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Monday, March 25, 2019

By Greg Lacour

CHARLESTON, S.C. (Reuters) – A jury on Thursday found avowed white supremacist Dylann Roof guilty of federal hate crimes resulting in the deaths of nine black parishioners at a historic church in Charleston, South Carolina, last year.

Jurors also said Roof, 22, was guilty of obstructing the exercise of religion for those he shot and killed during a church Bible study at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on June 17, 2015.

(Reporting by Greg Lacour; writing by Colleen Jenkins; editing by Jonathan Oatis and G CRosse)

IMAGE: South Carolina church massacre shooting suspect Dylann Roof is seen in U.S. District Court of South Carolina evidence photo that was originally taken from Roof’s website.  Courtesy U.S. District Court of South Carolina/Handout via REUTERS

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7 responses to “Jury Convicts Charleston Gunman Dylann Roof Of Hate Crimes”

  1. The Lamp of justice shines brightly today, and Dylan has received the 1st phase of the penalty he so richly deserves for his cowardly, satanic act—a personal affront on his part towards God and his Creation, an affront to all of the relatives of those killed.
    Robert Spencer, the Alt-Right, FOX and Ailes for facilitating the spread of fake news, Trump for being a motivator and inspiration for racists the world over, many in the GOP, and the countless minions called trolls working on behalf of racists and other conservatives, share some of the blame for their on-going assault against Christianity and against humanity with their ties, direct and indirect, to an incomparably evil institution called Racialism and its chapters across America.

  2. 1standlastword says:

    The only good thing is those people died believing they had salvation through their faith and that is all that can be celebrated here–

    All the evil is in the world of the living: Always has been and always will be!

    Their death is their freedom from suffering and their salvation they believed must now be theirs


  3. Meangreen says:

    Attach a very strong rope to all four of this racist limbs arms, legs, and then attach the other end to four plow horses and pull that no good murdering racist apart and feed the trunk and head to a aquarium full of piranhas…KILL THE BASTARD !!!!!!!

    • dpaano says:

      I agree, but isn’t that a little much? He’s going to get the death penalty anyway. All you’re doing is repaying violence with more violence, and that’s not what we do in this country. Justice has spoken…..let it do its job!

  4. johninPCFL says:

    Guilty!! Or, as Bannon puts it: “Trump’s first pardon!!”

  5. dpaano says:

    This guy definitely has a screw loose…..he even LOOKS like he’s as dense as a rock! It’s astounding to me that someone like this can do what he did and no one even thought this would be something he might do! We’re his parents that out of it not to see this coming?

  6. In addition to my first post on the closing phase of a trial that further amplifies the cancer slowly eating away at the vitals of an inherently great nation, it is necessary to name who I feel are complicit in this dastardly and horrific deed committed by someone raised presumably in a Christian environment, yet felt compiled to ignore all that Christianity stands for, and replace God with the false god of Race and one of its illegitimate servants called “Whiteness”.
    Trump must be held up as complicit in this tragedy, not because he vocally gave the OK to carry out this massacre in a religious sanctuary, but that he added to an already toxic environment helped along shamefully by the GOP—a Party still hungry for more power and influence even if it means attracting the rodents of America like the KKK, neo-Nazis, alt-right and its miscreant trolls who infest every corner of America and the Internet.
    The GOP is the 2nd entity that must be held accountable as complicit, as alluded to above.

    ISIS and other jihadists are capable of atrocities—they differ from racist elements in America, and in Europe, only insofar as what motivates them and their methodology.
    Whether one uses a gun or a scimitar, a noose or via bombs strapped to one’s body, whether the head is severed or a bullet shatters the midsection, the result is death and/or maiming. The numbers killed by one or the other doesn’t detract from the violation of the sanctity of human life by racists or jihadists.

    Syria and America, are stained immeasurably, and those who violate this sanctity or abet those who commit wanton murder act are all responsible. The good name of Christianity and of Islam are shamed, but both Revelations can’t be altered in Their Essence by deeds of atrocity committed by their respective adherents.

    To Trump: Don’t say a thing pretending to show remorse for what has happened, because you are incapable of truly being contrite and empathetic. It no longer is in your spiritual profile. As for you lackeys out there who worship Trump and the GOP, if what I say offends you, then that’s just tough. Go to an echo chamber so you can hear yourselves.

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