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Monday, March 19, 2018

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters

Fox News host Megyn Kelly waited until after the election to reveal that Donald Trump had inside information from Fox News about the question she would ask him at the first Republican primary debate, and to confirm that during the campaign former network chairman Roger Ailes was shilling for more positive coverage of the now president-elect.

Kelly’s revelations came not on her news program before the presidential election when they would have mattered most for the American public, but in her forthcoming book, according to the New York Times review published November 10.

According to the Times’ Jennifer Senior, Kelly writes in her book that Ailes repeatedly called her during the campaign to suggest that she was being unfair to Trump. Kelly’s book indicates that Trump had prior, accurate knowledge that Kelly would ask him a “very pointed question” at Fox’s August 2015 primary debate. Senior writes that this indicates that “parts of Fox — or at the very least, Roger Ailes… seemed to be nakedly colluding with the Republican presidential nominee”:

Then, the day before the first presidential debate, Mr. Trump was in a lather again, Ms. Kelly writes. He called Fox executives, saying he’d heard that her first question “was a very pointed question directed at him.” This disconcerted her, because it was true: It was about his history of using disparaging language about women.

She doesn’t speculate where the leak came from. (She reports. You decide.) But that’s another unambiguous takeaway from this book: Parts of Fox — or at the very least, Roger Ailes, the network’s chairman until July, when he was given the boot after several allegations of sexual harassment were made against him — seemed to be nakedly colluding with the Republican presidential nominee.

Kelly’s book comes as she seeks to negotiate a new contract. Fox News is pushing to sign her, reportedly offering more than $20 million a year. Executives at other networks are reportedly interested, but have not made offers.

Several journalists have reported that Ailes was advising Trump while running Fox News, but Kelly’s after-the-fact acknowledgement of such blatant collusion is the first time a Fox employee has publicly admitted that Ailes was seeking to use his role at the network to aid his preferred candidate. Ailes’ role as an informal Trump advisor continued after Ailes was forced to resign after numerous women at Fox — including Kelly — accused him of a decades-long pattern of sexual harrasment.

Senior unfortunately seems completely nonplussed at the journalistic ethics of holding such bombshells until after the election. Instead, she lauds Kelly as “this presidential election’s unlikely feminist hero,” “the intrepid gal reporter,” “the hen in the Fox house,” “fabulous, shrewd and self-possessed,” a “superstar,” and a “metabolic anomaly” who “willed herself into her own spectacular existence.” As is typical for such glowing accounts of Kelly, the review comes with no acknowledgment  of the actual content of Kelly’s show, which regularly traffics in the same misinformation, fearmongering, and racial anxiety as the rest of the network’s programming.

For her part, Kelly appears to have realized the journalistic peril caused by her post-election revelations and is seeking to do some damage control after her damning admissions circulated on social media:

Kelly wants to avoid the suggestion that Trump received actual debate questions from Fox because, in addition to the confirmation of collusion between the news organization and then-candidate Trump, her story raises specific questions of hypocrisy. Kelly provided harsh questioning and criticism of Democratic National Committee interim chair Donna Brazile, whose resignation from CNN was announced “amid fresh revelations that she sent questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in advance of a CNN debate and a CNN-TV One town hall.” “Can you imagine if this were a Republican had been fed a question by Fox News?” Kelly asked earlier this month. “You know, the different reaction we’d be seeing in the media?”

Following Brazile’s resignation, Fox media critic Howard Kurtz commented that CNN “can’t resolve the matter without the kind of transparency that news organizations regularly demand from politicians. And that means disclosing the results of the internal investigation and what steps CNN is taking to ensure such an ethical breach doesn’t happen again.”

Meanwhile, we now know Fox’s chief was advising the Republican presidential candidate and using his position to sway coverage in his favor. What kind of “transparency” will Fox provide, and what steps will the network take “to ensure such an ethical breach doesn’t happen again”?


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64 Responses to Megyn Kelly Reveals Pro-Trump Election Conspiracy At Fox

  1. Is there no end to the hypocrisies, the conspiracies, misinformation, FBI interference, and hacking to throw into doubt the integrity of the entire electoral process in America?
    And with Donald Trump trying desperately to postpone his fraud case at that ignoble institution called Trump University, and with all the sordid and lewd conversations and thoughts shared openly by the President Elect and wannabe Emperor of America, who could ever have a warm fuzzy feeling about a con artist who received so much assistance?
    Only those in “The Red Zone”(an appropriate color, especially to denote anger and a hostile retaliatory nature) are satisfied with the manner and the outcome of this election.

    • I can’t believe anyone would be surprised at this revelation. During the Bush II administration it was widely reported that Fox got daily talking points from the administration and all of its people were expected to use them, creating a powerful echo effect.
      With that kind of propaganda machine influencing millions of Americans is it any wonder that they are so misinformed?

      • Not even close to what the other media outlets did. CNN reporter and DNC chair giving actual questions to Hillary. Never any bad press on Hillary in the media. This was a rigged election, but Democrats try to do so every election. Didn’t help you much this time. Guess you needed more illegal aliens and dead people voting for Hillary.

        • And its still worse than that. Obama saying in public that its OK for illegal aliens to vote is not even lawful. No president can unilaterally change the election laws yet there he was openly rigging and who called him on it? I wonder how the nation’s Registrars of Voters played that one, they went along with openly breaking federal law or did they ignore an unlawful order?

        • Really, everybody knew what the slick republicans were about the reason they kept losing not to mention they are racist as all out. They only won this time because they cheated Comey and the FBI.

          • You liberals just didn’t have enough illegal aliens and dead people voting this time. Had Hillary not been so confident she would be able to buy or threaten her way into office, she forgot to pull out more of the dead vote. It happens.
            Why will you liberals not see what is right in front of you? We have a too powerful, too corrupt government that does not serve the American people. It only serves itself. You are backing a communist like party that has destroyed America. It’s far past time to take our country back from the politicians.

          • You liberals ? WTF does that even mean ? I can say you cons but how does that create a meaningful dialogue ? Even in victory you Trumpsters sound defeated. Now you’ve got control of the plane ✈️ Are we going to have a smooth flight or hit massive turbulence ? Or even worse have a crash landing. Be careful what you just wished for because the Genie isn’t taking back any wishes once they’re granted

          • The head of NATO announced today that the U.S. going alone is unacceptable. We are either part of NATO, or we are going to have to bear not only the full cost of defense, but may lose the option of having a first line of defense overseas.

          • With the GOP in control of the White House, Congress, and soon the SCOTUS, they will have nobody to blame for the outcome of their policies but themselves. They may not know it yet, but an overwhelming victory means responsibility. Blaming the party that is out of power is not going to cut it.

    • Face reality for once, Socialism was thoroughly rejected, as was our corrupted government. The anger & hostility from the Left is front & center to show all their hypocrisy. Reason why Obama, Hillary, or Democrats & Media refuse to condemn violent protests are, they are their BASE supporters & voters, & they can’t afford to lose their support. Why Democrat-Socialist Party never solves OUR problems.

  2. According to Kelly, Trump didnt get questions or she doesnt believe he did so where is the harm exactly? These are rumors, unlike Donna Brazile who actually did leak questions, it was fact that cost her her job and black marks to Hillary.

    But why the pretense in here? Why do you people constantly think the shiny public smiles are the truth, and that politics isnt a no good, dirty slimy business in reality? Its not about Hillary or Trump as individuals, why the pretense that it is?

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  4. Megyn Kelly is nothing more than another Fox parrot repeating every distortion, misinformation, and lie she is ordered to repeat while giving no or extremely little coverage to news adverse to the Fox candidate. She never revealed anything that people didn’t already know or had probable cause to believe. James Comey may have reminded her not to release any information damaging to Trump prior to the election. Whether he did or not, she made her pro-Trump choice.

  5. Megan is opposed with sex! Has had affairs and wouldn’t read anything she has to say! Probbly more lies against Mr. Trump BOYCOTT the book

  6. Using the words “Fox” and “ethical” and “transparency” in the same sentence points up the fact that, in J.K. Rowling’s words, “neither can live while the other survives.”

    Fox has never had an ethical basis, since its purposeful founding as a “conservative,” right-wing, Republican counterweight to traditional and (mostly, at the time) honest, fair, and unbiased media. Rupert Murdoch didn’t like the facts on NBC, ABC, and CBS news (and CNN) that repeatedly showed the GOP in a bad light — like taking vast sums from the NRA and mega-corporations and the Chamber of Commerce in exchange for votes; and from the pharmaceutical industry and the AMA to kill Hilarycare; and its decision to impeach President Clinton for an affair while every single one of the GOP’s top officers was simultaneously engaged in affairs.

    Fox’s only ethic is to support the right wing and its funders. That’s not ethics.

  7. And they have the nerve to talk about Donna Brazille when he had a question first. He does not qualify to be a president, he’s a con artist and a jerk. And anyone that believes anything he says is as pitiful as he is. I sure hope Megan knows who the father of her children are if she been sleeping around.

    • Trump knew before the debate that he was going to be asked a pointed question,
      Is a lot different then being given the exact question word for word , which is what Donna Brazil did not once but three times. By the way, it’s a debate. The fact that you are going to be asked difficult questions was no big surprise and is not a leak. Roger Alies no longer worked for Fox, there was no conflict of interest. Nice try. Once again grasping at straws. Such poor losers!

      • Say the guys who obstructed every legislative effort to improve the economy and general quality of life for all Americans and for eight years claimed Obama wasn’t a citizen. Yeah, we’re the poor losers. We may have lost this election, but you will always be a Loser.

      • The debate in question was in the Republican primaries, 2015, so Ailes was still in command of the Faux News network.

        • This is a non issue. Once again Hillary supporters grasping at straws to make sense of her losing. News at Fox was not always complimentary to Trump. and Megan’s question certainly was not. Not even CNN or the liberal leaning news outlets could spin news about Hillary in a favorable way.
          This web site certainly has an agenda that is
          anti conservative. At least Fox News tries.

          • 1. It’s only a non-issue if you are a Trump supporter. The sense we can make is that too many people continued to mindlessly hater her as they had since she became the First Lady, so fewer Obama voters turned out to actually vote, or went to 3rd party protest votes. No one I know who voted Republican actually supports Donald Trump, they considered it the lesser of two evils, or a necessary step to repeal Roe v. Wade, or some other goal that did not include having a lunatic at the helm of the country. Russian hackers and propagandists, according to independent European sources, were the source of the supposedly scandalous DNC emails, intended to prevent Sanders’ supporters from turning out, and it worked, unfortunately for us all.
            2. Fox News is an arm of Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate, which is more than leaning to the right, it is totally lopsided and anti-centrist, let alone anti-liberal. It could not be forced to always support Trump because Trump was a ludicrous candidate, only winning the primaries because of too many candidates all splitting the Republican pie into too many pieces.

          • Where did they get these scandalous emails? Did they make them up? Amazing that all we hear about is how the Russians hacked them. How about holding the people who actually wrote them accountable for their content. And yes, there was no enthusiasm for Hillary because we all know her corruption and dislike her.
            People’s disdain for her
            is any thing but mindless. It is deliberate
            and and well thought out. Interesting how you categorize Fox News. How would you categorize CNN and MSNBC?

      • Excuuuuuuse me, but this entire election has been about character assasination, nothing else. and the only losers are the voters. We now will have trash in the White House…. assasination again on my part, I really do not care. They are contemptuous, and have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in the nation. Does not know how the Constitution works, does not know how The Bill of Rights works, all trumpus know is how to win over any competitor he encounters, HE HAS ADMITTED IT SO MANY TIMES: the thrill of the game! and now that America is not in competition with him but has entrusted him with its care, so now what? he will tire and get bored quickly, He got the prize he wanted, now what? Don’t tell me that he will do anything to keep his word for he has none, he has ego, lots of it, so what will be his next conquer, his next prize? The world? Ha…… Hope the psychics are right, that he will end up in the insane assylum before the year is over for his incapacity to manage and do anything but please his ego. The only threat after this is that Pence could take over….. then we really will get what the RED states gut us all.

          • “Cotton-picking” is a general expression we use in the south to describe someone who’s delirious. It has NOTHING to do with racism, but you don’t know that much about southern customs.
            You have a lot to learn about idioms and customs we use in the US and in the South particularly.

  8. Megyn Kelly is just as sick as Trump. It was hard for each of them to share the stage during the first debate, the question was who was going to up-stage the other. And who got upstaged was the American voter. Thanks Megyn with the “red from wherever” and thanks mr. president with the weenie little hands. Two egomaniacs trying to overdo eachother.

  9. now say it was Hillary that did this or had this information early and was to have won the election don’t you thing the GOP gang of pinhead moron idiots would be screaming for hearings and investigations ? you know thy would . but now thy say and do nothing . first off things were too close amounts of votes in too many places (states) way too close . the DUMPSTER CALLED AND CRYED RIGGED election . and yes it seems that way . but the GOP wont see or ask for any investigations . even if thy hate DONNY (as some do ) their thing is just trying to sit SCJ’s in the judges chairs . who knows may get lucky all can hope good health to all them in there now .at some time will the country’s brain dead people see and understand its the GOP gang of pinheads and idiots that them self are holding the country back from getting anything done ? or will thy all stay GOP brain dead and watch the country get buryed deeper then the DIRTY BUSH bury the country ?:

  10. “A very pointed question”. What the heck does that mean? Hardly a disclosure.
    Megan Kelly’s question president-elect Donald Trump was mean and derogatory.
    It was a feminist attack. No need for that.

    • How about the racist attacks by Donald? Were those OK with you? Was there a need for Trump to grope women? Maybe your value system is OK with those corrupt actions of Donald’s, but for those of us who are humans, those acts are NOT acceptable.
      Trump deserves a full grilling before being seated on his throne.

      • President elect DJ Trump apologized to the nation when these disclosures were made. He did not lie to the nation like a previous president, after an adulterous incident in the oval office. The episode occurred in a private conversation in a very silly moment which was inappropriate. If the Clinton camp was so concerned about the exposure to children, why did they exposed it? They were more concerned about their own agenda. It occurred 11 years ago. Trump apologized! period.

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  12. “Megyn Kelly REVEALS Pro-Trump Election Conspiracy At Fox”?? Seriously? Can you really describe a Pro-Trump position at Fox a “conspiracy” or an article about it as revealing?? Is there a sane, informed person who didn’t know that Fox broadcasts are totally biased? All lies all the time is their true motto!

    Trump admits he’s a sexual predator, has behaved like one his entire life, yet when women come forward & confirm he did exactly what he admitted to doing, Fox repeats Trump’s accusations that they are Hillary plants.

    When Comey drops his little bomb about emails that MAY be relevant & POSSIBLY significant, Fox repeats Trump’s accusations that they HAVE to be EXTREMELY damning and when it turns out that there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING pertinent whatsoever, they completely glazed over that & never said they were wrong.

    Again,Fox didn’t get the nickname “Faux News” because everyone wasn’t aware they were totally biased!

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