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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

State Senator Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) will run for governor of Texas, Politico is reporting, based on confirmation from a Davis consultant.

“Sen. Davis has decided what she will do and she looks forward to making that announcement with her grassroots supporters on Oct. 3,” Hector Nieto said. He believes she will announce her candidacy next week.

Davis rose to national prominence when her filibuster temporarily delayed passage of a sweeping set of restrictions on abortion and women’s health. If she does run for governor to replace the current governor, Republican Rick Perry, she’ll likely face Republican state attorney general Greg Abbott.

Though Davis has become a progressive hero capable of raising money across the country, Abbott reportedly has $20 million in his war chest.

Republicans are acting as eager to see Davis — a former teen mom who graduated from Harvard Law School with honors — run as Democrats are.

However, Democrats have been plotting a long-term effort to turn Texas blue, after neglecting the state during presidential elections since 1992. If the state’s 38 electoral votes swung away from the GOP, the party would have a hard time ever winning the White House again.

Whites are already a minority in the state and Texas Latinos are voting at far below the average percentage seen in the rest of the nation. Over two million Latinos in Texas are not registered to vote. Another million mostly Latino registered voters don’t vote.

A recent poll found 57 percent of Latino registered voters said Democrats best represent their views on social issues and the economy.

If Davis can draw attention to the state while registering and activating new voters, her campaign could be a success even if she doesn’t win.

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  • silence dogood

    Ted Cruz looked like Daniel Webster compared to this shrew and her rant about killing more babies.

    • Darius

      Ted Cruz still looks like the dummy he is regardless.

      • silence dogood

        That’s what magna cum laude from Princeton and Harvard tends to do.

        • nirodha

          Yeah, just like one of your heroes, Georgie Boy “Mission Accomplished” Bush, magna cum shitfaced from Yale and Harvard B School! I wouldn’t put too much stock in that Ivy League mystique.

          • Billie

            Especially since he graduated 5th from the bottom of his class.

          • nirodha

            “Graduated” is a charitable term to describe the fact that his daddy bought his college degrees for him.

    • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

      Ted Cruz cannot make a complete sentence without either tripping over his own tongue, contradicting himself, of proving that he has attained the “Peter Principle”.

  • Darius

    Good. We’ll never get anywhere if no one tries.

  • Budjob

    Go get em Wendy!If I lived in the foreign country of TexASS,I most definitely would be campaigning for you!!!

    • Billie

      Don’t make slurs about Texas. We’re a great state run by elite republicans. We’re trying to turn that around. We haven’t had a good governor since Ann Richards. Most voters really don’t know anything about the candidates, they just vote republican because they think they should. Fortunately, the younger people are becoming of age to vote and we hope to get them voting Dem.

  • plainenglish

    “Hi, I’m Wendy Davis. I support aborting full-term babies AND I oppose
    minimal health/safety rules for abortion clinics that perform secret
    surgeries on underage girls, oftentimes killing or maiming them for
    life. Please elect me.”

    • Ann Snyder

      The bill that passed limiting the types of centers that can abort babies didn’t stop abortions; it sent business from nonprofit clinics to for-profit centers. Abortions are still being performed, but now the profits are going to a network that helps make money for the Governor’s sister. This bill wasn’t about morality, it was about making money by getting rid of competition for business. Texan Christians were played for suckers.

      • kanawah

        ALL christians are suckers, by definition.

  • John Kruger

    As much as I would love a progressive like Davis to be governor of Texas, I don’t think she has any realistic chance at all. I sure as heck will vote for her, but Perry pushes aggressive anti-choice legislation for a reason. It is very popular with the majority of the Texas public.

    • nirodha

      Yeah, that sounds about right. Like attracts like, and Texans are crazy about “Oooops” Perry.

  • tax payer

    Abbott will roll over her by a Landslide.

    • ralphkr

      I tend to agree, tax payer, as I have seen that it is impossible to underestimate the intelligence of the voter. As proof I submit all the times Republicans are voted in as being good for jobs & the economy when history shows the Republicans bring recessions, unemployment, & economic decay while Democrats bring good economic times and high employment

  • Billie

    I’ve ordered my pink walking shoes. I’m 79 years old but I’ll be out there working my rear end off for her.