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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Provoked by opposition to Hurricane Sandy relief among House Republicans – and the delay in voting the first tranche of aid by Speaker John Boehner – both New Jersey governor Chris Christie and representative  Peter King (R-NY) denounced the irresponsibility and cruelty of those betrayals. Even when that first bill passed, 67 Republicans voted no, in contrast with only 11 who voted no when Congress provided emergency funding for Hurricane Katrina (far more quickly, too) in 2005.

The Tea Party Republicans in Congress would offer various excuses for their hostility to Sandy relief, from budgetary constraints to far-right ideology. But those who voted no hail from states that have benefited from all kinds of federal relief over the past two decades, financed by Northeastern taxpayers who send a wildly disproportionate sum in levies to Washington every year.

Moving down the alphabet from Hurricane Andrew onward over the past two decades, it is not hard to trace tens of billions of dollars for storm relief alone that have flowed from New York and Connecticut to the South, the Gulf Coast, the Midwest and other regions over the years, with never a word of demurral over costs, “pork,” or “offsets” from other federal spending.

Then consider the many other forms of federal aid that have benefited the regions where “conservative” fiscal stringency supposedly prevails, and a disturbing habit quickly emerges: Republican members of Congress tend to support aid packages that benefit their own states or districts, while opposing help for other Americans. This doesn’t hold true for all Republicans or conservatives, of course, but it is nevertheless a detectable pattern.

The most obvious example in recent years is the rescue of the auto industry, a decision of national importance supported by both presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, which nearly all Republicans rejected – except those from Michigan and auto-plant districts in several surrounding states. Those in favor included Paul Ryan, the House Budget Committee chair from Wisconsin, who voted for the bailout and then, while running for vice president on the GOP ticket, pretended to have opposed it. But he couldn’t bring himself to vote for Sandy relief.

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248 responses to “In Republican Resistance To Hurricane Relief, A Stink Of Hypocrisy — And Worse”

  1. It is just the republican way of running the country. Give them the chance, slavery will come back legalized. GOP, stop fooling the people.

  2. lexi001 says:

    Well, you have to understand they simply don’t believe in Big Government unless they need Big Government.

    • When George Bush was flying over the Katrina Victims in his Government furnished 747, I wonder if the thought of small government entered his small mind?

      • He might have been “thinking of small government” but during his 8 years in office, he expanded it by 2,000,000. And despite the GOP contentions to the contrary (that Obama loves big government), government has actually shrunk by over 565,000 in the past 4 years.

        • Mulligatonney says:

          Big government references how much the government controls, not how many people are in it.

          The ideal situation for the communist, marxist, facist or dictator is to create a very small, powerful politburo that controls every aspect of its population.

          In this area, OBama has been very busy indeed.

          • browninghipower says:

            Please name ways in which your freedoms have been curtailed over the 4 years…no generalities. Specifics would be nice.

          • Yawn, just look to France for real Socialism. Obama would make a lousy Socialist…and he’s so amateurish at his many attempts at it yet doesn’t succeed. In France they just put forth a 75%tax on the rather wealthy…thankfully, it was struck down. Obama hasn’t come anywhere near that number (and never will). But thankfully he’ll have loud opponents who will still call him a socialist/marxist/communist…never mind they’re watering down the very meaning of those words with their continued screeds. But it’s so important to name call and minimize when you have nothing substantive to offer. At least you’ll always have name calling. Speaking of names, he has a real doozy of a name: President Barack Hussein Obama. How cool. I’ll bet it sticks in your craw each and every time you see or hear or read about him. Too bad for you. But I don’t really care.

          • jarheadgene says:

            You have got that right….I love saying his FULL name to the sore Losers….HEY GOP….we weren’t going to gloat…but you are such A$$es you deserve it. REPEAT after me. The Constitution of the United States says BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is the PRESIDENT of the United States. And he is African/American. ESAD you bigots!

          • daniel bostdorf says:

            you are a liar

  3. nobsartist says:

    All elected Federal officials take an oath to defend the Constitution. In my opinion, forcing the United States to default jepordizes the credit rating of the United States and in effect, weakens our Constitution.

    republiCONs that engage in this activity should be accused of conspiracy and thrown out of office or executed for treason.

    It is time for ALL elected democrats to force a measure that investigates the republiCON party for high treason against the United States and its failure to defend the Constitution.

    • Mulligatonney says:

      The U.S. credit rating has already been downgraded twice during OBama’s first term due to irresponsible deficit and debt with no plan for reducing either. By your own criteria, you should also put him and the democrats on your “execution list” while you’re at it. Then, after all the present politicians are dead, you could run the country perfectly based upon the ironclad logic you have just presented to your fellow “no bs artists”…

      Have you read the relief bill? The Democrat Party is very adept at adding pork to legislation, basically positioning the Republicans to vote against it, then blaming them in public for forcing innocent victims out into the dead of winter to starve and freeze… do you really believe that? Then, you are exactly the kind of individual the propagandists are looking for. They can tell you anything and count on you to swallow the whole thing without investigating it.

      Your comments about “high treason”, “failure to defend the Constitution”, and “executing” elected officials only reinforce the impression that you did not spend much time in school… Hopefully you will never become a person with great responsibility. With that kind of thinking, I would not put you in charge of taking care of a guinea pig. Or even yourself. You are a perfect candidate to receive entitlement benefits. Don’t worry about paying for anything yourself. The taxpayer will take care of it. Until you execute him for “failure to defend the Constitution” by wanting to keep some of his hard-earned money for himself.

      I am quite certain that when a clean, pork-free relief bill for Hurricane Sandy is presented in Congress, both the Senate and the House will have no trouble passing it.

      Maybe then, you could grand them a stay of execution.

      Meanwhile, get yourself a copy of the Constitution and study it. It is a beautiful document, when it is understood and interpreted the way it was written. Possibly you will see how it is being eroded by liberal and “progressive” policies and re-define your howl of “treason”…

      The debt has climbed to over 16 trillion with over a trillion being added to it annually… Is it time now to blame someone else besides the treasonous Bush and “republiCONS”?

      Wake up.

      • RudyBlue says:

        Where could I find this bill to read myself? If there is indeed a ton of “pork” in it, then the Republicans have a legitimate reason NOT to vote for it. But why can’t they say so in the House and get it on record why they’re against it? And was there any “pork” in the Katrina aid bill?

        • Mulligatonney says:

          Many House members have spoken out. The national news media is not reporting it from that angle, so most of the public isn’t hearing it… You have to go around them to find it. Curious, yes? One has to go around the newspeople to get at the truth. It’s fairly easy to google – try something like “Hurricane Sandy Relief Rejected” or some such thing… Be careful of what sources you trust, but I think you will conclude that the original bill that was attempted to be forced through the Congress for Sandy relief included millions of dollars for unrelated projects. There are still some in Congress that are trying to be responsible with the taxpayer’s money.

          The mainstream news media are only reporting it from the angle that the Republicans voted against it. That is irresponsible journalism, but it happens every day. It is difficult to find an objective news source these days. But, if one uses their instincts, this notion that Republicans would deny a clean, legitimate relief package to victims of that disaster even SOUNDS like a stretch. How could it possibly be to the political advantage of any House member or Senator to deny aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy? That is reminiscent of the television ads showing Paul Ryan shoving grandma off a cliff in a wheelchair when he expressed his opposition to government extortion of citizen’s money to support OBama care… If the people will believe it, an advantage can be gained. Democrat propaganda has achieved an all-time high recently, simply because it is getting them elected and re-elected.

          I was hopeful that the present administration would stay true to its word about making all proposed legislation public prior to their vote, but “transparency” is one of the last words I would use to describe them – although they are quite fond of crowing about how transparent they are. Empty, false words – a lullaby contrived to render an uninformed (or possibly “over-informed) public into a false sense of security.

          If watching the debt increase by 1.2 – to 1.5 trillion dollars every year since this administration has been in office with no attempt to fix it is not enough to convince the people of their true intentions, what will be enough?

          One broken promise is enough for me. Scores of broken promises should remove all doubt for any observant American. Why is this administration getting any support at all?

          That is a great question. I don’t have any answers for that one.

          None that you would believe, anyway…

        • InsideEye says:

          The BLUE North East and NYC is on the PORK list, Why did not Pete King say something when he voted for the bill, or maybe like Nancy Pelosi said, “Let us pass it and read it later” Now it passed after the Bill was cleaned up . Obama BUTT promised transparency. BUT where is it. The Senate’s emergency spending bill to cover costs from Hurricane Sandy includes Billions of dollars that will never touch the affected Northeast — including money for salmon fisheries in Alaska, cash for an expansion of train service into New York, extra money going to cover Amtrak’s operating losses and to increase train capacity into New York City, and Automobile to Govn Agencies……Pete King should be happy about why he would get better train service to NYC…..What hypocritical Pork Barreling. Send Money for Sandy Relief untied to BS projects. AND the Biggest of All—Senator of NY of course… Chuck Shumer, faking indignation about the Bill…..DID he not read it also. WHAT HYPOCRITES.

      • The justification used by Egan-Jones to cut its credit rating on the U.S. government from “AA” to “AA-” was that “in its opinion the quantitative easing of credit by the Federal Reserve would hurt the U.S. economy and the country’s credit quality”. In other words, Egan-Jones believed the infusions of funds used by the Fed to help stimulate the economy were counter-productive.
        With the exception of a brief period in the Clinton era, the U.S. government has been running deficits for about six decades. It is not something that just happened for the first time in our history.
        The recent accumulation of debt was caused by (1) Bush’s TARP, (2) Obama’s stimulus package, (3) a dramatic drop in revenues as a result of the Great Recession that began in 2007, (4) an increase in spending associated with higher unemployment benefits and debt interest payments, and (5) the decision to move the cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars from unfunded liabilities to the national debt, where it should have been all along.

      • browninghipower says:

        Have you read the entire bill?

      • Yes, the Constitution is a beautiful document, that protects all American citizens, not just ones as loud and eternally angry as you. I’ll bet you look just darling in your tricorner hat and colonial clothes with your fake musket on your shoulder. Hey here’s a thought: get in a time machine and take your shrill brethren with you and go populate the past. As it’s plainly evident you don’t like the present or anything resembling change. Yeah, never mind that pesky future…who needs it, when the past is much more appealing. It must be fun to live in the past while exisiting today. How unfortunate for you that you aren’t there.

      • daniel bostdorf says:

        the only traitors here are the GOP.

    • ILL_EAGLE says:

      is it not truethattheFiscal Cliff and Sequestration were all agreed upon by Obomba and all of Congress? Obama could not even agreee to the Simpson Bowles compromise, that Obama commissioned. Now they argue against each other ….it is all phony. No one wanted to take the responsibility to make a decision. So now The Sandy Pork Bill finally got cleaned up and passed…..It contained Amtrak debtReleif, Cars for Gov Agencies, Unmentionable other non-sense , unrealted to the disaster victime……com Everyone in CONGRESS and thePRES also knew what was in that also., that is why the Republicans most likely did not pass it. MSNBC and CBC etc do not report on the PORKABILITY factor. I am glad all got a tax raise at least it was everyone. It could have been everyone gettting a tax cut as OBAMA wanted, NOW ALL PROBLEMS ARE FIXED, LETS GO HOME .. What a promise that was……..Blame the Democratax for this tax increase……..after all of that Dramatizing by Obomba”. The American Eagle is ILL

    • jujube444 says:

      I’d just about bet if YOUR house, car, your clothes,your business, your neighborhood and place of employment/source of income had been swept away in a natural disaster, YOU just might be the first person asking for help. When you are without shelter, money, food and a source of income, I hope you find those couple of pages of the Constitution you will be waving around like a maniac enough to keep you alive. You don’t grasp the Founding Fathers designed it to be a document designed to evolve and change with the needs of the nation as science, beliefs, industry, economics changed. As your way of thinking goes, perhaps you should go back to the OLD World, as you are an illegal usurper of land from the Native Peoples.

      If we default because we allowed our industries to leave, we try to support our military on WalMart-pay jobs, and we allow the rich to not pay anywhere near what they need to be paying, I’d gladly default to assist everyday Americans get some assistance with disaster relief. Where is your outrage over one bomber costing a billion dollars? Where is your outrage over the dismantling of the greatest industrial machine the world has ever seen and taking it to a communist nation that supresses the very rights you espouse to defend? The republicans will continue to fully support this agenda until the inevitable bankruptcy it will cause comes to fruition. The Democrats have to stand up to this and say we are the people’s party-they aren’t doing much better. Putting two wars on credit and paying for all the benefits illegals receive-free schooling, medical care, etc. will be the ruination of this country and neither party has the gumption to do what needs doing.

  4. turtlewoman1039 says:

    How tragic that so many people follow these hypocrites.
    Hypocrites in their supposed ‘christian’ values, in their espoused dislike for ‘big gum’int’, in their ‘reverence’ for life. The republican party is a freak show, and their patriotism begins and ends with a flag pin and a sound bite for the local news.

  5. tobewan says:

    To be sure, we have entered the Day (Age) of Judgment, and nations, institutions, governments, corporations, and political parties are being judged – in the courts, in the media, in the public eye, and worldwide.
    Wicked, hypocritical hearts are being found out. We are in dire need of a righteous order, like the one we were taught to pray for.

  6. Gary Allhiser says:

    A modest proposal: the residents of the districts whose congressmen voted against Sandy Relief are permanently barred from receiving any and all federal emergency relief

    • Mulligatonney says:

      Educate yourself about the bill before offering the kind of sweeping comment you will be held accountable for later.

      When a clean disaster relief bill for Sandy comes through the Congress, the people you are now barring from the American dream will vote for it.

      Then, you will not have to bar anyone from federal emergency relief. For now, anyway – until they do something else you don’t like and have not informed yourself of.

      Read the bill that the Democrats tried to push through Congress. You should have no trouble finding it – OBama promised that in exchange for your vote, he would have everything posted on a public website for everyone to read a minimum of 72 hours prior to the vote, yes?

      Transparency, remember? That was a promise. A promise…

      How often do you let someone get away with breaking a promise they made to you before you decide that they are a liar and never intended to do what they promised?

      Are you keeping track of the broken campaign promises?

      I am – there are scores of them, accompanied by an unprecedented power grab by the present administration.

      • The “pork” added to the Sandy bill was not introduced by the Obama administration. Republican and Democratic senators are responsible for the riders added to the bill. One involved relief to individuals and companies affected by a small tsunami that destroyed some Alaskan fisheries. Another added a bill to repair hurricane damage at the Guantanama naval base. Some added riders that, while small financially, are hard to justify. Bear in mind that those riders were taken out of the bill a couple of weeks ago. The bill should have been authorized as soon as those riders – or pork, if you prefer that term – were removed.
        The administration has demonstrated a commitment to transparency that contrasts with that of previous administrations, but most involve things the administration does rather than an all-inclusive effort to show transparency at all levels of government.

        • joeham1 says:

          This president has demonstrated a whole new level of Non-transparency. In addition this admin, blames everyone else bu themselves for everything they do wrong!

          • Look in the mirror for the prefect example of blaming everyone but themself.

          • joeham1 says:

            Warren, What does that Mean? Should I take the blame for Libya and the 4 people murdered because they had no security? Or maybe I should take the blame for the 5.5 trillion deficit in 4 years? How about I take the blame for the 23 million people looking for jobs, Or I can take the blame for 1,500 guns that were sold to the mexican drug Cartel. If you want Warren I will take the blame for morons like you being so one sided that regardless of how bad this President is you only want to focus on the evil republicans!

            Answer this question: The President campaigned on a balanced approach to cutting the deficit and raising taxes on the evil rich people. The final deal is 660 Billion in tax increases and 4 trillion more in deficit spending!

            What do you think of that deal?

          • Well you can take the ‘blame’ for the unnecessary war that Bush/Cheney started in Iraq. It’s actually made more enemies for us, and needlessly too. And we’re still paying for it. Deficits didn’t matter then, but they do now. Sheesh, you people support Bush who increased government and now you rail against Obama (but leave out Bush)?!? Inconsistent conservatives. Shrill to the end too. But thankfully you’re armed with projection and will always be able to blame others for failed policies.

          • joeham1 says:

            Nicholas your a hack like most left wing radicals…Bush, Bush, Bush..blah..blah…Unnecessary war? Why did the democrats vote for it? Why did Bush have a 90% approval rating until the next elction cycle when the disgusting democrats and media started the Bush lied and people died crap!

            Talk about NOW you freakin coward! When Bush took office we were borrowing 520 Million a day! When he left office 8 years later we were borrowing 1.6 billion a day! In Obama’s first 4 years we are now borrowing 4.3 billion a day! Talk about that you hack! what’s your answer? Should we talk about Nixon or something?

            You people are the most dishonest people. Who are our new enemies because of the Iraq war? What has Obama done about it?

            You have no answers so all you do is shift Blame! This socialist president we have now is the biggest mistake this country has ever made because of morons like YOU!!!!

          • magic2114 says:

            One question John… If you are borrowing 520 million a day, and then 1.6 billion a day; doesn’t the interest on those dollars over an 8 years period have to be factored into the borrowing methods of the incoming, that being Obama?

          • joeham1 says:

            Wow magic…lol I think I know what your tryig to get at…It all George Washington’s fault Right?

            At the end of Bushes term we were borrowing 1.6 Billion a day..That includes the interest. Now we are well over 4 billion a day! Our Preisident has proven beyond what anyone can say that he doesn’t care about the deficit. The fiscal cliff deal proves his agenda!

            For all the crazy lunatics that may read this, his balanced approach increased the deficit! There is no arguing it becuase it is fact! look it up on the CBO web site or the 50 other sites that will explain it to you!

            It’s time to demand sanity from ALL these clowns!

          • Sand_Cat says:

            If you had any brains, you’d realize that – other than a few tiny groups and individuals, all completely marginalized, there is no “radical left,” or even a moderate left, in this country, and all your vitriol and lies are directed against a moderate conservative, who only looks far to the “left” to you because you reside on the insane fringes of the right.

          • joeham1 says:

            There is no far left? But there is a far right? Please stop talking to your cat! and me!

          • InsideEye says:

            Beautiful, but careful someone will say Bush did it.

        • jendevizio says:

          I appreciate that you do your homework and always like what you have to say.

        • Mulligatonney says:

          Of course. The president cannot formally submit legislation. But the original bill would have been signed by the OBama administration with full pork flag flying, and to assume that the White House wasn’t working behind the scenes to satisfy all of the “porkers” is naive, yes? Of course, they knew and had influence on the bill coming through the Congress. It was all arranged prior.

          So – the incumbent administration has demonstrated a commitment to transparency by their actions? That statement pretty much destroys your credibility on any other comment you might make. That cannot possibly be what you really think… There is way too much evidence to the contrary, even for a “progressive” ideologue OBama cult member… That’s unfortunate – it sounds like you at least pay attention to some of the facts. But to draw a conclusion such as that indicates you are already in the liberal camp, body and soul… So much so that you are willing to overlook the truth in order to support your champion. What kind of a chance does this government “of the people, by the people and for the people” have if voters are willing to make ridiculous statements like that?

          And an “all-inclusive effort to show transparency at all levels of government” (your words) is exactly what was promised in exchange for your vote…

          • Dmullins84 says:

            Name calling just shows your true color. You have no creditability at all.

          • Brian says:

            Mulligatawney is a mish-mash of a soup, rather like the brains of tea-partyers and can’t-get-over-it hacks on the far right.

            Sound like anyone you know?

          • joeham1 says:

            Brian you show your lack of maturity when you won’t debate Mulligatonney. Where is he wrong?

            Go ahead debate him!

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Why? He’s like you, and has his own Personal set of “facts.” What’s the point of trying to debate a moron who can only repeat his benighted cult / party line over and over, projecting his own intellectual laziness and dishonesty on his opponents?

          • joeham1 says:

            Sand cat I realize you have a major lack of intellect. But you kepp posting nothing except attacks.

            Let’s try something:

            The cliff deal was signed by Obama. it increases taxes 660 billion and increases the deficit 4 trillion. He campaigned on a “Balanced Approach”

            1) Did he lie
            2) does he care about the deficit
            3) will the country be ok in 2016 with a 21 trillion deficit

            These are the facts. Can you answer the questions?

          • Sand_Cat says:

            You are the cult member, too dense and brainwashed even to recognize your projection.

        • Plznnn says:

          Here is what the correct information is. Let’s get the facts straight for the benefit of our country instead of always misinformation for political gain. Harry Reid knew that he would never get the pork for the Northeastern “blue” States without offering pork to some Red States that got hit with Hurricane Issac in 2012, States along the Atlantic & Mississippi Valley like Alabama, Mississippi, Texas & Louisana. More shenanigans from Harry Reid instead of just relief for Americans, with NO PORK.

      • browninghipower says:

        Hey, did you bother to ‘research’ the disaster aid bills that went to the red states as well, bub? Or do you merely take the talking points from your favorite sources like Fox, Hannity, Limbaugh, et al? Until you cite your sources and talk about previous bills to red states, shut the fuck up.

        • Diogenes67 says:

          I like that. “Shut the fuck up” is much better than STFU.

        • Mulligatonney says:

          Nothing like being a public witness to such a powerful and meaningful spurt of oral intercourse from a true internet intellectual.

          Perhaps you can now complement your own political research using Al Jezeera, who has just purchased an entire news network from Al Gore for a cool 500 million. Uncle Al profits $100 million. Not a bad price for compromising ones soul, yes?

          Kind of makes Limbaugh and Hannity look like real patriots. And your use of the very versatile “f” word underscores your inability to demonstrate even a modicum of skill with the English language – maybe you could learn Arabic from the new Al Jezeera news network. That may be a more suitable milieu for you.

          The global warming thing should net Al another huge windfall profit as well…. But he is a hero among liberals and progressives. Hannity and Limbaugh are villains…

          Doesn’t that strike you as a trifle odd?

          Maybe not…

          • Dmullins84 says:

            Al Gore has never been one of my favorite people but in my worst night mare I would take him over you and your fox croud.

          • By the way, sir, but the Earth isn’t going to care one little bit about your silly protestations that Global Warming is a ‘hoax’. What silliness! Yes, the Earth will continue to get warmer, be it manmade or not, and you (and James Inhofe) can continue to gnash your teeth and say it’s an odd liberal agenda item…but who cares…the Earth won’t. But thankfully, you’ll still have Al Gore to insult and use as a verbal punching bag. That’s an odd thing, why you people still ‘hate’ that man so much. It doesn’t make sense now as it didn’t make sense then. I guess your ilk always need someone or something to blame. Whatever helps you lose sleep.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Once again you show your own delusion and denial on the global warming “hoax.”

      • joeham1 says:

        One thing you will find out when you talk to most of the people on this site is that Obama has made no mistakes and if he did it was Bushes fault! The republicans can see the insanity (finally) of Obama’s crazy spending and the constant lies. If the people on this site and site’s like this don’t wake up, Obama will destroy the country!

        The national memo appears to be written by the white house staff! Their savior Obama can do no wrong ever!

        • latebloomingrandma says:

          You apparently never saw any charts or graphs concerning percentages of spending. The 2 biggest spenders and gov’t expanders were Reagan and Bush II.

          • joeham1 says:

            You must be a genius! The biggest spender ever is Obama! Stop looking at one parties charts and graphs! don’t listen to the liars that tell you that somehow Obama’s 5.5 trillion budget deficit isn’t really him!

            If you really believe what you said than answer this question: Obama campaigned on the wealthly paying their fair share (even though they pay 70% of federal taxes) His speeches ALL said we need a BALANCED approach..But the deal that was done had 660 billion in tax increases and 4 trillion in NEW deficit spending.

            Where was the balanced approach?

        • robertblair3174 says:

          No, my friend. Most of the people here see very clearly the President’s policy shortcomings. Most of them stem IMO from an OVER willingness to compromise, and make concessions toward that end, with a party (The Republicans) that have NO intrest in compromise, only in trying to obstruct an ALREADY conservative agenda.
          Mr. Obama had difficulty didn’t have difficulty getting re-elected because he was too far to the left, but because he was too far to the RIGHT.

          • joeham1 says:

            Robert it’s hard to even reply to what I consider either a joke or blindness. He’s to far to the right? are you serious?

            His supposed Balanced approach he campaigned on and gave HUNDREDS of speeches on! It turned out to be 660 Billion in tax increases and 4 trillion added to the deficit and you say the republicans aren’t willing to compromise? What the heck are you smoking?

            I really believe that if Obama committed murder, left wing crazies like you would say Bush made him do it!

            When do you wake up?

          • robertblair3174 says:

            Look at the policies he’s proposed/enacted. PPACA came straight from the Heritage Foundation, Maintaining/expanding warrentless searches, drone strikes, Etc… No action on global warming. (The EPA was started by that flaming liberal RICHARD NIXON!) No prosecution of the perpetrators of the Wall St. FRAUD that crashed the economy in’08. A stimulus bill that was weighed down with “Tax Incentives” to big businesses. Until this “Fiscal Cliff” agreement the deficit had actually started to come DOWN… I can go on, but I think you get the point. That so many people decry this administration as being “Communist” simply shows how far the entire political spectrum has shifted since the end of WWII.
            The places former President Bush gets the blame are the places he DESERVES the blame. President Obama inherited a TRAIN WRECK, brought about by 30+ years of Republican “Supply-Side”, and “Trickle-Down” policies, which have concentrated a larger portion of our nation’s wealth in fewer hands than any other time in our history, and left the poor, and middle-class with stagnant/declining wages.
            I HAVE been awake. Where have you been?

          • joeham1 says:

            Robert, again it’s hard to talk to someone so mis-guided. The deficit in December alone was 240 Billion. LOOK IT UP! Obama inhereited a train wreck and turned it into a plane crash!

            The fiscal cliff deal raises tax 660 Billion and increases the deficit 4 trillion! LOOK IT UP!!!

            The only difference between Bush and Obama is Obama thinks deficits are Ok. They both spent and are spending us into complete collapse!

            People like you really need to move to the middle and admit your blinded by ideology! The fact are out there waiting for you to see! YOU HAVE NOT BEEN AWAKE!!!!

            The thing you say are exactly what the left wants you to believe! PLEASE LOOK IT UP!!!!

        • Mulligatonney says:

          Amen to that, brother.

          Hopefully, the truth about this administration will be revealed before the disaster occurs… Although, history has shown that sheep will follow each other over a cliff…

          Many cultures have turned a blind eye to this until they were actually falling – then, of course, it was too late.

          There is still time. And there are still many people in this country who see some of the most important things quite clearly.

          Courage, sir!

          • joeham1 says:

            It’s a sad case because I have talked to many of these National Obama Memo people. They spend their time reading the lies from the publication and then beating up anyone who disagrees with the crazy left wing rag!

            I have never seen a President with a more obvious agenda, and a following that won’t see the truth staring them in the face! The fiscal cliff deal is a prime example of his dangerous, radical agenda!

          • Mulligatonney says:

            I agree. It is a perfect illustration of how effective politicians are when they tell people what they want to hear instead of how it really is.

            Many factors have contributed to get the population to this place, including the dismantling of the family unit, demonizing the people who work hard and are successful financially, the removal of God and moral authority from our society, an entitlement mentality, etc… ad infinitum. The “progressives” (i.e. socialists, marxists, communists) have been busy.

            The good news is that probably close to half of America still believes in the founding principles, conservatism, God and the Constitution as it was written. And that is still a sufficient number to help the country hold a steady course until the liberal voters begin to realize they have been duped. Johnson declared war on poverty in the 60’s and it has gotten worse.

            Liberals and entitleists depend upon traditional conservatives in order to provide them with the resources they need to spread their ideology while receiving their entitlements. It’s kind of interesting to watch these parasites use up the very resources they depend upon by demanding more and more from a dwindling population of hosts.

            Soon the babies will use up the placenta – then what will they do? Why, blame the people who were forward thinking enough to be prudent, kill them if they can and take their resources from them… Then what will they do? Die, because there will no longer be anyone to give them anything…

            It’s the old And and Grasshopper story all over again…

            That is one of the lessons of history. But somehow, liberals think there is no end to their gravy train. The politicians that manipulate them know better, but why tell them the truth when they are enriching themselves even as they cultivate their constituents like a crop for their votes?

            The truth of this madness will become apparent sooner or later, even to the most obtuse and ignorant of the entitlement crowd.

            Then, they will become angry. The cycle of history and greed in affluent societies.

            But – we still have our religion and guns, yes?

          • joeham1 says:

            Incredibly well said!!! The proof is all over the place. For instance: California vs Texas. When I mention this to the lefty sheep. They actually try to say California is in it’s current state because the minority republicans are obstructing progress!

            Look at New York City, Chicago, LA, or any major city. They are ALL ran by democrats and have been for 40 or more years. (not counting Rudy) the economy, schools, business climate and taxes are out of control. The people are never better off yet the Democrats keep saying trust us because we are the only ones that care! The ignorance is amazing!

            The biggest example of the failure of the Progressive democrats is our schools. All liberals should be forced to see the movie “won’t back down” We spend more then any other country in the world and we are now 30th in the world in education. They will blame everything except the system. The Unions have ruined our education system and they own the democratic party. Until these lefty knuckleheads wake up and see that corrupt people like Obama have no interest in solving the real problems nothing will change.

            You would think the liberals would see that the Cliff deal is just one example of the agenda!

        • Dmullins84 says:

          Tell me why are you on here if you dislike it so much. Lets face it you know little about nothing and profess to know it all. What a wheeler dealer you must be. Gosh dam whats this country coming to??

          • joeham1 says:

            DMullins: attacking me for your lack of knowledge won’t work…So let’s try something to test how radical you are.

            Obama campaigned for over a year on a Balanced approach to cut the deficit. The final deal increases taxes 660 Billion and adds 4 trillion to the deficit.

            1) Are you ok with that
            2) Did the president lie
            3) Does the President care about the deficit?

          • Dmullins84 says:

            Some of you Conservatives are finally complaining and coming around to spending and cutting taxes as being a problem. Where were you at during Regan,and GW Bush’s time in office? You are right, we should stop borrowing to pay for the things we need and benefit from. We should pay for it, or do without. The debt ceiling was raise 18 times when Reagan was in office, and seven times during the George W. Bush administration. I don’t remember fiscal conservatives voicing any concern then, even though much of the borrowing was used to fund crusades and nation building everywhere but in the USA. Good to see the conservative movement finally woke up after a very, very, long siesta. Dam, we finally agree on a little something. Do I agree with borrowing monies from China and Japan, hell no I do not. I work for Presidents for 22 years in the Air Force and then worked for the Government for another 22 years, and in all causes gave them the benefit of doubt knowing they had more facts than I did. I believe in giving everyone justice and a fighting chance. This President has been treated worse than a shit eating dog, could it be caused because he is a black Man? I am a white Man and one of the 47% you Conservatives dislike so much. I am not attacking you I’m saying your post does not make any sense. This President hopefully will not let you Conservatives barrel roll him. What they may be required to do is raise taxes on everyone before it’s to late. Thats better than to continue to borrow money to take care of the deficit and National debt. I would agree to that would you?

          • joeham1 says:

            First of all cut the black man crap! you know it’s bull and it’s just another way to side step issues. Cut the 47% crap. Another liberal talking point. Romney was simply stupid for saying it. The truth about the 47% is it should only be about 23%. There are millions on the governemnt tit that shouldn’t be. But if your Obama the more the merrier and the more votes!

            The democrats ran the house and Senate during the Reagan administration. Reagan got his tax cuts during his first term, which brought unemployment down from 10% to 7% his first term. During his second term unemployment was below 6% when the democrats forced him into a tax increase. (BTW-I voted for Mondale)

            The problem with Obama however is he says thing and does the opposite! His dishonesty is way over the top! For instance: He campaigned on a “Balanced Approach” gave over 100 speeches saying we need to cut the deficit with a balanced approach. The deal made increases taxes 660 Billion and raises the deficit 4 trillion. That is disgusting and show anyone with half a brain that Obama does not have any concern for the deficit!

          • Dmullins84 says:

            My friend, you did not mention one word about the tremendous amount of Borrowing and deficit GW Bush run up during his eight years and you also placed the fault of the Regan build up of the deficit and debt squarely on the backs of the Democrat’s. I’m sorry my friend you are no different than your Republican friends. You cant have it both ways. This is part of the reason you loss in the last election from all angles, wake up and see why The President cant get any thing done. A record number of Fillerbuster’s in the senate, and a Majority of crazies in the House. Have a wonderful day, and don’t raise your temper it’s only Politics.

          • joeham1 says:

            My friend here are the facts: Look them up!

            Bush: 8 year in office: Amount added to the deficit: 4.9 Trillion

            Obama: 4 years in office: Amount added to the deficit: 5.8 trillion

            LOOK IT UP!

            If we use your logic than the collpase under Bush was the democrats fault. Theycontrolled the house and senate the last 2 years of the bush admin. from 2006 until 2010 they controlled both houses!

            You left wing idiots want it both ways! you have no facts and you make things up when you want it to look good!

            Check my facts they are exact!

            Please don’t reply to me anymore unless you educate your self!

        • That’s so amusing, you Obama haters. You are the ones who deride those who voted for him by saying they call Obama a ‘Messiah’, and then in another breath say that those who voted for him are ‘godless’…Make up your minds, dearies?!? Pick one, and stick with it. You can’t have both. I guess the ‘godless’ is referring to Atheists, and yet you slander all Obama voters as ‘godless’. And I wonder if there are any Atheist Republicans. Hmm, that’s an interesting thought.

          • joeham1 says:

            Look lunatic. I don’t hate Obama, I hate his dishonesty and some of his policies. I never called anyone Godless so that’s a conversation you can have with someone else.

            Answer the question: The president campaigned for over a year and oer 100 speeched saying we need a balanced approach. The came in at 660 billion in tax increases and 4 trillion in deficit spending…What are your thoughts on that?

      • latebloomingrandma says:

        Since it’s a Republican controlled House, how can the Democrats “push” anything through?

        • Mulligatonney says:

          They attempted to, but were unable to secure the necessary votes for passage with the bill in its original “pork-laden” state. When the bill was cleaned up, it was passed.

          • jarheadgene says:

            Hahhhahhahahh……First thing…A President has only so many REAL powers. If a Presidential Candidate was to speak PLAIN TALK and be totally honest they would stand at the podium and say “If elected I will suggest …. adnauseum.” But would you have voted for ROMNEY (I may be making an assumption), if he had said “I will suggest…this…I will suggest that ? No one wants to vote for a suggester. Secondly you truly believe that the GOP congress had to “Right” the sinking in pork ship? I agree with Gov. Christie….GOP congress…FAILURE!!!!!!

      • mavilasr says:

        You speak about “educate yourself about the bill…..” If you were in the midst of such disaster to your property and livelihood your tone would have been very different. It is easy to speak from the fringes. The whole idea of delaying funding to this horrible storm is ridiculous, inhumane, and UNAMERICAN. WHY IS IT CALLED “EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND?” These very states that those like yourself are punishing assisted Katrina and other victims of disaster. The least that is expected is that those in Congress do the same. You speak about TRANSPARENCY. There is obvious extremist transparency with the current Tea Party Republican Congress. Yes, you are right–“You and those of the Tea Party will continue to be held accountable for your decisions. It started with the Republican LOSE OF THE ELECTION IN A VERY DECISIVE MANNER!!!!!! We can hardly wait for the election of Congressional members. The majority of us know why President Obama won the PERSON OF THE YEAR despite all the “NAY SAYERS.” We are watching. We are thinking. We will ACT!!!

        • Mulligatonney says:

          Millions of dollars of unrelated expenses… That is the immorality of the original relief bill. When it was cleaned up, it was passed. This is an example of how the government should work. If the Congress and the administration wanted a bill passed quickly, they should have left the extra stuff out of it from the beginning.

          Hard to interpret the rest of that nonsense you just wrote. You were sold socialism, a 16 trillion dollar debt, a 1.5 trillion dollar annual deficit, a twice downgraded credit rating, and a stagnant economy as “progress”… Then all they had to do was shout, “Forward!” and you re-elected them. Decisively. It doesn’t make you right – just gullible.

      • Jill49 says:

        Congress broke their promise to publish the bill.

        • Mulligatonney says:

          Yes. More specifically, OBama broke HIS promise to publish legislation on a government website 72 hours before a vote.

      • So after eight years of outright lies, broken promises and out of control spending, you want to keep track?

      • Dmullins84 says:

        Gary, quit your stammering and agree this Congress does not know how to prepare a clean bill. Do not lower yourself to the level of trying to protect them. Let’s wait and hope the people in their districts never needs no help. They also may haft to wait awhile.

      • SusanD60 says:

        Mulligatonney, you continue to claim “OBama promised that in exchange for your vote, he would have everything posted on a public website for everyone to read a minimum of 72 hours prior to the vote.” Could you please share a link to prove this claim? It would surely help us all “educate ourselves.” In my years of education, I learned that Congress is the legislative branch of the government and thus responsible for writing and passing bills. The President, as the executive can then either veto the bill or sign it into law. So, President Obama really doesn’t have any power over whether or when Congress publishes their bills on a public website. Even if he did insist that they do so, he cannot force them to do it, as each house of Congress has the power to set it’s own rules.
        I did attempt to educate myself and googled your claim that Obama had promised this. I found two things that might be what you are referencing. One is part of Obama’s ethics plan from 2009 that suggested that 72 hours before an earmark can be approved by the Senate, a written justification and the name of the legislator be disclosed. Again, this may be something a president wants, but it is not something he has the Constitutional power to force on Congress. (Also note that this was from 2009, which doesn’t seem to me a promise of what he’ll do if I vote for him)
        The second “promise” I found which fits your claim more closely is from “A Pledge to America” which is actually the GOP’s Congressional campaign promises from 2010. “That’s why we are offering a plan to reform Congress and restore trust so that we can put power back where it belongs: in the hands of the people. We will govern differently than past Congresses of both parties. We will require that every bill contain a citation of Constitutional authority. We will give all Representatives and citizens at least three days to read the bill before a vote…” (A Pledge to America, pg 7). Now this is a pledge that the Republican House certainly had the power to accomplish, but they seemed to have had no problem ignoring it. 
Are you really suggesting that President Obama should have waited 3 full days before signing this long delayed bill for Sandy disaster relief? Because it’s actually only AFTER Congress passes legislation that a president has any authority to act on it.
        Have you “educated yourself” on the powers of Congress and the President? I’d recommend Article I and Article II if you need a refresher…

      • Clearly you’re addled by hatred for the President, but this was a bill opposed by numerous Republicans brought forth for a vote in a GOP controlled chamber, and yet you have to attack the President…as is plainly typical for a reactionary. I wonder if the relief bills for the Kansas and Texas droughts had pork attached to them. I’ll bet you’re fine with that. That’d make you a hypocrite.

        • InsideEye says:

          The BLUE North East and NYC is on the PORK list, Why did not Pete King say something when he voted for the bill, or maybe like Nancy Pelosi said, “Let us pass it and read it later” Now it passed after the Bill was cleaned up . Obama BUTT promised transparency. BUT where is it. The Senate’s emergency spending bill to cover costs from Hurricane Sandy includes Billions of dollars that will never touch the affected Northeast — including money for salmon fisheries in Alaska, cash for an expansion of train service into New York, extra money going to cover Amtrak’s operating losses and to increase train capacity into New York City. And Automobile to Govn Agencies……Pete King should be happy about why he would get better train service to NYC…..What hypocritical Pork Barreling. Send Money for Sandy Relief untied to BS projects. AND the Biggest of All—Senator of NY of course… Chuck Shumer, faking indignation about the Bill…..DID he not read it also. WHAT HYPOCRITES.

      • mavilasr says:

        I did receive your hard to interpret diatribe. “Hard to interpret the rest of that nonsense you just wrote.” A one track mind cannot have the ability or even the basic skills to interpret anything except to justify warped and convoluted ideas. I expected you to write exactly what you wrote for that’s the level of expression that one can expect of Tea Party Republicans. Your extremism has been confirmed from what you said and nothing can change that. The majority of Americans made a great decision to vote PRESIDENT OBAMA into office instead of those who took our ECONOMY TO THE BRINK OF DISASTER. EXTREMIST REPUBLICANS CANNOT BE TRUSTED. THEY CANNOT EVEN COME TO CONSENSUS AMONG THEMSELVES. THEY CONTINUE TO BLOW IN THE WIND TO NOWHERE!!!!

      • nancy says:

        We are talking about humaneterain help. Where is Obama fit in. Your hatred for President Obama make you forget that we are human being. We are all create by One God. Try to do something else with your time. Live President Obama alone. No mather what you said or did Obama is the president not one time but twice. Give it a rest.

      • Plznnn says:

        You are correct, no tramsparency, no allowing the American People 72 hours to see what’s in a bill before it is shoved thru, no cutting our debt in half, instead doubling it, and no 5.6% unemployment, but 8% for 4 straight years. Why can’t you Obama supporters admit many things Obama did is hurting all of us and allowing him to get away with all these broken promises?

      • Charvi3 says:

        Talking about educating ones self, Mulligatonney…you need to study the Amendments to the Constitution…you don’t know too much…and how the 16 Amendment clearly states that the rich should pay taxes as the middle class and the poor…and then it says…that the republicans want to repeal it…first of all..if they interfere with the “budget” starting from the members of Congress…that if a case is created by a Constitutional Lawyer…that those republicans that are interferring with the Budget..even concerning giving money for disasters that take place…that goes against the Budget that the President is wanting…that those republicans can be removed from their posts…start getting your facts straight..we still have a Constitution and the Amendments that make things clear…for one to learn about…start studing the Constitution and all of its Amendments to it…it isn’t the President that makes all of the decisions…it is Congress…which this Congress has been the worst one in 60 years…they just don’t care about helping the downtrodden…so, again…I pray…that the President brings in a Constitutional Lawyer to help him out in certain situations…and I am sure..the republicans will not like that one…they need to support the President when he asks for help when people experience disasters…so, keep your dumb comments to yourself..and you are probably one of those smokers…that the nicotine has affected how you reason things out…since it rots your brain…so, all that hostility that is in you…you are like the saying that goes like this…”Stupid does as stupid is” and you cannot fix stupid..and I am sure you are a smoker or one that drinks an awful lot…you are not to comment…till you get the facts on the Amendments to the Constitution…it still holds up in any court being directed by a Constitutional Lawyer..

      • Franc says:

        mulligatonney, Are you realy that stupid? ( google search ) who was it that recieved the “2012 Liar Of The Year Award”? It wasn’t President Obama.

      • 49petro says:

        So sandy need not any relief because of the broken promises of the president? sandy relief has nothing to do with anyone opinion they either receive help on not … to honest people opinions are really partisan wont reflect the truth…and for Obama to promise this he was never making himself any favor

      • Gladys5215G says:

        Where’s the Republican fix? I’ve yet to see one.

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Have you read it, genius, or did you let Faux News do that for you?

    • manfred says:

      This is never going to happen. Only Republicans can sink that low!

      • mbee1 says:

        So you think giving our kids a debt of 200000 dollars when born is moral and good parents? You are making them into slaves to pay off that debt so you can spend the money on yourself.

        • Franc says:

          mbee1 you sound like a repukin fool, who probably ain’t got no kids. You have been bamboozelled by the 2012 Liar Of The Year Award recipeints.

          • joeham1 says:

            the 2012 liar of the year is our President for campaigning on a Balanced approach to cutting the deficit and instead we got 660 billion in tax increases and 4 trillion more in deficits. Now he doesn’t want to negotiate on the the debt limit!

            InDecember alone the deficit was 240 Billion!! When will you people wake up and stop your constant rants against the party that’s not in power! In 2016 the deficit will be 21 trillion and you rock heads will still be saying how evil the rupukins are! You act like a mindless puppet!

          • sharkbait4711 says:

            joeham1 – I for one will stop ranting (as you put it ) when the GOP starts accepting their share of the responsibility of why our deficit is so high. It’s called the price of war you idiot! Bush took our great country into 2 wars without being able to fund them – and started down the path of borrowing from China – and now the current Admin is having to figure out how to pay for these costly wars and taking the heat for borrowing from China! If anyone is a mindless puppet I think it’s you! FACT – BUSH AND CHENEY’s net worth more than quadrupled because of the war over what – oil?? Yes oil. They are oil men and thus we went to war over oil. Another thing the current admin had to clean up and take care of was Bin Laden. Those oil “men” couldn’t go after and kill the son of the biggest oil barron! All facts dude – all facts. Who’s the mindless puppet now??

          • joeham1 says:

            You are a puppet if your not smart enough to realize that Obama isn’t cleaning up anything. Spending under Obama has nearly doubled. December 2012 alone the deficit was 240 Billion.

            In 2016 when the deficit is over 21 trillion who will you Blame. BTW moron The deficit started in 1940. There have only been 12 years since then that we ran a surplus. from 1998 to 2001 when the republicans controlled the house and senate!

            I realize you nut bags hate Bush. But just for what’s left of your mental health you need to let it go!

            After 14 trillion in spending the last 4 years the unemployment rate is the same! Try and take your blinders off! Dumb #&*%.

        • jarheadgene says:

          So where you “Crying” about national debt while Cheney and GW sent our good men and women to fight and DIE for a LIE, meanwhile stuffing their own pockets so that DICK CHENEY, a public servant (HA!), now has a net worth of $90 Million?

          • joeham1 says:

            If the war was a lie, than why did the democrats and republicans both vote to go to war? Why did Bush have a 90% approval rating which lasted until the next election cycle, when the democrats lied and said they didn’t know what they were voting for! You really need to get your facts straight!

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Because they are almost as pusillanimous as the Republicans are dishonest and malicious.

            Feel free to consider yourself included in the description of Republicans.

          • joeham1 says:

            Your a puppet. You only repeat with knowledge anything you hear on msnbc or the National Memo..Sad!

          • jarheadgene says:

            WHAT?!!! Were you too young, at the time, to follow what was happening in the world, or were you believing what Sarah Palin was saying back then? To answer your question, Bush enjoyed a high approval at the time because of the 9/11 attacks by Osama Bin Laden and Al Queda and his response to militarily respond against Al Queda. Unfortunately for us he called it a WAR on TERROR. How do you war against an idea? So he used that to then spin off and set up the war against IRAQ…under the same idea. Cheney found some CIA lacky to say Saddam was in possession of huge amounts of Weapons of Mass Destruction(WMD’s)
            in IRAQ. They convinced the HONORABLE COLIN POWELL, of this, and he went to bat for them, at the U.N., to convince the counsel we needed to go to war with IRAQ. Many Congressmen and Senators were duped into believing the same lie…Sen Obama did not…and that was ONE of the reasons he beat Sen Clinton in the Primaries of ’08. So back to the LIE……Were any of the WMD’s they were looking for ever found? Not only NO…..but
            F**K NO! Maybe you need to get your facts straight.

          • joeham1 says:

            Look moron stop with the left talking points! Do you remember the 16 UN resolutions that Sadam ignored? Did you forget that all of the European intelligence agancies thought he had WMD’s? Do you remember the WMD’s he used to kill 100,000 of his own people? You retared left wing guys keep making things up to make yourselves feel good knowing your lying!

            Stop acting like the democrats sat there in their diapers not knowing they voted for War! None of them were duped! maybe you were!
            Bush enjoyed a high approval rating because the country was behind him all the way! It changed when the next election cycle started and when the democrats all of the sudden has amnesia and they started the Bush lied people died crap! You know that’s the truth and if you don’t your as evil as they are!

          • jarheadgene says:

            MORON?…..boy oh boy….you really know how to make friends and influence people don’t you? As to talking points, I think it is you that has Hannity, O’Reilly and Limbaugh permanently dialed in on your TV and Radio. Do I remember the Halabja gassing….interesting you should mention that. Did you know that the gas used to kill those in Halabja was a cyanide based agent that was know to be used by Iran. There was a war on at the time, between Iran and Iraq. History lesson here, Iraq had overtaken Halabja and was occupying it, when Saddam attacked them, at the same time Iran attacked and then withdrew. The unfortunate civilian Kurds were stuck, in the middle, in Halabja, and many died as a result. At the time WE were arming Iraq against Iran….Did WE PROVIDE WMD’s? Guess you better ask Oliver North or President Reagan…Oh wait…he’s dead. When it was convenient to use the pictures of the dead Kurds, During Operation Desert Shield, Bush Sr. spun the story his way to protect Saudi and Kuwait Oil. Bush is an OIL man from way back in the JFK era. Do you trust OIL men?…they are some slick bastards. Who really gassed the Kurds? It was probably Iran. But that didn’t fit into Bush Sr.’s game plan. 16 UN sanctions….please, the GOP generally HATES the U.N. unless they are in the process of manipulation of it. Was Saddem a bad guy? You will get no argument from me on that! Did he really have all the chemical weaponry CHENEY and GW wanted you to believe he had..
            UH GEE….F**K NO!!!! Did they pull the wool over Tony Blair’s eyes….UH yeah. I suppose the next thing you are going to say is Oswald was the ONLY shooter in Dallas. Or that we did not respond to the Barracks bombing of Beirut. You listen to FOX and believe, as Jon Stewart calls them, “BULL$*%T Mountain” tells you the truth. Some of us Marines were part of that history and know better. I served under Carter and Reagan. I liked GHW, he is a slick OIL man, but he knew how to pull of Desert Shield and Operation Freedom quickly and decisively. It helped that he had Colin Powell and the late “Stormin Norman” in his corner. Bush didn’t lose his high ratings due to some political posturing….he lost it when SMART Americans started seeing the results of his War on Terror stretching to Iraq and his stating…”I really don’t care if we ever get Bin Laden anymore.” So where are all those WMD’s? GW was THE WORST President of my lifetime, and VP Cheney….I could rant on forever about him….but on “The day of the LORD” let’s see where you stand. Beware of those that call good evil and evil good.

          • joeham1 says:

            I too was in during Carter and Reagan. I was on the USS Tarawa. Had we been left to Carter we would have died saving the hostages. I voted for Mondale and to my surpise Reagan turned out to be one of the best presidents ever!!! Carter had this country and our military on the ropes. Sadam DID kill the Kurds. I know it doesn’t fit your rant and I know that the other intelligence agencies saying he had WMD’s doesn’ fit your story.

            Bush had a 90% approval rating until the 2004 election cycle. The hypocrite who voted for the war acted like they didn’t know what they voted for. I saw this and as an ex military guy I got mad. We got rid of one of the most evil men alive when they got Sadam. The results speak are what I was looking for. I remember at the time thinking that the democrats attacking Bush wouldn’t work. I thought certainly the people will see the attacks were totally political and that the American people would see through it. When the left leaning media got involved a lot of Amercians like you went along.

            Your problem is you listen to the left wing liars. Factcheck what you say and you will have more credibility!

          • jarheadgene says:

            OK Sailor, I can take your debate and disagreements much more to heart when you stop the name calling…thank you for that…and THANK YOU for your service to this country. I agree Hussein was evil but I would equate him to Cheney on that level. Do some research on poisonous gasses and you will find what I said to be true. Everyone was lied to re WMDs. And the re-direction of troops, from the Taliban and Al Queda, to Iraq, lost all credibility for GW….I voted for the guy, but he gave way too much power to Cheney (I’ll go along with Jesse Ventura re Dick, HE IS A FLAT out COWARD chicken hawk). As for fact checking, I believe it was Paul Ryan that said it best, when challenged for the lies he and the Coward Romney were spewing daily, “We’re not going to let a bunch of fact checkers get in the way of running our campaign.” DO NOT forget the GOP got their asses handed to them during the 2006 election. The #1 exiting poll reason, “Get out of Iraq!” That was the final straw for many, including myself, re the policies of GW. Don’t let the lies of FOX news, aka BullS##T Mountain, confuse you. MSNBC has taken a cue from them re sensationalizing but they do stay more to the facts. We are all entitled to our own opinions but we are not entitled to our
            own facts. The facts are the facts. Name calling, and spending monies to lie and confuse via “so called news agencies” and advertisements does not change the facts. Here is an easy one … the lie that Jeep was going to send jobs overseas….nice try Romney. I was a Republican for over 30 years….their moral compass is so far off….I had no choice but to denounce them as a party….I believe GW said himself….”They have a saying down in Texas, ‘Fool me once shame on you, Fool me …uh fool me uh again…uh fool me…uh’, well they have a saying in Texas about being fooled.” 2014 is around the corner and I am looking forward to kicking some more GOP candidates out.

          • joeham1 says:

            Well this is where we part ways. Your probably one of the only people in the country to think MSNBC is fair or even close. Your hate for Dick Cheney and the Republicans comes form your hours of watching MSNBC or CNN or whatever.

            In 2016 when the deficit is 21 trillion and we have forced austerity people like you will still be blind and you will still be a left wing puppet.

            You might for the sake of our country check your facts and listen to both side of an argument. Until then keep up the hate!!

          • jarheadgene says:

            Haha…Sailor…”one of the only” I would say….more like 53%. That is the ratio of votes Obama received in the popular vote. Electoral College….well…HE KICKED ROMNEY’s bullying, lying, greedy, coward ASS! As for Dick Cheney….no, my hatred for him, goes way back he has been around since NIXON. He worked for him, after he sought out 5 draft differments during Vietnam, the last one was questionable to it’s legallity….LOOK IT UP! You don’t like to check facts do you?
            Plus that coward chicken hawk has the blood of many good Americans on his hands.

            If the only place you check your facts is on some GOP Yellow Journalism website, there are a few, I check them too (by the way, you misuse to, for too and your, for you’re, frequently); then, you were probably just as surprised as Karl Rove, on election night, for believing the Rassmussen polls all the way. Do your “Republican math, your way, to tickle your ears”. As for those who want to know the truth , we will dig. “Let those who have eyes to see, see, and ears to hear, hear.” The truth will set you free. Do you know The TRUTH?” Like many Republicans, you make assumptions about me, and you would be wrong.

          • joeham1 says:

            The way you hate Cheney I would bet he dumped you for another man. Talking to you is like talking to a 2 years old.

            This isn’t a republican or democrat thing. I am neither! As far as my math where am I wrong? LOOK IT UP, Obama’s own estimates are a 21 trillion deficit in 2016. Who will you blame then retard!

            Bush was a horrible President, Obama is worse!

          • mbee1 says:

            So your solution to dumping your life style on your kids as you are not paying for it is to point fingers at Cheney who has been out of office for a long time. It is fools like you who think money grows on trees and debt has not consequences who will destroy the country. Not a single country ever got rich from borrowing, not a one. If the country is not rich the people are not rich either so fool your kids should you have them are going to have a worse life than you as the money will run out.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Yeah, change the subject, moron. So where were you when Bush and Cheney laid the foundation for the deficits and debt you’re suddenly so worried about?

          • jarheadgene says:

            Since you are in to name calling….YOU A$$…you know nothing about me. Do I think money grows on trees?….again you’re an a$$ ! My point was…the GOP like RYAN and Boehner didn’t care about deficit while GW was in office….now they care…..F###ing magic!!!
            So how does this GOP held congress show they care about jobs and defecit……OH WAIT….they decide to go back to trying to vote out the Affordable Health Care Act …FOR THE 34th TIME!….and bet you by golly Roe v Wade…will be back on the table again, right behind it. THEY are getting paid $174K annually EACH…to waste OUR time and OUR money. And as long as WE keep voting in KNUCKLEHEADS like Cheney, like Boehner, like Ryan, like Cantor, like Bachman, they will fleece US! President Obama does not write laws…he only vetos them or signs them…..CONGRESS writes the laws. President Obama does not set the tax code….CONGRESS does…..YOU A$$!

          • joeham1 says:

            What rocks like you don’t realize is that the only difference between Bush and Obama is Obama is spending more than Bush. Bush spent like an idiot and the democrats went right along with it!

        • bckrd1 says:

          Did you complain when Bush and company was creating this massive debt we are now being crushed by? It is this debt that is growing since the Republicans didn’t care about deficits when they were creating all this debt. They still don’t care about it, they just want you to believe they care. They want you to pay for it by cutting your Social Security and Medicare, food stamps etc. The Republicans constantly do this when they get the power. They create massive debt and then scream it is the entitlements that are causing it. Bullshit. They are to blame. The debt should not be paid for by the elderly and the infirm.

        • rustacus21 says:

          Slavery… a very peculiar description, considering that tax cuts & 2 wars did “THIS” precisely!!! But why is debt such an issue when Democratic & Independent Liberal/Progressives are trying to eliminate ‘IT’ – the disasterous economic thing conservatives always do (destroying America’s economy), but conservative voters have yet to figure out a strategy to make them “STOP’ doing “IT” (destroying America’s economy)? What is it called otherwise, when conservative voters “KNOW” they’re going be ‘had’ & made fools of, but still vote conservative? The T (i.e., civic ‘Terrorist”) Baggers are close to extinction for being a wealthy only tax cut-engineered confederacy of saboteurs, w/no connections to the people they suckered for support – til after realizing the true menace they posed, now rejects them, but still are vulnerable to the crazed propaganda dividing conservative voters from their reason & common sense! Full employment, tax equity across the board, has fixed post Great Depression (’29) & Reagan/Bush Great Recession (’81-’92) economy’s & can do so again, if & ONLY if this current administration hires experts able to do so w/the effortlessness exhibited by the Clinton expertise. In fact, Paul Krugman is available for the job, if American’s (see > http://signondotorg/sign/nominate-paul-krugman?source=c.url&r_by=1135580 <) think it urgent enuff to eliminate the reality & potential of making any more economic 'slaves' out of any other American generation EVER again!!! After all, the 2014 Mid Terms are just next year~

        • Sierra111 says:

          When our economy improves, our debt will decrease accordingly. And President Obama’s economic policies are right on. Cutting too fast would throw our country into a depression.

    • Dol5 says:

      That would be good but then too many people who do not have a voice would be hurt. But the though remains. Hope they rethink their thoughts.

    • mbee1 says:

      Why not apply that standard to all residents of the USA. the Feds would not be broke and our kids would not owe 200000 dollars each when born.

    • bcarreiro says:

      due to the CONFLICT of interest…………everything these fellows vote on that receives their approval is fraudenlance.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    You have a Constitution. It provides for the removal of those elected officials. The only word the GOP today speaks is “Cuts”…as in tax cuts for the rich and cuts to programs we already paid for.

    When Cornyn of Texas can get billions from FEMA from the House GOP majority for “hurricane domes,” and people in the northeast are homeless from Hurricane Sandy, it’s time to remove the miscreants in the GOP permanently from their jobs.

    All it takes is a petition to get rid of them. And today? That’s as easy as it’s ever been. It’s WE the people…not THEY the elite of the GOP who are paying the lion’s share of the tax funding they are now denying Americans who need it.

    The reason these tight wad GOP politicians do this? To create slush funds from taxes for their pork projects…like more military bases in WY, TX and AZ the rest of us will end up paying for. These are the porker states that are eroding our federal tax dollars. It’s time to starve these beasts before we all go broke.

  8. KathieD says:

    They’re against big government unless it affects them and their constituents. Hipocrites. I thought they are suppose to be for all people not just themselves and their jobs.

    • Mitch McConnell”s Kentucky is a case in point. This State receives more in federal relief than any state in the union yet McConnell wants smaller Government. Go Figger.

  9. Micki Vega says:

    I am convinced that it has nothing to do with the deficit but the racism in the republican party and the right wing group in it. It’s not about how large the deficit is or how much they need to spend to make it right for the people of New York and New Jersey, it’s about who the president is. They cannot understand or stomach how a Black man with such integrity, intelligence, composure, and love has won another election and that he is our President. The U.S. face is change GOPers, get over it. Let the people of this country get back on their feet and accept the fact that there are other people other than white that can handle the country very well. The GOP party will lose the war in Washington and there will be fewer of “YOU” in Washington in the next elections. You have allowed your stupid white pride get in the way of progress. Mr. President you’re doing a great job…keep up with it, we love you.

  10. Deny others what they believe is their subliminal right is classic Republican orthodoxy. It should be the GOP’s motto.

  11. Richie T says:

    People keep making comments about charging them with violating the Constitution, recalling them, how about voting?
    At this point, 14 of the current members of Congress have been in office over 36 years. They have absolutely no concept of how much they’ve screwed up this country.
    Less people voted in 2012, then in 2008.
    They don’t elect themselves.
    I’m done.

  12. This tranche of “aid” was qualitatively different, and denial took hypocrisy to a whole new level. It will only be the $51 billion to follow where the charitable or patriotic impulse would guide their choice. This is fundamental to their alleged core beliefs because it only had to do with contractual obligations, not charity.

    The vote yesterday was to replenish the flood insurance fund. Like any insurance company faced with a large batch of claims, sometimes the cash on hand is not sufficient to pay all the obligations. That doesn’t make the obligations any less binding. Holders of flood insurance paid their premiums. The National Flood Insurance fund may be temporarily dry, but that doesn’t make any difference regarding the obligation. For Republicans to refuse to pay shows that they aren’t just hypocrites, but also want to renege on contracts when they don’t like the people who should be paid under those contracts.

  13. gargray says:

    Self centered leglislators wo have no respect or passion for others. Their way or no way.

  14. William Deutschlander says:

    The 21st Century Republican Cartel has no interest in our Democracy, they desire an Autocracy that only serves their Royalty!

  15. popupbookmaker says:

    These idologues don’t realize that if the northeast doesn’t fully recover the federal tax funds from the northeast will lessen and thus hurt their states who get the lion’s share of the tax money. Dummies! A real ‘dog in the manger ” mind set.

  16. commserver says:

    It is no surprise that those who have their hands out turn out to be the greatest refusers.

    Hypocrisy reigns!!!!

    What else is new?

  17. tman000 says:

    In remember Vice President Dick Cheney saying the ‘Deficit didn’t matter’ when it came to America’s economic growth, he was joined by Rush Limbaugh’s Tabloid Radio show backing that staement, BUT that was when it benefited them.

    But hypocrisy is so common with Washington and that mind set. ‘my thoughts’

  18. opinioned1 says:

    This is what anti-American`s sentiment looks like. The hell with our own as long as there`s a few bucks left for the rich, aid to Isreal, and money for the contractors using the Bush wars to get rich off us,the taxpayers..

  19. I’ve known, worked with, and have been related to some of these extremophiles. Their attitude is I’ve got mine f… you. For storms they use the excuse that people shouldn’t live on the coast and therefore are own their own. However they are the the first ones at the aid troughs when disaster hits their area.

    • Landsende says:

      I can’t imagine why anyone would want to live in states like Kansas , Missouri, Arkansas and other states in tornado alley where they are constantly struck by destructive tornadoes yet millions of people continue to do that and expect the federal government to bail them out when disaster hits. At least most of the residents in the flooded areas of Hurricane Sandy had flood insurance which they paid for. The only reason for republicans to vote against aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy is because they are blue states. What they seem to forget is that they are also denying aid to republicans that live there too. Hopefully, in the midterm elections those republicans will remember who voted against aid for them and vote accordingly.

  20. Is this their revenge for the northeast having the audacity to not elect Republicans? Maybe we will remember that the next time a natural disaster hits a Red State and they come looking for disaster relief. Nah. We northern liberals are more likely to forgive them their trespasses and provide funds.

  21. The GOP isn’t the grand or party it was in the past. Environmental policy is just one example. Today most Republicans are driven by an obsession with reducing the role of goverment, scaling back regulations, and prioritizing economic growth over everything else.

    In days past, Republicans demonstrated a capacity for new ideas and placing the nation first. Teddy Roosevelt established the national park system. Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency. Governor Schwarzengger led in championing vehicle emmission standards.

    Such deft political brilliance and openness to the nation’s broader needs is not evident among the majority of Republicans. What you see in the GOP today is what you will get when the Party has its way. For the sake of our nation please keep that in mind on election day.

  22. If the bill was not loaded up with unrelated pork, it would have been brought to the floor and voted on. Which is exactly what happend a few days later. Get over it. Bogus spending needs to stop. We cannot afford to load up bills with pork anymore.

    • lilyspurpleplasticpurse says:

      You are confused. The Senate bill had pork. This bill that passed did not.

    • Tlyna says:

      You are a hypocrite. When a bill is loaded with Republican pork it is alright to pass it but if anyone else has any then it is not and there is usually a lot of pork from both sides of the aisle. Just another anti-Christian on the right.

      • oldtack says:

        TLYNA. It’s easy to start hurling epitaphs but Richard is correct. Whether ir be Republican, Democrat, Independent or whatever persuasion – attaching “pork” to a Bill is wrong. I seldom ever agree with John McCain but on the matter of pork I agree with his assessment – NO PORK!

        With our cyber technology I would like to see a waiting period of X number of days from introduction to passage of a Bill to search for hidden “pork’ If “pork” is found then remand it back to congress .

        I then think all “pork” found in a Bill should be published on the Net along with the name of the Senator or Congressman that put it there. They then should try and defend their action

        Your last statement -” Just another anti-Christian on the right”???

        How do you equate rejection of a pork laden Bill with being anti-Christian?

        • ILL_EAGLE says:

          He meant anti-christians on the left, everyone knows that all Christians are only Republicans on the right,must have been blinded by a momentary lapse of hatred.Great Idea of publishing All Bills for Transparency as Obama had originally promised Whatt ever happended to that ??????

  23. lilyspurpleplasticpurse says:

    As a Kansan I am so ashamed of our representatives. Follow the money is all I can say. Guess who controls Kansas politics now?

  24. Jim Myers says:

    And yet, they have no problem providing WELFARE FOR THE WEALTHY, and EXCESSIVE TAX BREAKS for the SACRED COWS of the Right – GAS & OIL, THE INDUSTRIAL MILITARY COMPLEX, ETC.

    How in God’s name do they sleep at night?

  25. ivory69690 says:

    wasnt it PAUL RYAN that didnt want the PRES. to do the (stim) money and when it was set up he then sent a few letter to the goverment asking for money for where he is from ?

    • ILL_EAGLE says:

      Paul Ryan did put in that money for potential storm damage from,
      hurricanes in Wisconsin like SANDY, It is like the pork that was in the Sandy Bill for the North East, it included moneies for unseen emergencies , like AMTRAK debt relief, Alaska fisheries, anad other unrelated stuff… probably did not know that …..because it was not reported on TVnews.

  26. Fay Bowen says:

    It’s called “pork” when it helps anybody else, but if if’s going to their district it’s “charcuterie.” Give me a break!!

    • ILL_EAGLE says:

      Je suis Quebecoise, This is not Charcuterie, we are in Amerique, Therefore it is laden with Pork…..pork is pork , ask any ethnic religion person….this is sick

  27. oldly says:

    these states want to secede from the USA any how…. so let them fin for them self….damn two face people….. you kiss my ass but dont you think for one minute i will kiss yourssssss

  28. Rob Page says:

    Strip The Pork; Pass The Bill.

    • oldtack says:

      Pork has been a standard part odf operations on both sides of the aisle for generations and it needs to be controlled – better yet – abolished.

      I don’t like John McCain as a Senator but I wholeheartedly agree with his stance on pork. Those in the Senate and in the House should let their pet projects stand or die on their own merits rather than hiding them in a major Bill.

  29. Doctor T says:

    It is the opposite of patriotism and it stinks to high heaven! It amazes me that these people still manage to get elected. They are worse than hypocritical; they are demonic!

    • Dmullins84 says:

      Doctor T, the people who elect them are brain washed and are their own worst enemy. It will take a generation for them to learn or when the Republican Party finally goes belly up.

  30. Doctor T says:

    Ah! The truth comes to the forefront! You are really one of those who prays and hopes that you can convince enough people that Obama is a commie, socialist, marxist, facist ( all which by the way are varied in their approaches to ruling) just so you can vent your hate. Clear as a fucking bell are you Mr. Soup.

  31. Doctor T says:

    No he doesn’t. He just bulldozes his way around DC for people to think he does.

  32. There is NOTHING un-usual about this, at all.

    Take another example, of this hypocracy, for example:


    While gargantuan cuts were affecting only the lives of OTHER people, the Republicans were all in favor of MediCare, and even Social Security, cuts, while on the condition that the cuts affected ONLY OTHER peoples families.

    These same Republicans, when these cuts were found to be affecting their own, personal, families, did a 100% about-face.

    Ofcourse, one, current, member, of the T.E.A. Party, recently, told David Gregory, on Meet The Press:

    The T.E.A. Party member said his constituents were all in FAVOR of “Draconian Cuts”, to Social Security, and MediCare, but were, also, heard saying “Dont you DARE touch MY families benefits. Cuts those other people off, and balance the budget, without taxation, but dont you DARE touch MY family”.

    Americans have come to accept/expect this, of the Republican Party, and its T.E.A. supporters. These people demand “sacrifice”/”fiscal restraint”/etc. but NOT if their OWN FAMILIES must pay the price, as well as the rest of the nation.

  33. dalnb says:

    No one should expect much more from people like Paul Ryan and those who prefer to rub-shoulders with him. Their seems to be a mind set in the Republican Party that if you want to move to the top with the party leadership you must always say what you think the crowd wants to hear but you must, behind the scenes, embrace the absurd, stick with the unrealistic, keep the Tea Party happy, never be honest with the voters and be ready to sell America out for another dollar and another vote!

  34. Jerpell says:

    Hmm…Democrats and a few Republicans added so much pork and buddy paybacks to this bill that only 8% of the 60 billion was going to the storm victims, funny when the democrats play politics with helping our own citizens the left rag media comes to their defense…We should all thank the Republicans in Washington for respecting the storm victims enough to know that a much better bill should be voted on, but we won’t hear that through the left rag media!

  35. karinursula says:

    When I think that Ryan could have been the VP I shudder, and I feel relieved.

  36. bchrista says:

    If the Aid Bill was so skewed by the Democrats adding all the pork and other problems Mulligatonney alleges why is it that Governor Christe went after Boehner and Ryan instead of the Democrats since they are the other party and he’s a Republican himself one would think he could have use that as a stronger point against the Demos as being heartless and cruel to victoms of Sandy by dening them relief but instead he immediately went after his Republican cohorts because he knew who the guilty parties were. If the asshole Mulligatonney had bothered to check before openning his mouth he would known that one of the Officials to check the damage caused by Sandy and offer his power and aid was President Obama and evoked a grand accolade and Thankful remark from Christe saying Obama was a good President and a true gentleman which got him in hot water with his Republican buddies and could be one of the reasons they denied him the relief he requested as punishment, that goes to show you how evil and narrow minded those bastards really are and only think of themselves and to hell with everybody else , we must get rid of as many of them as we possibly can next election and push for laws to stop their obstructionist ways if they can’t be part of the solution then throw them slimey fuckers out.

  37. MARK says:

    I would not take exception to any bad word used to describe tea pooper repugs at this time!!!

  38. ivory69690 says:

    Then consider the many other forms of federal aid that have benefited the regions where “conservative” fiscal stringency supposedly prevails, and a disturbing habit quickly emerges: Republican members of Congress tend to support aid packages that benefit their own states or districts, while opposing help for other Americans. This doesn’t hold true for all Republicans or conservatives, of course, but it is nevertheless a detectable pattern./// this is GOP bull thy are there to work for all the p-pl. not just their own . at some time thy will push too far with their bull ./ and at that time thy will cry . and hopefuly no one will hear their crays as the same as thy dont hear the cryus of the ppl. of this country that put them in office in the first place .

  39. ivory69690 says:

    Those in favor included Paul Ryan, the House Budget Committee chair from Wisconsin, who voted for the bailout and then, while running for vice president on the GOP ticket, pretended to have opposed it. But he couldn’t bring himself to vote for Sandy relief./// as for eddie monster look-a-like . im sure it just matters witch way he put his head om his shoulders that day . his personalty seem to be like New England weather if you dont like his opinon that day then wait a min. and it will change im sure

  40. ivory69690 says:

    Ryan//, while running for vice president on the GOP ticket, pretended to have opposed it. But he couldn’t bring himself to vote for Sandy relief./// i feel its not as much as he feels him self but for how his evil GOP party see’s and feel thing’s . its sad that the GOP party of know p[rob. more then likely will let there hate over ride there true feeling’s for the ppl. why cant if thy are going to hate then only hate the black side if you must . and stand up for his white side . as for me i see it as it all beingh a race thing and untill ppl. can understand this then and only then can the world move on . it’s truly a (HUMAN RACE THING ) and thats the fact .

  41. Our Maine delegation of four ,2-D and 2-R voted for immediate action for Sandy relief. We Mainers rarely have natural disasters requiring federal assistance but when the Great Ice Storm of 98 devastated our state, not only did we get immediate federal aid, but line crews from CT. and NY. were here in a flash to help restore our power. Immediately after Sandy our Maine line crews were on their way south. During natural disasters that require federal aid there should be no hesitation to assist. Shame on those repugs who said,” what’s in it for my state” and denied aid for those suffering from the worst natural disaster since Katrina.
    This is just plain wrong and a slap in the face of all Americans.

  42. bchrista says:

    Oldtack not putting you down but I think you missed Robert Stewart’s intended jab at the Pres. and the Demos his remarks regarding the porks was not meant to include both Repubs and Demos it was a sly way naming one party without mentioning any names (Demos) never mind that when a Bill is first introduced both parties jump at the chance to load it with Pork you know all their little pet projects it’s just a shame that there are pundits that take the opportunity to inject their own debasing or Racial remarks. the posts should be remarks about how to help our country not their own prejudices our to try to drag down someone who is trying to help te country back on it’s feet base your remarks on facts that you can prove not conceived personal remarks because of dislike or racial hatred, that doesn’t advance the country, it only drags it down it’s unAmerican.

  43. ivory69690 says:

    The Republicans in Kansas, whose entire four-member delegation voted against Sandy relief, never voiced any opposition to the massive aid provided by the federal government in 2007 when the city of Greensburg was devastated by a Force 5 tornado – or for that matter all the other instances of disaster assistance accepted by that benighted state over the decades. Nor did the Republicans in places like Missouri or Georgia or any of the other states severely damaged by flooding in recent years suddenly stop their routine pleading for federal aid, which they duly received./// for the life of me i cant fig. out how these ppl get vote’s and even in their office’s are not their thinking to be know by the ppl. that vote for them ? to run for an office its not just saying what the ppl. want to here . but doing what thy say . and tell all what thy feel and think when thy are running for office . yes some might think and say i tend to go on and on as for you that do . i say you should think hard of my going on’s and think with an open mind . maybe if you can come to a poiny of understanding my thinking then maybe you will also get idea’s from me . may i be right all the time ? hjmmm prob. not . but one can get another way to look at thing’s and who know one might even come up with the right thing’s 😉

  44. bchrista says:

    Joeham1 based on your remark and the National Memo is controled by leftest leaning people how is it that you can post your stupid unfactual asshole remarks, go get a life and checks your facts to be a fool is one thing but to open your mouth and say unsubstantiated remarks allows the rest of the world to know just how big a fool you really are.

  45. riobob111 says:

    With all this Hypocrasy by the Tea Party GOP I have trouble believing that SOME Americans stick with the GOP firmly when some Republican leaders do oppose them. Sandy has devastated yet the Tea Party GOP has shown opposition to relief. Where is the justice in this?

  46. ivory69690 says:

    The biggest frauds are naturally to be found in Texas, one of the drought-stricken states where the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Agriculture, and sundry federal agencies have been spending vast sums to help farmers, ranchers, and other suffering residents. Rep. Randy Neugebauer, a right-wing Texas Republican whose district includes bone-dry Lubbock, praised those federal bureaucrats just last summer for spending funds to help farmers and ranchers in his Lubbock district “mitigate damage caused by wildfires and drought.” Quoted in a local newspaper, Neugebauer said, “I hope that FEMA will quickly follow suit and declare a major disaster declaration for affected Texas counties.” But this week, Neugebauer was one of seven Texas Republicans who voted against Sandy relief, along with fellow wingnuts from drought-afflicted districts across the South and West.

    All this represents something worse than cheap hypocrisy, which often crosses political and ideological lines. The behavior of these Republicans is rooted in their selfish ideology and regional chauvinism – and their rejection of a generous spirit that has united this country for more than hundred years. It is the opposite of patriotism /// the sadest thing of all is how unfair these ppl. in office are to the ppl that put them there . as i feel and all should feel when one is in need or aid thy should be able to get that aid the same as anyone else dose . but when youi have these GOP and any and all ppl in office to want to protect ppl. (as to the 2% greedy rich ) i could use more nasty words for the 2 % rich . but i rather have what in saying read to those who might find my thinking interesting . its the ppl. in this country that are important and not just a few but all and the one’s in office should be there to make sure things are ran fail . we all are of the same race the (HUMAN RACE) so we are all the same and with that all should be treated as such . the most of being strong is when all are working together for all and each other .

    • oldtack says:

      Wish you hadn’t brought up Noogie Booger and his desciet. To go with Noogie B we also have Corny Head and Victor the Cruzer in Washington and Slick Rick the good hair man as Governor. Talk about a cesspool of political idiots!

      How about you folks in the other States having a little private prayer for this once Great State of Texas before it secedes from the Union and implodes into oblivion.

  47. Jill49 says:

    Our congresman in Northern Indiana, Marlin Stutzman voted against it too. I wonder if he would vote against farm aid packages and support since he and his family own over 9000 acres in Michigan and partly in Northern Indiana. What if Indiana is hit with terrible storms and flooding such as happened on June 29, 2012. Would he tell all of us disaster relief is out of the question? Such hipocrisy.

  48. Catskinner says:

    Ridiculous. The Republicans only want to get the unrelated items out of the bill before sending it on.

    • KarenJ says:

      They ARE related — to previous disaster damage in other parts of the country which the penurious pennypinching Republicans refused to fund properly.

      They’ve been trying to limit “pork” for districts other than their own for years. But since 2010 when they themselves mandated ” no pork”, their own constituents have been suffering because Republicans call disaster relief “pork”. Imagine that, after voting for lavish tax credits and subsidies for their favorite “job creators”, Big Corporations. Typical Republican logic.

  49. del says:

    All thes Tea Party and other Republican members of the House and the Senate who did not vote or voted against the assistance for the Sandy Disastor should not only be held accountable but Impeachment proceedings should begin not only for this issue but for the total mess they continue to make of our Governnment especially their slanderous behavior toward Pres. Obama.

  50. del says:

    This is a perfect example of why we should petition our Government to stop this madness by making it a law that once anyone is elected to Office, both in the HOuse and the Senate, they would be barred from any and all further association by Political Party and as such seated and intermingled with one another in the House and the Senate in order to increase cooperation for the Benefit of the American People, Not the Political Party which should only be used in the elction proceedings…Period.

  51. howa4x says:

    If republicans in congress aren’t careful they risk that NJ, NY and Conn will turn solidly democratic therby tipping the balance toward a democratic majority in both houses. What the tea party is saying is why should any residents of the tri state area be republicans since there is no benefit to being one if you live in those areas. Except for the NJ governor, the house delegation from NJ have become real wimps in this fight. You don’t hear from them and one was a pro football player who represents the hardenst hit areas. So while every Tri-state resident should remember who voted against them, they should also note who didn’t stand up for them too.

  52. ChristoD says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE remind these hypocritcal SOB Republican fiscal conservatives, who never mentioned one word of the skyrocketing deficit under Dubya’s watch, that THEY were in charge of the govt. when more than $12 trillion of the National Debt was incurred under Reagan, Bush I and Bush II. And the overwhelming majority of the time they had control of the House and Senate. Not ONE word about the deficit was mentioned until Obama took office and then the MF’s tried to lay it ALL on him. Obama’ s deficits in his first term were almost exclusively passed on to him by Dubya. He should be held acoountable for the stimulous $800 billion only. So Republican hypocrites, STFU and stop the phony outrage.
    One last point, the National Debt was INTENTIALLY run up by the Republicans so that could do EXACTLY what they are trying to do…..ELIMINATE Social Security, Medicare and any other so called ‘paid by the taxpayers’ entitlement programs by forcing spending cuts to these programs to drive the National Debt down. F— the and their diabolical, self centered asses.

  53. Jackmack says:

    this Republican Congress matto should be ” WE DON’T CARE ABOUT AMERICA ” if tell you something diffrent they are telling a bunch of lies

  54. Brian says:

    Republican hypocrisy?

    I’m shocked!

  55. Michaelspowell says:

    The headline for this post is totally dishonest and does not take into consideration any of the facts.

  56. daniel bostdorf says:

    The stink is of moral and ethical decay with no human values whatsoever.

    George Washington Carver (1864-1943) stated it best:

    “How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.”

    The GOP/TEAPARTY and all sympathizers simply stink at all levels.

    Heartless with no souls.

  57. charleo1 says:

    As Governor Christie pointed out, Americans helping other Americans after a disaster, used to
    be a nonpartisan issue. That is until the T-Party showed up with their Neanderthal idea, where
    if you are in trouble, you’re on your own. By the way, who raised these cretins?

    • oldtack says:

      I don’t know about where you are from but here in my part of the world they are spawned by “Ministers” out of our our right wing Conservative Evangelical Protestant “Churches”. There are good Churches of all persuasions and may God’s blessings be with them. And then there are these political places spewing out this slanted right wing rhetoric under the guise of Christianity. There is also something in the Bible about God spewing these heathen out. May GOD do so before 2014.

    • charleo1 says:

      In answer to, “oldtack.” I don’t know where these politicians masquerading as ministers
      get their message. But it sure wasn’t The New Testament. Jesus was a Socialist.
      Healing the sick, restoring sight to the blind man. Feeding the multitudes. Saying
      things like what you do to the least of you, you also do unto me. Not very Republican.
      Jesus largely tried to stay away from the politics. But he didn’t function in a vacuum
      either. Was He asked? Sure he was! Things like will you help us throw out the Romans
      who occupy our lands, and enslave our people? And, if you are truly the Son of God,
      and we have heard and seen your power. Why is our religious leaders not accepting you?
      He avoided the politics by saying only give that to Caesar which belongs to Caesar,
      and to God what belongs what belongs to Him. Doesn’t sound much like the Evangelical,
      television preachers we have today.

  58. mbee1 says:

    Unlike the writer of this drivel I actually read up on the bill.. More than half is pork, spent either one to two years from now or in other states. New York and New Jersey drew up a wish list of everything under the sun, the bill authors threw in other states and even Guam and viola the relief bill. The feds are broke, we cannot afford pork.

    • KarenJ says:

      Right wing BS. The so-called “pork” provides funds for damage caused by other disasters going back years that penurious Republicans refused to fund, plus preventative infrastructure rebuilding and improvement to prevent future damage.

      Predictably, right wingers in their usual shortsighted tunnel-visioned way have complained about such investments, calling them “pork”. It’s no wonder the rest of us wonder about their sanity.

      • lana ward says:

        Half of it is pork!! Read the bill insanity!

      • lana ward says:

        It’s the dems up to their dirty tricks, as usual!! Then they blame the Republicans, as always. Dems do this kind of shit ALL the time!!

      • mbee1 says:

        K, you said it yourself, other disaters going back years. That is New York and New Jersey pork, preventative infrastructure improvement and rebuilding is a state function more pork. Those investements are not the responsiblitilty of taxpayers in other states. Such spending cannot be moral when the Feds are broke and borrowing one third of their spending which our kids will pay back, Johnny when born owes 200000 dollars.

  59. Muriel Schlecht says:

    I’ve seen Katrina mentioned here several times. Let’s not forget how long they waited for help because of incompetent and bungled federal assistance. It was the help from individual private citizens from all over the country, especially from the NE that were the TRUE first responders, and they STAYED for as long as they were needed, many at their own personal sacrifice and expense.

    As for “pork” added to bills. Let’s not forget all the bills that came out of the House over the past 4 years with “riders” that had nothing to do with the subject of the bill, but held the country hostage and provided “pork” for the multi million/billionaires.

    If anyone associated with THAT “pork barrel” and the “subsidies” provided year after year with taxpayer dollars to people who no longer need them, and recipient “farmers” who live in the city or in exclusive gated communities who wouldn’t recognize a rake or a hoe if they saw one…..if Congress would have THAT money diverted to SANDY’S victims, or even suggest it, then I MIGHT believe some of the rhetoric that comes out of their mouths.
    How about ALL that “extra” cash that corporations had on hand (without even making a dent in their own profits) that was used in an attempt to “buy” federal and state elections.
    I’m sure there’s lots more money where that came from that would help the SANDY victims
    on behalf of the cronies they supported. It just amazes me how much money is available by SOME who don’t seem to blink an eye or even shed a tear when a natural disaster happens, unless there is “something in it for themselves”.

    • robert says:

      You’re right Muriel. But guess what? Not one cent of those donations by the American people to Katrina victims has reached the people it was intended to help. When Booby Jindal took office, those hundreds of millions of dollars has disappeared with no accounting of where it went. There is a federal investigation going on right now to locate those donations, and they will lead to Jindal.

      • lana ward says:

        The investigation will lead to the Chocolate City mayor, not Bobby Jindal

        • robert says:

          la na ward, my little honey boo-boo, what chocolate city? new orleans is as pink as your pussy now. you better redneckonize!

          • lana ward says:

            The Mayor of New Orleans called his city, the chocolate city, princess. And you” know nothing “voted? Your why my country is in such a mess, cupcake

          • robert says:

            Honey boo-boo, my little pink Pussy Galore, Nagin never called New Orleans “Chcocolate City”. He said “New Orleans will be chocolate at the end of the day.” He said that in response to the white supremacist plans to displace Africans from the city of their birth and turn new Orleans into a white Disneyland. Despite what Nagin said, “the Return To Splendor” happened. That’s why I said New Orleans is as pink as your pussy, darlin’, because it is. Look up the report in The Nation about “Who Destroyed New Orleans”. I’m not making this up. I’m not angry with you, honey. Your ignorance turns me on, lil honey boo-boo. That’s been my whole problem, I’m attracted to big dumb bimbos. When you smarten up, I’ll just find another dumb assed bimbo like you are now.

          • lana ward says:

            You really need to take care of your “problem” before you get on the computer

          • robert says:

            Smarten up, honey boo-boo. That’ll solve my problem. Just saying.

        • oldtack says:

          Robert is a CA from New Orleans. You can report his sexually oriented verbal abuse or you can report him to National Memo or you can consider the source and choose to ignore him.

          Robert knows what a CA is.

          • lana ward says:

            Thank you oldtrack! robert is a nasty hack. You say he’s from New Orleans–and he didn’t know his Mayor, I think Nagan, called his city the chocolate city? no wonder he is mad. Thanks again!!

  60. robert says:

    All one need to do is ask a New Orleanian what low depths a Republican can sink, and you’ll get your answer in brutal Bags has four faces, one looking in each direction of the compass. Anyway the wind blows, that’s where they’ll go. The wind is blowing away from Chris Christie and Peter King who did the unforgiveable act of kissing President Obama’s ring when he took a persoanl tour of the disaster-stricken areas. The pork that was in the relief bills for New Jersey and New York and was wisely taken out was nothing compared to what is going on in New Orleans today from a sorry Republican governor, bobby Jimdal, and a Yellow Dog, Republican/Tea Bag sympathizer of a mayor, Mitch Landreiu, brother of Yellow Dog Senator Mary Landrieu. Republican/Tea Bags and their Yellow Dog scum are poisonous traitors to Americaand everything that the American people stand for. They are obstructionists, a thorn in tyhe side of progress. They stunt the very growth of America and Americans should vote them all out in 2014. We should have voted many of them out in November, but surtely this affront to the American people will be the last straw.

    • oldtack says:

      The only way we can get these yahoos out of Congress in 2014 is to start NOW to find a good Candidate and groom that person for the open slot in 2014. Work with your local and State Party to achieve this goal. And also be persistent in challenging the gerrymandering of Districts.

      • robert says:

        that’s what I worry about also, the gerrymandering. it’s already happened here in louisiana. I contacted my state rep. and congressman about it and is still waiting on a response.

  61. Tea party and republican party as a whole Have no concern for helping those less fortunate nor those suffering from natural disasters. congress should cut their pay to pre GWBush years give back their health , and retirement plans and make them equal to social security receipants. shame on them giving big Business welfare , tax breaks, Yet letting the American voters fend for themselves. Remember the mid-term elections are comming and you’ll be gone unless you change your ways!!!

  62. Plznnn says:

    The Republicans had already went along with Obama & the Democrats on Tax Increases with almost NO Spending Cuts, which we will have to have soon before our interest on our National Debt is more than all the money funded for Medicare, S.S. Medicaid & National Defense. Any more Spending for any new areas must be offset with Spending Cuts in some other area, just as we all do with our house budgets. That is the responsibility of our Congress.

  63. mbee1 says:

    In reading the comments it strikes me that most people of the liberal bent seem unable to grasp the concept of broke like in the Feds are in the hole 16 trillion, 50000 dollars for every man woman and child and going more in the hole 5000 dollars for every man woman and child each year, money our kids will have to pay back. It is immoral to dump that debt on our kids born or unborn so New York or New Jersey can have more pork. They have taxpayers, ask them to fund the Sandy damage as most of both states were unaffected.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      The stink is of moral and ethical decay with no human values whatsoever.

      George Washington Carver (1864-1943) stated it best:

      “How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.”

      The GOP/TEAPARTY and all sympathizers simply stink at all levels.

      Heartless with no souls.

    • Bill says:

      Remember what you wrote when middle america has tornados or the Mississippi flooding, or when the west and southwest has raging forest fires or there are earthquakes out on the west coast. Remember that when some natural disaster strikes where you live that you were against the rest of the country funding any aid to you. If you are a christian you need to show some of the qualities always proclaimed by christians, show some charity!!

  64. birch869 says:

    all who voted against the sandy relief should be voted out if they are up for reelection in 2014 please supply their names i am sure they mostly tea party

  65. Foot says:

    who do they wish to fool ? like ghetto rats screaming F**k the police until they eed them

  66. robert says:

    oldtack, buddy, how quickly we turn. no, i don;t know what a CA is. but do you know what FU is?

    • oldtack says:

      You live in New Orleans and you don’t know what a Coon Ass is? My My. You’re not just a CA – you are a CAMF.

      Now – do you wish to engage in a sane civil conversation on pork, entitlement programs, spending and budget cutting or do you just want to flaunt your abysmal ignorance over all of the sites you have visited? I have read a lot of your posts on this and other forums and have yet to see one entry that had a modicum of intelligent dialog.

      • robert says:

        oletack, if pig pussy is pork, you’re one big pussy assed pig. You alligator wrestling hillbilly, mud diving, dog headed trailer trash bitch. You had everyone fooled at first until you showed your sheet trying to be a good KKK protecting white womanhood and white supremacy. I wouldn’t call you a coon ass because you’re not even the slimey shit that comes out of a coon’s ass. You’re a yellow dog Democrat with a yellow streak up your hairy back, you low-life ass wipe. You want to be Captain Save a Whore, take this ((((o===8 you sorry pussy, and may it serve you well.

  67. ralphkr says:

    Schucks, nothing new here. I was born and raised in a solid conservative Republican state (How conservative? Well, decades later when Goldwater was running for president they considered him a leftist leaning commie sympathizer.) and I was taught in grade and high school in the 194os that one should judge representatives and senators by how much Federal money they brought home.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      what does this have tio do with anything?

      • ralphkr says:

        Well, danny boy, if you had bothered to read the article you would have seen that Republicans are always first in line for handouts for their own districts but are ‘agin’ any handouts to any place else and I was just pointing out that there was nothing new for Republicans to do that because it was expected behavior 70 years ago. Note that the school teachers in my Republican state were teaching that the worth of a senator or representative was to be judged by how much federal money he could garner for our area and it is obvious that today the Republicans still have their hands out for Federal money.

  68. American98percent says:

    Hurricane Sandy victims need help now! Any ELECTED, PUBLIC officials (who are supposed to be serving the American people) delaying aid for these families, should bite the bullet and “adopt” a family, pay their expenses with their exhorbitant salaries, and Lobby funds. Take some responsibility!!

  69. oldtack says:

    Don’t hold your breath Robert – you probably won’t get an answer and if you do it will be political BS. If you think lines are gerrymandered in Louisiana you should see the ones in Texas.

    • robert says:

      oletack, I got to tell you, buddy, you’re a two-faced, cotton-mouthed political hack. Just like a homosexual, you don’t know what you are— deomcrat, moderate, repupblican, tea bag scum. You say you’re a Moderate Democrat from Texas, and that says you’re a yellow dog, just like the Moderate Democratic sympathizers in D.C. calling themselves Blue Dog Democrats, but all they are, like you, is a bunch of yellow dog, cowardly, homosexual, cotton-mouth racists/white supremacists talking loud and saying nothing. You can’t serve two masters. You can’t be half way pregnant. You got to be one or the other. But, just like a pink pussy, yuou’re soft and squishy and smell like fish. Now, bring that to National Memo, report it to whomever you like, or consider the source, bitch.

  70. These people are liars and crooks.They always vote on thier own salaries!!

  71. mbee1 says:

    the spending supporters are the lowest of the low moral degenerates who are bankrupting our kids so they do not pay the bill. A kid born today will owe 200000 dollars when Obuma leaves office and that is just and moral?

  72. daniel bostdorf says:

    Sorry ralphkr….you state this:

    “Schucks, nothing new here. I was born and raised in a solid conservative Republican state (How conservative? Well, decades later when Goldwater was running for president they considered him a leftist leaning commie sympathizer.) ”

    What does your birth have to do with the topic an Conason’s asstute view:

    “All this represents something worse than cheap hypocrisy, which often crosses political and ideological lines. The behavior of these Republicans is rooted in their selfish ideology and regional chauvinism – and their rejection of a generous spirit that has united this country for more than hundred years. It is the opposite of patriotism.”

    Not only is it unpatriotic….it is immoral.

  73. mbee1 says:

    The Tea Baggers are a pretty disverse group but one thing they share in commone, contempt for people who would bankrupt our kids so they can live high on the hog. Since you mention Krugman, he would inflate the debt away just like Carter who gave us a recession in the process. Baggers know that fools would spend any additional funds on goodies for themselves so that is the reason they resist higher taxes. Get rid of the debt than come back with an argument why we need more taxes.

  74. Capitalist says:

    What do you expect from Kansas politicians. They are as low as they come. I should know I am from Kansas. NO I did not vote for them…..

  75. Sand_Cat says:

    It’s been obvious for some time that all the Republican talk about “hating America” is projection, as are most of their other complaints.

  76. oldtack says:

    I knew from the first that you were a bona-fide coon ass. You brilliant mind and your masterful command of the English language. We had about 600 New Orleans refugees for a month after Katrina. A lot of good people and then there were also the coon asses. Bright spot is – the good people of New Orleans ratted on the CA’s and most of them were outed to the local jail. Alligator wrestling hillbilly? Really? I have never been in alligator country and I live in a semi arid desert with all flat terrain

    Mud diving? Now I might enjoy that if my part of the country ever had enough rain to form a good mud puddle.

    Trailer Trash Bitch. No Trailer houses in my part of the Country but – I did drive to Disney World once and on that trip I did indeed see a lot of Trailer houses down through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the panhandle of Florida. . Those old girls hanging around those place were sort of rugged looking -but- I don’t know if they were Bitches or not and I sure wasn’t going to stop and ask them. Are these “bitches” some of your inbred relatives?

    KKK? Hmm? No don’t think so. Now my great Grand pappy was in the 10th Alabama Infantry in the -what do you call that war – “The war of Northern Aggression”? Now he was KKK and old family lore tells of them leaving three Carpetbagger abolitionists hanging from a tree. But me. Nah – never been to Alabama or Mississippi except for my trip to Disney World.

    White Supremacy? Now that is truly an oxymoron seeing as I am a tri-racial Melungeon. I tolerate White people -from a distance.

    I notice you have sort of a “fixation” on women’s genitals. It must be an obsession as you go into such vivid detail in your description. Warm, shiny pink flesh,the smell -the curly hair- very descriptive.
    Is that what’s wrong with your brain? You have kept your head buried in that part of women’s genitals for such extended time that the juices and the smell has severely affected your power of cognition and inductive reasoning?

    Now take a good dose of your hillbilly heroin like Rushbo Limeballs and crawl back into your hole up by the levee in the Ninth Ward and go beddy bye bye.

  77. Sandra says:

    Voters…. remember those Republicans who voted against Sandy relief. VOTE THEM OUT! CAMPAIGN AGAINST THEM! Paul Ryan is the biggest hypocrit! I can’t believe that one single American would have voted for him. AMAZING. Americans if the last few weeks haven’t told you something about Republicans… nothing ever will.

  78. jarheadgene says:

    Sailor boy….leave it to a squid to start questioning other people’s sexuality, when all along I’m sure IT IS YOU that questioned your own sexuality on board a ship on those long WestPAC’s. You put it, as such, that you think less of gays, that kind of bigotry doesn’t suprise me, as your bigotry is being exposed. You are everything that is wrong with the GOP…the classic UGLY AMERICAN. As for Dick Cheney, I hold him personally responsible for the deaths of family and friends, that served in IRAQ. He is afraid to go to Canada because they want to “string him up” as a war criminal. You are a CHOSEN moron, that looks down upon retardation like it is something to be ashamed of. People who are Mentally Retarded don’t chose to be. I have a M.R. child, I would KICK your ass if you talked to her that way. You Douchebag, You type like a tough guy……but you are really a scared little boy. Beware of the day of Judgement, the day of the LORD…..then you WILL TRULY know FEAR ! REPENT…while you still can !!!!

  79. Grunge45 says:

    Stink. Perfect description.

  80. These representatives are not partiotic, they only care about how they look in their state, they don’t care about our country as a whole.

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