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Saturday, October 22, 2016
  • Lovefacts

    Fortunately for Egypt, the military supported the people. But then, the 22 million people–a 1/4 of the entire population, signed a petition for a new election and Morsi to step down.

    • ilikemac

      What about the 51.7 percent who voted for Morsi? Or is my math wrong? (51.7/100 < 1/4)

      What walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, IS a duck! It's a military coup against a freely elected president.

      • Marc Stager

        Morsi is not the president they voted for. After writing an Islamist based constitution, this Muslim Brotherhood candidate began leaning toward Sharia law. The people of Egypt didn’t want an Egyptian version of the Taliban to evolve from Morsi’s religious dogma.

      • Lovefacts

        Now that’s an interesting point, one we face during off-year elections. In the Morsi election less than 30% of the registered voters voted. The progressives and liberals boycotted the election. Stupid I know, but that’s what happens in new democracies and ones like ours where those who don’t vote can’t conceptualize losing their freedoms or rights we take for granted–like abortion and the right to vote.

  • stcroixcarp

    I hope those young Egyptians keep up their protests until the government gets it right. I would like to hire the Egyptian army to do duty in Wisconsin. The government there doesn’t listen to peaceful protesters. Or maybe North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio or Texas could use these guys.

  • Allan Richardson

    If John McCain wants to intervene in Syria, he can buy all the guns and ammo he wants from his NRA donors — heck, they’ll probably equip him for free — and take off any day. Maybe he can recruit a Tea Party equivalent of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade that fought Franco in the 1930’s.