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Friday, October 28, 2016

PETERBOROUGH, N.H. — Since all things seem possible in the Republican presidential contest, is there another turn coming that could benefit Jon Huntsman?

That would be the former Utah governor polling nationally at 3.2 percent, according to Wednesday’s Real Clear Politics average of national polls, slightly behind Rick Santorum. Huntsman is occasionally touted by the sort of commentators who would never go near a Republican primary ballot box; they like his reasonable, genial and intelligent tone. Many conservatives, on the other hand, see those traits as the marks of a dreaded liberalism.

  • kanye

    I more people to know more about him…he’s the real deal…honest and smart

  • bentrovato

    I had occasion to see Jon Huntsmanparticipating in one of the subject debates. Only he and Ron Paul had anything near sane and lucid answers to some of the questions asked by the moderators. All the others are fools, opportunists or just plain stupid with their ideas and answers.

  • David K. Aho

    Jon Huntsman is the only Republican I’d think of voting for. Some of the other’s are political sluts who would say anything for a vote and the rest are not worth considering. I voted for old Mitt for Governor in Massachusetts and within a year I was very very sorry that I did. I won’t make that mistake again.

  • gotedge

    John Huntsman would be a refreshing relief now that the dozen clowns have poured out of the Volkswagon Beetle. Not one of the other present candidates has a policy that wouldn’t suffer a meltdown under the hot lights and powerful rhetoric of a speaker with President Obama’s intellect and tenacity. Several of them have already fallen off the edge of the flat earth they believe in. Those remaining have so much baggage that by the time they got the straps off the bags, Obama would bury them under their own hubris.

    For instance, Mr Gingrich’s campaign team must be praying that his wife doesn’t get a case of the sniffles. That would be all he would need to go out and find wife number…uh, uh…I can remember two of them but I can’t remember the third one. Oh, that’s Governor Perry’s line. And Ron Paul? Hasn’t he just broken Harold Stassin’s and Ralph Nader’s record for number of runs for the presidential nomination? The people have spoken and spoken and spoken. Doesn’t he listen?

    John Huntsman is articulate and his record is more centrist no matter what he has to say to quench the blood lust of the Tea Party horde. Not that I would vote for him, but he would at least give the Republicans a candidate with a mind rather than just a mouth that spouts cliches.