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Friday, October 21, 2016

Karl Rove, George W. Bush’s top political adviser for over a decade and the brains behind an outside group that hopes to raise and spend $300 million opposing President Obama’s re-election, released his first analysis of the 2012 electoral map this week, picking Obama as the early favorite.

His electoral map, reproduced below, pegs the president as the solid favorite in 18 states totaling 220 electoral votes, and as the slight favorite in another five states (New Hampshire, Nevada, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania) totaling 64 votes; the combined 284 electoral votes would be well over the 270 needed to win a second term.

While some of Rove’s choices — especially listing South Carolina, a conservative state Obama has almost no chance of winning, as a toss-up — might raise eyebrows, his 2008 map proved quite accurate. And even if this early look is meant to scare wealthy Republican donors into contributing to his American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS groups, the simple fact is that President Obama is in a strong position six months out from election day.

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    To think all these people and companies would give 300 million dollars for this scum, rather than helping the needy of our nation shows the mentality of the GREEDY OIL PARTY. The have truly forsaken America. They should be ashamed…

    • Being greedy is a condition you must agree to in order to be a Republican.

      • Thats why Conservatives in general are known to give more money to those in need than Liberals. Look it up, its a fact.

      • mytraintrax

        And being a pathetic lazy loser, an illegal alien, or a convicted felon is what you require to be a useless lying democrat

        • oddjob


          30 year-old cant. You might want to get an education so you can think creatively instead of saying the very same things you said a generation ago.

          • gbnana

            Something’s never change.
            Prerequisites for being a dem that is 🙂

          • oddjob

            And prerequisites for being a dupe who votes for Republicans, too.

          • oddjob

            Same damn racist bullshit as always.

        • daronlady620

          You speak with the conviction of the igorant.

          • mytraintrax

            Hey all you dumb as rocks libitards, here is another newsflash for you:

            Aug 14 2012 US Treasury Department warns of yet more expected taxpayer losses from Obama’s costly bailout of the auto industry will increase to $25.1B more tax payer dollars

            Hope and change, I feel those hope and change chains tightening around my ankles and my neck as the Obamanator and Blundering Biden sell out my future to China and the SEIU union mobsters

        • Yes, because the top Democrat Obama topped his class (10%) in Harvard by being a pathetic, lazy loser, unlike all the rich Republicans who bought their way into the school with donations. Whoops!

    • TheSkalawag929

      Assuming that a greedy person would feel shame presumes that that person has a conscience.
      Greed has no conscience only a need that must be satiated.

  • graylon

    Mitt dont need to get a rental truck !

    Just come off the road and go home, what a long ride !

  • To lose this election, OBAMA would have to SODOMIZE A GOAT ON THE WHITE-HOUSE LAWN and POST IT ON FACEBOOK, if one is to believe this. What makes me DOUBT this is things like FLORIDA as a toss-up with a dynamic character like RUBIO at work there, especially if he gets recruited for VP mate.

    • tiedtotheair2

      I think the reason Florida is listed as a toss up is because of the Latino vote which normally leans red, now is firmly in Obama’s camp. That coupled with 96% of the Black vote, Gays, Women, Students and even some White poor is enough to tip the scales against the older White upper class that is a mainstay for the Republican Party.

    • You only have to recall the election of 2000 to know why Florida is unlikely to go democratic. The republican corruption in that state has stolen elections before. It can happen again.

      • viewfromtheleftcoast

        For Florida, and Ohio and Pennsylvania as well, we should enlist a neutral country to monitor the the vote

  • Karl Rove cannot be trusted. This is an attempt to raise additional funds for the party of Wall St. I hope Americans remember what these people stand for, which is for the rich to get richer and let them eat cake for the poor and middle class. Two unfunded wars, and an unregulated financial industry is what has led us into this recession. I don’t think reelecting the people who put us in this position is an intelligent response.

    • EdC

      Even parts of Wall Street arefor Obama, especially the really smart ones

      • mytraintrax

        You mean the ones that own him lock stock and a very corrupt barrel, dem idiots

        • Niels Christensen

          Hey mytraintrax, you sound like a really smart person, lol

          • mytraintrax

            Hey Niels, droom ann poepall, droom ann!

      • mytraintrax

        No you mean the ones that own his hide want him back in, the Geoffry Immelt’s, the Soros family, and the rest of the leftist 1 percenter’s degenerate and immoral scumloards, that’s who want him back, the smart money know we cant afford anther 4 years of this African primate.

  • gms5843

    we should tax the super pacs 50%

  • This is only a means of raising cash for the man, who intemds to make the rich, richer and to destroy the rest of the people. Help the country if Romney wins this election.

    • EdC

      It’s time to actually ask God to bless America, He has seen the not so distant past, and the more recient past, and I believe he will bless us if we continue the present course.

      • TheSkalawag929

        We cannot sit around waiting for God to do for us what he has already shown us needs to be done.
        The message from God to me is very clear. The rethuglicans are not on my side and need to be removed from office.
        Now it’s up to us to “GITTER DONE”.

        • EdC

          YOu are so right, but not trying to me a Bible Thumper as you said the message from is clear.

  • Karl Rove is homosexual stooge of the lowest order.

    • EdC

      Just let it rest at stooge, most gays are more in tune with the world then he is.

      • TheSkalawag929

        I agree with EdC. Stooge is far enough.

    • So being honest you’re saying gays are stooges of the lowest order? Sounds Homophobic
      to me….

      • TheSkalawag929

        Sidney I truly hope that you are pretending to be as stupid as your post makes you appear.
        Back when I was growing up we used to make fun of guys with the name Sidney. I out grew that.
        I hope that you will out grow the silly stances you take today.

        • EdC

          here, here

  • Emmanduka

    Karl Rove prediction that President Obama will be re- elected for the second term will be so, even though his idea is to call President Obama’s opponents to action. The bible states the power of life and death is in our tongue, so has Karl Rove predicted victory for Obama. However, the democrats should let this prediction come true by working even harder.

    God bless America

    Emmanuel (Canada)

    • viewfromtheleftcoast

      I think KR has a different and longer view……He doesn’t like Romney one bit…….He wants to capture the senate and hold on to the lead in the house, get more repubs. elected as governors, and pack state legislatures….

      He really doesn’t care of Romney loses, he wants the bigger piece of pie, “everything else!”, and then run a so called “populist” in 2016……(and that would not be Romney)

  • Tim

    Yes, don’t trust Rove! He’s got a plan and I think it’s to turn that $300M into $5-600M and with that kind of PAC money, Romney could sodomize that goat on the front lawn of any of his homes, put the photos on Facebook, drive a Mercedes, have a gay son, become Agnostic, bring a ham to a Bat Mitzvah and cheat on his wife and still be elected.
    Remember that the attention span of the “normal” American is limited, dim and easily swayed…

  • markmckennon

    It seems unlikely, but as I eye this map I’m fantasizing that Romney’s self-important, impudent, arrogant Nov. ’08 op-ed piece in the NY Times advocating that GM and Chrysler be allowed to go bankrupt will come back to haunt him as Michigan plays the identical, pivotal electoral college role this year, in favor of Obama, that Florida ’00 and Ohio ’04 played for Bush. Talk about poetic justice and “let that be a lesson to you!”

    Yeah, that Romney the job creator. It’s going to be sticky tricky sophistry to proclaim himself a job creator when his business judgment was that he’d let two major corporations die, at the loss of several hundred thousand interconnected jobs and many billions in lost investments. Worse than cruelly depressed, Detroit, Flint and several other company towns would now be post-apocalyptic wrecks. Of course, he and his cronies could then have bought their assets for pennies on the dollar, so perhaps Romney’s op-ed was both wishful thinking and an x-ray of his business and political philosophy!

    Even if the job market does not markedly improve, to a sub 8.0, Obama will have the recent upbeat sales stats and balance sheets of bailed-out GM and Chrysler to tout, as well as Romney’s own op-ed words, which he ought to eat, live on Fox, if this Michigan fantasy should become election reality as Obama’s vital link in ’12.

    • TheSkalawag929

      Just for the sake of arguement let’s look at it this way. Romney wants the auto industry to go belly up in this country. That way he and his vulture capital friends can swope down and scoop up the profitable parts, kill the unions, discard that which they don’t like and be considered the saviours of the industry by Wall Street at a later date.
      One thing went wrong. President Obama.

  • No one to my knowledge ever accused Karl Rove of being stupid, just seriously misguided. He was the one after all that blasted Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle as worthless candidates in the last election. Of course he took a lot of republican heat for that and spinelessly backed done, but the damage was done.

  • good point–good ‘ol Karl using this to squeeze more $$$$ from his pals!

  • Sam

    How low wall street can stoop to appease their greed. It is time “BUY AMERICAN SUPPORT AMERICA”

  • bobpol

    this s just a tatic to lull liberal and moderate voters and to amp the right extremists do not be fooled by this MASTER OF DECIT

  • All I have to say is….everything that needs to be said as been said.


  • RichMiner

    As a 71 year old progressive, I’d shutter at the notion of taking anything Karl Rove has to say seriously. We will need to fight hard to get the president re-elected. There are so many positive accomplishments to emphasize; we need to repeat them in every forum we can access. Talk about a humane approach to healthcare,TARP successes (even AIG is paying back) the stimulus, three US car companies surging, a rejection of torture, a considered approach to environmental issues, the end of don’t ask don’t tell, pell grants, a sane military, nuanced diplomacy, the Arab spring… This administration has been good for the country, and we need this president for another 4 years.

    • then why does not your president know about all the good things he has done? Because he knows that you are misinformed.

  • 1AmericanHoney27

    Karl Rover is a sly old fox.. smile to your face, reach in your pocket with one hand & stab you in the back with the other… People, I believe 100% that Obama/Biden will be victorious in Nov but not without every single vote possible. Don’t listen to statements that Obama’s the favorite… Obama has Victory in the bag…. Come election day… VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Take a moment today & go to
    [email protected]. vote against CISPA. (Cybersecurity Information Sharing & Protection Act. Tell the Republicans how sorry they are for cutting women’s health care today. Once again President Obama will have to take time from his already busy schedule to veto…. This is just some more crap being shoved on women by the Republi-pricks…… Then have the nards to ask why progress is slow…. Go figure.

    • Considering the difference between Pro’s and Con’s, I better understand the opposite of progress is definently..CONGRESS!

    • TheSkalawag929

      Well said 1AmericanHoney27. Very Well Said.

    • EdC

      I might go with slimey instead of sly.

    • mytraintrax

      You need to wipe your mouth, with what you are spewing its starting to resemble your asshole.

  • What we ALL must do is talk, blog, anything that pushes the conversation on this to illuminate who Rove and the Koch Bros really are. They suck the life out of the 99% while lining their pockets and bank accounts. They don’t give a whit if you live or die..I take that back. If you die there’s more for them.

    • You’re so right, they suck the life out of the 99% just like ticks, leeches and cancers!

  • Rohinton Rustomji

    President Obama will win by a large margin

  • pippas

    This is scare tactic, to make for the fat cats to give more!

  • Please understand this map was created by Karl Rove as a fundraising device to upset big bucks Republican campaign contributors, who will then donate money to Rove’s PAC. Rove is not a man who has ever been afflicted by a need to be straightforward and honorable in his political dealings. He mastered dirty politics in junior high!

    Any Democrat who believes President Obama is in great shape and easily headed for a win has to be smokin’ sumpin’.

    • I agree with you and don’t take his re-election for granted, that’s one good reason why I’ll vote for Obama in 2012!

    • michael45

      Don`t think so….keep dreaming big

  • delcon

    damned near ashamed to be from WV where the poor and ignorant seem to get even poorer

  • michael45

    It`s a frightening thought to think Romney would ever be president.

  • TheSkalawag929

    I trust Karl Rove.
    I trust him in that what he says is the exact opposite of what he means.
    He believes that Obama can be beaten if the rethuglicans can lull the democrats into a false sense of security. By causing Democrats to believe that they have the election sewen up there is no need for them to show up at the polls to vote and by suppressing Democratic turn out, “voter ID laws”, rethuglicans are assured a win in November.
    We must be vigilant of the tricks of the wrong-wingers.

    Obama/Biden 2012

    • tljanssen


      GET OUT THE VOTE is paramount!
      Obama/Biden 2012

  • May Carl Rove be afflicted with a case of AIDS.

  • tljanssen

    If Romney wins, I may move to Mexico. As long as I can still keep getting my SS checks and access my IRA for cash outs.

    • yes, by all means move!

    • Sarah L

      Crybaby Libbie boy- boo hoo. Priceless that I get blocked. Ha ha
      Btw, I out people that do this on other posts.

  • dsbrown50

    The idiotic Citizens United that has been decided by the Court that a corporation is people is backed by Republicans and should go down if justice is to prevail. Money is not people!
    And Karl Rove who was Bush’s backer should be embarrassed how he left office. Instead he’s backing a rerun of that presidency to get us back where we were.

  • gloriarider

    wallstreet is sucking up to Obama because he bailed them out and theymade millions.

    WALLstreet and the banks and big corporations are not our friends. We as senior citizens lost 14 trillion dollars of our retirement money, the equity in our homes, and our jobs.
    The big corporations ripped us off and the big banks when they received the bailouts
    they did not help the mortgage industry for which they were responsible Freddie and Fannie MAc, they went out and bought smaller banks and became more powerful and gave huge bonuses to their head staff if you remember. We the people have been ripped off big time, and children are going to bed hungry because of it. This election is a no brainer,
    get rid of Obama and his goons and lets take our country back….

  • people need to start voting with there BRAINS! Why would Mich. be leaning to Obama? Why is IN red? Wasnt for the auto bailout, both states would be DIW> (dead in the water!) Y cant they vote on the facts! Not just becausse mom & dad and Grand parents voted that way. How did that work out for us!(voting Bush in twice!). Think people! It’s about the economy STUPID! not Sarah Palins moral issues!

  • Yea, but it is important that we refrain from becoming too over-confident or cocky. Keep up the pressure and get folks registered now to vote as if they are putting Mr. Obama in office for the first time (remember 2008?) Do It!

    • good luck with that dream of yours.

  • CAN THIS BE TRUE???????????

  • irishtap

    When we consider the immense potential of our country compared to precious time and opportunity squandered over the past 30 plus years, due to over zealous anti-government Republicans, it should cause us to reflect. With plutocracy as the GOP goal, economic justice for citizens will go the way of the Dodo. Social Security/Medicare gone. A chance to stem deleterious effects of climate change fade as the planet’s pleas for mercy turn into tantrums. Corporations, some willfully, some by ignorant association (via ALEC) have aided in the manufacture of legislation designed to compromise voting rights of citizens. It’s time the party of unbridled greed is told: ‘we the people are fed up by their inability to govern with truthful/sincere discourse, and that a political party attempting to dismantle representative government is deficient of ethical standing and is bereft of moral authority. Mr. Rove it seems is, the celebrated sociopath of the far right; seeking to disenfranchise Americans from a hopeful future and the knowledge that human beings are capable of great achievement when properly led. Rove’s brain is only capable of destructive planning as it relates to the poor and middleclass. Every noxious breath and utterance expelled from him cloakes the evil manifesto of the extreme right and this pure nazi.

  • Garfield10

    Don’t trust Karl Rove. If he says that Obama has a chance in South Carolina, he is misleading somebody. Don’t trust anything he says.

    Also, beware of voting machines being manipulated (hacked).

  • Truthseeker562

    This election is so important we are making a clear choice in which path we want to take as we evolve. Putting all religion aside lets delve to our very soul. What is our Soul’s purpose. This election is A clear snap shot of our very soul. Romney is serving his purpose as so is President Obama. Both these men were clearly hand chosen by the Almighty himself. Whose path are we going to choose. I personally will choose a path that makes me look deep within my Soul. I need to question myself am I a racist would I vote against myself because President Obama is black and I haven’t cleansed that part of my soul. Am I so greedy that I cannot see that everyone doing their fair share will benefit everyone. Am I so ignorant that I would vote against myself by voting blindly or even keeping myself ignorant as an excuse not to look deep inside. I believe there is an awakening coming there is a sharp contrast here this didn’t happen by chance it is Gods way of putting out the question of where your Soul is. Romney is not a bad man he is there for a purpose he is doing God’s will also we need to see both sides to a clear choice. Everyone is playing their role here. God Loves everyone in this World no matter who you are where you come from. Wake up people.

  • catsquelch

    someone needs to stop Obama because he and Emanuel and their cronies are going to try and disarm legal American gun owners, and their ilk plus Hillary Clinton want to use the United Nations to go around the second ammendment to do the same….at least register to vote and vote them out of office….that doesn’t cost anything..

  • catsquelch

    someone needs to stop Obama, Emmanuel, Hillary, and Eric Holder and their ilk…they are going to try and disarm the legal gun owners of America…they will use the UN to get rid of the Second Ammendment, Obama will use Presidential Orders, and they will underhandedly do what Australia did…the New York congressional delegation plus Bloomburg will have this as their number one project….

  • Why are people picking on a President who has raised us from the depth of that lousy Bush administration. After him, it’s a wonder that we’re still alive.

  • How can anyone blame President Obama for the economy. He has turned it around and we are getting back on our feet. After 8 years with Bush, it is a wonder that er are still alive.

  • Richard Miner

    If anyone out there is interested in getting more information on the issues we need to emphasize in order to keep the president in office, I’ve collected lots of detail over the last 5 years in “Blogging through the Obama Years”. See Amazon. com and type in the title.

  • randallbeauregard

    The GOP should save their money for 2016.

  • dwight61

    After reading GOP leaders plotting on Inaugration night party given by Frank Lutz I do not see how anyone can vote Republican they are trying to destroy this country because we elected a black president and they can not get over the fact the man was not in office yet and you heard I hope he fails a bunch of sick bastards are really trying to destroy this great nation

  • CAThinker

    The Republicans have always been in the business of using fear to sell – there should be no surprise that they use it (and it works) amongst themselves.

  • what is the knew obama care package in store for the people after the first of the year 2013 i hear it is not good, maybe the people should hear before they vote.

  • Carefull with Rove. He is probably planning another coup. He should be tried for high treason.

    • mytraintrax

      The only traitors are the dems and their brain dead supporters.

      • at least Obama has values. The only thing Romney brings is greed and corruption – he will be bad for the economy and kill the prosperity Obama, against all odds, has achieved for US. The whole world knows that the majority of republican voters are mislead and, well, politically dumb. Maybe that’s why you vote republican – it’s some kind of fetisch, knowing you’re screwing yourself financially.

        • guamjeff

          Oh diluded Simon. You have it so backward. You did a great job of arguing the position from the left point of view however. Name calling and no facts or logic. Good job.

        • The only thing Romney brings to the table is greed and corruption?? The guy is INCORRUPTIBLE, he has worked his whole life to be successful in business, he’s played by the rules and succeeded doing so. He’s EARNT over 150 million dollars from Bain capital, which by several non-partisan analysis’s created over 20, 000 jobs NET. Even Bill Clinton admits he has a STELLAR business career. Do you honestly think he’s running to be president for all the perks or for the lifestyle??? With a net worth of over 150 million dollars you’d have to be plain stupid to believe that.

          • mytraintrax

            Yea and I would rather have lots more of that than another 4 years under your dark overlord, he is killing my business and putting the people that work for me out of a job you lamebrain.

        • What “prosperity”? We have record oil prices, measurable inflation setting in once again, a record number of home foreclosures, and double digit inflation. If anyone is “dumb”, it is people like you who parrot this nonsense.

          • wasnt that the mess yr warmonger george bush left behind

          • Rosie Sultana

            Whats your solution, Einstein? Another unnecessary war to drain our economy? Remember what Musharaff said after Bush finally left office. “There is a bright guy in office now. We cannot fool the Americans any more”. He was talking about Obama, you stupid turd.

        • Obama has values???? He’s from Chicago you twit. The HOME of political greed and corruption. You are the naive one here Simon.
          He has not fulfilled ANY of his campaign promises beyond ramming Obamacare down our throats, in exactly the fashion he told us he would NEVER do. He has exemplified all the things he criticized the “evil” Republicans for doing. And you still believe the BS from the stinking “BO”? LOL

        • Bush had eight years where unemployment averaged about 5%. He inherited a recesssion too, and had the unemployment rate back to 5% in a few years. Obama hasn’t had unemployment under 8% yet, and he has had 4 years. He doesn’t know what he is doing, which is why unemployment has been above 8% for the longest stretch in his lifetime. Get A Republican back in charge, and unemployment will drop back to where it was under Bush.

        • JJJJGGGG

          Obama achieved prosperity? For whom? The food stamp recipients?

        • You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. Federal debt, unemplyment, food stamp usage have all skyrocketed under the big eared bean pole. He has also tried very hard to kill thousands of potential jobs by slamming the brakes on drilling in the Gulf, Alaska and both US coasts, stopping the Keystone pipeline project, pushing cap and trade, higher taxes for the wealthy and going after the Coal Industry with crazy regulations that make it impossible to ever build another coal fired power plant. He has turned America from a world power into a world wimp and pushed very hard to destroy the social fabric that made this country great namely; increasing funding for abortion, legalizing same sex marriage and opening his arms to Islam while pushing back on all things Christian and Isreal. You are typical of the mindless koolaid guzzling Obama zombies that tune into politics for kids programs like Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and CNN and aren’t capable of producing a single clear rational thought on their own.

        • The only thing Barry is good for (and he’s not even good at that) is LYING

          He promised ‘change’ …. he did everything Dubya’a handlers instructed and got US a thousand time more in the muck

          It’s called Treason anywhere out in the Real World

        • CanadianRepublican


        • I like that “the whole world knows” clap trap. Because we abhor socialism / communism doesn’t make us “politically dumb”. It is you who sucks from tghe teet of the federal government who have been mislead.

        • mytraintrax

          LOL and what values would those be, the ones he compromises to the extreme just to win votes, sorry but he is the most arrogant self indulgent evil despicable piece of slime that ever crawled out of the primeval ooze, this vile filth is what I wipe of the bottom of my shoe when I walk out of a paddock, he is without question the most disgusting incarnation to ever slither across this planet.

      • how rich are you i wonder.or stupid

        • mytraintrax

          Well let see now, I don’t receive any government hand outs, I have a personally funded medical aid, and most important of all, I sign pay checks every Friday so that hard working people can take home a wage and care for their families, that makes me a better person than you as well as smarter, and to top it off richly rewarded in knowing I do my bit without the help of your flat nosed floppy eared lying sack of crap leader, and all this is because “I am Joe the Plumber and I did build it”

    • Talk about trying to do away with free speech, Karl Rove has every right to advocate a cause he believes in. Go and read the CONSTITUTION. PS i bet you dont wanna try George Soros for High treason, he’s doing the exact same thing as karl, except he’s using his own money.

    • How about evaluating you for paranoid tendencies?

    • CanadianRepublican

      Oooooh, scary Karl. Any basis for treason charge? You must have taken Poli Sci 101 as an elective, taught by Bill Ayers

    • mytraintrax

      Sorry but the only treasonous are Obumer, Botox Pelosi, and the guttersnipe white trash Reid.

  • Luvnut

    LMAO….The Obama haters are going to be suicidal come November. Too funny.

  • pmorgan_m3

    America does not need another Nixon.

    Nixon did not release his tax returns as a candidate either but THANKFULLY they were leaked to the Wall Street Journal…but UNFORTUNATELY much too late for the American people since Nixon was by then already elected and committing crimes in office for several years.

    Nixon’s tax returns revealed that Nixon had paid only $5,000 in taxes between 1970 and 1972 on nearly $800,000 in income and that he did not file properly in prior years. It was the tax issue that led Richard Nixon to claim, “I am not a crook.” [Which of course he was]

    Nixon had to pay hundreds of thousands in back taxes, but his tax scandal got overtaken by Nikon’s other crimes when the Watergate scandal came to light.

    American voters must demand that Mitt Romney release 12 years of tax returns like his father,  George Romney did. George Romney  said, “One year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show, and what mattered in personal finance was how a man conducted himself over the long haul.”

    America does not need another Nixon.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

    • GodProtectAmerica

      Just goes to show you how much more intelligent the GOP is

  • mytraintrax

    If Obama wins America loses in a big way, they wont survive an out of control lying cheating democrat machine for another four years

    • Rosie Sultana

      Why does your name sound like anthrax?

      • he is anthrax..

      • I really feel sorry for folks who do not have access to valid and honest info about the two candidates. I occasionally watch the network news and have long realized that the media is fully behind Obama, and it bothers them not at all to tilt their report in that way. If you always see just one side of the story, you will never be able to make an intelligent decision.

        I have all faith that when people see the real Romney, as well as the real Obama, the American people will not let this country go down the drain. Prove my faith correct!!

        • You’re an idiot. Romney embarrassed this country overseas and his tax plan would raise taxes on the middle class. Get your head out of your ass!

          • mytraintrax

            Nope you are the idiot, see you on skid row fool.

          • Oldmonkey

            Obama reminds me of Mad Max Robespiere; a French Proto Marxist whose political mentor was a gigalo named Rosenau living off the skirt of low title nobility.

            Last centuary Communists starved more people to death than Fascists managed to murder. Stalin managed 10 million in 1933, and Mao over 40 million during his 2nd 5 year plan. That’s a million more than the 9 million Jews and Gypsies Hitler murdered, or the 30 million Chinese murdered before Imperial Japan before and during WWII

          • exkus912

            Obama compared to: Stalin, Mao, Hitler? Really? You remind me of an old french guy named Charlemagne, whose suggesting you to go back to school and learn to compare apples with apples!!

          • Oldmonkey

            The total number killed by Mao and Stalin which likely includes to who were starved to death is around 140 million. National Socialists & Fascists aren’t nice, but they torture and murder far less

          • blocklanes

            OLD JACKASS

          • Oldmonkey

            No I`m a monkey, and it appears your unsolicited personal attack does describe you.

          • blocklanes

            No, you are a Jackass, as monkeys don’t talk shit. Like you.

          • Oldmonkey

            No but they throw it RACIST!!

          • oldostritch

            Your spelling and grammar are not as challenged as your grasp of the facts.

          • Daniel Smith

            And none of these communists would have been around if it were not for the decadence of the rich who motivated them and then turned their countries into glorified dictatorships. And how many people has the US killed in the last 5 decades ? And for what ? We’re still in Afghanistan and Iraq 11 years later….

          • Oldmonkey

            You make a good point about the decadent with money, and yes they were Mad Max’s buds. Japan attacked Hawaii because the US refusedl to sell them petroleum to conquer Asia, and we were involved in Europe because of England. Some of the wars were nuanced, others not; Korea was a UN thing, and Vietnam were plain dumb since a big enough reward would have exposed Ho Chi Min’s head which at that time was legal. Iraq and Afganistan were a “Nation Building mistake”. The US is really inept whenever it trys it.

          • Paulistano

            Of course! He’s holding off on the communist starvation til his 2nd term!

          • mytraintrax

            More democrap lies, say it long and often enough and even you lamebrains will believe pigs can fly, O’ I forget there is one flying around in Air Force 1 right now.

          • MCD

            Wow you must be a Romney insider. You and Obama are the ony ones who have actually seen the Romney tax plan….Surely you are not just making up a straw man to burn down. If so you are no better than the GOP that says Obama is a Marxist. It is easy to hate a Marxist or the tax man.

          • pete0097

            Kevin W never said anything about tax plans. Obama only wants to tax people that earn money to give to people that don’t. His is a simple plan. Talk about Robin Hood.

          • Kevin Magness

            while I agree that KW above is just spewing the talking points, your post isn’t much better. You are correct that nobody has seen Romney’s tax plan and these claims against it are premature at best. But labeling Obama a marxist is pretty easy given his own words and actions.

          • Romney has no tax plan. He has no plan or vision whatsoever other than returning the country back to the Bush-era dark ages.

          • Haven’t you seen his tax plan? It will nix the middle class. DO you cons ever read anything? We already know Obama very well. It is Mitt Romney we don’t know because he keeps changing his positions.
            His taxes will be a good way for us to know him better.
            Obama – 12yrs taxes
            McCain – 20yrs taxes
            Romney – 1 incomplete year

          • Obama is Marxist affiliated, yet he can’t go too far because America in not ready. Who said it? his good friend Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.
            Obama promised not to hire lobbyists and not to raise taxes on people making less than $250,000 per year. He would post every bill online before he signed it and he promised to negotiate health care reform publicly — those are all lies. Then after going on the biggest spending spree in American history, Obama turned around on a dime and talked about how important deficit reduction was to him. He lied about health care. You can go on and on with these examples.
            Obama appointed a staggering number of czars to get around the congressional confirmation process. He spent tens of billions in taxpayer dollars and broke legally binding contracts to give his union pals a fat pay-off from the auto industry.
            Isn’t it enough?

          • Ultra_Orange

            Dude, what he has released gives a tax break to the top 28% of income in the US. Those people have actually gotten richer under Obama than Bush and during a recession. So is you make cuts somewhere the others have an increased % of the taxes paid. So most economists can only guess this means increased taxes on the rest of the nation. The biggest problem is that he won’t expose his plan to the people of the US and instead wants to say I’ve got a better plan but I’m not going to let you see it, it’s a surprise!

            We’ve had enough surprises, and most of us cannot afford another one.

          • The economy should be the real issue to determine the elections outcome. Pundits are pandering to the media and celebrity status of Obama.

            What are the economic achievements measured against the promised targets. Taxation is inevitable in the real world. But the economy has to develop and prosper first. Jobs first.

            Incumbent leaders should be judged on actual performance instead of their campaign promises.

            Unless there is drammatic economic improvement by November 2012, voters have hard-choices to make. If economics is a true science indeed,middle class voters have a lot of soul searching to do. Don’t be surprised, either way.

          • JimNauseam

            Those people have gotten richer because the obstructionist GOP won’t let the Bush tax cuts for the top 5% expire, as Obama has proposed many times. Hypocrisy, thy name is the Republican Party.

          • GrandpaTarkin

            We’ve seen the Paul Ryan tax plan, the teacake who Romney picked as his vice president candidate. You know, the plan which called for higher taxes on the middle class, lower taxes for the 1%, and gutting of social security and medicare?

          • Pres. Obama is actually a few notches left of Marx. Marx said “From each… …To each according to their needs.” We have folks who can and don’t work and the rest of us are paying for their big screen (don’t need) and cell phones (don’t need) and Pres. Obama says we’re (we all pay taxes directly or indirectly) not contributing our fair share!

          • Fluidizer

            Obama is a Marxist and a flag burner. Read his book “Dreams of my father” and deal with the reality.

          • mmandy93

            You seriously think your president is leading your country in the right direction.? People should not dismiss a genuine prospect for prosperity simply because of envy of the prosperous. Mitt Romney is rich, big bloody deal, more power to him, he`s worked hard all his life and is a great role model for any decent living person with strong moral character. I would much rather have a money savvy guy leading my country than someone who is trying to spread the wealth. That will never work and it is not fair. All this tax the rich crap and thats what it is…crap!!! half of your middle class don`t pay any taxes!!!! you think thats fair. Both republican and democratic plans should include a mandatory basic tax for all as we have in the UK and then a further tax brand for those making more money. In the UK we pay 23% combined tax and national insurance if you make up to $65,000 a year and then 40% for any amount earned after this. (This also pays for our socialised health care…another moneypit fiasco) so stop whinning about rich people paying more tax, they already carry the biggest portion of the tax burden in your country and it is making no difference to your tanking economy. The more taxes your current administration rake in the more they will spend so more taxes are not likely to improve your economy, it will only make envious people like you feel better.

          • MysteryTour

            Ah ah you are not from Britain you are from Missisipi

          • SpaceVegetable

            Wrong. All those biased reports about Romney’s tax plan fail to take into account the budget cuts he would be making that would negate the need to raise any taxes. And Romney didn’t embarrass anyone. Since when is a politician telling the truth a bad thing? I guess if you’re a Democrat, that’s how you roll. Obama certainly wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him on the backside.

          • It was Obama who embarrassed this country when he took his world-wide apology tour when he first became president. He embarrased this country when he, as US President, bows to other leaders. Him just being the President of America period is embarrasing to me. Romney didn’t embarrass this country…you obviously watch the pro-Obama media. We’d be much better off with Romney than Obama for next four years. and before you even choose to think it, I’m not a racist…I am a black, female American who care about the direction Obama is taking this country which is to it’s ruin. So contrary to what you may believe, not ALL blacks are Democrats & support Obama just because he is part black. Race doesn’t move my vote, policies do.

          • edwlh

            Yes, Obama apologized to the Germans. Apologized for us loud, proud Americans defeating Hitler for them. How dare we! Obama said he felt bad for the Japenese signing the surrender papers. How can he be the president? He is a fool.

          • Mr Wiseguy

            You and all who think like you are the real fools.

          • edwlh

            Wiseguy: Do you believe we should be apologizing for freeing these millions of people?

          • edwlh

            Wiseguy: Do you believe we should be apologizing for freeing these millions of people?

          • TheMarkk


          • pete0097

            Oh, like when obama said that the “smart Irish” moved to the US during his visit to Ireland? I never saw people get that mad that fast. The people standing behind obama (vetted by the secret service and the Irish Govt) went from being happy being there to looking at each other in disgust.

          • If the government is broke… Do the right thing and pay more taxes, consume less. Push legislators to spend less.

            I am not in a love affair with Romney but I really hate to see the US marginalized.

          • edwlh

            Romney didn’t apologize for America as Obama did. Obama was the embarrassment.

          • Romney is very much appreciated overseas, enough to see his successful voyage to Britain, Israel and Poland. On the other and Obama lost his credibility after his Cairo speech and his lack of good relations with heads of states. Obama might be a good speeches’ reader (teleprompter) but he ain’t have the ability to exercise his policy and to navigate among the political powers, at home and abroad.

          • 1dickszymanski1

            Really? Embarrassed us overseas? What qualifies in your esteemed opinion? I know Obama was caught on camera “secretly” telling the Russian Prime Minister he would be “more flexible” after the election. He literally bowed to numerous Arab despots like no other US President ever He put our greatest middle east ally (Israel) in an untennable position by asking them to commit to 1967 borders as a PRerequisite to negotiating (again, totally opposite of US policy FOREVER). And of course there is the global apology tour, where Obama told ever nation and camera that would listen the the US had been bad, bit now that he’s on the scene we’ll be nicer. And, and… there’s that little about the most egregous national security leaks perhaps in history coming out in the span of a few weeks, apparently to prop up Obama’s image and definitively identified as “from the White House” by the Democrat (Feinstein) Chairwoman of the senate security committee. I’ll not hold my breath and wait for an answer to this (I hope besides some rude suggestion) before we get into tax plans!

          • Well, numbnuts, I suppose you can tell us where e can get that information and prove you are right. Can’t say? That’s because of the insidious LIES the uber-liberal press keeps trying to shove down our throats. You need to read the facts before you run off at the mouth, sport.

          • G. Macher

            You’re an Obama voter! And will be a two-timer, no doubt. You were born with your head where the sun don’t shine.

          • MSM and Pres. Obama’s talking points. The gaffe in Britain is the only thing that MSM is reporting from the trip; I bet you didn’t hear about Lech Walesa’s endorsement of WMR, and Chavez’s endorsement of BHO during the trip. Romney/Ryan are talking supply side econonmics (Voodoo to you, perhaps) where every dollar taken out of taxation is a dollar that can be used to create another job, which potentially leads to other jobs that comes back as tax revenue (JFK’s words, proven by Coolidge, JFK, Reagan and Bush43).

          • Presto88

            Kevin…why would you, a self acclaimed “smart guy” go off by insulting others? Why would you do that? “Idiot”? “Get your head out of your ass”? Is that that the best you can do? Your IQ must be around my shoe size. If you have an argument that can be supported by facts, then please let us stupid people in on it…if not then your are the Dumb Ass!!. Look in the mirror for once in your pathetic life.

          • BigD16

            Kevin W, Thank you for the reply you posted. Your lack of correct information made me laugh.
            You really think 4 more years of the same is going to make us better?
            Are you a thirty year old single male who is able-bodied yet plays Xbox all day?

          • Fluidizer

            And bowing to every two bit dictator and enemy of America does not embarrass America overseas? Every time Obama has left the country he has shamed us, whether it was another taxpayer funded multimillion dollar vacation or on “state business”. The man has proven to be the most inept president this nation has ever seen, he has destroyed everything from respect for America, to the economy, to our morals and work ethic, to our leadership as a space fairing nation, and yet you still worship him. If he manages to steal this election it will be the end of our country, and our children will struggle in a economy and tyranny like Zimbabwe’s or Uganda’s. Which appears to be just what he has in mind.
            At least everything Romney said was true, which proves he is NOT a polished politician. Obama on the other hand is a polished liar, and does so about EVERYTHING. get your head out of Obama’s ass Kev old boy, and get some fresh air.

          • mmandy93

            What skewed news coverage were you watching? Romney was warmly welcomed by Benjamin Natanyahou and endorsed by the legendary Lech Walesa!! Try doing some proper research instead of watching biased news coverage you dimwit. I live in the UK and he was bang on the money about security for the Olymics which financially we were not in a position to hold, and it was sheer luck we did not have a fiasco. Would you not rather have a leader who tells the truth to the corrupt liar you have in office now, tanking your economy!! You Democrats in the USA are so stupid. Social issues mean sweet F A when there are no jobs, strangled military, racism.division and poverty. We will get rid of our pompous leader next chance we get for a lot less.

          • Lawrence Mc Phillips

            Keith, you’re talking like a true Democrat! I’ve observed the rhetoric during this campaign and have noticed that the left, without a plan, simply attack any individual or group who opposes their ideology. Your comment is mild compared to many I’ve heard, but the one thing in common is the attack mode. Sorry the left are so miserable.

          • For the record, Romney want s to extend all the Bush tax rates. Obama wants to extend some of them – but only for one year. – and let the Bush rates expire for all income levels on 1/1/2013. Try reading something besides DNC talking points.

          • actionsspeaklouder

            You don’t know what you’re talking about. He DID NOT embarrass this country overseas and he WILL NOT raise taxes on the middle class. It’s Obama who will raise taxes on EVERYONE with Obamacare – a lot. At least Romney doesn’t bow to foreign leaders who despise us. You are the one who needs to pull your head out of your ASS – you ass.

          • Obama is the embarrassment – bowing to the Saudi King! His statement in Egypt that America is a Muslim country not a Christian nation (On YouTube) and in his own book, “Audacity of Hope” Obama states: “I will stand with the Muslims…” Do you even know who obamunist is? He CUT $716 Billion from Medicare to fund his death panel (over 70 and they weigh the cost of medical procedures) obamacare. Talk about an inept, amateur, community organizer who is now using his continual Chicago Thug political smears telling lie after lie! “If you own a business – you didn’t build that!” The Marxist/Muslim is a huge embarrassment as well as proven anti-Christian, anti-business, and anti-American. Quit drinking the Kool-Aid!

          • dsimm

            Spoken like a true ignorant liberal….This is very short. I have just one question we should ask EVERYONE.

            If you are a Christian, either Catholic, Protestant, Jew, or Muslim, how can you support a president who:

            1)Supports murdering unborn babies and even allowing them to die if the abortion did not kill them:
            2)Supports same sex marriage:
            3)Is destroying America:
            4)Lies to us time after time after time:
            5)Passes laws, but yet tell some people they do not have to obey:
            6)Tells the attorney general not to inforce laws already on the book:
            7)Brings charges against governors who try to inforce laws on the book:
            8)Pulling air cover from our soldiers–who are already giving their lives for us–so that more of them will be killed:

          • my my kevin may be you ought to pull your nose out of obamas ass

          • Accidental double post. My first time using Discus.

          • Kevin W,

            Could you please post your source(s) of information about Romney’s tax plan and how it raises taxes for the “Middle Class”. Also, I am curious about what you said about how he “embarrassed this country overseas”.

            I have not paid attention to politics for over 10 years. So I have recently been collecting data on both candidates in an attempt to properly educate myself with only the most objective and factual information.

            I simply want to cast my vote for the most deserving candidate. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

          • Kevin W, you just proved Steven Rubin’s point beautifully. And unintentionally, I’m sure.

          • Don Kiraly

            I am afraid that what goes in sometimes just refuses to come back out, Kevin!

          • You obviously have been drinking too much of the MSNBC Koolaid. Obama is the worst thing that has happened to this country since 911 and if he is relected all you bleeding heart Obamabots won’t even know what hit them – unemployment 15-20%, taxes on EVERYONE up, but the good news is the Democratic party will finally be relagated to the same status as the green party.

          • Kevin W, you are an idiot, moron and have your head so far up Obama’s ass you can’t even understand the media (overseas and US) was never going to give Romney or any conservative candidate a chance of fair coverage. It’s kool-aid for the masses, where is Jim Jones when you need him to get rid of your ilk. I hope the independents that voted for Obama last time around come to their senses when they pull that lever to vote Republican for AMERICA’s sake! I trust Romney and Ryan more than Obama any day when it comes to economics and taxes. Stop the class warfare crap DEMS and grow a pair while you’re at it!

          • Jack FIds

            Bishop Willard embarrasses the Mormons by daily demonstrations of behavior that Jesus specifically WARNED against adopting, Vanity, Lying, usurping Christian values when he can benefit from them & claiming to be a man of God when he is actually a man of the mother of God & 2 other Messiahs !

            Bishop Willard cannot even provide his OWN tax statements out of fear that the amnesty he took from the IRS will cause a furor !

        • LA2000

          Mitt Romney has the power to gain the upper hand right now. He claims his tax returns are clean, that he has paid “lots in taxes” each of the last ten years.

          And yet he allows the democrats to continue to “lie” when, with one simple trip to Kinkos, he could prove to the world that Reid and the democrats don’t know what they are talking about. He could undermine their credibility instantly.

          But he won’t. Or can’t. He’d rather lose than reveal those tax returns.

          You gotta wonder what THAT’S all about.

          • You gotta wonder why Owebama will not release his college records…perhaps it will show he lied and applied as a foreign exchange student.

          • mytraintrax

            Heck why should he, he is following the example of the pres, you know the one who has spent millions keeping all his info hidden.

          • I have some food for thought for those of you thinking about Romney’s tax returns. This is purely based on my knowledge of financially successful people along with a little “common sense” (which surprisingly isn’t too common).

            Firstly, most successful people get that way because they refuse to waste their time on “non-value-added-activities”.

            Secondly, I am really amazed that the current president is allowing his “people” to waste so much time, money and resources in their attempt to discredit Romney, when they should be focused on the economy or other important issues.

            Lastly, whoever started the discussion about Romney’s tax returns could have simply called the IRS… But instead, resorted to childish “2nd grade antics” by using the media.

            I almost forgot. Some people are saying that “the American people expect to see 5 years of a potential president’s tax returns”. My response: The only reason they are saying that is because that is what the current president is saying.

            I will admit, the current president is a masterful manipulator with the way he makes his sheep do, say and believe whatever he wants them to.

            I would appreciate it if the president would concentrate on his job instead of spending MY MONEY on spear campaigns.

            P.S. The people some of you refer to as “the Rich”, are the individuals who create jobs and create charitable foundations. They are not some “evil” comic book character like you portray “them” to be. You might understand these topics a little better if your bookshelves were not so empty!

        • mytraintrax

          Unfortunately there is no such thing as good government, they are all crooked and roten to its vbery core, but I have a simple golden rule, if the party is made up of scheming thieving lower than shark s**t lawyers and or is supported by the even more degenerate MSM, then that is the party to stick well clear of period, repubs my lie and cheat, dems steal and defile and while legislate your rights into oblivion, while repubs are afraid of bad press, dems will use their degenerate friends in the press to demonise and destroy you, unlike most entitlement dems I am a small business owner whom has had to lay off way to many workers and know only too well how destructive Obama has been, so dream on fools and watch unemployment rise like tidal wave next year, but don’t worry the dems will lie and blame the burning Bush all over again.

          • LA2000

            1) Obama was not President when the economy collapsed, and yet YOU blame him for not sweeping up the republican mess fast enough. The republicans have blocked every effort he has put forth to get the economy moving again in hopes that if they hold YOUR head underwater long enough, you’ll forget that the republicans caused this disaster in the first place. Furthermore, it was the republicans who threw an additional 600,000 people out of work when they laid off police, firemen, and teachers rather than return to the Clinton tax rates to keep people employed. That is 600,000 fewer potential customers for your business and for the companies that employ your business.

            2)You assert that there is no such thing as good government. What you should say is that there is no such thing as good republican government. EVERY single downturn in the last two decades has happened under a republican President. And EVERY single recovery happened under a democrat.

            That should tell you something.

            The republicans are bound and determined to prevent that democratic recovery from happening again and they are quite willing to burn your business down to the ground if that’s what it takes to prevent a recovery that democrats would get credit for. They are terrified that you will finally wake up and realize what they have done, that their schemes don’t work, and that they might actually be faced with accepting responsibility for the destruction they have wrought on this country for three long decades.

            3) Excepting Reagan, name a single republican President that YOU like from the last 50 years. The republicans have been and always will be a disaster.

          • mytraintrax

            You are absolutely delusional, so much so that you even believe the utter bull you are spewing, the collapse began with dirty dick Bill, wake up and smell the coffee you moron.

          • Braindead

          • edwlh

            Uh, Obama had a super majority in the House & Senate for two years, and all he did was pass Nobamacare. Plus, Nobama never voted against any spending bill in his time in the Senate, and he told Bush he approved of TARP. Obama is inept.

        • Daniel Smith

          Rubin – would you happen to like Romney since he is pushing the Zionist agenda ?

          • mytraintrax

            Zionist agenda!! Spoken like a true socialist anti Semitic racist dirt-bag, welcome to the Obama nation turd.

        • magicbymark

          It will be difficult to find “real” facts about the candidates due to the negative attack ads by PACs on both sides. One should vote on the facts. Either way, vote.

        • Ultra_Orange

          Dont’ mention how the Romney ads are by his own admission exaggerations ie(If we keep talking about the Economy we loose ad). Or the fact that he has taken every position, for Gays against Gays, for abortion against abortion, for healthcare against health care. And then add on a big dose of why can he admit to hiding money overseas to avoid taxes and not be required to reveal his tax returns(Obama gave 7 years Romney 1, Romneys Dad 12). And given his positions on the recovery(again for bail out and against it) what do we know of him? He is a candidate that runs on the idea he cna manage business but we can question that record, so lets talk about his civic life, Mass was second to last in job development under him and the only thing he can brag about is the healthcare plan that he now says is “governments war on religion”.

          There is no real Romney, his only unchanged stance in the last 6 years is that he wants to be president. We are talking about someone that denies saying things 2 days after saying it and then repeats the same statements 2 days after that(Obama made the crisis worse, statistically untrue if you can add numbers) even though its all recorded video and audio. Romney doesn’t care about you Steve, you are worth nothing to him the only people he cares about is billionaires with money to throw at his campaign.

        • Catweasel321

          “If you always see just one side of the story, you will never be able to make an intelligent decision.”

          I think you just damned yourself with your own words.

        • Has anyone ever seen the real Romney?

        • John Stucki

          You will be dissapointed! Obama wins hands down

        • ken36

          Sadly I have no clue where I can access valid and honest info. Please , please enlighten me.

        • splatterdbastard

          The problem is knowing which Mitt Romney is the real one as he has a tendency to blatantly pander to whatever audience he is addressing. He was for abortion but now is against it. He raised taxes and now is for tax cuts, he was for Romney Care and is against Obama Care….Need I say more?
          I am sure the real Romney would stand up if he only knew which one was real.
          Maybe he got lost when he took the right turn down the conservative road since he found himself in unfamiliar territory.

        • There is not a candidate that can save America.

        • 2poor2BaRepublican

          Speaking of only seeing one side: the 24 hour GOP channel also called Faux New$ does nothing but spit out anti-Obama stories all day long. Even when the commentators are parceling out today’s GOP talking points to the sheep, I mean the party fateful, they cant offer one positive thing to say. Its all: “the sky is falling, the sky is falling, Obama is the devil”. No, the Devil was the Bu$h administration driving us into this ditch and then handing over the keys to the black guy while Republicans stood in 3 piece suits behind the car hollering “this guy is incompetent, look he has a car stuck in the ditch and cant get it out”.

      • mytraintrax

        Most likely because you are unable to think outside the box, keep voting for your degenerate dem and see how far down the deep and dark hole to nowhere you sink.

      • oldostritch

        Aren’t you a sweet little raisin.

      • bluefly213

        Why does yours sound like a sunburnt arab?

      • hydrangea1


      • Rosie…the dishes need done!!

      • why does yours sound like some little princess from the middle east?

      • Fluidizer

        I suppose your trying to paint him as a right wing terrorist? You know, like the liberal idiot that was going to shoot people in a Christian Center until a security guard got in his way?
        Liberals are the true racists and haters in America, and always have been.

      • That’s the best you can come up with Rosie? How childishly shallow.

      • Don Kiraly

        Anthrax is as anthrax does, Rosie!

    • Keep on spreading retardation….we will march to victory demolishing, ignorant and hating offshore ,hiding taxes, republicans….

      • mytraintrax

        Not this time you wont, you are going to have to crawl back under your rock again for the next 8 years, pity though, I would like to have seen Obumer wreak havoc for another 4 years, it would have put the dirty dealing snake oil selling dems out of business permanently.

    • AJ Carter

      Need a hanky dude?

      • mytraintrax

        Nah but as an Obamanite you do need a roll of bog-roll to hold back the tide of liberal feces floating to the surface.

    • Sorry, but the out-of-control, lying, cheating republican machine that was in control for EIGHT years before Obama is entirely responsible for the mess we’re in now. They turned a government SURPLUS into a multi-trillion $ debt, let out-of-control bankers and speculators run amuck with OUR money, and got us involved on one war we NEVER should have been involved in!!!! Afghanistan, yes! Iraq, NO WAY! And you actually expect Obama to turn things around in THREE years? … especially since GOP leaders announced, just days after Obama was elected, that their “number one priority” was to make Obama a one-term president. I’m sorry, but don’t you think, at that point, their “number one priority” would be to move the country forward and get us out of the debt that Bush’s actions had brought about?

      • Awwwww….DesireeD need a hug…Walmart called… your birth control pills are in!!

      • mytraintrax

        What money dummy, you have none and had none to begin with, your laughable tip slip generates a 0 rated tax dollar, you are not even counted for other than your liberal bought and paid for vote, it is though that 1% crew, you know, those suckers who created the wealth in this country, the ones whose tax dollars paid for everything including your free birth control and your Prozac, its they whose money got wasted, so until you are a 1 percenter, you input is worthless, its like your vote, an experiment in social justice gone horribly wrong.

      • mytraintrax

        O’ and indecently, as a vet who knows, the Afghan war was the wrong war not the Iraq war, the only reason Dumbo supported it and you parrot his view point was for him to help out his paki buddies ( but for you it was out of total ignorance ), the right war was the Iraq war, it removed the worlds leading exporter of terrorism, and when Syria falls you will see exactly what all the cargo trains and trucks were shipping form Iraq to Syria in the months prior to the invasion. Your dark overlord knows this as well as all of the USA’s Intel services but wont disclose it as it does not serve their political agenda.

    • Iwojima1

      NO Americans only had to endure the cheating lying gross negligence of the Bush Administration run by a “frat boy” a drunk VP who shoots his lawyer in the face with no consequences What a crock! I am neither Republican nor Democrat both parties cheat and lie with the Republicans killing the middle class, the class that made America great. They are all sleaze balls who no longer care for the country only their own power and the hell with the people Never used to be this way but now its Republicans against Democrats with no one willing to do what is right for America and Americans only their self-interests and those of their parties

      • mytraintrax

        Yes but now Americans only had to endure the cheating lying gross negligence of the Obumer Administration run by a “socialist hog” and bumbling idiot VP who shoots his mouth of with no consequences, that being said, it was not the middle class that made the USA great, it was small business and entrepreneurial ingenuity that did, middle class America just benefited from it and went along for the ride, behind every great city or town in America is a corporation that built it, not the teachers, not the government, but the tax deriving corporation owners that put up the money to start it all, its the tax $’s from this that built roads, hospitals, schools and all else that make America great, but not to worry morons it will all be gone soon as Canada, Mexico, China to name but a few derive the benefit of Obumy’s “you did not build that” generation of intellectually corrupt liberals.

    • augie122

      As if the Republican machine is the paragon of honesty…please. Americans are better off with a Democrat in the White House than a Republican any day. Let’s not forget what happened with Bush in office for 8 years. Obama will win a second term, followed by Hillary Clinton for another 8 years. This will cement a generation of liberal Supreme Court Justices to turn this backwards-thinking country around in a progressive way…we need to catch up with the rest of the modern world in terms of social rights and how we treat our citizens

    • augie122

      As if the Republican machine is the paragon of honesty…please. Americans are better off with a Democrat in the White House than a Republican any day. Let’s not forget what happened with Bush in office for 8 years. Obama will win a second term, followed by Hillary Clinton for another 8 years. This will cement a generation of liberal Supreme Court Justices to turn this backwards-thinking country around in a progressive way…we need to catch up with the rest of the modern world in terms of social rights and how we treat our citizens

      • mytraintrax

        Yea, yea, yea, that all you blithering worthless morons can do, blame the burning Bush, problem is you income handicapped free loaders will never get it right, you own this mess but lack the fortitude to stand up and be counted for the worthless degenerate trash that you are.

        • augie122

          Well well well….income handicapped? How do you know what my income is? FYI I’m in the top 9% of income earners in this country. I’ve made a lot of money in the stocks and options markets under this president…and you’re the one with “traintrax” as part of your name…I live in a city, far away from train tracks so I think you might want to check yourself before you call someone trash. Go make money…you sound like you are from the middle of this country. I have a lot of pity for you

          • mytraintrax

            You are dreaming trailer trash, the only 1 percentiles in the Obumy camp are the politically corrupt and morally bankrupt like Soros, no one with the brains or the nuts to make real money would support a defecated excuse for a leader like Obumer, he relies on the useless the lazy and incompetent to get elected, its what makes Michelle proud to be an American.

          • edwlh

            Good, give all your money to your buddy Nobama. Hey, you didn’t earn that!

      • mytraintrax

        How is it that you run your idiot mouth of without knowing any facts, just what “rest of the modern world in terms of social rights and how we treat our citizens” are you talking about you blithering idiot, perhaps the failing and soon to be an islamic state Euro-zone, or maybe the sliding backwards in time eastern block, or is it perhaps that sinking ship called the un-United Kingdom, who are you, Sleeping Beauty, what dark dungeon have you been living in for the last 100 years that you are totally clueless and so far out of touch as to how screwed up the rest of the socialist world is, over 75% of the planet is starving and being over run by islamists looking to take us back to the dark ages and here you still dream of failed social justice, if you are going to open your trap, don’t use it to fart, at least make some sense.

      • People really are still avoiding the subject of the true intentions of these progressives. In an attempt at political correctness, it seems even Malkin can’t bring herself to state openly what virtually everyone, including progressives themselves, know to be fact.

        Progressives *hate* this country. They *hate* that the common lay person has any control whatsoever not only over the workings of the government as a whole through elections, but even their own individual lives. As the Townhall resident Nazi hersel, allison,f openly stated, progressives believe that “humans are like bees” who require “the order of a hive”.

        In a hive, no one outside the queen bee has any say whatsoever in anything that is ever done. The queen orders the drones to do something, and those drones unquestioningly obey. There are no elections, no one has any rights outside of those the queen dictates at any given moment. The queen says “jump”, and the bees ask “off which cliff?”

        Progressives strive for an authoritarian dictatorship. Their ultimate goal is to remove all elections because, as allison said, “the people don’t always vote for what’s good for them.” Progressives seek to install a “benevolent dictatorship” which will have control over every aspect of everyone’s lives, that will make the “correct” decisions for us. Our job will be to just unquestioningly obey.

        Progressives know that the only way the masses will want any of that, though, is if first society as a whole is completely destroyed. If the economy is completely crushed, and EVERYONE is LITTERALLY starving in the streets, progressives know that only then will the masses be ready to listen to someone who claims they will “fix” everything just as long as everyone bows down before him. When you and your family are writhing with hunger pains, progressives know you will do anything to make those pains go away, including submitting to a Hitlarian dictatorship.

        THAT, ladies and gents, is the plans of the progressives. They want to utterly DESTROY what is left of this once-great nation so that they can yet again make their attempt at building their utopian dictatorship from its ruins.

        • augie122

          Yawn….the “conservatives” want to control a woman’s uterus…if that isn’t government control, I don’t know what is! They want to control who you love and who you marry, the only rights the republicans protect is a fetus’s right. Their motto should be “Love the fetus, hate the child”. They make it very difficult for a child other than a “privileged child” to get a quality education. The only option these children will have is to enlist in the military where they may be sent to get killed in an unjust war…but that’s the past…so I think you should shut up and go buy health insurance because I am going to make a lot of money off of you!! This is capitalism at its finest, my friend…at least for my pocket 🙂 have a “blessed” evening…

          • edwlh

            Oh, Auggie, why didn’t your mother make the choice with you? I am a conserative with 2 children, both grown, productive citizens. I’m at work now, but last night I was volunteering at the Homeless Shelter, like I do often. What do you do to help children? By the way, my Son was in the USMC for five years: more than you have ever done. Have a great day.

    • oldostritch

      Is that the best you can do after editing? Apostrophes are important, they signify letters left out, kind of like how you left logic out of your post. There are no signifiers for that however, we have to read your post to spot those inadequacies, thankfully the simplistic nature of your rant allows easy evaluation.

      • mytraintrax

        Now that’s the retort of a progressive idiot, smoke and mirror redirection to obscure facts, now why don’t you get of your fat ass and go out and get a real job, not one that is funded by my tax $’s, that way your self respect may actually be earned and not granted to you by your worthless overlord.

    • Joseph Bencini

      That’s the idea…Obama WANTS to destroy the United States of America. It is his dream.

    • GrandpaTarkin

      You’ll have no problem documenting the damage Obama’s done to the US in the last four years then. Maybe you’re talking about the auto bailout? You guys hated that, but it kindof was a huge success, wasn’t it. Or what about cash-for-clunkers? You guys claimed that one would make second hand cars too expensive for poor people, but all it did was remove some wrecks from the road and help the auto industry. No, I know, you’re opposed to Obama setting a time table for the withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. Yeah, that was going to “endanger US troops by emboldening al qaeda”, remember? Or maybe you’re talking about Obama lowering taxes by 700 million and reducing the size of the government? No, that can’t be it, you guys never talk about that.

      Oh wait, I know – it’s the debt ceiling! Yeah, Obama saved the US economy against the massive opposition of the GOP there, with Ron Paul, Paul Ryan and the other teacakes calling for the US to default, just because they wanted to make Obama look bad. Is that the “lying and cheating” you’re talking about?

      • mytraintrax

        Man you need to wipe your mouth, its covered in all the shit you speak, just like Debbie skank ass lying Wassernan Schultz has no idea that the super pack lying about Romney is dem controlled, if you believe for even a single moment that Obama has not f23ked this country, you are without question the most illiterate brain dead nitwit in these entire United States, or the biggest bull shiter next to your liar in chief and his white trash cohorts.

    • daronlady620

      An you think that the lying cheating GOP machine is going to make it better? The ones that trashed the economy in the first place? And with demonstrable liars Romney and Ryan, who want continue the same failed policies that got us to this point?

      • mytraintrax

        And you think that degenerate moron in the white-house and his band of 40 thieves is a better option, if so you are worse than an ignorant illiterate moron and I have a bridge linking the old white-house (now a stinking shithouse) to fantasy island to sell you, because this degenerate lying sack of crap you idolize is going to spank you and your brain dead liberal friends into oblivion if he gets in for next term.

        • daronlady620

          I don’t form my opinions lightly or without considerable research, and I was doing it long before there was an internet. I’m old enough to remember Watergate, and I have seen that the Republicans have learned NOTHING from that experience except to better control the media (and therefore public opinion). Their targets are gullible sheep like you who accept every word of their spin without question and who think that idiots like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are telling the truth when even minimal research exposes them for the monumental liars they are. I certainly don’t think Obama is above criticism but if you think that all of the country’s problems started the day he took office then you must have been living under a rock. And I think ANY option would be better than the lying snake-oil salesman that is Mitt Romney, who has demonstrated no position, principles, no commitment to anything but winning, who has shown his willingness to whore himself out to anyone who can help him acheive that end, who has punctuated every speech with staggering lies, and who even most Republicans despise.

    • John Stucki

      Come on now, we have survived all the presidents we elected. We will survive this one, no matter who wins.

      • mytraintrax

        No we wont, and don’t kid yourself that we have survived them all, some of these worthless pieces of garbage we have allowed to ruin the white-house, both left and right, have done damage to this country that we are still reeling from and have still not recovered, the only Presidents that truly cared about the USA were those that were libertarian leaning and were more interested in the freedom of the people as apposed to government overreaching and over regulating the people, the only one that even resembled this in the last century was Reagan, the rest of them were worthless period. Give us liberty or give us freedom, anything less and we are better off dead.

    • I’m sure that the election of a Republican really reflects your needs as an American. It surprises so much that people complain about the democrat political machine, yet this machine looks like most of working class American (middle). Keep electing people (Republican’s) that do not look like you, ones who are wealthy and don’t give a fine rats ass for you at all. Sure there are things that I do not agree with when it comes to being a Democrat (same-sex marriage, abortion); however, still there has yet to arise an authentic Republican that has an interest toward the vast electorate (middle-class). If there one arises, then they will have my vote, but it sure as hell is not Mitt Romney, he doesn’t know crap about the needs of working class America (middle-class). Also, why does it take so much money to run, why can’t the mill worker, teacher, or the police officer, run for the presidency based upon there appeal and ability to lead? Keep voting for those who do not represent your interest in its totality.

    • If either Romney or Obama win, America loses. None are offering any real solutions to the problems this nation faces.

      • mytraintrax

        That’s just total lib unadulterated bull, Paul Ryan has a very conclusive plan, a plan anyone with half a functioning brain knows will work, that is if any one has the balls to forgo all the entitlements, tighten belts, cut spending and kick the garbage out of the white-house along with his lying skank squad, this is a very clear and cut choice, its a simple win or lose of your future and of the generations to come, blundering Bidden was wrong, the chains are on us now, I am 54 years old and I have never felt so constricted and constrained by government as I do today, I look at my children and I know if we don’t fix this now, not only do we screw their future but we completely decimate that of their children, you simply cant see the trees because of the forest.

    • If we survived Bush for 8 years, you can survive Obama…

    • I’m willing to bet both of my nuts that even a Romney win won’t change the way things are done for the next four years.

    • Jack FIds

      You have SO LITTLE FAITH in this country, why even live here ?
      Did you already forget that this nation survived GWBush, Carter, almost 2 terms of the LIAR Nixon…?
      Comparing the strength of this nation to your own abilities is he territory of FOOLS, but being a QUITER does run in the GOP, Nixon Foley, Palin all dump on those that voted for them by running away from their responsibilities & the oath they took .

  • Simon Adam AlmqvistCollapse – YOU’RE stupid…. The values you seem to forget in Obama is that he hid his drug riddled past and now brags about it, laughing in your and all our faces! Please, please don’t stop evaluating them both. One has a successful but questionable financial past and the other was elected yet had no experience to govern; but he talked his way into the hearts of the collective Black Caucus to get “their man” elected. Sort of like owning a hundred horses and hope one gets to the derby! The Clintons are rolling over in disgust and waiting for their time!

  • rrllee

    My vote will be for Obama!!!

  • Robert Eller

    Every thing Rove does, every thing he says, is tactical. This is no exception.

    Rove is simply stumping for more money, while attempting to make his enemies complacent. And the US media do his work for him, for free.

  • politicians

    Why are we playing with data that is 4 months old? Things have changed and will continue to change until election day. I am so tired of all the twisting, lying, politicians. How about just telling the truth????????

  • If Karl sez so, gemme outa here …. and fast


  • EdSI

    fools, look at the date of the article, and yet the HP posts this likes it’s current.

  • 1ConservativeUSA

    Can I ask why the National Memo is posting articles from April 2012?

  • We were in the middle of two wars and Romney said we should have let the small community banks, Detroit and the “housing market” go through the bankruptcy system. How can you put a guy like that in the presidency? Here is a guy that advocated the Vietnam war and draft, but we got that B.S. draft exemption to do missionary work – really vacation – in France. Romney is a an out and out phoney – even his follow GOP candiates during the primary repeatedly pointed this out.

  • We survived eight (8) year of George W. Bush, you’ll survive (and probably thrive) eight (8) years of Obama!

  • The election is a mess. Romney should have already beaten Obama but each day Romney’s campaign gets more and more inept. He can’t counterpunch. He’s has 13 freaking years to get his taxes in order, and even if he didn’t do anything wrong, why did he show a return with money in offshore accounts? This stuff is stupid. His campaign handlers are etcha sketch. And in perfect moment when Romney should attack, he doesn’t or he gives some wimpy response.

    Take harry reid’s allegation of tax fraud! He claims Romney has not paid tax in ten years. That’s malicious slander. Romney should just sue Reid since the statement is malice. But Romney has no fight, doesn’t seem to understand the law. It is like some part of his brain is dead. He is like a robot. Don’t get me wrong, Obama has all the warmth of a reptile but no matter how you slice this one… Romney is shooting himself in the head. Republicans are pinning their hopes on a rino wimp, a clone of Bush I. As a conservative I cringe every time I see Romney screw this thing up.

    cashmccall [dot] biz





  • DG

    Vote for Obama so he can continue turning around the total destruction and devastation that Bush and his evil Republicon cohorts heaped upon the American people.

  • If you want Karl Rove to be in charge again vote Republican. If you want to go back to the days of Cheney and backroom deals with big oil and coal vote Republican. If you want the Koch Brothers to be in charge vote Republican. If you want to set the clock back fifty years on women’s health issues vote Republican. If you want a self-deportation policy for undocumented workers vote Republican. If you want the wealthiest .01% to have complete domination over your political leaders vote Republican. If you want the middle class to be kicked around even more than it already has been vote Republican. If you want medicare to be severely restricted vote Republican. If you want a war hawk with no experience in foreign policy in charge of the Armed Forces vote Republican. If you want Wall Street to have zero regulation as it did during the Bush years vote Republican. If you want environmental laws rolled back so that they favor the polluters vote Republican. If you want a government that doesn’t believe in science vote Republican.

  • 3forall5

    Beware of Greekrovean bearing gifts.

  • 3forall5

    Beware of greekroveens bearing gifts

  • all obama needs are more votes from the illegals than he got the first time!

    for that, he’s promised them our jobs with NO E-VERIFY, open borders, OBAMAcare, MUCHO DREAM ACTS, open and undefended borders with NARCOMEX and catch & release of illegals!

    can we afford any more of this guy?

    MEXICANOCCUPATION blogspot com

  • rmw11544

    America has drifted so far off the moral path that nothing short of a miracle will prevent us from joining the European Nations in a precipitous decline into a socialistic state. We will relearn the adage that “freedom is not free”. The majority of Americans today don’t want anything if it isn’t free, if the government doesn’t pay for it.

  • Maerzie

    With the Republicans running the candidate they actually, openly SHUNNED at the start of the primaries, and now, Mitt Romney is proving himself to be a self-absorbed, greedy, secretive tax evader and LIAR, with no more foreign affairs knowledge than Sarah Palin, they are in a desperate dilemma! Their ONLY recourse is to really start twisting and slandering everything DEMOCRAT for the next 90-something more days, and waste a few more of their multi-millions on propaganda ads that just MIGHT dupe a few more of the gullibles to vote against themselves. Romney just wasn’t and ISN’T a viable candidate. He is more interested in filling his own pockets than in being patriotic to the United States and our people. Romney has dug his own hole, and it just keeps getting deeper! For once, Karl Rove is right! Evil isn’t winning!

  • Maerzie

    Romney is turning out to be his OWN Sarah Palin!

  • Frespech

    Keep the faith Steven we won’t let America go down the drain. We will vote for Obama instead.

  • execonborabora

    This map is from April 25- can’t we get a more up to date map. 3 months old data is ridiculous.

  • RomanSmetak

    beats the p-o-s we had 4 yrs. ago & the r-p-o-s trying to lie his way into office without paying income taxes for 10 yrs.

  • Gyst53

    Let’s see, the Government tells me what health insurance I must buy or pay a tax, what size soft drink I must drink, be taxed on obesity or health risk, decide who is and isn’t a true naturalized citizen or immigrant, play our nation’s cultural diversity against itself for political gain, obtain free birth control or abortions at taxpayers’ expense, ignore religious rights and beliefs or allow special exceptions, approve of who can marry whom, leak classified top secrets to be released to the media for political points, invoke executive privilege for contempt of Congress actions, have personal safety and security breeches which jeopardize U.S. protection integrity, challenge state’s collective and sovereign rights to govern and who can vote, tell “corporate America” how, what and when to produce based on lobbying support, back loans for private commercial/green industry and bail them out/write them off when they fail, pay higher rates for all utilities because of green energy mandates, establish educational requirements and manipulate historical facts by Federal withholding/extortion type funding, print Federal Reserve quantitative easing money without any “True” Congressional budgetary authorization or backing, solve our economic problems by not submitting a viable budget and leading bi-partisan support, rule by Executive orders/edicts what a Democratic Senate refuses to submit for a vote, support democratic principles to all foreign nations regardless of who is elected in America’s best interest, support sovereign nation overthrows with no Congressional sanction but through the UN thus ignoring (Syrian) genocide, making nuclear defense treaties without congressional review and approval, blaming previous Presidents for creating all our problems….. and so on, and so on!

    Too much Socialistic intervention… or not enough Capitalism? Whatever happened to our 10th Amendment Constitutional “Right to Privacy and to ultimately Protect and Defend our Constitution?”

    You tell me!

  • Daniel Smith

    How did I get to this page? This article is 4 months old. Obviously a paid link. If this map was released by Carl Rove it is obviously a tactic and Republican propaganda. Rove wants you to think Obama will win in order to rile up the Republican masses and stir them to action.

  • Carroll Price

    They are both owned by Wall Street, so why would anyone think that it is going to make one iota of difference which zombie shits in the White House?

    • you filthy skank

      • mytraintrax

        What!!! you don’t like the truth or are you just to stupid to understand that she is right, the only choice is, which will be the lesser evil and it wont be big ears whom is owned by the socialists as well.

  • Oldmonkey

    From Wiki: The Great Leap Forwardwas an economic and social campaign of the Communist Party of China, resulting in tens of millions of excess deaths.[3] Estimates of the death toll range from 18 million[4] to 45 million

    From Wiki: The Holodomor (Ukrainian literal translation Killing by hunger) was a man-made famine in the Ukrainian USSR between 1932 and 1933. Millions of Ukrainians died of starvation in a peacetime catastrophe unprecedented in the history of Ukraine. Early estimates of the death toll by scholars and government officials varied greatly; anywhere from 1.8[6] to 12 million[7] ethnic Ukrainians were said to have been killed as a result of the famine.

    Those are the facts, and they are available elsewhere as well.
    All governments are incompetant, and any with populations much over 6 million prove deadly when attempting to directly run production and distribution of anything.

  • Why can’t Romney issue his past taxes?Is he hiding BIG that is fraudulent?Of course he has been hiding dough in other countries far away from his own country!His issued 2010 was not compleet,erasing many important stuff!I salute Reid for wanting the truth about Romney’s taxes!

    • mytraintrax

      Simply because he is not obliged to, the simple fact is he pays more taxes than Obumy makes in a year and does not want to embrace him.

  • mytraintrax

    Barack Hussein Obama, like his name sake Sadam Hussein is a murderer extraordinaire and we need far less of the convoluted logic of the Stupid PAC, Priorities USA to conclude that Barack Obama is a cold blooded murderer. Hussein Obumer is covered in the blood of border agent Brian Terry.

    Murdered directly at the hands of Barack Obumy’s administration through Operation Fast and Furious. That gun that came back across the border in the hands of someone who used it to kill Brian Terry was supplied by Barack Hussein Obama murderer extraordinaire.

    There is a definite and vastly more proven direct link between Barack Hussein Obama murderer extraordinaire, and Brian Terry’s murder than there is between Mitt Romney and Ilyona Soptic’s death from cancer seven years after he left Bain Capital.

    If we are playing by Priorities USA’s rules, from here on out we can refer to Barack Obama as a murderer in chief, considering his administration made the decisions that led to Brian Terry’s murder at a time period when Barack Hussein Obama murderer extraordinaire was still on the job and in charge.

    Barack Hussein Obama murderer extraordinaire.

    • Robert2011GB

      Where do these nut jobs come from?

      Heaven help America if these white Republican lunatics win in November.

  • Ok then..get ready for Greece!!!

  • Remember in November of 2012 folks:

    Leftards are not going away

    When the Soviet Union fell….they just moved their operation to America

    Marxist…Socialists never give up…even when they lose

    Democrats experienced their biggest lose since 1948 in 2010.…clear down to the State Legislatures

    President Obumer even said they got shellacked

    Doesn’t matter folks…they still think they won

    Even when they lose in 2012…they will declare Victory

    Sorry…we will have to fight them till the day you die…why because their leader is Satan the Devil

    Satan doesn’t plan on dying….and his followers will even quote scripture to you from the Bible

    Yes…that’s right folks….God hating atheist Liberals will actually quote Jesus that they don’t believe in

    What are their two favorite quotes:

    Jesus was a Liberal and Jesus never approved of the Apostle Paul’s condemnation of Homosexuals in Romans 1: 26-32

    Liberals are of their father the Devil and the Devil was a liar from the beginning…just like Liberals are!

    • D-Nice

      You have real problems. I suggest you get some help, leave politics for people that have a fully functioning brain.

  • D-Nice

    Even Rove knows the writing is on the wall. I predict some heart broken republicans come November.

  • why would i put the very people who ran this country down back in charge. the people who made the rich richer while the poor middle class had to fend for themselves. why would i put the people who sent our young men and women cross sea to die for a war drum up on lies. and beside you gave him 8 years to mess it up , why not give obama 8 years to fix it up

  • That Obama is ahead in these polls is remarkable, and a clear statement that Americans are becoming dumber and dumber.

  • What is Mitt hiding in his past decades of tax returns?If the world was accusing Romney of murder and theft dont’you think he provide evidence on the table?What is this for a candidate running for the higher office and can’t be transparent w/ his financial transactions?He is hiding BIG!very fraudulent indeed..

  • JJ18

    Barack Obama, the biggest empty suit to ever hold the office of president, new lies, new scandels every week, what a record to run on. Hope and change, really, the hope was gone 2 years ago and the change is what people have left in thier pocket. Remember the transparent admin we were going to see, its true, hes been such a phoney we now can all see right through him. Remember fellow americans, some where in kenya a village is missing its idiot, so this november lets send him back home and bring america back to the country we use to know and work in.

  • you mean two…….include his wife!

  • you are intelligent..and allow that intelligence to dictate………I applaud you

  • what about the demos …….that are doing that now? check botox Pelosi out, dems give very little if any to charity to help anyone………would rather steal it from us then lets us decide whom and when to help…………

  • dah , comrat!

  • are u saying someone is the country is not as good as someone in the city………….? arrogant elite BE OAUCH

  • I agree with you except calling people trailer trash..I live and won one doublewide with seperate spa and cabana, and inground pool I had built and paid cash…..over $165,000 twelve years ago……so be kinder, do not lo


  • It would have been easier with Grease if Odimbo had used it when he shafted America

  • you stupid Be Oauch……..he was showing YOU whom he would rather deal with an American President who loved his country(Bush) or a left leaning , anti Semitic
    like Odimwit……AllahAkbar

  • Louise Fischer-Parish

    Karl Rove is a political HACK of the worse kind! He should put his chalkboard where the SUN never SHINES!

  • and who came in promising the end to all these wars then starts one against Qaddafi whom did him no harm and now we face a bigger threat from the dictator’s former country…..long live Pres Obeyme!!!

  • probably not have as ignorant as you..!

  • Go Comrade! steal all you can, A HOLE

  • then being a dem you should support him, is it not your platform and chimp in chief supporting gay marriage???

  • go back to the nursing home and eat all your oatmeal…………it helps you with your alhiemzers

  • in his father’s dreams , bitch!

  • Rse

    Don’t people see what will happen if Obama is elected again? Businesses will either close or move out of the country, many people will leave the stock market, most people will not be spending any money only for the necessities. There will be thousands more IRS agents and they will come to your door if you don’t pay for health care. The government will be dictating every aspect of your life. I just don’t understand how people can be so brainwashed.

  • You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. What part of taxing the rich their fair share do you not understand? The rich will pay more in taxes and like it. Game over.

  • OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Easy re-election as America transitions into a majority-liberal nation.

  • As an American citizen living overseas I’ve been hearing so many comments that consider the U.S. as a welfare state. I do not blame President Obama directly as he is one man who leads an entire system.

    The Democratic Party has created some great programs over the years that has increased the quality of life for American citizens.

    The problem is that some of their programs and way of thinking have become delusional in many instances. Great on paper but not feasible is real life.

    I feel a leaner government is better for all Americans. We need someone who can motivate Americans to take the next leap.

    We cannot rely on manufacturing as a base to our prosperity. We need to be innovative, and bold. We need to create a new age that will carry America to new heights. The Industrial age for the U.S. is over. The Technological age is waning. We need a leader who will energize the country.

    I’m tired of voting for egos and empty speeches. I would like to see a creative, driven leader who puts the country before themselves or the party.

    Missing the United States of America…

    God Bless the US!

  • blocklanes

    You are soooo right.

  • Not hardly! Obama is in Trouble, and note the capital T!

  • This I know, Obama wants taxes to chase spending until we are bankrupt and does not respect the private sector or trust it to create jobs. Our only salvation is to rein in spending, grow the economy, and hold the line on taxes. Obama policy will not do this. I do hope that Romney will state how he can achieve this to get my vote. I do not want DC business as usual. It is time for solutions!

  • obama can’t stop lying. if you want another greece, vote for him again. he will take all your freedoms away. we have to build a country proud to get up in the morning and work for a living. a welfare nation just leads to apathy and feeling of no self worth. i challenge the chronic unemployed to get a job and know the feeling of self worth. let us return to the greatest and strongest country to have ever been created by our great founders.
    lou desipio

  • So how many of the 2/3 Americans who say Americas headed in wrong direction are going to vote for that wrong direction??? This doesn’t make sense!

  • CJM2

    Rove’s article and map predictions are out of date—what’s the latest picture like? According to newer polls, obammy isn’t doing as well as Rove is showing here. Does Rove think obammy will buy those electoral votes? I wouldn’t put it past him…the man is desperate for re-election and, like the fraud he is, would do just that.


    Why is an article from April featured ? Because at that time Obama still had a chanceand the media cannot stand when he loses big

  • Karl has both Georgia and Texas as “Leaning Romney.” My poor friend Rove has been taking some strange meds lately. I can’t think of any two states MORE in the Romney camp.
    SC a “toss-up?” C’mon, Rove, get off those funny weeds and let your mind clear up, then re-do this silly map!

  • misterd39

    We conservatives will never beat the liberal media or the liberal professors who brainwash our children.
    I am afraid for the future of our great country and where it is heading.

  • Well, this map is history. Wisconsin will now be red, no doubt. Obammunist’s days are now numbered. All he has are lies and smears. America now has hope for survival.

  • Catweasel321

    Another Karl Rove double edged Jedi mind trick.

    To republicans we’re going to lose, give me more money.

    To Democrats, you’re bound to win so why bother even turning out.

  • GrandpaTarkin

    TEXAS “leans Romney”???? Hahahaha This isn’t a map of where the two candidates are strong, it’s a map of where Rove thinks there are wealthy donors who can be scared into parting with millions of dollars for Rove’s SuperPAC.

  • Rove is right on target! The Republirats have added the least electable VP to the least electable POTUS. Its all over, folks! Hussein will chew them up like the charlatans they are. Get ready for Marxism in full gear.

  • mytraintrax

    Once again you blab like an ignorant idiot, a delusional crack smoking weed selling old loon, you don’t have an opinion, you have an unnatural cerebral challenged bias, the MSM is in no way is controlled by the Repubs as the Repubs are too stupid to achieve that, the press are one hundred percent left leaning Odumbo supporting, lying, misinforming, story changing dung beetles selling of the tripe that idiots like you love to feed off, and you cant class New York Times cartoon strips as doing research either, if you are going to continue to spew lie after lie, rather just shut up because I have no interest in hearing your democrap tripe.

    • daronlady620

      How would you know the truth if you saw it, pinhead?

  • skates7

    we don’t need anymore Georg Bush’s or his clown imitators in the White House starting wars and helpping the super rich get richer

  • mytraintrax

    Spoken like a true crack smoking fat ass free loading Odumbo supporter, crawl back under your rock fool, the sun is coming out and all the degenerate democrap is floating to the surface and stinking up the white-house and the country.

  • oakhill3

    I don’t believe I’ve ever read comments on this site before. Don’t think I will again either. Seems impossible for the majority here to say anything without name calling and labeling. How pathetic.

    • Svito88

      It’s just politics. Relax a little.

  • mytraintrax

    I can guarantee you of one fact, I am way better informed than a pathetic SEIU loser like you, I actually work for a living and I pay wages every Friday, I contribute to the economy unlike the lecherous trash like you that support the degenerate leach master and “occupier in charge” of the white-house

  • mytraintrax

    I simply loved this piece,

    Michelle Obama has poisoned the nation’s food supply and potentially given listeria to America’s children, according to press reports.

    Food inspectors have discovered listeria in packaged apple slices destined for McDonald’s, Burger King, and various grocery stores.

    It was Michelle Obama’s push for healthier eating that led fast food restaurants to begin including apple slices in their kids’ meals.

    Now, you and I may think it is outrageous to claim that Michelle Obama had anything to do with food poisoning America’s youth. You and I would be right to think it is outrageous. But if Mitt Romney is responsible for Joe Soptic’s wife dying of cancer almost a decade after Mitt Romney left Bain Capital’s day to day management, it is only fair to use the same kind of stupidity logic to point out Michelle Obama is giving kids listeria.

    What’s fair is fair, right?

    So now we know they are both “Murders Extraordinaire” and keeping it in the family.

  • I’ve noticed that the two most historically reliable polls (Gallup and Rassumussen) either show Romney ahead or tied. I’ve also noticed they peg Obama at 46%. It’s unlikely that Obama will be able to up that as those who are going to vote for him have already decided to do so. I think now the only way Romeny loses is if something big happens to turn this thing in Obama’s favor.

  • mytraintrax

    Hey all you dumb as rocks libitards, here is another newsflash for you:

    Aug 14 2012 US Treasury Department warns of yet more expected taxpayer losses from Obama’s costly bailout of the auto industry will increase to $25.1B more tax payer dollars

    Hope and change, hope and change, I feel those hope and change chains tightening around my ankles and my neck as the Obamanator sells my future to China

  • softunderbelly

    I love this. This trash rag puts up the headline that Obama is going to triumph. This on Aug. 17th, when the Rove piece was published on APRIL 27TH! Come on! get serious.

  • Yeah, like nothing has changed since late April…

  • Why not just post an October 2008 projection? Or a map from December 2008?

  • mytraintrax

    Obviously this is way over your head, this has nothing to do with democraps or the idiots in the republican party, this is about freedom, freedom to do with our lives what we want and when we want, I am so sick of governments regulating even the air that I breath, I am so sick of hypocritical corrupt lying politicians that will say and do anything to get into power and keep it. I don’t give a hoot who marries who, and if you want to marry an ape that is your business, not mine nor is it the governments. You talk of a middleclass as if it represents something of great value and yet it represents nothing, it’s nothing more than a political manipulating point to get people to vote for the lying sack or for that one. Simply put, if you work for it and earn it its yours, if you don’t, then it’s not, you are not entitled to a hand out, you are not entitled to live of the fruits of my or anyone else’s labor, you are entitled to absolutely nothing that you have not personally worked for and earned in your lifetime, this term middle class, has become nothing more than the free loader class, unions have destroyed American ingenuity, they have ruined entrepreneurial enterprise in the USA, they have crippled Americas future. Our national debt is so far off the cliff my great grandchildren won’t be able to make the interest payments let alone pay off the capital, I really don’t give two hoots who gets elected as long as it is not Obama or any one in his administration, I would vote for Daffy Duck if it would keep the garbage in the democrap party out, no party ever has done the damage that the four lying blithering idiots Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Bidden have wrecked in just 3 short years, Obama’s dog Bobo would have done a better job than the Obama moron. You believe you have values and yet you say there are things that you do not agree with when it comes to being a Democrat (same-sex marriage, abortion), you can’t have it both ways, that’s not values that’s compromise and a man who can compromise abortion, he has no values, over 50 million abortions have been carried out since Roe V Wade, that is more than the number of lives lost for the entire WWII, its more than were murdered by Stalin, Mao, and the Khmer Rouge put together, and all of these lives, from the socialist and communist wars to the abortions of Americas children, lie directly at the feet of liberal values, a compromise position that has no respect for anything or anyone, compromise is simply a total contradiction in terms to values, so when you truly learn to have values, only then will you see that through the liberal agenda there are no values only a one sided opinion.

  • As Romney is no debate competition against Obama it follows: Obama will win.

  • iban perez

    brain will overwhelm the monetarist. obama will have acquired the needed gumption in his second term to spur america out the mess now.

  • mytraintrax

    Hey then you know something the rest of America has been trying to find out about your dark overlords scholastic record, so lets settle this, prove it moron, don’t just shoot your ignorant mouth off, show us all Odumbo’s scholastic records, the ones where his own educators claimed he was an under achiever at best, now go wipe your mouth it has a whole pile of brown smeared around it.

  • Karl Rove, the man who shot his attorney to keep him quiet, is a heartless, maniacal, murdering, egotist. He should run for president.

  • Rove’s ‘analysis’ shows the President winning? Surely, I hope people don’t believe that. Rove is only doing this to continue the drumbeat from the extreme right and bring in more donations.

  • if obama wins it will be from voter fraud.

    • Rosie_Sultana

      no, no. Only republicans use fraud to win. Remember Florida?

    • Are you mad? Your post and your alias suggest that you are.

    • I had the same thought in 2004 if Bush got reelected. Turns out there were just 45 million bucked tooth, inbred, retarded white people in America,most of them men.

      • djt51

        what has obama done for this nation please do not tell me we are better off now than we were 4 years ago

        • TheMarkk

          If Romney wins it will be by election fraud. I’m a computer programmer by trade. Electronic voting machines can (and I believe, are programmed to) achieve a set goal. What goal that is remains to be seen.

          And to all the rich Republicans, please give me your checkbook for a couple of months, let me go ape-ass bonkers on a spending spree (for the good of me only) and then I’ll give it back to you. Then let’s see how long it takes you to recover from the reckless spending I did…

          Does this sound familiar? It should… It’s what your man Bush did to the us when he inherited the Clinton surplus, spent like there was no tomorrow (based on lies and false information) then handed over a horrendous financial deficit to Obama.

          Any Republican that now wants Obama to snap his fingers and miraculously fix the mess he was given is an ass. All you rich republicans, just look at your own children, y’know the ones that are handed everything and all the money they want and still manage to screw up their lives. Most of them couldn’t even hold a job at Walmart and you know it!

          Imagine if you handed them bills for millions of dollars, instead of handing them millions of dollars… Well that’s what happened to Obama. Bush and his band of criminal cohorts robbed us and this country blind, then high-tailed it out of Dodge leaving the next guy holding the bag, empty bag, that is… now didn’t they?

      • That’s 45 million and one,you forgot to count yourself,bitch!!!!

    • TheMarkk


  • this article is 3 months old , have to wonder about why outdated info is put at the top of the pile .

  • So Rove’s 2008 map was accurate. I could do an accurate 2008 map as well. The idea that NH and SC lean Obama, and that PA and OH aren’t toss-ups, is kinda silly. If Rove did this map in August 1980 he’d have predicted a landslide win…for Carter. Take a deep breath, folks, and toss Rove’s “analysis” aside. Mitt’ll get 325 electorals at least.

  • ta111

    It’s a 4 month old article for cryin out loud. What this author just did is journalistic malpractice-trying to argue yesterday’s news as today’s. If you look at today’s numbers obama is toast. He is down now in reliably blue states like Michigan and Wisconsin and dems are dejected. This is Reagan/Carter all over again.

  • Randall Marlowe

    I have already expressed my opinion on the election along with very deep disillusion with the GOP. I am a Southern Democrat who has never voted for the GOP for obvious reasons, mainly the last 4 Presidents we had from you. This time though and based on my ingrained distrust of Obama, I was sincerely hoping that the GOP could come up with a Decent candidate who could beat Obama. As it is obvious this is not going to happen, what Happens to American in the next 4 years will be chalked up against the GOP. Good God! Couldn’t you have come up with anyone better that Romney!!! I read the other comments before writing this and agree with most of them. Just one negative comment. If Romney were able to win he would be much worse than that Drunken Addict G.W. Bush who left us in two wars, we don’t need, and so deep in debt that nobody can figure out how to get out of it. Ever since Reagan took us off the Gold Standard the GOP has been able to push us deeper in debt. I hate to remind you but the only President who tried, with the Congress against him, to stop or slow down this down hill run and almost succeded was Bill Clinton and the best the GOP could come up with was to try and impeach him, for having the fastest zipper in town! I am afraid that the GOP and their friends of the extreme right Tea Party just might be the end of our two party State. Randall J. Marlowe, Buenos Aires

  • After watching the Bush debacle for 8 years and watching the Republicans do nothing good for the country this past 3 years why would anyone vote for a Republican?

    • Because they’ve been inbred that way.

    • ohioan123

      Because we’ve had 42 Consecutive Months of unemployment over 8%;
      and Debt is $16 Trillion; Deficit over $1.1 Trillion
      and Democrats rammed ObamaCareTax down our throats;
      Obama/Democrats are hateful, resentful, demonizing and Dividing this country.

      • TheMarkk


        I see you are still using the Faux News calculator dad gave you…

        • Better than the Communist News Network or the MSLSD networks.

        • Zeitsev

          Not sure I get you here… Are trelling me there is no deficit??? Or unemployment???

          • no what he saying the most incompetent house of congress won’t do what needs to be done…they want power back to ruin this country like bush!!!!

          • ncdj1219

            I know, and the Dems says the Repubs are out of touch from reality! I think there are people who would stick with their ideology at the expense of truth and reality! Go figure…

        • Me

          Prove he’s wrong with some…… DATA! Otherwise, remain in your basement and do as I say.

      • how are they hateful? I want to know, Can you give some details?

        • Zeitsev

          Yeah I can… the comments regarding Ann Romney’s use of horses in MS therapy is one place… the Comment about Ann being a stay at home mom is another… the asinine comment about Romney’s having pain nmo taxes in the last 10- years by Harry reid is what it is a DAMN lie… but that is par for Harry…

      • savaskys

        If you work directly or indirectly for the Auto industry
        you have Barrack Obama to thank for saving your job.

        • bbagot

          Do you believe GM is the auto industry?

          If Obama (and we have to blame Bush also) didn’t intervene, then the unions and owners would have had to figure out a deal that kept the company afloat on their own. If you know someone is going to bail you out, then you don’t have to do that. It turned out the bailout equalled $700,000 per worker. My father runs a small company with 12 workers that was having difficulty. I told him don’t worry, the government will be giving him $8.4 million to help him any day now.

      • Spoken like a true right wing pimp

      • brockng

        nobody rammed anything down your throat.

        except maybe Mitt Romney, it was his idea after all….

        • bbagot


          Obama, in close door deals only with Democrats, ironed out what ObamaCare would be and then forced it through as a budget measure — even though it wasn’t.

          He rammed it through against the will of the American people, including buying off members of Congress with sweetheart deals, and thought we’d forget. Come November that year, we showed him we hadn’t by sending the Democrats packing in the worst rout in over 70 years.

      • because the gop controlled house is doing everything they can to keep the country from turning things around so we can have more of what the bush years brought us…..

        • bbagot

          Obama is the only President in the last 100 years to have both House of Congress and a filobuster proof majority in the Senate … and still get nothing done.

          The fact is he didn’t really care much about the economy — ObamaCare was WAY more important to him — until after his party suffered the worst defeat in over 50 years at the polls.

          Now somehow he’s trying to blame the Republicans. I’d like to feel only a very small minority of the people could be that dumb as to fall for it, but we’ll have to see.

      • Red_Flag

        People can spin all they want BUT George Bush and his Republican left a big mess behind with somebody to pay for…
        Tax Breaks for Rich – Not paid for.
        Two (2) Wars NOT paid for.

      • fuzkida

        Yes – but can you imagine what the economy would be like today if:
        1. Bush policies were still in place (which Romney has doubled down on); or
        2. Republicans in COngress had not blocked almost all Obama’s initiatives to create jobs – in rebuilding infrastructure, hiring/rehiring more teachers etc?

        How soon some of us forget the trajectory of our economy during the last few days of Bush!

      • Hopefully people are smart enough not to elect someone who will do the same things Bush did to the economy. We are headed in the right direction at least. At this rate it will be slow but at least there IS growth. No more tax cuts for the rich.

      • smaccath

        caused by George W. two unfunde wars and an unfunded prescription health care bill bigger than Obama’s

    • TheMarkk

      That’s for sure. If Romney wins it will be by election fraud. I’m a computer programmer by trade. Electronic voting machines can (and I believe, are programmed to) achieve a set goal. What goal that is remains to be seen.

      And to all the rich Republicans, please give me your checkbook for a couple of months, let me go ape-ass bonkers on a spending spree (for the good of me only) and then I’ll give it back to you. Then let’s see how long it takes you to recover from the reckless spending I did…

      Does this sound familiar? It should… It’s what your man Bush did to the us when he inherited the Clinton surplus, spent like there was no tomorrow (based on lies and false information) then handed over a horrendous financial deficit to Obama.

      Any Republican that now wants Obama to snap his fingers and miraculously fix the mess he was given is an ass. All you rich republicans, just look at your own children, y’know the ones that are handed everything and all the money they want and still manage to screw up their lives. Most of them couldn’t even hold a job at Walmart and you know it!

      Imagine if you handed them bills for millions of dollars, instead of handing them millions of dollars… Well that’s what happened to Obama. Bush and his band of criminal cohorts robbed us and this country blind, then high-tailed it out of Dodge leaving the next guy holding the bag, empty bag, that is… now didn’t they?

      • There are frauds in elections but this is the stuff that makes tinfoil hats.

      • A_Master_of_the_Obvious

        It will be soo easy for them to recover from your reckless spending….according to the Obama model, they will go take out some HUGE loans (from people who want to see them fail and die) and spend more money recklessly so they can feel good, make other people say “how charitable and humanitarian they are” and get their picture on TV.

      • thewomanintexas

        You have drank deeply from the Obama Koolaide fountain. Obama wanted the job, said he was the man with the hope and change, the messiah, the one we had all been waiting on. He said he could balance the budget in his first term. Well the community block organizer did not have the first clue how to do all this and his right hand helper Valerie Jarett, also with no experience, has not pulled anything out of her magic bag. He oversold himself, just as many people do when they apply for a job. Then they get it, are a caught in their incompentcy and fired. That is exactly what should happen to Obama! But this man thinks he is more intellectual than anyone, he has an air about him that he thinks he is superior. This man has a hidden agenda, a so called bone to pick with America and if he is left to his devices for another four years, your children and grandchildren will never know the freedom and the safety that we have experienced as Americans! Wake up and get over this guy, he and his associates are posinous and don’t give a crap about you!
        The Woman in Texas

        • What is the heck are you talking about you possessed devil woman? The freedom and safety for our kids and parents… security and medicare….money for kids lunches….your neo con pals talk about what you created on your own….like Romney who’s dad was a billionaire Republican paid for two Harvard degrees for the kid. He got all the Republican connections for money from state and local governments to set up his companies. You damn Obama who had to scrimp,, borrow and beg for his money. By the way….Obama was elected by the law students to run the Harvard Law Review….Where are Republican community contributions? Maybe you should take a walk through Arlington National Cemetary and look at what your Republicans did with their profiteering during the Iraq war! Your Halliburtons created that…with help from no bid contracts. Did you come from a long line of Chicken Hawks like Romney who served in Paris only to come home to damn the kids who protested the Viet Nam war and draft while he had a deferment as a mormon preacher? Enough of you evil woman…..your neo con pals lie and you swear to it.

      • bbagot

        For everyone touting Clinton, I haven’t met a single one that wants the higher taxes that we had in the 1990s before Bush.

        Do you want to be the first?

      • MeRonald

        Are you really that lame, have you forgot about 911 and the act of war perpetrated upon us by the Koran toting not jobs that are wanting the U.S.A to give them sharia laws in our country. And now we have a not job in office that wants to turn the U.S. into a third world nation by giving illegals citizenship while there are millions of AMERICANS out of work and losing their homes, Are you kidding me you fool.

    • Why would anyone vote for any of these misfits, except to minimize the perceived potential destruction?

    • christine newman

      You on drugs Johnny R !

    • What have Dems done for the last 11 years?

    • fbailey

      Aside from the fact that the democrats sowed the seeds of the housing crisis, why vote Republican now? Because we have an incompetent egomaniac for a president who intends to turn us into a European style Socialist country.

    • No one with brains would


    • Scott Battles

      Wake up! Politics is smoke and mirrors. Neither one has done anything for this country. Both sides demonize, split and polarize the people against one another. The 535 have raped, sacked and pillaged this once beautiful country. Every election in my memory has been voting for the lesser of two evils. In my opinion it is time to simply clean house and start over.

      • muggsmcginnis

        Spoken like a burned out Democrat who has come to the conclusion that Obama and the Democrats have failed the country so blame both parties! Give yourself some peace and vote for real “hope and change” and vote for Romney and Ryan! Yes, in the privacy of your voting booth you will feel real good when you vote for Romney this time instead of Obama and the Democommunistcrats!

    • Alexander Harper

      Why would anyone vote for a Progressive Marxist Socialist thats spending our country into oblivion through welfare nanny state pandering? Please open your mouth again and say something even dumber.

    • shipfreak


    • Ivan Terrible

      What Bush debacle? It only existed in MSNBC broadcasts and insane screams of Democrats. Like that POS Harry Reid “we lost the war”. Like we had the enemy at the gates about to torch DC!

      7 out of 8 years of solid economy, low unemployment. Try that, libtard

    • smaccath

      I guess George W. was that bad!!!!

  • A 4 month old article running under the banner of today’s date. Nice journalism.

  • Mitch Paeglow

    This is OLD! Look at the date (4/25/12) at the top of the map!

  • Obama should be impeached and dispatched to a Soviet-style gulag. If this commie wins that’s where we who work will be sent.

  • Whats scary is that 46% of the people in this country support obama. That many stuipd people in one country is a scary thought!!!!!!!!!!

  • As a registered Republican woman in a blue state (I’m a fiscal conservative and social progressive), I have to say that the choice of Ryan made a vote for Romney an unconscionable choice. I’ll probably vote Libertarian this time around (basically a vote for Obama in my state), although if the Republicans become even more anti-woman as time goes by, I may even hold my nose and vote for the hawkish paternalistic Obama. Sad, sad, sad

  • In case you hadn’t noticed, the only way to get rid of the overlay when you come to this page is to agree that Romney not turn over anymore tax returns. Yes just freezes the screen.
    So much for a real poll. Much like the others out there.

  • fbailey

    The fact that Rove has South Carolina a tossup and Georgia and Texas a pink state tells you all you need to know about Rove’s thoughts. I am sick of him and his white board.

  • Lets just get President Obama out and then we can stand back from Syria, Iraq, Afganistan and watch it all happen and then take the necessary steps to keep these countries contained…like we did with Iraq….no fly zones…whatever…hit them from the air as soon as they pose any threat.

    The same conditons should apply with Iran. They will not stop the nuclear weapon develpment and sanctions will not help in any way. We know this but the present administration is too weak willed to do anything about it. They will slope their shoulders and let Isreal do the job. Fortunately Isreal will and we need to back them!

    We have treated the Isreal admistration very badly in President Obama’s reign.

    Now our ecomony needs a change of direction as well.

    The Republicans need to show a stong front on what they will do to get our ecomony growing again.

  • dave_young

    This data and comments from Rove are totally obsolete ( April). DISREGARD> no relevance

  • rebProle

    The state we’re in now is entirely due to deregulation, Reagan in the 80’s and then onwards it’s been almost bi-partisan. So how’s this for a suggestion; We as a combined people take back control of our government and then start a real debate about how to run things. Obama is up to his eyeballs in corporate funding and lobbying/bribery and Romney is over his head in it so until the PUNCH & JUDY SHOW or DOG & PONY SHOW of this left right divide and rule bullshit is dealt with we are all just pissing in the wind…

  • Jack FIds

    Abe, your echo of Limbaugh’s Monday show is cute, but you’d be cuter if you could ever fire up some independent thinking brain cells instead of repeating your hero’s puke .

  • Jack FIds

    Equal redistribution of the money stolen from the middle class & the poor from the thieving 1%ers
    may be theft to you but to those who were robbed, it is JUSTICE served 8 years after the armed robbery .

  • mytraintrax

    Its never about the country, but and I quote, “The danger to America is not only Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.”

  • ncdj1219

    If Obama wins this election, I would really think that the American people are CRAZY! After all what he has done to destroy this country, to reelect him is just unthinkable. Wake up America!!!

    • And be annexed by Planet Kolob?????

  • Turd Blossom Rove and his Crossroads needs more money. They saved some by pulling funds from that right wing Disaster Akin, but poured more money into their paid Swiftboaters, a few highly paid military and their Movie disaster that will backfire on them.

  • another low life heard from!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Collins

    Tell you why John R, 45 million Americans on food stamps, $5 trillion in debt in under 4 years, 8% + unemployment through his entire term, class warfare, gender warfare, race warfare, 104 rounds of golf, $40,000-a-plate fundraisers, 2 cabinet meeting this year as opposed to 220 fundraisers. Get a clue. Instead of being ignorant, try explaining how Obama has improved your life. You can’t. And even though I keep challenging you Americans, not one of you has come forward to say Obama has helped improve your life. Not one.

  • A god from planet Kolob is not fit to be president. He always remembers his magic underwear but forgets to obey the law and pay taxes, and does not understand the concept of justice for all. He thinks taht our social classes are “Us” and “the little people”. He doesn’t understand terrestrial boundaries, still thinks that the Cayman Islands are next door. President Obama is the only intelligent, sane alternative.

  • giveandtake

    I am with Mrs. Obama. Get out and vote November 2, 2012. She is absolutely right.

  • Yes we have debt most under republicans and if people don’t know this they haven’t been paying attention. Wars, aggressive militarism, greed and power hungry men. In my 64 years of being able to vote I have yet to see anything good the republican party has done for our country.

    • purple1960

      get better glasses then evelyn……

    • Mark Levin often talks about “drones” on his radio show. He has people like Evelyn in mind when he does so.


    • Rove is a good man. He knows politics and he can articulate what he believes and that is why he is on Fox making fabulous money and you and I are here typing our opposite opinions for nothing.

  • Obozo has made things exponentially worse because the liberal/progressive mind ignores cause and effect in making policy. All the progressives do is try to make things “fair” by redistributing assets and resources from the people who created and understand them to people with no grasp of anything beyond their reptilian need to eat, crap, and fornicate.

    This means that they have to assert ownership over that which they do not own, take from those who do own, and support a huge useless bureaucracy that supports itself by this redistribution.

    It took four years of that worthless castrated mule Jimmy Carter to get people to swell up and vote overwhelmingly for Ronald Reagan in 1980. O’buttstain knows this and that’s why we see such a huge body of evidence that there’s going to be martial law to cancel the election.

    Why do you think we sell millions of dollars in gold and silver every week at Lear?

  • fuzkida

    How do you know it is a lie?! If it was, Romney would simply release his taxes. Come on, be honest! I know you hate Obama, but do you really think Romney has not both legally and illegally been dodging taxes his entire life?

    • purple1960

      lets see your taxes,,,,,how do i know you are not hiding something,,,,,,,,
      i am supposed to take a lead from a tax cheat like you?????

    • Why doesn’t Obama release his college records? I think that would tell me more about Obama than Romney’s tax records would tell me about Romney. I already know Romney is a rich and successful person. I also know what Obama thinks of America and if he released his college records, everyone else will know too.

  • ThatboinY212

    president obama is going to win.. maybe not as big as the 2008 election but still victorious nonetheless

    • Speaking for myself, I can’t imagine anyone who voted for McCain in 2008 voting for Obama in 2012. On the other hand, I can easily imagine people who voted for Obama in 2008 voting for Romney in 2012. If not for California and New York, the race would not be a race at all, it would be a landslide for Romney.

  • This story is dated April 27th, 2012. Since that date the race has tightened. In a fair and honest world Romney would be winning going away, but with the media on his side it is a much closer race than it should be. I suspect Romney will end up winning by six points instead of the sixteen he deserves to win by in a fair and honest world.

  • DGolf

    Not since Jimmmy Carter, has this nation elected someone who is so unqualified to be President. This POS has no regard for the Constitution, exhibits no leadership , and not once, given an original thought on anything. Leadership requires a sit down wth those who have opposing views and discuss and work out differences. Sometimes al leader has to give in to the other side to make things work.This election is about jobs and the economy. Not contraceptives,immigration , and tax returns. Can a poor person run for POS? I think not. One last comment. I believe the Dems should suspend the campaigns and allow the Repubs center spot. They had their moment at the 2008 DNC. Give the Repubs their moment

    • smaccath

      George W. wasn’t that bad

    • please get off the drugs

      • ts01spd

        DGolf, Seriously? Unqualified, POS, no regard for the Constituion, no leadership, no original thought? Seriously?

        Leadership requires a sit down sure but what if the opposition doesn’t even agree to sit down. What then? Sheeeesh, your post makes you sound like an idiot.

    • ChamponaDonkey

      What a pathetic POS you are, Obama inherited a mess from Bush and Wall Street greed. If you have nothing but drivel, STFU.

      • rhadagastt

        Donkey: No question Obama inherited a mess from Bush, but the problem is that Barry made things worse not better. And on top of it he added another $5 trillion to the debt. How do you spend $5 trillion and still have >8% unemployment for 43 months?? Plus you say that JMH has nothing but drivel? What do you call blaming Bush nearly 4 years after Bush was done? That is the very definition of drivel. And are you going to deny that Barry was inexperienced when he was elected? Barry was, without question, the most unaccomplished person to ever become US President.

      • Proud Conservative American

        We can usually tell before the second term if a president is worthy to hold a second term. Somehow Obama has managed to fail on every level and has shown he is not a statesman or a strong leader, but merely a long smelly fart.

    • JMHS1967

      At least Jimmy Carter had some government-leadership experience (and still look how badly he did as President)! What’s more disturbing to me is that the majority of voters in 2008 pulled the lever for such an inexperienced person as Obama. This isn’t a vote for Prom King, folks! BHO STILL doesn’t have as much experience as most people running for President, but we’ve had four years of him, and it’s a wonder the country is still standing. Think, people, THINK!

  • God help the world never mind the USA if Romney wins, he has “Advisers” who are already eyeing up Iran for another war, never mind the fact his views change like the direction of the wind!


    I know that it took longer than 4 years to get in the shape we are in now, but has the current administration done ANYTHING to improve it? People, you need to wake up!

  • Reckless spending on tax cuts for the working class dude? Reckless spending on people who got laid off with Bush Era job losses? Reckless spending on medical on the unemployed? Reckless spending on food stamps? Like Mitt and Paul… will cut off these “freeloaders” and spend more and more money on the most expensive military on the planet . Funny you guys were all for the troops when Iraq was invaded, now you do not even care if they are messed up or dying? Heck, you clowns are planning another one with Iran? Talk about the obvious….America does not need your kind of war economy. We cannot afford it……spend our money on our people dude…..Repukes will not….Democrats will.

  • LukeJohn

    Here’s my analysis:

    The left crows that 60% of single women say they will support Obama – Sounds great but in 2008 over 71% of that demographic voted for him. So that represents a loss of over 10%

    Likewise they say that 90% of blacks will vote for Obama – in 2008 99% voted for him. Almost 10% loss again.

    And so it goes: Students, young workers were all enthused by the drama of the moment in 2008 – now they face the hard reality of a still struggling economy, mortgages, student loans, unemployment. Hard to get enthusiastic and keep that mojo running under those conditions.

    Mitt Romney is not “the perfect candidate” – I doubt such a person even exists. BUT he is also not John McCain and his election as POTUS would be a good START on the road to a real recovery..

    Here’s an analysis that I first posted last year – it is more valid than ever:

    In 2008, Obama was elected because:

    1. He was not George Bush.
    2. John McCain was a pathetically weak candidate.
    3. The country wanted to prove that racism was dead.
    4. He was shamelessly hyped by the “Main Stream Media” (MSM).
    5. The economy was in decline. Bush owned the problem.
    6. We thought he was a strong, charismatic speaker.
    7. Liberals were all fired up.
    8. Independents who decide elections in this country were tired of Bush & Co.
    9. He promised an administration that would end divisiveness and lack of transparency.
    10. Students and other young people were consumed by the mass-hysteria, the hero-worship. The drama of the event.

    For all that he only won by around 5% – not exactly a landslide.

    But now..

    1. Bush is not running.
    2. John McCain is not running. Romney is far from a perfect candidate (should such a creature even exist) but he is a far stronger candidate.
    3. We’ve done that, now we need to prove that we’re not brain dead.
    4. The MSM is in a steep decline. Few people take their hype seriously anymore.
    5. The economy is even further down the hole and Obama owns the problem.
    6. We now know that he is just a TelePrompter-reader, NOT a speaker. Charisma won’t buy you lunch or pay the mortgage.
    7. Even liberals are disgusted by what they have seen. They won’t vote conservative but many won’t bother to vote at all.
    8. Independents who decide elections in this country are way tired of Obama & Co.
    9. Obama’s has been the most partisan, divisive and non-transparent administration ever.
    10. The students of 2008 and other young people have mostly now entered the real world and are faced with the realities of getting a job, paying taxes, paying off their loans. Their hero has proven himself to be an empty shell. The drama has ended. The blind, adulatory enthusiasm is a mere shadow of what it once was.

    All we need is a little over 2% swing. Less, if one or two swing states with big Electoral College delegates flip.

    Given all that, I can easily see Obama losing big time. I sense an air of desperation creeping into “Team Obama.” Just look at the pathetic ads they are running, the crazy statements coming from the likes of Reid, Pelosi, Biden, Carney and others.

    • 1. People are rightly blaming Tea Party and GOP for obstructing Obama’s plan to resusitate the economy from the GOP-depression.
      2. A 10% potential polling loss is not the same as a 10% loss of a voting block; this all remains to be seen who votes and for whom.
      3. Many of the rank-and-file, bread-and-butter GOP core voters are evangelical God-fearing christians who will never accept as president someone they believes is in a cult where god lives on a planet accessible by a spaceship.
      4. Even conservatives are repulsed and disgusted by Romney’s constant flip flops and equivocations. Conservatives believe what’s right is right and immutable and permanent and Romney’s sometime support of abortion is and outrage and a reason to punish the GOP for selecting him. Teach the GOP a lesson now so they’ll not make the same mistake again.
      5. Students of 2008 saw how Obama wielded his power to prevent the haves from raising their loan rates this year and that lesson wont be forgotten. They fear Romney might raise rates to pay back his banking buddies his first day in office.
      6. Students of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2012+n… saw how out-of-touch Romney was when he stated that the best way to finance college was to borrow the $60,000 cost from parents and to pay them back after graduation.
      7. Conservatives see the recent hurricane that is messing up the GOP Convention as a sign from God that Romney’s nomination is a big mistake and voting for him is the same as aligning with the devil.
      8. Akin
      9. Ryan
      10. Romney

      • Get your head out of that glue bag. What state are you living in Steven? The 57th as per OBlamer?
        The GOP wooped your collective progressive butts in 2010, and will do it again in 2012……….. get your crying towel ready and prepare to eat crow

      • LukeJohn

        1. Not in any significant numbers.
        2. Agreed but like I said, all that’s needed is a little more than a 2% overall swing.
        3. Maybe so but to those same people, Obama is a far worse evil.
        4. Any perceived “flip-flops” on Romney’s part pale compared to Obama’s flips and broken promises.
        5. Peanuts compared to their struggles to find work in the Obama recession (yes, he now owns it)
        6. That won’t influence more than a handful if any.
        7.The “hurricane” (last I looked, it was still just a “Tropical Storm) is hardly messing up the convention. Far worse has happened to past conventions held by both parties. Many hope that it will just give the protesters their first bath in weeks.
        8. Will be gone and forgotten soon.
        9. Ryan was a great choice.
        10. Obama, the mystery man. The longer he hides his academic records, the more that nasty suspicion grows.

        • This is another example of a leftist pundit hack who is working for the White House everybody. You are a douche!

          • LukeJohn


          • John I was addressing someone else. Sorry.

      • John Brashear

        Steven, is the tea party holding up bills passed by the Congress ?, is the tea party responsible for “fast and furious” ?, is the tea party responsible for 16 Trillion in Debt ?, is the tea Party responsible for 8.2+ % unemployment ?, is the tea party responsible for the Senate not passing it’s own budget, or not passing obamas budget ?……

        • Umm… to claim that any individual president is responsible for the national debt is the dumbest claim one can make. This country has has “massive inflating debt” since as long as I can remember.

          Noone reigns it in. They do nothing but talk a big game.

          Also, claiming that the Democrats are responsible for unemployment is a joke as well. Let’s not forget all of the skilled worker/trade programs funding that’s been cut. You know… the type of work that’s returning to the US but noone cares about because the right wants to constantly cut spending?

          This is a weak comment… almost as weak as the Tea Party itself. It’s a fad. Not a political way of life.

        • Fast and Furious was formulated under the Bush Administration. Look it up.
          Bush started a war and then cut taxes, when he came to power he inherited a surplus from Clinton then Bush and his cronies policies quickly eroded that surplus.
          Look it up.
          The tea party members elected in 2010 have gone out of their way to block every bill that the Dems and Obama have proposed and part of their tactic has been to shift the numerous failures of Bush onto Obama. Thus earning themselves the reputation as the worst performing house in our history.
          Look it up.

          • Really? Tea Party is responsible? Then how do you explain that Obama and co. couldn’t even pass a budget in the two years that they held the House and Senate before the TPers got there? 4 years later and its still “its Bush’s fault”.

      • Are you off your meds Hart? The Tea Party reawakened the call to the government complying with its very own Constitution! Don’t you get it? The only reason GOP moderates and Obama criticized the Tea Party was because it threatened their little power party. You are an idiot! Plain and simple!

      • …Did he really say #6? Proof, please…

      • Don James

        Steven, for 2 years Obama, Pelosi, and Reid controlled everything. They held secret meetings behind…literally….locked doors and created the wet-dream collection of liberal-socialist legislation and executive orders. The tactics and choices by your progressive trinity pushed our nation deeper into recession. Your argument points are so ridiculous as to not merit serious discussion. You sound like a student who wants to be involved but can only repeat headlines from the huffington post.

    • He is dedsetmad

      My God LukeJohn, you must spend/waste a lot of time commenting on shit like this.

      • LukeJohn

        No, like I said, I first posted that early last year. Cut, paste and a little updating takes no time.

      • John Brashear

        it’s the people with nothing to say, like yours, that bothers me….

    • ajrant

      Good assessment!

    • If The American people read your comments, they will know exactly what is going on in this country and what Obama will do to this country if he is re-elected. I hope people aren’t brain dead and don’t vote for The personality of Obama against the intellligence of Mitt Romney.

  • Ahr

    Oblahblah AND Romneybot are BOTH PoS dogboys that serve Vampire Pirate masters. Despite the fact that Oblahblah, in this term, is restraining the Likudnik NWO rabid weasels from dragging The USA into yet another Beneficial To Israel Only shooting war with Iran (please disregard CIA involvement in Syria); DO NOT get your hopes up that the restraint will endure if Da Chitcago Lakeshore Drive House Nyggah Indonesian Foreign Student De-Barred Lawyer gets another term.
    Homie don’t play da no mo.
    I prefer real elections, as opposed to choosing between a douchenozzle in my ear and muching on a stinkburger.
    I advocate whatever “JIHAD” is in the Icelandic language (Danish?) here at home against Zionist jew control of pretty much everything worthwhile; not the least of which are the overheated currency printing presses at The PRIVATELY OWNED FOR-PROFIT Federal Reserve which, for those lacking any clues, is the core of jew power in this and every other troubled land…for example the newly “Arabially Sprung” Libya that has a BRAND NEW (wait for it)…PRIVATELY OWNED FOR-PROFIT CENTRAL BANK that they happily did without previous to Kaddafi’s removal and The Takeover enabled by Mossad and CIA Spring Flexers.
    Iceland, sans gunfire and bloodshed, DEPOSED their jew bankers and actually indicted and prosecuted some AND kicked out their PM and other Gubbamental doggies that worked for the financial parasites AND told the Dutch and Brit jew controlled banks to GET STUFFED.
    Isn’t that SPECIAL?
    Why in The Hayell can’t The ‘Merkun People WAKE UP and do the same?
    If we don’t, all we have to lose is EVERYTHING.

  • Don’t you think drugs have done enough damage to our Nation, Please stop using them. Anyone that thinks that GW was not one of the most tragic events that has happened to America is either on drugs or mentally incompetent.

  • So unqualified ! ! Never worked in the private sector, has no idea about fiscal responsibility. What else can we expect but failure ?

  • Kevin Allen

    Wow! Has anyone seen how old this article is and how dated Karl Rove’s map is? Rove has updated this map many times since April and yet there are links still to this dated material pushing an Obama victory. Thankfully, months after this map and article were published and after hundreds of millions of dollars of Obama campaigning against Romney, it now looks like a Romney victory.

    • Gen xy

      Don’t cry when you are wrong lol

  • He is dedsetmad

    He works for Barack…..what else would he say ?

  • redflash6

    Why are you still displaying a 4 months old report? In a 24/7 news cycle this report makes me wonder if this is a professional lapse or for some reason to push stale news.

  • redflash6

    Why are you still displaying a 4 months old report? In a 24/7 news cycle this report makes me wonder if this is a professional lapse or for some reason to push stale news.

  • just wait for november 6 2012

  • just wait until november 6 2012 all you dumb ass rednecks

  • shit romney and silly rove keep hope alive

  • AvidReaderSometimePoster

    I followed a link on the Washington Post to arrive at this article. But it is over 4 months old. Why is WaPo linking to stale (and outdated) news?

    Are Obama’s chances looking so grim that the WaPo needs to dig back in time to find favorable articles?

  • Your article is a disservice to America. These supposedly leaked memos are more than likely drummed up propaganda. Look at the disparity when you compare the Bickers Terry Model stop publishing this diatribe you are not doing America ant favors. Try reading my articles and smell the coffee.

  • You are contributing to America being thrown under the Obama bus for another 4 years or are you trying to warn people? I don’t know

  • This is not journalism this is a White House sponsored hack doing what they paid him to do!

  • According to the method used, Rove’s analysis is only right if the Democrat voter turnout is +9 over Republicans….and that IS NOT going to happen. There is no way that Republican voters are going to sit this one out…The problem with these pundits is that they rely to much on historical trends which, from time to time, completely belie the reality of the electoral sentiment….it doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen. These strategists are so busy crunching numbers that they fail to see that which is right in their face.

    There is such an undercurrent of Anti-Obama sentiment in this country, it’s difficult to see how these pundits refuse to integrate it into their prediction models. I think it is because, in their world of numbers, graphs, and poll language, their brain can’t resolve it. Mark my words, many a pundit on election day will be flummoxed with reality on Election Day…and it will become clear that this will be the last year that accurate polling becomes forever impossible to do.

    Basically, if Obama was were Rove says he is, he’d be kicking back in the White House letting his surrogates do all the work. He knows he isn’t winning, hence the unbelievably ridiculous fundraising schedule he is keeping.

    The map Rove has above is the only evidence one needs to thouroughly dismiss his analysis. Wisconsin solidly Blue…yeah right….that state is lost for Obama. Even Obama knows it.

    In any event, Obama will not win reelection. Common sense is the only tool one needs to use to arrive at that conclusion.

  • I wonder just who’s side Carl Rove is on, he releases a Electoral college graph favoring Obama.
    I have been looking at all the comments on all the different news sites and what I see is an overwhelming defeat of Obama in this election. Most of the comments by a 10 to 1 margin are definately against a Obama second term. Mr. Rove should get his priorities straight and start doing everything possible to get Romney elected,instead of acting like a rat on a sinking ship.

  • Scott Reed

    He did this in April. Things have changed.

  • RudiGee

    The particular ideas of the right wing of the GOP on good government are pathetic. It has become axiomatic that Tea Party republicans cave to the rich and special interests. Never mind the scripted religious right influence that seems to dip into the old testament more than the new. Remember when Cheney commented during the Gipper’s reign that deficits don’t matter? The right wing of the GOP has become a splinter party of aggressive extremists that are whiners and losers. They tend to be depraved and intellectually bankrupt. The rich own you. Wake up and polish your citizenship!