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Monday, March 25, 2019

Tea Party-backed Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich declined to request millions of dollars in federal emergency relief in the wake of tornadoes ravaging much of his state this weekend, raising eyebrows and earning him some jeers from local Democrats for playing politics with a natural disaster.

Elected in the GOP wave of 2010, Kasich took hard-right positions on almost every explosive national issue, including a push for the elimination of collective bargaining rights for public employees that was overturned by angry voters this past November.

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11 responses to “John Kasich Refuses Federal Disaster Relief For Tornado-Ravaged Ohio”

  1. manray says:

    One of the greatest political moments came when Dick Armey dressed down John Kasich on the floor of the House in the 90s. Dick Armey dissing John Kasich. Doesn’t get any better than that? John Kasich is a federal disaster.

  2. PamelaT says:

    Maybe Ohio will recognize that the Republicans they vote for are only there to destroy them. The Tea Party has shown that but I haven’t seen any Tea Party refuse Social Security and Medicare which is the largest block of the Tea Party group. The Tea Party is the largest welfare/entitlement group in this country. Ohio citizens may have to do more to remove John Kasich. Today it is in their back yard.

  3. BobbyT1950 says:

    According to the %age of voters in the Primarys compared with 2010 and 2008, the Repubs are going down fast…They will lose a minimum of 10 governor positions, 3 to 5 Senate seats and possibly a dozen, YES, “12” seats in the House…They have played Politics way too far AND HAVE LOST!!! It feels so incredible that “We the People” are finally standing us, not only for our “Rights” but for common sense. Bring the Middle Class back to wheree it should be…Bob Tapolow any one disagree, 507 c398 3815

  4. Austin00005 says:

    Well spoken indeed.I’ve been watching the republican party shrink dramatically for the last.couple of years. It’s still pretty scary to see.some of this.stuff, but think god I think there time is up.

  5. evelyn autumncast says:

    Rush Limbaugh didn’t explain to the tea party and exstreamist republicans,the Government saves lives during destructions. Kasich and Rush Limbaugh are so busy destroying College educated women’s lives. And attacking americans characters until they are not explaining the goverments job besides raising tax on the 1%.Kasich the government believes in helping the people not like you and Rush Limbaugh believe in letting them suffer.

  6. Baron Cormac says:

    Governor Kaisch may be standing on what he perceives as his Conservative principals in his refusal to ask for Federal Disaster Relief funds, but he is playing with the lives of his people. I foresee him as a one-term governor unless a recall is taken up against him, too. Will he do the same if the Ohio River overflows its levees on his side of the river, too? Maybe he should deny the people of Ohio the permission to buy flood insurance from the federal government, too! That way if the Ohio or any other river overflows its banks during the Spring floods, the Government won’t have to pay any “bailout” monies.
    Yep. This guy will not only be “four-and-the-door” but he will ruin any other legitimate Republican candidate (if they can be said to exist) from the possibility of winning future elections. So much for the legacy of the Taft family.

  7. Howz 1 says:

    Having been already turned away by the voters for trying to break up unions, now he has stepped off the proverbial cliff. I don’t know what the voters will think of this stunt but it’s politics against the public interest again. I wonder if he went to the areas devastated and asked the people if they want to refuse Federal aid. He did this as an appeal to the tea party who now control the base of the Republican party, and a gift to Santorum. Republican governors across the country are assulting the middle class, government workers, teachers and women. Most are challanging health care reform instead of setting up the insurance exchanges that would help their people get access to care. They have become the anti people party

  8. merman says:

    Apparently, the negative press was so bad, he, as of 2:45 p.m. 3-6-12, relented to some extent: From a State of Ohio Governor;s Office press release: Ohio Governor John Kasich is now sending National Guard troops to Adams, Brown, Clermont and Scioto counties to aid in the clean-up. He’s also asking federal inspectors to determine if affected families in Moscow are eligible for federal relief programs or low-interest loans. According to a release, federal inspectors pledge to begin within 24 hours.

  9. Downhearted Patriot says:

    I would like to thank the people of Ohio for releiving their fellow taxpayers from this burden. We can spend it on the more needy. OBTW. I hope you are consistant enough to refuse Red Cross and the Salvation Army assistance.

  10. manjan says:

    I am a 72 year old male who has lived in Ohio all my life. I have voted republican and I have voted democrat. Even though I have not always agreed with the leadership of my state, I had never been ashamed of the leadership until now. I did not vote for Kasich. I hope that every one that voted with the Tea Party fanatics are enjoying the results of the last election.

  11. Diogenes lamp says:

    A staunch Republican governor mocks green energy and environmentally friendly policies, and woos carbon-producing corporations that increase global warming–which in turn causes freak weather patterns and conditions, which predictably result in truly incredible and savage death and destruction across the Mid-West. Does he repent and have a change of heart? No. Instead, he uncharitably refuses the federal aid to his state that President Obama offers, stubbornly replying thanks but no thanks, Ohioans can take care of themselves! I ask myself: is this man, and others who think like him, evil or just plain stupid? Maybe evil, in such cases, is simply a consequence of self-righteous ideological purity and rigidity (something like Pharaoh’s hardness of heart.) Or maybe it is more knowing and cynically calculating. But how is one to know? We can’t know for sure what’s in another’s mind and heart; we can only know whether his or her words and acts advance or are destructive of the greater good.

    By their fruits you shall know them.

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