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Friday, January 18, 2019

‘I Can’t Tell You Who I Voted For’: Obama Votes Early On 100 Percent Unverifiable E-Vote System

‘I Can’t Tell You Who I Voted For’: Obama Votes Early On 100 Percent Unverifiable E-Vote System

President Barack Obama may have voted for Mitt Romney yesterday when he cast his early vote at the Martin Luther King Community Center in Chicago’s 4th Ward. Nobody knows for sure. Even him.

He cast his vote on a 100 percent unverifiable touchscreen e-voting system made by Sequoia Voting Systems (which is now owned by a Canadian firm named Dominion Voting). It is scientifically impossible to ever know if his vote was recorded accurately as per his intent or not, on that type of voting system.

“I can’t tell you who I voted for,” the President joked, as noted by our colleague Mark Crispin Miller in a short blog item today wryly headlined “Obama votes for Romney.” The President’s joke may not have been nearly as funny as he had intended.

We confirmed with the Chicago Board of Elections that early voters in the Windy City must do so on the oft-failed, incredibly-vulnerable, and easily-hacked (see below for details) Sequoia AVC Edge touchscreen voting system which is still used, according to’s database, for early, disabled-accessible or standard polling-place voting in some 234 jurisdictions across all or part of some 13 states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

On Election Day, the Board’s Communication Director told The BRAD BLOG, voters are allowed to vote on their choice of either paper ballots (also tallied by Sequoia’s incredibly faulty computer tabulators — the same ones which announced losing candidates as “winners” in three different elections in Palm Beach County, FL earlier this year) or Sequoia’s 100% unverifiable AVC Edge touchscreens.

The intellectual property of those Sequoia systems is still a proprietary trade secret owned by a Venezuelan firm named Smartmatic, which has been tied to the country’s long-time president, Hugo Chavez. That point was lied about by Sequoia’s then-CEO Jack Blaine when he was asked directly about it by a Chicago alderman some years ago, as The BRAD BLOG detailed exclusively back in 2008.

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28 responses to “‘I Can’t Tell You Who I Voted For’: Obama Votes Early On 100 Percent Unverifiable E-Vote System”

    There have been many convictions on Housing Fraud but penalties are fines and petty cash types.
    Federal regulators pursued Small fry not Senior Mangers who did so much long term damage to this nation. Could it be pal to pal campaign donations.
    In the 1980’s S&L crimes 3700 got prison time.
    The current Residential Mortgage Backed Securities Task Force needs help.
    The Student Loan Industry has been loaded with servicers misapplying payments, giving borrowers bad advice and reporting incorrect information to credit bureaus.
    We need action. Big time action. We will never get it out of Wall Street Romney.

  2. nobsartist says:

    Why is there not a Federal Law regarding what machines can be used?

    • johninPCFL says:

      It’s a State’s Rights issue. Each individual state can choose systems with whatever level of security they want. GOP legislatures choose systems with poor security so they can guarantee their own re-elections?

    • dalnb says:

      With so many Republican State Governors implementing their “alleged” voter fraud laws it would seem we need to make elections for national level positions separate from state elections. As it is we are seeing a huge number of legal voters being blocked by Republican governors from casting their votes !

      Until they can show their “Voter I D” laws have been properly and legally enacted with adequate time has been allowed to ensure ALL LEGAL VOTERS have been given due consideration the courts should bar them!

  3. Lovefacts says:

    I hate the touch screen voting machines. I use the optic reader, where I fill out the ballot and the machine reads it. Should there be a recount, there’s a paper ballot.

    • jvaljon1 says:

      Terrific, Love! How do you get the optic reader? Here in Grand Prairie, TX, I was told very firmly that “copies of your ballot after voting are NOT GIVEN.'” If you — or someone —can explain how to get a paper ballot when they’re not giving them out, I’d sure be grateful!

      • Lovefacts says:

        We had optical readers when I voted in the election of 1997 for the VA Senate and House of Delgates. I can’t tell you where they get them, just that Virginia had them when we moved back here.

  4. foolsdance says:

    How is this in any way legal??? They GOP is not below stealing this election by any measure, and this is their invitation to do just that. Appalling!

  5. Ika Musume says:

    Since he won’t defeat Romney I am pretty sure he voted for him because he’s tired of lying to the American people. Did you know it’s public record who you vote for. I read somewhere it is, so you have no privacy even, when you vote.

    • dalnb says:

      Interesting how you say- “, “I read it some where.” It without a doubt shows you are one of those who are ready to repeat things you have heard without knowing what you are talking about!
      This sounds like another SCARE TACTIC the Republicans have spread over the past four years !

      • jvaljon1 says:

        How do you call this stupidity “another SCARE TACTIC the Republicans have spread over the past four years” See—-that pre-supposes, that We The People are SO DUMB, that WE DON’T ALL KNOW, what LIARS all Republican apologists are! And that we’re SUCH SCAREDY-CATS, that the very term “scare tactic” is supposed to make us—-well, I’ll just call it: doing something that toilet-trained adults normally don’t do. And I don’t know about you, dalnb, but I consider that, an INSULT!

        Republican apologist = LIAR. There. The simplest truth about the GOP that we all know. And we have seen PROOF AFTER PROOF, after OVERWHELMING PROOF—-ever since 2000—-that REPUBLICAN = LIAR (almost as well-known since then, as Election Thieves) !!!

        But right now we’re only considering the huge LIAR section containing the “official GOP”.

  6. johninPCFL says:

    Sequoia was headquartered in Ohio during the ’00s, and it’s chief competitor’s (Diebold) CEO was the Bush campaign head in the state who famously said he’d “win Ohio for him”. The method they used was demonstrated by BlackBoxVoting. The programmers who produced the system also worked for Sequoia.

    No one knows whether the flaws demonstrated by BlackBox were ever corrected, either before or after the Canadian takeover. Do they still use Access databases for their talleys? Do they secure their talley computers from network access yet? Do they use an alternate timeclock for datestamping the files yet?

    Maybe our votes are totally moot. The Canadians are picking our President now.

    • jvaljon1 says:

      Sequoia is an old, old American company. True, its chief competitor (Diebold)’s CEO, Walden O’Dell, was the Bush campaign head in Ohio. Now that you know his name—what does that prove? And by the way, according to those people who ‘saw it all’ in 2000—it’s the the Venezuelans (under Pres. Hugo Chavez) who supposedly hacked into Sequoia machines?! These complete liars, didn’t even bother to learn that at that time, Getty Oil was leased to the Venezuelans, for the purpose of helping them develop their own oil fields!

      And what any of THAT has to do with “The Canadians are picking our President now”–? I sent this –thing–up to my cousins in Winnipeg, and my oldest cousin told me firmly, not to send any more “verbal cartoons masquerading as reality” up there, since they’re having enough trouble picking THEIR President, and sure don’t need the distraction of idiotic accusations (from South of our Border) of THEM, trying to pick OURS! LOL!..OMG!!…ROTFLMAO!!!!

      How can anyone listen to that kind of ignorance, I won’t even bother trying to figure out. Just—you have my sympathies, and my prayers.

      • johninPCFL says:

        Sequoia and Diebold both used the same programmers, the same pogramming techniques, and produced systems with the same frailties. BlackBoxVoting was able to change the vote tallies on the DIEBOLD DEMONSTRATION SITE without being detected. When Diebold was appraised of the GIGANTIC SECURITY HOLE in their system, their response was to take down the tally demonstration.

        So, yeah, O’Dell delivered Ohio to GWB. Voting wasn’t even required, just an internet portal. Seems like we could have saved a TON of money.

        Since the problem hasn’t been fixed, I guess it’s OK that the Canadians will be picking our next President.

  7. dalnb says:

    With the highly visible efforts of numerous Republican state governors to implement their own version of “Voter Fraud” by blocking legal voters from casting their votes I have to worry about what they are doing behind the scenes!
    We learned years ago of the Republicans efforts to tamper with votes and they have shown they know a lot about it by claiming voter fraud is rampant throughout the states. They have, however, failed to show in their alleged investigations, any significant number of even suspected cases of fraud.

    I honestly think those voters who have not made up their mind as to who to vote for in the Presidential race should vote “None of the Above” rather than make a wrong vote and end up putting Romney into office; an uneducated vote such as that will be the Coupe-de- grace in carrying out the Republicans agenda that started with Bush and will end much forever of America’s quality-of-life !

    Obama = Of the People For The People!
    Romney = Of the Wealthy for the Wealthy!

  8. This article is not true. As you can see in the picture, our touchscreen machines in Chicago have paper scrolls where every voter can see the votes that were recorded. Voters must verify the paper is correct before casting their vote. President Obama has a great sense of humor, he wasn’t saying that he couldn’t see his vote he was just saying he wouldn’t say he voted for himself. We have a combo of electronic with a paper back-up. It is the ideal system in Chicago.

  9. Not even if he had one beer too many would he make that mistake! HPLMAO!

  10. nobsartist says:

    I see a new Constitutional Amendment.

  11. onedonewong says:

    If he was honest he voted for the better man and that would be Romney. Even barak’s wife and axlerod have said Romney is the better man

  12. nurselaidoff says:

    Hugo Chavez has come out in support of Obama. If there is a tie between Hugo Chavez and the voting machines, I would think that if something illegal occurs the flipping would be to Obamas advantage.
    It could flip some votes his way. Maybe enough to win the election…….

    • jvaljon1 says:

      You lost your job, sweetie? Not to worry….just go where they need more nurses and apply there. Your reasoning however—-that does worry me. President Putin of RUSSIA has ‘come out in support of Obama’—are you thus afraid that now HE’D ‘tamper with our voting machines’?

      The fact of the matter is this: anyone who can read, in ANY language, now knows that Romney is a moronic liar. He isn’t even an ACCOMPLISHED liar—just, a stupid one. That’s why other countries’ heads of state aren’t crediting Romney with a win just yet. They don’t think that—after 2000— the American People would be DUMB ENOUGH, to trust Republicans with our voting machines just yet.

  13. mjw1952 says:

    We need the UN to take control of our elections. Apparently we are like a dictatorship and can’t run them. Mexico does a much better job.

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