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Friday, August 17, 2018

If We’re Lucky, Political Wife Sarah Paley Will Blog, Too

Sarah Paley is married to Bob Kerrey, who is campaigning to become Nebraska’s newest U.S. senator.

I hate beginning a conversation about this gifted comedy writer by identifying her through her marriage, but it’s because she’s married to Kerrey that her funny essay for this month’s Vogue magazine has generated a scorching round of headlines by the willfully clueless:

“Bob Kerrey’s wife, Sarah Paley, rues his political career, disses Nebraska in Vogue essay” (The Washington Post).

“Bob Kerrey’s wife slams Midwest” (The Washington Post, again).

“Musings by Kerrey’s Wife: True barbs or a biting wit?” (Omaha World-Herald).

“Kerrey’s Wife Writes About Wanting to End His Campaign” (Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire).

“Did Bob Kerrey’s wife sabotage his campaign?” (HotAir).

What did Paley write to spark this firestorm?

Here are a few snippets from her essay, titled “The (Not So) Good Wife”:

“I am not a political animal. I am not even a social animal. My idea of a good time is when people cancel.”

“As the campaign progresses, I wonder if I will be a liability. How will I stump? I do not own a pantsuit, pearls or an American flag lapel pin.”

“Leaving Omaha, you drive through farmland and behold what Nebraska is supposed to look like: mesh silos that you can see through if they aren’t full of corn, red barns with copper roofs and fields of yellow soybeans. Every now and then the picturesque ‘Little House on the Prairie’ reverie is interrupted by billboards with pictures of babies and messages like ABORTION STOPS A BEATING HEART or TAKE MY HAND, NOT MY LIFE.”

She also jokingly invited friends to have an affair with her husband to knock him out of the race.