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Monday, December 10, 2018

The Washington Examiner‘s Byron York recently asked, “Are Republicans too divided to have a civil war?

He laid out a number of varied issues that have pitted conservative against conservative: immigration, national defense, Ted Cruz. And he concluded, “But the very number of divisions within the GOP makes it difficult to imagine the party falling into a classic civil war, with two sides lined up against each other over some irresolvable dispute.”

That line was written before Mother Jones‘ David Corn revealed #Groundswell, a cabal of ultra-conservative activists, journalists and policymakers who regularly conspire in their neverending #war against Obama. The members of the group go beyond sharing information — they actually attempt to plot a “30-front war” by shaping messaging to sell their policies and then pushing it into the world. For instance, they created a series of hashtags to undermine Democratic messaging: #CantTrustObama, #SequesterLies and #PoliticsOverPublicSafety.

Politics over public safety” was a major theme of the group, who saw it as a salient attack against Obama on immigration, national defense and — of course — #Benghazi!

Ginny Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and a key player in #Groundswell, loved the “politics over public safety” messaging so much that she issued “brownie points” to anyone in the organization who effectively “deployed” it in the media, Corn explains in the video above of his talk with 92Y producer Jordan Chariton.