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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Occasionally I’ve heard black people mention that they respect a racist who owns up to his prejudice forthrightly more than a hypocrite who uses tortured arguments and code words. Like many of President Obama’s right-wing critics, Karl Rove still falls into that latter dishonorable category.

But Rove was scarcely subtle in his latest attempt to agitate the drooling bigots in the Fox News audience. (Not every Fox viewer is a white racist, of course, but every white racist with cable watches Fox. As Karl knows.) Last night on Fox, he barked that the president has “a lazy attitude toward the job that he’s got.”

The Republican boss is himself evidently too lazy to come up with a different line of innuendo — possibly involving watermelon, fried chicken, welfare, or basketball. Wait! He actually did use the basketball meme to slam Obama in a Wall Street Journal column in 2008 – and then added, in case any readers missed the point: “He is often lazy.”

Well, Obama was energetic enough to kick the butt of Karl Rove’s preferred candidate in that election and again in 2012, but that hasn’t discouraged Rove, Hannity, Palin, Beck, or a million other wingnuts from repeatedly using that same slur. (Doesn’t that mean they’re all lazy?)

If we have to measure the industriousness of presidents – and it’s a stupid exercise, but they insist – then let’s examine two of their favorites. It is established fact that George W. Bush took more than three times as many vacation days as President Obama, probably more than any president since that other great GOP success, Herbert Hoover. Rove ought to know, since old “Turd Blossom” was largely responsible for foisting the Dubya disaster on his country.

And let’s not forget the late Ronald Reagan, who spent plenty of recreational time at his California ranch — and made sure to take a nap without fail every day. The sainted Ronnie once explained that the White House job wasn’t really too taxing on him because…

[He] had a great routine: he walked to the office before nine and was home in the residence by 5 or 5:30. He ate dinner and often watched a movie with his wife, then went to bed. “I have three guys who  mostly run things for me.”

But then Reagan was a white man, which apparently means he’s always working hard, even when he’s napping.

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5 responses to “Is Karl Rove Really A Hardcore Racist — Or Is He Just Lazy?”

  1. Sand_Cat says:

    Why not both?

  2. FT66 says:

    It looks like Karl Rove dreams every night about being in the White House again. His time came and went. Why can’t he let it go?

  3. Dominick Vila says:

    I think greed and misguided political ambition have affected his ability to think logically. Needless to say, his diatribes and actions also allow him to laugh all the way to the bank.

    • TZToronto says:

      Rove (et al.) know that they can get away with the code words and innuendo because no one on the other side is going to call them on it. Oh, they get called on it here, but that means nothing to the people who implicitly agree with the high-profile bigots. It’s interesting that on the one hand President Obama is lazy and on the other hand is a communist socialist fascist Muslim dictator. You’d think that someone with so many irons in the fire would be rather busy.

      • Dominick Vila says:

        The same is true for the “appeaser” claims, which change to starting WWIII as soon as he orders military intervention in places like Libya, Iraq, or Syria. Like you said, the good side of this is the fact that we must have a multi faceted President capable of handling any eventuality!

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