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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Just Like Akin: GOP Platform Demands Amendment Banning Every Abortion

Just Like Akin: GOP Platform Demands Amendment Banning Every Abortion

After setting off a bipartisan firestorm with his “legitimate rape” comments, and issuing an apology ad saying that he had “used the wrong words,” Missouri Representative Todd Akin ignored calls to step down as the Republican nominee for Senate in Missouri yesterday.

By the deadline early Tuesday evening, many Republicans — including presumptive nominee Mitt Romney — had condemned Akin’s statements and urged the Missouri representative to abandon the race.

Almost simultaneously, however, Akin’s central position — that abortion should be illegal even in cases of rape and incest — was adopted by the 2012 GOP platform committee as the party prepares for its national convention next week. Republicans support an amendment to the Constitution that would grant the unborn child “a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed,” according to the draft platform obtained by CNN.

Under such an amendment, having an abortion would be unequivocally tantamount to murder. The law would permit no exceptions, granting the fertilized egg the same rights as a human being. Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has been among the party’s most outspoken proponents of outlawing abortion, having co-sponsored the Sanctity of Human Life Act in 2009 with Akin. That bill would likewise invest an unborn child with the absolute right to life, without exceptions.

Despite Ryan’s vocal support of the “Personhood” bill, as well as the official Republican party line, Republican Chairman National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus has said that Mitt Romney is free to hold his own views on abortion — which suddenly allow for exceptions to be made in cases of rape or incest. (And Ryan has lately acceded to the views of his running mate.)

“This is the platform of the Republican Party; it’s not the platform of Mitt Romney,” Priebus said on MSNBC. “That all being said, though, these guys are proud pro-life candidates and we’re a proud pro-life party.”


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31 Responses to Just Like Akin: GOP Platform Demands Amendment Banning Every Abortion

    • The whole “pro-life” movement does not make any sense when you consider that what they are proposing in the case of a woman whose life is at risk as a result of a pregnancy is nothing more than a trade off between her life and the probability of a fetus surviving. It is even worse when you consider the evangelical position of contraception, eloquently articulated by Rush Limbaugh, their spokesperson.

  1. Makes perfect sense….Protect all human [american] fetuses….let ’em die if their parents can’t afford healthcare.

    • Dominick, I only wish this were true. I watched one of the planning sessions of the 2012 GOP Platform Committee run late at night on CSpan 23, which usually covers congressional hearings and debates on the floors of the house and the senate. Boy Howdy, was THAT planning session a snooze fest. The knowledgeable GOP operatives you reference must have been plotting somewhere else, off in one of their “quiet rooms.”

      At the planning session that I witnessed, members took turns getting up, having their say, then sitting down again. I couldn’t figure out to whom they were addressing their remarks. Who was the Big Pooh Bah for whom each of the session members was reciting their piece, like school children in a pageant, having memorized their lines, but maybe not quite understanding them? It seemed as though no one actually called them to order or invited them to speak. When they stood up, they addressed no one in particular, and afterwards, I couldn’t figure out whether anyone acknowledged what they had said. And the stuff coming out of their mouths: totally disjointed, I think. It was so generic and noncommittal as to be incoherent. There was no discourse of any kind, even nonverbal: no heads nodding in agreement, no fist bumps, no fist fights, no cheers, no tears of joy. By the time that registered, I was shaking the remote and refreshing the channel. I thought I might have clicked on Scfy cable by mistake and come upon a town hall meeting of cybernetic drones inside a Borg hive on “Star Trek.”

      It is a genuine miracle that any platform could have come from this planning session on anesthesia. I kind of felt sorry for your average Joe or Jane Republican, looking forward to the reassurance of the convention in Tampa, imagining that the platform will be a coherent confirmation of what the candidates have been telling them on the campaign trail.

      I know what you are thinking: I must have dozed off. I’ll tell you how I knew I was awake. Like you, Dominick, my friend, I, too, could hear the violin. I just couldn’t tell who was playing it.

      • It doesn’t take much to entertain or convince an airhead. What amazes me the most is not the incoherence or emptiness of the GOP message, but the fact that people who will be harmed by their policies if they are implement them support their agenda without hesitation and obediently. Do they understand what the GOP is proposing and how it would affect their lives? Romney’s tax plan would be a calamity for the middle class, the dismantling of social programs would be a disaster for our most vulnerable citizens and for our society at large, the repeal of ACA would deny 41 million Americans access to affordable medical care, including preventive medicine, and their effort to deny women and ethnic minorities the same rights extended to everyone else would put us at par with the Third Reich. Hopefully enough people will wake up between now and November and vote to prevent a disaster that would make W’s tenure look like a walk in the park.

        • In “The Conservative Psyche: How Ordinary People Come to Embrace Paul Ryan’s Cruelty” (Alternet 8-20-12), Joshua Holland cites research in psychology suggesting that a liberal and a conservative mindset exists in each of us, but the one that gets the most exercise eventually dominates. Conservatives select the facts that support their beliefs. Liberals see facts as a dynamic part of reasoning–so lies are far more problematical to them.

          People vote against their own self-interests, this research posits, because they look for facts that confirm their cherished beliefs, reinforcing the emotional safety net on which their world view depends. Think about fundamentalists and Creationism, for example. This is called “motivated reasoning.” Fox News and its handmaiden, the GOP, is happy to oblige conservatives with “facts” to uphold their world view, even if these “facts” are, in fact, lies. Amazingly enough, the duped are happy in their deception.

          Finally, the annals of history are littered with the victims of religious intolerance and tyranny–two means by which the powerful force the weak to accept lies as facts. And let’s not forget ignorance. As early as the Bronze Age, a Ugaritic scribe concluded that one of the greatest problems of his civilization was that some people were so stupid. Apparently, like the poor, they are always with us.

          • I couldn’t agree more. Rulers and tyrants, from ancient emperors and pharaos to Torquemada, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and the modern day GOP have used deceit and religion to control and use the masses to achieve their goals. Deceit and exploiting our fear of death or the unknown are the tools they use to rally support. I spent 30 years overseas, part of it in Third World countries, and I was not surprised by the ability of tin pot dictators to convince people to support policies that were counter productive to them considering the high level of illiteracy in some countries; what amazes me is the ability of the right wing to convince the American people to do the same, even when we take into consideration the negative influence of religion on our thought process.

          • All the time remembering that it is not just religion that can have a stultifying effect upon thought process: take for example Paul Ryan and his infatuation with Ayn Rand. On the other hand, let us all praise Nuns on a Bus and Dr. Martin Luther King, who give religious conviction such a good name.

  2. Republicans are NOT pro-Life…they are pro-BIRTH. They stop caring about the child as a human being as soon as it leaves the womb. Bet they will want to make sure that the rapist get’s parental and visitation rights as well.

  3. Republicans are NOT pro-Life…they are pro-BIRTH. They stop caring about the child as a human being as soon as it leaves the womb. Bet they will want to make sure that the rapist get’s parental and visitation rights as well.

  4. There is no reason for abortion. Provide birth controll for those that cannot contain themselves. The repubs do not want this agenda to die, it is there only chance they will ever have to get back the white house. For the most part I think most Americans do not want women to have abortion’s Demo or Repub, the supreme court which the president has to hold up when he is sworn in controls womens rights. Roe Vs Wade the deciding vote was a republican appointe under Ragan??Gay”s marriage?That is a religious view not a political one. Get religion out of politics and politics out of religion does not work for American now, we are a diverse society. Instead of Baptist and Catholic we will have Demo and Repub Churches? God did not intend for this to happen. Just because people have a marriage certificate (mans Law) does not mean that it is gods law. Give them all the marriage certificates they want but god will judge not us.

    • I suspect the evangelicals are incensed with the fact that most health insurance plans began to cover contraceptives on August 1. Without abortion, what can the disciples of Adam Weishaupt run on?

    • Sure. So does the rapist get parental visitation rights? Does he have a voice in the raising of the child? Which schools the child attends? What church the child attends? Can he be tried for manslaughter if the woman he impregnates dies giving birth? Does he get the child if the mother dies?

        • Bumper-sticker slogans just don’t cut it as policy in the real world. 25000 rape-induced pregnancies per year, and these idiots haven’t thought a second past the “I’m pro-life” sloganeering.

          Do some rape-pregnancies brought to term work out well? Sure. Do most end the life plans of the woman who was raped? Yes. Is chaining her to a bed and forcing her to bear the child of the rape the new GOP policy? Absolutely. It’s in the GOP 2012 platform.

          Does the woman go to jail if she has an abortion? Absolutely. If it’s illegal, somebody goes to jail. Does the rapist go to jail? Maybe. He, at least, gets a trial.

  5. Once again the GOP has managed to divert the attention of the religious groups that form it’s foundation. I find it comical that these same devout people are supportive of the unequal distribution of wealth that will accelerate if Mitt is elected, contrary to what their savior actually preached. This is the side show since none of the debate never focuses on what happens to this child after the state forces you to have it. Oh, isn’t it a little like communism, having the state force you to produce a child against your will? I thought the GOP was all about personal freedom or is that only about owning a gun, or being free to ruin the enviornment? Or is that only if you are a white male? Talk about submission of women, this is the criminalization of the womb, well beyond Roe/Wade. The rest of us believe in a seperation of church and state, but the defenders of the constitution(tea Party) want to bring the churchs dogma directly into the criminal codes of the US. Aren’t they like the Taliban? What seperates them?
    Welcome to the upside down modern GOP where contridiction is the norm.

  6. If this is the case, then I want the Rep. to set up a special fund to take care of all the unwanted, abused and malnurished children or . how about an amendment that says a man may not have intercourse unless he is welathy and married!!

    • How about comparable treatment? The rape ruins the womans life.

      How about transsexual surgery for a man convicted of rape? Let him walk awhile on the other side.

  7. their stand would be more palatable if they cared about the child once it was born. but they don’t. in fact, they don’t care about it in utero, either. maternal health care? nope. after birth, hunger, illness, homelessness, poor education, no future are all just fine with the conservatives. in fact, they don’t care again until it’s time to die, and then, by god, they want to keep you alive to the bitter end, no matter the cost or the pain or the misery. you’d better be born rich or you don’t matter

  8. Abortion could of been overturned 15+ yaers ago. They had a republican majority all these years. Why hasnt abortion been overturned? Its their bread and butter issue when everything else fails. Abortion will never be overturned.

  9. Republicans are Pro Everything that benefits the wealthy, and against anything that benefits the rest of America. What is really sad is their brainwashed minions that follow along like sheep going to the slaughter !

  10. I love how these “comb-over Republicans” like to legislate women’s vaginas!!!! (Along with “Governor Vagina” of Virginia. Let THEM have something stuck upp them and see how they like it!!!!!

  11. I hope they gloricy “comb-over” Akin fulltime during the convention every day! It will turn off American women in America (except the grey-haired Tea Partiers).

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