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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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33 responses to “Kentucky Is Shocked!”

  1. TSB says:

    Isn’t that typical KKK trash talk on the hill?

  2. CPANewYork says:

    Poor Mitch McConnell. Just because he’s an ignorant redneck, people make fun of him.

  3. Bill says:

    Hey Bozo I’m sure you will show up here with another of your irrelevant and idiotic comments. The other day you made a claim that President Obama was the worst president in 100 years. Tell me how he’s worst than these former presidents – Warren G Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Richard M Nixon, Gerald Ford, George W Bush.
    You like to make idiotic (but you name is Bozo the Idiot) statements without any factual data. Harding famous for the Teapot Dome scandal, Coolidge for ???, Hoover for the 1929 Stock Market crash and Great Depression, Nixon for Spiro Agnew, Watergate and Impeachment (oh that’s right he resigned), Ford for inflation, pardoning Nixon and WIN (Wip Inflation Now) and of course your favorite W for 2 wars, surplus to over a Trillion $ deficit, huge job loss. So how do these guys rate better than President Obama, the answer is that they don’t but you will never admit it because like other right wingers rather believe Fox than the truth.
    Have a nice 4 MORE YEARS!!!

    • Robert W says:

      Take an English lesson dumb ass.

    • grolmos says:

      Another Bachmann fan, Are we?

    • Independent1 says:

      My only complaint bill is you missed America’s worst president of all time: Ronald Reagan. Why do I say that??

      1)Ronnie was the first of the really big spenders, the guy who taught the two Bushes how to really run up deficit spending (making Ronnie and the 2 Bushes responsible for more than 90% of our current debt). Ronnie did this by spending more money in 8 years than all the presidents combined before him since FDR – he virtually tripled America’s debt that he inherited from Carter -from 800 billion to 2.3 trillion.

      2)Ronnie somehow brainwashed virtually every Republican alive while he was president in believing the fairytale of trickle-down economics (the fantasy notion that the rich are benevolent keepers of America who if given excess money will trickle it down the country’s peons). However,Trickle-down economics was categorically proven to be a fairytale by GWB when gave the rich the biggest tax cuts they’d seen in decades only to preside over the worst economic and job growth performance of America since WWII.

      3)Ronnie took it upon himself to act in bad faith with the Air Traffic Controllers Union by suddenly one day coming out and Busting the Union: Ronnie fired every air traffic controller in America, despite the fact that by doing so, he put America at great risk for experiencing major air disaster as new controllers had to be hired and trained while Control towers operated greatly understaffed for months (he was extremely lucky a major air disaster did not occur.)

      But on top of that he also sent a very bad message to every Corporate CEO and Entrepreneur in America – the message that labor agreements were no longer to be honored in good faith (even though the Air Traffic Controllers were not legally supposed to be striking, Ronnie had been negotiating with them in what they thought was good faith). And on top of busting the Union, Ronnie went further to destroy labor by purposely appointing two union-haters to the National Labor Relations Board. Ronnie himself had been pushed out as president of the Screen Actors Guild when the Guild found out how much of a union hater he was.

      CEOS and Entrepreneurs in America picked up from Ronnie’s actions that – if the President of the United States didn’t feel compelled to negotiate in good faith unions, why are we?? It was during Ronnie’s two terms that companies started the practice of making a company’s bottom line more important than honoring a company’s commitment to it’s workers. Companies started letting some of their older/best workers go in favor of hiring less experienced cheaper help to improve the company’s bottom line. It was Ronnie’s examples of union hating that ruined a critical fabric of America – the notion from companies that – If you do right by me, I’ll do right by you. This has resulted in the total loss of loyalty between a companies and their workers; it’s since then progressed to companies discontinuing many company benefit plans – fewer and fewer are providing pensions, employee healthcare, matching 401K contributions and more. All this is Ronnie’s legacy.

  4. Mitch has gotten old and lost what little mind he had. To bad, I talked to him in college where he came to visit our class in 87. He talked like he had some brains. Now he just talks like someone has their hand up his butt and is a good ventriloquist.

  5. hirail says:

    I just feel sorry for the people in kentucky because it make’s them all look like a dumb ass because they voted him back in office.

    • Jim Myers says:

      Replying to hirail

      Well, it WAS their choice.

      • TammieO says:

        I am, unfortunately a recent transplant to KY from CA – and no, it was NOT my choice! It is really very ignorant to lump all people in a state together. I hate living in a red state, btw, but here I am.

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:

          I’m assuming you got married to a guy that dragged you back to his hometown in TN. from Cal. Right?

          Who knows, maybe your state will turn Blue.

          But, I wouldn’t hold my breath too long for it to happen.

          From the Mason/Dixon Line down, people down there seem to be born “brain dead”.

          The only solution is to turn off the life support machine.

        • Wayne Boling says:

          me too im a transplsnt from Ct to Fl, boy what a bunch of dumbasses in Fl.we have a gov that stole from medicare and got elected, we all in fl are hoping ex Gov Christ to run again

  6. Ed says:

    Bill, don’t forget “King” Ronald Reagan. We have not yet felt the full force of his damage. Although our present economy is part of it, due to “less regulation”.

    • Bill says:

      I was going to include him but figured I would be crucified by the right wing religious people for blasphemy against their god.

      • JSquercia says:

        The ironic thing is as Lawrence O Donnel points out most of the current crop of Republicans (Especially Tea Party types) would call St Ronald a RINO based on his policies . As President he raised taxes 11 times and supported the Ban on assault weapons .

    • Yes we haven’t seen the part of the Reagan Deregulation’s kick in where they take up all the stop signs and take down the traffic lights and fire the police.

  7. Robert right English or not you got the point. D-A

  8. Anna Imber says:

    I am proud and surprised to find out that Mitch’s rating is dropping in Kentucky.

  9. I am classed by the south as a Yankee; but the Civil War is long over; and there is no need to
    poke fun at the Southerners and the Mountain people. This is America, not the only melting
    pot in the world; so learn to live with it!

  10. judgeglenda says:

    president obama has spent 4 yrs trying to straighten out george bush mess. why wont some people recoginize this.

  11. judgeglenda says:

    look what a mess bush left the country in. it’s taken obama 4 years to try and straighten it out. hope all the assholes in the gop are on the way out. democraTS WE NEED SOME JOBS PROGRAMS forget the debt ceiling until we have jobs. get occonnell out!!!!!!!

  12. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Something has gone horribly wrong in KY. It’s a male dominated state government. Look what McConnell’s henchmen did to Ashely Judd to try and smear her and get her to bow out of the campaign for McConnell’s seat. Ole Bourbon Boi tried to refocus attention on how “HIS” office was bugged. Why? So the conversation to sabotage Judd’s campaign wouldn’t take center stage….Just a fine ole good ole good ole bois way of insuring he stays firmly implanted in KY government and incidentally gets to help his state to more federal revenue for KY pork.

  13. George D says:

    How many of the voters think Mitch sounds, acts, and looks like Foghorn J. Leghorn? Ok! Obama can be the little chicken hawk always trying to cook him!

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