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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Washington (AFP) — President Barack Obama said accepting immigrants from foreign shores is in America’s “DNA,” as the nation continued to roil Friday over the arrival of thousands of undocumented minors.

At a Fourth of July event marking the 238th anniversary of American independence, Obama praised the newly minted citizens — some two dozen active duty military, their spouses, veterans and reservists — who “remind us that America is and always has been a nation of immigrants.”

The president’s remarks at the White House came with the country embroiled in a tense debate over how to stanch an influx of undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Central America, among them thousands of minors, who have flooded across the border into the United States in recent months.

“Throughout our history, immigrants have come to our shores in wave after wave, from every corner of the globe. Every one of us –- unless we’re Native American –- has an ancestor who was born somewhere else,” Obama said.

“That’s what makes America special. That’s what makes us strong. The basic idea of welcoming immigrants to our shores is central to our way of life, it is in our DNA,” the president said.

And he used the event to plug his support for immigration reform, long stalled in the U.S. Congress.

“We believe our diversity, our differences, when joined together by a common set of ideals, makes us stronger, makes us more creative, makes us different,” Obama said.

“If we want to keep attracting the best and brightest from beyond our borders, we’re going to have to fix our immigration system, which is broken, and pass commonsense immigration reform,” the president added.

“We shouldn’t be making it harder for the best and the brightest to come here, and create jobs here, and grow our economy here. We should be making it easier.”

The immigration issue has gained new urgency after some 52,000 unaccompanied minors crossed illegally into the U.S. via America’s southern border since October.

Earlier this week, the tense debate took a contentious turn when residents of the California town of Murrieta refused to allow three busloads of 140 undocumented migrants from Texas relocate there.

With placards reading “Stop Illegal Immigration” and “Send Them Home,” protesters blocked the road in the usually quaint town of some 100,000 resident, forcing the busloads of migrants to head instead to San Ysidro, near San Diego.

Overwhelmed by the massive waves of mostly lone child migrants crossing from Mexico into Texas and Arizona, the U.S. government has been forced to transfer some of them to detention centers elsewhere, including in California.

Republican leaders in the House of Representatives have refused to take up immigration reform because they fear conservative activists who oppose offering a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented migrants as amnesty, particularly in an election year.

The Democratic-run Senate passed comprehensive immigration reform legislation a year ago.

Obama said last week that he has asked the Department of Homeland Security to come up with recommendations within the next few months, and pledged to immediately implement the measures using his executive powers.

He has vowed to send more resources to secure the southwestern U.S. border, where the flood of child migrants has stretched customs services and deepened the partisan bile over immigration reform.

The president also wants to drastically increase the number of immigration judges to the area and to do more to crack down on criminal and smuggling networks.

AFP Photo/Brendan Smialowski

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  • Dominick Vila

    The intolerance that so many Americans demonstrate towards certain newcomers is perplexing for a nation of immigrants, but not surprising.
    Most Americans, myself included, believe our laws must be respected, and oppose amnesty to those who deliberately break them. However, while many agree that rewarding those who break our laws is not the way to go, there are many who have no problem with the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants of European ancestry who enter our country illegally via our Northern border, or through our ports and airports with tourist or student visas and never leave. Their overt hatred is focused strictly on those who come from South of the border, whose ethnicity is mostly indigenous to the Americas. I believe the hatred they demonstrate is cultural rather than “racial”.
    For me, there are three distinct issues to be considered, if the goal is to solve the illegal immigration problem: (1) determine the root cause of the problem, (2) modify our immigration law to reflect both human rights imperatives and the needs of our country, and (3) find a solution for illegal immigrants that are already living and working in the USA.
    Considering the problems that remain to be solved in the USA, eradicating poverty, political persecution, and the lack of opportunities that prevail in Mexico and so many Latin American countries is not in the cards. It is up to them to solve their own problems and provide for their people.
    The overt hatred shown by those who go as far as blocking the passage of women and children to processing stations, from where they are deported back to their countries, shows a level of hatred, intolerance, and lack of compassion that makes a mockery of our “human rights” claims. The most pervasive reason for the influx of illegal immigrants, however, is the knowledge that eager American employers are anxiously awaiting their arrival to exploit them and take advantage of cheap labor to enrich themselves at the expense of the misery of others.
    Our immigration laws must reflect the demand for specific labor skills in our country. The current immigration laws encourage the entry of foreign professionals to satisfy the demand for their talent, and the benefits derived from the influx of highly qualified professionals into the USA. Those laws, however, make no provisions for the entry of semi-skilled workers, even though some sectors of our economy, namely the agricultural, hospitality, garment, and to a certain extent the construction sectors, depend on them to profit and get things done.
    Sen. McCain proposal to give “guest worker” status to illegal immigrants already in the country is, in my opinion, the most viable. It does not reward them with amnesty and a path to citizenship, it does not impact sectors of our economy, it puts an end to the fear and abuses that currently exists, and it forces employers and illegal immigrants to report their income and pay Federal income tax. Amnesty is not the answer. President Reagan tried it in 1986 when he granted amnesty to 4 million illegal immigrants, and the only tangible evidence is that his decision simply encouraged many more to come.

    • johninPCFL

      The bad news is that it’s been tried before. Here’s a news cut from 1981 around the time of the Reagan amnesty:

      “The old bracero program outlasted the war by two decades thanks to pressures from agricultural interests. They liked having captive laborers who worked hard to please them in order to be invited back the following year. The program finally ended in 1964 when Americans discovered how much the braceros were being exploited in the nation’s harvest of shame.

      Many guest workers received less than the minimum wage, were housed in dilapidated shacks and were dismissed and shipped home if they spoke up for their rights. After employers deducted for food, housing and transportation, some braceros netted less than $100 for a season’s work.”

      • joe schmo

        Don’t you think it would be different nowadays? I do because the Hispanics have gained a voice because of our ‘uber’ liberal humanitarian laws….. I think it is a fantastic idea to reevaluate the program once again.

        Most migrant workers are making their situation in the fields work for them today because 10 million of them live in one residence and make minimum wage. In our state it is allowed for them to live multiple in a home.

        No, I think the program needs to be readdressed.

        • Dominick Vila

          Most illegal immigrants working in the agricultural sector don’t make minimum wage. Most are paid by the bushel or earn $3 an hour.

    • charleo1

      Well, there’s the rub, isn’t it? Employers, especially those who use a great deal of this semi-skilled labor, want no part in registering them. Or paying taxes on them, being responsible for their healthcare, and for reimbursing the various localities for the services their cheap labor requires from the greater community. Or paying them enough to pay for those services themselves. It is Capitalism at it’s very foundational worst. The unavoidable exploitation of the poorer classes, without the gov. regulation they so rail against. And, make no mistake of this, anytime the Federal Gov. does anything, there are those who profit. Just as well as when the Federal Gov. does nothing, there are those that profit. And this ain’t rocket science. It’s not even as complicated as 4th grade math, once the politics, and racism are removed.

      • Suralin

        I think among some conservatives there is a bit of… I’m not even sure what to call it, “misconception” seems too mild. But there’s this pervasive assumption that the economy ends at the US border, and that foreign influence on our economy simply doesn’t exist. That the US jobs market would be 100% hunky-dory if it weren’t for illegal immigrants taking jobs away from US citizens (completely ignoring the effects of China, India, etc. adding a ginormous glut of cheap labor to the global market).

        • joe schmo

          Misconception! Are you kidding. We simply cannot carry the burden of South of the border.

          No I don’t think the job market would be hunky dory, but it would allow for our blue collar men to again have employment in the construction industry. (The illegals have certainly taken that over). Along with union jobs (apparently there is a quota to hire Hispanics) and our kids would have summer jobs or college jobs or even a job after graduation if they can’t find anything in their field of study. (Hispanics have a lot of the restaurant and small shop jobs).

          Employers need to be punished for hiring them with a fine.

          • Dominick Vila

            Illegal immigrants have taken over the construction sector? Darned, I don’t know where you live, but in my neck of the woods the only thing Latinos do in construction is laying sod or working as laborers. Every single carpenter, plumber, electrician, brick layer, roofer, and construction engineer. If the people I see doing those jobs are Guatemalans, I’ll have to revise my knowledge of Mayan physiognomy, because they sure look and sound like very peculiar illegals to me.

          • joe schmo

            Yah, right….prepare yourself coming to your home town soon….. We live in CaliMexico everyone doing blue color work are Hispanics. Along with union jobs, education, hospital, restaurants, shops, fieldworkers, etc……

            No better yet….recalling from my Cultural Anthropology studies, do some research on the Yanomamo because many of them have the characteristics of that tribe. Nice folks….LOL

          • Dominick Vila

            I used to live in Barstow, California, when I worked at Goldstone, in
            the Mojave Desert. I also traveled frequently to Texas and to New
            Mexico. I am very familiar with the demographics and problems in those
            Yes, many illegal immigrants are indigenous to the Americas,
            and many are bitter because of the way they have been treated since the
            earliest days of the colonization of their lands. Most, however, are
            not criminals and simply want to have a job and earn enough money to
            support their families and help their children have a better life.
            I have said repeatedly, I don’t favor amnesty, mostly because I am
            convinced that it encourages more people to come to the USA illegally,
            but I draw the line when it involves children. I don’t believe children
            should be deported, especially those born and raised in the USA. I
            believe a “guest worker program” is a better solution, and I believe rewarding those who broke our laws deliberately, like Reagan did, sends a wrong message to millions of others. I also support
            comprehensive immigration law reform because I believe that, and going
            after those who employ illegal immigrants, are the most important
            requirements to solve this problem. One of the greatest ironies, when I
            see people in Murrieta blocking the passage of buses carrying women and
            children from Central American countries is that those “patriots”
            oppose immigration law reform, apparently not knowing that our current
            laws don’t allow immediate deportation of immigrants from non-contiguous

          • joe schmo

            Well, Dominick if the jobs are not there and the Hispanics push Americans out of jobs, and are given prefrential treatment over citizens then it is a problem. Why do you think there are protests in Murrieta, CA. How dare they spend our taxpayer money on buses, food (which these illegals complain about, by the way), clothing, shelter, airplane flights. Why just not deport them right away instead of moving them around all over the country. I believe Obama is not going to send them home, rather, little by little he will release them into the country. We live in California and we see the favoritism shown by the Liberal’s in office here that is why the protests. We are saturated by these people and, frankly, our patience is wearing thin. Personally, we were pushed out of jobs by them. Besides they have no right to show any animosity. Most immigrants who have come to this Country in the past were so grateful and privileged to be here. I know your family immigrated here? I’m sure they did it legally? Nope, some need to leave.

            Those children were purposely sent to the U.S. Whether you want to believe it or not. The government is preying on your sympathies and testing to see how far they can push the Conservatives because they know we are against amnesty. How dare the parents send them on such a dangerous journey anyway. Yah, so that they can follow. No, no, no, no.

            I know you don’t approve of amnesty, but I draw the line in the dirt with anyone coming across the border. I don’t really care if they are children, they need to make an effort to send them home (which we have to pay for by the way). We can’t let everyone in. We are already burdened economically. This will break us and I believe it is Obama’s intention to do so.

            Maybe some of you think that the immigration thing is wrong. For once can’t you take the blinders off and see what is before you. Ameritopia, this is your dream for America. Is it working? Not really, for us it is a living hell. Certainly not the Country I grew up with.

            We have laws on the books…..they simply need to be enforced and yes, something like the Bracero Program and guest worker program would work. NO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP.

          • Dominick Vila

            The reason women and children from Central American countries cannot be sent back immediately is quite simple. Our current immigration laws only allow immediate deportation for people from contiguous countries. If you want to blame someone, blame the far right idiots who oppose immigration law reform.
            Most Americans are not interested in working the land and doing menial jobs in the hospitality sector. The reason has nothing to do with laziness. Our reluctance to do that kind of work is influenced by the affluence and opportunities that exist in wealthy nations such as ours. The expectations of some, particularly those who failed to get a good education, either a college education or learning a trade, may be unrealistic, but that is part of our culture.
            I watch foreign TV channels almost every day, mostly because I like English football (soccer), but also because I enjoy getting a different perspective on issues of international and national importance. The contrast between the way we treat immigrants in the USA, and the way undocumented immigrants are treated when they get close to Sicily, for example, is like night and day. Another difference involves the way Europeans react to immigration. They have problems, especially in countries like France, where a large Muslim presence is demanding Sharia law and traditions important to them, but for the most part, Europeans acknowledge that immigrants perform low paying jobs that most of them are not interested in because they aspire for something better.
            I find the claim that Americans are being denied an opportunity to do menial jobs because illegal immigrants offensive, inasmuch as it reflects more on the failure of our society than the alleged preferential treatment to foreigners.

          • joe schmo

            The bulk of my family lives in Europe. They hate the influx of allllll the Arabs and Turks coming into their countries. Only it is worse because when the immigrants come into Europe they right away are offered free housing, food, money and free training. This makes the populace quite angry. Much like the mess we are in, they have similar but even worse problems. Yes, France is beginning to wake up as is England. I believe Germany may some day follow.

            Frances plight:

            France’s Socialist Government Resigns After Hardcore, Anti-Immigrant Right Wingers Destroy It In Elections. March 4, 2014

            PARIS (AP) –
            France’s government resigned Monday and President Francois Hollande was expected to name a new prime minister, just 24 hours after his
            Socialists suffered heavy losses in nationwide municipal elections.

            Disappointment with the Socialists’ handling of the economy drove many voters to conservative or anti-immigrant far-right candidates in the elections Sunday and Hollande hopes the reshuffle will boost the government’s popularity.

            Meanwhile, bad economic news keeps coming.
            The state statistics agency said Monday that the deficit shrank less
            than expected last year – prompting a rebuke from the EU economy
            commissioner – and debt continued to grow to 93.5 percent of GDP.


            What is happening in Europe could happen here as well.

            There is a reason for all this influx. It is purposely being done. It is the global crusades. France has a clue. They would really like to go back to the way it was before where they were a single entity. I believe because of all the strife in Europes past they are reluctant somehow to take the initiative and get rid of their problems. But when push comes to shove, anything is possible. Europe has been weakened by diversity and suppression through similar tactics used in America. Namely, anti-immigration, anti Muslim.

            One thing I have to say for sure is that humanity is unpredictable. So if a certain group thinks they can control the masses…..eventually things will blow and go in a different direction.

          • BiteMeLiberals

            Blame Bush asshat.

          • Suralin

            I would support such a fine. Twould rebalance the equation in favor of hiring US citizens.

            That would also neatly solve the problem of having to deport anyone (which would, IMO, give the government intrusive power). Rather, the market would take care of the problem.

            I’m not particularly happy about making life harder for people on the margins, but the law is being flouted and that has to stop.

          • DurdyDawg

            Yet it seems industry, corporations and the ultra wealthy is exempt to our laws simply because they hire pencil necks who excavate within the fringes of corruption to find over-balancing loop holes that g’ment views as irrelevant else those would be the first laws eliminated.

          • DurdyDawg

            Then blame the employers and not the people who wish for a better life.. If you were in that same position where this country went to hell and your only hope would be in canada and they treated you in the same manner that we treat the Mexicans, how would you feel? By punishing the employer who hires those that are illegal in order to assure a larger profit with both heavy fines and jail time then the problem would eventually work it’s own way out.

          • joe schmo

            Yes, it is the employers fault so we need to crack down on the hiring of illegals with huge fines. Trust me that would realllllly slow it down. In fact, I think they would self-deport. However, it is also the governments fault for not enforcing the laws.

            If you want to let in every Jose, Miguel and Juan, how can we possibly carry the burden of ALL those uneducated people when we as a Country are barely making it?

            Every country has laws. At the moment we are the country bombarded by the most illegals. If we would just enforce the laws on the books we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. There used to be something called a ‘quota.’

          • Penti

            In Batesville,, Arkansas, we do not hire blacks except to do menial labor and then only for 29 hours a week so we don’t have to pay for benefits. Spanish speaking people without an education are treated like blacks. Spanish speaking people who are educated are treated like whites. Educated blacks who are not from here are routinely denied positions that go to undereducated whites. There are troubles all around. Yet these blacks and Spanish speaking people do not seem to desert their children or send them off in busses.

        • Dominick Vila

          The greatest conservative misconception is that immigration law reform means amnesty. It does not. There are two facets associated with this divisive issue. One involves what to do with those who are already in the USA illegally. The second involves changing our immigration law to find a long term solution to this problem.
          I oppose amnesty, and would prefer some similar to Sen. McCain’s “guest worker program” solution, except when it involves children.
          Interestingly, the reason we cannot deport the recent influx of women and children trying to come to the USA illegally from Central America, is because of humanitarian rights provisions, consistent with international law, that prohibit us from doing that.
          Mexicans can be sent back to Mexico. Central American women and children who claim they are fleeing political persecution and other types of abuses, must be given asylum if our present immigration laws remain as they are.

          • joe schmo

            Really, Dominick. It is because most Conservatives have observed that when you whittle away at one law or amendment than it usually means a little bit more and a little bit more until…..wallah amnesty (for example) happens…. That is why WE conservatives resist so hard.

            Ahhhh, now it is the children. Nice try. They are the scape goats because who wouldn’t let poor little children into the country ‘unattended and alone’ to have a better life. Pleeeesssseeee! In this case, and it may sound harsh, they need to be deported. How dare their parents send them off alone, and then who do you think will follow….Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Juan and Aunt Rosita and abuela and abuelo. Just a ruse….just a ruse and you know it. No way, this is no way to get the Conservatives on the side of ‘path to citizenship.’ Your side has bascially ruined any chance for that on our end. It has only angered us more.

          • Dominick Vila

            There are probably many reasons for the sudden influx of minors entering the USA illegally. What is not easy to figure out is what to do with them. You mentioned deportation. Well, that is not possible without breaking our current immigration laws, which prohibit doing so. Our present law only allow for the deportation of people entering the USA illegal from contiguous countries (Canada and Mexico). It calls for people from other parts of the world to be transported to processing facilities where their record and health are checked, and the reason for their decision is determined. If they claim they are escaping political persecution and social instability, we give them political asylum. That’s one of the tools that President Reagan used to give Cubans escaping the Castro regime asylum. You may want to visit Murrieta and tell your buddies to stop opposing immigration law reform, because they are shooting themselves in the foot.

          • joe schmo

            Who do you think is behind all this? Who? Your liberal politicians are killing us. They are playing dirty ball and we on the Right know it (Most of our politicians are chicken). It is being done purposely. We are being ignored and that is one of the worst things you can do to people.

            Dude, there are millions of people around the world escaping political persecution. Do we take them ALL in. No! This is such a gimmick. It’s so black and white and you still don’t see it? It is a ruse.

            No they are not shooting themselves in the foot…. They got the buses turned around didn’t they? You have no clue what this state is like. No clue. We are at a tipping point. So how should you be judging what we are going through. It is NOT pleasant. We have to deal with the influx every frickin day. There are way too MANY in this state. It is a welfare state with plenty of gang bangers and drug dealers. You could call it a silent rebellion by the Hispanics to take back California and guess what, they are winning it back without firing a shot. Thank you for helping us sell ourselves down the drain. Thanks for nothing.

          • Dominick Vila

            You are welcome. BTW, most of the people escaping political persecution and warfare are not coming to the USA. Most of them are going to Europe. Boatloads of people from countries such as Libya and Algiers, and from many sub-Saharan countries, arrive in Sicily almost every day. Many are rescued at sea by the Italian Coast Guard. All are treated like human beings, and most settle down in countries with prosperous economies such as Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

          • joe schmo

            ….and guess what? What you are not hearing is the outcry by Europeans such as the Germans, French and English. Switzerland has closed it’s borders and Norway will not let illegals in. In fact, France wants to go back to the time before the Euro. France is sick of the ‘Socialists.’ They are reallllly getting tired of the influx. Why should we be any different. You know it won’t work. It’s like a pressure cooker getting ready to blow…

          • Penti

            Not true. The Italians do not want immigrants from Africa. I saw that first hand.
            I do not understand any parent who would send their children to a different country ALONE. Who is supposed to care for them? Many Americans cannot take care of themselves. Many are homeless.
            Are those children supposed to get off the bus to a hot meal and a place to sleep? I don’t think so. It is their families who are causing the problems. Who is supposed to take care of the children but their parents or relatives? It is unfair to “dump” your children in the streets.

          • Dominick Vila

            Bear in mind that the parents of many of those children are already in the USA.

          • BiteMeLiberals

            False, show us those numbers.

          • Dominick Vila

            The official excuse being used by the Central American women and children that are walking to our ports of entry along our Southern border is that they are escaping persecution and violence at home. While that is part of the problem, the real reason for many of them coming is to join their husbands and/or parents who are already in the USA.
            According to white supremacist estimates, there are as many as 11 million illegal immigrants in the USA. The overwhelming majority are Mexicans, Central Americans, and people from Caribbean islands. White folks are not included in the equation.
            Other reasons for the decision of thousands of women and children to migrate to the USA without proper documentation included economic circumstances, lack of opportunities in their homeland, and the irresistible attraction of living in the land of plenty.

        • charleo1

          You make a good point, and bring up an issue that’s been very interesting to observe the various tacts the RW, message masters have used, since the economic downturnl, to explain away the considerable job losses. If I may, just briefly. We lost about 10 million manufacturing jobs to foreign labor, 2000-2010. And when the discussion turned to jobs, the RW blamed the unions. Of course, they said it was the the old, “Worker’s Socialist Party,” [Communists-Democrats] with their regulations, taxes, and unreasonable demands, that had driven the good jobs from our shores to places like China. Just as they’d been claiming all along. Then, it sort of seeped into that bubble they’ve got going, that the wages of the ave. China factory worker was $60. dollars a month- U.S. No benefits, no worker’s comp, horrid conditions. This, while the entire RW was carping about how high corporate taxes were, and how they ought to be lowered to zero. And, finally there was this bit of lunacy that made no sense to their highly conditioned to believe everything they churn out, as gospel, adherents. So they quit talking about outsourcing. Just stopped. And started carping about other issues, like taxes. Targeting public sector unions. Teachers, firefighters, police, as why taxes were too high. Insisting as how as public schools needed to be privatized. And how the public debt was turning us into Greece. And the evil Federal Gov. was stealing our money, and freedom!!! Remember? However, on immigration they the [GOP] and the T-Party, were, and continue to be, hopelessly deadlocked. Between the Corporatist Wing, supporting the desires of big agri, and other users of the cheap, unregulated, untaxed, labor. And the T-Party, that wants all 12 million rounded up, kinda Nazi style, and deported, ASAP. So, the result has been Boehner’s flat refusal to bring to the floor an immigration bill passed in the Senate, that would pass the House on a bi-partisian bases, over the objection of the T-Party. Or, any House Bill to counter. So, of course the problem is Obama’s lack of leadership. His unwillingness to enforce. Boehner says they would pass immigration, but he don’t trust the POTUS to enforce it. If you can believe that one?

          • joe schmo

            You know what Charleo, your man jumps around like a yo yo. He has the Republican head spinning like a top. He has made so many blunders and has made so many blasphemous remarks that the Conservatives have become dizzy dealing with all the misconceptions. Well, our law abiding character is being very challenged at the moment. So much so that we are on the brink of no longer caring what you all think. Not a good thing.

            Boehner knows that amnesty is a very very bad word to Conservatives. I’m sure he is getting blasted by his constitutes and then some. WE WILL NOT BUDGE ON THIS ONE AND THAT DAMN RINO BOEHNER BETTER NOT MAKE ONE FALSE MOVE in the amnesty direction….. Your side won’t budge either because they know on this one the rath will be felt.

          • charleo1

            You’re starting to not care what liberals think?
            Really? Who knows what is going on over there, on
            the Right? But caring what liberals think, is not one
            of them. And the T-Party only cares about power.
            They are a minority, dead wrong on the law, immoral
            and as usual, trying to make the situation worse. So,
            they should be supported because they’re wrong?
            “My side,” The Senate passed a Bill. I’d say that’s
            budging. I’d also say you need to take 1/2 an hour,
            and learn this issue.

          • joe schmo

            Yup, we are getting very immune to your tactics. Dirty with dirty if that is how you want to play. So be it. Our law-abiding nature on the Right is getting wearier by the day. Pretty soon we will no longer care.

            What is the matter with you. Look around….Your Ameritopia is now in full swing. Do you like what we have become? Well, you only have yourselves to blame because our side won’t budge.

            Tea Party power….get off it. No it’s the base of Conservatives. The whole shootin match of Conservatives from Constitutionalists to Capitalists to Liberitarians, to TPer’s. It is our representatives that are the problem. Not the constituency. We all tend to say the same thing.

            Deported, really? I have seen nothing of the sort and imagine all our taxpayer money going on food (which these illegals complain about), clothing, milk for the babies, buses in which to transport them to ‘anytown’ USA, airplanes. Why if you are going to deport these people put them up in small towns all over the U.S. Come on, you can’t see it?

            THE TP IS NOT MAD BECAUSE THE LAWS ARE NOT GOING THEIR WAY. Most Conservatives HATE what is being crammed down their throats by your party and that means ALL on the right. Your side just will not lay down the issues and diplomatically resolve some of the problems we face. It is your way or the highway. You make the TP sound like some huge conglomerate. Huh! well news for you, they are not.

            Just who do you think created this madness? The divider in cheif.

            “I pledge allegiance to the upside down Flag of the Divided States of America and to
            the Republic for which it stands, a divided nation, divisible, with liberty
            and justice for the Liberal Communist Agenda.”

          • charleo1

            Like I said educate yourself. That drivel is not worth
            responding to. Ditch that law abiding nature, one time, and see what happens.

    • joe schmo

      Oh, Jesus Christ, come on Dominick. They are here illegally and get every fringe benefit you can imagine. Have you ever heard of a Quota or the Bracero Program.

      1)The root cause of the problem is that it is unfair.
      2)Human rights? They have no rights because they are not citizens. Enforce the laws on the books.
      3)The need a program like the Bracero Program so that they are allowed to work here, pay the taxes they need to out of their paycheck, and then at the end of the season they need to go home (which helps their economy at home) or stand in line like the rest of the world.

      Employers who hire illegals without papers need to be punished and pay a hefty fine.

      I agree with McCains idea of ‘guest worker’ even though I don’t personally like the guy. You are right Amnesty is not the answer, We cannot afford to take these people.

      • Dominick Vila

        The root causes for the illegal immigration problem are simple:
        1) Our current immigration laws encourage the entry of professionals, but are inadequate for unskilled or semi-skilled workers, even though there are sectors of our economy that need them and hire them.
        2) For people living in impoverished countries where malnutrition, lack of basic necessities, political persecution, and lack of opportunities for the masses are the norm, the USA is an irresistible land of opportunity. That is why Reagan granted amnesty to 4 million illegal immigrants and asylum to Cubans escaping the Castro regime.
        3) Those who enter the USA illegally know that if they don’t get shot by vigilantes or arrested and deported by border patrol officers, there are plenty of employers waiting eagerly for their arrival. Part of the solution is to, indeed, fine those who hire illegal immigrants, and repeat offenders should be put out of business. No jobs, no illegal immigrants.
        The bracero program was a modern-day form of slavery. I disagree with most of Sen. McCain’s ideas, but I agree with him on the “guest worker program”.
        Human rights are not a national issues and it is not limited to illegal immigration. It is a human issue that involves the way we treat others. Hopefully foreigners will not treat the tens of thousands of Americans working or retired overseas, the way we treat foreigners in the USA. I can tell you, from personal experience, that while many foreigners reject many of our government’s and corporate policies, most like Americans, admire our way of life, and respect our values. Obviously, there are exceptions, such as radical Islamic fundamentalists.

        • charleo1

          A good explanation! Short, simple, to the point, makes perfect sense, and is easily understood. The
          solution is obvious, straightforward, and we’ll have this problem solved in no time at all. First, just simply register the total number of foreign workers employers say they need. Charge employers for the necessary background checks for that number. Then, issue the work permits, award each employer’s specific number of hires. And require employers to notify immigration of employees as they show up, and are hired. So to verify who’s working, and where, within our borders.
          Also notify authorities if the foreign worker leaves.
          Make it incumbent on that worker to report. Failure to do so, could cancel eligibility for further permits. This
          so easy! I should be a Republican! Of course, require employers to maintain regular OSHA work conditions, and standards. And pay all applicable taxes, and insurance, as would be required of any other worker/employer, business relationship.

          • Dominick Vila

            Sorry Charles. The last paragraph disqualifies you as a Republican! 🙁

    • BiteMeLiberals

      Really? Have the numbers of illegal europeans to back that up?

      • Dominick Vila

        Nobody does. For one simple reason, we don’t bother to count them. The same goes for the Cubans that enjoy Reagan’s wet foot-dry foot asylum policy. They are welcome and enjoy a fast track to citizenship courtesy of the Gipper.

        • BiteMeLiberals

          If no one is counting them than how did you come up with the BS theory. Are you just making it up as you go along?

  • Moshulu

    In my opinion, cultural is racial. America has a history of racial
    discrimination against anyone other than White Europeans. If my memory serves me correctly, America has
    not engaged another “White European” country in any form of combat
    since WWII, look at history, it has been all countries of brown/dark skinned
    people. White America, the powers that
    run it, shows world-wide racism on a daily basis. Hell, all Mexico is trying to do is the same
    as the American Indians tried, to get back what was originally theirs!

    • joe schmo

      FU. No they do not. Do you realize how hard it is to go through the legal process to get into this country. Tons of paperwork just to get a green card… I have family and friends who have immigrated. it is no cake walk. Why should we let the Hispanics just think that they can waltz over the border and believe they can stay. No way, Jose. They need to stand in line with the rest of the world.

  • Michael Mellema

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    So much for the Statue of Liberty. Time to give it back to France.

    • joe schmo

      Then I guess it is time for you to leave the country as well. Specifically since you no longer respect her.

      THEY ARE ILLEGAL FOR GOD’S SAKE. My parents came here LEGALLY. Meaning they had to know English and have at least $1000.00 in a bank account. There were no freebies. My Dad worked as an indentured servant for a pig farmer in Canada to pay for his passage. Shoveling shit. Then he worked as a butler for a wealthy man. He came to Canada with $7.00 in his pocket. Went to night school and studied electronics. There was a need for technicians in America. Just like the internet, the industry was booming. He applied. His skills were needed but he still had to have that money in the bank. Nothing was given to him. So don’t even start with me on the whole immigrant issue. It plain flat out pisses me off that these people get handed everything on a silver platter.

      • Michael Mellema

        NO one is getting everything handed to them on a silver platter. These are refuge CHILDREN trying to escape a filthy drug culture that’s join or die. What happened to the soul of this country where everyone comes from an immigrant. Oh, right. These aren’t white European kids. These kids will just grow up to wash your dishes and cut your lawn for pennies. Let’s just let them die back in their disease infested slum and do it soon so they’re not a drag on your privileged existence. You must be a Republican.

        • BiteMeLiberals

          They are not “refuges” they are illegals.

    • BiteMeLiberals

      Are you gay? You want to adopt a few little boys?

  • exdemo55

    By all accounts the Democrats face significant challenges in the midterm elections. It can’t help them that the party’s two most prominent figures—President Obama and Hillary Clinton —have become tone deaf.

    Let’s take the president and the IRS targeting of tea party and conservative groups. When the practice was revealed in May 2013, Mr. Obama called it “outrageous,” saying “there’s no place for it.” He wanted the IRS “held fully accountable” since the agency “requires absolute integrity.”

    By December 2013 the president was playing down the scandal. IRS agents “in Cincinnati,” he explained to Chris Matthews on MSNBC, “for bureaucratic reasons” were simply “trying to streamline a difficult law,” yet “suddenly, everybody’s outraged.” He even blamed “liberal commentators” for joining the criticism of the IRS because “that is what gets news.”

    These days the White House routinely suggests that the IRS targeting is a “fabricated issue” and “phony scandal.” Yet 76% in a June 24 Fox News poll said they believe IRS employee emails were “destroyed deliberately,” suggesting that Americans believe it was part of a coverup.

    The president should have kept expressing his hope that the truth will come out and his expectation that people will be held accountable. Yet he now offers a story line that is transparently untrue, inflames his critics and undermines his credibility.

    This is part of a bigger problem for Mr. Obama: His presidency is crumbling. The economy contracted by 2.9% in the first quarter of 2014. ObamaCare is even more unpopular (disapproval is 55% according to the June 30 Quinnipiac poll). Children from Central American countries illegally pour across the border. Iraq is disintegrating as Islamist terrorists work to establish a caliphate. And Americans’ confidence in the presidency according to the June 8 Gallup poll is 29%—lower at this point than for any of his predecessors. The Supreme Court has slapped him down in four rulings over the last two weeks.

    When Mr. Obama gets hit and his numbers fall, he becomes brittle and defensive. “So sue me,” he said Tuesday, mocking Republicans who want to stop his (unconstitutional) executive actions. Criticizing the House for not acting on his highway-funding proposal, he said, “It’s not crazy, it’s not socialism. It’s not the imperial presidency—no laws are broken.” It’s generally not a good idea for a president to issue playground taunts.

    Mr. Obama is not the only Democrat feeling edgy. After Hillary Clinton left the State Department in February 2013, Gallup tested her public standing that April, finding that 64% of Americans had a favorable impression and 31% unfavorable.

    By June 8 of this year, Mrs. Clinton’s favorables in the Gallup poll had dropped to 54% while her unfavorables had risen to 43%, which were her numbers at the end of the brutal 2008 Democratic primaries. And this was before her book tour.

    The book itself, “Hard Choices,” has been widely panned. Mrs. Clinton has stumbled through interviews, telling ABC’s Diane Sawyeron June 9 that she and her husband “came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt.”

    The Clintons had enough money to buy multimillion-dollar homes in New York (1999) and Washington (2000). Mrs. Clinton told the Guardian on June 21 that, “We pay ordinary income tax, unlike a lot of people who are truly well off . . . and we’ve done it through dint of hard work.” It’s unlikely that most voters would regard delivering speeches for $200,000 a pop as hard work.

    She cannot say what her signature accomplishments as secretary of state were, while telling the BBC on June 12 that the reset in U.S.-Russian relations was “a brilliant stroke which in retrospect . . . appears even more so.” Given Vladimir Putin’s support of Syria’s bloody dictator Bashar Assad and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, this is delusional.

    Mrs. Clinton’s strategy is genuinely puzzling. She is the prohibitive favorite to be the 2016 Democratic nominee. Why publish “Hard Choices” now? She should have kept a low profile, explaining that she was working on her book, meanwhile restocking her bank account with lucrative off-the-record speeches while resting up and honing her message. The book could be released after the November midterms.

    Instead Mrs. Clinton plunged into a campaign-like tour clearly unprepared and said things that will remain in voters’ minds long after her volume is remaindered in the bookstores.

    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both snakebit. Bill Clinton, the most politically talented Democrat in generations, must be shaking his head in disbelief.

    • Dominick Vila

      Catching cheaters does not constitute going after anyone because of their ideological beliefs. One of the many functions performed by the IRS is to ensure that all Americans, and all American businesses, abide by the law. When organizations submit applications for tax exempt status that contain false information, it is the responsibility of the IRS to reject those applications and, if necessary, inform the DOJ for applicable action. That’s how we ended up putting Al Capone in jail, why should right wing organizations that lie be treated differently?

      • exdemo55

        Why did Lois bleed the 5TH and did her e-mails mysteriously disappear?

        • JPHALL

          It was her right according to the US Constitution or does that no longer apply to Democrats? As to disappearing Emails there is an old expression. “Shit happens!” It happened to me and I was only a classroom teacher. The IT guy told me it happens sometimes for no apparent reason. Though to keep people like you going, it can be deliberately done.

          • Dominick Vila

            It is easier for e-mails to disappear than for tape recordings to be erased.
            Bear in mind that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a field manager asking his/her superiors to review a controversial case and ask for guidance on how to proceed. That is standard operating procedure in both government and corporate America. What would have been unusual, in a case like this, is for a field manager to act unilaterally, without consulting anyone. In any case, the “crime” does not involve e-mails asking for guidance, but right wing groups submitting requests for tax exempt status containing false information. The entities that should be investigated are the groups that lied, not the government institution that caught them lying.

          • exdemo55

            You didn’t answere the question. None of the others took the 5TH

          • Independent1

            Tell you what, why don’t you explain this away: For almost 2 years Darrel Issa has been trying to sell the blatant lie that the IRS “unfairly targeted Conservative Groups for extra scrutiny”; when that is an absolute falsehood.

            In doing their job, the IRS targetted 298 groups that were applying for tax free status OF WHICH less than 1/3 were Conservative groups. In fact, 2/3 of the groups being targeted WERE NOT CONSERVATIVES. So to begin with, Issa’s entire investigation is a TOTAL FRAUD!! So it matters not what the IRS did or didn’t do!! The agency was only trying to DO ITS JOB!!


            How did this get started? It began back in March 2010, when the tea party movement was all the rage. According to a leaked timeline (PDF) from a draft report by the Treasury inspector general for tax administration, IRS staffers began flagging applications from groups with politically themed names like “We the People” and “Take Back the Country.” Staffers also targeted groups whose names included the words “tea party” and “patriots.” Those flagged applications were then sent to specialists for a more rigorous review than is typical.

            The IRS gave extra scrutiny to 298 groups applying for tax-exempt status, theWashington Post reported. Seventy-two of those groups had “tea party” in their title, 13 had “patriots,” and 11 had “9/12,” shorthand for the 9/12 movemen started by conservative TV host Glenn Beck.

            Note that of the 298 groups being targetted, only 96 were conservative biased groups, the other 202 groups included a sizeable number of libertarian and liberal groups and even a non conservative Catholic based group that had been waiting for 7 years to get their application processed.

            But with Issa stonewalling the release of all the testimony which has shown that he’s running nothing but a witch hunt (the director of the Cincinnati office where the abuse was supposed to be going on is a Republican who testified that no one was targeting Conservative groups any more than any other group.

          • exdemo55

            You didn’t answer the question

          • Independent1

            Answering a question about an incident that took place in the process of investigating a charade, doesn’t deserve a response. And interestingly, you’ve said nothing that counters my assertion that what Issa is continuing to preside over for no other reason than wasting time and money, is nothing but a charade.

          • exdemo55

            The Obama years: ‘The trailers were great, the movie was horrible’

            As a poll of American voters ranks Barack Obama as the worst president of all time, Matt Lewis says his presidency has been a disastrous flop

            American voters ranks Barack Obama as the worst president of all time Photo: AP

            Six years in, that’s the general consensus on the Obama presidency. Having ridden a wave of “hope and change” to the White House, President Barack Obama has failed to deliver on his huge box office, err, ballot box expectations.

            Just how bad is it? Since it is summer “blockbuster” season, I’ll explain thusly: There’s a difference between being bad and being most awesomely bad. You and I probably never even hear of the worst movies made. They are forgotten, not mocked. But the truly disastrous flops – the Water Worlds and Ishtars of the world – are the movies that come with huge budgets and huge expectations.

            Obama fits the latter category – extremely talented and hyped, but ultimately, unsatisfying. True, I’ve been making this case for a long time – but now, there’s evidence.

            A Quinnipiac poll released in America this week has Obama ranked as the “worst president” since World War II. For various reasons, this may or may not be entirely fair, but considering his competition included Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush, this is problematic. And, what is more, a majority surveyed also said “the nation would be better off” had Mitt Romney won presidency.

            Whereas Jaws was a summer hit in the summer of 1975, Obama has now “jumped the shark” in the sweltering summer of 2014.

            So what’s to blame? For one thing, all the talk of “hope and change” turned out to be a stark contrast to his practice of stoking bitterness and division in order to win re-election. Call it false advertising or buyer’s remorse, but just because someone buys a ticket to a show doesn’t mean they’re going to applaud. Somewhere along the way, this feel-good romcom turned into a horror show.

            To most Americans, the economy continues to feel anemic, and it’s hard to imagine the international situation could get much worse – again a case of false advertising.

            If Obama were a movie, he’d be Gigli.

            Speaking of high expectations, we were led to believe back in 2008 that Obama’s charm offensive would woo other nations into loving us again. That obviously didn’t work. Russia is back and Iraq is falling apart – two movies I hoped I’d never see again.

            But if nobody is buying his act internationally, things aren’t much better on the domestic front. Having failed to persuade Congress to pursue his policies, Obama has resorted to unilateral decisions, many of which appear to be outside the scope of his constitutional authority. In a strong rebuke, the Supreme Court recently ruled three of his recess appointments (appointments made while the US Senate was ostensibly on recess) to be unconstitutional. And just last week, House Speaker John Boehner announced he would sue the administration over executive orders. (And is it fair to blame Team USA’s World Cup loss to Belgium on him?)

            What is more, it’s becoming clear that Obama has lost interest in being president and now looks like a prisoner of the job. If the Obama presidency was a movie, even the president’s now shuffling for the exit. It’s time to roll credits.

            And really, who could blame him? It’s not just that Obama has failed in the eyes of most Americans, but that he has also failed to advance his own goals. Yes, of course, there is a laundry list of famous broken promises, including the closing of Guantanamo Bay. But here I’m speaking more broadly.

            During President Obama’s tenure, income inequality has risen, the black unemployment rate has consistently been twice that of whites, and (despite some tough rhetoric) he has yet to rein in Wall Street. And for a president who talked a lot about civil liberties and privacy, revelations about NSA surveillance, and the use of drones, should have civil libertarians on the left and the right concerned.

            The Box Office, err, ballot box was a smashing success, but the reviews are in and the critics and the public – even his fans – are starting to hurl the rotten tomatoes. Citizen Kane this ain’t.

          • exdemo55

            So you don’t have an answer. I’ll give you one. Because she’d guilty and trying to keep her sorry butt out of jail.

          • Independent1

            Guilty of what?? Doing her job!!!!!! Get a life you clueless idiot!!!!!

          • exdemo55

            Why else would she plead the 5Th. She could save us a lot of money by testifying But we’ll get her. It may take more time because of her obstruction, but we’ll get her.

          • exdemo55

            By all accounts the Democrats face significant challenges in the midterm elections. It can’t help them that the party’s two most prominent figures—President Obama and Hillary Clinton —have become tone deaf.

            Let’s take the president and the IRS targeting of tea party and conservative groups. When the practice was revealed in May 2013, Mr. Obama called it “outrageous,” saying “there’s no place for it.” He wanted the IRS “held fully accountable” since the agency “requires absolute integrity.”

            By December 2013 the president was playing down the scandal. IRS agents “in Cincinnati,” he explained to Chris Matthews on MSNBC, “for bureaucratic reasons” were simply “trying to streamline a difficult law,” yet “suddenly, everybody’s outraged.” He even blamed “liberal commentators” for joining the criticism of the IRS because “that is what gets news.”

            These days the White House routinely suggests that the IRS targeting is a “fabricated issue” and “phony scandal.” Yet 76% in a June 24 Fox News poll said they believe IRS employee emails were “destroyed deliberately,” suggesting that Americans believe it was part of a coverup.

            The president should have kept expressing his hope that the truth will come out and his expectation that people will be held accountable. Yet he now offers a story line that is transparently untrue, inflames his critics and undermines his credibility.

            This is part of a bigger problem for Mr. Obama: His presidency is crumbling. The economy contracted by 2.9% in the first quarter of 2014. ObamaCare is even more unpopular (disapproval is 55% according to the June 30 Quinnipiac poll). Children from Central American countries illegally pour across the border. Iraq is disintegrating as Islamist terrorists work to establish a caliphate. And Americans’ confidence in the presidency according to the June 8 Gallup poll is 29%—lower at this point than for any of his predecessors. The Supreme Court has slapped him down in four rulings over the last two weeks.

            When Mr. Obama gets hit and his numbers fall, he becomes brittle and defensive. “So sue me,” he said Tuesday, mocking Republicans who want to stop his (unconstitutional) executive actions. Criticizing the House for not acting on his highway-funding proposal, he said, “It’s not crazy, it’s not socialism. It’s not the imperial presidency—no laws are broken.” It’s generally not a good idea for a president to issue playground taunts.

            Mr. Obama is not the only Democrat feeling edgy. After Hillary Clinton left the State Department in February 2013, Gallup tested her public standing that April, finding that 64% of Americans had a favorable impression and 31% unfavorable.

            By June 8 of this year, Mrs. Clinton’s favorables in the Gallup poll had dropped to 54% while her unfavorables had risen to 43%, which were her numbers at the end of the brutal 2008 Democratic primaries. And this was before her book tour.

            The book itself, “Hard Choices,” has been widely panned. Mrs. Clinton has stumbled through interviews, telling ABC’s Diane Sawyeron June 9 that she and her husband “came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt.”

            The Clintons had enough money to buy multimillion-dollar homes in New York (1999) and Washington (2000). Mrs. Clinton told the Guardian on June 21 that, “We pay ordinary income tax, unlike a lot of people who are truly well off . . . and we’ve done it through dint of hard work.” It’s unlikely that most voters would regard delivering speeches for $200,000 a pop as hard work.

            She cannot say what her signature accomplishments as secretary of state were, while telling the BBC on June 12 that the reset in U.S.-Russian relations was “a brilliant stroke which in retrospect . . . appears even more so.” Given Vladimir Putin’s support of Syria’s bloody dictator Bashar Assad and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, this is delusional.

            Mrs. Clinton’s strategy is genuinely puzzling. She is the prohibitive favorite to be the 2016 Democratic nominee. Why publish “Hard Choices” now? She should have kept a low profile, explaining that she was working on her book, meanwhile restocking her bank account with lucrative off-the-record speeches while resting up and honing her message. The book could be released after the November midterms.

            Instead Mrs. Clinton plunged into a campaign-like tour clearly unprepared and said things that will remain in voters’ minds long after her volume is remaindered in the bookstores.

            Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both snakebit. Bill Clinton, the most politically talented Democrat in generations, must be shaking his head in disbelief.

          • exdemo55

            In the criminal referral letter it will send to Holder, the committee lays out three specific ways Lerner may have violated the law. Based on Lerner’s communications and actions, the committee charges that Lerner improperly used her position to influence action against conservative groups like Crossroads GPS while showing leniency toward similar liberal groups like Priorities USA.

            The committee also charges that, according to her communications, Lerner knowingly gave misleading statements to the Treasury Department Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), the internal IRS watchdog, when TIGTA was investigating the controversy. Lastly, the committee says in its letter to Holder that Lerner used her personal email address to conduct official business, putting at risk confidential taxpayer information.

            Upon releasing the letter to Holder, committee chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich., said in a statement that Lerner took “serious, unprecedented” actions” to unfairly target conservative groups.

            “Today’s action highlights specific wrongdoing for the Department of Justice to pursue,” Camp said. “DOJ has a responsibility to act, and Lois Lerner must be held accountable. It is also important that the American people know what really occurred at the IRS, so this powerful agency cannot target American taxpayers ever again.”

          • Independent1

            Leniency toward liberal groups?? Really!! Is that why it was only 2 or 3 progressive/liberal groups whose applications were denied?? You got your head so far up your rear end you can’t see the forest for the trees!!!

          • exdemo55

            Are you afraid to read all the charges?

          • Independent1

            I’m not generally concerned about charges on someone trumped up by scumbags the likes of Darrell Issa. I can’t imagine a more nauseating individual being put in charge of a congressional investigation committee. Issa is an absolute travesty and is in no way qualified for the chairmanship he has; him being appointed chairman only highlights the total incompetence of John Boehner; without question the worst Speaker of the House in U.S. history.

            Here’s just a sampling of some of the negativism that Issa enjoys on the internet:

            I knew that Darrell Issa was once convicted of auto theft, but I didn’t know his police record went any further than that. It does. It’s a big ’un.

            Darrell Issa’s unfounded accusations against the President and Eric Holder have caused journalists to begin digging into his past. It’s not pretty.

            I find it funny (not haha) that Republican Darrell Issa so casually throws criminal allegations around. Darrell Issa has a long record of criminal charges.

            Rep. Darrell Issa’s past includes arrests for weapons charges and auto theft, suspicions of arson, and accusations of intimidation with a gun,

            You must be real proud!! Don’t hang your hat on those worthless trumped up charges you seem so proud of.

          • exdemo55

            He’s not the one in trouble:

            Attorney General Eric Holder will appoint a special prosecutor on the IRS scandal because he wants to leave office at year’s end and because there will be pressure from November’s midterm elections, Rep. Darrell Issa said on “Fox News Sunday.”

            Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of House Oversight and Reform Committee, renewed his criticism of the tax agency for failing to release information in a timely manner.

            “They could have pushed one button, taken everything that came out of their search, and handed it to tax-writing committees in hours, not over a year,” Issa said.

            Vote Now: Do You Approve Or Disapprove of President Obama’s Job Performance?

            He added that it is understandable there would be some delay in providing documents to his own committee because of the need to redact tax information. No such need exists, however, for tax-writing committees, he said.

            The agency is under congressional investigation for allegedly targeting conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. Former IRS official Lois Lerner is a focus of the probe and has pleaded her Fifth Amendment right not to testify against herself.

            Issa last week invited IRS Commissioner John Koskinen to “amend” his testimony before his committee after Lerner’s lawyer, William Taylor, said in an interview that Lerner did not print out emails containing official documents. That was contrary to Koskinen’s testimony when he discussed the loss of many of Lerner’s emails in a hard-drive crash.

            Issa said Sunday that it was Koskinen who asked to come back to the committee hearing.

            “We presume he’d like to use that opportunity to correct the record,” Issa said. “And he should.”

            Either Lerner’s attorney was not telling the truth, or Koskinen was inaccurate in his testimony,” Issa said.

            Read Latest Breaking News from
            Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

          • Independent1

            You keep saying: “issa said”. You really don’t think I believe one word Issa says, do you?? I wouldn’t believe one word Issa spoke if he had his hand on a stack of bibles.

          • exdemo55

            Issa is not the only one she’s in trouble with, not by a long shot. And let me know if you want to start comparing past criminal records of Demos.

            Corruption: A House panel votes this week to formally ask the DOJ to pursue criminal charges against former IRS employee Lois Lerner. It is time someone in this administration were held accountable for something.

            A staff report by House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa reveals testimony by IRS agents that the IRS has not deliberately targeted progressive groups. Now comes word that the House Ways and Means Committee is sending a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder accusing former IRS director of tax-exempt organizations Lois Lerner of committing at least three crimes in the IRS’s targeting tea party and other conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.

            That crimes have been committed and the Internal Revenue Service has become a corrupt criminal enterprise used to bludgeon political opponents of the Obama administration is hardly in dispute. The charge might have long ago been adjudicated had the Justice Department of Eric Holder, rife with its own very real scandals, not been politicized beyond all recognition.

            According to the report, obtained by the Daily Caller, “Only seven applications in the IRS backlog contained the word ‘progressive,’ all of which were then approved by the IRS, while tea party groups received unprecedented review and experienced years-long delays.”

            The enhanced scrutiny included demands for confidential donor information of the type the IRS has provided to political opponents of conservative groups in the past. We need only look at the blacklisting of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich after his donations opposing California’s Proposition 8 were revealed.

            In March 2012, someone at the IRS released the confidential donor lists of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), which supports traditional marriage, to its political opponent, the liberal Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a supporter of gay marriage.

            At that time, Joe Solmonese, a left-wing activist and Huffington Post contributor, was the president of the HRC. Solmonese also became a 2012 Obama campaign co-chairman.

            Shortly thereafter, NOM’s tax return and its confidential list of donors and their addresses showed up on the HRC website.

            Lois Lerner’s knowledge of and participation in planning to use the IRS as a political weapon, in coordination with the White House, is why she twice invoked the Fifth Amendment in her Congressional visits, even as she was cooperating — or is it coordinating? — with Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

            Hans Von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, says government officials can’t pick and choose when and where they invoke their Fifth Amendment rights. They can’t legally give information to the DOJ that they withhold from Congress.

          • exdemo55

            The worst day in Barack Obama’s life may have been the day he won a second term.
            Increasingly, he is the captive of events his own policies have set in motion
            that are now out of control and coming back to haunt him. The last two and a
            half years of his second term seem fated to be the worst ending to a presidency
            since those of Johnson and Nixon, dominated by Vietnam protests and Watergate,

            The process will cook his legacy and destroy his party’s
            chances to keep the presidency.

            Immigration: It is about
            to become the conventional wisdom — in this case, correct — that Obama’s
            manipulation of the deportation system has triggered the tidal wave of
            unaccompanied children coming across the southern border. Even as his policies
            lead to a massive unintended consequence, he seems determined to double down and
            ratchet deportations back further.

            One can predict that stories of crimes
            by illegal immigrants, of disease borne here by the immigrants and the
            dislocations in communities across the land will dominate the news for years. It
            will be like the Cuban Mariel boatlift of 1980, when Fidel Castro emptied his
            prisons and mental hospitals and shipped their inhabitants here. Ironically, the
            backlash helped defeat then-Gov. Bill Clinton’s bid for reelection in Arkansas
            that same year.

            ObamaCare: The failure to anticipate the
            number of older and sicker people to enter the healthcare pool has set the stage
            for double-digit premium increases as 2014 draws toward a close. And the limits
            on grandfathered small group policies will cause wholesale cancellations, such
            as those that bedeviled Obama in 2013. Larger firms will need to increase
            employee contributions, replace full-time workers with part-timers and raise
            deductibles. All the bad news postponed from 2013 and 2014 will hit the fan in

            Middle East: Obama’s hasty and total withdrawal
            from Iraq is already backfiring as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant
            (ISIL) sweeps through the nation, destroying the hapless and disorganized forces
            of the government. With the formation of a Sunni caliphate more likely than not,
            the president will have to answer for a new wave of terrorism on his

            IRS: With the scandal of the Internal Revenue
            Service targeting of Tea Party groups now reaching the U.S. District Court, it
            enters a new era. Before the Congressional Oversight Committee, administration
            witnesses could resort to delaying tactics of “my dog ate it” excuses in answer
            to document subpoenas. But no more. While Congress cannot enforce its contempt
            citations, a District Court judge can. He can demand that techies search for
            missing emails, subpoena those who received them and force document production
            on penalty of incarceration with no Justice Department intermediary to shield
            Obama administration officials.

            We are about to be treated to a
            Nixonesque drama, wherein the court, impelled by lawyers for the Tea Party —
            the redoubtable Cleta Mitchell — forces the IRS to cough up what it

            And, with the Nixon case providing a precedent, impeachment could
            be in the offing. Ken Starr sought impeachment over what many did not consider
            to be a high crime or misdemeanor. But nobody can doubt that using the IRS to
            punish political opponents qualifies.

            Benghazi: Now that
            the fig leaf of blaming the 2012 attack in Libya on an Internet video has been
            stripped away by the Justice Department indictment of Ahmed Abu Khattala —
            stating that he planned the attack for months — Obama must face the full force
            of Congressman Trey Gowdy’s (R-S.C.) investigation. One is inclined to believe
            author Ed Klein’s account in his book Blood Feud, that the use of the video to
            cover up a terror attack was triggered by the president himself in a 10 p.m.
            phone call to Hillary Clinton the night of the attack.

            And, if all this
            were not enough, are we riding the crest of the stock market bubble, and will it
            come crashing down as many predict?

          • joe schmo

            They won’t give you a straight answer, exdemo55. They never do….. They will just glance over the issue yet demand you answer their questions. Conservatives are all about facts. They don’t understand facts because their minds revolve around emotionally charged content. They will just cuss you out and tell you to disappear like a good coward.

          • exdemo55

            You’re one of the good guys Joe, Thanks!

          • JPHALL

            I did answer the question. This is the US and anyone can choose to take the fifth if they choose per the US Constitution. It does not look god, but it was her right.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Immigration In America’s DNA, Obama Says

          • joe schmo

            Bullshit, she is an arrogant liar. She should do prison time.

            Oh come on, it was just too convenient. I know that you can retrieve emails because I work with computers all the time. This was deliberate.

        • joe schmo

          Absolutely, I just don’t understand how come they cannot find any way to prosecute her. Such arrogance….. The paper trail goes all the way to her corrupt boss…..

          • Independent1

            You realize of course that her “corrupt boss” (the guy who was in charge of the Cincinnati IRS office where she worked) was a Republican who testified to Issa’s committee that there was no specific bias being shown to conservative groups; except possibly for the fact that many conservative groups that were putting in applications for tax-free status used words in their names which implied a political affiliation.

          • joe schmo

            Dude, I mean the big boss. You know the one that resides in the White House and lies all the time….

    • charleo1

      Carp carp carp. Are we going to have to put you assholes back in charge, to find out if you have any answers to anything? To just get you, and them to STFU, it would almost be worth it! Except I’m too old to goose step, and I ain’t wearing no God Damned Arm Bands for no Flag Waving Fascist SOB. No matter how many e-mails were tossed, lost, or hid up the crack of Darrell Issa’s rear end. So they’ll just have to drag me out, and shoot my ass! Hopefully in the Fuhrer’s first term. Listen, why don’t you just once, try writing about all the solutions the GOP, or T-Party has in store for all of us, when we hand the Country back over to them. So like I said, they’ll STFU! Nothing big or important, I’m sure, like how much Hillary made, or Bill earned on his books, and what not. But, just a line or two would be nice about the issues, and subjects not involving Obama. Some things the GOP and T-Party agree on, and would enact if elected. Not that STFU wouldn’t be enough for the first month or two. But after that, do you see anything on the horizon in the Right Wing that doesn’t look like it has every possibility of being one giant years long cluster f#*k, between the Hatfield Repubs. and their heehaw cousins, the fighting McCoy Boys, as they try to run this Country of ours? Does Fox have a poll that asks any of those questions? Didn’t think so.

      • exdemo55

        Freedom for everyone!

        • joe schmo

          Like they really know what that means. Their ideology borders on Communism and they expect the rest of us to go along with it quietly. Huh, yah right.

          • Independent1

            Interesting that you should try to falsely compare liberalism to Communism when it’s today’s GOP and SCOTUS that are exactly like Marxism, Socialism and Communism by pushing to have corporations and the wealthy control everything in Americans’ lives (passing legislation that restricts voting rights, passing legislation that restricts women’s freedom over their own bodies, passing legislation that restricts gays from marrying, and on and on).

            Just take a minute and compare todays Conservativism to these fascist ideologies. If I exchanged Conservativism for Marxism, what’s described under Marxism would fit today’s GOP and SCOTUS to a “T”. And under Socialism just replace ‘centralized government’ with ‘corporations and the wealthy’

            A worldview and method of societal analysis that focuses on class relations and societal conflict, that uses a materialist interpretation of historical development, and a dialectical view of social transformation. Marxist methodology uses economic and sociopolitical inquiry and applies that to the analysis and critique of the development of capitalism and the role of class struggle in systemic economic change.

            Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy. The stage in Marxist-Leninist theory intermediate between capitalism and communism, in which collective ownership of the economy under the dictatorship of the proletariat has not yet been successfully achieved.

            A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members. A system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single, often authoritarian party holds power, claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people.

          • Independent1

            And just for comparison, here’s the definition of Liberalism which is in total juxtaposition to Conservativism, Marxism, Communism and Socialism. It’s only Liberalism that promotes a truly “free market”; that’s dictated to by the people, not by corporations and the wealthy.

            A political theory founded on the natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual and favoring civil and political liberties, government by law with the consent of the governed, and protection from arbitrary authority.

    • joe schmo

      exdemo55….right on…. They just don’t get it or want to believe it…. Reagan made Clinton look good…..

      • charleo1

        Not understanding Wingers like yourself, who seemed to have slept through the last few years of grade school, before dropping out to become pathetic, embarrassments to many of the Country’s founding principles. Lionizing the rich, and other wealth worshipers, like Reagan. Who like them, spent his life carrying water for his corporate masters, while living vicariously in the lap of someone else’s luxury. Because the one thing most consistent about Reagan is he became such a complete shill, that try as he might, there came a point, where he could no longer tell butter from from his own bullshit. And obviously he wasn’t the only one too enamored, or just plain door knob dumb, to tell one from the other. He also made a ton of money, just like Clinton, doing speaking gigs, post Presidency. No doubt, continuing to tell the wealthy elite how much he admired them, and reminding them how they would always remain the object of his undying affection. And is it any wonder they feel the same? They mostly control the Country today largely due to him, and the very policies he advocated. That turned the World’s largest banker into the World largest borrower. And handed the wealthy bankers the keys to our once flourishing economy, and via that, our democracy itself. So, freedom my ass. You know what? Fu*k Reagan! If the GOP had elected anyone as President in the last 100 years, that hadn’t govern like Ike, had made it all the way through their terms without a financial calamity, resigned from office, or, without making the biggest military blunder in World history, at least since Hitler, or Napoleon invaded Russia, while at the same time, the economy was collapsing at home. Or if, Republicans had any track record of their policies successes to point to, and brag about, or any other possible choice, they’d pick anyone but Reagan.

      • charleo1

        And Calvin Coolidge made Hoover look how? And Hoover made FDR an American icon then. Enough with the Right Wing revisionism. The Earth is not flat. The Sun doesn’t revolve around the Earth, and T-Baggers are not idiot savants, who only act like dumb asses, but hold the wisdom of the universe in their annal cavities. Crack a book, Google something. Just stop with the bullshit, the both of you.

      • Independent1

        It was actually Reagan and Bush Sr. that made Clinton looked good; they’re total mismanagement of the economy during their 12 disastrous years in office did make the most robust economy America has ever seen during Clinton’s 8 years look especially good.

        Reagan took a jobs building economy that Carter created (10 million jobs in 4 years), and eventually destroyed its momentum via his idiotic economic policies of tax cuts and fantasy theory of trickle-down economics. How else can you explain the fact that in the 4 years just following Carter that the economy created 12 millions jobs until Reagan’s disastrous policies took hold and job creation in his 2nd term plummeted to 4 million jobs – a lack luster performance which Bush Sr. continued during his 4 disastrous years until Clinton changed the country’s direction, increased taxes which resulted in 23 million jobs being created in the next 8 years.

        Not only did Clinton prove that Republican economic policies are a farce, if you take the jobs created under Carter, Clinton and Obama, and compare them to the jobs created under Reagan and the 2 Bushes, the dramatic difference in governance can be truly seen.

        Under the 20 years of governance by Reagan and the 2 Bushes, a measly 20 million jobs were created. While under the 17 plus years under Carter, Clinton and Obama, more than 37 million jobs were created – almost twice as many jobs in 2 plus fewer years in office.

        • joe schmo

          …..And how did Reagan do this….By inspiring Americans:

          Reagan made famous what he called the “economy pie.” The economic pie represented the entire American economy. Reagan criticized government for taxing productive Americans to pay for every slice of pie that the government took and then used in ever more inefficient ways. All of this slicing left less of the economic pie for
          ordinary, taxpaying Americans who were earning their piece of the pie the old-fashioned way–with hard work.

          Instead of following that failed mode, Reagan believed that we grew the economy–and increased the size of the pie–by helping the unproductive become productive.

          He said: “The weakness in this country for too many years has been our insistence of carving an ever-increasing number of slices from a
          shrinking economic pie. Our policies have concentrated on rationing scarcity rather than
          creating plenty.”

          Instead of fighting over who gets the last piece
          of shrinking economic pie, let’s help America produce a bigger pie so that everyone will have a chance to be better off.

          One can imagine what Reagan would think of the spend-happy and micromanagerial “elite” in Washington today. When Reagan was elected in
          1980, most Americans could look to a future in which their children would live better than their parents, and the national debt was less than a trillion dollars.

          Reagan might have been criticized often for doubling the national debt (due in large part to a
          Democrat-controlled Congress) from less than a trillion dollars to $2 trillion–but his successors have now taken it to over $15 trillion, with many in Washington now saying it would be “irresponsible” not to keep borrowing. Unlike the Reagan era, mostAmericans do not see a future in which their children will do better than they have. But too many American aren’t dreaming about the future–they’re fearing it.

          Supply-side economics is just common sense

          Here’s the really fascinating part–the part liberals remain clueless about: if the federal government really wants to “stick it” to rich folks and confiscate more of their hard-earned money to fund their insane spending sprees on counterproductivesocial programs then they should lower, not raise, taxes. Before
          President Reagan instituted the Reagan tax cuts, the richest 1 percent of Americans paid 18 percent of all federal income taxes. The top
          marginal rates then went from a suffocating
          70 percent down to 28 percent. And what was the result? Their portion ofthe national tax bill actually doubled–they paid 36 percent of federal
          income taxes and produced 23percent of the nation’s income. As President Reagan explained, “A few economists call this principle supply-side economics. I just call it common sense.”

          Enduring economy comes from fiscal integrity & sound money

          America should return to President Ronald Reagan’s four proven policies for an enduring economic recovery: real and sustained tax relief, fiscalintegrity, smart regulatory reform, sound monetary policy. Reagan trusted in Americans’ entrepreneurialspirit, innovative talents, and industriousness, and he agreed with Adam
          Smith’s insight that freedom and prosperity are inextricably entwined and mutually reinforcing. The flexibility of our markets is endangered
          by excessive regulation, onerous litigation, and government redistribution of wealth. Special interests promote complex tax loopholes that impede the free flow of capital and
          divert it for less productive purposes, while the government is not adequately addressing the
          anxieties many citizens feel during globalization’s era of rapid innovation and change. We must address the public’s insecurities to prevent a backlash against the very free-enterprise system that is the foundation of our prosperity.

          1981: abandoned Keynesian interventionist policies

          In 1981, newly elected President Reagan abandoned long-fashionable Keynesian economic policies–the interventionist, big-government,
          “stimulus” approach that had produced these dismal results. Instead, he explicitly campaigned on, and then implemented,four specific economic policy components that became known as

          1.Tax cuts to restore incentives for economic growth. The top income tax rate of 70 percent was cut leaving just two rates–28
          percent and 15 percent.

          2.Spending reductions, including a $31 billion cut in 1981. This was closeto 5 percent of the federal budget then, or the equivalent of about
          $180 billion of spending cuts in year nowadays.

          3.Anti-inflation monetary policy emphasizing the value of the dollar and restraining money supply growth, which led to much lower interest rates once inflation was tamed.

          4.Deregulation, cutting red tape, and reducing bureaucracy saved consumers an estimated $100 billion per year in lower prices.

          Inherited tired & cynical country; left it encouraged

          Reagan is seen by most Americans as a positive leader who managed to get Americans to believe in themselves. He understood the promise of the
          American Dream and this was a key platform on which he was elected. He inherited a tired and cynical United States that readily took to his optimism, so when he declared that: “everyone can rise as high and as far as his ability will take
          him”, people were more than encouraged. When they saw that he could deliver, they were delighted. Under Reagan’s administration more Americans were working than ever before, many new businesses were started up and Wall Street boomed. At the end of Reagan’s administration, not all social ills had been solved or even tackled. However, by persuading Congress to cut taxes and by eliminating unnecessary regulations, HE DID INTRODUCE A PERIOD OF UNPRECEDIENTED ECONOMIC GROWTH IN THE UNITED STATES.

          ……And just who do you think that was passed onto. Down hill from there….

  • charleo1

    The article says Republicans in the House have refused to take up immigration, for they fear, “Conservative Activists,” opposition to granting a path to citizenship. Well, that not quite the facts. Not at all. These so called, “Conservative Activists,” is the second article in NM that have used that euphemism, and misnomer, to describe one of the most hate filled racists, and extreme political groups to hit Washington D.C., since the KKK. marched down Pennsylvania Ave. in 1923. They are not only opposed to a path to citizenship, they are insisting the immigrants be smoked out of their homes, taken from their American born children, rounded up put on boxcars, and immediately, thrown out of the Country. So let’s tell it like it is. Let’s not sugar coat what the T-Party stand for. The Skinheads, are not “Conservative Activists,” The Neo Nazis, are not, so why is the T-Party? To so kindly label them, would be huge mistake, and incorrect. Because, embarrassing as hell, though they are. They represent the ugly side of a free, and open society, where every opinion is laid out there, in all it’s ignorance, for all to see. But, that doesn’t mean we as Americans have to put up with it. Or, call them by another name.

    • joe schmo

      Of course they do! NO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP. NO AMNESTY. Guest worker program, yes. Pay taxes to U.S. for working here, yes. Fine companies for hiring illegals, yes.

      Guess what you moron, I am not a tea partier, but I will stand behind them because I believe all Conservatives should stand up for each other. Your media has given these people such a BAD rap. You see your side has gone to the extreme Left. Our side has moved toward what you used to be and the TP is more like what conservatives used to be.

      Free and open society? You mean the new modern decadent Rome. Why don’t we start stringing babies over the Coliseum so that the alligators can snap at the innocents while the crowd cheers. You mean the society where everything goes with no rules or regulations except your own without any regard for anyone else. One day it will fall, you know.

      We Americans? Don’t count me into your America because it is no longer the America I know and love. You are not even Americans. You are close to Communists. Are you patriotic? I rather doubt it. So go ahead and blast what you have not an iota about. At least, I know both sides and I certainly don’t like what I am observing on your end. Yet, I stand here defiant and will stand up for my side wherever I can and right the wrongs you have been told by your lying media.

      • charleo1

        Well guess what, bigger moron? The T-Party does’t stand behind your Liberal bullshit. I’ll say this, how do you know what a free, and open society is, being raised by foreigners, not born in this Country? I don’t care whether they got into this Country on liberal immigration policies, or tuffed if out. They hadn’t ought to have been let in the first place. Because they obviously didn’t translate to their anchor baby what it means to be a natural born American, like me, and my parents are. In fact, your parents probably crawled off the boat, willing to work for almost nothing, and stole a job from my Father, or, another, Real American, actually born in this great Country. You immigrant scum make me sick! Just because some liberal, sold on the idea we’re a Country of immigrants, and a land of opportunity, and some. “Beacon of hope,” malarky. Doesn’t now give you the Right to tell real Americans what you think. The fact you automatically got the Right to vote in my Country, tells you why this Country is such an immigrant filled hell hole mess today.
        You want to do this Country a favor? GO HOME!!!!

  • charles king

    The people that represent our country should be able to solve this problem of immigration. Critical Thinking With? the right questions like What? the hell is the problem. Who? the hell in charge of immigration. Why? can’t you solve this problem if you can’t then step aside so we can put someone in there Who? can. Where? are those people Who? say we have this problem then find out from them How? to solve but if you people Do Nothing then the country will have the proplem. You Do Not Do Nothing so get busy and solve it that is Why? we the People pay our taxes . Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

  • Angel Perea

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Isn’t ironic some of these people claim to love America which is composed of immigrants, yet do not love Americans? It is their same “Do nothing” House republican Representatives that take tax payer checks home have failed to address this significant issue of Immigration Reform! Maybe every one of these families should be send back to Ellis Island to be returned to back to their country of origin? Don’t tell anybody but, it is interesting to note that recently a family with an “illegal alien” relative from England had no problem getting ahead of the line to be given legal documentation with the special assistance of Iowa’s Senator Grassley. Yes, good ole Chuck Grassley, the same hypocrite to voice opposition and to vote against Immigration Reform Bill. The same family admitted as much at Washington hearing on Immigration. I guess some American families are more qualified than others to have a happier fourth than others!–politics.html &

    • joe schmo

      They are ILLEGAL you moron. My parents came here the hard LEGAL way with NO fringe benefits…….and how many Hispanics are here illegally and how many from England or Europe have they let in? Big difference, bit difference. Look at that German family who left Germany because they wanted to home school their kids. They were almost FORCED to go back.

      Your man is pissing us off!

      • Independent1

        Laxness against immigration??? What a joke!! While the GOP Congress has sat on their butts, Obama has at least tried to implement some changes into the immigration problem. Hispanics have been irate that the Obama administration has actually deported and broken up as many illegals as it has. And his administration has actually rounded up and deported more “troublesome illegals”, those creating crimes and costing the country big bucks, than any previous president.

        And despite your rhetoric, the CBO has analyzed the impacts of illegals to the majority of our states and found that the added costs to the majority of them is negligible on top of what the states already pay to support their legal residents. AND, illegals pay lots in taxes, and contribute to economic growth. In Texas alone, they contributed over 18 billion dollars to the Texas economy in 2013. And the CBO estimates that illegals pay as much as 7 billion dollars into Social Security which they cannot even utilize.

        • joe schmo

          OMG, where do you live? You must be living in a shell of a State. I live in one of the most Hispanic populated states in the union. We see it all. Remember this Country does not belong to the Hispanics or does it? This year we will be up to 1/2 in this state alone. They get the handouts, the colleges cater to them because if you don’t have as many you won’t get grants. There is a bias in hiring and you get paid more if you are bilingual. They push Americans out of jobs. Illegals hit the hospital emergency rooms for every little scrape and we, the taxpayer, has to pay for it. Not only do they work in the fields, they have branched out to gardening as well as construction jobs. Then comes the union jobs. Once they get a toe hold in they treat the Americans like crap. I have experienced this on several occasions. I don’t have a problem with Hispanics but I do have a problem with the influx and unfairness in just letting them waltz in without standing in line with the rest of the world. They bring in disease, they are mostly uneducated. We have worked in agriculture, many do not have past a 1st grade education and many will not learn the language. They know how to work the system in getting freebies. Many field workers come in and work hard. When the 2nd generation arrives, instead of working harder and going to college or some other productive activity many join gangs and ‘walla’ the crimes. We watch the local news at night, who are most of the crooks? You can just guess…. ‘Ain’t’ no lie, we see it with our own eyes. Several times, our coast line wakes up to find empty ‘ponga’ boats on our vacant shores. The passengers? Human trafficking and drugs. Vanished into the night. We see it on the news and my brother-in-law is a sheriff and he is often sent out on night patrol.


          As for the Congressional Budget Office, just as I don’t trust the IRS, I wouldn’t trust the CBO with a ten foot pole.

          1) They take the jobs American’s do want to do.
          2) They dumb down the schools
          3) They DO GET a Child tax credit for the amount of children they have EVEN if they DO NOT reside in the U.S. The government even said they were lax in checking to see whether or not children reside on American soil.
          “Lewis isn’t entirely correct: Non-citizen children can qualify if they
          are legally residents and have at least an ITIN. And the requirements
          aren’t vigorously enforced. The IG report said the IRS management
          doesn’t demand that parents submit documentation to prove that the
          children they are claiming actually reside in the U.S., something the IG
          recommended and IRS management said it lacked legal authority to do. So
          it is at least possible that some refunds are being paid based on
          children who aren’t citizens, or who aren’t even living in the U.S.”
          4) They do not want to learn the language.
          5) They are socialists so they vote Democrat.

          You are right in stating that they pay into SS and, damn straight, they shouldn’t get it. They are not legal citizens. Drug dealers and the cartel don’t pay taxes….look at how much they are raking in.

          I think you Dems would be ‘uber’ happy if that border were completely open. Have you ever been to Mexico? Have you seen the corruption and filth? No thanks? Not until they clean up their act and show a lack of lawlessness.

          WE CANNOT TAKE IN ALL THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD. Specifically south of the border. We have our own internal strife going on. Why would you want to add to the burden.

          My parents came over to this country LEGALLY. Why should we let any old Tom, Dick, and Juan in. Oh, that’s right, you want the world to be one open hand holding entity. Realistically, at the moment, that is not possible, but nonetheless we are having it FORCED down our throats…. When will you wake up!

  • James Bowen

    Our immigration policy needs to reflect the reality of 21st Century America. We are no longer a frontier nation. We don’t have the room or resources for so many immigrants. We need to reduce legal immigration by >90%, eliminate most guest worker programs, restrict birthright citizenship to citizens and legal permanent residents, and completely crack down on illegal immigration.

  • Raz Matazz

    Today’s liberals just want your stuff.

    • Independent1

      Today’s liberals just want your stuff??

      Is that why BY FAR the biggest takers in America are conservatives?? Yup!! You got it!! more than 75% of food stamp users are residents of RED STATES!! Of the 456 counties in America which suck the most welfare, including using the most food stamps, more than 90% of those counties voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election (421 of the 456 counties went for Mitt.)

      And of the 17 states that get the least tax dollars back for the taxes they pay – 14 of them are BLUE STATES!!! It’s the tax monies that Blue States send to Washington which are supporting the 23 plus Red States that are set up to suck money from Washington.

      Better get your facts straight before you make more posts that show just how clueless you are!!!

  • joe schmo

    One of my BIGGEST pet peeves. My family came over here LEGALLY. Obama and the Libs can go stuff themselves. A political ruse to bring in the dumb and diseased for the new voting pool. Naive, Ignorant and innocent. That is what you Piranhas feed on. Just disgusting. Third world here we come. Of course, I knew this was a set up all along.

    • charleo1

      And your hero Reagan did what? So you can stuff yourself. Or, learn
      some history. Or, even better yet, just STFU!

    • Independent1

      Wow!! 3rd world here we come!! Wow!!

      For the 1st time in American history, there have been 52 straight months of jobs growth; it was Clinton who had the record before that of 51 straight months. And for the 1st time since Clinton, there have been 5 straight months of 200,000 plus jobs created. No GOP president has EVER come close to accomplishing that.

      And as I pointed out to you in a different post, it was actually Reagan’s idiotic tax cuts that destroyed the economic boom that CARTER created. He created more than 10 million jobs during his 4 years which he passed onto Reagan a start, only to have Reagan destroy the momentum (he created 12 million his 1st four years and than plummeted to a measly 4 million in his 2nd term. Evidence that his policies were a DISASTER!!!

      And here’s something that will blow another right-wing talking point to shreds, that the Obama administration has hindered America’s oil and gas creation.

      America has become the world’s largest Oil and Gas producer

      LONDON — The U.S. will remain the world’s biggest oil producer this year after overtaking Saudi Arabia and Russia as extraction of energy from shale rock spurs the nation’s economic recovery, Bank of America Corp. said.

      U.S. production of crude oil, along with liquids separated from natural gas, surpassed all other countries this year with daily output exceeding 11 million barrels in the first quarter, the bank said in a report Friday. The country became the world’s largest natural gas producer in 2010. The International Energy Agency said in June that the U.S. was the biggest producer of oil and natural gas liquids.

      “The U.S. increase in supply is a very meaningful chunk of oil,” Francisco Blanch, the bank’s head of commodities research, said by phone from New York. “The shale boom is playing a key role in the U.S. recovery. If the U.S. didn’t have this energy supply, prices at the pump would be completely unaffordable.”

      When are you blatant lying fools going to give it up!!!!!!!

      • joe schmo

        Again, you are being mislead. No growth in January, -2.9 in June. No job growth. I can look it up and post once again if you would like. Why are people constantly bitching about jobs and outsourcing?

        Carter created? Are you forgetting he was voted as 2nd worst President in modern America.

        OMG…. I will upload this again:

        No president since Clinton. Wrong again, it started with Reagan’s low taxes and job incentives.

        Everything started to go downhill after Reagan…..

        I certainly will blow the oil and gas boom to shreds.

        “So, many of this POTUS policies and actions run contrary to good order and benefit for the people of this country. I know he said, there is now, more drilling going on than an any other time in our history, but
        drilling for natural gas and drilling for oil are two very different things. Here in Pa (western pa) there is alot of natural gas drilling going on with the Marsala Shale Ridge running from NY through Ky. But we do almost no drilling for oil.

        As for our ability to get cheaper, cleaner energy, I know the POTUS pushes that line, but in-fact it is a myth. Some day it may be available but not in the foreseeable future and as Spain and Germany will attest it is a job killer as well. So, is it wise to keep looking and attempting to find ways to lower cost and pollution, yes. Is it wise to do so at the expense of what is available today, no. We need to
        continue our ability to drill here, while we look for other means to replace that oil (once the cost is balanced).” HELLOOOO! You just can’t cut of your nose to spite your face.

        1) We don’t have enough refineries to process crude.
        2) We outsource oil production to the Middle East. Have been for decades.
        3) We send our processed oil out of our refineries to other countries overseas like Japan.
        4) Obama is very anti-oil, anti-coal. This creates a gap in the job market that would otherwise not be there. He is very anti-Pipeline. What’s worse hauling the oil in by rail. How many times have you heard oil tankers turn over and contaminate.
        5) Shale, I’m reading there is only so much of it. Once the boom is over it will be gone for good.
        6) Obama gave Brazil billions to keep oil production going in that country while cutting our throats in the gulf. Gee isn’t it funny how that during his first term, first year, he approved oil drilling in the Gulf and an explosion just happened on one of the oil rigs. Sounds a bit fishy to me.

        Mind you I am not against alternative energy (solar, wind, and natural gas), but you cannot just cut fuel oil and coal out until we are well integrated into the new.

        If the U.S. is one of the largest oil producers then why are we not reaping from the benefits of it like we should be?

        • Independent1

          You really need to go see a professional, you’re such a prolific pathological lying idiot, that I’m not responding any further. EVERYTHING YOU POSTED IS PURE BS!!!!!!!!!!

          • joe schmo

            I have said absolutely nothing out of line. You just can’t handle the truth that is why you blast me.

            Don’t have to respond. I really don’t care. For now, I can still use my 1st Amendment rights.

            By the way, you evaded the question like you always do…..

            If the U.S. is one of the largest oil producers then why are we not reaping from the benefits of it like we should be?

  • Independent1

    Many posting on the NM have a grossly distorted notion of the government services that immigrants, including illegals, not only try to use, but are authorized to legally get. It would do well if many posters got a better understanding of just what what services illegals can access:

    As health care bills made their way through Congress, lawmakers were debating whether or not to include overly burdensome citizenship verification requirements to ensure that unauthorized immigrants do not have access to health insurance. However, past attempts to implement these kinds of additional measures have prevented U.S. citizens and legal immigrants from receiving health care, while uncovering very few instances of unauthorized immigrants trying to abuse the system. In fact, research shows that unauthorized immigrants do not come to the United States for health care benefits or any other public services for which they are not eligible. These additional measures threaten to ensnare far more citizens than unauthorized immigrants and add unnecessary costs to health care reform.

    Past efforts to use verification to weed out illegal immigrants have proven expensive and ineffective.

    The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 required everyone to present proof of citizenship when applying for or renewing Medicaid coverage. This was enacted despite the fact that there was no evidence that unauthorized immigrants were accessing Medicaid.

    The GAO found that the verification requirements “cost significantly more to implement than they have saved in expenditures by excluding unauthorized immigrants from Medicaid coverage. For every $100 spent by federal taxpayers to implement the new requirements in six states, only 14 cents in Medicaid savings can be documented.” In the six states surveyed, costs to taxpayers to implement the verification procedures totaled $16.6 million—which only yielded eight unauthorized immigrants.

    The GAO also found that the verification requirements resulted in U.S. citizens being delayed or denied Medicaid because they could not provide the necessary documentation. Unauthorized immigrants do not come to the U.S. for health care.

    Surveys have repeatedly found that unauthorized immigrants overwhelmingly come to the U.S. to work, not to receive services.
    Unauthorized immigrants do not game the system and receive health care for which they are not eligible. Unauthorized immigrants are not eligible for most publicly funded programs, including federal health care (Medicaid and Medicare).

    According to the California Immigrant Policy Center, unauthorized immigrants are reluctant to access programs for which they are eligible because they fear that their lack of immigration status will be reported to authorities. Others to not use health services because of language barriers, because they are confused over eligibility rules, or because they fear losing a day’s wages. Contrary to the myth that free clinics that serve unauthorized populations are overrun with immigrants seeking free care, interviews with clinic staff found that clinics have not been overwhelmed. One doctor said, “my concern is that needy people are not coming in.”

    Noncitizens are significantly less likely to use emergency room services than U.S. citizens.

    Unauthorized immigrants are eligible for emergency care. Many assume that, because they are eligible, they use a large amount of costly emergency services. However, research shows that this is false. According to the Kaiser Commission, even though noncitizens have poorer access to care and receive less primary care than citizens, they are less likely than citizens to use the emergency room. In 2006, 20% of U.S. citizen adults and 22% of U.S. citizen children had visited the emergency room within the past year. In contrast, 13% of noncitizen adults and 12% of noncitizen children had utilized emergency room care.

    A 2006 study published in Health Affairs journal found that communities with high rates of emergency room usage tend to have relatively small noncitizen populations. Cities with large immigrant populations such as Miami-Dade County, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona have much lower rates of emergency room use than areas with small immigrant populations such as Cleveland. Ensuring that immigrants have the same access to essential services will improve public health and the well-being of all people living in the U.S., not just immigrants.

    The Center for Science in the Public Interest concluded that prevention can save on health care costs, stating that comprehensive prevention programs are the most economical way to maximize health and minimize costs. It is important that all people receive basic health care because immigrants are in our neighborhoods, our schools, and our churches. It is in the interest of public health that everyone receives basic immunizations and other basic care.

    • charleo1

      Great post! Then too, if they are not accessing the healthcare available to them when they are ill, they sure are not voting illegally either. So many lies, so much propaganda!!!!

  • Anglel McDaniel

    America is the “Great Melting Pot”. Immigration is part of our fabric and history. Illegal immigration is an insult to the current and former immigrants who chose to be a part of that fabric, history and made the effort to reach their goals the right way. People are not intolerant of Immigrants, they are intolerant of people who choose to skirt the system, break the law and then demand rights when they are caught and treated as breaking the law. When they knowingly break the law, live under the radar and create a false sense of entitlement just for being here, roll the dice. When families are separated due to deportation, its not the fault of Homeland Security, ICE, local law enforcement or prejudice. Illegal immigrants are personally responsible for their plight. No one is accepting of the original crime from which everything else stems. ILLEGAL immigration is the source of all the controversy. There are no rights to protest, denial of constitutional rights etc. These rights are afforded to citizens and legal immigrants who are entering our country the right way. Illegal immigrants have overburdened our systems in many ways and people are tired of it. All the rhetoric by immigration groups who demand illegal immigrants be afforded rights exclusive to Americans are skirting our laws and constitution. The thousands of dollars spent on coyotes, etc is of no consequence. Why aren’t they spending that kind of money on entering our country the right way? Inhumane treatment is not what is being seen, a complete disregard for our laws and processes is. Illegal immigrants lose the bet and are responsible for taking a chance in destroying their families when they conduct the original crime. I am fed up as are many Americans. The path to citizenship is clear, yet they want special exceptions. I am sure there are plenty of folks to fill the jobs they say no one else wants. Immigrants who are here legally and Americans who frankly just need a job. That argument is old and tired.

  • FT66

    On this issue of immigration, am sorry I do not agree with the President that it is in Americans DNA. If that is the case, then those immigrants will never settle in one place. They will keep moving from one place to the other like Nomads in the desert. I understand that human beings like birds or animals, would like to move from one place to the other according to weather or economic requirements. Even though, they must follow rules, orders and laws to do so. If one doesn’t follow them, I do not see why he should be accepted/given a place to stay. Remember, human beings are not animals or birds, they understand what they are doing, therefore they must understand the laws of the country they decide to move to.