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Monday, March 19, 2018

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

Before the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin attempted to defend President Trump’s $4.1 trillion budget, whose nearly $30 billion in cuts he attributed to “hard choices.” Ranking Democrat Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) wasn’t buying it.

“Mr. Secretary, I’ve often said that a budget proposal is a statement of values and priorities,” Lewis began. “This administration’s proposal makes crystal-clear that the hungry, the middle class, the elderly and the struggling will be left out and left behind.”

Trump’s $1 trillion-plus cut to social programs would hurt many of his own voters the most, despite an increase in military and border security funds.

“This budget says, more money for war, for guns, for weapons,” Lewis noted. “It razed Medicaid and Social Security; it cut funding for food assistance.”

Of all departments, Education, Health and Human Services and Housing and Urban Development are set to get hit the hardest ($9.2 billion, $4.834 billion and $6.2 billion cut, respectively).

“We have a right to know what is in the food we eat, what is in the water we drink and what is in the air we breathe,” hammered the Georgia congressman. “This budget cuts the EPA,” in addition to breaking “promise after promise to the American people.”

“I have a strange feeling,” he added, “this budget is not respecting the American people. I think we can do much better.”


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27 Responses to John Lewis Hammers Steve Mnuchin Over Trump’s Sadistic Budget Cuts

  1. Only in politics can a increase be called a cut. Program money is actually increased, but because the programs didn’t get a big enough increase, opponents call it a decrease. If a program gets a 5% increase, but wanted a 10% increase, they call it a 5% cut. Then they go in front of cameras and yell and scream about a huge cut in their programs. More of the ole bs of right is left, up is down, more is less by politicians.

      • Yepper. Now if the Republicans in congress have any guts, the budget will pass. However the RINO’s will whine and cry. Republicans got elected because they promised to help us. Instead once elected many decide they can’t get re-elected if they do what they got elected to do. Why do they people believe they got elected? Then they lose and wonder why.

        • Like dirtbag like dirtbag huh?? Just more of your pure hogwash – coming from a totally worthless inhuman creature. Slither back into your slimebog dirtbag!!

      • And who said it would help the debt? When you consider the $2 trillion math error, I don’t trust their calculations at all. And that $2 trillion seemed to be based more on wishful thinking rather than on any solid financial projection.

        • I’m not sure where you divined the $2 Trillion error, but a quick look at Federal Spending, which has been bouncing around $3.5 to $4+ Trillion a year under obamba, shows “Houston we have a problem”!

          The ONLY WAY way to solve it is to increase GDP by 1 or 2+ percent . . . . otherwise our kids and their kids and their kids and their kids . . . . . . LOSE!

      • Problem is dirtbag, our out-of-control national debt has nothing to do with spending – spending per dollar of GDP is at the lowest levels in 50 years. The increases in ourdebt are all about dramatically reduced tax revenues due to too many millionaires/billionaires and corporations making billions in profits paying little or no taxes – like 200 of the Fortune 500 each year paying zero in taxes and thousands of millionaires/billionaires doing the same thing. That’s what’s driving up our debt – not spending!!!!!!!

        • So, going from around $100 Billion (under G.W.) to service the National Debt (annually) to around $225+ Billion has no affect on the budget? If you passed 3rd grade math you might be able to figure this out.

          Where were you when obamba was growing our national debt (deficit spending) around a Trillion Dollars a year, with not positive results for our economy?

          • Obama had absolutely nothing to do with our skyrocketing debt – it was Reagan, the two Bushes and a corrupt GOP Congress that has resulted in our debt skyrocketing the past 8 plus years.

            Reagan and the 2 Bushes each spent like drunken sailors with Reagan and Bush 2 increasing spending every year by around 8%/yr and Bush 1 raised spending by over 5.4% each year. While under Obama spending increases only averaged about 1.5%/yr.

            Obama signed absolutely no legislation that can be attributed to the high rate of debt growth – it was all put in motion by Reagan and the 2 Bushes!!!

            And on top of all that, the GOP controlled spending for the last 6 years Obama was in office – so there’s no way Obama is responsible for any significant increase in our debt.

            Even today LOWLIFE, virtually every dollar of debt increases are due to the many pieces OF UNFUNDED LEGISLATION that Bush and the irresponsible GOP Congresses enacted during Bush 2’s disastrous 8 years in office.

    • Sorry, guys, but explain these:
      Centers for Disease Control – $314M less than they received last year
      PEPFAR (a GWB Initiative) – $292M cut
      Department of Education – $3B cut in teacher programs and Pell Grants
      HUD – $1.6B cuts in grants.
      And what will this money go for? More tax cuts for folks who don’t need it.

      However, he does request a $30B increase in Defense spending. Considering we already spend more than the next ten countries combined, what is this for?

      • I certainly hope that “itsfun” is one of those elderly that will be affected when he can no longer get food stamps, decent health insurance, or SSDI! But, he’s probably some acne faced teeny bopper sitting in his parent’s basement playing idiot!

        • Unfortunately, I think itsfun is a paid troll for the RNC or Heritage Foundation. Or It may just be a screen name used by whomever is there at a right-wing organization to make some prescripted idiot post.

    • Thanks for explaining that up is REALLY down, guy who is SO GODDAM STUPID he refused to believe the FBI was part of the DOJ, for days.

      It’s always valuable, finding out what morons think.

  2. I hate to be the one to say it but considering the a-holes trump has put in charge of the government it might be best to not let them get their hands on too much money. Most of them got where they are by being crooks.

    • Mnuchin is just another one of Trump’s “swamp creatures!” He drained the swamp alright….right into the White House!

  3. John Lewis shouldn’t be the ONLY representative to ask the hard questions of Mnuchin….ALL Democrats and many Republicans should be asking the SAME question! Apparently, building a wall and beefing up our military are much more important than feeding our children, helping out elderly, and providing decent funding for housing, etc.! This budget is a joke! This goes against EVERYTHING that Trump promised his voters, but because most of them don’t bother to read a newspaper or listen to a valid news program (except for FAUX News, and you know what BS they put out), they won’t realize that they’ve been screwed until it’s way too late!

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