times than you need to widen your sphere of information. If you think that Obama is out for all americans, you are very wrong. Have you read the Obamacare bill — the one he promised would be posted on the net for 48 to 72hours for all to read, it wasn’t and instead we got more lies and more lies from him. The people who voted on it didn’t even have that opportunity, yet they blindly voter for that catastrophe. I hope Romney and the legislative branch will dump it and write a new bill that doesn’t rob Peter to pay Paul.

          • Jim Johnson

            I see the nature of the Republican grift very clearly.

            Behind all the Republican “ideas” are only oligarchs, rascists and the privileged 1% who are basically just selfish and greedy. They can read and follow Ayn Rand all they want and try to make their grift appear sensible — noble even.

            Sadly, these Republican traitors resort to name calling and SuperPAC donations and, eventually renouncing their citizenship so they can run to their tax havens and “freedom.”

            They are just spoiled little rich brats who could use a lot more integrity. I am sick and tired of their grifting.

          • so vote for obummer and watch what happens next, should be interesting

          • hilandar1000

            Do you have any idea of how to discuss real life issues — or can you only discuss the things you think you see in your crystal ball? Can you discuss any possible solutions, or are you limited to merely dreaming up baseless threats?

          • hilandar1000

            Your words indicate that YOU, in your infinite wisdom (or lack thereof), have read the Obamacare legislation cover to cover. If you have read it at all, you’d better read it again in it’s entirety because you evidently missed a good bit of the provisions. What you call a catastrophe has proven to be a source of hope and security for those who could not get medical coverage because of a pre-existing condition, people whose children had reached their lifetime medical insurance cap before their 5th birthday, or parents whose recently graduated son or daughter could not be covered on their parents insurance policy in the interim time between graduation and such time that they could find a job that provided their own insurance coverage. These are only a few of the benefits of Obamacare that are already of benefit to the people of this nation. I’m sure you will find many other benefits when you read the entire document once more in order to “widen your sphere of information”. You certainly are in need of more information besides the distortions you are being fed on Fox Fantasy Channel.

          • joanc

            Are you among the living breathing population? Haven’t you read or watched TV about the many things that Obama has mishandled in America? Wake up before it’s too late,unless you want Socialism which is where we are headed under Obama’s watch!

          • ps

            Jim , you ARE paranoid ! AND it’s not up to you to descide where someone NEEDS tax cuts. And you have distribuition on wealth upside down, the poor don’t pay taxes to be distributed !

          • hilandar1000

            In your small mind, you may THINK that Jim is paranoid, although it’s evident you probably don’t even know what the term means. In reality, it is YOU who are badly misinformed. The poor do pay taxes. They pay sales taxes on everything they buy which, among other things, pays for roads that they probably can’t use because they can’t afford to buy a car. On the other hand, the wealthy often do not pay as much of a percentage of their income as the middle class. Yet they benefit more than the middle class from those taxes than does the middle class. They use the highways and railroads to transport their goods to market. They use airports that are subsidized by tax dollars. They use public utilities such as water treatment facilities to fill their pools. These are just a few things that the wealthy benefit more from than the general population while not paying their fair share of taxes. So, in the real world, it is you who have things upside down.

        • Since many of the 47% are elderly and or disabled where would you suggest they work. Do people ever get to retire? What about the soldier sailors and marines who are part of that 47%? Do they need to get part time jobs? Where does it stop?

        • I am part of the 47% and have worked all my adult life. I am 61 years old and have watched friends and co-workers lose jobs to outsourcing-high paying jobs shipped to India in particular, since I work in IT. The only taxes that cost jobs in my industry were the tax breaks to people like Romney at Bain who made a fortune taking those jobs away from American citizens.

        • boyoboyoboy

          By the way, have you examined the makeup of the “47%”?

          …most of them are too poor to even pay taxes…they don’t make enough money and are below the “poverty line”.

          ..the rest of them use legal tax deductions (medical care, caring for elderly dependents) to reduce their tax liability to zero!

          …but no, the Right is insisting that all of these people are draining the system. Do you also know that quite a few of our people serving in the military have to get food stamps just to be able to afford to feed their families?? No, bet you didn’t know that…

          • Of course we know that! We see them standing in the welfare line with their hands out. They come across the border and pobresitos…the stupid gringos give them whatever they want because we’re such generous people!

        • helenann1988

          I have a job and indepenent and I totally disagree. Most people I talk to want a job. My husband has his degree from college and is working as a bank teller part time. You tell me how mitt is going to fix that

        • toptwome

          President Obama has been able to help this country recover from the republican recession. That has been with job creation in the private sector. Romney and Ryan have done nothing to help our country with job creation or with anything at all. I call it treasonous when a party is so pathologically against doing anything when so many people are struggling. They sure talk about them, but when it comes down to helping the middle class they aren’t going to do one thing. They won’t do anything but show fealty to Grover Norquist with tax cuts as the answer to any issue. We know that tax cuts are what they really want more than any concern or any care about average Americans.

          • Tell that to your friend Scarry Reid! He is the one stopping more then half of the bills and our help from ever comming to the floor for a vote.Things will never het better as long as Obama,Reid,and Polosi are running the government.

          • Sick of everything

            Good god do some god damn research people!! You sound like Fox trying to blame everyone but the one’s that are to blame. Reps caused this mess in the first place, and have blocked or filibustered everything since he came into office, are you stupid or what! And if Reid or Polosi stopped anything it was because your buddies on the other side add riders to the legislation in order to have their way, jesus pay attention ya ignorant moron.

          • You just used God’s name twice in one sentence! It was in vain of course, just like the Democrats platform to deny God 3 times. Blame is name of the game with the Dems. Obama had 4 yrs and he has just been waiting until his next 4 yrs to turn things back from the brink of disaster? Look at all the statistics! We are two times worse when under Bush! You couldn’t see reason if it was staring you in the face.

          • hilandar1000

            I don’t agree with much that you say, but I do find one point of agreement with you when you say, “We were two times worse when under Bush”. In fact, I’d say that’s quite an understatement! As for your misrepresentation about Dems denying God, it is you and your ilk who give religion a bad name.

          • hilandar1000

            uh, Karen, I hate to break this to you, but Pelosi is no longer the speaker of the house. That would be John Boehner. Gotta pay attention, hon.

          • The democrats won’t pass anything in the senate to put people back to work all they want to do is blame the republicans.

          • Fednurse

            It’s amazing I can barely understand what most of you folks write. Just by reading the illiteracy of your sentence structure I can tell who you are voting for REALLY SAD!!!!

        • Sick of everything

          You don’t know what the hell your talking about like most conservatives and right wing idiots. Everything you said is bs and the proof is out there, and I don’t feel like explaining it. To many of you brain dead morons out there.

        • seethroughurlies

          You spew lies and propaganda, just like the rest of the brainwashed followers of the GOP. Mitt Romney is a snake oil salesman with nothing but dollar signs in his eyes. He doesn’t care for the average American. He will do just like Bush, rake in a bunch of cash for his bankster and corporation buddies and leave us in the dirt trying to figure out what happened. By the way, where is Bush and Chaney? Don’t see them out endorsing their boys.

          • withanh2

            Before you cast stones at Romney about not caring, please do the research. Check charity donations from Obama/ Biden compared to Romney/Ryan. Your “not caring” statement will go out the window! Real charity and caring starts at home and with personal giving! Obama and Biden care nothing for anyone but their own!

        • imax_patriot

          Maybe you need to revisit your facts, or is it better to just ignore the facts when they don’t fit in with your story. The 47 % is mostly made up of soldiers fighting wars , older people who are retired and don’t make enough money to pay taxes and probably those just like Romney and Ryan who are able to hide and shelter their money from taxation, the only path to prosperity they are interested in is their own and those like them.

          The reason we are where we are today is because of the failed policies of the past that protect those who make money on the backs of the middle class, the 99%, they are the ones that don’t care about this country and what it stands for

          The health care act protects all of us from those able bodies that you mention above who have no health insurance and use the health system anyway, guess what, that is not free health care we all pay for that.

          The legacy Obama leaves behind is that he brought back the respect this country deserve after the shameless action of the last cowboy president, is it any wonder that no one in the republican party will even speak his name or anyone associated with him today.

          We are a country of inclusion and weather you like it or not it is the government job to make sure that we all have a say, we can only move forward when we all move together. it’s time that we stop worrying about which party is running the country and start working towards the solutions that help all of us EVEN IF IT MEANS COMPROMISE!

        • luvsmy2boys

          Fed up, do you really truly believe that 47% of Americans are not working and are freeloading off the govt? Go find a person serving in one of armed forces and tell them exactly how you feel…

          Better yet, go find some elderly folks that have worked their entire lives, and are now getting the deserved social security that they have paid into and Medicare that is helping to absorb their medical costs so they aren’t homeless…..

          These people my friend are amongst the 47% of bums that Romney so proudly spoke of that weren’t capable of taking care of themselves. He’s an idiot, and he will NOT be the next president.

        • ellen_h

          And I suppose we will get these people to work by closing down companies like Sensata Tech and outsourcing their jobs to China, only after the employees have first trained the chinese workers to do THEIR jobs. This is happening NOW! For added info, Romneys’ brain child, the BAIN grp owns 50% of Sensata so tell us how thats going to get jobs for good hard working American people?

        • You need medical help bad. i feel sorry for people like you it is your type that has brought ruin to america.


      • Doug, not quite – I would like to repeal everything you mentioned and a lot more except for civil rights. The UNaffordable health care act is my top priority. Medicaid and medicare are next. Social Security is fine if YOU want to pay the bills to make it solvent – but then I expect you feel the rich should do that for you. Incidently, I am a senior citizen and I see all the harm your favorite socialistic dole-outs have done to our once great country. If you get your wish and you Socialists (yes you are-even though you’ll say you aren’t) win the upcoming election, in four years you will probably join in the riots protesting the Government.

      • gjava

        And what facts or sources do you have for these claims of what they want to do?

        • They tell us everyday what they want to do. Didnt you watch the Republican National Convention…last nights debate???

          • misti, if they do not listen and go out of their way to protect the non-innocent, than they cannot understand wasting 90 billion on our fav green companies, or about demilitarizing to the point that “Libyas” happen regularly, or the fact that food stamp recipients is up 50% in 4 years, or that the unemployment rate is GROWING at record paces (look at todays report, and i cannot wait for tomorrows numbers)….u see misti, in the world of the staunch democrat, listening and learning and understanding are impossible….it would be like trying to befriend terrorists…oh shit he’s trying that too lmao

          • blockney

            Your dreaming buddy. Robmee tried to etc ha sch-etch his way out. And the right wingers are silent because they know his only hope is to be a Democrat. The polls are already out from the debate. Obama moved from 47 to 48,and Robmee moved from 41 to 43. Basically no change. It takes 270 delegates to win. It ain’t happening for Robmee. Sorry buddy. Better luck next time,against Hillary!!
            Oh one more thing. If you give a lire enough rope he’ll hang himself. Just like Robmee did in the debate. And Ruin will do in his debate!!

          • hilandar1000

            Robby, you better do some massive checking — you are wrong on ALL counts! Since you obviously have computer capabilities, you could certainly check your facts better than you did before writing what you did about green companies, food stamp recipients and unemployment rates. Even Romney’s own campaign admits his figures were wrong in the debate.

      • honur

        Please let us know where is the money coming from for all of these wonderful things father Obama is bequiting to us. Are you willing to pay for it out of your pocket? Our original free healthcare for the poor system was destroyed by the lawyers, who care nothing for the poor. Now these same lawyers are running our government, making laws, and guarenteeing that the lawyes stay rich. Voting for lawyers (over 2/3 of our congress in Washinton is made up of Lawyers today) should be illegal. They perpetrate their guild’s interest and ignore the good of the people and the Nation.

      • and the middle east in 2013??? …idiot

      • All based on what research? Or are you doing like Obama and crew and just mouthing untruths and hoping they might stick?

      • Michael Bednarz

        I won’t even attempt to debate with you. Arguing with idiots is futile, I gain nothing, and you have way too much experience.

      • All of you people are absolutely retards. I can’t believe that over the last 4 years, people have turned completely bat snit. You have to be on drugs. I, on the other hand, can’t wait for obombo’s blood clot to hit his brain. WOOHOOO!!!!

      • Dutchman61

        Dougie, you should actually read a history book. Republicans under Lincoln fought and won the civil war to free the slaves from Democrat rule in the South. After the war, Democrats instituted Jim Crow and Democrats fought against the Civil rights movement. NOT A SINGLE MAJOR LEADER IN THE JIM CROW SOUTH WAS A REPUBLICAN IN 1961. That is the historical facts. Today, black communities in cities run by Republicans or a mix of Republicans and Democrats are far better educated and wealthier than those in cities ruled by Democrats longer than 20 years. measure it in terms of college, high school graduation, home ownership, net income adjusted for region, etc.

      • joanc

        I can’t even begin to tell you how completely wrong your statement is. What can you point to about what Obama has accomplished in his four years, except to improve his golf game and reward his donors? I have to get gas for my car at $4.00 plus per gallon so I can go to work to pay for the goodies Obama hands out from his stash. Robin Hood in the White House just doesn’t fit , it’s time to let him retire to the Golf course.

      • joanc

        If Obama wanted to get people back to work, why did he place so many rules and regs. on businesses. Romney and Ryan do not want to do the things you listed, you have been listening to the lies from this administration, and unfortunatly believe them. Have you heard how the Libya murders of An American Ambassador and three other US citizens, happened, and how they requested more security,, but were declined by DC bereaucrats. The lies and duplicity that streamed from Obama, Rice, Clinton and Carney are shameful. It was three weeks before the FBI went to the scene, although the liars in DC told us peons that they were there earlier. What could they study after three weeks of the scene without being secured? You also mentioned the Civil War as if the Democrats won it to free the slaves, which is very wrong, the GOP under Lincoln were the ones who freed the slaves, against the will of the Democrats, who have been taking credit for it ever since. The affordable care act is not so affordable, as we are just finding out. It is already causing businesses, to cut the hours of full time staff to part time to avoid paying for that flawed affordable care bill. How will it impact those who will have to take two part time jobs to pay their bills. Wonderful bill isn’t it? NOT ! Now about Rowe Vs Wade from 1973 —– Why do you think the slaughter of innocent babies is such a good thing? I bet you are one who protests the death sentence for those who brutally murdered others, but the bleeding hearts feel sorry and fight to save them. How about looking at the chopped up baby after abortion, nobody gives them a second thought, and they never had the chance to draw a first breath. The ambulance won’t come for some, when the Obama death panels decide the person is expendable, Romney -Ryan team in 2012 will put America back on track!

        • You are totally insane. Is it ok to abort if it is “forcible rape”??

      • Repeal the minimum wage, well if you truly understood it’s unintended impact on unemployment you might rethink that one. The Civil War? OK, if you insist we can make the South a separate country. You get the North and Socialism and we get the South and Capitalism. Give it 100 years and we will buy you back. Affordable Health Care Act – I have had two insurance companies drop us by going out of business and now that it is “affordable” my premiums have gone up 25% and my deductible 500%. On the last point you are right. We do not give up – ever. So be afraid, very afraid.

      • lavallette

        “Row v Wade”?!?!?! What case is that? ” they want to revisit the Civil War.” and your evidence is?, Are you even aware that its was a Republican Presisdent and Republ;ican Congress that lead the North in the Civil War and emancipated the black slaves? None so blind as those that have eyes but refuse to see!!!

    • I have said this several times, and been told it sounds like I’m a conspiracy theorist; The Gross Oligarchy Princes want to build Tammany Hill.

      If you have a secret cabal (the people who have bought Mitt Romney and want to buy the election need not name themselves, thanks to *Citizens United*) that have a common goal they will not reveal (Mitt Romney refuses to reveal his full tax forms or any details of how he plans to govern until after the election), then guess what!

      It IS a conspiracy.

      • And Obama has been President for nearly 4 years and we still don’t know what his plan is but that is OK. He put together the Simpson Bowles commission and totally ignored their recommendations to stimulate the economy because they went against his Marxist vision for Amerika. He has not passed a budget so we lowly taxpayers can see where our taxes are going yet he wants us to pay more. Even if those millionaires and Billionaires gave every cent of their income to the government it would not make a dent in the deficit but hey, we would all feel better. That is not a plan it is class warfare. Typical lib response, If a conservative states we need to cut back on entitlements by 5% you scream that they want to end the program and throw people out on the streets and let people starve. Every time I try to have an honest discussion with a democrat on the problems facing this country I am amazed at how little they understand reality and how ignorant they are of the FACTS. If Obamy wins in November and the country slides even further into the abyss all of you believers are going to have to start facing reality and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

        • The only thing republicans are working on is to bring women’s rights to a halt.

          • Only you can bring your rights to a halt if you you succumbed to that temptation to wrap yourself with the mantle of dependency.
            Vocal successful women who have founded businesses have never been sold into this “war on women” B.S.That Republican mayor Mia Love is a woman with 2 children.I bet she can afford to buy her own contraception or pay for her own abortion.I wonder how she got to be a success at a tender age of 32.A woman at that.!!!!

        • There are powerful women out there who have already been emancipated by choice long before obama came.In fact these women refuse to used as pawns by the obama campaign.
          What war on women?
          Your rights are already well protected by the constitution.
          Women of substance would never thought of themselves as victims.

          • MsJoanne

            And you’re not paying attention. Over TWO THOUSAND anti-women pieces of legislation have been brought up across America by the GOP in the last three years. In AZ a new law considers a woman pregnant two weeks prior to her period.

            You may think there’s no war on women but we, who are affected by the GOP bills and laws, sure are.

        • We have faced the reality that if we keep allowing the obstruction and filibustering, yes, there will be more of the same.

          You need to wake up and acknowledge that the failures laid at “Obamy’s” feet really should be filed under Obstruction and taken to Mitch and Boner’s doorsteeps.

        • Guys spending billions on wars is the conservative way to go?

      • The secret cabal is probably headed by George Soros wanting to buy the election for Obama to perpetuate his socialist agenda.
        Mitt Romney has published his 2011 tax returns.I do not hear the IRS pursuing Mitt Romney for any tax anomaly.
        People who have leeched off the government for not wanting to work by choice are naturally quaking in their boots if Romney gets elected as welfare program wll include again the work requirement ,a bipartisan legislation signed into law by Bill Clinton and which Obama wants to negate.
        When can I retire and stop supporting able bodied welfare moochers who are of working age but is purely AVERSE TO WORK.

        • MsJoanne

          The work requirement of welfare was not removed. Christ, read the flipping order. You’re embarrassing yourself. Mitt’s and the entirity of the GOP are lying to you. And you’re allowing it.

    • cliffjos54

      Outstanding. Couldn’t be said any better.

    • Psychopaths in Christian robes.

    • Total agreement here. What appalls me is how many of those very poor vote in favor of being turned into Soylent Green. But that is the great “Southern Strategy” at work — the Republicans are still courting the bigots in a big way.

    • doodad69

      And yet it is your pres-uh-muh-dint that is threatening hospitals with HUGE fines for readmitting Medicare patients. And you say it’s your betters, the Republicans, who want to watch old people take their last breaths. Pfft! And all to pay for BO Care. Idiot. You liberals have never been known as intelligent, by any stretch of the imagination, but you could all combat that by getting your information from outlets other than the Daily Show, or the Colbert Report. I hate to break it to all of you nitwits, but they are “enter-tain-ment” shows, and not real news shows. Nor is stupid Bill Maher. Now go fetch something for a man, Miss Joanne. Make yourself useful for once.

      • MsJoanne

        The above demonstrates why “conservatives” are going to lose 70% of the female vote.

        Enjoy, jacka$s.

    • Evantoo

      Not too bright, are you? The 47% that do not pay taxes is a number that comes from the government- specifically the IRS.
      That number is calculated to include all those who have receive more from the government than they paid into it. The result is getting a check BACK from the government.
      I am IN that 47% that is referred to so often. I have an income of over 60K a year. I pay an adjusted Federal Income Tax rate that, after deductions, requires me to pay several thousand in income taxes. BUT, I ALSO get a Social Security check (due to age) which is more than I pay the IRS in income taxes. The SS check, when compared to the income taxes I pay, results in ME getting MORE from the government than I send them.
      This, because I EFFECTIVELY pay $O in taxes, places me into that 47% group that “pays no taxes”!
      I am NOT offended by Mr. Romney’s comment since it is true. I AM offended by the political party that I will not vote for in this coming Presidential election which has had my support for decades being so viciously nasty to people who know the facts and speaks about them accurately. Mr Obama will NOT get my support this time around BECAUSE he has been an embarrassment to me and the country. And people like you are a good part of the reason that I am so disgusted with my party.
      What is it that you people have against our country that you hate so much of and that you seem so oblivious of?
      Sorry, “MsJoanne”, but your viciousness is not something I care to support anymore.
      Facts speak for themselves, you speak for whomever feeds you a line.
      I suggest you learn to vet the garbage we’ve been dumping on the US and the Republicans for years. I have, and the true facts are not pleasant to see.

      • MsJoanne

        I have no idea what you’re complaining about. Yes, you’re in the 47%. So you’re agreeing that you’re a lazy loafer who’s going to get a job so you can pay taxes? Huh? But f that makesyou feel better, good for you.

        And what viciousness you don’t like, other than calling some schmoe who told me to get him a sandwich a jacka$s, which I stand by, again…no idea.

        You vote for whomever you’d like. But to say Obama is an embarrassment, I suggest you vet the garbage you’re reading.

        • Hey, get me a sandwich and a cold beer..Pronto.

    • Some of these comments are instructive as to the true manic nature of the Obamaist mentality. In point of fact, it’s Obama who wishes to cut medicare, through his unconstitutional government takeover of the health care industry.
      The fact is, leftists cannot live with the notion that others do not want leftists in control of & regulating their lives. Their real desire is to see anyone who wishes to interfere with their destructive policies dead. The historical record of leftists is clear. If you interfere, you usually end up killed or in jail. This has worked overseas, but doesn’t work in America, where the penchant for freedom is still greater than the desire to be offered false security from extremists seeking power. Thankfully, the psychotics are being exposed at this time, & the independent voters are aware. Their desperation is being made starkly evident, & their power is slipping away. Those who yearn for freedom celebrate this.

      • MsJoanne

        Dude, there’s not enough tin foil on the planet to address your paranoid delusions. Seek help. Obamacare will ensure you’re not rejected for pre-existing conditions.

        Good luck to you.

    • u should be embarrassed at your obvious lack of education

    • sorry to have “attacked “you, since i am certain that your view changed after last nite lmfao

      • MsJoanne

        Who knew Romney was more liberal than Obama. AWESOME! (Did you listen to what Romney said? You guys should be fuming…heck, Romney moved to the left of Chavez!)

    • RoscoeTigie77

      MsJoanne-You and many others on this blog are obviously one of misguided cool-aid drinkers!!

    • Silly talk, all of us old people ten to vote for the GOP.
      Unless we get this spending under control and the econmy going there will be nothing for the next generation of us old people.

      • MsJoanne

        If you’re concerned about spending, you should not be voting GOP. Reagan ran up the largest debt of all time before GW Bush who ran up the largest debt in American history. Dems are significantly better at controlling spending. Look at stats since 1980 and don’t believe the lies the GOP peddles about tax and spending Dems. We pay for spending. The GOP borrows and spends. Dems also spend here for Americans. Bush Jr spent trillions in wars.

    • Delores109

      You would have to explain why Obama took $716,000,000,000 of benefits from the Medicare Trust Fund in order to pay for the uninsured and illegals on Obamacare…in order to justify your opinion. MITT ROMNEY plans to put those benefits back into Medicare so that it remains solvent. It is illegal for Obama and Timothy Geithner to use funds from TRUST funds, except for the beneficiaries who have contributed to the TRUST.
      Delores Smith
      [email protected]

    • freefroggy

      You just ruined my Thanksgiving dinner!

    • You are an inbred hillbilly. Go to the closest animal shelter and get fixed. In your case they will do it for free.

      “Republican’s will never be happy until old and poor people are soylent green”. You are a dilusional snit head. Stop inbreeding with your family.

      • MsJoanne

        LOL! Out of the mouths of fire-breathing Republicans.

    • Dutchman61

      MsJoanne, did you ever actually watch “Soylent Green”? Do you understand that people were killed to make the food? Who supports killing live people today? Who supports abortion without question? Who supports Euthanasia? Who supports infanticide (Mr. Obama is on record as an state Senator actively supporting infanticide) ? how far is it to take the final steps in that movie? And who has already walked the first steps? That group is heavily weighted with a Democrat majority.

      • MsJoanne

        First off, it’s the Democratic Party, so you might want to step outside of your right wing bubble, otherwise you’ll sound stupid.

        Putting seniors out in the private insurance market with a voucher to assist in paying “premium support” is going to result in seniors not getting care. 20-something’s have enough problems understanding coverages, limitations, exceptions, etc. is hard enough. Asking a senior to traverse that market is cruel. So, yes, privatizing Medicare is going to result in dead people. (See my other comments, I won’t repeat it all again.)

        As for Obsma and infanticide, spare me. Again, you’re reading and believing right wing talking points. I’d go through them but its unlikely you really care about truth so I’ll leave that alone.

        You and the rest if GOP supporters are being lied to, over and over, about pretty much everything, but you don’t care. And that’s a crying shame as many if you are voting against your own best interests. And you’re allowing it, to your own detriment.

    • Republicans have always found ways to work with Demogags oops Democrats and their House and Congress and Senate and Churches to help take care of America , unlike our President who thinks he can just sign bills into law like a king we are NOT a monarchy( at least not yet) that is why we need Romney , he does not need the buck , he loves America the way she was intended to be , read the constitution:)

    • The sociopath is the socialist named Obama( 2016) seen it? You should TRUTH is hard to swallow sometimes especially if you have no clue what it is:)

    • The Obama kool aid has really affected what brain you may have had. However, there is hope and change is coming.

      The facts are the facts 44+% don’t pay taxes. Many of whom are able bodied living off the system. Who do you think they will vote for?? Got to get them foodstamps, so they can trade them for drugs.

      Your strawman of an attack on the elderly is as phony as the war on women. But we understand that you and your liberal friends have a warped sense of morality. You scream this garbage about protecting the elderly but will line up to defend the killing of ALIVE yet unborn children. You shout against crimes committed with guns, but feel it is okay to rob others as long as the government does it and calls it making them pay their fair share.

      HYPOCRISY = TRADEMARK of the left.

    • joanc

      Ms.Joanne, i’m sorry to see that you are drinking spiked kool aid. If you are satisfied with way the country is being pushed into Socialism, than you need to do some research to find the things you listed are all Obama and his teams propoganda. Please wake up to the lies and how our Constitution and Federal law are being completely ignored by the President. Where are the checks and balances designed to ensure that one of the three branches of Government does not overstep their boundries? It seems as if Obama completly disregards the system which has worked for the USA for years. He was elected to serve the country,not to rule it as he appears to be doing. His actions have caused loss of jobs, implemented many rules and regulations, lied about the Libya killing of Chris Stevens, stopped the pipeline and the jobs it would have opened fo US citizens, Back door amnesty,Fast and furious gun walking. I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get my message. I have to ask you if you have ever seen any other President make so many decisions that only worked to bring America’s economy to it’s knees. Think about it !

      • MsJoanne

        Our country is not being pushed into Socialism. The sole purpose of government is to serve the people, be it defense of people, creating laws to maintain a functioning society, or what have you. That is not Socialism (or Marxism or Communism, whichever word the right likes to throw around).

        This president is not ignoring the Constitution, law or checks and balances. Obama has signed less executive orders than either Bush, Clinton or Reagan. In what way has he done any of the things you say…because legislation was passed without Republican support? That’s the GOP’s fault (and Obama doesn’t pass laws, Congress does).

        Since Obama was elected we have had 39 consecutive periods of growth in the economy. The stock market has doubled. Private business is sitting on trillions of dollars in profit. Private sector has grown every month. Jobs are no longer going away by almost a million a month (we have gained private sector jobs every month since mid 2009). We still have too much unemployment but a good 1.5% has been loss of public sector jobs, jobs who serve people (teachers, police, etc.) but they are jobs none the less.

        About Libya, one would think that as evidence comes to light, the story of what happened would change. Why right wingers want to send kids out of this country when this is the only home they have ever known isn’t just wrong, it is cruel. Because their parents came here illegally, children should not have to pay for that. Many don’t even speak a language other than English.

        You guys twist facts to make a big deal out of nothing, and make a bad deal for US (like the whole debt ceiling disaster…raising the debt ceiling allows us to pay for prior spending, not increase future spending, but the GOP decided to hold the US credit rating hostage, as they have held many other things hostage throughout Obama’s term).

        Imagine what government could have done for The People had the GOP decided to participate in government instead of try to thwart it at every move.

        It might behoove you to read/watch something other than right wing media. While Obama is far from perfect (no president is), he is hardly the evil you guys make him out to be. Step out of your bubble.

    • joanc

      Your thinking is off key. It is not the GOP that will bring us down, we are already two thirds of the way there thanks to Obama and his radical ideas. His actions have caused our credit rating to be lowered for the first time ever, his rules and regulations have done nothing to help the economy, but has caused small business owners to fail. Big Business owners are next in line because they find it too expensive to operate with the impossible burdens placed on them. We are dealing with no jobs, $4.00 plus gas, higher electricity bills, and a failed foreign policy brought on by Obama making us look weak by bowing to our enemies, and thumbing his nose at our only allies. You mentioned the forty seven percent that pay no taxes, are you talking about the people who think all their freebies come from Obama’s stash. The other day we found out about free phones paid for by taxpayers on their own cell phone statement. This is a program originaly meant for true indigents, but Obama inflated it to an impossible number, one Baltimore woman bragged that she had 30 free phones, and she gladly displayed them to the press. If this is what you want, then we are in for some big suprises if Obama gets reelected. God Help us, because no one else will.

    • Don’t forget bringing back slavery, instigating the Caste system, reinstalling the land Barons, the inquisition and fleas. You are a fool MsJoanne but enjoy it, you are not alone. When was the last time you heard a Republican say they want to end Social Security? When you find him or her ask just how do you fund a tax break? Doesn’t that assume that the money was the government’s in the first place? You should take a course in governmental accounting. If you don’t laugh yourself to death you might realize just how full of it you are.

    • NietherParty

      You are really misinformed. Typical, uneducated, robot…repeat, repeat, repeat whatever comes out of the Democratic campaign offices. Doesn’t matter if its true, so long as they say it is. There is good and bad in both parties. Stop rolling every one into a group. When you make a blanket statement as dumb as, “Republicans are still trying to end Social Security more than eighty years later”, it really just speaks to your uneducated stance. Make a real choice this election. I don’t care who you vote for, but stop trying to sound intelligent because it isn’t working.



    • WBC

      Pass more Koooooooooooooool-Aid.

      Will you leftist twerps never cease to lie to yourselves? So you like Social Security? How are you going to like it when its broke? You like Medicare? How are you going to like it when it can’t pay your medical bills? Your problem is that you never learned math. Has it escaped your attention that Obama and his lackeys have not produced a single suggestion as to how to preserve Medicare and Social Security other than to print money (in case you haven’t noticed, borrowing no longer fills the gap)?

  • Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate to rally the base and address the doubts that so many Republicans have about his conservative credentials. Republicans, and Tea Party members in particular, are well aware of Mitt Romney’s record as Governor of Massachussetts and they are very uncomfortable with it and with some of the statements Mitt made in the past on issues such as abortion and healthcare. The problem for the Romney campaign is that Ryan’s plan to privatize Social Security, dismantle MEDICARE, gut MEDICAID and eliminate taxes on dividends, capital gains and inheritances is so anti-middle class that it only appeals to those in the fringes. Add Mitt Romney’s gaffes to the equation and they are a recipe for disaster. They are not being rejected by most Americans because they are two-headed monsters, they are being rejected because their plans and vision would affect so many people, and benefit so few, that they are simply unacceptable for anyone able to rationalize thought.

    • Jim Lou

      The problem with Romney is that he has no firm thoughts of his own. He says what he thinks his audience wants to hear.

      His choice of Ryan is just an extension of that. He wanted to curry favor with that part of the Republican party.

      • nic78

        I think that’s why Romney has so many gaffes and is so wooden; he is going against every original thought in his brain and having to parrot all the voices that are lining his pockets and hope something “sticks” on the wall. Although I want to believe Rmoney’s an imbecile, he couldn’t have gotten as far as he did in the business world by being an idiot, I just think he’s got too many people telling him things he doesn’t really believe.

      • politicojunkie

        For Romney, everyday is a blank slate. He is an a-moral robot who is more than a casual flip-flopper, he is a flat out liar!

      • Lexsafe

        Doesn’t one of you left wingers ever pick up a newspaper? Don’t you understand that the battle is not just about free health care and all of the little perks you liberals want to go along with that, it’s about FREEDOM, SAFETY, & FAIRNESS in our own country. Our freedoms are on the line as our constitution is being taken apart. Our safety is being jeopardized as we’re appeasing terrorists and not protecting our diplomats and military in the middle east. These are real people with real families and they are being murdered while the WH covers it’s butt. It’s not fair that people are being given food stamps because their are no jobs that pay enough. WAKE UP! EDUCATE YOUSELVES! Romney has very firm and realistic ideas that do not have to be read on a screen. Ryan is awesome and and a far better choice than Biden was! They will get our economy going again and Americans working again and they will do it as a team, not as Dictator and Gaffee!

        From an Air Force wife since 1983…I don’t need a President whose words are soothing and hypnotic but full of BULLCRAP> I need a REAL COMMANDER IN CHIEF who tells it like it is for my country….That’s the U.S.A. BABY!!!!!!! NOT CHINA or RUSSIA or IRAN But AMERICA. The greatest country in the world…..

  • Honestly they feed of the Walker vibe in WI and thought bringing Ryan on would keep that vibe going. However what they failed to realize is that WI is full of morons. I live here, it shames me. Now we have Walker (the anti-christ) back in power and Ryan as VP hopeful OMG kill me now! Once you get outside of Milwaukee and Madison Wisconsin is nothing more then racist hillbillys. It’s sad but true.

    • AKRNC

      Considering President Obama is ahead by 6 to 8 points in most polls for WI, there’s still hope for your state. I was shocked they didn’t vote Walker out but it looks like they’re going to make up for that huge mistake in the general election. What would really top everything, would be Ryan not getting re-elected to the House.

    • Alex I agreed with all of your statements except the one that calls the racists in your state hillbillies. The majority of hillbillies aren’t racists and I should know as I am a hillbilly and proud of it. A hillbilly is someone that works hard and tries to help others we are not like the cartoon character Lil’ Abner nor are we like the people that books, movies, and TV betray us to be. We are hard working and judge people on what they do not the color of their skin, their religion or their sex and help people that need help without making a big to do about it. There many people that consider themselves to be hillbillies that have very high IQ’s but don’t brag about, just use that high IQ to improve the world. So instead of calling the racists in your state hillbillies just call them racists especially since the people that are real hillbillies were one of the first groups of people that judged others on their work ethic not the color of their skin. This hillbilly voted for Obama in 2008 and will vote for him again this year as will all of her hillbilly friends.

      • …and let’s not forget that none other than Bill Clinton is a hillbilly from Arkansas!

        • daniel bostdorf

          yeah…a narcissits that went to Oxford…

          be careful about whom ou bring up…

        • mreichard7

          …and an immoral, lying, cheating pig.

        • mreichard7

          …and an immoral, lying, cheating pig who was impreached, but still gets paid an average $150,000. per lying speech. Net worth in the 100s of millions.

  • daniel bostdorf

    The only disgrace here on this planet is that there will be no break in the deadlock…you see…the House is controlled by “Bonehead Boehner.”

    The Senate is almost controlled by Karl Rove money.

    The “UNsupreme Court” validates the concept of “one lies and the other swears to it.”
    CITIZENS decision strike a familiar cord?

    In 2012—–If you don’t have a House and Senate and President that is “Deomocratic”…. We have 4 more years of a “do-nothing Congress…”

    Mitch McConnel 2 years ago stated that the Republican plan was to thwart ANYTHING Obama wants to do….

    Why do you think Rove and Koch Brothers have written off Romnet et al?….and are dumping hundreds of millions into keep Republican control of House….and trying to get Senate?

    That is the Rove fascist end game..

    Hope springs eternal….but….it will be a far better world wit h OBAMA..

    OBAMA needs to invoke Abraham Lincoln second term and simply go over the 2012 version of fascist Republicans and Teaparty nazis.


    We are facing a GLOBAL civil war or rich verses poor….

    Anyone here understand human history for a thousand years?

    Condemned to repeat the blunders?

    • Ed

      I am afraid we might be! Too many want a “president that looks like me! Even if he turns out to be Hitler reincarnated.”.

  • Ryan is much better than Biden!

    • Ed

      Perhaps so,but he is a teamplayer and will side with his president. Haven’t hear any reports of him badmouthing his candidate to his staff.

      • Jim Lou

        That doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening……..

    • SaneJane

      At what? Biden is a real, warm human being while while Ryan comes across as a hungry vulture growing impatient with waiting for us to die.

    • daniel bostdorf

      Especially when Ryan is locked in a closet and never allowed out.

      Biden rules..

      The point of this article relates to Paul Ryan’s disgrace?

      Why you post??

  • bcarreiro

    havent we had enough with these repatative republicans doubling up on the all american taxpayer money and doubling down overseas. you cant write off medicare or medicaid like you do your business lunchatations under the entertainment section of your voucher exp. acct.

  • Most Republicans aren’t “wingnuts.” By trying to appeal to the most radical and loudest of the conservatives, and the ones with the most money, they’ve made a whole lot of the more moderate very nervous. That’s why they’re backpeddling and ‘clarifying.’ However, Ryan is exceptionally poor at it and I felt sorry for his mom, while I was smiling widely at my fellow AARP members stating their opinions clearly.

    • Sure, most aren’t wingnuts, but they’ve sat here for the last four years and said ZIP while they go along with the wingnut agenda. I just have no sympathy for the GOP. The moderates sold themselves out for votes.

    • Quite a few of GOP members are radically religious. These folks are also some of the most wealthy, and the most ignorant of reality. Take for example Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin. He has a B.S in Engineering, however his highest degree is a Masters in Divinity from the Covenant Theological Seminary. And this man sits on the commitee of Science, Space, ad Technology, a position he is clearly not qualified for. Then we have someone like Rick Perry. In an interview last week, he admitted that he not only believes the devil is a real person, but that Satan is responsible for the separation of church and state in America. By his logic, he is telling us that our Forefathers, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and many others, were possessed by demons while they drafted the U.S. Constitution. And he is the governor of fucking Texas. People voted for him. People support his values.

      • Most of my Republican friends are more driven by social issues such as abortion and same sex marriage than economic matters, in part because most are well off and the economic downturn has either not affected them or they benefited from it.

        • daniel bostdorf

          Ok…but what is the point as it relates to Paul Ryan’s disgrace?

  • All I know is if Paul Ryan came up to me in a used car lot, I would run like hell.

    • Given his opinions on rape, I’d run if he came up to me anywhere, especially with a drink in his hand.

  • ococoob

    Why would Ryan subject his mother to this?

    • 113121

      Same reason Palin used to drag her children around where she might not be wanted instead of keeping them in school. A human shield.

  • maesea


  • Samuel Dollman

    Boy, isn’t this the truth. But, then this was/is just another one of those GREAT decisions of Ro”money”

  • Paul Ryan has never held a job in private industry or business, so how can we trust a PIG-AT-THE-PUBLIC-TROUGH “urging” Americans to “stand on their own 2-feet and NOT BE SO DANG GOVERNMENT-DEPENDENT”?

    The trauma of losing a parent during one’s turbulent teens is part of Life and growing up to be strong and independent – most folks do, but as Wonderboy is proving, there are exceptions…

  • Ryan is like a fish out of water, he and his plan of vouchers estimated at $8,000 for the seniors to replace medicare is just right down Godly wrong. The vouchers won’t cover as much as medicare does now, forcing old people to take more of their Social Security checks to buy an insurance policy, that is going to try to get out of paying every dime they can. Most of you that are reading this are probably as old as I am, and have seen insurance companies procedures of figuring out a way to not have to pay no more than they have to. So with Ryan’s plan, pay for your vouchers(even if you don’t, it shows up later), then deal with figuring out what you do without, to pay this insurance premium. or cut down on food, forget about Things & people you love.They say of course that this won’t effect present seniors. But if they have to use this to get re-elected, if they win, you can bet they will start enforcing the results as soon as possible. Even if they didn’t use it for years as they claim, what about the 328,000,000 workers that are supposed to save (instead of social security and medicare) that don’t end up with a big wad of money because they had to spend part, or all, their money to help keep loved ones alive, or just get sidetracked some other way. Just heard Ryan on tv talking about being part of the problem or part of the solution, Romney and Ryan’s theory is definately part of the problem.

    • It’s really quite simple. If the insurance company denies you life-saving medication after you paid your premiums, and you know you’ll kick the bucket soon, it’s time to declare open season on their asses. I recommend AK-47 with lots of ammo. You’ll need a lot of ammo for when the employees check out to go home. Or, maybe, you can call a fire alarm and have the enemy come out, at which time you can mow them down with a truck before opening fire on those who got away.

  • the day the anti-christ romney picked ryan for VP that was the day i knew he dfidnt want to be Pres. what the anti-christ is trying to do is have the big wigs 2% greedy bastards fill up his off shore accounts with money he can hide . and after the Pres. Obama wins the house again . he should get ahold of the ATT.-GEN. and ordit the anti-christ romney whole campain account . ill bet he has every one of his kids on the donations money and the funds for him to be running for Pres. and his top campain runners ill bet he gives them double the money but tells them he has to give him half of the money back in cash and send it to his off shore acounts . hes an evil snake POS and these things im sure he,s doing or things close to it . being Pres. of the country is no kind of money for him to make . he,s in it for all the money he can hide and make on the side . why do you think it tool so long to give his taxes for 2011 ? because he haD TO doctor them up . and right the anti-christ didnty take some deductions he could of taken . he him self said if he was to pay more in taxes then that person shouldnt be Pres. the breaks he said he didnt take im sure there are some but its just a cover up and rest asure he made up the money some place else

  • Medicare was a huge advantage for Republicans in 2010 //// that and getting jobs going thatsd what thy ran on in 2010 how much thy was going to get jobs for the country . and what did tyhy do ? thy just joined the party of no thy had a chance to get jobs with fixing the roads and bridges and what did thy do ? ( NOT A DAM THING NOTHING THY JUST SAID NOOOO ) the thing is getting Obama in the house is a good thing . the best thing for the country n. but ppl. have to understand that we need more DEMS in office to get things done . for if you just vote the Pres. in and keep the same GOP ding dongs then it will be 4 more years of the Pres. fighting to get things done for the country with out no help . the country has to get the DEMS in office to better the country with the GOP ding dongs and their party of no in there isnt going to help much

  • Can you imagine a Romney/Ryan win, and if something happened to Romney, we’d get Ryan! OMG! Armageddon would be somthing to look forward to rather than having this self-righteous egotist and liar as our President.

    • oldtack

      Hitler/Himmler/ Goebels

      Re-enactment of the Rise of the Third Reich.

      Read history from 1923-1938 pertaining to German Government..

  • michaelnola

    All you all are forgetting is Oshama and his propensity for either being the worst haggler of all time, or , as I suspect, just another corporatist who wants what Romney /Ryan want, only not so radical.

    Remember, he already has agreed to cut corporate taxes, while getting rid of loopholes(giggle, giggle) and is more than willing to cut, but not slash(the term he uses, as Cenk Uygur points out) M and M and SS. His second term will tell all, as he will not need to pretend to be a liberal anymore and can pursue his true agenda, which to me is clearly right of center, just not batshit crazy right like Romney/Ryan. The next four years will be interesting.

    • daniel bostdorf

      This article is about Paul Ryan’s Disgrace and Romney’s bizarre choice for a VP running mate.
      Did you actually read the authors article?

      Quoting the article:

      “From the moment Mitt Romney announced Ryan as his running mate, the congressman has been running from specifics of his famed Ryan Budgets, which had made him the darling of the conservative movement. This was to be expected… and a bit ironic, as Romney had adopted nearly all of Ryan’s ideas when his campaign was crumbling in the primary. Ryan’s downfall began when his harmless fib about his marathon time was closely followed by a widely panned convention speech where his disregard for the truth came off as deliberate and invidious. This immediately cut into his image as someone who told “hard truths.” …Instead he used half-truths and flat-out lies in order to make an unprincipled case against the president….Even before Mitt Romney selected Ryan, Democracy Corps was finding that his budget could be a huge drag on Republicans across the country. But that was just a theory. Now that Ryan’s on the ticket, we’re going to get to see directly how Paul Ryan’s ideas do on a national scale….What looks increasingly more likely is that Ryan’s vision for America, which Mitt Romney was forced to adopt, will be soundly rejected.”

      MICHAELNOLO: Why bring up your obvious propaganda motive to intentionally change the subject so you can attack Obama? What does your statement: “His second term will tell all, as he will not need to pretend to be a liberal anymore and can pursue his true agenda, which to me is clearly right of center, just not batshit crazy right like Romney/Ryan. The next four years will be interesting….” have ANYTHING to do with the article and subsequent discussion by others posting here trying to a have a rational dialog?

      You seem to mimmick the thoughts of those fascist professional propagandists like Rove, Limbaugh,Beck and Fox FAUX News. Spread lies, distortions about Obama.

      Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said it best:

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” (likeFox FAUX News, Limbaugh, Beck and Rove believe)
      or as Adolph Hitler stated:

      “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

      MICHAELNOLO: quit the lies and distortions ok?

  • Mr. Ryan is misleading and not fit to be vice president!

  • US14

    Romney/Ryan would be disasterous for our country!


    Who, exactly, did Romney think Ryan was going to appeal to, other than the people who would never vote for Obama in the first place? I can’t imagine any great ground swell of support for someone who wants to gut the social safety net for seniors while making entirely too much noise about his religion.

  • daniel bostdorf

    This article is about Paul Ryan’s Disgrace and Romney’s bizarre choice for a VP running mate.
    Did you actually read the authors article?

    Quoting the article:

    “From the moment Mitt Romney announced Ryan as his running mate, the congressman has been running from specifics of his famed Ryan Budgets, which had made him the darling of the conservative movement. This was to be expected… and a bit ironic, as Romney had adopted nearly all of Ryan’s ideas when his campaign was crumbling in the primary. Ryan’s downfall began when his harmless fib about his marathon time was closely followed by a widely panned convention speech where his disregard for the truth came off as deliberate and invidious. This immediately cut into his image as someone who told “hard truths.” …Instead he used half-truths and flat-out lies in order to make an unprincipled case against the president….Even before Mitt Romney selected Ryan, Democracy Corps was finding that his budget could be a huge drag on Republicans across the country. But that was just a theory. Now that Ryan’s on the ticket, we’re going to get to see directly how Paul Ryan’s ideas do on a national scale….What looks increasingly more likely is that Ryan’s vision for America, which Mitt Romney was forced to adopt, will be soundly rejected.”

    MICHAELNOLO: Why bring up your obvious propaganda motive to intentionally change the subject so you can attack Obama? What does your statement: “His second term will tell all, as he will not need to pretend to be a liberal anymore and can pursue his true agenda, which to me is clearly right of center, just not batshit crazy right like Romney/Ryan. The next four years will be interesting….” have ANYTHING to do with the article and subsequent discussion by others posting here trying to a have a rational dialog?

    You seem to mimmick the thoughts of those fascist professional propagandists like Rove, Limbaugh,Beck and Fox FAUX News. Spread lies, distortions about Obama.

    Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said it best:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” (likeFox FAUX News, Limbaugh, Beck and Rove believe)
    or as Adolph Hitler stated:

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

    MICHAELNOLO: quit the lies and distortions ok?

  • widollar

    My thanks to the misfits in the tea party for helping sink Mitt Romney with the help of Paul Ryan. These two misfits deserve each other. America deserves Barack Obama.

  • If this doesn’t give you at least one nightmare… you’re not human.

    • daniel bostdorf

      The picture of Ryan says a thousand words….

      Ryan’s disgrace while on the campaign trail is the downfall of Romney.

  • Was his mother supposed to be a human shield like Palin’s kids?

  • I think Ryan, and Republican King that blames the Obama people for everything thats wrong in the middle East, and even want someone to resign, should fish in a bigger pond that’s got some water in it. A bigger boat with more bait might help them.

  • polliesboy

    Ryan has been exposed as the stooge of the wealthy & opponent of the seniors & needy in favor of more tax cuts for the wealthy.

  • daniel bostdorf

    The only disgrace here on this planet is that there will be no break in the deadlock…you see…the House is controlled by “Bonehead Boehner.”

    The Senate is almost controlled by Karl Rove money.

    We ned Elizabetn Warren to take Scott Brown down.

    The “UNsupreme Court” validates the concept of “one lies and the other swears to it.”
    CITIZENS decision strike a familiar cord?

    In 2012—–If you don’t have a House and Senate and President that is “Democratic”…. We have 4 more years of a “do-nothing Congress…”

    Mitch McConnel 2 years ago stated that the Republican plan was to thwart ANYTHING Obama wants to do….

    Why do you think Rove and Koch Brothers have written off Romnet et al?….and are dumping hundreds of millions into keep Republican control of House….and trying to get Senate?

    That is the Rove fascist end game..

    Hope springs eternal….but….it will be a far better world wit h OBAMA..

    OBAMA needs to invoke Abraham Lincoln second term and simply go over the 2012 version of fascist Republicans and Teaparty nazis.


    We are facing a GLOBAL civil war or rich verses poor….

    Anyone here understand human history for a thousand years?

    Condemned to repeat the blunders?

  • Romney made a great choice because Ryan is one of the few people in the U.S. to make him seem honest since Ryan is even a bigger liar than Romney. I don’t think people realize what an amazing accomplishment Ryan’s speech was at the Republican Convention. It isn’t that easy to give an entire speech and not tell the truth about anything. I guess Ryan goes by the saying the first thousand lies are the toughest. After that they just roll off the tongue effortlessly. Congratulations, Mr. Ryan, for this great accomplishment. A sold platinum liar. What a milestone!! Where do you go from here but down?

  • These two turkeys are cooked WAAAy before thanksgiving.

  • MarkSmith123

    The first time I heard Paul Ryan speak, I got the feeling that every word he spoke was a lie, and even he did not believe it.


  • Paul Ryan has successfully put into the table for discussion the dreaded words :Social Security and Medicare.As one of the workers ACTIVELY contributing to both systems for the last 27 years[by the way I always held 2 jobs] ,I want to paraphrase Paul Ryan,”bring it on!’.
    I feel so sorry that his message of reforming the system to PRESERVE it has been distorted to the voters as ENDING it.This is blatant DISINFORMATION by the Democrats to scare the voters.Please remember that the 53% supporting the 47% will also age.At the rate this anti job administration is going,their replacement is not yet in the horizon.
    If we do not reform the system,..WHERE WILL THE MONEY COME FROM???
    Please think before you vote.If you want a reformed Social Security and Medicare to be there for you when you need it vote for Governor Romney.
    You want the system to be bankrupt sooner than later Vote for Obama.

  • Sorry, but I disagree that anyone could ever be a worse pick than Sarah.

  • You are right in that last line only. It is precisely why Im voting Obama/Biden 2012!

  • Ill bet that many of them are driven by the prospect of ousting the black guy. Oh but we can’t talk about that. We have to wrap it in pretty packages like disappointment with his economic record (which was dragged down by all the obstruction and sedition).

  • On Nov. 6, we will see if they will be rejected by most Americans for good.

  • He is just a tool for the Koch brothers, Karl Rove and the extreme right. They are making him an indentured servant for the White House. He must say and do what they want or they will not fund the campaign. This is why (along with his obvious ineptitude) he keeps fumbling, stumbling, and saying so many offensive things. He is not savvy with this crowd which is interesting given his obvious wealth.

  • I agree that what you are saying is true to a point. But some hillbillys are racists. Just as some rich folks are racist, some are humanitarians.

  • Precisely.

  • OMG. That picture just flashed ominously before my eyes!

    Please everyone, don’t get complacent. VOTE or we will get RYAN.

  • …of the dog catcher’s club. Let alone the US gov’t.

  • politicojunkie

    Romney is an a-moral robot. Everyday is a blank slate for him and his more than casual flip-flopping is flat out lying.

  • silverback929

    Can you blame Ryan for telling half-truths and lying about the rest?
    Hell, that has been the republican strategy for some time now.
    It’s really about all they’re good at.

  • Leftcoastrocky

    The rightwing base of the republican party during the nominating process forced Romney into a rightwing corner, which he cannot etch-a-sketch his way out of. This is especially true on revenue increasing and immigration reform.

  • Once again, a superior statesman has simply outsmarted the empty suits of the clumsy plutocrats who have revealed themselves as thugs, liars, and thieves. President Obama does not lie, he does the math, and he stands up to these criminals arrayed against him. We are looking at true greatness.

  • michaelnola

    Sorry my comment was not a direct linear comment on the article. My intent was simply to note that Oshama will, when reelcted, make deals with these bat shit crazy repubs and will meet them a lot more than half way, per usual, despite having the power to drive a far better bargain, better, that is, if he were a liberal, something his first term most assuredly proved to me that he is not.

    Regarding who I listen to, it’s not Limpballs, the draft dodger(I’m aVietnam Vet, who is strongly anti-war, thus one of the many reasons I’m no fan of Oshama, not to mention the rest of those D.C. warmongers, most of whom have never been in, or would ever be in combat), or any other right winger. MSNBC is too far to the right for me; the only people I listen to are Cenk Uygur and Eliot Spitzer.

    If I am wrong about Oshama, I will be only too glad, but I have no doubt that he will approve the Keystone XL, which, by the way, if Cameron is correct, it’s game over for our planet, the TPP and will clearly make the “grand bargain” that drives a large rod up our rectums while preserving the military empire all the D.C. fuck heads get a hard on over. Do you think he won’t do any or all of that?

    As far as my political inclination, I’m way far left of the dem party, a party whose rightward drift, if you are anywhere near my age(65) is something both sad and undeniable. The policy of voting for the lesser of two evils, something the D.C. establishment is only to glad to see being followed, has left us with a man whose background appears to be liberal, but whose policies are corporatist to the core.

    So you’re right; my intent was to slam Oshama, but only using facts; something the right will not do, because the facts only point to his being one of them only not so exteme as they have become.

    When Osham’s second term is over, we’ll all know the true core of this man, and then the irreperable damage this man has done to the party, even worse than the know it all Clinton, the man who gave us NAFTA and Wall Street deregulation with his repub cronies, will be something for you and those who keep voting for dinos to ponder over.

    Good night, as I have to read over Prop 32 here in Ca. so I can make phone calls tomorrow on behalf of my union. Vote No on 32, Californians, it’s a corporatist trick, just like Oshama.




  • May every Libtard fool, get exactly what he, she or it, asks for. Along with the bill.

  • Harry Reid, Pelosi, and Obama! This bunch makes you proud? Unbelievable that America could sink to a level that the idiocy espoused by this bunch is actually taken seriously!

  • Looks like the tinfoil hat wearing crowd is taking it out on message boards pretty hard at this point. It’s a shame because they are mentally vulnerable people used by the Republican party and their infotainment division as chattel who are expected to give up their vote and as much of their likely meager income as they can to the GOP. It’s not right.

  • Evantoo

    If the author of this piece of garbage actually believes what was written they’re dumber than pigeon droppings.

  • The truth never stopped campaigners before. Why start now?

  • mreichard7

    Nasty comment. I’d like an intelligent president who is non-racist, serving ALL Americans. One who loves and serves America rather than apologizing for the U.S.. That would not be Obama.

  • mreichard7

    You have a sick, nasty mind.
    I have read German history, and see more of the current administration as doing harm to America.

  • mreichard7

    Wait the the books.

  • And Elderly and children and property owners and small businesses. Not to mention critical thinking, the list goes on and on. Sad thing is the folks votting for mitt will vote against there own interest.

  • Ted666

    Wishful thinking by a columnist who is a bagboy for the left. Ryan tells inconvenient truths. Medicare is broke and must be reformed, just like social security. But anyone who tells the truth is excoriated by the wolves who wish to lead us down the path of debt and utter dependence on government. On one side we have a party which tells us they can keep printing money and create happiness for all by killing business with ridiculous regulations. On the other side, we have a movement which would enlighten people with the knowledge that entitlements cannot be sustained without an inevitable collapse. We can choose fiscal sanity or the bliss that leads to destruction. I don’t even care any more. If people are stupid enough to elect Obama again, they can keep the hell he is creating.

  • Total Horse Sheidt. Keep skewing polls, twisting the truth… Obama will loose regardless. Marxism will be expunged. Count on it.

    “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it”… The declaration of independence.

    • You think that just because taxes will be raised on the rich, Obama is a marxist? You have no idea what you’re talking about. Taxes were that high during Reagan’s term, and nobody called him a marxist. You feel that affordable medicine is bad for the country? The entire civilized world has socialized medicine. That’s what makes them civilized – their children don’t go to bed hungry, and the elderly can enjoy their golden years knowing that they will be cared for in their time of need. However, they are not an empire, wasting trillions on weapons and wars of aggression. That makes a big difference. Some classes in society may benefit from endless wars, however, the great majority of the simple people do not benefit from it, on the contrary, they suffer when the country’s resources are directed to the outside. At least if we’d be able to colonize these countries, I could see the point, but we just go, destroy the country, then try to rebuild it. Why?

  • Has Gov Patrick done as good a job as Gov Romney balancing the Ma budget? If he hasn’t, then maybe you need to give Mitt more credit. The US economy is out of control. Will four more years of Pres Obama improve things? Don’t fool yourself. Mitt needs to get in and try to balance the budget. If you don’t vote for him, you’ll be sorry later. – John

  • jimof ct

    The cNational Memo written by and cintended to advance the radical left agenda of Obama and the Democrat party. Why National ? Do conservatives not have a stake in a national memo that does not advocate for the Democrat party “talking points” that the left does not want givcen any credibility?
    To attempt to deny that Romney and Ryan have presented credible budget proposals while Obama presents budgets that can’t even get a handfull of votes cfrom his own parerty and continues to run up $1+ trillion annual deficits every year of his presidency and ignores his own claim that he would be a 1 term president if he couldn’t cut deficit in 1/2 in this 1st term. How about “transparency” as we are sdtill finding new outrageoudes facts buried in Obamacare (Affordable? Care Act!).
    Aside from the fact that the main stream media controls the information available generally to the public it is supposed to serve as a watchdog of government this kind of propaganda is almost as distructive. There i9s clearly a problem with the absense of ctruth in the supposed analysis by the left of anyone or anytrhing espoused by anyone not from the radical leftist , statist big government share the wealth via “entitlements and government empolyment.”
    Increasing “Dependency on Government” for the most part trumps truthful anaylsis as voters dependent upon government for their livlihood is the objective so as to grow voters who will perpetuate liberals in office and grow government some more!

    Perhaps then all those Unemployment pay and Food Stamp Recipients and Government “Entitlement” Recipients and Government Employees who depend on the tax paying citizens will respond and vote to ensure the taxpayers concerns are not given enough priority to interfere with the continuation of the ideological march to the left they need to see grow!

  • You’re an idiot if you believe a word you just said. Ryan is going to make Biden look like a joke, which most of us already know he is.

  • RJnLA

    We will remember, when one of the more brilliant fiscal minds in Congress, came forward with an honest, concise, clear and feasible plan to insure that the elderly and the impoverished were able to maintain their government-sponsored medical care for the foreseeable future…and he was instead lambasted as heartless, evil, shifty and homicidal towards Medicare recipients.

    IF THE FREAKING PROGRAM is going BANKRUPT, you are defending a ghost. The President is selling you the apparition of today’s Medicare as a way to secure the votes of the elderly who only care about their benefits (and give the middle finger to their children and grandchildren who will not be able to afford any of these inflated and insolvent programs, especially at 15%+ real unemployment).

    What Mr. Ryan proposed was a fiscally sound method of preserving care for those that need it, not promising care to everyone, and then running the distribution of care through the government. You know how that works? Go research the Apollo Alliance and the history of eugenics, going back to before Woodrow Wilson. I love to hear the liberals decry conservative principles as paranoid or murderous. You blathering idiots. Learn to the math. Our birth rate in the US is collapsing, and the tax base that has funded SSI and Medicare for decades is NO LONGER THERE. You think the wealthy will sit there and swallow 70% ordinary income tax rates and 25% capital gains tax rates just because you think it’s ‘fair’ ? How much revenue will that generate? Their wealth will move, fast, to a lower tax environment. And the phantom tax revenue that those increased tax rates would generated has been SPENT ALREADY. The Democrat-led management of the economy over the last four years has been objectively abysmal. They used a $2tril band-aid on a severed arm. It will only hold so long, unless plans like Ryan’s are seriously considered. The jig is up.

    Please, before a liberal opens their mouth about any candidate’s competencies for the highest office, PLEASE learn economics, PLEASE learn budgetary math, PLEASE learn the true costs of supporting social programs, PLEASE learn about the generational poverty and chronic unemployment that these programs enable, PLEASE learn that the conservatives of America donate WAY MORE time and WAY MORE private funds to charity and hospitals and research than the artists/musicians/actors/unionists/windbags who defame conservatism as an evil tide drowning the innocent poor souls of America.

    Mr. Romney donated more to charity himself than the Obamas paid in taxes in total. I’m not defending Mr. Romney’s candidacy, but he is a Republican, he is marginally conservative, and he puts his money where his mouth is. Rather than hosting $15mil ass-kissing fundraisers at his house, maybe George Clooney and his Hollywood Band of Merrymen should look around at the poverty of East LA, of Santa Ana, of Pacoima, of the Inland Empire, and lift a finger against poverty and lack of medical care right under their own noses. But no, Mr. Clooney lives on Lake Como. Good for him. One day I’ll be his neighbor there too, but I won’t cast stones at people with money who take that money out of the country. Mr. Clooney does it, so should any smart investor. It’s not about outsourcing, not about unAmerican values, not about hating the poor, it’s about intellectual honesty. I voted for Clinton twice and Gore. I was a raging, emotion-filled, a-hole of a Democrat. I never ever voted for Bush. But I know Bush did more for Africa than any other president before him or since. More than that bloviators like Bono, Matt Damon, pick-your-vapid-celebrity-of-the-month. Bush created the Africa Corps, to defend African nations from the rampaging human rights abuses that are the hallmark of radical Islam and the encroachment of Chinese and Russian businesses. That won’t ever get reported.

    Read Niall Ferguson. Read Jared Diamond. Read about how the world REALLY works. In 2012, it works on BUSINESS, CAPITAL, OIL, TAX INCENTIVES, RESOURCES. Look around, your world, your American world, is filled with petroleum products. We’re FORCED by the Democrats to get that petroleum in the foreign markets, at high prices. It’s not necessary. It’s killing this economy. We’re forced to have EXCESSIVE regulation on businesses, vs. pointed and harsh punishment on specific violators, we punish great swaths of the economy to exact vengeance and wag a finger at the purported enemy of the poor- when in reality, almost all of the crap that you find in Obamacare and ARRA and Dodd-Frank has hurt the poor even more, by raising the costs of EVERYTHING the poor consume regularly.

    You can believe bullshit all day long. Eventually you’ll start smelling like it. Don’t be sheep, don’t be myopic. Educate yourself on the realities of the American economy. The promises of our current president have never been and will never be kept. That’s the cold hard truth if you do the math. Numbers don’t lie.

  • noOwebama

    Well said. Owebama will use racism to try to divide the country, and increase his voter base. His mentors taught him well. Communists and anarchists. His modus operandi: Get in, pretend you’re mainstream and middle class, and then take over. Owebama owes nobody. He’s worth 10 million $$$. He’s not descended from slaves, but from Communist exchange student. He’s not a poor, working class black. He’s a rich, elitist, Communist in favor of taking your hard earned money to accomplish his ends. Like all Communists! Don’t believe the lies. Take back our country, let Romeny/Ryan straighten it out before it’s too late! No Owebama!

  • rjlahr

    You obviously don’t know Paul Ryan. Do some research & stop getting your information second hand. It will CHANGE the way you think.

  • gmrowe

    This article is scabrous and defaming…. and unsigned! Where is the author’s courage to step up and defend his ideas? At least Mssrs. Romney and Ryna our out there in front of the public and answering questions.

  • gmrowe

    To continue my note below, I just notcied the ” @LOTGOP ” by-line and suppose that it is a good indicator of the level of seriousness and maturity of the author.

  • CJ

    Many like to say that Obama is a Marxist and socialist, but that is wrong. His idea of govt. is more like communism. Marx’s theory of socialism says, “distribution based on one’s CONTRIBUTION”(to each according to his CONTRIBUTION). The meaning being that based on ones contribution to society in the workforce, they should be aptly rewarded.

    Not contributing to society in the workforce, but living off the state, and expecting handouts from the govt. at the expense of those who are contributing to society in the workforce is communism. Communism, a society based on common ownership and the principle of “FROM each according to his ability, TO each according to his needs”.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not heartless and I believe there is a place in society for a “safety net” for those who are TRULY in need and/or disabled, but many on the dole are not. They want what those contributing to society in the workforce have without actually doing the work. This re-distribution of wealth by the govt. is communism and Obama makes no secret of the fact that he’s favors re-distribution of wealth.

    In reality socialism and communism are not that far apart. Marxism, and a socialist style of govt. is really only just the first step on the path to communism.
    Obama would just rather skip step 1.

  • When I see a headline about the election and it is about a Republican, I know
    that a hack has just sold his wares to the Jack Asses for a minimal amount of
    cash, and is already typing another one to sell to the Elephants. Makes no
    differerence what the content is, the seller is nothing more than a clueless
    peddler of anything to do with nothing. This hack didn’t even think his stuff
    was worth a credit.

  • Just one more Romney screw up.

    • noOwebama

      When the liberal media en masse gives the victory to Romney’s “screw up” at the debate we know Romney definitely O bliterated Owebama!

  • Rob-Me/Lyin Ryan same old Flip Flopping, say nothing, tell you what you want to hear lies:

    Did you also check out Lyin Ryan’s new video that Huffington came out with yesterday??? Fast-talking, glib, Ayn Rand-smitten Ryan is sneering at 30% of the people who are just lazy and collecting welfare because they have no “American Dream” even though that Lyin Hypocrite collected the whole time he grew up AND PAID FOR HIS COLLEGE???
    His plan for social security is social insecurity. Make people work longer before receiving curtailed benefits, invest trillions of dollars of these funds in the volatile stock market and make sure that rich people only have to pay social security taxes on a fraction of their earned income

  • Well, imagine if Jimmy Carter had been re-elected in 1980 rather than Ronald Reagan winning? History is something else, isn’t it!

  • omarhuge1

    It’s time to relieve Obama of his burden, one that he cannot fathom how to lighten, since he has never had a real job. To create jobs you need to have had one. And yes, owners of small businesses did not do it on their own, they relied on good products, services, team members and customers. But they certainly did not rely on BIG Govt.

    • noOwebama

      Owebama needs to keep his one term promise.

  • honur

    No one is thinking about our enormous defecit? Ryan was making an attempt to reduce this. I believe that as it was in the begining, those that have no property or pay no taxes should not have the right to vote. Why should people who have no physical stake in the government have a say in how our taxes are used? Basically the downfall of the Roman empire can be attributed to the same thing. The mojarity of the population in Rome became dependent on government handouts. If they didn’t get their bread and circuis/enterteinment they rioted. G iving in to them as we give into all those that take but give nothing is what destroyed the greatest empire that ever existed. We have in Washington one of the most dictatorial and most currupt administrations in our history. Why don’t you addres that instead of picking on those that try to save the country?

    • makrov

      To an extent I agree with you except those that have worked all their lives and are drawing SS. I believe they still should have a BIG voice in elections and the government. I don’t think of SS as a handout but SSI and welfare are.

  • wuzzy

    blah blah blah oblah blah ablah mblah ablah

  • wuzzy

    obama is the biggest fraud in the history of govt. If you vote for obama you must be so delusional that you are unable to see through the air that Al Glory Hole claimed caused the little O to look like a bumbling idiot last night. This is going to be a total repeat of Reagan vs. Carter. Obama may win Illinois, Californication, and NY, but in the end it won’t even be close. If you think this debate was pasting, just wait til Obama gets that f’ing dialect going in the next one and starts doing Jesse Jackson rhymes. He’s so in over his head. Wow, those Arabs are really pissed off about that video huh! LOL. I’d take any of Romney’s sons over little O. F little O. He deserves NO RESPECT. ZERO. NADA. ZILCH. I hope after this election he and his “finally proud of
    America” spouse go back to Chicago and bang more trashcan lids in front of banks who won’t his little followers a loan. F him, F him, F him. Amen!

  • wuzzy

    Here’s a cheap point for you. Go buy you a six pack and watch Ryan turn Biden into a dirt farmer on 10/11.

  • wuzzy

    If little O had been doing his job for the past 4 years, he would have been able to actually think. I hope his butt-kicking is covered by Obamacare. Anybody with a double digit IQ could see right through shlt-eatin’ grin. Let the war begin. We are armed and dangerous baby…

  • wuzzy

    Anybody venture to guess why he has to change his dialect depending on the audience? MR is steady, never changes inflection, and doesn’t big floppy ears like my Golden Retriever.

  • jethromayham

    The Mitt/Ryan ticket could mean total disaster for America. Less Medicare? You got to be kidding. There’s already 40 million that have no care at all. What the heck is happening?

  • chiefbailey

    Oh boo-hoo! So there is a bunch of people out there that actually completed high school and went on to gain further education. And, they applied themselves, worked, invested, and risk their livelyhood looking to the future. So all of your clueless, complaining, loser, Dems constantly whine because you have never done anything sitting on your butts smoking dope.

    • smartgeema

      You’d better do your homework about Paul Ryan. He is a third generation Wisconsite who has never had to work a day in his life. Ryan’s great-grandfather, his grandfather, and his maternal great-uncles all made millions off government road contracts and land sales, as well as their lucrative private legal practices. Ryan’s mother was independently wealthy when she married Ryan’s father, and Paul Ryan’s public pretense that he was dependent on social security survivors’ benefits for his college tuition was all lies.

      Paul Ryan had benefited from three, separate, million-dollar+ inheritances before he was 25 years old, and his net worth at age 30 was $7.7 million dolalrs – even though he had never held a full-time, paying job, in his lifetime.

      Facts are wonderful things, chiefbailey. They negate rhetoric and emotional reactionary propaganda – and they insure that TRUTH prevails. You should familiarize yourself with how to discover facts – they will enable you, too, to speak only TRUTH.

      All these facts about Paul Ryan were discovered with a simple Google search, and they have all been available in the public doman since well before he ever got tapped to run with Romney. It’s tragic and sad that we still have too many Americans who are so ignorant and poorly educated that they will promote propaganda and outright lies on the say-so of others, rather than to make a serious effort to be certain the only words they ever speak are 100% TRUTH.

      • well the fact that he never had to work a day in his life and yet still did should be celebrated,not demonized.

  • You do know that a big chunk of that child income credit went to Mexico for children who Never even lived in the U.S. don’t you!

  • Delores109

    I have watched you conduct each one of your House Budget Committee Meetings as Chairman of the Budget Committee. You are highly intelligent and are a man of great integrity. Who wrote this “junk” article? If anyone insists on bringing out any fake information about you, Paul, it’s time for me to bring out ALL of the TRUTH about Obama, his boyfriend whose wedding ring he wore, Valerie Jarrett, George Soros, and each of their radicals. All hell will break loose with the TRUTH. PAUL RYAN, ignore all of this garbage. Just keep on crunching the numbers. The author of this article is not only a LIAR, but he needs to put up…or shut up. Waiting for your debate with Biden, who Clint Eastwood describes as a fake smile with a body behind it. Paul, if you get annoyed at the debate, don’t hesitate to knock out Biden’s teeth. He is a consistent LIAR, as is Obama.
    Delores Smith
    [email protected]

    • smartgeema


      I think you must be a paid propagandist for Paul Ryan and his Rethuglicans. Or perhaps you are just mentally ill and in need of treatment.

      Paul Ryan is a poseur. He is a man who has never had to earn a living, who married a woman who has never had to earn a living. They have both lied their entire lives, and those closest to them are very aware of their lies.

      Together, they have become professional demagogues and liars, supporting the wealthy 1% of Americans who would turn this nation into a oligarchy, officially, if they could.

      Ryan is also a liar, probably a pathological one. Just because no one has ever challenged his ongoing lies, which he seems not to even be aware of at times, doesn’t mean that he hasn’t always told them.

      Delores109, there is mental health help available in the USA for you, even if you don’t yet have health insurance coverage because of your low income. If you aren’t part of the 47% of Americans whom Mitt Romney has famously written off as people he doesn’t “have to care about”, then you should have already found some mental health treatment for yourself. Good luck to you.

  • RoscoeTigie77

    You’ve got to be kidding me! “fib about his marathon time”. What about all the ball faced lies Obama continue’s to spew day-in and day-out. He was not born in the US! He was born in Kenya an was not a qualified citizen to become President nor qualified at all!

    He is a devout Muslim and Socialist committed to bankrupting the USA and destroying the Constitution and our civil liberties! I am not one of the fools blinded by double talk, BS and drinking the cool–aid!

    I can’t believe that the the Liberal Media and the Elected Democrats’ in Washington are so afraid of losing their jobs that they set on their hands and say nothing while our wonderful country is in debt for decades , borrowing from China and following in the footsteps of Greece, France, Spain and Germany in the 1930’s and first half of 1945!

    Where do you really think our country will be in four more years with this Clown!

    If he was a football coach with four years of a losing record like his he would be replaced without hesitation! It is time we try someone new! H… I could do better than this FOOL!


  • ilenerichman

    Obama has thrown away trillions of dollars by rescuing the banks, giving money to his bundlers so they can form solar companies, that went bankrupt, turning down the xL pipeline that would have brought thousands of jobs to US, turning down drilling for oil on federal lands, instituting millions of unnecessary regulations. Capitalism is a theory that when businesses fail, they either go out of business or declare bankruptcy. Obama and corrupt Geithner (tax cheat) rescued the banks, gave them taxpayer money so they could borrow at 0% and buy treasuries at 2%, making a gain on the difference and not loaning money to consumers as banks are supposed to do. Obama also rescued GM which still is at a loss and has not paid back the money owned to the US Govt. Romney was correct: GM should have gone into bankruptcy and worked out a deal with creditors in the bankruptcy court. Capitalism is not about giving money to your friends and favorite companies. Obama has given government jobs to his friends-crony capitalism and filled the govt with unelected czars; his Justice Dept keeps lying and now his State Dept is lying about the Libyian affair. Obama created havoc in the Middle East with his 2009 Cairo speech that allowed our allies, although dictators, to be overthrown as Muburak and Qaddafi. He allowed the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda to take control of the Middle East, terrorist groups, one of which killed our Ambassador, two navy seals, and an air force colonel. Obama and Clinton gave no help or assistance to the Libiyan Ambassador although he cried out for help before being assassintated. This is not a real president; he is a fake and always has been. Let us look at his background; cavorting with terrorists as Bill Ayres, Louis Farrakan, Jeremiah Wright (anti-american). Obama has refused to release his college records. Why? What is in these records? Is it that he entered Occidental College and Columbia University as a “foreign student”? Obama should be impeached for not producing evidence of his background, lying about his background, putting our troops in danger is terrorist Afghanastan, running up a tremendous deficit as he does not know how to control an economy. Make Obama produce all past records and records of Fast and Furious and Libyian episode of MURDER.

    • smartgeema

      Demagogic propaganda. Who supplied you with your list? Paul Ryan?

      • ilenerichman

        Myself. I folllow politics and politicians and the Obama group is one of the dirtiest group of politicians.

  • Navigator77

    MsJoanne, is there some sort of arrangement between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Stephanie Cutter where they take turns mixing your daily kool-aid? You seem to have bought into every one of their talking points.
    At the Democratic National Convention, women were reduced to being portrayed as giant walking vaginas, and earlier this week the Obama campaign posted an encouragement to women to “Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depends On It” (which was hastily removed because of the immediate uproar it caused). So, the Democratic party views women as nothing more than the sum of their reproductive organs, and you’re worried about a GOP War on Women?

  • Gabby in Florida

    Pathetic hit job by liberal loons. Paul Ryan is the best

  • freefroggy

    Biden/Ryan debate will be a disaster for the Dems! Ryan will tie him in knots!

  • pyrope

    This brand of stupidity is the hallmark of the Repubican Party, and why I shall NEVER allow my name to be counted in the numbers of their membership, NOR shall I ever donate one penny to the RNC!!!!!!!
    The reason why Paul Ryan is being second-guessed by the Repubicans is because he is turning out to be not the RINO the RNC had hoped for.
    In fact, I have come to believe neither is Mr. Romney quite the RINO the RNC had hoped for when they manipulated him into being given the nomination, and that is a GOOD thing.
    Whereas the Dimocraps occasionally shoot themselves in the foot with their stupid remarks and actions, the Repubicans display much better marksmanship–they ALWAYS manage to shoot themselves squarely between the eyes.
    Predictably, the Repubicans are working on a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I’ll give even money on their success.

  • Bob

    OH Please ! You really think anybody cares about that little misinformation flub?

  • WHAT? Are you insane? Do you really believe this horeseshit? If left on the present course, Social Security will go broke. The status quo and demagoguery is all the dems have to offer. At least Romney and Ryan are TRYING TO FIX IT. Stop drinking the Kool Aid and look into the fact that President Obama is a complete fraud. Despite the historic coolness of having a first black president, he has shown himself to be as corrupt and dishonest as any of the worst. Open your mind a bit, if you can.

  • tom8422

    Say, I noticed that in the latest National poll, Mitt Romney is ahead of President Obama…maybe you should be more concerned with Joe Biden being a running mate with little to offer

    • NeshanicMan

      Romney is almost double digits behind Obama in Ohio. If Republicans don’t win Ohio they will not win the election !!!! PERIOD !!!!!

      • tom8422

        Re Ohio, I agree with you at about the 80% level…however, have you seen the polls that have come in since the debates? They show that Ohio is a dead heat…and the Obama bleeding is not done yet.

  • bias much? haa President Obama is going to lose

    • WRONG

      • RIGHT……. Obama the empty suit……

        • ceejmon

          your opinion … not others

        • Pelu Maad

          I’ll take the “empty suit” over the white horse ANY day.

        • quarkie009

          Obama and his allies want to turn America into another Zimbawbe,
          another basket case of the world. We do not want Obama and his socialist
          and marxist policies in this country at all. If you love socialism, then go to
          China, Russia or some other dictatorship that rules by force and see how
          long you will love it. You will be begging to come back to the US and we will say, stuff it and don’t ever come back.

          • jim brown

            Somebody needs a nap.

          • quarkie009

            I have a solution for you and your friends, stay home and don’t vote for Obama. You useful idiots for Obama are the ones that are helping to destroy America. As part of the Tea Party movement, we will take our country back from your anti-American hate groups that sit on their sorry butts waiting for hand outs. Get a life jerks.

    • luvsmy2boys

      That must have been some dream you had Felix…Bummer to wake up to that little thing known as Reality….

  • NeshanicMan

    Do any of you people know anybody on Medicare ? If you do you would know that recipients love the fact that’s it available when you’re ready for it. There’s little you need to do. You don’t have to SHOP around !!!! When you get older the idea of having to put any effort into buying insurance on your own is not something you look forward to. And besides, the vultures will be out there ready to pounce !!! This voucher idea is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard and it just shows how OUT OF TOUCH these knuckleheads REALLY ARE!!!!!


      you forgot about the other HALF YOU will have a CHOICE medicare or a voucher, witch ever you want, stop the lies, please

  • auntsush

    Obama is the only man with ethics in this race. He also isn’t a flip flopper!!

  • GozieBoy

    Keep on spewing the prayerful myth that Ohio is a lock for Obama, just like the little children Romney schooled Obama about (i.e. Obama himself). I may just plan a trip in Nov. to celebrate in Cleveland or Cincinnati.

  • As if Biden is an asset to the Presidency? Seriously, how could anyone be worse? He makes Spiro Agnew and Dan Quayle look like savants. The only worse possible VP choice I can think of would be John Edwards. Can you imagine what an embarrassment that would have been for the Dems? Paul Ryan is sharp, well spoken, Morally untouchable, and doggonit, people like him! He will destroy Biden in the upcoming debate and position himself nicely for 2020 Presidency. You liberals may laugh now, but you’ll thank him later for saving our economy.

    OK…now its your turn to write nasty comments about me.

  • It’s because you don’t know enough to rebutt.

  • You tell me why you’re there in the 1st place! Hello! Place blame where it belongs. The person who has been in the whitehouse the last 4 years!!

  • No…this has been proofed by fact checker. You’re wrong!!!

  • The good news is that Obama did almost as good in his debate with Romney, as the one with Clint Eastwood. The reason he lost was, according to his most loyal african american supporters, was because his opponents were white. Meanwhile at the NBA…

  • Talk about sour grapes!……and liberal fear.

  • Jinglheimer

    It’s the American voter that is a disgrace if you ask me. Doesn’t have anything to do with the crooks they’d like to see elected whether they are qualified or not or even born here or not and the hard working war heros that they snub by trying to make some insane gesture to the guy that wasn’t born in a manger but came from Krypton again either not noticing the snub or disregarding it to serve their own foolish suicidal egos. Well if stupidity isn’t the ruler of the day evil is and between the same sex marriages and the abortion costs I think anyone from a previous generation that was to wake up here now might easily believe they’ve been sent to hell. Still common sense and a little knowledge that could be a hope or saviour seems to have vanished and as if without consequence? I hardly think so. Media spin is altogether out of line and the naked truth is if you play with fire you will get burned. Maybe there’s going to be another big stroke of luck when all the facts of the matter are ignored and good sense thrown out the window but what are the odds? ITS THE VOTER WHO IS NOT QUALIFIED! The hell with this system it does not work. APPOINT SOMEONE KNOWN AND TRUSTED TO APPOINT LEADERS LIKE EVERY OTHER SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS in thIS WORLD. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A COMPANY WITH A VOTING SYSTEM THAT ISN’T CROOKS AND GANGSTERS AND EVERYTHING REVILED? WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT THAT RIGHT WHEN EITHER MISINFORMED OR IGNORANCE GENERALLY RULES THE DAY? TO HELL WITH tHE VOTE. LETS HAVE A COUNTRY THAT KNOWS HOW TO GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!

  • The amount of hysteria and frothing-at-the mouth on the part of the “conservatives” on this comment thread is not only mind-boggling, but deeply disturbing. How we can go forward with this amount of disinformation and terrorized fantasy is practically impossible. How will those responsible for this situation ever be held to account, and how can the damage be undone? I feel pity for the poor deluded fools who have been so badly lied to by the GOP, FOX and Limbaugh. They have destroyed the intelligence and mental stability of half of our people. The more shame to them, as they have done it only in the name of money. They care nothing for the people of this nation.

    • all_for_CJ

      You are one of the morons that obviously doesn’t see the fiscal cliff coming due to increased spending by the Democrats and socialist President.


        she must be one getting free obama fone, she kont say where are lies she is talking about, yes an i-d-i-o-t she is

  • Dutchman61

    I guess this means you hate the bearers of the truth and facts since the whole Democrat agenda is a pyramid scheme or a slight of hand to conceal something else. Ryan has made his name by presenting facts. Politicians as a breed hate facts since they tend to get in their way and bring their grand designs crashing back to Earth, especially Democrats. What Ryan has laid out is based on facts and the CBO (run by democrats) agrees with Ryan on the facts. Obama hates him since Ryan is a numbers geek, rattling off the facts at virtually any meeting, and Ryan is not afraid to stand there and say you are wrong. Please note that Obama refuses to meet with Ryan when negotiating with Republican leaders.

    As for the boost, well Ryan was named long before the convention while Palin was named at the convention essentially. She was unknown, an attractive woman, and she made a huge contrast with McCain. Ryan was a known figure who was widely considered to be one of the finalists long before his selection. Also note that Palin was not ready and the vicious character assassination by the media was not countered by McCain. The media biggest hit against Ryan is he is super clean boy scout with NOTHING to hide. The surprise high of Palin is not there, but then neither have been the vicious attacks.

  • cherrygreg2

    Again the truth comes out. but in the final analysis isn’t that what the majority of Republicans do? Lie, they lied and said that the Economic Stimulus did not work, yet some of their supporters received help from this so-called failed program. Yes, what good is a law guaranteeing a minimum wage if the Republicans keep rejecting every Jobs Bill simply because it was indorsed by President Obama. America if we don’t act now many of us will lose out to the fat cats of America who want to repeal everything so that they can get richer and use our sons and daughters to fight their wars while their children stay at home. This election isn’t just about the Middle-Class, it is about all Americans. President Obama’s Health Care plan may not be the best but right now it guarantees affordable health care for all Americans, and as one of the less than Middle-Class Americans who works every day and only barely making ends come close together affordable health care for preexisting conditions or any other condition is something I definitely need.

    • all_for_CJ

      sorry you are wrong about it being affordable Obamacare will cost me over 3,000 more a year from what I pay now for healthcare. Low income/middle income will pay approx. 400 per month per individual for a 55 year old. Right now I pay out 3500 per year for ALL doctors, labs, xrays, prescriptions and I’m uninsured! If I have to pay 400 per month (4800 yr) for premiums and then a 20% copay of about 1000 plus the 1000 deductible because I have “preexisting conditions”my costs are approximately 6800 a year! I get a huge discount now because I pay cash so that 3500 that I am paying would be closer to 5000 for an insured patient. I don’t qualify for medicaid because I have assets! Did you hear what Obama said in the debate? You will get a 15% discount from the “minimum” that a normal person would pay “normal” cost is about 450-500 per month on premiums. Whoop ti do. I’m going to save about 65 a month but have to pay out 400-425 in premiums I don’t have to pay already! It’s absurd to think a family of 4 may have to pay out 1200 to 1600 more a MONTH. You are an idiot for thinking this is benefitting the low/middle class.


      hay i-d-i-o-t, even all the dem. voted no to bo all of tham, where are you coming from, every job bill that congress passed, MR.REED stuffed in his pocket. reed a little more than your precious liberal media. dem. controled house ,senet, and mr. obama,2.5 years,did nothing,no budget, you sick people only hear dem. blame rep. go to school, now during lam duck, he can pet more dirt on our constutation. wake up

    • How many people are aware that the House Republicans have sent to the Senate over 30 bills, 6 of which were jobs bills. Harry Reid never brought them to the floor of the Senate for a vote!! It isn’t the Republicans that are holding American hostage — it’s the Senate Democrats – or rather the Senate Speaker!!!

  • talk about a liberal bias article..

  • luvsmy2boys

    I’ll take an empty suit over an empty brain any day of the week…@Stone Cutter…

  • LOVE Paul Ryan he speaks the truth because he knows the LORD and has no desire to lie , he is not desperate and knows that this is about America and not him:)

  • Me thinks you need to quit drinking the liberal kool aid..

  • Get a life… The context of his remarks were that 47% of Americans many of whom pay NO TAXES and live off the government will vote themselves by voting for Obama no matter what. So he was not concerned with them as they are unreachable, self-absorbed and self-appointed intellectuals. It as/is the middle ground the true independents that he must reach to beat O What A Mess..

    TRUTH always silences the liberal argument

    • all_for_CJ

      I’m one of the 47% and I will vote for Romney all day long.

  • $6 trillion (6 million millions and 4yrs later and we are where we started with unemployment. Yeah he has done such a wonderful job.

  • MarkAE

    Obama is a Marxist. Why would you fundamentally want to transform this country? This is a Marxist idea to move from free enterprise to Marxism.
    He spent several years in Indonesia in a Muslim school as a child. These years are critical as they form the foundation of a person for the rest of their life.
    Obama hates free enterprise and can’t stand wealthy people who have been sucessful. He thinks we need to spread the wealth around by stealing taxes from the rich and giving to the poor. His ideal type of government is the one in Cuba. The government controls everything and everyone is equally poor.
    Food stamps have increased 50% under Obama, 23 million people looking for jobs, 15% real unemployment if factor those who gave up looking and those working part time, 50% less Federal drilling permits in the last 3.5 years, administration wanting to sue Boeing for trying to start a company in North Carolina (right to work state – destroy new jobs…), Obamacare costing 4-5 trillion dollars (real cost), North Korea creating nuclear weapons, Iran having 1 in next 6 months, starting a war in Libia by bombing them, sending billions $$$ to Egypt for the new government that is considered a Terrorist group……
    I thought Obama was going to get rid of the Patriot Act… He expanded it last year to be able to deport any Citizen to Cuba and treat them as a terrorist…. Way to go….
    This is the worst President in the history of this country. The Federal deficit went from 10.6 Trillion to over 16 Trillion in 3.5 years (interest of nearly half a Trillion $$$ each year).
    QE 1 & 2 dumped 2 Trillion into the stock market. QE3 now dumping 40 Billion each month into the stark market (each month forerver…). Wow.. it is going up… must be the great performance of this administration.
    He should print 16 Trillion and pay off the National Debt. Why not, it lines up with everything else that has been done (this may spur inflation… may cause gas to be $10/gallon).

  • jes1973

    Obama has No Chance!

  • seriously? this page is a joke.

  • Mr. Rommney Why Are Your Sons NOT in The Military, Serving their Country? My SON IS ?


      because with this pres. if he is injured obama would appoligase to the moslems

    • all_for_CJ

      There is no draft here you moron. No one is required to be in the military unless a judge says ” do you want jail or the military”? There are plenty of people that are interested in being in the military, his son’s aren’t, so what the hell does that have to do with anything? Don’t get me wrong I always support our troops and what they do but to come out and make that statement makes me realize that not all people should be able to vote if they are intellectually incapable of having an IQ under 80 because they don’t understand the issues.



    • Pelu Maad

      Good God…it’s a parade…..

  • joanc

    The dumbocrats are scared to death of Ryan and it shows. The only practices of the left are dirty pool, which is getting to be very old. They can’t point to one good thing their leader has accomplished,so they smear, smear and smear again. Do they think the voters are dumb enough to believe them?

    • Pelu Maad

      Another GOP sucker babbles…

      • joanc

        Thanks for your reply which tell me you have been tuned in to the lame media for far too long. If you can honestly forget all the things this administration has done to America, then you must be asleep. FYI I was a Democrat for years, but got sick of the dirty politics and the people elected as representatives only to find they didn’t give a damn about anything but their own jobs. Both parties have their faults ,but as an unaffilated voter, I look for the man who is best suited for the job, and this time it’s Romney and Ryan. Obama promised much and we thought he would bring the country together, instead he divided it by his use of class warfare. He has no respect for the US Constitution or US law,evident by the way he walks over them and makes his own. This is not acceptable and it is time for a new group to bring us out of the mess Obama put us in.

        • Pelu Maad

          “the mess Obama put us in”…tells me that you aren’t rational or honest… a nautral born Romney-Ryan sucker. Do you think you’ll like Mitt’s “Deseret” better than America?
          As far as “promises”….our government consists of 3 co-equal branches and a system of balanced powers. No one person can promise the government will do a damn thing. When you say Obama didn’t do as promised you’re mostly lying to yourself.
          If you don’t like black people much just say so….spare me all that other crap.

          • joanc

            Thanks for your reply to my entry and your comments about me being dishonest and irrational. Thanks that the nicest thing I have ever heard from a democrat, and since they are known for lying, it must mean just the opposite. Is the Romney- Ryan sucker a lollypop the dems are going to hand out? It figures! As far as the three branches of Government, they were set up to prevent one branch overstepping their boundries, something Obama does all the time, enforcing laws he likes and dismissing others he doesn’t care for. No problem, for he will just make new laws bypassing the legislative branch. This is surprising for a man who is a Constutional scholar, he must have been out that day. To get to your last paragraph, Why do you think I don’t like black people, is it something I said? I don’t think so, you are just jumping to conclusions and you are so very wrong. I have a wonderful black nephew and a tenant that is a black young man who is the best tenant we have ever had. I also think the world of Alan West,Thomas Sowell, and Herman Cain. I guess you don’t follow Reverand King about character counting. Your assuming I was a biased person fits the old adage about being careful of what you assume. figure it out or ask someone. I won’t bother you with any more crap as you put it, so spare me yours.

          • Pelu Maad

            “As far as the three branches of Government, they were set up to prevent one branch overstepping their boundries, something Obama does all the time, enforcing laws he likes and dismissing others he doesn’t care for.”

            I have no idea what that means….but I have noticed how much bigots love to repeat it. Didn’t I ask you to spare me the crap? Yet you go into the tired old “some of my best friends” routine. You bigots are amazing.

          • joanc

            I think you need to refer to a civics book to research the basis and reasoning for the three very important branches of Government and their functions. Obama has given back door amnesty to illegal aliens, while ignoring the law and the fact, that there are people waiting in line to come to America through LEGAL channels. He refused to enforce the defense of marriage act which is the law at this time, and claimed abortion would not be covered in Obama care, then we find out it certainly is. He is the leader of the USA yet had no time to meet with heads of other countries, but was able to find time for Letterman, the View, and Beyonce and Jay Z . It is difficult to know where his duty lies, is it golf, campaigning or smoozing with his donors… In most peoples world, the Job takes precedence over all other recreational activities, but not for Obama who has been on the campaign trail since he took office. As far as the statement you made about “Some of my best friends” routine, I think you need to look into your own bias and realize that the same old “using the race card” is outdated, and with a Black man as US president, you should be aware that he did not get elected by only black citizens. Stop trying to intimidate me about my mention of my nephew and my tenant, it will not work. We were a nation that was in the process of coming together, until Obama decided that class warfare was an answer to insure upset and chaos where there was none. The question is why and for what reason? Bigotry comes in many colors, so please stop your biased opinions of all people. Signed— I am not a bigot, are you????

          • Pelu Maad

            I’m not reading that wingnut babble……sorry…

          • joanc

            That’s the best news I’ve heard today. I think I’ll go out and celebrate.

          • Whether you like it or not, the FACT is that the Mormons are among the most PATRIOTIC people in America today!!
            Principles of Liberty is a 28 item bookmark that has the info. taken from 150 volumes of The Founding Fathers!!!
            It’s too bad that these principles aren’t taught or bettter yet lived out in todays America!
            Oh bu, they are — and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryn are only two of the decent men who do live by these principles!!!!

          • Pelu Maad

            You respect white supremacists….why am I not surprised? You do realize racist “conservatism” is a dead end….right? My ancestors were here when yours were screwing up potato farming in Ireland and we’re not going anywhere….and have no intentions of ever taking the crap off you we once did…..Your move, fool.

  • ET1321

    I had to go on Medicare this year (are you aware it is MANDATORY at age 65?). I will tell you flat out, without hesitation that there is absolutely NOTHING wonderful about Medicare. Compared to my previous insurance, it beyond confusing and it SUCKS! There are so many confusing plans to choose from, and if you don’t choose the right one on your first try, you are penalized for the rest of your life. Don’t believe me? Go to the Medicare website and try to pick the best plan for the rest of your life. You start with Part A, which covers only inpatient hospital care (actually only up to 80% of this). Then there is Part B which covers some of the other charges. We also,have Plan D to cover prescriptions, and continue up to Part L . . . Really!! Then of course we have that delightful “donut hole”, and one plan where you have a large deductible which can actually renew itself several times a year.

    They want to “change Medicare as we know it”? To that, all I can say is I CERTAINLY HOPE SO!!!!

  • huskypat

    I am having trouble surviving on Medicare and Social Securiy. If Romney/Ryan take over the country, I will have to move under a bridge – hopefully in a warm climate.

    • If Romney/Ryan take over the reins with their economic and business expertise that actually has worked under Reagan, ; we will not be living under bridges. BUT under the Obama Communist Party USA we will – or worse!!
      Have you ever read the Communist Goals which were read into the Congressional Record Jan. 10, 1963.? [Congressional Record-Appendix, Jan. 10, 1963 pp. a34-35]

  • Kathy Jenson

    What a load of [email protected]! You’re going down libs. The people are wise to you. Better start packin’ your bags cause it’s all over.

    • Pelu Maad

      Wow….what an informed, intelligent comment……..NOT!

    • Full_Name


  • Mark D

    More one sided, non-factual reporting from USA Today. Please explain to this (1%) reader where Romney is going to cut my taxes, or give me “more tax breaks”. The only tax break I will receive when Romney is ellected is an escape from what Obama would have increased my taxes to. (Which I would make up for by reducing my business expenses – not increasing employee compensation, no new employee hiring, reduced employee benefits).

  • B

    LOLGOP: President Obama and his surrogates would never try to make cheap political points as you accuse Ryan of, right? Who is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz? Please, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. The president’s supporters are panicking! Look out. Here comes the vomit!!!

  • 2467

    Everything, I just read in the above articles is Demacrate Crap.

    • Full_Name

      are you kidding – newsmax, foxnews and about a million other blogs probably to some degree funded by conservative think tanks exist out there and you are upset that something has a liberal bias? buh-huh…

  • 2467

    I agree, you wrote your statement as I was writing mine. 90 days ago Obama had a 15 point lead. He no is hanging on by a thread. Now he has to deal with a debate on foreign Policy. Man that scares me cause we have been told that is one of his strenghts. I hardly can believe that after the last few weeks that he can stand up and state that all is well for America in the world. This is as bad as it was back in 1979. So Leading from behind is not working for our President.

    • Full_Name

      hmmm…the polls were wrong a while ago right? How come the republicans suddenly live and breath polls the last couple of weeks? Hypocrites.

      • 2467

        When the polls were wrong, they were wrong. Now there right and we belicve them. But as a Dem now you think there wrong. Your boy is loosing it. He as nothing left to say.

  • Tina0380

    my mother (88yrs old) is on medicare and her co-pays just went up so high she can’t afford her needle s for her diabetes. It went from 50.00 to 118.00. Who is to blame for this. Let’s see who is president (O’Bama) She only gets social security and I am stage 4 breast cancer. It is outrages how our senior citizens are treated in this country. And O’Bama care doesn’t care at all, it is just something for him to say he did while president. what else has he done? what about the promises he made, that he would have done in one term or he was not worthy for a second term. That is what he said. So he doesn’t get my vote or my families votes.

    • Full_Name

      Looks like the system failed you. you are clearly mentally deficient and should be in a home. Sorry to be so blunt, but in your situation you should REALLY understand who is trying to cover your back. It ain’t Mitt Romney or the republicans, so by not voting for Obama, you are giving the people that dont give a [email protected] about you a chance to steal the election.

    • As seniors, we have seen our Medigap Ins. premiums rise 33% – {about $1600.00 per year” and more to come)!!! We have both had to go back to work just to pay for housing (we rent) , food, insurance premiums, medical expenses, gas, etc.
      Check out the following sites:
      “Obamacare’s first birthday commemorates twenty one new or higher taxes” [Americans for Tax Reform. 9/12/2012
      “Don’t Fool Yourself: Of Course There Are DEATH PANELS In OBAMACARE” by Dr. Keven “Coach” Collins [Western Journalism Oct 3, 2012 Informing Americans Who Love Freedom ]
      In contrast: The Heritage Foundation in WebMemo 253 has an article about “”The Ten Myths of Ryan’s House Budget Plan” (Democratic Myths vs the real facts!!)

  • wewillalllose

    Stand Strong! The re-election of President Obama will change the course of America forever! and not for the good.

  • missbob

    It is despicable that the media uses its voice to create doubt and innuendo to sway public opinion instead of letting the issues speak for themselves. Too bad that some candidates (Paul Ryan) take a hard line and speak the truth first and care about smoke and mirrors second. It is refreshing, and I for one would be so proud to see someone in office who cares first about this country and where it is going and second about their political career. If the voters would have the same mindset and start caring about the country as a whole instead of how much the government will give them, or what comforts it will provide, we wouldn’t be where we are now – spinning out of control.

    • Full_Name

      Paul Ryan, truth? Sorry, cannot use those in the same sentence!

      are you kidding – newsmax, foxnews and about a million other blogs probably to some degree funded by conservative think tanks exist out there and you are upset that something has a liberal bias? buh-huh…

  • rmadore

    I wouldn’t trust the OBAMA administration on anything and I wouldn’t put anything past them either. Obama lies everyday, Libya, Iran, and on his agenda.

    • Full_Name

      I here there is room for one more on the crazy-train. Call Mitt and you can get aboard it too.

      • rmadore

        It’s people like you that support this Socialist, Marxist, Communist President. You must be one of these people who has their hand out and love what this nut case is doing.

  • This must have been written by a Leftist.

    • Full_Name

      are you kidding – newsmax, foxnews and about a million other blogs probably to some degree funded by conservative think tanks exist out there and you are upset that something has a liberal bias? buh-huh…

  • KCisKing

    I thought I was going to read a real story, not some rant that I could see any day by an average liberal on facebook.


      agreed, where did this bafon come from they should save their money,get rid of him before they need medical ins. for him

    • Full_Name

      are you kidding – newsmax, foxnews and about a million other blogs probably to some degree funded by conservative think tanks exist out there and you are upset that something has a liberal bias? buh-huh…

      • KCisKing

        Huh… I was just talking about this being an non-story, just an editorial rant, sounding like some rambling and like I said something you could read on facebook

  • Hey dumb ass he will destroy creepy Uncle Biden tomm night

    • Full_Name

      wah wah wah……undecided voters say Biden won by a 20% margin….

  • ohioan123

    Biden is the biggest buffoon for V.P., and we have an imposter for President.

  • watcherofolde

    So–you are really a far-left, democrat site? Thanks for finally being so up-front with it.

  • I wonder if the same ones that say Obama is going to lose, are the ones that diidnt vote for him in 2008? if so, SORRY! You already know what happened.

  • bunnykitten

    WHAT?!?!?!!?? How to spin helplessly out of control when your side is seriously getting flushed…

  • necorbo

    Why is the media here so mean and so left, I was always made to believe that the media was fair and balanced yet that is not true. I believe you should not be able to keep a job that makes you feel like you should sway voters to your ideas and beliefs. CALLING PEOPLE LIARS AND CHEATS WHEN YOU YOURSELVES ARE SHOWING THESE FAULTS

    • If you want your version of Fair and Balanced go back to Fox.

      The fact is that both Romney and Ryan are elitist buffoons who do not have the best interests of the country in mind. They have no respect for the rule of law. Their allegiance is to their party, their campaign contributors, and the upper class to which they perceive that they belong, not to the US of A.

    • Full_Name

      are you kidding – newsmax, foxnews and about a million other blogs probably to some degree funded by conservative think tanks exist out there and you are upset that something has a liberal bias? buh-huh…

  • revest

    Normally USA makes an effort to, at least sound objective, but this writer makes no attempt to hide his liberal bias

    • Full_Name

      are you kidding – newsmax, foxnews and about a million other blogs probably to some degree funded by conservative think tanks exist out there and you are upset that something has a liberal bias? buh-huh…

  • Hau Nguyen

    I vote for Obama and Biden because I believe Obama and Biden have more opportunities to fix the economy of our country. Obama is smart and have good knowledge about economics. For me, no matter who win in this election, either Obama or Romney, I will support the winner for the recovery of our national economy.

  • What disgrace. Your article failed to define it. In fact your article pointed to quite the opposite. So typical of biased journalism

    • Full_Name

      are you kidding – newsmax, foxnews and about a million other blogs probably to some degree funded by conservative think tanks exist out there and you are upset that something has a liberal bias? buh-huh…

  • to quote Beck, I had to duct tape my head to read this..what drival.

    • Full_Name

      you quote Beck. I rest my case….

  • goatleather

    It is time americans relaize that every empire falls, the romans, the greeks, the egyptians the british, they all crumble and fall into decay; your time has come accept the fact and move on.

  • Biden, like a clown, now laughing, now gesticulating, clumsily interrupted Ryan’s speech. Whenever Ryan’s speech was interrupted, the flow of thought was broken, and Ryan could not give the punch to smother Biden. Biden’s mannerism and behavior appeared nauseating and despicable to millions of viewers. What is more, Raddatz’s role as Moderator was loathsome. Instead of remaining impartial, she openly sided Biden, allowing him to interrupt Ryan, and finally she herself interrupted by not allowing Ryan to emphasize some vital points. . In spite of these obstacles, Ryan remained cool and became the winner in the debate

    • Full_Name

      Haha, sore loser much? Funny how when Mitt Romney behaves similarly, he is “presidential”,”firm” etc, but when Biden does it, it is suddenly crazy.

      Good thing the undecided voters do not agree with you. They preferred Biden by a 20% margin to Ryan so you are obviously wrong.

      • Biden was rude and disrepectful. Most of us “Undecided Voters” prefer to see and hear a person who is supposed to be a leader [?] conduct themselves with civility and a bit of dignity!!

  • johnhock

    Biden and the Left claim to be sensitive and they are really cruel. Our Country is in trouble and you’re watching the Joker giving no respect during a national VP debate. Hard to imagine this angry man representing the United States. It gives hope to our enemies knowing Biden is a heartbeat away from the presidency. Joe Biden appeared last night to be the creepy clown who scares your child and makes him cry. The fact checkers have Biden lying most of the evening. His 2 biggest lies were denying he voted for the Iraq and Afghan wars. Wake up people. Our future depends on us being honest with ourselves and fellow citizens.

    • Full_Name

      why should he give respect to a guy that does nothing but spew out lies, half-truths or refuse to give specifics.

      You must have been reading the republican “fact checkers”, not the actual neutral ones…

      Oh, and who said that they don’t care about fact checkers? That’s right, the republican party during THIS campaign.

  • today the republican support is buoyed by people that watch shows suh as Swamp people, Hillbilly handfishin, Honey Boo Boo and other moronic swill.

    • MOst conservatives do not watch the “swill” that passes for entertainment these days!! Most of us actually read books!!!

  • This site sucks; too biased.

    • Full_Name

      are you kidding – newsmax, foxnews and about a million other blogs probably to some degree funded by conservative think tanks exist out there and you are upset that something has a liberal bias? buh-huh…

  • I do agree that this social media site really does suck and it is highly bias. It sets the tone left or right from the beginning. The Wacky Memo

    • Full_Name

      are you kidding – newsmax, foxnews and about a million other blogs probably to some degree funded by conservative think tanks exist out there and you are upset that something has a liberal bias? buh-huh…

  • I can say Biden was an Childlike ass. When he is challenged, stressed or lying . He raises his voice, laughs and makes smirks during the entire timeline that the other party speaks. Very much like a child. He jokes and makes references from off the wall issues at those moments also. There are rules and he broke every single one. He was not professional enough to recognize he had his time to speak and Ryan had his time. They each should of been able to make their points with little to preferably no childish interruptions.

    The host/mediator indicated to Biden on several occasions that he was out of control. But Biden just like his Boss Obama just think they have no rules and can do as they wish. America watch the Documentary or get the book. Dreams from my Real Father. It is full of factual evidence that Obama does not even qualify to be an American President. Big Trouble we will have should America return him to office. America cannot be ran by Angry Frustrated Grandpa Joe Biden and Hollywood Islam Obama. Vote Romney/Ryan. They can only do better. Preserve the American Constitution and Religion before it is destroyed by Communist rule. America deserves better.

    • Full_Name

      wow the writer of this article sure got your panties in a bunch – and Joe Biden did too. HAHA

    • “Obama’s America – 2016” A documentary EVERY American should see, BEFORE they vote, —- what Obama has planned for us should he get re-elected!!!
      George Obama, BO’s half-brother, was interviewed – quite revealing about BO’s real agenda!
      The day we saw this; when the film was over, there was complete siilence in the theatre!!! It was that frightening!!

  • What a liberal rag. Who reads this crap anyway? This was a click off for me and a waste of time.

    • Full_Name

      reading your comment was a waste of my time, so go figure.

  • Rick Sutter

    desperate media preaching to the left wing chrior, yep
    some job of reporting, I thought the media was suposed to deliver the facts and let the public decide??
    continuous dribble of fascist media is what we get

  • TheMemory

    This “news” item has been written and produced and circulated by the one and only BARACK OBAMA…a true born loser!

    He should never have been elected in the first place!

    Obama’s “YES WE CAN” …can what? Keep millions of Amercians Unemployed, Millions more on Food Stamps.

    Can not even go over an kill all the Taliban, with all the weapons and power of the U.S. Armed Forces? Destroy them everywhere in the world before it is too late?

    Taliban fight only a Gurilla War…we must do the same with them…Clandestine army without uniforms in large groups. High powered rifles and scopes permit the assasinations from 2 miles away. Just do it! Do not tell you are doing it.

    • Full_Name


  • JimmyD3

    Notice there isn’t one comment in support of your article…….maybe you should find a new profession.

    • Full_Name

      Possibly because republican think tanks have people commenting on articles like this, in addition to the inbred Fox/Limbaugh crowd.

      • Well, it’s either that or the only people with enough time to comment are out of work. Not having a job is an excellent reason to vote for Romney and Ryan, if you believe what he says.

  • Brams007

    Why except all of the excuses. Obama had his time and instead of strengthing the middle class he cares about so much, He spent all of his time passing Omamacare, A law the majority of Americans don’t want. he failed us. accept that fact and move on. Time for different leadership

    • Full_Name

      Your math skills are sorely losing. The majority does actually want Obamacare, and if you break it down into elements, an overwhelming majority want many of the pieces.

    • Obamacare was NOT a bi-partisan bill!! NO Republican voted for this “More taxation” under the guise of “Helping people!!! Americans for Tax Reform: “Obamacare’s first birthday commemorates twenty one new or higher taxes” 9/12/2012
      Strange how the liberals will not research what is or is not true, but prefer to listen to the Mainstream Media which is severely Obama biased!!

  • Droooo

    Look how entirely irrelevant this article has become since it was penned just two weeks ago!
    Sadly for obama, the momentum Romney is currently enjoying plus the time-space-continuum between now and election day, obama will lose. That doesn’t mean to say that team obama will not take this to the street level with rioting. Be ready, be cautious, be strong!

  • csro54

    Who wrote this, an ostrich?

  • You are all wet. Ryan will be the next Vice President these United States.

    • Full_Name

      Let’s hope not. (and it doesn’t look likely since challengers traditionally need to be up by about 5% in polls before election to stand a chance. The reason is that the sitting president is always underestimated in polls)

  • Obama 2012

  • itmgr2

    Strange article

  • Leonash44

    I am quoting what is written in Wikipedia about Joe Biden .
    You can find more by Googling : ” Biden Plagiarism 1988 ” .

    “Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden, Jr., a Democratic United States Senator from Delaware at the time, was a candidate for President of the United States in the 1988 United States presidential election.

    Biden announced his candidacy in June 1987, and was considered one of the potentially strongest candidates in the field. However, in September 1987, newspaper stories stated he had plagiarized a speech by British politician Neil Kinnock. Other allegations of past law school plagiarism and exaggerating his academic record soon followed. Biden withdrew from the race later that month.”

    In any election relating to the Presidency of the USA ( Democratic Party Primaries )
    Joe Biden did not get, I believe , more than 2% or 3% of the vote.
    Anybody should make his own opinion whether John Biden is suitable for any kind of leadership position

    • Full_Name

      Not sure where this John Biden guy comes into the picture, but…. (see last paragraph of your quite desperate post)

  • 2535

    If Romney wins there is another war guaranteed.
    Are we ready for WW3?

  • 2535

    Ryan will say whatever takes to be elected.
    The worst thing is his economy plan.

    • Try reading Ryan’s Budget Plan before you trash it!! The Heritage Foundation: “Ten Myths of Ryan’s House Budget Plan” Web memo 3253

  • Romney is being trounced in Ohio?? Since when? Lotsa bias in this article. We can only hope and pray that Obama loses, $16T in debt with a $1T deficit. Democrat supporters don’t seem to have any idea what that means, and Obama is promising to spend more. With the top 10% paying 95% of all government revenues, how much more do Democrats think they can take? No wonder all of the money is moving out of the country. Democrats don’t seem to understand cause and effect.

  • Ice Ko

    Competent enough piece of fiction, if way too transparently farfetched. Does the writer believe in angels and UFOs, too?

  • quarkie009

    No doubt the writer of the article is one of those useful idiots that support Obama without qualms.
    The media liberal pundits have an IQ lower than that of pencil erasers. Obama is a clear and present danger to the health of America and must be sent back home to the unemployment line
    this November 6, 2012 along with Joe Bite Me, Hillary, Nancy Pelousy and all of their brainless
    allies in the democRAT party and the rinos.

    • Full_Name

      zzzzzzzzzzzz….do you get templates with this drivel sent out? Go back on your meds and turn off Fox and you may actually start learning something about the world outside your trailer.

      • quarkie009

        I am one of those people that know how to think instead of following blindly to every word
        that drops from the lips of Obama the socialist/marxist. It is amazing that all of you koolade drinkers laps up all the crap that Obama, Joe Bite Me, Nancy Pelousy, Hillary and
        other lap dogs spew out in order to blind the people of the USA. Get a life, get a job and stop being part of the OWS protestors that want the fruit of the labors that hard working
        men and women have produced for themselves and their families. Think for yourself and
        stop being a useful idiot for Obama the muslim. In fact go back to Kenya with Obama from whence he came.

  • How sad – honesty, integrity and character certainly does not abide in the lines of this
    ‘dissertation’. Oh sorry. Perhaps this writer was educated in the public school system after the Ten Commandments had been removed from the walls of the schoolhouses/classrooms.

    • That’s absolutely right. He’s obviously been brought up without a lick of morals and probably steals food from your grandmother, too. I mean, what else should we expect when we don’t train our children to understand that the NIV bible is the one true authority? It also tells us everything we need to know to run a democracy properly.

      Thanks for judging this essay for me, too. Clearly, someone’s character is the only thing relevant to the words he says and I can ignore the rest based on your sound judgment.

  • @Pelu Mad – why? So he can add another $6 trillion to the debt, weaken the military, do nothing about Iran’s nuclear ambitions and watch more US embassies burnedown in the Middle East with less security than US Embassies in Sweden?

    • Full_Name

      I hope you are aware that the rest of our debt is almost exclusively added by republican presidents….. (since you like to put the fault with the president for everything).

      Also, which I am sure you are in great denial about is the fact that Bush started the bailouts, the Republicans actually agreed on some of them, and we are paying for two wars that Bush started and kept off the books.

      Overall, the foreign policy that Obama is running is very sound. It is tragic that there was an attack in Libya, but you did not hear democrats cry out about Bush at the time 9/11 happened. You guys are using tragedy for political gain and that just shows what lowlife you are.

  • @Douglas Wible. If you think that it is right to kill 1.5 million unborn American children every year, then replace them with a million + Third World immigrants that are sucking your social programs dry, then good luck. Then again, Obama can always add another $6 trillion to the national debt AND borrow even more money from China to pay for it all, while building electric cars in Finland and throwing money into “green jobs” that will have a negligible financial return – if any. If Obama is re-elected, then America is finished.

    • Full_Name

      How about offering birth control, and you will see a massive reduction in abortions. This has been proven in large studies.

      And what is your plan with the immigrants – put up a big electric fence around the US? It is better to get them legal, pay taxes, have insurance (which they are required to under Obamacare), and they won’t be abusing the system.

      It’s funny that the country which was headed towards a new great depression, that got turned around and even had some improvement since Obama took office is suddenly going down the drain if Obama has another term. Your logic is seriously flawed…

  • If Romney does win he said he will stand up to China on DAY ONE. I want to see that!!!!!!!

  • Ryan has turned out to be such a disappointment. He lost to Joe Biden. Yeeesh!

  • Crapkiller

    Why doesn’t the writer of this memo write about the current administration coverup. Why does he not write about the coverup before this one. Why does he not write about Obama lies? I suspect this writer is a biased socialist/progressive/communist! What say you?

    • Right On My Friend the heat is on and they know it instead of trying to say the Romney/Ryan team is lying about everything they better get their on stories straight and stop trying to defame decent men. Take Candy and her trying to help Obama last night where does the news media stop trying to create the news Americans are too smart for these clowns Mr. Bieden and Mr. Obama they should team up and get Lettermans Job.

      • You did say “decent men” did you? Bet you can’t show one decent republican anywhere on the face of this earth. Decent men, huh.

        • I’d revise that to “show me one decent politician”. Ever.

        • Obama and his ilk would appear to know a heck of a lot more about barbarism, particularly in the form of child-killing, than common decency, don’t you think ? And he’s not even a Republican !

        • Gloria, it’s official: You’re a hater.

    • PM

      Where is your evidence mr crapmaker? Why dont you back to one of NewsCorp’s sites since they are heading the witch hunt and haven’t come up with anything.

    • swann2012

      Since they are “Rules for Radicals” far left liberals if not outright Communists expect them to pull out all the stops to stomp Romney and Ryan. The problem is their whole campaign is based on Character assassination and with the debates people are starting to realize Obama has no plan, no more hope and the only change he is offering is more of the same.

    • wollydevil

      BOTH sides lie !!

      • vidking

        But only one lives by the lie! Democrats!

        • wollydevil

          Both of them lie im 67 ive been watching the elections sense i was 18 so i know what im taking about an people that don’t want to believe it do not have open minds an do not want to know the truth they makes up all kinds of excuses . They are hard core members of each party an thats the down fall of the USA .

      • It is reprehensible for the GOP to continue to call the president a liar and havent recieved all the facts. You can only look at what has happened with scepticism and not factual until the results prove different.

        • wollydevil

          Ive been following this for a long time an ive been follow election sense i was 18 an im now 67 i read other news an you they dig into the facts weather you want to believe them or not thats up to you. You don’t want to believe them you are either a hard core party member or you have you mind all ready made up . Yes my daughter have talked it over and she is a socciologies so she look at thing with an open mind an she knows what to look for . So like i say both sides lie thats why im not voting for either one .

    • Fabian Soliz

      Because republicans are a bunch of Goonies!

    • I think he’s a witch. He clearly turned you into a newt.

    • Do some homework , educate yourself, the republican ticket is the fastest way to throw America into the dark ages and even worse economic crisis, only the rich or the stupid would believe a word said by the Rominator, he is a predator , he is someone who profits at other peoples expense. He is no leader, leaders actually care about people, this man only cares about his personal gains, and you only need to study facts to see the truth. So go do some homework, you sound politically clueless.

  • Paul Ryan is a great American.

  • Stop smoking the crack, and put down the Kool-Aid! Loony Leftists choke on your own crap which you spew out continuously every day. HOPE & CHANGE was a BIG LIE, and it’s time for a 180 turnabout to the Right direction with Romney & Ryan Repair. Obama increased our Nat’l by 60% in only 4 years, and he’s still blaming Bush – WHAT a JACKASS!!!

    • Hard to get your Hope and Change when your whole presidency is sabotaged in a cheap political stunt

    • swann2012

      When did we stop being able to blame someone else for something we did? That old saw stopped working around the fifth grade. This has been the blame everyone but yourself administration from the beginning. Did we really need $4.5 Trillion dollars in spending to only to see 8 to 10% or higher unemployment. If Obama had given every man and woman in America $100,000 each, it wouldn’t have cost us $4.5 Trillion dollars, and the economy would have been booming, with people buying new homes, American made cars, etc. Not TV’s and stereos as that would have just boosted China’s economy. Entrepreneurs would have started new businesses, construction workers would have more work than they could handle. But no Obama decided to give it to big banks for their help in getting him elected, and to green jobs such as Solyndra that gave him big campaign donations and then fail in a year or two, and we mustn’t forget those unions who are marching with Communist Workers of America signs. The Government would have gotten most of the money back eventually in taxes. Now he and Joe Biden get together and laugh about how their “Shovel Ready Jobs” weren’t that shovel ready after all. One final thought, why are campaign donations not taxed? They tax everything except our next breath, yet if George Soros wants to buy a President or Congressman, he should pay a 50% tax on his purchase just like he does when he buys a new yacht or gun manufacturing plant. Let’s be real, if someone give $50 or even $1000, that is grassroots giving, if someone gives a candidate $1 million they are buying influence, period. The least they can do is help pay down our deficit by paying a 50% tax on that. Obama wants to raises taxes I think that would be an excellent place to start, he claims he will raise $1 billion before the election is over, he can help lower the deficit he helped create by donating $500 million to the cause.

  • outwcorruption

    And then there was the debate and the real Obama, who knows nothing, showed up proving Clint Eastwood right – nothing but an empty chair!

  • Phydeux

    Is this an MSNBC special report?

  • markuc

    America is split down the middle by different interest groups. All of us needs to wake up from this false sense of control that we have. Make sure you vote based on facts, not on emotions. Think before you jump to conclusions. If all or most of us did that, we wouldn’t have allowed the tax cut for the super wealthy to pass.

  • Is this guy delusional or just a paid Democrat hack? He needs to get out of his basement and get some fresh air.

    • You might try that yourself. My job keeps me at a computer all day. What’s your excuse?

      I like how you also only joined Facebook in June this year. Where’ve you been, growing in a lab vat somewhere?

      You people are idiots.

      Edit: oh, maybe you’re not actually a person. My apologies, ms. robot shill.

  • 2467

    It appears that the Dems are getting a little more snipy. They have no record except to spend money. The Pres. can’t talk for himself, if he dosesn’t have a Prompter he’s lost. LOL he’s a joke.

  • WB

    I have to say right at the beginning I AM NOT BIASED, I am seeing the selection of Paul Rayn as Vice President a mistake. While he is a financial guru and speaks well, he does not inspire
    any enthusiasm of his listeners. He is like a machine, he knows his figures, he knows finances and I am sure he is a true American. HOwever, he does not have the charm, the warmness, he lacks the
    art of communication. Rubio of Florida would have been a greater asset in getting votes for Romney. I am in particular thinking of the latina votes and of the females which are undecided. I could be wrong, but I am voicing an opinion. If you have anything to say, please stay with the subject, do not attack the writer.

    • Personality and Charisma – not substance, are the Democrats style!! Unlike Obama, whose entire life has been nothing but lies; Romney and Ryan are a breath of fresh air in what has become a stagnant pool of liberal lies. They are demonized by liberals, because they are decent men who respect their wives and families!! They have the actual business expertise that has actually worked; and WILL save America from fiscal destruction!!
      Remember, when Gov. Romney left office in Mass. the unemployment rate was down to 4.5%!!! He was also working with a mostly liberal House and Senate!!
      I have said for two decades that what America needed was businessmen, not career politicians at it’s helm.
      As an Independent voter, I’m not looking for a charismatic speaker who says one thing to get elected, and then continues the Communist agenda is to finnish the destruction of our country!!! Nor am I looking for a president whose only record is dividing the country by creating “chaos” where none exists! [In the words of Rahn Emmanuel, “Never let a crises go to waste”]. If there is no crises, they create one
      If this current president gets in again, there will be no more Free Elections in what will become Amerika.
      This election, is NOT about the Character of Obama or Romney. It IS. however , about the Character, or lack thereof, of the American Voters!!!!

    • If you’re not biased, doesn’t that imply you’re not human?

      Seriously though, thanks for actually contributing to the conversation. Rubio’s food for thought, but the man has a career and a family of his own to consider, too. Hitching himself to a man who’s clearly ready to tell us anything we want to hear to get himself elected is not the best career move. I think Rubio would’ve made much better ticket if he was on as the lead, not as veep – and that’s my big regret right there.

      I’d love to see some intervention in Syria, for instance – but I just can’t bring myself to believe R/R’s was at all serious about the proposition when he said it. He keeps “re-evaluating” his position every time someone squawks off-key. Not that Obama hasn’t done the same with Benghazi, either. But then, if we started making the mistake of ever trusting *any* of our leaders further than we can throw ’em, we deserve what we get.

    • WB, what does your comment have to do with the article we’re commenting about? Is our subject who should have been named as vice-president by Romney? You rightly call for US to stay with the subject. Good advice.

  • enzo5

    This article is a rabid invidious pack of lies. The author claims Ryan used “half truths” and “flat-out lies” without giving any specifics and evidence of his malicious offensive remarks. It is the typical Obama’s style demeaning propaganda. It is unbelievable that after 4 years of disastrous socialist Obamanomics and the destruction of American exceptionalism you still wish another 4 years of punishment. Are you better off now than in 2008? If you think you are it is only because you must be one of Obama’s cronies. But for sure the United States are much worse off. I pity you.

    • ya_motha

      you’re a rare breed, a republican with a vocabulary.

      • We use bigger words when we’re talking among ourselves, but respect the lack of vocabulary of anyone so unwise as to support Obama. Anyone who has seen what he has done to the U.S.A. shouldn’t have to think twice to know not to return him to office.

  • lol losers

  • Not only am I glad that Republicans are losing the election, I’m glad we have democratic campaign organizers and strategists picking apart the republican gibberish. Kudos to all the hard work. (btw i live in canada where the beer actually has alcohol in it)

    • It would be nice if all Canadians knew all about the politics of the U.S.A. It would be even better if all U.S.A. citizens knew true facts rather than Democrat propaganda. Obama hates the U.S.A. but of course never says so. His actions tell the tale. Anyone who knows truth knows also that Obama is either mistaken or knowingly lying when he spouts off about all the good things he has done to us in his spare time taken away from golf and relaxation. He wants to change our armed forces into homosexual hostels. He wants to force us to accept marriages of same-sex couples. He has many things up his sleeve to foist on us. It’s good that he now has less than two months to give us grief before he moves to Hawaii.

  • dianebkht

    I am the 47%! I am on Medicare and Tricare! Both Insurance work for me like Romney & his Wife and Ryan & his wife’s insurance work for them! President Obama stated from the time of his election on up to this very day this is what he wanted for those who were not able to afford health Insurance. President Obama also knew what he and Michele were receiving is what he wanted for us! Republicans want to turn what we have into a pay Voucher and they are traveling around the Country lying to our Seniors on how they are going to do so! Romney is a liar and we all witness that on tonight Debate!

    • The Heritage Foundation has the complete Plan on line!! Before listening to incorrect information from the Liberal Media, people should really check out the real facts for themselve!!! There is nothing in the Ryan plan that even says Vouchers!!
      Have you even read it?
      The Heritage Foundation: “Ten Myths of Ryan’s Budget Plan” Web Memo 3253
      On the other hand, Americans for Tax Reform’s article: “Obamacare’s first birthday commemorates twenty one new or higher taxes” is quite an eye opener! [9/12/2012]
      Or, Western Journalism’s article” “Don’t Fool Yourself: Of Course There Are DEATH PANELS In OBAMACARE” Oct. 3, 2012] This item gives the real information on what Sarah Palin stated – for which the Liberal Media called her every unprintable name in the book!!!
      I for one am tired of all the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Communist Lies!!!!

    • It’s hard to believe that three people liked this foolishness from dianebkht. Romney didn’t lie at all in this debate or in any speech I’ve heard him give. But I knew 100% that Obama was lying when he said Planned Parenthood offered mammograms and when he claimed that he called the murder of our ambassador an act of terror. He continues to this day to deny that it was simply a terrorist attack timed for 9/11. He’s an expert liar. The nation will be better off when he is out of office and his policies are reversed. Diane knows lots that isn’t so.

  • I love it when these retardo sheeps are shilling for me…Maybe they’ll cover up for my successful destruction of this capitalist hell that is Amerikkka…soon, me and my cronies are going to be in clover like in Cuba, North Korea and China!!!

  • mominwa10

    What a piece of crap that article was. Call that journalism? Pure retoric. I didn’t read your piece after 2 paragraphs that seeth with your political bias. I would fire you if I were your boss. Get something to write about. I could could have heard all this garbage from my liberal BO loving mom who is 80 years old doesn’t own a computer and gets her news from CNN t.v. Get some some substance or quit and get another job.

  • A country normally gets the leader it deserves, with that being said, do this country deserves Obama or Romney? There’s a lot of lies out there and everyone has an agenda. Who do you think really cares about you and your families? Who do you believe cares about America and her future? Who really cares about the least of us? You answer and then you vote. I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message. LOL (NOT)

    • Romney will be an outstandingly good president even if it should be that the Senate still is in Reid’s control. But if the nation is wise, Reid will join Pelosi on the sidelines. Everyone who has sided with Obama should be voted out of office in both state and federal elections. Obama hates the U.S.A. and has done his best to ruin us. That’s the goal of Islam, and Obama has been a Muslim all his life.

  • oldman25

    I have never heard such nonsense in my life. 40 years ago I was a liberal. It took me quite a few years to realize that liberal policies just dont work. I believe more Americans are beginning to feel that way, also.
    Romney will win in a landslide

  • knackattack187

    What do you thank taxes are.

  • What jerk wrote this trash? Has to be a liberal democrap.

  • This guy is right on. Ryan and Romney are playing games with the American people. Saying things like oil production is down 14% when it was only one year and due to the horizon oil spill. That’s just one of many examples. They know they are stretching the truth. This is a serious character flaw. They are not great American’s. They want the power and if they will knowingly do this, they certainly would abuse their power in office. They are bad news.

    • U-R-Busted

      Hey Kathy, I would suggest that you stay in your egg until fully developed. They say that the brain is the slowest part of development prior to hatching. Wow, I think you have proved them correct!

    • You think Obama’s expansion of federal powers over both unilateral military action and private businesses is any better? To see how far he’s gone towards nationalizing private businesses (AIG and GM being the obvious examples) and to *not* do the same for helping to increase the oil supply after the BP losses isn’t stretching the truth, it’s a valid criticism.

      You can’t excuse Po’bama by claiming his opposition just wants power and might misuse it, if he’s already done the same.

    • Kathy apparently missed seeing that Obama has prevented oil/gas drilling in the U.S.A. from day one of his term. If the permits had been approved, we’d now have all the oil we need and would not still be depending on foreign oil. Obama has been an impediment to recovery in every way rather than helping. He talks well. He acts terribly. His actions prove he’s a Muslim who wants the nation to fail and fall into the hands of Islamists. Romney/Ryan are very good news indeed, and deserve the support of every patriotic citizen.

  • 51-45 Gallup poll for Romney today, and getting wider every hour. “How Sweet It Is”
    Capitalism and Free Enterprise wins against Marxism every time, as long as we have millions of guns in the hands of THE PEOPLE>. Economics 101 will win the election. Executive Orders vs Congress ?????? Go !!!! Intelligent Americans and vote on the Presidents “RECORD”.
    TAX the internet through the UN ???? Is this BHO’s last blunder. Living in the center of America is wonderful…..oh ! except for Chicago, Illinois….BHO’s home after November.

  • PM

    it wasn’t a cover up, thus there is no cover up to write about. I suppose you and FOX could make one up.

  • iban perez

    paul ryan is relatively young and inexperienced in human nature to be the vice president to the aspirant president who seems fond of blustery. he should have joined the marines first for ten years to qualify.

  • swann2012

    The National Memo smells like something we used to have down on the farm when I was a boy, careful you don’t step in it.

  • eddieedwards

    I’m hoping Americans can think for themselves and not merely listen to those in the media. Paul Ryan is not perfect, but is a great choice for Vice-President. To use the writer’s word, “disgrace,” that is exactly what Joe Biden is. He was an utter disgrace in the debate. He couldn’t control his emotions, was condescending and rude, and even displayed his unfiltered anger. It’s absolutely scary to think that if anything happened to our President that he would be in charge of our nation. If you really notice, even the President keeps him away from the media as much as possible because he keeps embarrassing the nation every time he opens his mouth.

  • Paul Ryan is an over rated ,,,knoch boy…knoch is trying to take over the Government with its OWN type views of government.

    • Romney/Ryan is on track to rescue the nation from Obama’s attacks on our liberty. The government we intend to place in the nation is one true to the Constitution and Bill of Rights written long ago. This will be vastly different from what Obama has put in place with his czars and executive regulations.

  • Eve

    What a bunch of bull. Paul Ryan is a wonderful addition to the ticket. He is a great tea party fav and Obama is just about to be hit in the behind by the tea party train and will be just as shocked as he was in 2010. You can run but you can’t hide from your record Obama and speaking of VPs…..Joey Biden? Really? What an loon.

    • Only after you’ve taken your meds for delusions, please return to reality.

      I approve this message.

      Obama/Biden 2012
      Rob-mey/Lyin Ryan aka “Little Eddie Munster”….TEN-FORTIES…PLEASE!!!

      • The lying is not done by Republicans. The rescue will be performed by Republicans. It’s time for a housecleaning in Washington, D.C.

  • 2535

    Ryan was preparing his budget without calculator and/or brain.
    What a bunch of bull.
    Do not be naive hi will say whatever it takes to be elected.
    If he was so good where he was in Bush times.

  • vidking

    Well, if you use your analogy, you would be wrong. Because I too am 67 and have been watching the elections since 16. I too know what I’m talking about.
    However getting back to the original statement. I said that Dems live by the lie.
    Not that both parties do not lie.
    Of all the friends I’ve had, the conservatives were far less likely to lie than my liberal friends. Not just in politics but in any matters of life.
    Think of this to! “Con ser vatives ” and “Lib er als”. Even those terms should tell you something!:)
    Not that these are my sole reasons for judgement by far.;)

  • I can’t believe obamas’ campaign can even say the word liar any longer after obama and joe biden can’t open there mouth without lying. they even get the left news media to help them, and then the media is shoned to lie when fat candy crowly can’t even tell the truth when she jumps in to help get obama out of a lie about bengazai!

  • Warning: The above “article” is certified left wing “gobbledygook”. Brought to you by the gobbledygook awareness council.

    • Thank you for vetting my information for me, thereby relieving me of the burden of thinking for myself.

      • It was thoughtful indeed. Some might quickly read the article and think it made some sense. It’s total nonsense. Dave King just pointed out the truth.

  • The efficacy in Obama’s second debate proved his deep concern for the middle class and the success of this country by sharing the burden with the top 2 percent of this nation.

    • Obama proved his “deep concern for the middle class” by crafting a healthcare law with greatly added taxes on every citizen. His concern is to sound and look good regardless of how much it costs us.

  • “Power Corrupts” + “Power to the People” = ?

    Thanks for playing.

  • trixie

    do you honestly think this mormon guy isn’t just trying to follow in his father’s footsteps and put his Mormon stamp on everything he does if he gets in!! Obama is for the people and yes they all do contort their words, that’s politics but watch “The Choice” on PBS. It’s very clear that Obama is passionate about what he wants to achieve for each and every person, not to just tick off something on a bucket list. Mitt got hit with the lucky stick as far as wealth!
    Watch past performances of Mitt and consider his stance on each and every issue he speaks about. How did he get into Harvard eh?? How did Obama? Well..I believe Obama was and is the only person of colour to have achieved getting top spot on the Law review. I am not sure Romney is that intelligent nor is his sidekick Ryan who doesn’t seem to have a flippin clue about foreign policy. These things MATTER people. Don’t elect a far right republican that completely rebrands himself according to the situation. What the hell does he stand for anyway?? You can bet your bottom dollar that he will be pandering to large business and not be focused on what’s to be done. Four years isn’t a hell of a long time to undo what’s been done and I think Obama has set out and has accomplished much more in the four years than most president’s. Remember that when he took the presidency it was a GLOBAL problem!! Still is and he’s just swimming above the water and actually making strides as of late.
    BE CAREFUL who you vote in.

    • Did Trixie think she was responding to the article? Apparently not. And how ridiculous her comments are. For shame. Obama has nearly ruined the U.S.A. and Trixie likes it! Anyone at all would be an improvement over this Muslim president. And Romney/Ryan is a good ticket to make changes for the better.

  • Really??? Is this all you have?? At least try and look somewhat objective!

  • I see the Ovomit Moron Demographic is still alive, albeit not doing all that well. Keep trying. You’re losing more votes every hour!

  • Wittgenstien

    How old is this argument? Ryan IS the person to save medicare and other support programs!
    Why don’t we talk about Obama’s 4 trillion debt reduction plan instead? Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t have one!

  • Obama cover ups: Fast & Furious, Libya, Medicare being used as political pawn to get senior vote, and his locking away his past records. Need we say more?

  • This article bears little resemblance to the truth. It’s Democrat propaganda as far as I can see. Paul Ryan is an asset in every way.

    • shutupdonnie

      Wow , that’s alot of crazy conspiracy stuff you read.

  • Well, this psychopath has never in her 73 years seen any president as bad as this one. To let four embassy workers die, after pleading for more security, and then act as though it was nothing more than a blip on his radar screen makes me ill. He’s the sociopath. And he let Hillary take the fall for it. Nothing has ever been his fault has it? If he’s elected again, it’ll be more than the republicans who will be sorry. He’s taken our country to the edge of the abyss, and if he’s elected, he will push America over the edge. Wait until you get old or have a serious illness, and they figure you aren’t worth the money to make you well. Are you all blind? He can give money to the Muslim Brotherhood, but not one penney for more security for our embassy in Libya. I’m an independent by the way. He disgusts me.

  • It is so sad to see the dishonesty in the media. This publication has lost it’s ability to report truth.

  • airmailpilot

    Anna Wintour is giving Obama heck about his lack of fortitude, threatening to withdraw her money, Obama has refused to talk to her group, this is going to end badly

  • oddmanout18

    I guess I am one of the 47% to whom Romney alluded to. It would be interesting to have a sample group of the “Takers” take part in a round table discussion with both Romney and Ryan and tell tell the Republicans where they fit into the 47% and hope they get some form of answer. I am old enough to remember Europe in 1936 and the rantings of a sick Dictator, and the filth and Nazi propagander that spewd from his mouth. I hope and pray that these 2 bone-heads are not reading the books that the aformentioned Dictator read.

    • ACA is 2700 pages of political and legal gobbledy gook to most of us seniors. our president may no longer be able to cram partisan bill down with ‘reconziliation’ and other tricks

  • shutupdonnie

    Problem is he would take the shine from Mitt if he was around to much.

  • Interesting article and comments, but perhaps few of us are actually asking the fundamental questions.

    1. What is the task of the Federal Government? For the answer look to the Constitution of the United States, and there we see that the Federal Government has overstepped its boundaries, and we as citizens have not done much about it (most cannot even quote the Constitution much less argue using it as the main source).

    2. Are we really willing to pay for the services that the Federal Government has in place? Can I drive a Corvette if I are not willing to pay for it? The same with the Federal Government, if we want certain benefits we must be willing to actually pay for the whole thing (which means a higher tax rate). Can we blame someone really rich for not wanting to have more taxes, especially if he doesn’t want or need the benefits? Perhaps the solution is to go back to the fundamental American ideals of self-sufficiency and the desire to build one’s own life on one’s own without someone holding his hand.

  • Charles E. Tucker

    The fact that this showed up on the BDN site is simple proof of the lack of objectivity on the part of the BDN. Who would have known!

  • CarolO

    Bush talked some of getting rid of Medicare and privatizing social security and he about caused a riot. Now we have Ryan tooting the same thing and people are voting for him? I guess there are no Republicans who are on Social Security and Medicare and want to protect it. Well …..I want to protect mine and especially now that’s it’s even better than it was but I guess if you are 80 years old and are told over and over again that “Obama robbed medicare” you start to believe it.

    Romney stood there at the first debate and told 58 million people his plan covered pre-existing conditons. That is a bold faced lie. His aide had the guts to admit that was untrue but I haven’t heard a peep out of Romney to correct that statement.

  • SeekerII

    It is a shame there are so many blind takers.
    Open your eyes – the current path we are on is Socialism at it’s finest.
    With ObamaCare, you will have Canadian-style medicine which has many limitations.
    The comment by Alan Grayson – “hurry up and die” will be the norm under ObamaCare.
    Let’s hope you won’t get the opportunity to experience the rath.


  • rupertmja

    Personally, I think they chose him for the simple reason that on the ballot, his name will look like Ron Paul to voters who have ‘experienced’ the American education system.

  • There are places where you “National Memo” people would love the leadership:
    Greece, Cuba, Venezuela, Spain, and most of the former Soviet states all subscribe
    to your views on confiscatory taxation, no gun rights, abortion on demand, and
    the rest of your “progressive” bullshit. Try living there. Takers (not as opposed to
    “makers” but those accepting my offer) should contact me through facebook and
    I’ll find the money to ship your worthless ass(es) to Cuba.

  • Vickie_P

    You people are so full of it!

  • oldcrankyyankee

    nice try,the democrats are really getting desperate.

  • SouthernLadyNC

    What a load of bull crap.

  • PAM

    Ryan is a asset to the party. Don’t be fooled by the media that leaves out the whole truth. Do they write what really happened in Libia? Our President knew about the attact that killed four young heros that fought to the end. Obama knew when it happened and the rest will be history of thePresident getting 4 letters from Stevens right up till the day it happened. Their compound was hit hard even before the fatal attack occured telling Obama that the compound was not safe and that they were living in fear for weeks. Obama refused to help these heros that died. He refused to give them protection and thats why they died. You really need to find out what and how it went down. Dont be fooled by all the coverups going on. Get the truth the real truth. Obama has lied about other issues in the last 4 years and that is well documented. Do not trust him. Those men died defending our ideals and Obama failed to protect them. He said his main job is to keep Americans safe. He did nothing to give needed help to these soliders that died. This shows the real person he is.

  • Eleanor

    To all seniors who think Obamacare is so great for us, I behoove you to do some research, written by people who take each part of it and break it down so a person of average intelligence can understand. I, as well as my 2 sisters are seniors, 75 up, and we all have medical conditions that require meds to keep under control. Will we be able to get these meds with help thru the healthcare to pay for them. We do not take Name brand meds, but generic. Also if we have a terminal condition, what care will we get/probably not get any, as some panel of non-medical people will decide. Just give them a pain pill or resort to euthanasia if they are useless to society. Is this what the American people who worked most of their lives, supported their families, paid into S. S. and Medicare deserve???Is this what you want for your parents, grandparents???And for you in the future???? People wake up. Everything we have is at risk. How soon will we be under total dictatorship of some foreign nation. What the U.N. has in their small arms treaty is enough to scare all of us. I have never seen such hatred, racism, devision of country, parties, neighbors, friends, and families as I have seen in the last 2 elections. The guilt about our past “racism” in the ancestors is not our sin, and we don’t need to re-elect a person who is doing everything in the power of his office to destroy the principles this country was founded on and most of us believe in. How soon will it be before even the “air we breath” is also taxed and “belongs to others”? In third world countries, no one has any freedoms except those in power. If this what we want for the USA. THINK, READ, RESEARCH, EDUCATE YOURSELF, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE…