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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

An open letter to African America:

In the late ’90s, the Internet belched forth a rumor that the Voting Rights Act was soon to expire and that black folks would lose the vote as a result. Though stupid and untrue, the rumor spread like a dust cloud till it was inescapable. You couldn’t get away from it in a confession booth. You couldn’t get away from it in a phone booth. Everybody was up in arms.

Flash forward to 2012. Now the threat is real. There is a sustained effort to suppress the black vote as we approach this pivotal election. And what is our response?


“I don’t sense that African-Americans are truly aware of what is in the process of happening or could happen to them,” says Rep. John Lewis, Democrat from Georgia. “People should be angry. There should be a sense of righteous indignation. African-Americans and people of good will, Latinos and young people, should be saying, ‘How dare you? The gall of you!’?”

Lewis, of course, is the man whose skull was cracked in 1965 on a bridge in Alabama in the fight for black voting rights. Fifteen years ago, he couldn’t walk down a street without being assailed by a false rumor that those rights were imperiled. Now, when the threat is real, he is appalled by the silence he hears.

12 Responses to Instead Of Deafening Roars Of Anger…Silence

  1. The GOP, Republicans have been preaching their lies so long and loud that everyone is just plain sick and tired of hearing their bull sh-t!

    This ia an assault on a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT and the U S Attorney General should make this clear and TAKE ACTION TO ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION!

    • That was already in the process then some pub pencil neck tied up Holder and put him in a situation where he’s now fighting for his life. Those GOPPERS have thought of everything.. If you can’t win with grace, make things up. These cheezers blame one man for the death of.. One man. Hell, when the pubs were in office they took many lives, even the lives of Americans.. Anybody outraged over that? In a war (and yes, because of the pubs we’re fighting a losing drug war) you can’t go by some chicken shit rule and because of it, tragedy often occurs but to blame one man for it is copping out on the entire ridiculousness of wars.

  2. Quite simply there is only one political party that is pushing that issue along with a dozen others that hurt the same groups of people the most. How about not electing them. Those that still have the priviledge to vote, use it. So far they have been clumsy and incompetent in their efforts but we can’t count on that forever. Remember it is the people that already have insurance, and usually paid for by someone else, that don’t like obamacare. Well those that like to sponge too. So don’t believe the bull about breaking the country. If your neighbor needs a ride to town to register to vote take them, or a car load.

  3. Where is the same outrage from those citizens who think their 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms is in jeopardy? Do they only believe in only part of the Constitution, the one they feel inpacts their freedom? What about all the men and women who have given their lives on our soil and Foriegn soil fighting in defense of our citizens right to vote?

    Former Republican President Bush did a 5 year investigation into voter fraud and they found 86 cases, and once the prosecutors and others did further investigation they found most were due to simple misunderstanding, poor communication etc. The argument that you are required to have a Photo ID to drive, board a plane, open a bank account is meritless, as they are privledges NOT Constitutional Rights. If Republicans are allowed to get away with buying and fixing our Democracy what rights will they take away next.

  4. I am outraged that the Republicans are trying to suppress the vote. In New York we only have to show ID if our present signature doesn’t match the printed signature on the voter registration roll. How dare these repugs (yes, they are repugnant) attempt to take away the voting rights of any single eligible voter! It is only because they know that IF they hadn’t thwarted POTUS for the past 4 years, he would again sit in the White House. Even now, they are afraid that he may be able to win the election again even for all of their efforts to make him appear as a “do nothing” president. While I believe that he held out his hand to the repugs for too long, he has succeeded in getting some things done. But you speak of the silence. I think it’s because we feel helpless. And now they are buying elections! Somehow they [Citizens United] bought the Supreme Court – and I don’t think its just because of the conservative vs liberal makeup of the court. I believe that if the Congress had done their job and worked with the President, our nation would be on its way to renewed glory! I have always been proud to be an American. I served my country as my father did and now one of my daughters is serving. But as I look into the future I am fearful of what is to come. We must preserve our freedom and letting someone take away our rights to vote is one more nail in the coffin of this great nation.

  5. Yea, if this is passed into law I will not be able to vote under my dead Grandmother’s name, this is not right, I feel my rights are being taken away from me (not to mention my dead Grandmother). I have no way of getting ID for my Grandmother and its not fair. Does anybody have any suggestions of how to get ID for my grandmother.

  6. There is nothing outrageous about people having to verify that they are, in fact, alive and legal citizens. That is not difficult to do. It is not an attack on people of color, latinos, elderly, students or any other group. The only people who need to be outraged by this are the ones who have been voting illegally.

  7. Hey Lenny… what a bunch crap you’re pushing. Y0u and anyone that thinks people should not show a valid ID to vote are either flat out stupid or are completely disingenuous! You know damned right that the net effect of requiring people to show ID is to keep dead DemocRATS from voting and any other voter fraud that is rampant amongst your supporters and your wretched party. You and Obozo and the wacko leftists that are seeking to destroy America WANT the fraudalent voters because you are expecting them to tilt the scales a percent or two toward Obozo. Be honest and admit it. Like Saul Alynski said… “the ends justifies the means”…

    The irony of this whole stupid article is that when you write “In a speech last week before the NAACP, Attorney General Eric Holder likened Voter ID laws to the poll taxes of yesteryear”, you fail to mention that the very same meeting that Eric The Incompetent spoke at REQUIRED ID TO GET INTO!!!!!!! Bwaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… You can’t even get into the NAALCP meeting without a friggin ID. What a bunch of low life hypocrites!!! Hehehehehehehehehehe

    80%+/- a few of America believes it’s fair to show ID to vote. What the hell do you call it when a legal citizen votes and someone else fraudently votes the other way? Am I a legal citizen NOT having my vote infringed upon and deemed worthless when someone that is NOT supposed to be allowed to vote cancels my vote? Of course I am. But you useful idiots on the left parroting the Obozo campaign propaganda mantra that getting an ID is too difficult are simply dead wrong! Dead wrong!!!

    No one is saying DemocRATS or Repubs or whites or blacks or hispanics or asians or anyone else cant vote. What we are saying is that only legal and live registered Americans can vote. Just like the law says. Only legal Americans lawfully registered. Plain and simple.

    Have a nice day!

  8. Thanks to GOP millions, they’ve convinced everybody that indeed it has to do specifically with voter fraud and they devoured the whole can of worms. THAT’S why there’s silence, they’ve all been dumbed down. Just look at the accusations tossed at Obama.. Many have been found fruitless yet there’s still contempt. I don’t care if it’s the blacks, the elderly or the sick.. Use any ploy to open the minds of these voter zombies and let them know that what’s being done to the illegals and the fraudsters is also being done to a large majority of Americans. You frumps up there in your ivory tower think everyone lives like you and the one’s who don’t are just sucking up valuable air (that one day you could probably sell)..

  9. The Republicans have the rich on their side and are using every means possible to win this election. Lying and cheating is for the most part their way of life and if you think for one moment that they haven’t figured out a way of tampering with the voting machines in their favor your crazy. No one wants to admit this so I will. No matter what President Oboma does, most republicans will not except him, unless he could change his color. In fact, some Democrats turned Republican simply for this reason. What we should all do is look at it this way. With this President we have the best of both worlds. Its impossible for him to choose sides. Thrust me, we all know he loved his Mother and Im sure he loves him self. People, this is the man for us the people. Unless your green this is the man to vote for. Then again, even if you were green, for some reason this man would still care, I believe it’s in his nature. This President is the best ever and the world knows it but at the same time this scares some people.

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