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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, is refusing to release the full transcripts of interviews with Internal Revenue Service agents which supposedly prove his allegation that the White House directed the IRS to target Tea Party groups.

Last week, Issa shared excerpts of the interviews, which included allegations that “Washington, D.C., wanted some cases.” As a result, Issa declared on CNN’s State of the Union that the targeting was “a problem that was coordinated in all likelihood right out of Washington headquarters — and we’re getting to proving it.”

Issa also vowed that “the whole transcript would be put out,” presumably providing the evidence that his allegations have thus far lacked.

Since then, Issa has reversed his position. In a letter to Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MD) — the ranking Democrat on the Oversight Committee, who has called on Issa to release the full transcript — Issa wrote that “if a full transcript were released, it would serve as a roadmap of the Committee’s investigation,” and called such an action “reckless.”

“It should be clear to you that the release of full interview transcripts at a point where additional witness interviews are likely would needlessly jeopardize the integrity of the investigation and hamper the Committee’s ability to get the truth,” Issa added.

Issa’s letter also explained why he thinks it was not a double standard to release a portion of the transcript on national television.

“The release of excerpts from witness interviews can serve to provide important updates to the public as the investigation progresses,” Issa wrote. “Limited releases of testimony may also serve to empower other witnesses to become whistleblowers and serve to vindicate individuals who have been subject to criticism or retaliation at the hands of their managers.”

Of course, it’s no coincidence that Issa’s limited releases strongly supported his long-held belief that President Obama is “one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times.” By contrast, the excerpts that Cummings released on Wednesday — in which a self-identified “conservative Republican” IRS manager said that he did not have “any reason to believe that anyone in the White House was involved in the decision to screen Tea Party cases” — would not encourage the type of witnesses from whom Chairman Issa wants to hear, so he would rather keep that part of the record buried for as long as possible.

Issa’s selective leaking and complete about-face on releasing the full transcripts are just the latest in a series of hyper-partisan moves that have put some of his fellow Republicans on edge. With every day, it appears more and more likely that — as an unnamed senior Republican warned Politico — Issa “could jeopardize the biggest gift handed to them in months.”

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

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  • eps62

    Typical Rethug, anything to stop the truth and get out the parts you think are good for the party.

  • neeceoooo

    Is there no end to their unscrupulous, bigheaded, obstructionism and arrogant actions

    • BDC_57

      Yeah he as no proof that the White House had anything to do with it.

    • CPAinNewYork

      He’s a used car salesman. Did you expect him to do anything else but lie?

      • S.J. Jolly

        Automobile alarm manufacturer and salesman, actually.

  • docb

    So the arsonist rep issa LIED about his proof and then clucked cluckedn out..! No surprise..he is best behind closed doors or in dark alleys with torches or with crowbars for grand theft auto!

    • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

      Nah. Once he found out it was a conservative republican trying to save his party from the nutcases who ordered the extra scrutiny on the Baggers, he realized he couldn’t continue with his witchhunt.

      • docb

        That would be a first if the truth dawned on the arsonist issa. Reality is not in his or his buddies lexicon…

  • rustacus21

    Lets be realistic & understand that the hatred these people have for the President & the nation, literally knows no bounderies & would show itself to be so, should even some of these transcripts be released. We would quite possibly see that this ‘plot’ (& therefore representing a bonafide ‘conspiracy’) was hatched by Republicans & T-baggers to garner public sympathy & create the necessary hysteria justifying the gathering storm of impeachment already under way. Remember, Liberal/Progressives, while passive & relatively non-combative, are far more intelligent than conservatives & wouldn’t be long in deconstructing this evil initiative fully, as the letter to Congressman Cummings illustrates. Note the language in the 2nd to last sentence & it’s flimsy, weak reasoning as to why Issa chose to back down. Issa is telling a bold-face lie that his desire is to have the entirety of the transcripts released, as he would have done so, if they could exact ANY damage at all on President Obama. There’s a far more sinister motive, matching their evil initiatives in why this whole episode was publicized in the 1st place. Anyone who knows anything about the non-profit, tax exempt application process KNOWS FULL WELL there is a mandatory scrutiny sceme NATURALLY involved – ESPECIALLY when the money involved originates from a vast, nefarious pool of ultra-wealthy donors, who otherwise rely on the Citizens United ruling to shield their involvement as puppetmasters behind the T-bagger movement (initially). This whole deal STINKS & conservatives MUST get smarter w/their votes, as they’re more & more complicit in the destruction of their nation, beyond what they were responsible for in the 2001-2009 administration/policy disasters we’re still, as a nation, attempting to undo…

  • charleo1

    The Right Wing, and the T-Baggers have allowed their goal of pinning something,
    anything, on Barack Obama, to become an uncontrollable obsession. Remember
    the guy the Obamas bought their house from, Rizzo? Rizzo was in trouble, and
    maybe we can smear Obama! The sixties terrorist, The Weathermen. Ah ha!
    Bill Ayers. Obama knows him! I guess we could call being on the same board as
    Ayers, palling around with terrorists. No? Okay, one word. Blagojevich! This is
    where we nail him. Blagojevich was trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat, and
    Obama wanted in! Right? Speaking of Wright, that American hating Pastor!
    No traction? Well, listen to this! Donald Trump was on CNN just this morning
    and revealed he had sent a team of investigators to Hawaii. And, he assured the Country, what they were finding out there, “Could change everything!”

  • Dominick Vila

    Can’t say I am surprised. The fact that the manager in charge of the IRS office that investigated false statements in some Tea Party tax exempt applications is a registered Republican, after suggesting the White House had something to do with it, makes Issa and the other inquisitors look like a bunch of idiots.

  • Catskinner

    He needs more evidence. It’s very probable that no directive came directly from Obama, but it’s also obvious the IRS was motivated to do this. It’s very likely, senior IRS officials simply wanted to see their empire expanded. Obamacare would do that and Romney wanted to repeal Obamacare, so…

    • MVH1

      More evidence? More evidence of the same thing. There is no there there. Issa is an alleged car thief, an alleged arsonist who burned his business after upping his insurance and said it was an accident, he was busted for unconcealed weapons with all sorts of extras that could be launched. If anyone knows about criminal behavior, it would be Issa.

    • DurdyDawg

      Okay, let’s forget about all the years that the IRS has been doing this type of neck twisting to literally.. EVERYBODY! and just concentrate on those poor defensiveness T-Peers.. Yeah, maybe they did target these creeps but in my experience with this particular branch of g’ment.. To them, We’re ALL targeted creeps. Is that plain enough? Nobody has to order them to be intimidating or selective, they wrote the book on ’em.

      • Catskinner

        The fact that they did it isn’t as disquieting as the fact that they did it for the purpose of perverting a national election.

  • CPAinNewYork

    You expect truth from a used car salesman?

  • concerned Grandma

    Darrell Issa is on tape being interviewed saying that the full transcripts would be released and now he is accusing Rep. Cummings of recklessness for suggesting the full transcripts be released. I still find it difficult to witness such juvenile behavior on the part of someone actually elected to Congress. ( Silly me for having spent a lifetime trying to make sure I could stand behind what I would say before opening my mouth!) My rejoicing in Michele Bachman and her lack of filter soon to leave Congress is short lived indeed. I sooooo long for the days when there were mature Republicans in Congress in positions of leadership. I may have differed with their policy stand but they were at least behaving like adults.

  • Irishgrammy

    Issa’s “investigations” to date have all come up with NOTHING, Fast & Furious he got nothing, Solyndra, he got nothing, Bengazhi is turning out to be lack of funding (State Dept. Budget cut by GOP controlled House) this outpost and really a CIA operation and/or wrong place wrong time, now the IRS show turns out to be management issues by a Conservative Republican manager and under staffed office, i.e., NOTHING. Poor Issa, how can he keep his ugly face before the cameras he craves, while he tries to ingratiate himself with his fellow GOPTP.

    Issa has repeatedly failed so badly trying to “bring down” the President with his hyperbolic rhetoric and over the top attacks by means of his contrived fantasies!!! He has done this since day one when he took over the Oversight and Reform Chair and will continue until he has lost the gavel. Hopefully that will be 2014!

    As a Californian I am mortified that Issa represents my state with such extreme partisan hateful behaviors that are not only viciously destructive and delivered to simply destroy a President only, but also are undermining and eating away at effective governance!

    • rustacus21

      What we’re ALL missing in this is the fact that, while they’re on these seditious persecutorial ‘inquisition’ sessions, nothing – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – is being accomplished in Congress. Our tax dollars adding up to waste (of time), fraud (lying about imagined, unreal & make believe incidents) & abuse (holding the nations citizens & BUSINESS hostage, while they play these childish, juvenile games, exposing citizen & institution alike, to unnecessary hazards), Republican voters must be held accountable, as the last 12 years have been nothing but a hellish nitemare, all b/c of a single, arbitrary & illegal decision (in Bush v. Gore) on 12/11/00. Can anybody spell I-M-P-E-A-C-M-E-N-T? 12 consecutive years of improper actions at the legislative, executive & judicial branches is as much we should endure!!! ENOUGH!!! Our voices aren’t enuff! Polyarchal (see Democracy IS our only ambition at this point!!! Anything less is a disservice & an insult to the sacrifices of our forebearers, making this the greatest, longest enduring Democracy in the history of civilization!!! Quite an accomplishment for millennia of Liberal/Progressives & we owe it to all those untold generations to act NOW!!!

  • commserver

    If there were any validity then you can be sure that Issa would have already released the transcripts.