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Saturday, February 23, 2019

You may have noticed that a lot of the coverage about Herman Cain’s alleged misconduct with women casts the controversy as a “he said, she said” kind of story.

As of Wednesday, however, it’s a “he said, she said, she said, she said, she said” story, so let’s retire the false equivalence. One of the four women already has gone public with a news conference. Another woman reportedly is urging fellow accusers to join her for another news conference.

Cain’s in a heap of trouble, which was clear during his Tuesday news conference. What a surreal performance by somebody who wants to be president of the United States — standing in front of all those U.S. flags as he talked about himself in the third person. Insisting that he was the victim. Assuring reporters that of course he’d submit to a lie detector test, if he saw the need for it — which he doesn’t.

At this point, Cain could wrap himself in Old Glory and sing his denials to the tune of “God Bless America” and no one would think him any weirder than he was when he was standing on that stage.

His problem isn’t just that he’s been accused of multiple incidents of sexual misconduct. Oh, how I wish charges of sexual harassment, if proved true, were enough to derail a powerful man’s career. It’s Cain’s arrogance toward the American people, particularly women, that will drive the nails into his political coffin with the force of a Craftsman 12-volt Hammerhead.

So far, the most damning accusations against Cain have come from Sharon Bialek. She held a news conference Monday to give her account. The details were sordid, the alleged scenario horrifying. If Cain did indeed try to shove her face into his crotch, he committed sexual assault, not harassment.

Since her news conference, there’s been plenty of coverage about Bialek’s pretty face and blond hair, her status as a single mother and her longtime financial struggles. As if any of that makes her discardable or less believable. She has said no one is paying her for her story, but that hasn’t prevented the Cain campaign and too many news outlets from picking her apart like a piece of pulled pork.

If a woman is being sexually harassed, she should be willing to report it, the argument goes. If a woman is willing to report sexual harassment, she’d better be able to prove it, the other argument goes.

It’s just one big party for women in the workplace.

I want to share a story I never have told publicly. Most of my closest friends never have heard it.

In the mid-1990s, I was a newly single mother in a new job when my boss’ supervisor, a man on his third marriage, sat me down to let me know he was there if I needed him. I was uncomfortable enough with the discussion to ask, “Aren’t you married?” His response: “Yeah, but we’re not close.”

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16 responses to “Keep Talking, Herman Cain”

  1. dana says:

    I know exactly what these women are going through. I don’t know any of my female friends that has not had some sort of harrassment in their lives. The way Mr. Cain is treating these women is most offensive and makes me believe the women more than him. He is a man who believes he is entitled to make advances and that we should be flattered by his attention. I wonder what he makes men do to get a job?

  2. msmahley says:

    This is so common in the work place, and every woman knows someone who has been disrespected the way Mr. Cain has done these women. And these kind of guys aways blame the ladies when the truth hits the fan!!!

  3. pdxlights says:

    For a couple of decades I practiced employment law, defending corporations and the men who animate them from charges like Herman Cain is now facing. I never had to defend an honest man, who did not do what his accusers alleged. It just never unfolded like that. What did unfold was strategizing on how to trivialize the accusers, how to play the media, how to make the accusers cry in deposition and seem dishonest or confused when testifying at trial. How to humiliate the accusers.

    Herman Cain’s strategy is the same, and could have (probably did) come from the same playbook. Anyone who knows this business knows he did what he’s accused of, his choice of tactical response as much as yells it from the rooftops. The problem is these tactics work. Why? Probably beyond my understanding, but I’d speculate its something to do with a male-specific, generalized fear of just retribution for how nearly all men treat at least some women in their own lives, starting with our own mothers.

    Clarence Thomas, Bill Clinton, Herman Cain . . . the beat goes on. . . .

  4. triumph181 says:

    I worked as an outside consultant in a small company where the CEO’s administrative assistant blew the whistle on her boss. The maneuvering was amazing. The CEO asked me to confirm that she had made advances to him and to me, that she was unstable etc. Then they, the legal team, hinted that I was also mentioned in her complaint because of the office atmosphere, then the CEO came back and asked if I thought that just hugging her and taking her to lunch was such an evil thing? It made me sick so I advised her attorney that is they needed any information on what I had been asked to do I would be glad to comply. They settled immediately and I was fired after that. I still have a bad taste in my mouth after that.

  5. DAlnB says:

    Cain says, “The American people deserve better than someone being tried in the court of public opinion based on unfounded accusations,” and I doubt most people would disagree with him. The point is the accusations have been made toward a Presidential Candidate and they are growing. He has compounded the problem with lies and false comments regarding the fact there were any and suggesting the women filed false claims.
    . It may be the findings were “false”, or they have been “unfounded”, or they may have been “factual”; without an official accounting we may never know. The point is though the women have a legitimate and legal right to file a complaint if they honestly believe they were harassed. If it turns out they were wrong it becomes an “unfounded” complaint not a “false” compliant.
    . Cain needs to get this straight and the people need to think about his background; if he is guilty of the accusations he has no right to expect the people to give him the highest office in our country; if he is correct he has some good ideas and he should be given every bit of the respect he deserves; but he needs to get the record straight.

    . He seems to be pushing the idea that those who make any comments about him are lying. He seems to want to give the impression that women are untruthful and those who have identified what may be a personal weakness are lying.
    . I doubt people will accept the idea that he has the right to say and do as he wants but that those who have other ideas have no right to challenge him; He has to remember he is not always on FOX TV and people have a right to their own ideas and a right to voice their own opinions.

  6. imquiltercb says:

    Mr. Crockerherrick – I assume you are a male bcause no female would make a statement like that. On what do you base your allegation?? A statement like that is valuless without some type of explanation or proof. Or is it based purely on the fact that you, like so many other men, know all women are liars when it comes to sex? That they really all wanted the attention (and/or action) despite their claim to the contrary.

  7. joekus says:

    Read the book –The Best and the Brightest– by David Halberstam. Main character learns to ‘beat’ the detector. Similarly, Cain’s been ‘schooled’ to speak publicly. Shouldn’t be a surprise Cain’s OK to take a lie detector, but doesn’t think he needs it (yet). Couple more days/weeks of practice, and he’ll be ‘ready’. Could he be innocent? Yes, and four unrelated women, with no agenda, who just happen to be have been associated with him, have all of a sudden have gone off the deep end at the same time.

  8. peteserb says:

    It’s not surprising that so many women beleive Cain to be guilty. Ask any male who’s worked in a mixed environment. If you look at some women, you are leering. If you don’t look you’re sexist and a bigot. The women is always the victim. Is Cain guilty? I don’t think so. His major crime is that he is a black conservative and a danger to the Democratic liberal agenda. A danger to feminists and progressives who would disparage anyone who doesn’t adhere to the doctrine of the left.

  9. metrognome says:

    Are you kidding? You use Breitbart TV to prove Herman Cain is telling the truth? I very much doubt that this computer software can pass muster as a reliable method of detecting truth.

  10. metrognome says:

    I worked in mixed environments for 50 years without having anyone accuse me of sexual harassment or of being a sexist and a bigot. Your attitude sounds more like misogynism.

  11. dawnowens says:

    it’s how he’s handled the accusations. First, he had no knowledge of any charges against him. Then, he knew of allegations, but they were only about him commenting on someone’s height. Then, only a little money was hopefully involved, cuz he hadn’t done much of anything. Then, it turned into more money. But the women were anonymous, so it didn’t matter. Then someone not anonymous came forward, but she has ‘issues’ and ‘is troubled’, so she can’t be trusted. (Meanwhile, both Perry, his staff, and the Democrat ‘machine’ are being blamed for this character assassination. But then again, maybe not). Then, he can’t remember ever meeting the woman. Then, people come forward saying they’ve seen him talking to her for several minutes.

    Gift that keeps on giving. Buy stock in popcorn.

  12. mountainpalm says:

    Where’s the evidence.??????…why is everyone jumping to conclusions……..These women might have their own agenda….or is that inconceiveable to you$$$$???
    Why weren’t there those of YOU Doubting Thomas types around to question “slick Willie” Clinton and his antics………and those accusations were REAL, TRUE and PROVEN….with evidence, and a paper trail….This is ridiculous…..CAIN must scare the LEFT and PROGRESSIVES out of their “bee-jeebers”…..bound and determined to get him out of the race come hell or highwater……..that tells me……this is DIRTY politix! [IMHO…..and I will apologize if some SUBSTANTIAL proof is offered!]

  13. kzcnbl says:

    I worked for 30 years as an executive in the auto industry. Sexual harrassment was rampant, often subtle, but very frequent. As a younger woman I did not report it because I did not want the negative perception that I was a trouble maker or could not take care of my self. I often felt intimidated because of the position of the men (most positions of power were held by men.) Often these experiences happened at work related evening events where alcohol was involved. There was the unspoken assumption that if you were there as a woman you were fair game. The woman who held the news conference and described her experience in the car with Cain could have been a describing of one of my experiences. My own experiences made her seem very credible. I wish I had had the courage to speak up but unfortunately did not.

  14. malvoe says:

    Four women,unconnected, accuse cain of chicanery, of course he did, those of you mostly men who have buried your head in the sand aught to be ashamed, could HAVE happened to YOUR DAUGHTER.

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