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Sunday, October 23, 2016

This won’t be Vietnam, exactly. No helicopter whisking the last remaining Americans off the roof of the embassy. A contingent of 16,000 State Department contract employees — more than 5,000 of them armed mercenaries — will be staying on, running what’s left of the American operation in Iraq.

But there’s little doubt we lost this war — by every rational measure. Everyone lost, except those who profited from (and continue to profit from) the trillions we bled into the invasion and occupation; and those who planned it, most of whom remain in positions to plan or at least promote the wars we’re still fighting and the wars to come.

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  • HallRobert

    When will they ever learn…….

  • John St. Clair

    Even if Iraq ends up with a stable democracy (and I hope it does) the war was not worth the cost in terms of human life or monetary cost. Our country was not in any immediate danger from Iraq and is no safer as a result of our invasion.

  • opit

    I’m impressed. Few writers even mention Depleted Uranium and suppressed reporting of civilian casualties. Not that rampant suicide and disease among returning troops is properly covered in the news or the murderers in charge held to account, fiscal or otherwise.
    The Baathist government enabled by the CIA was forbidden from exercising the only expertise in government that existed in the country. The lists of imprisoned and tortured are a catalogue of horror recapitulating both the past and other places benefiting from School of the Americas suppression of self government and demockracy. Bremner’s 100 Orders are hard to find unless you know where to look…as well as the planned path of destruction of which Iraq is the keystone.
    Few realize that blowback has more than one form and is often domestic in nature.
    Monsanto is listed as the Worst Company of the Year.A Search of Rumsfeld Monsanto will start you on the trail of why. But even if you don’t immediately watch ‘The World According to Monsanto’ – and that can be tough when the corporation kills the feeds – perhaps ‘The Real Winner in Iraq was Monsanto’ will help you appreciate the coming disaster in America. The Panelist originally posted it as an essay which I found more explicit than the video with which it was replaced.

  • neuromate

    Having read Stiglitz & Bilmes, the casualty figures, and the nuclear inheritance we leave behind in Iraq one has to wonder how this country can grant immunity from prosecution to those responsible for this fiasco. This article is a wonderfully well stated summary.