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Monday, October 24, 2016

Authorities say that the two brothers who allegedly bombed the Boston Marathon were probably “self-radicalized.”

The media have embraced this catchy term, partly because of the assurance it seems to offer: Don’t worry, folks — Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev weren’t recruited and deployed by al Qaeda or any other terrorist group; they hatched their own plot with no tactical help from abroad.

That might well be true, but little comfort can be taken from it.

Some of the most notorious acts of political violence in our history were carried out by pissed-off loners or impromptu zealots who belonged to no organized cabal.

By modern definition, Lee Harvey Oswald was self-radicalized. So was Sirhan Sirhan. Ditto for hermit Ted Kaczyinski, the Unabomber.

And who was more self-radicalized than Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, the creeps who blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995?

Everyone who sets out to create blood-soaked headlines finds a way to rationalize it. Murder in the name of God, Allah or patriotism is the oldest excuse in the book.

Once caught, the killers seldom admit they did it just for a sick thrill. OK, I’m a loser and my life is crap, so I decided to do something really outrageous.

Self-radicalized terrorists can be scarier than organized cells, because the cells are easier to track and their agendas are less opaque. They wave their hatred like a flag.

In Boston, the older Tsarnaev brother and apparent mastermind of the bombings was loving life until three years ago. According to interviews with friends and family, Tamerlan’s dream had been to become a professional boxer and earn a spot on the U.S. Olympic team.

He wore flamboyant white fur and snakeskins, and trash-talked his opponents in the ring. He was a good fighter, too, twice the Golden Gloves champ of New England.

Then the rules changed. Tamerlan wasn’t allowed to box in the Tournament of Champions because of his immigration status — he was a legal permanent resident, not a full U.S. citizen.

Disappointed, he quit boxing. He didn’t work a regular job. His wife, a healthcare aide, paid the family’s rent. The Tsarnaevs also received food stamps and welfare payments.

Tamerlan tried community college but soon dropped out. He grew a beard and became increasingly interested in Islam, the religion of his Chechen and Dagestani heritage.

Last year he went back to Dagestan for six months without his wife and daughter, a trip being scrutinized by the FBI and Russian authorities. So far, though, Tamerlan hasn’t been connected to any terror group that has targeted America.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Carl Hiaasen, useful idiot du jour in this sewer called “The Memo”, once again repeats the prepared propaganda of the Obozo regime while pretending to be a “journalist.” What a joke! You give yellow journalism a good name, Carl. Only an idiot, which includes most of the leftist freak morons that believe such drivel, actually believes these 2 monsters were just disgruntled kids. That’s a narrative that the Obozo regime wants you to believe because the truth does not matter nearly as much as protecting the Obozo image that RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM no longer is a problem. Answer these questions:

    1) What do you think the Russians knew, and why were they warning us about the radicalization of Tamerlan Tsarnaev 2 years ago?

    2) What mosque did these pieces of garbage attend, and is that mosque pitching radical Islam to the faithful?

    3) Who else did these boys know from that mosque, and were any of them on the terror watch list?

    4) Wha was the first young man that was arrested, the Saudi National “student” that NEVER showed up at the college he was admitted to in Findley, OH, listed as a 212 3(b) (worst government rating given) terrorst? And was he a member of the same mosque? Why did he just happen to be at the finish line where the bombs went off?

    5) Why did the Obozo regime quickly and rapidly deport that Saudi national “student” when he was classified as a terrorist and was at the scene of the bombing?

    These few questions, and hundreds more, deserve to be answered. Those killed and maimed deserve those questions to be answered. Unfortunately, this sewage site and most of the media feel as though protection of Obozo’s image is more important than getting to the truth and telling Americans that truth.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, Carl.

    Have a nice day!

    “Societies biggest failure is it has allowed authority to be its truth; and prevented truth from being its authority.” — Mobius Nemesis

    • Oh puh-lease, why is everything with you racists a conspiracy?
      Does your life suck so badly you have to engage in fantasy to amuse your sick mind?
      Looky here, they have mental health facilities available for people with your problem, visit one today.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Answer the questions, Zheet. The vitims deserve to have them answered. Or are you afraid that those useless schmucks that were killed or injured arent worth your glorious messiah’s image and false narrative that RADICAL ISLAM TERROR IS NOT ALIVE AND WELL INSIDE AMERICA? I guess that’s how you leftist freaks and useful idiots evaluate everything, isn’t it? How does this [insert any event] affect Obozo? That’s what’s important, right?
        Have a nice day!

        • FredAppell

          Wow Obozo, I actually agree with a couple of your statements. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there was some radical Islamic terrorists here. We also can assume that there are probably right and left wing domestic terrorists as well as lone wolf terrorists. It may be the price we pay for our First Amendment rights as well as the easy access of information from the internet. I also agree that the FBI was warned by the Russians to check Tamerlans possible suspicious activities. I think his family
          knows a lot more than they are saying as well. The question that I believe needs to be answered is why he went from one spectrum to another. You nor I have any idea what was going through his head. Perhaps he really did feel cheated by the U.S. naively so of course. This country didn’t owe him a damn
          thing but people become radicalized for all sorts of reasons that may be incomprehensible to most of us.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Hi Fred. Thanks for your response and input. There are already facts that are known.

            1) The Tsarnaev brothers and family were on every concievable source of welfare/public assistance that was offered, and they were on it for years.

            2) Despite that fact, they drove high end vehicles, had all new clothes and great technology like computers and cell phones. How the hell did they afford these things? Who financed them?

            3) Did their financing come from the Saudi financed mosque to which they belonged?

            4) What was the relationship between the brothers and the Saudi national “student” that is related to the Saudi family, and whom was just by coincidence at that finish line to witness the bombs exploding, and whom was arrested and then had his apartment searched, and whom was classified with a government rated dangerous terrrorist event file 212 3(b), AND whom Moochelle Obozo met with afterwards, AND whom the Obozo regime mysteriously deported under cover of night?

            5) We know there are 12 people associated with this bombing. What is the status of the others?

            My point of the whole thing here, Fred, is that the narrative that is being sold in the nightly news and in the major papers of America is a narrative that is 100% designed to protect the image of Obozo in the eyes of Americans. The agenda of the left in government and most of the media is clearly more important than the truth. This is why they keep saying that these were “just 2 lone kids mad at America” when the reality is completely different. You see, if organized terrorists were committing atrocities in American cities, the people may start to recognize that Obozo is WAAAAYYYYY TO CLOSE to the Muzzy Brotherhood and is completely ignorant to the dangers of radical Islam. People would question his competence, and this would jeopardize his ability to advance the agenda, which after all, is really the most important thing. Not those victims of the attacks. That’s all I’m saying.

            Have nice day!

            “Societies biggest failure is it has allowed authority to be its truth; and prevented truth from being its authority.” — Mobius

        • FredAppell

          I also wanted to add, a terror attack would be pretty easy to pull off without drawing much attention. Getting away with it is an entirely different thing.

  • It’s Too Easy To Become A Terrorist -How true. You simply need to be a liberal.

    • howa4x

      Really!! I didn’t know that Timothy Mcvey was a liberal. I read he belonged to a neo Nazi Aryan nation type group. Same with the southeast killers. I think you need to be a right wing person who thinks simplistically that all we need to do is kill a few or who ever and everything will be ok. Radical Islam is very right wing, and the people who kill doctors for preforming abortions which is another form or terrorism, are fundamentalist Christians. I haven’t read about too many Liberals carry out these acts

  • tdm3624

    It is sobering to realize that no amount of control can stop terrible things like this from happening.

  • Allan Richardson

    A number of people have been radicalized because they were denied an opportunity they felt they “should” have had. A young painter who thinks he has artistic talent, but whose pictures are devoid of human beings, just BIG buildings, is turned down by a major art school, and becomes the world’s most hated man in 20th century history (except for Branch Rickey, the man who moved the Dodgers, to Brooklyn baseball fans). A baseball player who was good, but not good ENOUGH to play for the Yankees, goes back home and starts a Communist revolution in Cuba. There are probably a number of others who did something violent to get attention. Was John Wilkes Booth not being cast in a play he tried out to get into? The Unabomber was not getting his academic “respect” (this one has been investigated and it turned out he was an unwitting subject of a psychological experiment on the effects of unjustified disrespect during his college years)? This is nothing new; there are simply more ways for such a sick psychopath to get the weapons for what I would call a “personal apocalypse.”

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    As more people realize that the American Dream is more often than not, not attainable as adults, as we are lead to believe is possible as children, we’re going to see a lot more of these bombings.

    This is the only solution some people see and lash out at society for being royally screwed in one way or the other by society, business and government. And, you can get screwed by any one of these, at any time in your life.

    I don’t agree with what the older brother brainwashed his younger brother to do and they both did. But I can totally understand the motives behind it. The older brother probably just got fed up like a lot of other people have.

    No, most people won’t turn into terrorist. They have a high tolerance level for BS. But, in their minds, these two men and many others feel they are totally justified.

    And, we’re witnessing less and less understanding and tolerance in our society. You can have only so much patience. Understanding, tolerance and patience is not a genetic inbred human quality. It must be taught, learned and applied throughout your entire life. If not, we start to de-evolve as a society, which seems to be happening right now.

  • howa4x

    You can’t discount the role of the mother in the turning of Tamerlan or the younger brother. We don’t know who the mother introduced him to in Dagestan. Here you have a case where the 2 brothers are here with no real family where the younger worships the older one who feels his dream was betrayed by Ameica In most terrorist events you have one who is a loner, cut off from people and insulated in their own life. They live in a cocoon that reinforces their twisted values. This is how Tamerlan sunk deeper into alienation. No job or contact outside
    Timothy McVey belonged to an Aryan group prior to the bombing so his hatred of this country was constantly reinforced. Terry Nichols came from an insulated militia movement. But the new terrorist isn’t only a religious one. Look at Adam Lanza who killed more people than the Boston bombers, same with Holmes in Aurora, or that pair who ran around the southeast killing randomly. We will see many more acts of extreme violence. Some motivated by religion and some by mental illness. Alienation will always be with us, along with easy access to weapons by unstable people and of course the internet where you can learn to build anything. Add to the mix a national organization that preaches armed insurrection and we have a witch’s brew for more tragedy.