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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Of course. It makes perfect sense. Why couldn’t I see it before?

There could never have been a Holocaust had the Jews been armed. Granted, the Nazis swept aside the armies of Poland and France like dandruff, and it took six years for Great Britain — later joined by Russia and the United States — to grind them down. But surely Jewish civilians with revolvers and hunting rifles would have made all the difference.

Much as I’d love to take credit for that insight, I can’t. No, it comes from presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson in a recent interview with CNN. “I think the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed,” Carson said.

This has become a recurrent theme on the political right, the idea that unarmed victims of violence are to blame for their own troubles. And not just in the Holocaust. Rush Limbaugh said two years ago that if African Americans had been armed, they wouldn’t have needed a Civil Rights Movement. The founder of so-called “Gun Appreciation Day” said, also two years ago, that had the Africans been armed, there could have been no slavery.

There’s more. When nine people recently died at a mass shooting in Oregon, Ted Nugent declared that any unarmed person thus killed is a spineless “loser.” Carson seems to agree. “I would not just stand there and let him shoot me,” he said. Or, as Clint Eastwood says in Unforgiven when Gene Hackman complains that he just shot an unarmed man: “Well, he should’ve armed himself…”

It’s so clear to me now. Guns don’t take lives, they save them. Guns make everything better. Carson is a surgeon, not an optometrist, but golly gosh, he’s sure opened my eyes.

As a friend recently observed, what if Trayvon Martin had had a gun? Then he could have killed the “creepy-ass cracker” who was stalking him. Surely, the court would have afforded him the same benefit of the doubt they gave George Zimmerman, right?

And what if the men on Titanic had been armed? That tragedy might have had a happier ending:

Iceberg dead ahead!

No time to port around it. Get your guns, men! We’re making ice cubes out of this sucker!

Jack, is that a Colt in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

It’s a Colt, woman. Now, stand aside.

Hey, what if Jesus had been armed?

“Thou wisheth to nail me to what? I think not. Come on, punks. Maketh my day!”

The possibilities are endless. So I’ve taken the liberty of composing a new campaign song for Carson, to the tune of “If I Only Had a Heart” from The Wizard of Oz:

When a man’s an empty holster, no courage does he bolster
No confidence is won
What a difference he’d be makin’, he could finally stop his quakin’
If he only had a gun

He could stand a little straighter with that ultimate persuader
And wouldn’t that be fun?
He could put an end to static with a semiautomatic
If he only had a gun

Can’t you see, how it would be?
Woe would avoid his door
The crazy guy would pass him by
Or else he’d shoot — and shoot some more

Oh, the shootin’ he’d be doin’, and all the ballyhooin’
The way the folks would run
His life would be so merry in a world of open carry
If he only had a gun

If you think Carson might like the song, I would not mind at all if you shared it with him:

What’s that? You think I’ve lost my mind? You’re calling me crazy? Boy, that makes me so mad I can hardly control myself!

If I only had a gun…

(Leonard Pitts is a columnist for The Miami Herald, 1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Fla., 33132. Readers may contact him via e-mail at

Photo: Barry Shaffer via Flickr

129 Responses to ‘If I Only Had A Gun…’

  1. When a man in Dogpatch whines he can’t afford to pay for his own healthcare and his family’s but then owns a $3,000 military rifle, who’s BSing whom here?

    The problem is “gun attitudes.” There are those of us can live in towns more than 200 years old and never need a single gun for any reason. So why do the tootheless, brainless, swaggering, drawling cowboys? I’ll tell you why: “Gun Attitude.”

    These are people who were weaned on guns. They cannot imagine peace in the world. They love the sound of Pow! Pow! Pow! so much that a day without the sound of gunfire is like a day without breathing.

    They make one excuse after another for why they can’t get off Republican state welfare but then use that welfare money to buy their guns. Make sense to you?

    These are the same gun attitudes who view any stranger’s face in as target practice. These are gun attitudes that use “protection” as their excuse to own arsenals. The reality is they are the ones who cause the rest of the country to need to protect ourselves from their gun addictions. These loonies are nothing more than societal misfits who can’t function in a civilized society without their AK47s at the ready. What the hell are they expecting? What they are causing is total anarchy in the streets by their gun mentalities. No one needs a gun in a school, a supermarket, a shopping mall or a church. These redneck idiots will tell you these are places where “they” need protection…from what? heads of cabbage? The pantyhose saleswoman? The vicar?

    • I have wandered through (actually kept to my business) some of the roughest areas in Detroit and have never carried a gun. And if I never needed a gun, never wanted a gun, I would guess few of the gun nuts really need one.
      I remember seeing, at the height of the cold war, a film about hunters in the old USSR. They had hunting rifles, because they needed them. I noticed they also had imported Canadian Skidoos for snowmobiles.

        • Nice analogy. Of course insurance doesn’t give you the ability to kill your wife or kids, yourself, or anybody you happen to disagree with.

          “In recent years, an intimate partner killed approximately 33% of female murder victims and 4% of male murder victims.”

          “Number of firearm suicide deaths: 21,175”

          “37% of aggressive driving incidents involve a firearm.
          Half of drivers who are on the receiving end of an aggressive behavior, such as horn honking, a rude gesture, or tailgating admit to responding with aggressive behavior themselves.
          Over a seven year period, 218 murders and 12,610 injuries were attributed to road rage.

          • Yep.
            Let’s outlaw knives and cars also.
            And let’s pass a Federal law forbidding crazy assassins from entering a “Gun-Free Zone”.
            That will do it.

        • Come to NJ. You’ll need that insurance. So, tell us..if your gun is as lethal as a car, why don’t you have GUN INSURANCE? Why aren’t all gun owners insured? After all, 2 kids under the age of 5 are dead because Daddy owned guns and was too stupid to keep them out of his kids hands.

          • Because unlike cars; we have a 2A right to bear arms w/o insurance. The gun is our “insurance”! Get it, got it, GOOD!

          • That was Daddy’s fault, not the guns’ fault, you mindless ignoramus.
            P.S. – Daddy must have been a gun-loving, mindless (any other kind?) ssstupidd liberal …

        • Come to think of it, so have I. But insurance is required, whereas a gun is not legally required. When I lived in Beirut, I did watch a running gun fight, Untouchables style, with guys hanging out the passenger side windows banging away at each other as they sped through the red light I was waiting for. I asked the person beside me if we ought to take cover. His reply was probably not. It was a fight between families, probably over the guy in the lead car being caught with a girl from the guys in the second car. Since it was not our fight, we were probably safe. I’ve generally taken Hassan’s advice. I probably safe, if it isn’t my fight.

      • The Amish people think there are a lot of things you don’t need also! What say you about that? America is great because we take what we want; not what we need! Move to China…………….PLEASE.

        • I actually grew up in a town that had a lot of Dunkers, which many people confuse with the Amish, as they arose on different sides of the German/Swiss border from the same religious movements. I do admire their self restraint, and it may be in part from them and their philosophy that I have not felt the need to carry a gun.
          I was just saying that I didn’t feel the need, and actually felt it would subtract from my security. If you carry a gun, you can more easily make mistakes from over confidence, and not steer clear of trouble. I also don’t frequent bars, and seldom enter into silly disputation except on here.

          • What we “want” and what we “need” are many times disputed however, all freedoms and liberty come at a price!

      • I would like to take you for a walk through 5 ward in Houston. I had to use a gun on several occasions when I worked there. If I had not had it I would not be here.

    • People don’t need a Mercedes but if they want and can afford one why not? Just because someone may not need a gun (according to others) doesn’t mean they should be prohibited from owning one.

    • What they need protection from is your moose knuckle attacking them when they are in the bathroom answering the call of nature.

  2. When I glanced at the photo on this article, I couldn’t stop shaking my head. Boy, the toys my kids play with every day, are kept in a more safer place than real killer weapons (guns), I see on this photo.

  3. Another article about guns? The Left is really pushing hard again for more gun laws which have failed repeatedly. Now it’s all about guns again to make this the new campaign issue. One comment about how could the Jews if armed, stop the mighty Nazi Regime. Leonard Pitts seems to have forgotten how the colonists forming militias, defeated the mighty British Empire, the mightiest of those times. That is precisely why our Founders gave us our 2nd. Amendment as one of the most important.

    • Ah yes, that militia that the founders included in their second amendment. Does that mean that today’s National Guard should be the ones with the guns then?

    • We didn’t defeat them by *remaining* a series of colonial militias, tho.

      It wasn’t until we started having a truly professional army (1777 and later) and the French started intervening on our behalf (post-Saratoga) that we really had a chance against the large numbers of British regulars and German mercenaries the crown brought in.

      In any case, that argument is rather moot as far as personal self-defense is concerned. Defending a nation against an organized army requires very different strategies and tactics than defending one’s home, family, and self against a psychopath or would-be robber.

      Now to be clear, I’m not a prohibitionist by any stretch of the imagination. It didn’t work with alcohol, it’s not working with drugs, and it didn’t work the first time with abortion (and wouldn’t if Roe were overturned, either). By the same token, it *definitely* wouldn’t work with guns.

      I’ve heard that a lot of gun-rights supporters would rather the public safety focus be on mental health. Alright, I can get behind that. Rather than get into a lengthy blame game or angry shouting match, I’d like to see constructive ideas about how to get people with mental health issues the help they need to function (and, more to the point, to keep them from going on killing sprees).

      • As an engineer(me) – the 1st step to solving a problem – Root Cause Analysis.
        If you do the research, most all the school killings have been by young white men on one of these designer psychotropic drugs. Look at just a few of these cases and you will see a pattern/profile develop.
        Young white male, 16-26yo, on an antidepressant ie an (SSRI) being treated at home.
        Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor, etal.
        “Now” when I hear of a shooting, I am thinking hmm what drug was he on.
        But this information usually does not come out for several weeks after a shooing – due to Health Record Privacy Laws, HIPPA laws, etc.
        Also now our returning Vet suicide rates are at record levels – they are also young men and treated with the same drugs – another “coincidence”?
        These drugs came out about the same time we emptied the mental institutions to treat troubled kids at home with them.
        Late 1970’s early 1980’s. About the same time the school shootings started. Another coincidence?
        Check out this 13min video which pretty much explains it.

        You can also look up the school shootings data on Wikepedia but the Drug info is hard to find there due to privacy laws.

        ps I consider many of the poor parents of these young men caught up in this tragedy victims also.
        Often they cannot get help or very little or the wrong kind for their kid.
        It is a major problem that someone/s at a high level needs to address.

        • To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if Effexor in particular was a potential cause of this. I took it in the past for a while, as did a friend of mine, and it was completely ineffective on both of us. I later found out that both of our respective doctors who prescribed it got commissions for doing so. >:/

          From what I was told by my doctor, that drug (and a number of other mood-altering drugs) tend to have wildly differing effects on brain chemistry depending on the person. Adverse effects on those with existing mental problems wouldn’t be surprising to me at all.

          It also wouldn’t surprise me in the least if a lot of those drugs got fast-tracked through the FDA safety approval process for the sake of some extra profits for Big Pharma.

      • Had their NOT been a militia, England would have defeated the Colonists BEFORE they formed an Army, get it? The problem is a mental health issue though.

    • And here we have another classic example of the Con sickness and the terrible damage it does the intellectually challenged and the morally sick. Notice how the afflicted describes any article or knowledge they disagree with or that their small little minds can’t comprehend as “the Left pushing…” or propaganda. But the endless lies and distortions of reality by other sick Cons is “fair and balanced.” Also notice how those infected with the terrible Con sickness are incapable of dealing with facts or reality in both present times and historical. This particular patient believes that 18th century military and their tactics are comparable to 21st century forces which include tanks, airplane, drones, and nuclear weapons. He also ignores the facts regarding the history that the Nazis actually destroyed some of the most heavily armed people in the history of the world up to that point. Perhaps the Con sickness has made him believe that the military has become more susceptible to morons with their penile compensation toys since WWII. Who knows, the Con sickness makes their ignorance difficult to unravel.

      • Oh, I get it. Conservatives are sick because they describe articles that they don’t agree with as “the Left pushing”. But, it is okay for you to call us “sick”, “small little minds”, and “intellectually challenged”. Remind the Afghans that they cannot prevail against the power of the Soviet military or ours as well. You are spineless.

      • Sorry but “We The People” like our guns and the “majority supported” NRA will NEVER let you take them! Every dollar sent to the NRA is well spent!

          • Seems to me, “gun culture” is the problem. When something becomes an obsession or fetish, all reason and common sense goes out the door. It doesn’t matter what the object of the obsession is, the outcomes are eerily similar. A case for moderation in all things.

      • What the hell does your tirade have to do with more gun control of law-abiding Citizens.

        The Con Sickness, LMAO. More like the Socialist Sickness!

        • Ooohh, did you look look at “tirade” all by yourself? Or was it another moron vocabulary lesson from O’Reilly? Never mind, I already know the answer, the Con sickness makes you way to ignorant to use big words all by yourself. It is fascinating too see how truly ignorant and disgusting the right wing fascists are becoming. Btw why in the world would I even attempt to debate with an ignorant Con? I’d have a better chance of discussing physics with my dog, he’s more likely to get physics than an ignorant Con gets reality or facts. Every day we see moron Cons argue that “criminals don’t follow the laws.” Of course this makes a normal person think we’ll then why would we have any laws. But a moron with the Con sickness is too stupid to figure that out. So, being an ignorant Con is not a point of view or a different political views, it’s a terrible sickness of total and complete ignorance.

          • Tirade a (big word)? You are truly a typical, self-centered, self-important, know-it-all Liberal. Oh yeah, by the very definition, criminals Don’t follow the Laws. Either do Democrats when it interferes with their leftist ideology. Your type is very much in the minority I hate to clue ya!

    • No…we are not pushing hard for more gun laws. We are pushing for 2 things:
      1. control over the numbers of guns that can be manufactured for sale to the public.
      2. All gun owners must pay for liability insurance like car and home owners do.

      You anarchists just want to push your weight around and FORCE the rest of us to live like you do…armed like Rambo and showing off to intimidate others.

      • You don’t need liability insurance to exorcise your Second Amendment! Ah, the liberal “money grab” like cap & trade huh!!! Driving is a privilege not a right like the 2A.

      • Hey, Eleanor, I would like you to know that, as a registered Republican (a rare moderate), I think your proposals are spot-on! And poll after poll show that the vast majority of all Americans also agree with you.

      • What if someone was really poor and couldn’t afford liability insurance? They wouldn’t be able to own a gun thereby terminating a constitutional right. Unless the government did a voucher thing. Besides, the idea of liability insurance will only fatten the pockets of personal injury lawyers and the insurance companies. The people who will pay will be the ordinary citizen who will have to pay much much more to own a firearm than they do now.
        The more expensive owning a firearm becomes, the more likely fewer people will choose (or be able to own one),shrinking the number of firearm owners into even more of a minority. The smaller the minority, the easier it is for the majority to control how they live.

        • Why not just charge Huge amounts of money to read the newspaper, watch the news, or listen to the radio as well, that will “shrink” the number of people into a minority getting free-speech, then the majority can control them? Oh wait, kind of what is happening now! What an idiotic statement!

          • I don’t have to purchase a newspaper to voice my opinion/exercise my right of free speech. I would, however, have to purchase a firearm in order to exercise my right to bear arms.

          • Where will you get your news, steal a newspaper, steal a radio, or steal a TV? p.s. Who says people can’t make their own guns? What a completely dumb analogy

      • How many guns would YOU “permit” us to have your Highness? Make sure you get liability insurance on your cell phone, Thousands are killed & hurt by people texting & driving.

        • A. I don’t own a cell and as yet no cell phone is responsible for any death much less that of 11 first grade school kids.
          B. I don’t WANT a cell phone
          C. Shove that up so far up your anal canal that it comes out your big moron mouth…and then do us all a favor..aim and fire. One less gun moron asshat to deal with.

          • Such a happy, tolerant, warm person you are. By the way, the discussion we were having was concerning how illogical liability insurance on guns would be.

    • If you think a citizen militia armed with anything you can get your hands on can stop a modern military force you’re a complete loon.
      You may slow them down slightly if they try hard not to kill innocent people around you, but not for long.

      Consider the many options they have in terms of military technology that you do not.

      Just the encrypted comms and satellites and the strategic and tactical co-ordination that allows (plus the jamming of your CB radios) would be enough to utterly defeat your forces in hours… IF they were the same number, and armed the same way as your citizen force.
      The fast and accurate deployment and control of the battlefield with superior coordination is a decisive game-ender without anything else.

      Then consider hellfire drones, mini drones, fully automatic shotguns with proximity shells that clear entire rooms and explode around corners, tanks, complete air superiority, extremely long range snipers, heavy artillery, smart mortars and smart shoulder launched rockets, and laser guided bombs… and all the secret stuff.

      Even the vague impression you be more effective than a fart in a tornado is the height of arrogant delusional idiocy.

        • Ad hominem.
          Obviously you have some amazing counter points.
          Pity you aren’t smart enough to put them forward in a reasoned fashion.

      • Would that be?:
        The same way the most powerful Military in the world(with all their advanced technology-at the time) kicked the s*it out of the Viet Cong in Vietnam(armed only with “….anything they could get their hands on”?

        The same way the most powerful military in the world (at the time) kicked the S*it out of the insurgents(aka Patriots) in the US in 1770-1783?

        • Note I used the world “Modern”.
          Ironically this does not imply that a situation from either the 1950s or the 1700s is remotely relevant.

          Try this:
          The same way that a guy sitting in Alabama with an X-Box controller can kill 15 people in a Village in Afghanistan from so far away that they can’t even hear or see the Drone, and watch it through a satellite in real time.

          Explain how your good ole boys with AR16s and hunting rifles, and blocked communications are going to stop that?

          • 1st – I am not talking theory here, I have had my “A*s in the grass”.
            I probably know the “good ol’ boys” a lot better than you.
            Since I grew up near and among them.
            Since they have shot-at and tried to kill me “no less than” 3 different times +.
            For no reason at all except I was there – in a State Park no less in 2 cases.
            In my case – Southern Red Necks.
            I am really, really, really lucky to be here.
            Yes they have AR15’s and the gangs downtown have AK’s.
            Exactly why I now have a AR – I don’t want to be out-gunned again.
            BTW – my daughter teaches those Xbox guys how to fly.
            And helped develop some of the GPS systems they use.
            So I am not ignorant about modern warfare.

            As to how an insurgency could possibly work today?
            (Insurgency – An insurgency is a violent rebellion against a constituted authority.)
            ps I don’t think this is going to happen and sure don’t want it here.

            True – Our military is the best, strongest, most advanced in the World.
            My wife is a Vet(Vietnam) and I/we are a big supporters.
            BUT – against an “insurgency” they usually don’t do that well.

            Standing armies(Even the best in the World) don’t do that well at Asymetric warfare and Insurgencies.
            The British found that out here in the 1770’s.
            We found that out in Vietnam(1975), Somalia(1993), Iraq(2003)and Afghanistan(2011).
            The Russians also found that out in Afghanistan(1989).
            And I suspect it could be even worse here, since many currently in the military would likely join the insurgency.
            Finally – For You to consider – “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it”.
            And last since you called me an “Idiot” hmm I will let that go this time but you are beginning to sound like a “F*cking ignorant, clueless, young D*mb A*s” without much real world experience or knowledge of history.

          • Most people in this country have no real understanding of what an insurgency would do to every day life. It would take a century to recover if ever.

          • Yup.
            And the ones who think the military will crush it no problem are, well, just ignorant I guess.
            Not “Dumb” but Ignorant( As in they just don’t know history, etc).
            Like the one in here who says with all the military technology we now have, an insurgency would be crushed no problem(ie without a doubt) – ehh you just don’t know what you need to know about insurgencies.
            I figure a full insurgency here would set us back to say about 1930 or worse.
            I know “I” don’t want it – for sure.
            But I also know I am “not” going to give up my guns either.
            Just as soon be dead as defenseless.
            I have been attacked and me defenseless(got lucky), not going to let that happen again.

          • Who are you to call any body an idiot? There are over 50 million licensed hunters. Where in the world is their an army that can stand up to 50 million armed pissed off armed men fighting for their freedom. You sound like you would like to see the American life style fail. You have a arrogant mouth behind the keyboard. What would you actually do in real life????

      • Wake up dummy, the People of the U.S. are armed with the most modern weapons & there are MILLIONS of us. Make sure you turn in your weapons (if you have them) to Federal authorities. The Afghans have been turning back advanced, “modern” enemies for decades.

  4. What about the small bands of armed citizens in Afghanistan that held off the Russians and others? If Americans didn’t truly love guns and the “peace of mind” they provide; they would have been gone long ago! Tell me again what the polls say….. skewed to reflect desired outcomes. There will be NO Sharia Law as long as the American citizens have arms!

    • There will be no sharia law and our personal guns of which I have quite a few, will have nothing to do with it. This country is not a theocracy, and we are not run according to the Law of Moses or the New Testament Bible, and we will not be run according to sharia law either. You guys are SKEWED.
      We now have more guns in this country than people. Peace of mind, are you crazy? Where is peace of mind when you know that wherever you go there might well be some nut case with a gun who decides he needs to start shooting people because, well, HE CAN. Thanks to the nra and the gun lobbies (big money) this is almost the wild-wild west. Everyone needs to walk around with a loaded gun and when someone loses thier temper and decides the easiest way to deal with it is to take out thier gun and start blasting away, everyone else can take out thier guns and get in on the firefight–Woo-Woo. Some peace of mind

      • You know as well as I that the ONLY way to stop gun crime is the total elimination of guns and that is yours and others agenda Oh, btw; NM knows I cut deep into their agenda by the way they censor me!

        • That’s stupid. No one wants to take guns away from cops, ranchers protecting their livestock or the military.

          We just don’t want a bunch of lunatic fringe right winger hot heads play acting as if they are Rambos.

          • What about law abiding gun owners? You have discriminated against their civil rights! We know your agenda and it’s SICK!

          • You are a twisted mindless twit.
            No-one is trying to take all guns away.
            Take Australia… it is still legal to own a firearm there. They just have actual rules designed to stop criminals and nutters getting their hands on them.

            In that case they are definitely coming for YOUR guns you halfwit wingnut. Sane people will be able to keep theirs, however.

          • No worries as the NRA has and keeps on kicking your azz up n down the street with the MAJORITY of Americans behind them!
            It must be frustrating to be a loser!

          • Yeah that 15% of Americans who DON’T want better background checks and gun sale loopholes closed is an amazing majority.

            Factfinder… hahahaha

          • Curious – Can you define for me, what you understand the “Gun Show Loop Hole” to be ?

            Just curious – it may not be as bad as you think.

            Have you ever been to a Gun Show? And know the actual rules?

            You do want to know the actual facts don’t you?

          • You are letting your bad experience with a band of NJ Red Necks affect your judgement.
            I get it. Me too.
            I let a band of Southern Red Necks affect my judgement. Except they actually shot at and tried to kill me.
            So I got armed, trained(highly), licensed, insured, etc and now ready for the next time. But not looking for it or forward to it.
            Shooting Anyone is NOT something I look forward too and will try to avoid if at all possible.
            Calm, quiet now(like before) but now quietly ready if need be.
            Fact, now, show the bastards you are armed and mean it, and they will get quiet, start backing up and leave.
            Worked for me anyway.(Otherwise you will not see my gun.)
            Low life, chicken S*it bastards.
            I wish it was not that way, but have to live in the real world as it is. This kind of s*it “aint” “fun”. It scary.
            But I refuse to let them intimidate or threaten me again without a “suitable”:) response.
            Same in the South as the North re Red Necks.

          • Yup.
            I am serious about this stuff.
            $250k liability + bail.
            + A “Team”(Rapid deployment force) of gun law/self defense lawyers on emergency call. Check out USCCA.
            Unfortunately, as you can see in here, Self Defense is no longer considered a valid concept in this country.
            And when I say “trained” I mean State & DHS Certified Instructor and competition shooter level(Combat Pistol).

          • I worked with a very intelligent, young, black salesman back in the 80s at ADP. We joked about how I never learned to ride a bicycle because I lived in a very rural area with unpaved streets. He told me black kids in Georgia (the state he was born in) didn’t “dare” ride their bikes anywhere near the white neighborhoods, unless they wanted to become KKK targets.

            These gun jerks are all from the south and midwest. Not all of them own ranches or farms or have cattle to protect. The fact that they are so grossly insecure shows one thing: In their Republican states, no one trusts anyone because they all have so little of value, they go to extremes believing they need protection.

          • Then you know why “I” am armed, having been shot “at” 3 + times by them I figure my luck has run out on that so got trained, certified, insured etal. And most of my neighbors. Plus now we have the drug gangs downtown(I live in a “suburb”), that is mostly Black on Black but still a danger to the public, and Black lives are worth just as much as White.
            The only solution I see here is legalize drugs like we did alcohol, and create better opportunities for them to make a good living.
            Plus the home invaders, some on drugs who WILL kill you , without a thought(especially the ones high on whatever looking for something to sell for their next fix).
            I don’t mind more “sensible gun controls” like enhanced background cks, more attention to the mental health issue, etc.
            But The bad Red Necks and Gang Bangers are the minority and in the say 1-2% of the bottom feeders in our society.
            And bans on things like Assault Rifles, mag capacities, etc will not affect them, it will affect people like me who try to obey the law and have them only for sport and self defense, and not attacking people. ie the other 99% of good honest people.
            I know they(criminals) have assault rifles, and always will, I don’t want(refuse to be) out-gunned again.
            The cops? Yeah they can be here in about 15-20min to mark our bodies.
            On “Assault Rifles” and Capacity Bans – 1) It will not affect the guns in the hands of the criminals. It “will” limit “my”(And the other 99% of the public that are honest owners) capability to defend myself. I will be out-gunned again.
            2) The worst mass school murder (VT) was done with pistols. 3) Less then 1% of gun crime is done with assault rifles. 4) More.

          • There is no way I want to live in a country with big balls men walking around around on public streets armed with military weapons. Are you crazy or what? If you like your streets to look like Afghanistan, take your guns and go there.

            The reality is that while some very white males are profiting immensely from selling drugs and guns in inner cities, no one locks them up. Besides, how else can the Republican states get a whopping hundred billion for their prison industries if they can’t “pack ’em in” to the rafter so they can bet more tax dollars?

          • 1st – I don’t have a “Military” weapon. And I sure don’t walk around with it.
            2nd – You must have missed the part where I said, unless I am under attack “…other wise you will not see my gun”- never.
            No one sees it except my wife and people at the gun club or in the mountains.
            I even cover it when home and taking it out of the car.
            I keep mine in the same place the police do, in the trunk, since I help train them to shoot.
            Walking around with one showing in town is just dumb(on several levels) and usually not necessary unless in the country or mountains and at times there is almost a necessity(“just to keep everyone honest”) ie “they know that I know”.
            Having an AR(Assault “type” rifle)(not the military version) in my car trunk when I go out into the country or mountains is a necessity.
            Also it makes for a good home defense gun(IF you know how to handle, store and use it properly). If not you should not even own one.
            It is also the best gun to have should the “system/grid” fail and we are set back several years(survival). Hands down the best most versatile survival gun to have. Not to mention it is now the most popular gun in the US.

            ps Those “….big balls men walking around around on public streets armed with military weapons”.
            Are some of the very types that I feel the need to be armed and defend against since they have already tried to kill me, more than once. Ignorant, Red Neck, MF*ckers.

            As for the drug/prison problem – like I said before we should just legalize all of it except the psychotropics that drive young men to murder. Like we did alcohol.

          • And how will remove these guns from the criminals & gangs in the hood, ask them nicely to turn them in? The law-abiding right wingers aren’t causing these problems as your bias leads you to believe.

          • Well, let’s see….How will we up north stop the Corn Pones and MUtton Chop gun smugglers? Like we did in May 2015…lock them in prisons up north with all of those minorities they so despise.

            In our states, those guns come from YOUR gun smugglers. There are NO gun manufacturers in my state or in NY. Yet, 3 Georgia pig gun smugglers thought they would violated OUR states’ rights and sell illegal guns in inner cities up north. We just lock them up and no more corn bread, grits, gravy or red beans for them. Just lots and lots of good ole Yankee prison inmates you CONs can’t hope to compete with for toughness.

          • Don’t forget all the guns that got into the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartel from Eric Holder’s & Obama’s Fast & Furious. Funny how every newspaper & news outlets report constant violence in these wonderful States & Large cities, very, very little in our White, hick, mutton chop neighborhoods. Enjoy your Liberal, crime-ridden neighborhoods!

          • I’m sure with a vindictive, spiteful little pissbrain like yours, you erased the memory of GHWB’s trip to Iran to set up the deal to delay the release of the Iran Hostages and then broker a deal to sell arms to the Contras…try again hot shot.

            Millions of illegals enter the US through 2 major Republican states who take Your tax dollars now at $50 billion for border security and then look the other way at the illegals they use to mow their lawns, play nanny to their kids and clean their McMansions…you have a bitch about illegals? Tell it to BIG RICH TEXAS THAT WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY that openly defies using E-Verify to report their illegal plantation serfs.

            Or try Rubio’s Florida who allows millions of illegals every year to invade that state and then pretends they are using tax dollars for border protection. Border protection? Or just more of your BS?

            You do not need to turn our public streets into High Noon or some Wild Wild West cowboy show. want that gun? Do yourself a favor…keep it in your home…not in MY taxed streets.

          • ALL you need to do to find out which Party supports ILLEGAL “Immigration” & Amnesty 100%, is just look at the voting records of Congress. It is Always the Democrats! What is so hard to understand about those facts?

        • I don’t know whether you are ever censored or not but you don’t bother me. You are though, pretty much of a loon. Nobody is coming after MY guns bubba and its really stupid of you to think something like that is my agenda. I cherish my guns and believe I am a responsible gun owner. There does have to be a better solution than more guns–more guns–more guns, because thats what got us to this sad state of affairs in the first place.
          And please dont start spouting that 2nd amendment mess. Gun ownership today has nothing whatsoever to do with a “WELL REGULATED MILITIA”.

          • Nobody coming after our guns like no one was coming into the country illegally either till one day we “woke up” and there were 30 million illegal Mexicans here! Duh! Illegal immigration and gun confiscation “deniers” you “low information voter” you! Like you lefties all say; you can’t round them all up and deport them…the same applies to guns except guns are not “illegal”! Obama wants to register guns but not illegal aliens! Go figure!

          • We have always had a lot of guns. More than most other countries.

            The increased “level of violence” in various areas of our society in the last several years is more relevant than the number of guns. As evidenced by the increased # of guns but overall lower crime rates.

            To reduce the homicide rate we need to identify those areas and the drivers for the violence – like the gang drug trade and the psychotropic drug/mental health problems we have created in the past several years.

        • Te He. Poor you. NM censors you. OMG you are SO put upon.

          Why don’t you take you inane opinions over to Fox, they are the only ones who might listen to this lying nonsense. NM clients know you are full of sh**.

      • The Facts are not with you.
        Indicators your basic logic does not hold in the real world:
        Fact is:
        The number of guns in the US has steadily increased for the last many years.
        At the same time – the crime rate has steadily dropped during this time.

        • And of course, the fact that we have an aging “Baby-Boomer” generation, and a far-fewer young people population could have nothing to do with this, aye Ace?

        • The study to which you refer has already been debunked several times. Correlation has nothing to do with the increase in the number of guns.

          • I cited no studies.
            Crime data is from FBI.
            # of guns in the US is common knowledge(from many sources) and generally accepted to now be about 300mil.
            Statistically – About one for everyone. Of course they are not distributed evenly.

    • Do you live in Afghanistan? No? Then, get your butt over there and take your gun with you. Big mouths…no action?

      • Remember you are talking about Americans fighting Americans and at some point; reasoning would prevail. Look how well it works for blacks when they riot. I’ll now hear the next case please.

      • The same way the most powerful Military in the world(with all their advanced technology-at the time) kicked the s*it out of the Viet Cong in Vietnam?

  5. The more Carson talks the more evident it is that he is an ignorant fool. He may be a good surgeon but that does not make him qualified to lead the free world. I cringe just thinking about this guy running a day care center let alone the executive branch of the government.

  6. I’m so tired of this ignorant belief that the Second Amendment gives Americans the right to prevent tyranny. Really? People actually believe the “right to bear arms” gives Americans the right to one day “rise up” and “take back” our government? Didn’t we already go through this? Didn’t we have a Civil War because a specific section of Americans believed the federal government trying to end slavery equated to tyranny over their freedom? Tell me, how did that work out for the Confederacy? The Constitution gives us ballots, not bullets, to hold government accountable.

  7. Leonard, you are the “Pitts”.
    What a mindless “article”, especially the Titanic spoof that was supposed to be funny.
    Leo, you are stealing from The National Memo.
    Shame on you.

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